Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More WD Gann irrelevance

Recall Mr. Gann's misspelling of the "Mammouth Building" in Tunnel Thru the Air and how it might be correlated with the World Trade Center:

And the proposition that, perhaps, WD Gann was speaking to generations later than the 1928-32 era.  I'm unable to otherwise explain how Gann would have been so mistaken as to reference the 266th Pope who would not be elected until 2013.  Some say his sole purpose was to introduce the number 266 and accepted the incorrect chronology.

Another strategic misspelling?

Tokio.  Misspelling of Japan would be too obvious.  Misspelling Hiroshima or Nagasaki might never be recognized.  But Tokio?  [Super_romeman corrects the above in that Tokio was an accepted spelling in Gann's era.  At the same time, Gann used the alternate spelling 2 times out of a total of 13 references to that city.  The distinct inconsistency remains apparent.  Thanks SR.]

Two occurrences of the misspelling as in 2 atomic bombs on August 6, 1945?

Pg 336 Mammouth (sp?) big would that be?  110 stories / 42nd St = 2.619

Mammouth anchored to 10/15/1931, 66 cycles of Phi^2 moves 172.788* to August 7, 1945.  

And what was the hero, Robert Gordon doing in relation to "Tokio?"  He was traveling around the world in a campaign to destroy buildings and armament of the enemies of the US in their greatest cities.



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Can WD Gann spell or did he know something about 9/11? [Irrelevant but interesting]

Interesting that Robert Gordon, the Supreme Commander and hero in WD Gann’s Tunnel Thru The Air (1927) would repel 4 waves of enemy planes from the 110th floor of the the Mammouth Building (16 letters, Pythagorean 74) on August 30, 1932.  Some 69 years later two planes of four were used to destroy the 110 story World Trade Center (16 letters, Pythagorean 77).  Of course, there were 2 other waves of planes, one failing and one damaging the Pentagon.

Some interesting time intervals in the lives of the Mammouth Building (actual spelling would be Mammoth) and World Trade Center:

[All WTC dates are per Wikipedia.]

Here's some numerology according to the method Awodele reverse engineered from Gann's calculation of the number '28' for Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

The Gregorius/Sepharial date of the Mammouth (we do not have an actual birth date even though Broadway and 42nd Street was, apparently, a theatrical building), the 8/30/1932 date would be the 7th degree of the 6th sign or 7+6=13.  If this calc is correct, the "number" of the Mammouth Building would be the name number of 74 plus the date number of 13 or 87.  The WTC groundbreaking on 8/25/1966 would represent the 2nd degree of the sixth sign or 5+6=11.  The "Number" for the WTC would be 77+11=88.  87 and 88.  Not sure what that proves or doesn't.  Where's Mercury when you need a clue?

Maybe reduce the Mammouth Building from 87 to 8+7=15 and further reduce it to 6.  Reduce the WTC from 88 to 8+8=16 and further to 7.  6 days and then 7 days.  Perhaps some Biblical symbolism?  Not a clue here.

If one were to create a chart of the WTC you'd find 2001 on the unfortunate 45* angle from the date of ground breaking (1966).

Hmmm, two M's aligned (one vertically and one horizontally) with 2001 in the Mammouth name and two R's in the WTC name aligned with 2001.

Errrr, Mr. Gann, did you misspell "Mammouth" eight different times in TTTA or did you add an extra U in order that it would be 16 letters?  Perhaps the spelling was as portrayed back in the early 1900s; I don't know.  Barring that, didn't they have spell check in 1927 when you wrote TTTA?  So, Mr. Gann, what did you know and when did you know it?


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gann, the 266th Pope and numerology (revisited)

On page 82 of “Tunnel Thru the Air” WD Gann speaks of the 266th Pope in a very curious passage referring to St Malachy's prophecy of future Popes.  Most of what I’ve read regarding that passage concerned the obvious importance of the number ‘266’.

2 * 6 * 6:
  • 2 X 6=12 , 12 divisions of the circle
  •  2X 6 X 6=72 or the pentagon.  Didn't someone write a book on that?  Bradley Cowan?
  • (6X6) / 2=18 and 2X6+6=18
  • 6 / 6 / 2 = .5
  • 2+6+6=14 reduced to 5 
Can there be any doubt that Mr. Gann intended to emphasize many permutations of 266? Was the 266th Pope just a convenient forum to bring up an important number?  But maybe an important meaning might be the simplest explanation? Occam's razor.  Look at the first sentence of that paragraph, pg 82 TTTA.

"Some evidence of long-range predictions which have been fulfilled that has attracted attention, appeared in the New York American, January 29, 1922." pg 82

Maybe he was also talking about what he said he was talking about; duh, long range predictions.  And the long range predictions are St Malachy's prophecy (which, by some, are thought to have been authored by Nostradamus).  Not 2 or 3 years in the future, decades and centuries in the future.  And yet, Gann extrapolates the long range predictions to an evil period of only 1926 to 1932?  Really?

To be sure, Gann makes mistakes, but what is the likelihood that he accidentally mistook the 266th pope to be elected in the 1926-32 era?  And after having read the New York American article he cited in the first sentence?  Pope Pius XI (1922-39) was the 259th.  Implausible.  Gann knew the 266th Pope would be elected decades thereafter.  Perhaps Gann  knew or extrapolated in which repeating cycle the 266th pope would be elected?

"To those who understand numbers, "266" reveals some remarkable events that are to follow the election of the new Pope. It shows that wars are not yet over and that Europe will have troublesome conditions, and in fact, the entire world must yet pass thru a very evil period between 1926 and 1932. It also confirms both the major and minor cycles which indicate that the years 1928 and 1930 to 1932 are to be years of famine, depressing business conditions and panic, not only in Europe, but in the United States. The maximum evil of the great 1000-year cycle, which will not be completed until 1932 to 1934, will bring serious troubles to the United States. Another bad period for the United States will be 1940 to 1944." pg 82

The maximum evil of the great 1000-year cycle.  

"He had figured out from the Bible that a time of trouble such as the world had never seen would begin in 1927, and would continue until 1932. There would be war, famine and pestilence all over the earth, and that except the time be shortened every human being on the face of the earth would be destroyed according to the Bible.' pg 41

So the greatest evil of the 1000-year cycle would not occur in the 1927-1932 period. The world would not be destroyed because there was not enough time in the 1926-32 cycle.  [Interesting that Bradley Cowan places the end of the 1914-1933 Pentagonal Uranian cycle as 1933.]  When might greater evil occur?

A problem in all this is who is Pope is the 266th.  Some count Pope Francis as the 266th, some count him as the 268th (counting antipopes).  Perhaps Gann saw that interpretation as a problem to his observations about the distant future.

"His prophecy on the future Pope is No. 266. Fides Intrepida, which means -- "Unwavering Faith, unshaken belief in the face of danger; unfaltering devotion." pg 82

"Unfaltering."  When I first researched Pope Francis in  Wikipedia I found "Unfaltering orthodox" as a component of his description.  I cannot find that description in Wikipedia now.  Not a lot of evidence in subjective characterizations.

So how might we identify the real 266th Pope? What is the 'number' of Pope Francis according to the methodology Awodele identified which Gann may have used to compute the 'number' of Woodrow Wilson, '28'?

By that methodology, the number of Pope Francis is 5 and 266 reduced is 2+6+6=14 further reduced to 5. That's interesting.  But try this on for size.

Pope Francis was born on 12/17/1936.  On what solar degree of the circle does 12/17/1936 appear?

His birthdate appears on the 266th degree of the solar year.

If Gann was, in its simplest explanation, talking of the reign of the 266th Pope, if Pope Francis is he, if cycles of history repeat, and if the most evil section of the 1000 year cycle was yet to come after the 1926-32 period, then what might that say about the cycle in which Pope Francis reigns?

Note: As a side, I've read St Malachy's prophecy implied the 266th Pope would be the last.  I've interpreted that to mean an end to some phase of the Catholic church.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gann speaking from the beyond?

Now in the nth reading of WD Gann's Tunnel Thru The Air (TTTA).  Two notations of great interest to me have been Mr. Gann's unusual reference to St Malachy's prophecy of the 266th Pope and the circumstances of Marie Stanton's disappearance and return.

About the 266th Pope, St Malachy prophecies characterized the popes that would thereafter reign.  His prophesy indicated the 266th Pope would be the last.  Gann notes St Malachy's prophesy would be characterized as "unwavering faith" and I find Pope Francis in Wikipedia characterized as "unwavering orthodox."  St Malachy's prophecy is heaped in controversy, some believing Nostradamus was the ghost author.  Regardless, Gann diverts to the prophecy on page 82 and says:

To those who understand numbers, "266" reveals some remarkable events that are to follow the election of the new Pope. It shows that wars are not yet over and that Europe will have troublesome conditions and in fact, the entire world must yet pass thru a very evil period between 1926 and 1932. 

Surely Gann knew the number of the Pope in the 1920s and it wasn't remotely close to the 266th Pope.  Therefore, he was referring to the future period when the 266th Pope is elected.  Our period.  [Actually, I believe he was referring to both that period of 1926 to 1932, but more important to us, he was referring to our period.]

Now, for a quick overview for those without a background in TTTA, WD Gann's fictional 1920s love, financial and war story that, as he put it in the Foreward, contained a veiled secret.  The hero, Robert Gordon (RG), wooes Marie Stanton (MS) to elope.  They meet June 5, 1927 on the Sunshine Special (a train) with the intent of marrying the next day.  RG and MS turn in for the evening in separate train compartments (how quaint and proper were those things in the 1920s) and MS turns up missing the next day having left a note that said "According to your faith, be I unto you….Time proves all things….I will come to you when I mean the most and your need is the greatest."

So MS leaves in 1927 and does not return until much later.  In the interim, RG conquers the markets (commodities and equities) while inventing airships that enable the US to conquer its foes in the greatest World War.  In the wake of the great US triumph, RG becomes the Supreme Commander of the World and addresses a great congregation of world leaders on August 30, 1932.  Following the address that day, MS returns to RG.

That's the set up.  Gann is speaking to our generation as signaled by the 266th Pope.  Now apply the interval of MS' departure and return:

If the market topped Friday and the proposition above is true (a big 'if'), then Gann was off by…..2 calendar days.  Pathetic.

The astro interval coincidence surrounding the 1927 and 1932 dates is incredible in my accountant's (as opposed to astrologist) opinion.


Note:  TTTA researchers.  I'm truly a Gann amateur, do not know Gann's veiled secret and have struggled since my first reading of TTTA in 1974.  Be gentle with me in your thoughts.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fixing the broken mirror; May 29 to June 7

Previously I showed three symmetries in QQQs, one complete (mirror 1), two pending the 'final' top of wave c.  Here's the chart which projected May 29:
Here's the 'proven' mirror that has already completed and demonstrates this method may have merit.  It is "Mirror 1" on the chart:

Here's the exact and defective calc's that supported the "unadjusted" and "adjusted" projecting a May 29 top for the wave a = wave c proposition:

As far as I could "adjust" the dates for Saturdays and Sundays, it still didn't get wave a to equal c.  A smart person (not me) would have realized "the" date would have had to be at least 3 days later.  So let's move the final date out to Saturday June 7:
Wave a equals c in time on June 7, at the latest.  We can reserve the right to have a top today by chaining that Friday November 21, 2008 to the following days, Saturday or Sunday.  That would shrink wave a to 976 or 975 days respectively and would make "the" top Friday or today.

Similarly, that "mirror 2" on the chart can be changed as follows:

Again, perfection without any adjustment is Saturday June 7 and, therefore, Monday or Friday would be a success.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Symmetry in QQQs since 2009 or a=c or mirror mirror....

A popular Elliott Wave count in QQQs is a cycle abc correction since 2009 and many have seen the apparent symmetry in waves a and c.  Within the waves a and c are sections that seem to mirror one another on each side of the b wave.  Here's a chart with the EW noted (please forgive the non compliant EW notation).

Look at the two time measurements of the top of the chart that indicate wave a is at 973 calendar days and wave c is at 968 calendar days.  Not equal as of the date which I have been touting as "the" top. 

But calendar days includes Saturdays and Sundays during which the market is not traded.  What would a = c look like if a Friday or Monday were to be considered earlier or later....after all, a print on Friday could be argued to exist as of Saturday or as of Sunday.  Time doesn't stop on weekends.  So, can we artfully make the a = c look a bit closer to equal?  Here's my best effort:

975 calendar days versus 972 calendar days.  Pretty close.  Let's see what other easily possibilities for symmetry or mirroring might exist in QQQs.  How about the Mirror 1 identified on the chart.  Here is "actual" and "adjusted" calendar days for those segments pictured as "Mirror 1" in the chart:

Pre adjustment 1.5237, not so good.  After adjustment you have 1.5989....pretty darn close to one of the first Fibonacci iterations of Phi or 1.6000.

Now for the money shot.  Look at the mirror 2 at the far left and far right of the chart above.  They look like the price inversion of one another.  Let's see if we can make Phi sense out of the calendar days.  Again, the actual / adjustment table:
Now that's cool.  Before adjustment 1.6531 after adjustment for Saturdays and Sundays very close to an advanced iteration of Phi, 1.6144.  Really close.

I've done this before with the 2000 top and QQQs plausibly showing that the left side of the 2000 top was replayed in fast motion on the right.  We're in slow motion right now but, if the above credibly suggests the proximity of "the" top (whether Friday or this week), then a re read of that previous essay might be warranted.  Its at:


Follow up on "SPX 1998 squaring 2014 and Bradley Cowan's Pentagonal Cycle"

This follows up on the essay "SPX 1998 squaring 2014 and Bradley Cowan's Pentagonal Cycle" at:

It projected a "market" top about May 30, 2014 (actually quite specifically) based on a Phi expansion of the initial vibration of the first wave of the present Pentagonal 17-year Uranus cycle.  Whew, that's a mouthful summary.

This is where the Uranus angle to SPX price stood on Friday.

Pretty close to an angle of 60* but not quite there; 55* relative to high intraday and 57* relative to the close.  Both are the highest prices of the 2009 to present bull market.  NOTE the date between the 70* closing price and 68* high price - May 29. I didn't see that one coming.

Now, where was Uranus and price on the first day of Bradley Cowan's Uranus Pentagonal Cycle?  

It's a little messy, but the lowest close of 1998 was 957.28 on 8/31/1998 and the market opened at that price on 9/1/1998 so I will use that price even though it was a day earlier.  The low intraday on 9/1/1998 was 939.98 even though there lowest close for 1998 was 923.32 more than a month later on 10/8/1998.  Since we are comparing movement of price to Uranus, I'm going to stick with the Uranus cycle beginning date of 9/1/1998 and the low intraday of 939.98.  

So how did price and Uranus angles change between 9/1/1998 and 5/30/2014?

The "synodic" angle of Uranus-Price/close changed 20* and the similar angle of Uranus-Price/intraday changed 36* (half a Pentagonal unit of 72*). 

Can't make that stuff up.  

Still, it looks bad for May 30, 2014 being the end of the 2009 bull because futures are up 2.50 on fair value pre market.  I guess any where in this range of a week or two would be okay since we're dealing with a big planet.  My expectations were high since the Pentagonal half cycle 36* from 9/1/1998 nailed the 'mid-cycle' panic top so closely (within 3 trading days)….. but that's an entirely separate and documented theory.

See what happens.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Numerology according to an amateur

According to the methodology used by Awodele (to the extent I fully understand it) to simulate Gann's calculation of Wilhelm Hohenzollern's number 28 (Pythagorian name letter and Gregorius/Sepharial birth number systems), the NYSE's number is 103 reduced to 4:

NYSE's number 4 is in the second triad of numbers - 2, 4 and 8 - and will be in concord with any of those numbers.  It therefore will not be in concord with 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 9.

The cornerstone N or 5 denotes, among others things, instability, jealousy, unkindness.  According to Luo Clements it is always negative and, only when under strict control can it develop admirable traits; " is never a good number."  N is denoted by the number 5 and 5 is not in concord with the NYSE's "number" 4.  

The capstone E or 5 has a dual nature; beneficent and maleficent.  "Although a good number when in concord, it is a most dangerous number when in discord."  E or 5 is not in concord with NYSE's number 4.

The NYSE has 20 letters so there isn't a single keystone letter.

The NYSE's annual chart with great tops highlighted in yellow:

Some observations:

  • When you add the column number of a year to the row number of a year only one of those sums are in concord with NYSE's number 4; 2000 had a sum of 4.  Looking at 1929 as an example, it is under the column headed by K and associated number 2.  As its primary letter influence we'd expect the K or 2 and the NYSE's number to be in concord and, therefore, 1929 would be a good year.  However, if you add that 2 to the number of the row you get 3 which is in discord with 4.  2000, the lone concordant year, was on the vertical halfway line that bisects the chart and on which vertical line you find both 1987 and 2007.
  • Similar to 1929, 2014 is under the influence of K but its row number of 5 causes it to have a discordant sum (7) relative to the NYSE number 4.
  • 2014, 1929 and 1907 all fall on a 45* angle to 1792.  1987 and 2007 fell on the same horizontal line.
  • 1987, 2007 and 2000 all fall on the same vertical line that sections the chart in one half.  
  • 2014 falls on the same row as 1914, the year in which the market closed for 4 months concurrent with Wilhelm Hohenzollern's involvement in the "July 1914 crisis" leading up to WWI.
  • Many more observations.

Now the 7th monthly chart of the NYSE from its inception:

I did not provide the first 3 charts but you can prove the accuracy of this chart by comparing the age of the NYSE to the bottom left corner of the 7th chart.  May 17, 1792 plus 6 completed charts of 400 months per chart is equal to 1992 which is the bottom left date of June 17, 1992.

First a tabular summary of primary letter columns and secondary letter rows:

Some observations:
  • The first thing that really jumps out at me is the red highlighted section of the summary.  Bradley Cowan defines the present Pentagonal cycle defined by 72* of helio Uranus as beginning in 1998 and ending in 2016.  That red highlighted section shows that period (1998 actually straddles it).  In that section you find only 2 numbers for those 3 years; 6 and 7.  And in 2014 the primary and secondary numbers are 6 and 7. 
  • You also find in that summary that, in stark contrast to the annual chart, 2 of the 3 bad years in the red highlighted group had a summary of primary and secondary number influences that add to a concordant 4.  For example, 2007 had a primary number of 13 reduced to 4.  2014's sum of primary and secondary numbers is, similarly, 13 reduced to 4.
  • May 2014 falls on the 45* angle relative to May 1924 as does March 2000, July 1998, August 1987 and September 1929.  
  • May 2014 falls on the same horizontal line as September 2007.
  • Too many more observations to mention.
This is the first 24 hours since I constructed the monthly chart and will be supplementing as anything significant might emerge.  Preliminarily, and depending on whether the 'number' was correctly computed and charts correctly constructed, I believe the above supports my contention that one should have sold in May (specifically the last day of May) and gone away.  



The first day of the first month of the NYSE was 5/17/1792 and thus is named every cell in the monthly squares.  Therefore the May 17, 2014 square would relate to 30 days past the May 17, 2014 or up to and including June 16, 2014.  The conclusion to my adventure into numerology should have made that distinction and should not have indicated that the May cell ended this last weekend.  

An additional clarification.  May 17, 2014 (May 17 to June 16) cell is a very good prospect for a final top.  However, the August 2014 and September 2014 cells are very good prospects as well.  I have not looked at them closely as yet.  It's also possible they are candidates for a secondary top.