Saturday, May 25, 2024

May 25, 2024

Through all my failures in recreating the market mathematics that WD Gann undoubtedly (in my mind) knew, I have not been alone and I have not felt defeated.  

It happened again early this morning.  My day began early in the quiet hours when it's easy to read and concentrate.  No, I wasn't studying The Tunnel but started with a cursory reading of news, then a diversion to reading the newest real estate listings in Tennessee.  And I came upon a listing I'd highlighted many times in Sewanee TN, home of the University of the South.

I do recall my father having told me he attended college there.  An Episcopal owned school the UoS was also known as "Sewanee" for short.  Like his father I guessed, he might have been pursuing his Letters of Law.  Or perhaps, it being a religiously oriented college, maybe he was trying to follow in the footsteps of Ralph Waldo Emerson; after all, my father's middle name was Emerson and those in my family have contended we have lineage in common.  

I don't know.  But I did study Emerson's "Compensation," "Oversoul" and other essays at times during the last decade.  So my thoughts turned to Emerson this morning and I decided to read some short bios on some have said was America's first great philosopher.  

When I read it, I didn't realize the synchronicity at first.  Waldo (his chosen nick name in preference to Ralph), was born on May 25, 1803.  May 25.  I was reading of his birthdate exactly 221 years later.

It wasn't over.  Walked the dogs and arrived at my neighbor's house to discover him woodworking.  I'd previously conveyed to my neighbor two previous synchronicities that had confounded me and this one was pretty tame relative to them.  I'd actually put this one in the "coincidence" category and that's where I left it with him as I continued my dog walk.  

And then I turned around and went back to his house.  I'd realized the 221 years had a significance that raised the coincidence from 'imagine that' to 'holy s***".  I was born in the second month of the year on the 21st.  2/21.

There are not any coincidences, are there?  I believe that.

*** *** ***

There remains greater personal significance to this day, in my opinion, that I cannot confirm for the moment but that time will bear it out or contradict it.  Contradiction has been the normal course of events.  How many times has / will time prove me wrong?  

Until I'm right, and I believe that day has / will come.

Jim Ross 
May 25, 2024

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Seven Perfect Trades - Corrected

“Seven Perfect Trades” did not occur as I “imagined."  They are still out there and soon to be realized.

Not only did they not occur in the timeframe I imagined, but when they do occur (and they will) they will be at slightly different DJIA price levels.

Using the labels of the previous essay, the price levels will be:


The first of the trades, should one be so tempted, will find DJIA at 27648 on September 12, 2023.  DJIA closed yesterday, September 5, 2023 at 34642, futures are down very slightly as I write this, and I do not see anything in the news to suggest a 25% decline in the ensuing week will occur.

Its simply deterministic math, no Elliott Wave or any subjective methodology of any sort.  DJIA must, if the theory is correct, touch point F 27648 on September 12, 2023.  

The price levels of G-L are arrived at by similar math methods but are not my best work as yet.  I do not have reliable dates but suspect a rapid succession following the initial wave.

Jim Ross, September 6, 2023

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Seven Perfect Trades

Seven perfect trades in seven calendar days.  The confirming acceleration occurred yesterday which was my birthday.  It is the same day that the similar acceleration in what was the heretofore greatest point market decline in history; in 2020 DJIA declined 11000 points in 39 days.  The 2023 decline will dwarf 2020 and occur in far less time.

The math used to make this prediction is similar to the math of Robert Gordon's Seven Days.  I have yet to confirm it, but I believe that mathematic puzzle of RG's 7 days predicted the above decline which has yet to occur.  If this great decline does occur, then I predicted it, maybe a month in advance as I've been sitting on the above prediction, waiting for confirmation.  If the decline does occur and if I confirm the math that I believe exists in Robert Gordon's Seven Days, then WD Gann predicted the above more than 96 years ago.

*** *** ***

Wishing everyone the best.  Be safe.

James Ross

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Luo Clement's 'magic square'

Luo Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers" (TASON) presents the structure of numbers that characterize the elements comprising space time.  That structure is not the natural law that governs the interactions of the elements.  It is simply the character of each element of a "periodic table" of all such elements.

Digress to what I think I've learned and previously written.  First, Luo Clement = WD Gann.  I've written several essays deriving Luo Clement as a nom de plume of WD Gann and challenged anyone to find a person named "Luo" "Clement" found in NYC in the early 1900s.  I can't and I've spent hours if not days trying.  The name, "Luo" has an Asian heritage as a last name, not a first name and virtually no usage as a first name in America....again, that I can find.  "Clement" is European and notably might be styled after St Clement of Rome, the martyr, a contemporary or near-so of Peter and Paul.  There is also of line of Pope Clements having adopted, no doubt, the martyr's last name.

A learned librarian friend once remarked to me the seeming numeric 'perfection' of the name "Luo."  According to Luo Clement's triads of enumeration, the letters enumerated are 3-3-6 and notably add to 12 and which reduce to 3.  That's a teaser.

Luo Clement's "magic square," as I've defined it, would be the triads of letter enumeration:

The triads would seem to derive the "atomic weight" of fate to which Mr. Gann alludes in the "Ticker Interview:"

Follow the carefully sequenced logic of the above.  All things vibrate > the elements vibrate according to their atomic weight as classified by the periodic table > expanded, the "diversity of phenomenal nature" is according to numerical relationships that are not accidental > numbers are the cause and effect, they are the internal mechanism upon which the mathematic principles or natural law or cause and effect are dependent.

Luo Clement's TASON defines a metaphysical periodic table....IMO.  As the compliment, WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" defines the mathematic laws governing the relationships between the elements of the metaphysical period table and the mathematically determined and determinable causal destination.  The "fate."  Absent the connection between Luo Clement and WD Gann, I do not believe anyone can discover Mr. Gann's true methods of prediction.  According to my research, (which isomer often than not wrong) not a single published researcher has a clue; how self serving.  But I admit, I have a clue but hardly a solution.  The closest any body of thought has come is through astrology and, even there, 'something is missing.'

Without the associated letters given in the first of the above inserts, here is a reflection of "Clement's magic square:"

Looks straightforward; not a lot of mystery at first glance.  Look between the numbers and, more specifically, at the mathematic relationships:

You can find arithmetic, geometric and exponential progressions.  You can find decomposition, composition and acceleration.  You find only prime numbers associated with the first triad mused as representing decomposition.  You find only non prime numbers in the second triad characterized as decomposition.  You find both prime and non prime numbers in the third triad which seems to connote exponentiation.  [Perhaps the "Law of Three?"  The negative, positive and neutral....]

Now look at the formation of the rows and columns as a magic square and perhaps you see some curiosities, oddities:

The cross footing of the rows summed gives us WD Gann's most notable angle in stock market analysis; the 45 degree angle.  Important, as he put it so quizzically, the 45* angle divides equally "time and space."  I have not gone back to look that quote up.  But it struck me when I first read it, Mr. Gann did not say "time and price."  Why say "time and space" to describe the two-dimensional chart of "time and price."  A mistake, a Freudian slip, or an intended mystery?  It's 'as if' the markets were Mr. Gann's laboratory in which he tested his mathematic theories of time and space.  Why, that might be a great context for an essay, WD Gann's laboratory of time and space.  

The footings, reduced produces 6-6-6, the number of man.  And all footings and cross footings ultimately reduce to 9, the end at which we begin again.  Hmm, seems I've read that some where as well.

*** ***

The 'mysteries' are on the table and enough for now.  It would seem the above is the periodic table of all things that classifies all things according to categories, which, like the elements of the Periodic Table, that behave similarly and interact according to natural law resulting in a determinable "fate," destine each so classified by Clement's magic square to have a mathematically determinable fate.  

I regret naming this essay "magic square."  So much depends on the disposition of the reader as Luo Clement declares on pages 15-16 of TASON.  No, it isn't magic according to Luo and all natural phenomenon are the result of mathematics of the highest order according to the Ticker Interview.  A student's disposition should not be as if examining magic but, rather, as Luo admonishes, as Marie wrote to Robert and as Jesus said the the blind men:

Hmm, both Luo and Mr. Gann made a big deal about that quote?  What a coincidence.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vibration and Zeno's first paradox...and John Dee

WD Gann researchers, analysts, astrologers know him, among other things for his assertions that vibration is fundamental to natural law.  Believing there is a scientific, mathematic and physical basis for Mr. Gann's formulation of vibration, well, I studied physics.  A very little bit for the first time in 40+ years.  In addition to remedial background, I studied our contemporary, Carlo Rovelli, a co-originator of the theory of 'loop quantum gravity.'

And it was early on in his recap of the history of physics, and I believe it was in his recent book "Reality Is Not What It Seems," that I was confronted with a story we, of my generation, were taught in grade school; the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise.  From Wikipedia:

We all know the punch line; Achilles wins.  But the metaphysical questions are great and always confronting modern science.  Can a particle or interval be divided into an infinity of smaller particles or intervals?  And the yet greater question, is reality properly characterized as comprised of infinity; in time, in distance, in the immense, in the small?

A problem for physics has been 'how 'waves' seen in light and other forms of electromagnetism occur if in the void of space there is nothing?'  A void is the absence.  Waves require a medium to convey their energy.  Pre Einstein, the unknown but know to exist somehow, it was the 'aether.'  Sometime post Einstein, quantum physics moved towards strings and, more recently, to loops as the smallest particle or quasi particle.  The smallest....  Can the 'smallest' be subdivided further?  "All that exists is electromagnetic points of force in space."  Farraday.  The smallest particle.  Zeno.

How do I relate this to Mr. Gann's vibration?  Can vibration exist without a medium and physics would declare not.  That has not been in question.  But a further question to which I'm lead is 'can vibration occur without boundaries?'  Waves cannot occur without boundaries.  In fluid dynamics we study waves in vessels with vertical sides and horizontal bottoms.  Arguably, air pressure and/or gravity act as a horizontal top boundary.  Conceive of a pebble dropped in a pool, wells of mounted water are peak from the energy, forced down by downward pressure, rebound against the bottom's confrontation, move outward from the center to be rebuffed by the sides.

Now think of a pool of liquid in theoretically perfect outer space (no gravity).  Well, you can't drop a pebble into it, but accelerate a pebble  into it and the pool expands...but keeps going.  No bottom, no side, no gravity/air pressure to vibrate it.

The conclusion; the world is not infinite though our minds cannot otherwise describe the immensity of its largeness.  A critic once told me there are an infinity of the words that can be constructed out of the acrostic letters (15341) and telestic letters (15341) in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Nope, there's an immense number of letter combinations and vastly fewer (hmmm, vastly fewer than immensely big), but the number is finite.  I'll let you follow the thread.

The world is discrete both in space and time.  There is a smallest of both and no smaller.  Even Einstein, having failed with his cosmological constant that prevented the universe from imploding due to gravity, stretched to conceive of the 'boundaries' universe with his 3-sphere.  The 3-sphere describes all things, all of reality as existing within the ever its expanding boundaries.  Yeah, I know, what exists outside the boundaries?

Still the 3-sphere models two necessary ingredients; first that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and can not, because of that, implode and second, there are boundaries even at the greatest of scale.

It would seem Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the tortoise makes that case; Achilles will overtake the tortoise as quickly as a mathematical can compute a very fewer halves of the dividing of time...or distance.

*** ***

Call it delirium, but I often seek feedback via the Torah Code encoding included in "The Tunnel Thru Time" and its "Map of Time"...  so I search "Zeno."  I fully expect I will find "Zeno" in perfectly contiguous letters.  And it will be an easy search since there just cannot be many instance of the letter "z" either ending or beginning a sentence.

Well, part of that was correct.  The is only 1 instance of z beginning a line (line 2025) and only one instance of it ending a line (line 8635).   In the former instance, I find 'z' and 'e' contiguous.  In the latter I find 'z' to be contiguous with 'n' and 'o:'  


Got that?  The only 2 instances considered as 1 give me "Zeno," consider that arguably a success.  Still, I'm unconvinced.  I was expecting all four letters as a contiguous encoding.

So I decide the "paradox" portion of the formulation "Zeno paradox" would be easy to search for any thread of delirium confirmation.  There are more 'x's in the Map of Time encoding because Roman numerals are used to denote chapters, but there aren't many occupying the beginning (acrostic) or ending (telestic) of lines.  The very first 'x' I looked at was:

"See Dee p_r_d_x."  [Using the Torah Path / Torah Code, I can fill in the letters to provide letters made contiguous by virtue of that mathematic path and full spell "paradox" but I'll refrain for now.]  

I look for 'Zeno paradox' and am bridged to John Dee's paradox.  And I immediately flash back to the day I first visited Mr. Gann's grave; June 21, 2015, the summer solstice.  I left Newport RI at perhaps 4am or so, arrived in NYC early that rainy morning, made my tours of the 9/11 memorial, Mr. Gann offices, Battery Park, etc. and found myself at his grave at exactly noon.

And that next morning I watched the sun rise sitting in front of the Newport Tower, believed by the curator of the Newport Tower Museum to have been designed by John Dee.  Perhaps it was a great compass as was the "John Dee Paradoxical Compass."  Perhaps.  But my study, having begun with classic and modern metaphysics' view of the smallest and the largest, wound through "The Tunnel" and forward to John Dee, a major encoded figure of The Tunnel.

There is yet a further level of synchronicity to this tale for another day.  Suffice it to say, I am, today, struggling to clarify 'rules' of mathematics in the Map of Time, that relate the dates of projected Dow market pivots to related price and I am led to the "Paradoxical Compass."  Finding mathematic and geometric pathways between the Map's lines and dates that point to the next date and the projected price.

Just as, on June 21, 2015 I stood at the grave of WD Gann and that afternoon and next morning at the Newport Tower, I am again confronted with their seeming serendipity.  And I read Jim Egan's description of the Tower's floor floor beam structure:

And think of pathways, vibration, the discrete and the infinite....  

I believe there is a thread of knowledge and, perhaps, understanding yet to be uncovered in these coincidences.  

Jim Ross 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Conjecture between the truths

Or at least, between what I perceive or imagine to be the truths I'm given.

Looking back, September 3, 1929 could be described two ways.  It was the day of the all-time-high that preceded the 1929 Crash.  Or it could be described as the first decline of the 1929 Crash; after all, the Dow did not close at the all-time-high that day, did it?

The truth I fancy I've been given is that the decline begins on ascending cumulative line 411, aka descending cumulative line 14931.  That line contains two dates, each of which registered a 2018 all-time-high.  Neither of which closed at the all-time-high.

Duh.  It still isn't over as I read what I've written above.  Its over or just beginning this Monday, September 24.  Think about it.

*** ***

Vanity is so irrelevant.  Used to be I'd be sensitive that, in all my glory, I could not predict the future with my advanced intellectual methods and discoveries (said with self-derision).  I'd place six figures bets on front month options as if to prove the point to myself....and more often than not, and ultimately, fail.  Today, hardly so much vanity or money riding on outcomes.

WD Gann is criticized, by those who hold as the highest criterion of achievement as the accumulation of wealth, for not having great wealth.  How could a man know so much about markets and not be the wealthiest of all men?  Maybe, just maybe, his values and measurement of self worth were not those shared by Wall Street contemporaries.

'Its all relative,' as Albert Einstein, waxing philosophical might say.  What is the 'starting point,' the point of reference, the point from which measurement is taken?  Is it fame and fortune which exists only until our lives end?  Or, is it knowledge and understanding, values that exist, I suppose, beyond our time here?

When I started this chain of essays, I claimed I wanted to know why it was I thought I knew enough about the market to make so much money and then lose so much Mr. Gann had achieved those things claimed in the Ticker Interview.  But the reality was still the desire to reclaim that wealth and to reclaim that self importance.  All vanity and self delusion.

These days, I put $1000 on my bets rather than multiples of $100,000 and I don't really care all that much about being wrong.  Honestly.  I find it as easy to write the epitaph to a perceived insight that failed as boast the one that worked.  (Hmmm, can't think of an instance the latter.) 

At the bottom of it, the intrigue to me is the belief I've had during my boom years and bust years; that time and price are integrally and mathematically related.  Not statistically related implying randomness, but causally so implying implying law.  As time and space in Minkowski's and Einstein's world morph to the causally related 'spacetime" and are considered the substance of gravity in modern theoretical physics, given one or the other, then the other must be (have been) determined.

So, I'll cling to my "guns and Bible" (as a contemporary so derisively referred to his step mother who raised him, and her ilk) until my line of thought is refuted.  Hardly an unlikely event.

Nevertheless, I just cannot believe the rule(s) I've derived through so many hours, days, weeks, months, is wrong.  Well, not yet.  But, if it is, I'll resolve to work harder.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 20, 2018

DJIA High September 20, 2018; one last gasp

Short shelf life predictions work themselves out pretty quickly.  I'm pretty sure there's a truth in all the work I do so now's the time for a self-teaching lesson.

Before the high registered today, I saw the handwriting in the futures and had already begun the introspection.  The 'signs' are unmistakeable so the question is why they would mislead.  And I can only think they are misleading or seemingly misleading to teach a lesson.  My reflections are these.

First and foremost and as I've warned, 'signs' are subjective.  Heck, they may be only my delusion.  I'm prepared for that having failed with my interpretation of 'signs' before.  They include the perceived acrostic/telestic encoding in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and derived "Map of Time."  They are encodings that present supposed communication intended by the author.  And like all communications other than mathematics, there's subjectivity.  I've been 'taught' to suspect 'signs.'

Second, and perhaps the problem failure gives me this time is that I have perceived from Major Motors and from a study of the 1929 and 1987 crashes a rule numerology and the workings of the Map of Time that should be inviolate.  The rule is...

a decline begins on the line immediately following 
the line on which the numerical signal is given. 

Perhaps the problem might be in the context of yesterday's essay regarding conjecture between truths.    Did it say the decline will be the "day after the signal is given," in which that would have been September 19th?  No, the rule I've perceived is the "line after."  [It should be noted the rule I've perceived in my studies of 1929, 1987 and Major Motors and given above is found in acrostic/telestic encoding.  But to rely on that would seem circular.]

Let's look at the what happened in 1929 as recapped in previous essays:

I identified September 2, 1929 as containing the numeric signal and therefore the decline should begin on the next line.  Well, it did:

The signal date is September 2, 1929 (green highlight) appearing on line 14829 (green arrow).  That line did not include the all-time-high date which was September 3.  Rather, the ATH occurred on September 3 (yellow highlight) on line 14830 (yellow arrow).

And the first day of the decline occurred on line 14930 as well.  The first day of the 1929 decline occurred on the line following the line on which the signal was given.  

Where are we now, in 2018?  Well, the first day of the line following the numeric signal given on line 410 (green arrows and highlight).  And the ATH occurred today, September 20, 2018 (yellow arrows and highlight):

We still have another day on that line (red arrow, red date) to be the reversal, that being September 21, 2018.  If another ATH occurs tomorrow, that will demonstrate failure.

*** ***

So far, I failed to interpret the rule correctly.  I've said it many times to myself, read it in the acrostic/telestic coding many time, and I've derived it in Major Motors, 1929 and 1987 studies.  Perhaps it comes down to reading the literal, perfect interpretation of what has been seen.

You'll have to take my word for the 'numeric signal' having occurred September 19 at 9:12am (though I published it several days ago) because it will not be provided.  I have alluded to its composition and a person might be able to derive it from its elements having been provided in my essays.  What I have provide are the often proved incorrect "signs."  The "sign' is the 'x' that marks the first line of the decline:

"That 'x' marks the decline begin"

A new ATH today does not invalidate line 411; there are two dates on that line and today is the first of the two.  

If September 21, 2018 marks an ATH, the numeric rule is incorrect and the 'sign' above is invalid.  It will invalidate much of what I perceive as having been learned over the last several months of study.

Shelf life, one more day, September 21 or 70 days to a much lower low.

Jim Ross