Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Sequel; Planets, Law of 3 and Law of 7

In the previous post one orbit of the 9 planets becomes a progression comprised of 3 and an exponential progression of 2.  Take it a step farther and look at theosophical addition of that series and see if the Law of 7 has a relation to that progression.

First, look at how that Law of 3 table of theoretic planetary orbits reduces to a single digit number.


So where does the Law of 7 fit in, or should it?  So, let's take the Implied Planetary Orbit above (which comports with actual planetary orbits) and divide them by 7….and since I already know where I'm going, multiply them by Phi^2 and do some fudging.

So, when we multiply by Phi^2 we get a series that looks like what you'd get if you started with 8.98 rounded to 9 and then multiplied that 9 by 2 (doubled as in octave) a series of times.  And what would be the theosophic reduction of each of those numbers beginning at 9?  It would be….

Those numbers in the not so badly "Fudged" column…..see anything notable?  Kinda a 'who's who' list of Gann favorites.

And this doubling thang as in G's 'Do.Re.Me.Fa.So.La.Si.Do'……..

Could someone have used mathematic rules to construct the universe?  

I didn't know any of that stuff as of last night.  So cool, IMO.


I Didn't Know that; Planets and the Law of 3

Did you know how neatly the sum of the days all planets take to orbit the Sun, 196,324.8, breaks down into a function of 3 and the squaring of 2?  I used my trusty ephemeris myself to find the average orbit of the 9 planets to derive 196,324.8 ('verify all things):

In other words, divide 196,324.8 by 2 a succession of times until you arrive at 3.  

Then I used 3 and 2 raised to successive exponents to recreate the progression and imply that the true number of days it takes (because I used average orbits and my ephemeris could only calculate 1 orbit of Pluto, etc) is really 196,608.

Some memorable numbers in that harmonic (doubling/halving, as in the octave) progression from nothing to 196,608.  

Law of 3?  So where's the subordinate Law of 7?  Where's G when I need him?  [I feel a sequel coming on.]


Monday, July 7, 2014

Smith, Ouspensky and Gurdjieffe

My best interpretation of Russell Smith's 'Cosmic Secrets' / Ouspensky / Gurdjieffe applied to our position in the age since the Crucifixion.

From nothing to all 0AD to 3072AD (Smith's 1536 octave X 2) I find our present inner octave to be 2004 to 2016.  Within that octave I find the system needed energy from INSIDE the system in the period of 2007-08 (pink shaded area #1) or otherwise the ascension would become deterioration.  Within that period (2008) the US government and Federal Reserve undertook massive monetary and fiscal measures and the decline was arrested and reversed.  

Which brings us to the second retardation zone (red area #2) which begins in the middle of 2014.  The ascension of society in the ti do area of 2014.5 to 2016 requires force/energy from outside the system. Perhaps this is where Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" has relevance?  Will 'The Absolute' afford society the force/energy to continue its progress or will society enter a period of octave descension?

In Gurdjieffe's scale of personal attainment, I consider myself an emerging 5 so, be appropriately forewarned.