Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Robert Gordon's 7 days - Pythagoras Theorem and Gurdjieff''s Diatonic Scale

With yet further minor corrections and with all 'pivots' in RG's trip (all 21 locations with NYC counted twice as beginning and end), here is the further evolved version which I believe Gann intended to convey:

To understand the derivation of the above requires understanding of Pythagoras' Theorem, Pythagoras' diatonic scale and dynamics of the octave as taught by Gurdjieff and explained by Russell Smith and spherical distance computation according to Great Circle methods.

The yellow highlighted fields indicates the actual miles traveled reconciled, or 'squared,' to distance computed by the Pythagoras Theorem on the very last leg of RG's trip.  Theretofore, those distances did not 'square.'  The blue highlighted fields indicate the trip that began at DO-DO-Do-do 7 days earlier had arrived at the highest level of the nothing to all (0 - 2^15) diatonic scale at SI-SI-Si-si (in blue).  Both Pythagoras Theorem and the final position registered on the diatonic scale suggest the cycle that began on July 20, 1932 completed 7 days later.

[As a side note, the green highlighted field indicates the sum of the East/West mileages closely equals the sum of the absolute value of the North/South mileages and thus two sides of a square were complete.  Further, the sum of the East/West mileage roughly equaled the circumference of the Earth at the 40.7127 latitude.  The difference is believed the result of the approximation method of the haversine formula.  The red highlighted fields indicate 'oscillating do's' according to the teachings of Gurdjieff.]

In my opinion, there are greater insights to be had than those illustrated above.  The above is only a beginning.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revised Robert Gordon's 7 days geometry

Further updated numbers deleting 5 cities that required negative east/west mileage and to reconcile earth's circumference at 40.7127* N to Robert's east/west mileage.

I believe Gann gave us a proof of the geometry of Robert's trip that can be applied to the above worksheet that reveals it is either true or not true:

This medal is emblematic of your great work and the
duty and loyalty you have shown to your country. It
is made of gold with a triple triangle in the three royal
colors, purple, blue and gold. (TTTA pg 411)

A Pythagorean triple.  And it works.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'Robert Gordon's 7 days,' a proposed solution

The below worksheet snapshot is a mathematic, geometric and diatonic proposed solution to “Robert Gordon’s 7 days” (Tunnel Thru the Air or TTTA), such as it may or may not be correct.  It isn't yet another correlation analysis or guess at methods to which Gann alluded.  It arrives at very specific mathematic agreements that prove its correctness in my opinion. 
Very limited commentary is provided on the spreadsheet out of respect for persons who provided timely tips (whether they were aware of the thoughts they stimulated or not) that mentored me in this direction.  I expect many who have labored to derive the same or similar results do not want this proposition made public.  I haven’t that concern, as I believe the vast majority of analysts, researcher, traders….let alone all other people… haven't the ability, interest, discipline or work ethic to benefit from this proposal. So, for the most part, it will remain vastly obscure; and fortunately so if the proposition is proved incorrect. 
Theory is the first step and, other than as noted on the spreadsheet, the theories implied will not be enumerated - I’m yet days into this perceived discovery.  Besides, they are self evident to the informed and attentive reader.  If Gann has provided theories generally as proposed, the next step is their application to a spatial phenomenon; markets.  What we are all after.  Point taken from the first sentence of the Foreword of TTTA:
“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.” Proverbs
Later in the Foreword:
“You will appreciate why Solomon said, “Wisdom is the principal thing: therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting, get understanding.”
Get knowledge and apply it.  “Knowledge and being” as Guardjiff counsels.
And finally, the reward, the last words from that same instructional Foreword:
The future will become an open book. You will know that by following the laws laid down in the Bible, man’s last great enemy, Death, will be overcome and will understand why Jesus rose on the third day and rested on the seventh day. Robert Gordon’s seven days will no longer be a mystery because you will have gained understanding.”
Among other things that suggests, to me, Robert Gordon’s seven days was the final and, arguably as indicated, most important mystery of TTTA.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Robert Gordon's 7 days"

Let’s start with some data regarding Bobbie’s “7 days” in Tunnel Thru the Air:

So, we take the 'as the crow flies' miles in the trip of 33,298 miles and divide by that portion of miles which were east to west or 20,016 miles and we get 1.664.  Nice number 1.66.  Back to TTTA and the latter stage of the trip:
100 / 60 = 1.66
Perhaps two sides of a square at 33,298 crow miles and 20,016 X 1.666 = 33,347 miles?  Coincidence?
So, if we have a square, where’s Pythagorus' hypotenuse?  Don't worry, it is 'out there' to the fourth decimal of the sqrt(2).  Okay, what you're looking for is 1.414 X 33,298 and it can be derived from the above.
If you get all this, all that will remain, I think, is figuring out the dynamics of how that 7-day (err 8-day?) hypotenuse “vibrates”.....another story in itself I think.  Now how many notes in Pythagorus' diatonic octave and how many intervals between notes?
One great big divine stock market plan that, perhaps, William Delbert Gann unraveled.
As an aside 1, you can get to a similar side of the square using the total hours of Bobbie's trip which was 8 days in terms of miles, not 7 plus 5 hours to noon on the supposed 7th day.  (168 plus 24 hours plus 5 hours) X 60 minutes per hour X 1.666 = 19,699 or pretty close to the 20,016 miles.  And multiplying by 1.666 again and you get 32,832, darn close to the 'crow flies' miles of the total trip.  And also notice how one week's time is 192 hours, not 168.  As the earth 0* longitude passes a fixed point 7 times in a week, the market, perhaps, moves east once in a week’s time....just as Bobbie did.  Oh, you're not sure it was the equivalent of 8 days (plus 5 hours)?  Consider the page number Robert commenced his trip and the page number on which it ended?

As an aside 2, Bobbie circumnavigated the sphere, leaving from New York to the east on the 21st at 7am and returning from the west “7 days” later at about noon.  But the table calculates 20,016 east west miles….  Hmmm….the globe is 24,901 miles.  At the equator.  Bobbie’s erratic route, no doubt, took advantage of the shorter distances at other latitudes.

As an aside 3, kinda neat how the North South miles net to zero.  [If you don't understand, consider it an accountant's thing.]

Saturday, August 2, 2014

WD Gann Meets Jonathan Cahn?

In the immediately preceding blog post I've suggested that page 128 of Tunnel Thru the Air infers Pythagorus diatonic scale and page 129 adds Pythagorus' anvil as confirmation.

But appearing on that page 129 is this troubling paragraph:

The individual or nation that believes the Book, and
lives according to its teaching, will live as long as the
Book lives, and the individual or nation that spurns it
will go down.

Troubling in that it echoes Jonathan Cahn's thesis that as Israel fell, so will fall the only other nation ever declared under God...the United States.  Upon its third prideful utterance of "We will rebuild..." Israel was banished. And the United States:
  1. On September 12, 2001, Tom Daschle stood on the floor of the Senate and read Isaih 9:10 "'The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.'(NIV)" 
  2. Then again on September 11, 2004, the thoroughly contemptible, John Edwards, invoked that same pledge of independence to the Congressional Black Caucus.  
  3. And to complete the affront to God, President Obama's 2009 State of the Union Address included the following:
Obama said: “Tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild. And the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.”
As per normal for our President, there wasn't any mention of God playing a role in the rebuilding.  And to enlarge the insult, we will emerge stronger than He built us.

The above is the short version.  The longer version would recount the other aspects of Isaih 9:10 including the cedar and other similarities.

So, combine 1) Gann's prescription of a nation following the Book, 2) Gann's reference to the great events that will occur upon the election of the 266th and "last" Pope according to St Malachy (Pope Francis by the "accepted" count appearing in Wikipedia), 3) the numerology and circumstances surrounding Gann's misspelled Mammouth Building AND The World Trade Center (see my blogspot post of the Mammouth Building) and 4) Jonathan Cahn's thesis.  I continue to believe Gann is speaking to this generation in several portions of TTTA.

Here's my blog posts regarding the numerology of The Mammouth Building and The World Trade Center:

Here's a discussion of the 266th Pope:

And here's a FREE link to a free audio copy of "The Harbinger."  You can stream as you workout or drive.  Over the last two years I've used it as listening material as I do my daily aerobic thing.  But its become much more than that.

Remember the Foreword to TTTA:

It has been well said that truth is stranger than fiction.
This story is founded on facts and events, many
of which have happened or will happen in the future.

Only 5 years into the future from 1927?  Or perhaps 80 years into the future.  Remember again, Gann's assertion that it is as easy to forecast events 100 years into the future as it is 1000 years.


Tunnel Thru the Air, WD Gann and Pythagorus' Anvil

TTTA page 128:

A popular author of fiction boasts 9,000,000 copies
of his book published in eight years. 240,000,000
copies of the Bible have been sold in the same eight


9M / 240M = 1.666 or 'La' or note 'A'. The decimal value of .666 halved defines 'Fa' or note 'F' at 1.333.  Of course, the 1.666 and 1.333 are applied to 1 which would be 'Do' or note 'C'.

Of course 8 years  defines 'Re' or note 'D' (1+1/8) and 'Ti' or note 'B' (1+7/8).  And doubling the decimal value of 1/8 gives you 'Mi' or note 'E' (1+2/8).  Doubling the decimal again and you get 'So' or note 'G.'  Again, all functions of 'Do' or note 'C.'  Where's 'C'.?

All this occurring on page 128 no less; 'Do' or note 'C.'

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti.  Chant it to produce harmony and to find your keynote as recommended in The Magic Word pg 43.

Some 61 years after 1927 Cousto (who sought the perfect harmonic concert pitch in the math of astronomy) theorizes the tone of the Sun to be 32312.  Reduced by 2^8 it is 126.22 (The Cosmic Octave pg. 93); note C.  Cousto quotes Li Gi, The Book of Customs:

Thus one must examine the sounds to understand the tones; one must
examine the tones to understand the music; one must examine the music 
to understand the laws. In this way, the path to order is made perfect. 

Not convinced, on page 129 you find Pythagorus' anvil.