Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Synchronicity; 11, 77, 88 and 9/11

As twice previously I have commented on the only three double digit numbers encoded in the acrostic and telestic letters of TTTTA, a friend prompts a thought about the synchronicity they produce for all of us.  His wife inexplicably picked out Airport 77 for them to watch this weekend which brought to his mind the instances of 77 he'd experienced.

As background, I've documented the complex "6th Manifest Prophecy" of WD Gann developed in his 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Even the most naive reader will be challenged NOT to detect the uncomfortable "coincidence" of TTTTA's 110-story Mammouth (intentionally misspelled) Building in New York City, the centerpiece of war between airplanes and that building.  And what happened on 9/11 between airplanes and 110-story buildings?  I've also documented the first proof of the existence of a map, the "WD Gann Map of Time," based upon the discovery of the number of deaths on 9/11/2001 correlated with that date.

On September 11, 2015, I saw and documented (see the date of the linked essay) the following alignment on the enumerated and dated reproduction of every line of TTTTA:

Cumulative line number 2693 and chapter line number 283 added together produces 2976.  There are two dates on each line of the MOT associated with 2976.  If you consider that number related to September 10, then 2,977 is related to September 11.  And, on September 11, 2001 2,977 innocent persons lost their lives that day.

So when my friend noticed the number 77, I noticed the correlation with Mr. Gann's encoding of a vast amount of information regarding 9/11 into TTTTA....and those three two digit numbers; 11, 77 and 88.  And I already knew:

11.  American Airlines Flight 11 that departed Logan International Airport at 7:59am on 9/11/2001.  Consider further, American Airlines, enumerated according to Pythagorean letter values is 11 and the number of the flight is 11.  And the twin towers, the same height, did they did they give the impression of adjacent 1's?  And AA-11, struck the first of the towers.

Two ones reduced to 1+1=2.  Two buildings, separately appearing as adjacent 1's added together =2.

77.  American Airlines Flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon.  An inquiring mind would run the scenario of adding the two 7s to arrive at 14 and reduce it to 5.  The Pentagon, 5 sides.  Not so dramatic but there's more.  So as the first two, two digit numbers (11 and 77) point to the third (88) by line numbers in the line enumerated MOT, flights 11 and 77 point to the third dramatic marker of 9/11...namely the two digit number 88; after all, 11 added to 77 is 88.  AA reflected in number as aforementioned is 11 and that added to 77 is 88.  And flight 11 added to 77 is 88.

Five sides to the Pentagon.  7+7=14, reduced to 1+4=5.

WD Gann pointed the TTTTA encoded digits 11 and 77 to 88 as I have documented.  Fate point flights 11 and 77 to the inescapable number 88.

88.  88 xenon lights to commemorate the attacks of flights 11 and 77 and September 11, 2001:


Being the least to provide such a thought, I have linked the captions 11, 77 and 88 to Psalms of those same numbers.  In Psalms Chapters 11 and 77, the numbers of the primary attacking flights, I find attacks and "arrows."  In Psalms Chapter 88 I do not find arrows, but doubt, amid personal tribulation attending death. 

The more I discover and learn, the more I discover.  This synchronicity is the least of two discoveries I made this morning.  I believe I know the relation of the triangle, circle and square which describes the structure of time and space; enables mathematic prediction.  If so, I should be able to compute forthcoming events that seem to have been predicted in TTTTA and have been interpreted as found in the most recent preceding essay, "This time its different."  Either the math I envisioned this morning will prove the events of the aforementioned essay are incorrect or are substantially correct (as math is perfect but communication is always subjective).  

Few people have the time and interest to research an 89 year-old book, albeit one not known for its sensationalism, artistry.  Discoveries come with the pain of hard work at a seeming hopeless task with only the faith that some good will come of it.  And, at times, and at the behest of those without insight, the ridicule of pursuing the endless "rabbit hole" to nowhere.   

For those who are not able to spend the time or do not have the math background or understanding, then it is enough to simply see the signs, the many synchronicities that are there to be seen, and,

Jim Ross

Sunday, May 29, 2016

June 5, 2016, "This time it's different." Part 1 of 3

In my disgrace that blessedly gives me humility, I lead with my error.  In January and February I predicted a great Pacific Coast catastrophe for February 23/24, 2016 that did not occur.  It was based first on the very specific encoding of persons and themes of the movies "Knowing" and "San Andreas" in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thur the Air."  Those persons and events are indisputably predicted in TTTTA.  It was based second on dates in those movies or other dates I'd imagined, not on dates I found in TTTTA.  That's where I was wrong, not WD Gann.

The predicted catastrophe did not occur but something did happen.  The largest earthquake to strike the lower 48 states since January 2015 did occur on February 23, 2016 at Wasco, California, roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

"This time its different," to use the market euphemism that is thought never to be correct.  I have confirmed the encoded date and reproduced aspects of the math and geometry that indicate, to my complete satisfaction, that the events richly encoded in TTTTA and some of which are correctly depicted in the contemporary movies cited above, will occur beginning June 5, 2016.

I discovered the key to unlocking the encoded prophecy of the destruction of the Pacific Coast, yesterday, May 28, 2016, the first day of Memorial Day weekend.  The discovery began with a challenge issued by a friend regarding differences between calculating the number of a person according to the methods of Mrs. L Dow Balliet and Luo Clement and as incorrectly considered by me to be equivalents in "An Interview with Luo Clement."   There is a difference, not in the enumeration, but in the interpretation.  And from Mrs. Balliet's method, I computed the "number" of a contemporary public figure; the number 52.  It is an evil number as I judge from only the last two days of study.  It is the number of a person characterized by Psalm 52.

As an always curious person conditioned to suspect every possible lead that Mr. Gann might have provided, I read the ominous page 52 of TTTTA:

June 5, also the date of Marie's letter, June 5 at 3am.  "Women weeping for Tammuz," the practice of those who worshiped false idols.

That's the "when," June 5, 2016, now the where.  I thought to myself, already conditioned to suspect the Pacific Coast by the nature of events already found in TTTTA, 52 is only one degree off of the mid angle of the Pythagorean Triangle (angles of 37*, 53* and 90*); Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Boulder Dam (renamed Hoover)/Lake Mead are arranged in roughly a Pythagorean triangle.  The subject locations of the movie, "San Andreas," with minor jiggling of each vertex the triangle could be perfected as Pythagorean: 

I'll not parse the math for the lazy for now, too much to cover.

If we are talking about a Pythagorean triangle and have a message in page 52 and 53 (and I'll say there is a message in page 53), then it would be reasonable to assume a message exists in page 37.  "The Garden of Love" of pages 36 and 37 is the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry of 12 gravestones arranged in a triangle of great properties.  Entered correctly from the east, there is one and only one stone (number 5) of the 12 that has on it the symbol of the "right gate" over the "Water of Forgetfulness."  Stone #5, as I enumerated them on my second visit to Green-Wood cemetery on August 1, 2016, is two stones over from Mr. Gann's stone #3:

On my second visit, I entered from the east and the "right gate" which is from the east according to page 52 and passed the gate that is symbolized on stone 5 above and over the waters that flow below that gate.  There is a vast array of symbolism that has been explained before.  Suffice it to say here:

Those two stones are 5 and 3.  They are 53.

I did not plan that on August 1, 2015 when I visited.  I simply wanted to evaluate the geometry of the odd arrangement of 12 stones.  My numbering hadn't any other purpose that I knew at that time.  The lesson of 53 to be taken from page 37 is, in my thinking, "Jim, you are on the right track."  Synchronicity.

And what are we to take, then, from page 37 otherwise?  The transition from evil to good:

Page 37 and 53 have meaning; two of the three angles of the Pythagorean Triangle.  Page 90.  A reinforcement of my "path."  My name is found encoded in TTTTA 37 times having spent hours identifying every possible combination of contiguous letters comparison my name.  On page 90 I find my given name, James, or the name I was for much of my life adopted by me, Jim, four times:

Four times on one page, page 90 no less.  "James" spelled twice in red highlighted letters that have at least a corner in common, "Jim" spelled once with two red highlighted letters and one yellow highlighted "i" and "J1M" allowing for the green highlighted digit "1" to be used in replacement for an "i."  The message of page 90, "Jim, it is time to take a market position."  And that means, there are events very near that will affect the markets.

The events. The events follow the ordinal arrangement of the first enemy campaign of the fictional "Great Battle in the Air."  [Hyperlink below an event to the page on which it occurs.]

# TTTTA Event TTTTA Date Interpreted Date Expected Event Expected Date Actual Date
1 Declaration of war "April 1930" 4/15/1930 Japan quakes 4/15/2016 4/14/2016
2 Fleet destruction April<>mid May April<>mid May Bldr Dam/Lk Mead 6/5/2016 ????
3 Los Angeles "middle of May" 5/15/1930 LA destruction 6/6/2016 ????
4 El Paso/Brwnsv August 1 August 1 Sthwest US border To be calc ????
5 San Francisco "September 1930" September 15, 1930 SF Earthquake To be calc ????
6 Portland/Seattle "December 1930" December 15, 1939 Cascadia subduction To be calc ????

To interpret the above, there were six events that comprised the first Allied Enemy attack in the TTTTA, the first of which occurred in "April 1930" according to TTTTA page 277.  Simple average, we call an interpreted date of 4/15/1930 in the table above.  An actual corresponding event the April 15 date occurred on 4/14/2016; it was the 6.2M pre shock of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes.  [I have preliminary dates following in a mathematic sequence derived based on the initial interval of 52 and will provide them later.  For now, question marks.]

How do I get from April 14, 2016 to the first "expected date," the date that we find on page 52 of TTTTA, June 5, 2016?  We use the number 52, where I first found the date June 5.  We use the "number" of the person which I first used to get to page 52...the number 52:
It is self-proving.  The number of a noted contemporary person defines page 52 of TTTTA on which we find the date, the sixth year of the decade, the sixth month of the year and the fifth day of the month; June 5, 2016.  And, working the opposite way, the expected date defined on page 52 compared to an actual event that has occurred on April 14, 2016, produces the interval of 52 days.  

WD Gann placed the disclosure of page 52 to correspond the dates of disasters he predicted 89 years. And, perhaps, to emphasize the nature of a person.

He did not, at least that I can determine or fathom, create of his will the events or the person.  He simply (said knowing it is not simple) predicted them.

June 5 at 3am, on notable page 120; you might notice, the date of Marie's note.  "I will come to you when I mean the most and your need for love is the greatest."


We now have a date for the first catastrophe based on the number 52 and an early rationalization of Boulder Dam and Lake Mead; the latter being the fleet of boats on Lake Mead that will be destroyed when the Dam collapses.  But there is far far more to support this June 5, 2016 prediction.  And it, again, relates to the number 52.  The additional evidence is found in geometry, the nature of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle discovered and discussed many months ago, the nature of the "numbers" of the locations in the triangle (SF, LA and Boulder) and in the nature of the number of that contemporary person who has been discussed several times above.

In the next essay I will provide the geometry of the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boulder Dam triangle and the time intervals accompanying those locations.  You'll find the discussion is, again, of the nature of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle and, therefore, the inverse/reciprocal/reflexive nature of time and space.

In the second forthcoming essay, I'll provide the Pythagorean number vibration that ties together the three locations and the number of the contemporary person from whose name is derived the entirety of this great and terrifying riddle.

For now, you should consider the nature of Psalm 52 as it may or may not be found to describe the person whom I will later disclose.

Consider.  June 5 is the 156th day of the years or 52 X 3, except in a leap year.  June 5 will be the 157th day of 2016.

Pray for the people of the Pacific Coast.  If you live there or will visit there, I encourage you to consider, even if someone is not making such predictions as these, the wisdom.

Jim Ross

Friday, May 27, 2016

Synchronicity, Mark's bunker, an earthquake and 33666

Earthquake in the essay subject title gets a lot of 'hits.'  Sadly, that's true.  The less stock market oriented, the less sensational oriented, the less the appeal.  Unfortunately, earthquakes are largely not the direction of most of my essays so I don't get a lot of hits.  Not to worry, I'm not compensated for hits...this is simply what I like to do.  This essay is different because its a unique moment in which the "out in right field stuff" that I've been studying, WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and such, seems to be moving in the same direction of a more popular topic; earthquakes, volcanos and such.

Three interesting events this last week may create a synchronicity.

First, Mark Zuckerberg is building what many think is a bunker communal homestead in Palo Alto.  Yes, I know, he bought four houses that a developer had intended to acquire and build structures that could peek into his bedroom.  Living, as I understand, maybe a mile or so up the hill (about 56' above sea level) and above the bay, he's probably not so concerned about the water.  If something happened, he might, however, be concerned about those who survive a problem.  

Mark worry about earthquakes?  Surely not.  His Facebook recently occupied its new campus at about sea level on the San Francisco Bay.  Not worried as long as he has his hired guns and a bunker to which take refuge.

Second, there was a significant earthquake yesterday, a 4.5M off the coast near Eureka CA yesterday.    That's Cascadia subduction area.  It was predicted on May 24 in a video that the amateur earthquake sleuth Michael Janitch.

Michael rambles on a lot and the focus of this forecast is his newly discovered North Pole super volcano, but its there; he logically derives the general location that was just struck.  4.5 is not small for California.  The largest in over a year occurred on February 24, 2016, the date I'd incorrectly believed would be an earthquake of greater proportion.    

But Janitch' prediction is not the point.  Its the offshore earthquake itself.  If you check the timeline of the first Allied Enemy in the fictional war it was this.  Japan declared war in April 1930, the US Pacific Fleet was destroyed in an offshore battle (a date or range was not give) and Los Angeles was destroyed in the middle of May. 

Assume Japan declared war in the middle of April, 1930.  Could have happened anytime in April, but take the simple average.  Then we know Los Angeles was destroyed mid May so, again, May 15.  That's 30 days between one and the other.  From April 15 to May 15, its 30 days, an initial interval.

Now, Brownsville and El Paso are attacked on August 1, 1930 which is 108 days from April 15 and 78 days from May 15.  78 days divided by 30 days is 2.60 or roughly Phi^2.  

San Francisco was attacked in September, 1930.  If we assume the month's midpoint again, it would be September 15, 1930.  And that date is 45 days after the August 1, 1930 attack on Brownsville and El Paso.  Divided by the initial interval of 30 days and we have 1.50 or the early iteration of Phi as determined by the Fibonacci numbers 3 and 2.  

Now let's consider what may have taken place that may become repeated history.  On April 15, 2016 and thereabouts, there was a great earthquake in Japan with pre shocks and after shocks.  In the preceding an following days, very large earthquakes occurred in Vanuatu and Ecuador.  Following Janitch' thesis that earthquakes cause distant earthquakes and particularly around the Pacific Rim, it happened.  And further following his thesis that earthquakes will occur where they haven't; that pressure was relieved in Vanuatu and Ecuador but not in the U.S. Pacific Coast.  

Did Japan seismically declare was on the U.S. on April 15, 2016?  If so we have a point from which to measure.  Now, and here's the crucial question, was the 4.5M that occurred off the coast of Eureka CA the symbolic battle off the Pacific coast in TTTTA that preceded the destruction of Los Angeles by a matter of days?

Its interesting that Janitch claims his Facebook pages and those of his administrators are being blocked by Mark Zuckerberg's company, Facebook.  An event Janitch claims has occurred only with his having raised his level of alert concerning the Pacific Coast area.  

Third, and this is where we may find a synchronicity, in the thread to Revelation 33666.  This last week, a reader posted a comment to an essay on the encoded numbers 11, 77 and 88 the gist of which was this math:

The guest goes on to point out that the King James Bible long placed 33666 in the title of Revelation and, to the guests' knowledge, only the Bibest.org web location maintains that transition:

The guest's interpretation is that we live in "really important Biblical times."  And then he points to paragraph 6.16 which I expand to several paragraphs:

The kings, great men, rich men and captains.... hid themselves in the dens and rocks.  Seems I remember tin TTTTA he people of San Francisco and Los Angeles fled to the mountains.  Indeed so.

And we have this last week, seemingly, the "King" of Facebook building his bunker while exposing his workers to the remote but ominous possibility of destruction.  All's forgiven, the King has said he'll not destroy any trees when he builds his impenetrable, indestructible palace nor enlarge his carbon footprint.


I've previously mentioned that my interest would be piqued with a significant California offshore event.  It might signal the beginning of events symbolically represented by the first campaign of the Allied Enemy and the second campaign, the greatest event of which would be Yellowstone.  

If we've had that offshore event, the following and ongoing events would seem to be an ill defined Phi progression of the initial interval of events.  The timeline is simply not well detailed in dates.

Is Mark Zuckerberg's bunker the "tell?"  The synchronicity that confirms the suspicion?

I don't know.  I've proven nothing in math.  These things have simply occurred this week and seem to match the war pattern that is, again seemingly, presented by Mr. Gann with a purpose not limited to the stock market portrayed as a war.

You'll know that I'm onto something if my blog essays suddenly disappear.  Or the next event following the offshore event in the timeline symbolically set forth by Mr. Gann occurs.

Jim Ross    

An Interview with Luo Clement

The Google date and time stamp will show May 27, 2016 at 4:16am EDT, but it actually happened an hour or so earlier.  No Noxious Ones, I don't imagine I had an sit-down with Luo Clement (aka IMO Luo Clement=WD Gann), but if I had, this is how it might have gone.


JR- Thank you Mr. Clement for traveling here and taking the time to talk about your recent book, "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  I'll call it TASON for short.

LC- You're quite welcome.  What is your interest this early morning?

JR- A riddle has me confused.  I wrote a long essay yesterday where I found your name encoded on page 343 of a book by WD Gann, "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  At first cut, I thought I found the coded letters spelled your name and your book except for a missing letter 'f.'  Thinking of the incredible odds of that configuration of letters in a small space of lines, I wrote an essay regarding the discovery.  To my horror, a couple hours later a reader kindly informed me I'd not highlighted all the letters in your name.  Upon checking, I found there was also a letter 'n' missing.  Both 'n' and 'f' were missing.

LC- Ah yes, I'm intimately aware of Mr. Gann and his games.  He didn't take kindly to those who needed to be given his knowledge.  Ask his son.  WD is a very smart man but somewhat disassociated with our time.  He dreams dreams of your time in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope.  You know, page 82 of TTTTA.  He holds up in that 82 Wall Street office of his, sending out little mathematics tasks to his staff of 12 or so, never tells them what they're doing or how he's using their math solutions.  Its almost like a CPU, to use your contemporary technology lingo, sending out peripheral tasks to slave units, receiving the answer back and inputting into the CPUs' master calculation; almost like multitasking but with a hierarchy.  Its as if he didn't have a computer in 1927 to do his calculations.

Yes, I know "WD" pretty well.  Didn't like his first name, William, and that middle name, Delbert....  I mean, really, Delbert.  The vibration was all wrong.  So I advised him to adopt "WD" as his given name....  changes his vibration altogether.  It's like wearing a formal tux with a purple ladies' scarf instead of a black bow tie.  Just horrible.  "WD," pretty nifty 5+4=9.  Goes together with his birth number June 6, 1878 pretty well.  Gives him a number or 69 or the exact ordinal reverse of that Robert Gordon chap whose number is 96.  There's a meaning there but WD is loathe to give it away.  Maybe you got it right in that "6th Prophecy" stuff about the World Trade Center prediction he made; 69 years, 69 days and the opposite of day and night.  Nifty.  You've quite an imagination.  A lot of people won't like that.  Some will be jealous.  Some will deny...no matter the evidence.  Worst, most won't care.

JR- Yes, yes, I've seen all that Mr. Clement, but the 'n' and the 'f,' sir, and to put insult on injury, I found Mrs. L. Dow Balliet's name encoded on page 342.  But it was missing an 'i.'  Don't tell me you don't know Mrs. Balliet, sir, because I know you know her as well as she knows herself.  After all, either you copied her book in 1908 or she copied yours in 1908.  Just look at the publication page of her book, all that stuff about  copyright infringement, and she never sued you for the obvious infringements you made in TASON.

LC- Mrs. Balliet, WD and I have the most cordial, indeed, intimate, in the Platonic sense of course, relations.  We think on the same "wave length" to play on the thought of 'vibration.'  I published my book in advance of her book in 1908, so I did not plagiarize her, even though she's been publishing these things for years.  After all, Pythagoras' work, if the vibratory tables belong to him, are ancient wisdom that, well, has been in the public domain for eons.  Literally.

Why, we use the same publisher in London, L N Fowler.  As you know, I used those Roger Brothers chaps in New York where Mrs. Balliet had some sugar daddy funding her.  Never met those Roger Brothers fellas at 82 Duane Street.  The money just seemed to come from somewhere.  But 'its all good' as you say.  The copies of both Mrs. Balliet's book and my book were best sellers.  Everyone wanted to know all about "Vibration."  Major money makers for Roger Brothers I'm sure.   [LC shot me a sly grin when he said that.]

JR-  About that "Numerical Vibrations" you said was forthcoming to be published.  Yes, here's the page in TASON.  I can't find your having published that book.  The only other mention of it anywhere to be found was when, on September 18, 1920 someone advertised to purchase a copy.  Here's the ad.   And that ad is 12 years after TASON publication and 7 years before the publication of Mr. Gann's TTTTA.  Your favorite, errr, Mr. Gann's favorite numbers 7 and 12.  Gosh, did you ever publish "Numerical Vibrations?"  September 18, 1920, the same date the mysterious, never identified "Einstein Editor," wrote an article in Scientific American addressing theories of time and space.    Mrs. Balliet's many books frequently use the words 'number' and 'vibrations' in their titles.  Did you...

LC-  Mr. Ross, I assure you I nor WD Gann stole Mrs. Balliet's material.  She published her book after I published TASON.  If anything, I might have been referring to her work.  And the Einstein Editor... hogwash.  I will not entertain your insulting and irrelevant line of questions further you impertinent little twerp.  The matter is closed, good sir.

Back to business now, for we have wandered.  The missing 'n' and missing 'f.'  Jim, Jim, what do I, Lou Clement, do for a living?

JR- Why, you assign numbers to letters.

LC- Let me put this in a way your finite mathematic pea brain can understand.  Duh?

JR- Shazam, I understand.  n=5 and f=6 for a total of 11.  And the page number of "Luo Clement The Ancient Science of Numbers" is page 344 or 3+4+4=11.

But no, that's not right.  I find your name on page 343, not on page 344.

LC-  Jim, Jim.  "Depends on your definition of..." the number 1, to play on the sworn deposition of your contemporary, former, dishonest, philandering President.  Does page 1 end or begin on page 1?  Are the contents of page 1 to be described as page '0? '  Is a child 0 years until the first birthday party?  When you see page 343 at the top, the contents of the interval associated with "Page 343" actually occurred the page before.

If, then, you are in the midst of what is so named "page 343" are you not in the 344th interval?  So, to solve your dilemma, Jim, the contents of page 343, so named, are the 344th interval.  And 3+4+4= 11 and the sum of the letters 'n' and 'f' are, in fact, 11.

JR- I am so relieved.  I woke up this morning and was laying in bed and, it was almost as if I was talking to you.  But wait.  My decoding of TTTTA led me to find Mr. L. Dow Balliet on page 321, missing an 'i' which has the value of 9.  3+2+1=6 and not a 9.

LC-  Ah yes, the mystery is deep there for sure.  Look at Mrs. Balliet's name more closely.  It is on the fence of page 321, so named and 322, again so named.  Pull your copy and look at it.  Here it is.

JR-  I see it now.  Mrs. Balliet's middle name straddles page numbered 321.  So, like we added 1 to page number 343 to get the solution to the 'n' and the 'f', add 1 to intervals 321 and 322?  Even still the number 322 and 323 add to 3+2+2+3+2+3=15 reduced to 6.  But the missing letter is 9.  We have 6 but we are looking for 9.

LC- Say it quickly Jim.

JR- Wehave6butlookingfor9.  Wehave6butlookingfor9.  It's 69.  The reverse of WD Gann's number, 96, and the same as Robert Gordon's number 69.

Its as I've been noodling around in many essays, that Mr. Gann gave us riddles, missing elements, that when we find them, we gain knowledge.  We unmask secrets.  What is missing might be more important than what is found.  Its the Yellowstone device!

I'm sorry but I've got to ask you Luo, and I hope its been alright for me to call you Luo.  How do you know so much about WD Gann.  I mean, we don't know anything about you.  I can't find you ever lived in New York City but you know so much about WD Gann.  I can't find you having lived anywhere in the U.S.  I can't find an American having ever had the name "Luo."

You know too much about Mr. Gann and he encoded you in his book as we just buttoned up by solving the 'n' and 'f' mystery and the attribution of your work to Mrs. L Dow Balliet.

Are you WD Gann?

LC-  I'm a very discrete person Jim.  I've given you the best answer I choose.  It is printed on page 16 of my book, "The Ancient Science of Numbers" and I believe WD Gann gave you the same answer on page 120 of TTTTA:


Often, somewhere between sleep and waking up, answers to troubles arrive.  Now, should I go back to bed or cook me lady of the house some breakfast?  Maybe I'll sleep on it and find the answer.

Page 46 of TTTTA:

Jim Ross  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Synchronicity, Marie, Steven and me, part 4

Some background is needed first.  My number is 33 comprised of James=1+1+4+5+1=12=1+2=  3 AND the day of the month I was born was 21 or 2+1=3.  My number is 33.

Steven's number is 74 comprised of 1+2+5+4+5+5=22=2+2=4 and the day of the month he was born is 7.  The birth number being the more important (my recollection of Luo Clement), Steven's number is 74.

Three parts to this essay.  

The first part is  Marie Stanton which was previously treated in an essay of the same name; I've linked it to her name.  The short version, when I used a word finder that gave me only one word that was spelled with all the letters in Marie's name:

I can't say when or where for certain, but when I was taught this word many many years ago it was in the context of death and the passing over.  The above definition is similar.  Maybe a bit antiseptic.

We don't know Marie's date of birth so above is all we have.

The second part of this essay is Steven Hahn, who, if you read this morning's essay, discovered "Luo Clement" encoded in TTTTA.  Looking for an anagram strictly at the name "Steven," I can easily see "seven" and "t."  We might call that seven with the sign of the cross appended.  Pretty symbolic.  We could see sevent_ lacking the 'y' to give you the number 70 or the number 7 if you discard the 't.'  The number 77.  There is an essay for that number which is found in the acrostic telestic encoding of TTTTA.  We can find a related scripture quoted or paraphrased numerous times in TTTTA; Mathew 7:7.  Ask, seek, find.  But that is taking some liberties.

Liberties... An accountant doesn't like subjectivity.  Let's restrict it to the unbiased anagram finder and the first word that pops up is:

"Heaven's Nth."  Now, as a finite mathematician, I understand "Nth."  You might understand it as "nth degree" indicating the higher degree or last degree.  As the finite mathematician I understand it in the context of evaluating an equation.... perform the operation on all items from the first to the "last."  The nth item is the last item.

"Nth" means "last."  My interpretation is Steven Hahn = Heaven's last.  Be humble Steven!!!

My knee-jerk reaction, read page 74 and so I will reproduce both the great pages, 74 and 75:

I'll not cover the same territory you've seen before; Ezekiel's famines, earthquakes and pestilence, calculations from birth, WD Gann's method of prediction.  Rather, 74 points to Daniel and one's 

And his "number" 74.  Search "Bible" and "7:4."  I find about a half dozen entries but the most intriguing is Daniel 7:4 prophecy of the four horsemen because page 74 refers to Daniel as "thou art wiser than Daniel."  As well, the prophecy the four horsemen seems similar to the last sentence of page 73 and the first of page 74, that Robert Gordon interprets Ezekiel as predicting "famine, earthquakes and pestilence."  Again, not a good thing.  I'll leave this to your imagining.

The third part of this essay is me.  Since I've disturbed the memory of Marie and the comfort of Steven, I need to be picked on.  I don't like, having the near genetic vanity thing, but it needs to be out there.

Via the the anagram solver "James Ross:"

That's all there is, after all, there are only 3 vowels.  Only so much you can make of it.  None of them made any sense until I searched "Jar Mosses."  And then I realized "Jars Moses" spelling two proper words that the anagram solver apparently overlooked.  Let's try "Jars Moses" in the Google search.  Here's search' first result out of 436,000 results:

Here's the King James version of Exodus 16:33, the other versions use the word "jar" instead of "pot."

I'll let you read the Biblehub meaning of Exodus 16:33 at the bottom of the page.  I didn't know until I read it.


Hardly, it seems, does it matter where I begin in messages, I end up in about the same place.  Prophecy, not mine, but the Bible's that seem a warning.  Mr. Gann contrived the name of Marie Stanton and I suspect for the significance and meaning I offer.  He didn't contrive Steven's or my numbers.

My "number" is 33 as computed above and we find it in Exodus 16:33.  And in the wee hours of this very morning I wrote the immediately previous essay on Luo Clement, the first insert of which came from Luo's book, "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  Page 16.

Exodus 16:33.  Synchronicity.

Jim Ross

Luo Clement = WD Gann, revisited and found

Now 15 months ago I proposed Luo Clement = WD Gann and the evidence I provided was met with "I doubt it."  No refutation of evidence or offering of one single person that ever lived in New York City, much less in the United States with the name "Luo Clement."   And even mucher less,  with the first name spelled "Luo."  [Luo = 3 3 6 or 3X3=9 and 6, or rearranged, 69.  How quaint, the same numbers found in WD Gann and Robert Gordon's concatenated name and birth number, 96 and 69, respectively.]

In my investigation, I found the publisher of Luo Clement's one and only book "The Ancient Science of Numbers," (hereafter "TASON") namely Roger Brothers at 82 Duane Street, cannot be found as having been located at 82 Duane Street, only a couple blocks from and between WD Gann's 120 Liberty Street address and 82 Wall Street Address.  To be found at that address in that time period was a stationary and office supples company, a firm and writer of a newsletters, such as OROLO or WD Gann might use.  And might, from an appreciative vendor, use as a fictitious publisher's address.

As well, I was asked by a major WD Gann researcher and publisher to consider that being a publisher is not a past time and that it takes a lot of work to pursue such a business.  And, further he pointed out, the books that had been identified with Roger Brothers were metaphysics losers.  Actually, he made my point.  Roger Brothers published, at my latest recollected count based on the research of several very capable person, less than 20 books.  I find only 11 on my personal spreadsheet.  Why would any publisher only publish only 11 or 20 books and such lousy ones at that?

Why because?  He knew they (the 11 books) were losers but they articulated his metaphysical philosophy.  And because money really was inconsequential to him.  He wasn't interested in making money because, as proven dispositively in the Ticker Interview (and to the contraindication of those who argue he was not rich when he died), he could make all he wanted.  22 losers in 286 trades; dispositive.  That cannot happen in the Random Walk world.  And, in my thinking, the 22 losers were there to make it, well,  "fashionable."  But I digress as per normal.

He wanted Luo's book published just as he wanted Thomas Troward's, Judge David Patterson Hatch' and all those metaphysical books published.  They are as off the wall as "The Magic Word" but there is importance in the "Roger Brothers secret reading list of WD Gann."  I do have to agree on one point about Roger Brothers; those books are tough to read.  They make "The Magic Word" look like a Tom Clancy novel.  With great pain I read them and don't understand the importance of each, but I believe each has its place.  Clearly, Judge Hatch, Luo Clement, Thomas Troward have a clear place.  The others, well, I'm an accountant, not a poet, theologian or metaphysical philosopher.  They're, well, a lot deeper than me.

All that said, I have been long confounded by being unable to find "Luo" or "Clement" in the acrostic and telestic encoding of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air."  I knew it had to be there.  After all, both TASON and TTTTA tell us to have faith:

Those asterisks in both TASON and TTTTA were the "tell" for me.  But, that's me.

Why in the world would Roger Brothers publish Luo Clement's book which was a near copy of L. Dow Balliet's book, "The Philosophy of Numbers" first published in 1908?  Really?  Look at that copyright statement in the link provided.  Luo's book, a near copy of Mrs. Balliet's book despite that copyright statement.  Was Pythagorean numerology a fly off the shelves best seller?  Please.  It wasn't to make money as a publisher.  It was WD Gann who wanted to monument his "great 1908 discovery."  The discovery wasn't Pythagorean numerology, rather, its an allusion that it was a key to that discovery in my opinion.  I know that's the reason, but I have faith.

With that background, this morning I was rewarded by a frequent commenter, Steven Hahn, who found "Luo Clement" on page 343:

Focus,  in light tan above you have "Luo" and in dark tan you have "Clement."  The career doubter will say "But Jim, you can make anything out of an infinite number of letters."  Well, that's silly, there are 15,341 lines in TTTTA and therefore only 30,682 acrostic and telestic numbers, not an infinite number.  But let's defer the resolution of that quarrel.  The "evidence" gets better.

We have "ancient" and "science" spelled as highlighted in green and yellow, respectively.  At this point, we have spelled "Luo Clement ancient science" or 24 letters in 33 lines or 66 letter positions.   24 meaningful letters in 66 possible letter positions.  I don't know how to evaluate the statistical IMprobability.  But I do know two things.  First, the "doubters" will say "I doubt it" not having any greater clue regarding the statistical inference than I.  At least, I know I don't know as a great philosopher once, many times, said.  And second, it gets better:

Focus on the red highlighted letters.  "Numbers."  There is an imperfection.  The light blue letters above lack the letter "f."  As well, out of the several "n"s I am short an "n."  The light blue highlighted letters give you "the" and "ov."  Mr. Gann has spelled in 66 letter positions:

Luo Cleme_t The Ancient Science o_ Numbers

Two letters missing.  In the second insert, I assigned the second missing letter to "Cleme_t."  Of course, I will recreate the exercise, but that's the way it looks now.  If you try to configure the entire phrase, you're short an f and an n.

If you count the spaces between the words, you have 42 characters (counting the missing 'f'' and 'n')  in the above phrase spelled discretely....errr, there hasn't been a person to identify the above in the 88 years since TTTTA was published.... that is, encoded in TTTTA.  Until Steven.

One last 'i' to dot and 't' to cross.  Would WD Gann publish Mrs. Balliet's book without some attribution in the least?  No.  Inspired by a similar message about Mrs. Dow found by Steven Hahn on page 234, I find the following on page 320/321:

L Dow Balliet a w_se person

We are missing only one letter "i."  As developed in the ENS series beginning with Yellowstone, what is missing is often more important than what is present.  In two sets of phrases we are missing "i" and "f" or "IF."  The arch enemy of the doubter.  A word the doubter is loathe to admit.  The doubter never wants to honestly "consider."

Mrs. Balliet not only codified Pythagorean numerology (some disagree Pythagoras designed this system but that's an incorrectly framed argument that is actually there's an absence of proof that he did design the system) but fused it with Bible verse as Mr. Gann fused Bible verse with the stock market, war, love and prediction.  


"You can spell anything you want with an infinity of letters" says the doubter.  And you can find any contrary explanation of something found if you are not honest with you, in your heart, know is true.  

What is important is not the 'evidence' provided above because it will not convince the doubters.  Rather, read the narrative accompanying the L Dow Balliet message.  The great buildings of "the greaty City of Chicago" are destroyed and Joshua 8:8 seems the theme as well, both subjects of previous essays.

Again as in many essays, I've circled back, via messages, to a central theme of prophecies yet unfulfilled in these years following the election of the 266th Pope.  As if Mr. Gann intended a point of emphasis via Philo of Alexandria's teaching of repetition as a method of teaching.

"But Jim, the cornerstone of Descartes' Meditations is to begin with doubt as you said in a previous essay."  And I say, he didn't stop with doubt but used it as a tool to consider that, as he was doubting, he realized he was thinking;  "cogito ergo sum."  From there, he proved God and from that perfect thought and perfect order, he proved the external world.  We don't stop with doubting, we must move forward with proving what is good and cleaving to it.

If you are a professional doubter, you've wasted a good half hour of your time scanning the above.  If you consider, then to you remains the task of proving, or disproving, the above to yourself.  The letters missing in the L Dow Balliet message:  "IF."  You must first consider before you can prove or disprove.  So poetically, we find Rudyard Kipling's poem "IF" on page 208/209.  I believe Mr. Gann left out the letters "i" and "f" to bring us back to "IF."  But that's me.

And at some point, the greater proofs will allow one's intuition to accept lesser levels of evidence.  At some point it will become "According to thy faith, be it unto thee."

Jim Ross

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Synchronicity, inventions; energy, stealth, a tunnel thru time, part 3

This essay will build on the two of yesterday and should be read only in context of the event's of "synchronicity" being found in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and/or the contemporary film, "Synchronicity" (released in 2015).  I will add additional events discovered as this day unfolds.

We left the last essay having made circle through the discovery of Ryne Pearson Douglas, the author of the contemporary film "Knowing" finding his name fully articulated in the characters, General Pearson, Claire Douglas and the encoded name "Ryne:"

Let's expand that paragraph and change some colors.

At the encouragement of a commenter, Steven, I have recolored the word Ryne and added color to the letters e, y and g to form the blue word "energy."  Left are the letters "pc" that have contemporary meaning that simply did not exist in 1927 when TTTTA was published.  Further down you will see the green letters that spell "stealt_" missing the h to otherwise form the word "stealth."  And we have the 1980s stealth fighters and bombers that could evade radar to fly largely undetected.

Now read the paragraph.  An airplane that could fly high, was invisible and could extract energy from the air.  The last element, energy, is missing from our current fleet of military airplanes.  In the realm of civilian airplanes, a solar powered airplane is currently completing its maiden flight around the world, during the 88th anniversary of Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic; a feat heralded in TTTTA.  [The Spirit of St Louis began its journey on May 20, 1927, where the Solar Impulse 2 took off Abu Dhabi in March 2015.]

The word "energy" is a bit of a mystery having several meanings.  The formerly yellow word, PCG, is believed to stand for Pacific Coast Gas located at 77 Beale Street in San Francisco and which alludes to the ancient Atlantis submersion (see previous essay).  Now, its letter 'g' is a component of "energy" which, yes, PCG is all about energy in Southern California.

But this is where the amazing "synchronicity" may enter within the movie "Synchronicity."  Robert Gordon's invention was an invisible and soundless airplane that could fly high and extract energy from the air.  Nicola Tesla (a contemporary of WD Gann living in New York City), tragically, ended his great career chasing the dream of energy extracted from the air.

And what is the invention in "Synchronicity?"  It is a time machine that opens a wormhole through time; a "Tunnel Thru Time" that, after opening, uses the vast energy of the earth's rotation to sustain itself.  Obviously, it is invisible.  Inventor Jim Beale and assistants do not see the wormhole when first created.

As with Nicola Tesla' quest for energy extracted from the air, heroine Abby Ross, explains the Tesla quest in promoting Jim Beale's time machine to the evil investor, Klaus Meisner and his wife:

And do we find Nicholas Tesla in TTTTA?  Of course we do:

Highlighted in red, aside Robert Gordon's invention of the noiseless muffler.  I was disappointed I did not find 'Nicola' much less 'Nic' but, often when I get something right, Mr. Gann seemingly throws this finite mathematician (a CPA) a bone.  Perhaps the word 'cap' in blue or rearranged 'CPA' is such a reward for today's event in synchronicity.


As a warning, a single viewing of the movie is wholly inadequate to understand the time sequences of events.  A person, even forewarned of its contents, will not understand it or enjoy it...the first time.  Notably:

"Time is our only real currency."
"Time is a great teacher that eventually kills all its students."
"I don't have a horse in this race, but I'd put my money on Jim because he's Tesla...
and because Edison was... a dick."

You might have seen brief blue sky thoughts in previous essays indicating I believed Mr. Gann encoded into TTTTA an invention of a "Tunnel Thru Time."  What greater weapon than to see what your enemy plans in advance; Alan Turing's Colossus that solved the Enigma Code or Robert Gordon's Tel Talk?  This last two days' research confirms the thought.  The "Torah Code" by another name but the same substance.  A mathematical model that accomplishes an end similar to the invention found in the movie "Synchronicity."  Maybe so.

There are many other synchronicities in the movie, particularly numbers.  So, this thread will continue.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Synchronicity, Abby Ross, part 2

Okay, I take these things in stride so I said.  An event correlated with a personal history to form a "meaningful coincidence."  I've seen many over the last two years.  I have become accustomed to the thought that there are laws which we do not understand that might have been understood my Mr. Gann that enabled him to provide information to our time.  But this one startled even me.

Having established Mr. Gann encoded names and events into his "The Tunnel Thru the Air," several of which were also found in the contemporary movie "Knowing," I came upon the idea, "Why not another movie."  I figured I needed something light for the afternoon.  So, why not watch the 2015 movie of the same name as the subject;  "Synchronicity."  Not a Cannes Film Festival award winner, but quite a joke of a movie.

An invention, a traversable worm hole through time.  The Professor Beale is defrauded of his invention after having had a seeming successful success test.  Long story short, he gets the girl and reverses all he screws up on time.

The girl.  In "Knowing" the girl subject to travel was "Abby."  In Synchronicity, the girl was Abby.  But it gets better.

That's right, Abby Ross.  Not negligible is the apartment number 8377.  Subdivide it this way 83-77. 

Page 83, a page about which I have written many essays as subject or coincidental thought.  Page 83 si one great warning to our generation, the generation of the 266th People.

Page 77, the first line of which is cumulative line number 3077, chapter line number 77:

And the narrative?  "The great law of vibration is based on like producing like.  Like causes prove like effects."  There are few statements in TTTTA with as much conceptual gravitas.  Agree?

Loose end, Professor Jim Beale.  We've previously found "Jim" in many places including page 75.

We find both of my names on a page; Jim and Ross in red.  And we find the tan narrative having yet greater gravitas; WD Gann's conceptual method of prediction.

Still the loose end, "Beale."  I've previously ascribed that word to the downtown San Francisco street "Beale Street."  More specifically, 77 Beale Street, the location of Pacific Coast Gas.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.  But we again have one of the two principals of "Synchronicity" in TTTTA.  We find "Beale" in blue highlight:

A yet higher level of gravitas; Eccl. 1:9 said once, and if of great importance (to say the least), a second time.  And the City of Atlantis, now underwater.  "There is considerable truth in that statement.  Does that mean Beale Street of San Francisco will befallen the same fate as Atlantis?  I believe so.  And what is on Beale Street of San Francisco that caught my attention several months ago?  It was the headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric or PCG in yellow:

If you read the first part of the Synchronicity essay, you know we've come full circle.  It started with Ryne Pearson Douglas movie "Knowing," followed characters through to a second movie, "Synchronicity," to arrive at the place we began in red highlight "Ryne."

Get it?

Look at the narrative associated with "Beale" in blue above.  All things are circular.   

If you live in San Francisco, you may wish to consider the above.  The 'when' remains a mystery, but the message seems clear; in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope.

Jim Ross 

Synchronicity, 12 and 7, part 1

With our extensive discussions of the number 69 still in mind, a friend writes me:

That stuff has been happening to me with regularity over the last two years of studying WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Every time I get tired, something else happens that brings me back.  It's like that disastrous round of golf, you birdie the last hole.  And where it was "Never again" it becomes the Terminator's "I'll be back."

Synchronicity, the 1920s thinking of Carl Gustav Jung, psychiatrist, first fully articulated in a 1951 (the year I was born BTW) Eranos Lecture and lastly documented in his 1973 "Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle."  Here we have it lectured to Professor Koestler (Nicolas Cage) in the movie "Knowing" by the cosmology expert, Professor Beckman.

Is it synchronicity that we find the author of the movie knowing, Ryne Douglas Pearson, encoded in TTTTA?  Here he is-  In the plain text we have General Pearson maybe 45 times and the fated Claire Douglass 9 times.  "Ryne" is too unique to put in plain narrative; its coded:

Dr. Jung's 1973 book on synchronicity was preceded by the book of a paranormal investigator, Arthur Koestler.  This latter observation is not offered as an example of the phenomenon, only that the author of "Knowing" studied Dr. Jung's theories and wove them into the character of the movie.

And, as Ryne Douglas wove synchronicity into "Knowing," Mr. Gann planted the seeds that an inquiring (obsessive) person would see and consider to be "spooky," would inquire after it, and would lead to more and more examples until a preponderance occurred.  The difference, Mr. Gann wrote the acrostic telestic code 88 years before he expected (in my theory) it to be found.  And I found it.  And he encoded my name to predict I would; the 7th Mainfest Prophecy of WD Gann.

What's Dr. Chung's definition of "synchronicity?"  

Events that occur, that we observe, that defy belief as to their lack of causality, their immense improbability, and yet, there they are.  Maybe we call them miracles or maybe paranormal events or witchcraft...  Or maybe the lack of an explanation = we lack scientific knowledge.

WHOA, did I say Professor Beckman outlined the concept of synchronicity.  If Mr. Gann saw the movie he would know the concept of synchronicity.  Maybe he encoded the good Professor.  To give it away, I knew he did, all I had to do was find it:

  • Every one of the seven letters spelled in a space of six acrostic and six telestic letters.
  • Seven letters spelled in twelve letter spaces.  12 and 7.
  • Look where the summer solstices fall - on the very first letter of Beckman.
  • Chapter XIV...no, its Section XIX or 19 according to the corrected structure of TTTTA.
A double WHOA again.  Read the narrative.  You remember the great Madam Cleo don't you?  Radio presence extraordinaire in the 1990s:

Is this something "spooky" or is it simply the artfully applied product of a law of space and time we don't understand.  Where two years ago I would say "spooky," today I know its simply Mr. Gann working a "natural law" he received from his study of the Bible; a law I do not know.

Albert Einstein, hardly a Christian, on coincidence:

There are many many more instances of synchronicity in TTTTA and in contemporary fiction that Mr. Gann references in the encoded TTTTA.  For the moment, I'll leave having cited only a small fraction.  

Maybe I'll prepare a "recommended movie watching list" as WD Gann may have presented it.

Jim Ross