Monday, August 31, 2015

GMT: 2016 and the first battles of three great wars

In the previous post, I introduced some numbers that would point to 2016 might be an important year in the history of the US.  There isn't any grand theory of physics or reason, simply coincidence for the dubious or a clue from Mr. Gann for the committed.  Personally, I don't know what to make of it.

But here's something I noted this morning (which happens to be the anniversary of 83 completed years after the fictional August 30, 1932 "Meeting of the World" prompting me to re-read again the warnings of pages, 82, 83 and 84 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air"):

The first organized battle of the Revolutionary War following the Declaration of Independence occurred 85 years after the first battle of the Civil War at Fort Sumter.  The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred 80 years after the attack on Fort Sumter; a difference in the interval of 5 years.  From 85 years to 80 years suggesting the next conclusive battle of the next great war would occur 75 years after the 1941 attack or 2016.

In offering this very suspect notation, one needs to draw a bright line drawn regarding when the "first battle" occurs.  In the Revolutionary War, there had been battles of Boston, Lexington and Concord but the the Battle of Brooklyn Heights (portions of which was fought on Green-Woods Cemetery) was the first fully organized battle after the Declaration of Independence was adopted.  Fort Sumter occurred after years of unrest over the abolitionist position of the Republican Party and after certain southern states adopted formal resolutions seceding from the Union.  Fort Sumter seems popularly viewed as the first battle of the Civil War.  And Pearl Harbor occurred years after war was ongoing in Europe and despite the Neutrality Act of 1935.

[I again find curious similarity between the dates of the Neutrality Act signed into law by Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 31, 1935, the fictional date of August 30, 1932 and today's date.]

Follow the thread of differences backwards 90 years and you find 1686, the year in which New York and Albany are granted charters by the colonial governor, Thomas Dongan, 2nd Earl of Limerick.  Following one period of 95 years backward in time again and you arrive at at 1491, the year before Columbus' "discovery" of America.

Make of all this what you may,

Jim Ross

Saturday, August 29, 2015

GMT: The Year 2016 and WD Gann's gravestone; 110, 130 and 240….77 and 53

There are many unique features of the year 2016 that might be derived from a comparison of historic events and numbers associated with Mr. Gann's gravestone.  Given the current market volatility and the 100% bearish analysts I formerly followed, my natural inclination is to say 2016 will be bad.  But that's not what the "coincidence" of numbers that are the subject of this post say.  They simply triangulate on 2016 to infer it will be distinctive, perhaps "remarkable" as Mr. Gann may have alluded on page 82 of TTTTA.

On my first visit to Green-Wood Cemetery on June 21, 2015, I had been asked to take measurements of Mr. Gann's gravestone.  I thought it a good exercise and did so.

There is a previous essay regarding the particulars of this stone but there are additional thoughts which I  realized last night and would be remiss to forget.

The stone measured starting at the top of the base or pedestal is 30 inches tall at the middle (the top is rounded), 30 inches wide and 8 inches deep.  30 X 8 = 240 and 30 X 30 X 8 = 7200.  On the face of the stone are the dates of Mr. Gann's life, 1878-1955 (77 years) and Sadie H. Gann's life, 1889-1942 (53 years).   Together, Mr. and Sadie Gann's lives were 130 years when added.

I find some disturbing and charming coincidences involving these numbers but will take them in a semblance of perceived order.  The first numbers considered are 240 and 130 which derive a third number, their difference or 110.  The disturbing side of these numbers is they seem to triangulate on the year 2016.  Here's how:

2016 minus 240 1776, the year of the Declaration of Independence and first battle of the Revolutionary War.  And where did the first organized battle of the Revolutionary war take place?  It is claimed the first organized battle and the largest battle of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Brooklyn Heights (aka Battle of Long Island and Battle of Brooklyn).  Green-Wood Cemetery is cited on memorials at GWC and on its website as being the location of one of the confrontations of that larger, multi-day battle.  Point C on the GMT.

2016 minus 130 is 1886, the year in which the Statue of Liberty was dedicated.  Point A on the GMT.  1886 was also the year in which the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24

2016 minus 110 is 1906, the year in which the Market Panic of 1906/1907 began.  During the Panic, the market lost about 50% of its value, then considered great and necessary regulations were placed on banks.  In that year the Federal Government was saved from default by a wealthy financier, J.P. Morgan.

We seem to triangulate on the year 2016 as a concern derived from two of the three points on the GMT (the year 1886) and the three numbers currently under inspection.  What coincidence might there be if we looked at those pages in "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"

Page 110 finds Robert Gordon reflecting on the forthcoming Great War he projects:

Page 130 has the ominous warning to the United States:

And Page 240 the progress towards the Great War which has begun:

Do the nature of these excerpts attach to the year 2016?  Above my pay grade but I find it disturbing.  

Now the numbers 77 and 53, the number of years that Mr. Gann and Sadie H. Gann lived.  Second thought, while counting back from 2016 units for each of those numbers in years will uncover notable events, I'm not sure there is a common theme that singularly supports the year 2016.  And there is more to those two numbers than just triangulating on 2016.  I'll treat them, as best I can and to the extent I have not done so in prior essays, in a separate post.  They seem very important.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

GMT: The WD Gann Memorial Triangle is an Exponential Progression of Triangle Sides

The Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangles is a well known arithmetic progression sides.  It is held in such reverence that secretive societies have held it as a symbol since Hermes Trismegistus….1000s of years. You find angles of the Pythagorean 3-4-5, 53* and 37* as the sign of the Rosicrusian and others.  The sides are arranged as follows(1):

The Pythagorean triangle is a cornerstone of Euclidian geometry.

Vastly lesser known is the Kepler triangle named after Johannes Kepler (1):

The side progression of the Kepler triangle is based upon Phi.  The Kepler triangle is, as explained HERE, the only expression of the triangle that "squares the circle."  As developed in that link, the Kepler triangle is enshrined in the Great Pyramid.  You may wish to consider in that link that the Kepler triangle squaring of the circle relates Pi and multiples of two, emblematic of the circle and the square (the hypotenuse is the the square root of two times the side).

Moreover, as mentioned in my previous essays (most prominently HERE), the WD Gann Memorial Triangle points A, B and C, symbolically represent the circle, square and triangles.  Point A is the Statue of Liberty Island, itself a ellipse sports numerous circles within it (and appears to be the Tree of Life).  Point B is the Conde Nast Building and home of Nasdaq; it is clearly the square and the cube.  And Point C is the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry triangle, clearly a triangle of 12 (and perhaps a hidden 13th) gravestones of Masons.  The Kepler triangle is prominently represented in the GMT.

The logical question must be posed, we have an arithmetic progression in the Pythagorean Triangle and a geometric profession in the Kepler Triangle; it seems logical that there is a triangle with great importance that has sides of an exponential progression.

The WD Gann Memorial Triangle is, in my finite accountant's thinking, the exponential progression of sides.  And if true, the implication would be one step beyond that of the Kepler Triangle.  Here is the fully documented GMT:

The math is as terribly simple as it is elegant:

1, 2 and 3, sides of a triangle that represents an exponential progression.  [Excuse the .05 error as the likely result of either/or both measurement error (where I placed points) or use of spherical measurement of distance interpreted via Euclidian geometry.]

The implication to which I referred-  Where the Pythagorean Triangle defines Euclidean planar geometry and the Kepler Triangle is the only triangle that squares the circle and relates Pi to the sqrt(2), the WD Gann Exponential Triangle is the only structure that will equate or "square" the cubic structure of space and the spherical structure of time….squaring the cube and the sphere.  Moreover, does this Exponential Triangle define the "curvature of time?"

I haven't tested that implication and I am not equipped to do so.  Perhaps it already exists in metaphysics and higher math and wasn't taught in my primer for the CPA exam.  On the other hand, I am down this road not out of chance.  Again, my opinion; Mr. Gann demonstrated this in the 7th Prophecy found HERE.  He knew, yet again, in my opinion.

Hanging in the balance might be the ability to relate circular time (duration) and cubic space (distance).  That I would propose, without the benefit of a lot of further discovery, was one of Mr. Gann's two great discoveries.  The second discovery would lie in the Gann Gravestone Geometry as previously described…. how to relate the aforementioned "curvature of time" to specific entities (institutions and persons) by virtue of their individual vibration.  I expect to pose this dilemma to Mr. Gann's pen pals, or pen personas, Luo Clement and the Einstein Essay Prize Editor (see my previous essays).

Jim Ross

(1) From Wikipedia and in public domain

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

GMT: Properties of the World Trade Center Tetrahedron

A fourth point at the center of the quadrangle WTC property added to the WD Gann Memorial Triangle creates the two-dimensional illusion (perceptively, a perspective structure) of a three-dimensional tetrahedron that is referred to as the WTC Tetrahedron:

Reduced to an Excel illustration, the distances between points can be inserted along with time properties which have been associated with each of the points.  We then have a Euclidian structure based on Descartisian coordinates which includes time durations between the same points:

Space (distance) and time (duration between points) co-located on the same Euclidian structure.  In the WTC Tetrahedron we have X, Y, Z and T; a four-dimensional concept.  Further, in each of the four triangles (the larger triangle and the 3 component triangles) space forms a triangle and time forms a straight line.  Here are the statistics of the above triangle and 3 component triangles:

The larger triangle, ABC has three vectors whose distance measurements of 5.51. 6.72 and 3.85 sum to 16.08 (roughly the 2^4) and form a triangle whose angles sum to 180*.  It is a Euclidian triangle by definition (1).   On the other hand, the time durations between the 3 points, if we were to try to construct a triangle of them, cannot be a triangle; any two sides of a triangle must be greater than the third.  Rather, sides 46 years plus 23 years equal the third side 69 years; a straight line.

And, as we have noted in previous essays, the space distance and time components of each vector of the GMT or triangle ABC are inversely related.  In other words, the longest vector in distance, B to C of 6.72 miles, has the shortest time duration, 23 years.  And the shortest space distance vector of 3.85 has the longest time  duration of 69 years.

Again, those are previously recognized properties of the GMT.  How about the 3 component triangles?  Ditto.  Check each component triangle.  Yes, distances form a triangle, duration forms a straight line.  Yes, distance and time are inverse.

Perhaps, no, certainly one observation is simply the geometry of a triangle with any point point, such as point 'd' identified within it necessitates the creation of 3 component triangles measured in distance.   But why would we find the same relations noted in the paragraph above when we introduce time duration?  That time would be a straight line and distance and duration be consistently inverse?

There are some very interesting numbers that present themselves if you manipulate the distances and durations.

[And there may a very promising implication for parsing time by bisecting each of the 3 triangles with a 90* angle drawn from each of the 3 vectors to point 'd'; and parsing both time and distance, simultaneously, is really what we are after, is it not?  Context for more research and a later essay.]

As cameo'd in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" Arthur Conan Doyle might have Sherlock tell us:

"You see, but you don't observe.  The distinction is clear."

Jim Ross

(1) The measurements via Google Earth are spherical and non-Euclidean.  The actual angles sum to nearly 180.1* rather than 180*.  Any spherical non-Euclidean triangle interior angles must sum to greater than 180* and hyperbolic non-Euclidean triangles must sum to less than 180*.  Since such a small part of the Earth is represented by this triangle, I will assume away the .1* error and accept the case the triangle is Euclidian.   

Saturday, August 22, 2015

GMT: 82, 120 and 144

Most of this is a rehash of previous posts regarding the WD Gann Memorial Triangle (GMT).  However, there is a point to be reached.

First recall some important numbers in Mr. Gann's life; 82 Wall Street, his offices for the latter part of his career, 120 Liberty Street his earlier offices in New York, and 144… or the square of 12, a hallmark of Mr. Gann's cosmology.  82, 120 and 144.

Recall the GMT:

And its dual dimensions of space time:

We've previously considered that the three red vectors of the GMT, in time increments, are multiples of 1, 2 and 3 and 23.  Or 23 (23X1), 46 (23X2) and 69 (23X3).

Simultaneously, the three red vectors display an inverse function of space time.  As we've observed the shortest space or 3.80 miles is associated with the longest time or 69 years and so forth.  But otherwise the distances, by themselves, seemed, well, unremarkable.

Not so.  I have alluded to "squaring" space and time, space time and explained in words the derivation of sqrt(2), phi and pi from space divided by time.  Convert miles to yards, divide yards by the number 82 and the three vectors become the numbers 82, 120 and 144.

In words, 3.80 miles is 6741 yards divided by 82 is 82 and that number divided by 69 is 1.188 when squared is pretty darn close to 1.414 or the hypotenuse of the 1X1 square.  That vector, A to C, is opposite point B which is positioned at the southeast corner of the Conde Nast Building at 42nd and Broadway:  a building which is visually the square and the cube:

Similarly, vectors A to B and B to C derive mathematic artifacts of the triangle and circle, respectively, and are opposite symbols of their nature, namely the WD Gann gravestone triangle and the Statue of Liberty Island with its apparent circles….there's an essay for that.

Remember page 82 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air;" its cautioning of the 266th Pope, forecast of the onset of the stock market collapse and World War II.  Remember the publisher of Luo Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers" located at 82 Duane Street.  All, interesting coincidence.

All this has been documented before.  A little hard to swallow all of it as coincidence.

Here is what I strain to consider.  Did Mr. Gann plan his first office to be located at 120 Liberty Street and his last office at 82 Wall Street to correspond the space vectors of the GMT?  And his strong preference for the square of 12 or 144?  82, 120 and 144.

The most startling implication for me is when he had the knowledge of the GMT, presuming he did….and, of course, I do.  Well, he would have had to have known of the GMT before he opened his 120 Liberty Street Office….  We can date Mr. Gann's 120 Liberty Street offices as being occupied by him by a series of advertisements occurring beginning around May 1909 by OROLO for a market letter (see Romeman's research tying Mr. Gann to the OROLO advertisements and 120 Liberty Street at Gannstudygroup).

In my opinion, Mr. Gann had discovered and applied to mundane affairs (the stock market) his mathematical construct of "space time" (Sir Arthur Eddington's 1920 "Space Time and Gravitation" is presented notably without a comma or hyphen)  before 1909.  This was about the time Albert Einstein published, in German, his work on special relativity (1905) and general relativity (1916).  It wasn't until much later that Einstein's works were translated into and explained in English.  And even later, in the 1920s, that Einstein's works were largely accepted in the scientific community.

Perhaps, even later, that Mr. Gann's works in physics will be recognized.  Remember that important time number 23?  Let's see if there is anything of note on page 23 of TTTTA.  Well, perhaps so:

"He" studied physics and higher mathematics.  Einstein blue skied the metaphysics much of which would ultimately be proven years and decades later by measurement.  If I'm right, Mr. Gann applied the physics of space time to the stock markets decades beforehand.


Friday, August 14, 2015

GMT: Introducing and documenting the World Trade Center Tetrahedron

Previously, the WD Gann Memorial Triangle ("GMT") was introduced.  It was the result of my standing at the gravestone of Mr. Gann in order to look forward to Lower Manhattan (obscured by the "Great Tree") and realizing that the Statue of Liberty ("SOL") and 42 and Broadway (the fictional "Mammouth Building") were aligned southwest and north.  Remember, that realization started with the view of Lower Manhattan.

Plotting Mr. Gann's gravestone, the SOL and 42nd and Broadway in Google Earth demonstrated those geographical plots (an area of land as opposed to a single point) would derive an approximate right triangle.  Indeed, if you take the western most point of Liberty Island, southeastern most point of the 4 Times Square Building (Conde Nast Building) and stone 12 of the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry ("GGG") triangle, you get a near perfect 90-55-35 triangle.

An interesting aspect of the GMT is that between those 3 points define BOTH distance and time intervals; simultaneously.  Out of those simultaneous measurements I demonstrated that time and distance in the GMT are inversely related.  In addition, I demonstrated that the symbolic interpretation of each of the 3 points of the triangle are opposite mathematic representations of the same.  To explain, the SOL symbolizes the circle, 42 and Broadway symbolizes the square, and the GGG triangle symbolizes the triangle.  The line opposite each point derives a mathematic expression associated with each of those symbols; opposite the circular SOL we have twice the value of Pi, opposite square 42nd Broadway we have the 4th root of 2 and opposite the GGG triangle we have Phi squared (the triangle and growth).

But I started with simply verifying that Mr. Gann's gravestone was "square" Lower Manhattan; so where is Lower Manhattan in this right triangle?  What part of Lower Manhattan?  If you drew a line from Mr. Gann's gravestone, you would find 82 Wall Street (his last office), the Federal Reserve, the location of where stocks were first traded in the US (the Tontine Coffee House located at the same intersection as 82 Wall Street), the earlier offices of Mr. Gann at 120 Liberty Street and the WTC (near contiguous with 120 Liberty Street).  So, what monument of Lower Manhattan makes it clear from Mr. Gann's grave makes it clear you are looking at Lower Manhattan?

Well, with your back to the "squared" gravestone, walk past the great tree.  In the summer, there are still some obstructing deciduous trees.  Undeterred, you can lean back and forth and you can see Lower Manhattan. You cannot discern 82 Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Building, Wall and Waters Street nor 120 Liberty Street.  The first and foremost landmark you see is One World Trade Center.

And the WTC was the subject of the three part "WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy of 9/11" that you can find HERE.  That prophecy was derived from acrostic and telestic words I discovered in Mr. Gann's 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air"  such as ATA, TWA, WTC….in statistically improbable (an understatement) reiterations throughout that book.  Oh, there are statistically challenged persons who say "You can make the last letter of each of the 15K lines in TTTTA spell anything you want."  And I say, you find idiots even in sohphisticated security analysis; people who will expound on anything without thinking.

But this is where what I call the "World Trade Center Tetrahedron" may provide the final proof.  The WTC Tetrahedron is comprised of the 3 points of the GMT and the center point of the WTC block.  In Google Earth it is this:

I call it a tetrahedron with the apex at point d, the center of the WTC block.  But a tetrahedron is formed by 4 equal triangles.  Unfortunately, we are limited to a 2 dimensional presentation of a 3 dimensional (spherical) presentation of an area.  So, it does not appear to be a tetrahedron.  Moreover, we may be looking at a 2 dimensional representation of a 4 dimensional conceptual "geometry" Mr. Gann identified.  Only if we could see the "geometry" in 4 dimensions could we understand it as a tetrahedron.  Of course, we can't do that.

We can identify the lengths of every vector above; 3 red vectors and 3 yellow vectors.  And we can identify the lengths in BOTH distance and time.  Might there be some very elementary similarities?  Here are the statistics, including the GPS coordinates of every point.  You also need to know the time points.  The SOL was dedicated in 1886, 42 and Broadway was the scene of the 1932 "Gigantic Attack on New York City" in Mr. Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," 1955 is the date Mr. Gann passed and 2001 is the date of the WTC attack.  If the "statistically challenged" were to find the savvy and inquisitiveness to do so, he can recreate every distance and time interval in this next chart:

There are some remarkable properties of the above table.  First, the GMT is optimized  as a triangle using the western most point of Liberty Island (A), southeastern most point of 42 and Broadway (B) and stone 12 of the GGG.  Using the GMT set of vector distances (A to B, B to C and C to D) you get a near perfect distance right triangle of 90-55-35:

You can also observe, as previously noted, that time and distance are inverse.  The longest distance vector of the GMT, namely B to C, has associated with it the smallest time interval.  And the shortest distance vector has associated with it the longest time interval?  Surely, coincidence….not so fast.  [Funny, this is similar to how Bradley Cowan's "Price Time Vectors" work; given a fixed PTV value, you can increase time and decrease distance to arrive at the same PTV value and vice versa.  Seems I recall Mr. Bradley, in "Four Dimensional Market Structures and Cycles," asserting the tetrahedral nature of the the Dow which, ultimately, forms cubes.]

You next note the GMT time intervals are 23, 46 and 69 years.  23 years multiplied by 1, 2 and 3.  Again, surely coincidence….but the coincidences pile up.  

[As a side, try not to ignore the interval of 69, or 3 X 23, is the critical time period separating the final battles of TTTTA and the 9/11/2001 attack.  See the 6th Prophecy as referred above.]

Now the second set of vectors constructed by connecting the 3 points of the GMT and the WTC point. We have time intervals of 46, 69 and 115, multiples of 23 and 2, 3 and 5.  The time intervals  between the red vectors and the yellow vectors are disquietingly similar aren't they?

The time intervals separating all four points are all multiples of 23.  And, the multiples 1, 2, 3 and 5, depending on your philosophical view of the number 1, are all prime numbers.  And the primary interval, 23, can be theosophically reduced to the number 5 or separated into the numbers 2 and 3 which sum to 5.  Whew, lots of coincidences piling up.  Seems to be some non randomness or system of numbers/geometry emerging.

One more similarity between the GMT red vector and the WTC yellow vectors.  The largest distance marks has the shortest time element.  And the smallest distance vector has the largest time element.  Check it out on the table above.

Here's the challenge.  In or about 1927, the publication date of TTTTA, had Mr. Gann discerned the future 9/11 WTC tragedy based upon the 3 points of the GMT and the unknown laws of the 4th dimension of time?  Or perhaps a Euclidian, Descartisian coordinate model that derived a similar solution much as one might use differentials to find a solution?

Jim Ross

Following are some additional documentation which might assist anyone attempting to replicate my work (wishful thinking on my part).  First, the points in Google Earth:


And, if you were to connect the 3 yellow vectors as components of a triangle, following would be the measurements:

Monday, August 10, 2015

GMT: Eureka!

On my first visit to Green-Wood Cemetery and WD Gann's grave (GG), I had been asked to verify the assertion that his grave was oriented to "overlook" the Lower Manhattan Financial District.  But for a "Great Tree" I have discussed elsewhere, it does.  Walking back and forth from the grave stone past the Great Tree to locate Lower Manhattan, I sensed there was something more.  The Stature of Liberty (SOL) was to the left and I could locate it.  42nd and Broadway (location of the fictional "Mammouth" Building (MB) and the very real Conde Nast Building) was somewhere to the right.  I sensed there was a greater meaning which I subsequently identified in Google Earth as WD Gann's Memorial Triangle.  Naively I announced my speculation that the meaning could rival of the Great Pyramid.  The "GMT:"

As previously discussed, the SOL represents the circle as the Island's shape is elliptical with two rough triangles within it's borders, the Conde Nast Building prominently displays multiple embedded squares forming aligned cubes, and Mr. Gann's grave is a component of the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry….a triangle.  Three points to the GMT; the circle, square and triangle. 

Three points of the triangle simultaneously separated both by distance and by time.  The SOL was dedicated in 1886, MB is center stage in 1932, and WD Gann was buried in 1955.  The three points are separated by 23, 46 and 69 years.  And the points are separated by 3.80, 5.56 and 6.74 miles.  These measurements, approximated by Googe Earth, related to each respective vector are:

If you considered only the distance, you have a right triangle with angles of 90, 54 and 36.  [Interesting numerical properties associated with those angles with 54 divided by 36 or 90 divided by either 54 or 36.]  If you consider time to be a triangle…well, it wouldn't be one.  It would be a straight line…think about it.  Use an online calculator if you need.

With just a couple simple manipulations of the above table of numbers, the two geometric forms (the triangle and line) would form a very interesting figure.  The manipulations are, 1) convert miles to yards, 2) divide each of those 3 yardage numbers by 82 (as in page 82, 82 Wall Street and multiple other occurrences) to achieve "squaring," and 3) divide distance by time.  You thereby arrive at three distantly familiar numbers; 1.188, 2.608 and 6.261.  Think about it; you have the 4th root of 2, the square of Phi and twice Pi.  Far too close to those values to argue otherwise in my opinion.

[Side note.  When you do the conversion…if anyone does…you divide yards by 82 and you get 3 produces; 82, 120 and 144.  Forget about time for the moment.  A to C in yards divided by 82 is…82.  A to B in yards divided by 82 is 120…and B to C is 144.  Interesting numbers in Mr. Gann's cosmology by themselves.]

Now think where those numbers are located on the GMT:

A triangle with side lengths of 1.188, 2.608 and 6.261 forms a triangle I say?  I think not.  Those side lengths violate the axiom that a triangle can be formed only if the sum of any two sides exceeds that of the third.  At least in 2 dimensional Euclidian (planar) geometry and, I'm guessing in 3 dimensional non Euclidian geometry.  But we are talking about something which we'd not expect to be less than four dimensions…  Not just {X, Y and Z} but {X, Y. Z AND T}.  Can anyone characterize the properties of a four dimensional triangle?  Hasn't been done, can't be done.  We're in uncharted territory.
Now consider.  Side Pi X 2 is positioned directly across from angle A, the symbolic circle of the SOL.  Pi, which defines the perimeter of the circle.  And the 4th root of 2 across from angle B symbolically represented by the square and cube of the Conde Nast Building.  The 4th root of 2, the number 2 and its root being associated with the length of the diagonal of the 1X1 square.  And Phi^2 slightly less recognizable as a property of the triangle.  Perhaps the measure of the next iteration of the Kepler triangle…. 1, 1.272, 1.618 and into the 4th dimension with 2.618.  Phi^2 across from point C, the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry; the gravestone triangle of 12…or perhaps 13 Freemasons.

This is not coincidence.  It is not contrived by Mr. Gann.  Rather, it would appear to be mathematical law that he identified.  It is the mathematics of the nature of time related to the City of New York.  The place of the nation's nativity and the judgement derived therefrom.  

Moreover, I believe the properties of the GMT to be at the heart of WD Gann's relation of time and space and his ability to predict the future based upon math, science and the repetition of history.

This I discovered August 8, 2015 (in reduction, 8-8-8).

Jim Ross

Saturday, August 8, 2015

GGG: Where would we find the 13th stone? The idealized 13th stone triangle.

In WD Gann's Gravestone Geometry (GGG) where would we expect (lots of assumptions involved) to find it relative to the other 12?

Here's my first drawing using stone 5 (the "gate of Understanding" as I've speculated) and stone 11.  Stones 5 and 11 are two points of the "diamond" of the GGG as demonstrated in a previous essay.  

A vector drawn from stone 5 through stone 11 intersects a vector drawn from stone 7 through the centers of stones 10 and 12 will intersect at point 13.  Point 13 is a first very approximate position where I would expect to find stone 13…if it exists.  Then a vector drawn from stone 1 to point 13.  Here is the very rough first approximation of the very outer triangle of 1-7-13.

So what are the side lengths of the first approximation of triangle 1-7-13?  Based on Google Earth and measuring from centers of the dies of stones 1 and 7 (and we'd expect stone 13) they are:

The first drawing gives us sides of 626, 680 and 648 inches or an average side length of 651.  What self respecting Mason or group of 13 Masons would give us an approximate isosceles triangle?  Was the intention an isosceles triangle and what would be its intended dimensions?  I'd suggest we look to the one entirely known side which is side 1-7.

What is the length of side 1-7?  Presently it is measured at 684 inches based on the centers of the die of each stone.  Since the stones are differing dimensions, might this involve subjectivity?  What is the extreme edge of the two stones; the left edge of stone 1 and right edge of stone 7 as pictured above?  It is darn close to 684 inches depending on how you affix the GPS pin.  I gravitated to 684 because divided by 12 inches per foot you have 57 feet and divided by 3 you have 19 yards.  57 and 19 are both familiar numbers in Mr. Gann's cosmology.  [Recognizing the limitations of measurements of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle, the angles of that triangle were approximately 34, 56, 90.  Perhaps, with better measurements that 56 degree angle would be 57.]

So, piling another assumption on assumptions, heretofore, let's assume the isosceles has a side length of 684 with the next intention of creating the right side originating at the extreme right corner of stone 7 and bisecting the diagonally aligned stones 10 and 12 to arrive 684 inches in that direction at hypothetical point 13.

It then becomes merely a matter of finding the point which satisfies 684 inches from the extreme left of stone 1 and point 13.  Here is the perfect isosceles triangle with side lengths of 684 inches/57 feet/ 19 yards given those assumptions:

I have eliminated the busy internal vectors and I have revealed the yellow GPS "pins" that reveal the exact location of the stones.  Notice how the GGG sits neatly between the rows of the Cemetery's officially laid out rows….something of a "Valley" as described on pg 37 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."    Notice how estimated point 13 is near the center of the "Great Tree."

The GPS pins at  at stones 1 and 7 should be on the extreme left and right edges, respectively.  The GPS pin at stone 13 should be the center of that stone.  It should be:

From my previous trips I know there to be a stone within a few feet (maybe 3 to 6 feet) from the trunk of the "Great Tree."  I believe that stone to have a medallion on it and I know I have seen a medallion with "Endowed" with the 4-digit endowment reference on it.

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 I'll make another trip with the principle purpose to verify that stone, one way or the other.  This time, in contrast to the previous two trips, I intend on having a more accurate version of the iPhone compass that will take me to the hundredth of a second of GPS.  The onboard compass specifies only the second, so I will have to find a better app to address this.

I will first go to stone 5 which i have otherwise identified as the "GGG Gateway," the correct entrance to the "Vally," and then follow the path laid out on page 37 of TTTTA.  I expect to better identify that path or route according to page 37 in a later post.

I'm just not smart enough to visualize and cut to the chase of this perceived exercise.  I've gotta take it one step at time, make the errors, back up and start again.  Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm.  Prove all things to yourself and cling to that which is good.

Jim Ross

Friday, August 7, 2015

GGG: Is there a 13th stone in WD Gann's Gravestone Geometry?

As I was inspecting the Great Tree with my back to the WD Gann diamond (see HERE), I sensed and saw a large stone perhaps 3 or 4 feet from the trunk of the tree.  This stone, I believe, may have been aligned with stones 12, 10 and 7.  I also imperfectly recall the stone had a round medallion and perhaps it was the stone medallion that had spelled "Endowed" with a four digit number on it.  I know that there was a stone with the word "Endowed" on it but upon inspection of every photo I took that day the medallion's I found only stones numbered 2 and 4 had "Perpetual care" medallions on them.

Is that stone closest the base of the tree the 13th stone?  We have the riddle of the 13th tribe and the many speculations.  Perhaps the intent of the GGG is to symbolically pose the same question?

Consider the triple triangle formed of stones 1, 5, 7 and 11 (green, blue and yellow vectors):

Stones 10 and 12, at the periphery of the formation are not integral to it.  That seems very awkward.  It just doesn't seem correct.  And stones 7, 10 and 12 are perfectly aligned in a diagonal fashion.  I specifically checked that and took a picture to show that alignment:

12, 10 and 7 were in perfect diagonal alignment as I stood behind #12.  If only I had looked behind me about 15 feet or so where, specially, the 13th stone would have been located.  I believe it is the stone I saw next to the trunk of the tree and which, in my best recollection (which might not be good), is the stone with an endowment medallion.

So what would a greater triangle look like with a 13th stone?  I draw it by extending the two vectors formed by stones 5 and 11 and stones 7, 10 and 12 (the light blue vectors):

Their intersection would be where I expect the 13th stone, if it exists, will be situated.  Obviously, it would complete a far more understandable greater triangle when you connect stone 1 with the speculated 13th stone.  I believe the existence of the stone and an endowment agreement may hold key insights into documenting the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry.

So, not having considered the 13th stone question on either of my first two visits, I am destined to make another trip; a third trip.  I must have confirmation one way or the other.

From my home in Virginia Beach, 6.5 hours (theoretically 6 hrs 3 min without traffic, 6 hrs 45 min with traffic per below) to Green-Wood Cemetery and 6.5 hours return home (per Google)…..13 hours of travel.

An interesting take on America as the 13th tribe might be found HERE.  And then you might consider Mr. Gann's emphatic admonition at the top of the 130th page (err, 13X10) of "The Tunnel Thru the Air":

Jim Ross

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

GGG - Confirming the boundaries of the GGG "Triple Triangle"

The GGG is a triangle comprised of 12 stones, 4 of which define a right triangle that is bisected into two additional right triangles.  The distances between the 4 arranged stones has been previously quantified and shown to prove the three right triangles (see HERE).  The 12 stones and 4 stones connected by vectors are below:

The 3 triangles are defined by the green, blue and yellow vectors.  The two red vectors connect the triple triangle to the Statue of Liberty pier entrance and to the Conde Nast Building at 42nd and Broadway.  Those 3 points define the greater right triangle of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle.  Stone number 3 marks Mr. Gann's grave.

The above triangle is not, in any respect, representative of the currently available map of the Freemason section of Green-Wood Cemetery (section 129).  Here is the portion of section 129 in which we find Mr. Gann's lot (lot number 37747 is circled in red):

 When I first viewed that section of GWC in Google Earth, I could identify landmarks (the rows of stones in differing directions), the Great Tree, the border streets that allowed me to find the location of the stones and that of Mr. Gann.  I was also looking for a perfectly aligned  series of 7 stones that I had noted when I visited the site on June 21, 2015.  The triangle appeared to be entirely independent and inconsistent with the GWC layout.

To determine the layout of the location of Mr. Gann's stone relative to the GWC map layout, I revisited GWC on August 2, 2015.  I found Mr. Gann's grave was actually stone 3 in the "triple triangle" in the first illustration above.  In addition, I took pictures and gathered distance information for each of the 12 stones and several other stones.  Following is the Google Earth triple triangle with each stone identified plus 4 stones that define the boundaries of the triangle.
A comparison of the above layout finds most of the stones, above, on the GWC layout.  But there isn't any correspondence between their relative location.  For example, the stone that should be right of Mr. Gann's is lot number 37732 according to the GWC map.  It is not.  Lot 37732 is on the left of Mr. Gann's stone.  All of the stones are missarranged.  The Google Earth shots show there is an arrangement of the stones that is vastly dissimilar to the map.

In addition, there are border stones to the triangle and the 12 aligned stones.  Enclosed within the red square above there is a hidden stone that is perfectly aligned with stones 11 and 12.  However, both the Great Tree and another small tree/shrub obscure the stone from ariel view.  Here is a picture of the back of the stone (lot 37318) that is in the red square:
Standing in front of the stone where the casket is placed, the small tree covers the front of the stone making it near unreadable.  The tree is planted a mere 8 or 10 inches from the stone as I recall.  The annual maintenance of GWC calls for all locations to be maintained, grass cut and made presentable.  This is a prominent dissimilarity of this stone from the otherwise aligned stones 11 and 12.

Enclosed within the yellow square is a stone that precedes the first row of 7 stones and, from the aerial picture, may appear to be aligned with the 7.  It is not.  I enumerated that stone as number 0 and evaluated its alignment.  Here is a picture taken from the side of the stone looking down the line of 7 stones in the front row:

Stone 0, viewed from its right side, is markedly left of the row of 7 stones (the side of stone 1 is the first stone above stone 0).  In addition, stone 0 does not have any leafs, flowers or markings on its face except for the persons buried there:

The red and yellow outlined stones discussed above define the left side of the triple triangle.  There are stones on the right (see green arrows below) and lower side of the triangle that define those two sides:

Within those borders, we find 12 stones in 3 rows that are aligned and facing Lower Manhattan AND all of which contain a flower, petals or leaves as previously discussed.  Those are the 12 stones that are the triple triangle.

Somehow, by someone, these stones have been arranged contrary to the GWC intention or ongoing records.  The lots were purchased at different times, as much as 3 decades apart, and there isn't any indication of re burial (there would be some similarity of burial dates as re buried persons are reassigned the later date in the records).

I did not address the question of whether or not there is a 13th stone above stones 11 and 12 and obscured by the tree.  It does not appear likely but I cannot rule it out.  It will require another trip.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GPS - "The Land of Beginning Again" and "The Garden of Love"

Time out from the geometry of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle and the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry.  I selfishly focus too much on the work that promises a personally and/or monetary reward…I want to know how Mr. Gann predicted the future…I want to make an obscene amount of money (again, having lost it the first time).  But I've studied "The Tunnel Thru the Air" enough at this point to understand the insights will come when the time is ripe and not when I want it to occur.  It is with this realization, I am writing this and a couple other posts denominated, as I'd previously mentioned, as "GPS" or "WD Gann's Philosophical Synthesis."  If your complete focus on "how Mr. Gann predicted the future" or "how can the secrets of TTTTA make me money", then this and posts prefixed by "GPS" will be irrelevant to you.  Just skip them, nothing here for you.  I can't skip writing them.

Notably beginning on pages 36 and continuing on page 37, Robert Gordon writes a poem to Marie about beginning again and about a journey through The Garden of Love.  I have pondered these inscrutable pages many times and resolved they'd always be a mystery.  I figured they'd somehow identify the 'Tree of Life' but could never fit them together in the implied form and nodal points.  I was wrong.  I did identify on page 37 the "Rose of Charity" or "RC" identifying, as I conjured, Mr. Gann as a Rosicrucian (see the 6th paragraph of the essay found HERE).  And 17th century Rosicrucians are said to represent they could predict the future.

According to pages 36, we first enter The Garden of Love from the gate of selfishness.  On my first visit to Green-Wood Cemetery (June 21, 2015, the summer solstice), I walked from the road roughly south east up the hill from Border Road searching for Mr. Gann's grave.  Ultimately, after a seeming interminable time of searching, I texted my wife to let her know I might be very late in the evening because GWC seemed very poorly arranged relative to the Green-Wood Cemetery map.  And when I hit send on my cell I looked up the hill and to the right and there was the stone "Gann."  I approached Mr. Gann's gravestone from roughly the south west.  I was oblivious to the stones surrounding that of Mr. Gann's.  It would be several days before I sensed the "WD Gann Gravestone Geometry."  It would be weeks before I understood the philosophical (as I interpret it) arrangement/content of the stones.  I do now understand, or believe I understand.

This last Sunday, August 2, 2015, when I revisited GWC I drove on Border Road past the place in GWC where I believed Mr. Gann's grave to be, turned right on Hemlock Avenue and parked under a shade tree.  I expected it would be a bit easier to find and access the grave from higher up the hill, walking downward.  I walked up the Canna Path (note that a canna is a species of the lilly, the canna lilly), turned right and then, after a surprisingly long time to find the grave, I did find the stone number 5.  [You can find a copy of the GWC map HERE.]  I had approached the grave from roughly the east / southeast as the Sun was to my back at about 11am.  This is very important.

Of course, on this later visit, I was keenly aware of 12 stones that were geometrically arranged for a reason; that they would ultimately create what I envision as a time and space clocklike mechanism.  I went about affixing number identifications on each stone and found that Mr. Gann's stone was number 3 rather than number 5 as I'd previously believed from a Google Earth reflection of the 12 stones.  The revised Google Earth enumeration of stones is this:
You may recall I'd previously identified point C of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle as Mr. Gann's grave or stone number 5.  The above is the actual configuration of the 12 stones as I discovered.

On June 21, 2015, when I was unaware of the other 11 stones, I approached the group of stones from approximately the left most red vector.  This approach was up the hill.  As a bearing, the rightmost red vector points exactly to the Conde Nast Building at Times Square and is near perfectly North. 

On August 2, 2015, I approached the stones from the far bottom right corner or roughly from the south east.  I can now verify that as I realize the sun was generally at my back and nearly overhead at 11am.  

How I differently I approached the 12 stones on those two trips is important.  In the first visit, I was ignorant of the 11 stones other than that of Mr. Gann.  In the second case I was aware.  I was, on the  first visit, seeking some insight that would lead me to Mr. Gann's secrets.  In the latter I was filled with a reverence of a possible conspiracy of great men to create a timeless geometry rivaling that of the Great Pyramid.  On the first trip I selfishly sought a valuable secret….on the second I'd hoped to simply understand.

And what do we find on pages 36 and 37 of TTTTA?  We find that we first enter into the Garden of Love from the Gate of Selfishness and we find that "Imagination" leads us from the wrong path.  But then we find that when we approach the Garden from the correct gate, the Gate of Unselfishness, we correctly perceive the Garden of Love.  We find many flowers; lilies, perhaps Canna Lillies, and the thornless rose.  The Lilly of Faith and the Rose of Charity.

I had to put a number sticker on each of the 12 stones because it was too confusing to otherwise stand amidst them and know my alignment among them.  I was there, among many things, to take measurements between the stones, verify alignments, etc. so I had to have good bearing; hence the number stickers.  I felt guilt and irreverence for putting stickers on the stones, but it had to be done.  I did remove them before leaving.  With that admission, following are 12 stones:

You will find a rose, lilly and/or a branch with berries of the hickory tree (I have identified the "Great Tree" as a "Buckeye Hickory" as will be discussed in a later essay) on each of the above 12 stones.  Unfortunately, picture 12 was not taken well, but I have another picture that shows that, in the right and left margins, you will find the thornless rose:

So, there you have it.  And what is that?  You have the 12 stones of the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry sporting either a lilly, rose and/or hickory leaf.  I can document that the stone to the right of stone #1 in the GGG does not have any flower on it.  The 12 stones in the GGG are unique from other stones in their similarities on their face.  It is, in my opinion, the Garden of Love.

And, as detailed in pages 36 and 37, I first entered it from the Gate of Selfishness on June 21 and later on August 2 I entered from the exact opposite direction, through the Gate of Understanding.  And, of course, then believing Mr. Gann's stone to be stone #5, I entered at that stone.  But it was not Mr. Gann's stone, it was Mr. D'Agostaro's stone.  But that is where I "entered".

And what is unique among all 12 stones on stone #5.  Please refer to the 12 stones above.  Only stone 5 contains this one symbol.

It is a gate….  I entered at the Gate of Understanding that is etched on stone #5.

Another realization.  If you are convinced of the relation of the symbology of the 12 stones as am I, you need to consider the perspective of all this.  The first lot among the 12 comprising the Garden of Love was purchased in 1932 according to the records of Green-Wood Cemetery.  WD Gann published "The Tunnel Thru the Air" in 1927 and, doubtlessly, composed it years before that date.  How then, when writing TTTTA, did he know the configuration and nature of the 12 stones?

And one bit of perceived philosophy more.  If I have found the Garden of Love, is it The Land of Beginning Again.  When I entered from the Gate of Understanding, I entered from the same path as the Sun.  Had I found the correct beginning as Mr. Gann said was imperative to success in forecasting?  An interesting exercise is to search for each instance of the word "beginning" in TTTTA and read its surrounding context.  It would seem there's a secret there….'discern the end from the beginning" perhaps?

How fitting that The Land of Beginning Again is found in a cemetery.  How encouraging.

Did I mention?  Page 37.  We find that every lot number among the 12 lots begins with the two digits, 37.  Again, the sign of the Rosicrucian and smallest angle of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 right triangle.  Just coincidence no doubt.  [This is wrong.  Stones 6 and 7 are in the 38XXX series.]

Always in a state of amazement, I am,

Jim Ross