Sunday, December 31, 2017

WD Gann's 1908 discovery, again?

Did Mr. Gann's 1908 discovery result from Hermann Minkowski's notable 1908 lecture?  From Wikipedia:

Did Mr. Gann improve upon Minkowski's take on Albert Einstein's 'special relativity' (1905) by introducing gravitation (Einstein's criticism of Minkowski space) in the form of the major gravity players (the gravity of Earth and Sun) in 'our' little gravity well of Earth and then proving it's math in his New York laboratory; the stock market?

I've read the student, Albert Einstein, was critical of his teacher's, Minkowski, 1908 view of special relativity and development of Minkowski 'spacetime' because it did not address a critical element of gravitation.  However, several years later stated as a postulate of general relativity is a concept of simplicity (again, from Wikipedia):

"As above, so below" perhaps?  Two coexisting coordinate systems of time and space, say the Earth's rotation establishing our perception of time and space in very small increments and the Earth's orbit of the Sun establishing time and space in large increments.  No, they do not establish only time...they establish a coordinate system of space and time as not only do they work in time increments, they are at differing spacial locations at any moment of time.

If then there is a "natural law" of repetition, 'the thing that hath been shall be again,' 'nothing new under the Sun'... such as that proclaimed in the Bible that exists in the simplest form, then we might expect the sympathetic coordinate systems of Earth's small coordinate system to vary within and consistent with that of the Sun.  A wheel within a wheel.  Of course, this can be expanded to all celestial bodies having sympathetic coordinate systems...but Earth and Sun are the big players in the Earth's gravity well of Minkowski spacetime.

I perceive exactly that arrangement when I convert the WD Gann "Map of Time" from the 168-year time frame dominated by a 365.242 day per year time frame (Sun's orbital coordinate system) to a seven days per week and 24 hours per day time frame (Earth's axial coordinate system).  There is a minute difference.  In 30682 lines of the MOT (15341 lines descending and 15341 ascending) there is a difference of 440 lines representative of the difference between the systems or 1.43%.

When I predicted the date July 12, 2018 and that DJIA would touch level 25207 on that date, I found a 1.43% difference between the vibration computed from Luo Clement's quantification of vibration and the math of Robert Gordon's seven days.  Initially I thought of the 1.43% difference as would a statistician; perhaps its a plus or minus allowance for the "error of the estimate."

Or perhaps its the tug between two coordinate systems and gravitation in their tug of war in defining the nature of spacetime affecting terrestrial events.

Two coordinate systems, required to operate, vibrate, sympathetically by the law of gravitation but with a minute lag in spacetime.  Or perhaps, Earth and Sun's sympathetic coordinate systems account for...."cause" 98.57% of terrestrial events and their repetition and the far less latent gravitation of other planets and other celestial bodies account for the 1.43% difference.

Do I recall Mr. Gann had a concept of "lost motion" as stock prices might overshoot or undershoot their computed pivot?

Might "lost motion" be an reflection of that physical tug of war of celestial coordinate systems on our terrestrial experience?

No, I don't think Minkowski's 1908 lecture was the source of WD Gann's great discovery.  Its just the bent of my thinking this morning as I peruse essays that I'd written but not published.  Rather, I think Mr. Gann had spacetime figured out well before and perhaps before Einstein's 1905 special relativity became mainstream.  I think the nature of repetition and Luo Clement's methodology was the 1908 discovery.  But that's me.

If the prediction of July 12, 2018 is off by 5 days, my quantification of 1.43%, it will confirm the supremacy of the math of Robert Gordon's seven days and time according to earths axis.  If it is exact, which I expect, the larger measurement coordinate system, that of the Sun, is the determinant.

If it is neither, then its back to the laboratory for me.

Jim Ross

Saturday, December 30, 2017

An apology to astrology

Forgive the campy alliteration of the title but the meaning should be clear.

My study of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" was fired by the wonderment of seeing the six consecutive telestic eeeee's that were arranged as such in the Foreword.  In random text, the unlikelihood of such an event is prohibitive in a finite population of letters.  With only 15341 lines and far less having a last letter to the line (there  are many blank lines for line feeds and page breaks, etc.) it was a signal to the observant reader.  The signal was clear; this book, TTTTA, is encoded with acrostic/telestic words.

But, to my shame, I've only mentioned one set of 6 eeeeees; there is a second one.  I have not mentioned the second because I did not understand them.  It ran contrary to my skepticism of astrology born out of personal experience and study and out of comments that Mr. Gann made.  For example, I've only recently published an essay title "Impossibility is the logic of fools" in which Mr. Gann lumps astrology with other systems of market analysis remarking their value was worthless or, at best, lacking something.

Having discovered what I believe to be Mr. Gann's perfect math and science of space and time...and of market prediction... I find more similar aspects between that perfect math and science and astrology rather than less.  Here are the second set of 6 eeeeee's which I believe I understand:

"....the great science of Astrology."  I can't take that facetiously.  How can I square that narrative with that which appears in the "Impossibility is the logic of fools" that, at best, systems of astrology were lacking something?

I said I think I know so here's what I think.  I haven't given you the last detail of Robert Gordon's math and I have not described how Luo Clement's calculation of vibration categories limits the Robert Gordon math to a beginning and an ending.  But the fruit of the calculation, according to my understanding, will be proven in six months.  Until then take what I think, under advisement.

Start with Mr. Gann's assertion of his method of prediction (all taken from Chapter VII):

We have a couple elements.  In the first of the inserts, we have 1) tribes or categories each having a character and 2) we have a calculation from a beginning.   In the second excerpt we have 3) mathematic sequences, 4) history repeats, and, again, the starting point.  In the third we have 5) the "curve for the future."  And in the last excerpt, we have, again, the right beginning, and 6) Pi.

Oh, I might be able to provide other characteristics of his method such as "wheel within a wheel" etc, but its more a description than a component of the method as best I can determine.

Six items of his method of predicting the future.  I find them all in the math of "Robert Gordon's seven days" except for the tribes or categories and I find that in Luo Clement's methodology of determining the vibration of a person, a nation, a stock or commodity.

Here are the difference between Mr. Gann's method, as I understand it, and astrology.

1) The "curve of the future" defined by Robert Gordon's seven days is a Kepler triangle comprised of geodesic space growth of that space by root phi.  The curve of the future of astrology is the selected orbit of a selected heavenly body.  Both the math of Robert Gordon's seven days and the orbit of a planet (including periodic aspects) are governed by perfect mathematics.  The problem for astrology is, in my opinion, planetary orbits are assumed to be the independent variable on which dependent terrestrial historic events, events of time and space, are considered dependent.  Astrology defines orbits as independent and events on earth as dependent.

Instead, the "curve for the future" and the perfect mathematics are the independent variable.  Orbits and their aspects are dependent on the independent variable, mathematics.  And terrestrial and mortal events are, as well, dependent on mathematics.  As such, astrology and repeating history are...coincident dependent variables.  We expect them to covary but not to covary exactly.

2) The correct beginning.  Astrology has the natal time and place.  Robert Gordon's seven days hasn't anything comparable.  Robert Gordon's seven days is a continuous, never-ending curve of the future that has a vibration.  Robert traveled 18,000 miles (rounded) around the earth at the latitude of NYC and ended where he began.  He "vibrated" north/south and, in absolute value, traveled the same 18,000 miles.  But the symbolic route RG traveled, meant to demonstrate the mathematic thought that time (east/west mileage) and space (north/south) mileage are equal, does not have a end.  And if it does not have an end, where might we find a beginning?

Obviously, we will never find the beginning of time.  But the beginning of a 'tribe' or category, well, astrology found that.  Its the time and place of birth.

The math of Robert Gordon's depends on the latitude of the beginning of Robert's trip; that being the latitude of NYC and, I presume, the beginning of any cycle.  If it begins at one latitude the outcome will be different from a different latitude.  So far, I have only one observation and we will not know the outcome for six months.  But latitude is a component of Robert Gordon's seven days.  Longitude is as well because time is judged from the moment of day from birth is not complete until that same longitude passes again.

But when does the finite cycle of Mr. Gann's calculation end?  Symbolically, seven days later upon Robert's return.  But the mathematics of Robert Gordons seven days is as continuous as the never ending expansion of the Kepler triangle it occupies.  What gives the end which is a beginning in Mr. Gann's cosmology?

It is Luo Clement's calculation of vibration.  It's when the a result of two parameters of the perfect math of Robert Gordon's seven days equals the vibration of the subject of prediction.  At that point, there is an ending and thus a new beginning.

*** ***

Since we lost our son, I've searched for comfort.  I cannot think of greater comfort than of having a great man prove to me his understanding of time and space and his ability to predict the future.  I've spent more than three years of intense study in this area and seen many things that are proof of his understanding of space time and the future.

I have documented many "miracles" constituting proof that any person of modest ability, such as me, can replicate using the "Map of Time" I provided for free two years ago.  But let's dumb it down one more time.  If you just look at the words "110-story Mammouth Building, intentionally misspelled to demand attention, and ask yourself "Really, an air battle at the great 110-story building in NYC?"  Duh.  Predicting the future.  [The 9/11 attack is "The Sixth Manifest Prophecy" of WD Gann.]

If you just ask yourself, "Supreme Commander Robert Gordon," the first use of that rank in history was given to Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Dwight D. Eisenhower in World War II."  This in a book that was published more than a decade prior to WWII?  And the other names in TTTTA?  Nagato, Pearson.... All WWII figures.  All in plain sight.  Predicting the future.  [WWII is "The Fifth Manifest Prophecy" of WD Gann.]

There are too many 'miracles' for a logical person, even if they dismiss the "Map of Time," to deny on their face.

So, I apologize to astrology.  It demonstrates so much that is true to the nature of time, space and repeating events on earth.  It contains too missing elements of all other science; a concept of the beginning of a cycle and the concept that history will repeat.  Without them, contemporary science is, well, clueless in judging the future.

From memory, I recall Mr. Gann as having said "the problem with astrologists is they are not mathematicians."  I'd say 'perhaps' to that doubting only my recollection of the quotation.

I believe Mr. Gann gives a 'tip of the hat' to astrology, a 'science' in which he was accomplished as I am given to understand, as well.  Just figure the odds.  If one occurrence of 6 eeeeee's in the finite population of TTTTA's lines is vastly improbable, then what are the odds of two?  In my estimation, he honored astrology with the second set of 6 eeeeee's.

But that's my opinion and, accordingly, my apology.

Jim Ross

On the nature of 'solutions;' math and pseudo math

Rene Descartes, who cameoed in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," provides, perhaps, two of the book's most insights; 1) that, perhaps, spacetime, an inherently fourth dimension phenomenon, can be modeled using Euclidian math and a Descartisian coordinate system and 2) only math and not its pseudo science, statistics, can solve problems.  As an exercise, I identified those great persons Mr. Gann had identified in TTTTA and read up on them; John Dee, Lord Bacon, Leonardo de Pisa, Sir Conan Doyle....  I know a little about a lot of great men, but not a lot about any of them.  With that caution and apology in mind, let me summarize my amateur understanding of Rene Descartes' two identified contributions to TTTTA.

Cartesian coordinates encoded in TTTTA.  Descartes is best known by amateur mathematicians (me) for having created Cartesian coordinates.  Well, my reading is that he did not do that, but his discoveries in mathematics enabled his students and fellow mathematicians to create that system and name it in Decartes' honor as "Cartesian."  Any high school student who studies what was that level of math and geometry when I was in the public school system knows the X and Y axis and the ordered pairs that define a point in two dimensional space.  Every stock chart is a Cartesian image designed to locate the ordered pair of time and price.

Properly unfolded, the WD Gann "Map of Time," becomes 30682 (15341 lines X 2 for one line up and one line down) ordered pairs of time and space.  Simply segregate the time (dates) and space (line numbers) that are paired on each line of TTTTA; move the dates to their chronologically ordered arrangement on the X axis and the line numbers, sequentially ordered on the Y axis.

Mathematically, the ordered pairs so arranged must create a line that is 45* given that there is a one to one relationship between one unit of time (albeit two days is the unit of time) one unit of space (one line).  The blue line is that 45* angle:

The above uses only the cumulative line numbers of the MOT.  What does the chart look like when that space element is elaborated by the chapter numbers?  Well, you saw it in a previous essay, its my present formulation, the red undulating or "vibrating" line that I have named the "breath of God."

Its the same 45* angle, but it undulates.  Why would it end with exactly at exactly the same XY pair, that being (30682, 30682)?  Its because Robert Gordon traveled the same number of miles North South as he did East West.  It works the same way, I propose, when properly unfolding the MOT.  I'll let you ponder that dynamic.

No, I still don't know exactly how to apply the "breath of God" curve to practical applications, err, like analytical (as opposed to statistically) predicting the stock market or the future of our country.  "Learn to labor and wait."

Descartes and the relation of analytic versus statistical solutions.  "Figures lie and liars figure."  Being an accountant that always hurt.  It all depends on what system of figures.  Let me explain.

Incredibly artfully, Descartes delicately derived and delivered the proof of the existence of God in his 1647 "Meditations on First Philosophy." In it the existence of God and the immortality of the soul are demonstrated."  Delicately because philosophers discussing other than a rigidly established Church-oriented discussion of God were routinely imprisoned and worse.

Most (me among most) will recognize "Cogito ergo sum" or "I think, therefore I am."  After reading and after listening (audio version), I structured in my mind that first step of logic and the ensuing steps of logic thusly.  I first doubt whether I exist, but since I doubt, I must be thinking.   How can I have thoughts if I have the thought of doubting?  Since I doubt therefore I think, I must exist.  If I exist and think then from where do I receive thoughts?  Did I make them from having not had anything in the beginning?  There must be another who exists and who gives me thoughts.  

I get a little hazy, confused on the ensuing arguments.  The 'other' must be God for those of my level are in my same dilemma as not, in the beginning, having any thoughts.  But since there is good and evil in the world, does God give me evil as well as good thoughts?  No, God gives me only good thoughts, but God does give me all thoughts.  That is the problem.  Given only an incomplete set of thoughts, I fill in the gaps with my conjecture....  out of my ignorance, I create untrue thoughts.       

Okay, how does this relate to TTTTA?  Statistics, the "science" widely attributed to the work of the great mathematician Carl Gauss, is the "conjecture."  Its our filling in of the incomplete set of thoughts not given us in their entirety.  We cannot predict the future so we extrapolate; from Gaussian probability.  From the coin toss.  Randomness.

A tough lesson.  Thinking I knew something, I found myself levered to 9000 contracts of QQQ puts (39 strike I think) on exactly September 29, 2008.  That was the day Congress voted down the banking bailout.  I "earned" a six figure return that day.  Now "knowing" I could work miracles with my 'scientific understanding' of Elliot Waves, I promptly lost that money over the next several years.

A bigger lesson.  The deluded Surgeon General knew our nation was too fat in the mid 1980s and began his "war on dietary fat."  Reduce fat intake and reduce weight and we reduce cardio vascular risk.  And what happened?  People have reduced water insoluble fat intake substituting water soluble carbohydrates (sugar, "hearth healthy" cereal most notably "Special K, bread, starch)...  And our nation is now facing its greatest health crisis; obesity leading to CVD, diabetes...  The body is not dumb; it knows the analytic answer.  It is programmed to store energy for a rainy day.  Its far easier to break down and store water soluble carbohydrates in fat cells than to break down water insoluble fat.

An even bigger lessons.  My LDL, like 90% of Americans is too high according to scientific statistical studies, so I was progressed onto Crestor.  My LDL declined to under 100 but I was getting up to urinate at least a dozen times a night.  What does excess urination signal; the body is trying to rid itself of something toxic.  Was Crestor toxic or was Crestor causing my body to create a toxic situation?  Well, Crestor reduces LDL (a fat derivative) but LDL is necessary to allow water soluble Triglycerides (a carbohydrate derivative) to navigate the water soluble blood system and be delivered to storage in fat cells.  So, was Crestor toxic to me or was it creating a toxic high blood sugar situation which would otherwise been abated by storing energy in fat cells.  Does it matter?  Yes, I stopped taking Crestor, stopped peeing all night, got sleep and am satisfied Crestor did not make me diabetic.  Indeed, my amateur reading of nearly 30 years"statistical studies" show those on a statin regimen have the same statistically "all cause mortality" as non users.  You take your statins and you are a lesser CVD risk but you increase your risk for diabetes, etc.

"Figures lie, liars figure."  To the meat of it.  Most statin studies, vastly expensive undertakings, are funded by pharmaceutical companies with an interest in their outcome.  Does anyone really think there isn't bias?  Lets take the great Jupiter trial funded by AstraZeneca as I recall.  An objective trial, why of course.  It was such a great study many were proposing statins for public drinking water.  An objective trial by an objective funding source over objective researchers with "statistical science" leading the way.  Objective right down to its name, Jupiter or "Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention; An Intervention Trial Evaluating Rosuvastatin.  The study had, at its nexus, the Justification for.... The outcome was destined from the moment the study was conceived and before the first subject was my opinion.  Perhaps the study was named after its inception, which would change only the degree of my skepticism.  Astravenica got what it wanted and paid to get and more; the fringe immediately called to put statins in our drinking water.  Well, at least that wasn't accepted by acclamation of the medical community facing a 50% plus prescription non compliance rate.  Maybe the patients are too dumb to know what statistics says is best for them?  Or maybe the wondrous body, evolved over eons, does know.

Morals to the story and its relation to Descartes.  When we don't know, we conjecture.  Statistics is our pseudo science of conjecture.  Elliot Waves might give us a marginal edge in the market, maybe a 5% more likely to succeed edge.  Crestor might reduce LDL and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke but the tradeoff may well be diabetes or worse, catastrophic neuro-muscular debilitation such as my father-in-law and sister-in-law experienced.  

*** ***

The lessons have been driven home to me by Mr. Gann.  I've extrapolated from the coding of TTTTA a great geologic upheaval last year; my "Great Mistake."   I've, many times, perceived market indications "messaged" in TTTTA that did not come true.  We all know, to include mainstream geologists, the Pacific Coast will someday slip into the ocean... that the stock market will drop.  The history of these things is clear.  The expectation of the repetition is clear.  Its the 'when' and the 'when' cannot be answered by a linear extrapolation, or even a curvilinear extrapolation; nor by coincident indicators like astrology or multivariate analysis or fundamental analysis.  Perhaps an 'edge,' but that's all... again, in my opinion.

When statistics leads to the truth of causation, well, that's another story.  Its an aid to understanding of  true science yet to be identified and proven analytically.  But standing alone statistics it is Descartes' conjecture; the thought that has not been given to us.

Until it is proven by Number, it isn't proven.

Just an opinion, and confession of a recovering Gaussian,

Jim Ross

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Periodic Table of Vibration; and repetition

Understand where my research into WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and other works under pen names stand at this juncture.  As many times before I made an incredible discovery on Christmas day.  Many times before, discoveries have turned out to be false, but not infrequently one proves true.  Each time the path is clarified by failure or success, the alternate paths forward are reduced in great disproportion and the likelihood of reaching my goal becomes far greater.

At this juncture, the proof of that Christmas discovery rests will be proven true or false on July 12, 2018 if DJIA touches 25207 and does not move further.  The time and price level of DJIA is the result of a mathematic method and should be exact.  The confirmation method, based on vibration, has a decimal value that would indicate an interval of 5 calendar days.  Still, the correspondence of the math and the vibration, spanning 86 years from 1932....  to within .014 of one year is compelling.  The calculation and relation to vibration are consistent with everything I've read by Mr. Gann.  

I've provided maybe 95% of the calculation.  I won't provide the remainder for those who are not willing to undertake the work.  But I will provide provide a path.

If you can't connect the dots between WD Gann and Luo Clement's 1909 "The Ancient Science of Numbers", you will be missing a key element; the measurement of vibration.  WD Gann = Luo Clement.  If you dismissed the connection with the enemy of imagination, "I doubt it," read no further.

I'll write this rapidly, in brief and from memory.  Where cited, you should check me.

In the 1909 Ticker Interview, WD Gann asserts stocks are like atoms on the Periodic Table.  Each atom has an atomic weight and those categorized within classes on the Periodic Table behave similarly.

Clement gives us a method of categorizing people, organizations, nations.... based on the major determinant, the birth number and secondary determinant, name number, each reduced to a single digit.  With birth and name numbers categorized, we have the Periodic Table of Vibration which has 9 classes of birth (the digits 1-9) and nine classes of name (again, 1-9).  A person can fall into 9 primary categories and 9 subcategories or 81 articulated classes.  Like the atom, people, nations, organizations, stocks will vibrate or behave in ways similar to others in their class.  And the moments of their lives will repeat according to that vibration and the math of 'Robert Gordon's seven days.'

Clement goes further in his evaluation of finer categorization, disharmony between the birth and name number, etc.  These are nuances far beyond my understanding presently...I'm stuck with the 81 classes at the moment.

This is, in my opinion, the Law of Vibration.  Its reduction to a numerical value that can be elaborated to the 81 classes and mathematically integrated with measurement of time and space according to Robert Gordon's seven days.  Summarize it as this:

Time - Space - Vibration

The Law of Three perhaps?  Were I considering the theory of relativity, I'd say "Time - Space - Gravitation."  If I were considering ancient philosophy or Gurdjieff, I'd say the "Positive - Negative - Neutral" forces.  Why, didn't Mr. Gann say as much in "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"  I scramble to find the cite:

Read the narrative, the positive, negative and neutral.  The acrostic telestics spell "cycles" sadly missing the "y."

Am I right about all this?  Look at the above except and the blue highlighted ascending chapter line number 217.  Trace to that line number counterpart descending chapter line number in the same chapter (highlighted in blue):

And you will find the missing 'y' (highlighted in yellow) on that line (highlighted in blue).  And you will find "saw r0ss" highlighted in red and green.

I ask the question two days removed for the last day in 2017, "am I right about the Periodic Table of Vibration."  And it seems I find the encoded answer written in 1927 in the above two inserts.

Replicate what I just demonstrated...the path through the "Map of Time" to the missing 'y' and my name and explain to me how this can be coincidence.  No, explain it to yourself.

*** ***

Integrating vibration with the already defined math of Robert Gordon's seven days was the Christmas Day discovery.

This is what WD Gann did in his laboratory of the stock market, commodities markets, public lotteries.  He categorized lab subjects according to Clement methodology and applied his math of 'Robert Gordon's seven days' until he could perfectly predict outcomes.  The quantitative nature of markets showed crisp, indisputable events to confirm or deny his tests.

By elaborating the categorizations beyond the 81 categories on the Periodic Table of Vibration and by varying the latitudes which define the math of Robert Gordon's seven days, Mr. Gann was able to divine the future to the minutest details; to within one minute of the time Mohammed Ata departed Logan International Airport (the Sixth Manifest Prophecy), to the exact day I would discover and confirm my name appearing in the encoded text of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" (the Seventh Manifest Prophecy).

In the next six months we'll see if the fruits of the work, the July 12, 2018 prediction, support the theory.  Or whether I'm wrong.  Regardless, Mr. Gann isn't wrong.

Jim Ross

Clarifying the prediction of 7/12/2018 DJIA 25207

Too often I let my bias slip into the math.  I feel compelled to clarify the prediction.  From the second essay posted on Christmas:

DJIA will reach its highest intraday high on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 25207

My imagination has worked its magic.  I use the math and geodesic experience of "Robert Gordon's seven days" and the data points of the dates and price levels of the high and low of the Great Crash (September 3, 1929 and July 8, 1932) to extrapolate the future date and price level above.

The math does not tell me it will be the all-time highest high or the final high.

I believe it to be all too logical that the data points establishing the future prediction destines it to be 1) DJIA's highest high and 2) that it will be a lasting high.

Not to be outdone by myself and again based upon the calculation being based upon the Great Crash data points, I imagine the prediction to be the end of the 1932 bull market.

If I had the refined method to check dates and price levels between now and the predicted date, I could rule in or out a high greater than 25207.  I could rule out a higher high after the predicted date.

But I do not have elaborated the method and back tested as yet and I know its going to take me a lot of work.  Perhaps July 18, 2018 will come and go before I have that ability, if I will ever have it.

So, there's a line in the sand between the math and the imagination.  Imagination is a great thing and I've made some great discoveries regarding Mr. Gann and his work, in my opinion, using imagination to lead me.  But there's a point where I need to draw a line.  The mathematic calculation would say:

DJIA must touch 25207 on July 12, 2018.

The math combined with my understanding of its basis in data points of the Great Crash leads me, through logic and imagination, to say:

DJIA will reach its highest intraday high of all time on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 25207

What happens between now and that date, I don't know.  Or afterwards, I don't know.  I just imagine.

*** ***

Many lessons learned over the last couple years of studying WD Gann....mostly through the hard way of error.  I think this clarification is important therapy for me and I don't want to go back and slip it into an already published essay.  Right or wrong it needs to be a part of the record.  Caveat emptor.

Jim Ross

Thursday, December 28, 2017

"A date by any other name would smell as sweet"

My initial whimsical thought of the three dates involved in the recently presented prediction of DJIA 25207 on July 18, 2018.

No doubt you recognized the adoption of Lord Bacon's "Romeo and Juliet."  Oh, William Shakspur, the barely literate horse tenderer (16th century car parker/valet) whose daughter was entirely illiterate and who was not known to have left Stratford very often yet wrote as if a world traveler, as if was royalty, as if an elite barrister and statesman?  Another essay for another day that others have already written.

Three dates, two historic, and a predicted date.  Dates and price levels that predict a future date.  Other than two being the source of the prediction, do they seem to have any "vibratory" similarity or connectedness?

Background, based on two data points (DJIA price at September 3, 1929 and the date of the Great Depression low July 8, 1932) a future data point, DJIA 25207 on July 12, 2018 was predicted.  Its a formula and a method.  The math and geodesics of the prediction are based on 'Robert Gordon's seven days.'  Confirming the prediction is a simple calculation based on vibration as defined by Luo Clement.  What you see below is not, in any way, the mathematic methods or the source of the prediction.  They are simply relationships that have coalesced as a result of the prediction.  

Philosophically (if 'Number' has philosophy) I might entertain the idea that the combined properties of the two historic dates (two columns on the left below) have some  similarities between themselves and with the predicted values.  Perhaps so:

Wow, the reduction of the historic dates are 6 and 3 and the predicted date is 3.  All in Luo Clement's vibratory class of 3-6-9.  And it looks like the net historic date reductions (6 and 3 in tan above) equal the reduced value of the predicted date, that being 3, also in tan.

How about the price levels?  They're pretty simple.  Adding the DJIA extremes of the historic dates and reducing them gives you the number 3 in red.  And the predicted value of 25207  gives you 7 in red.  Concatenate them get 37, the smallest angle of the Pythagorean 345 and symbolic of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and Pythagoreanism.  

I just can't help myself, one more of many other observations I won't mention.  Mea culpa, I rounded the 1929 highest intraday high of 386.33 down to 386 and the lowest 1932 intraday low down from 40.56 to 40.  Not on  purpose; I was whipping the numbers.  The above was my de novo shot at it.

Using instead, the exact 386.33 highest 1929 high and 40.56 lowest intraday low I can multiply the two and divide into the predicted DJIA value of 25207...what the heck, you can read the numbers:

Pretty darn close.

*** ***

A theme of SK Hane (, an incredible numbers guy, is that all numbers, regardless of system of measurement, regardless of application, can be related between one another.  Only by working some of his vast numbers of examples involving ancient measurements, astrological measurement, Great Pyramid measurements, Bible notations and derivations.... will one begin to understand his insight (begin is as far as I've gotten).

What a unique insight, somewhat proven, I guess, by near neurotic (worse than me) manipulation of Number.  An insight that, perhaps.... "All is number."  

Catchy phrase, "All is number."  Seems I've heard that before somewhere.  Perhaps Number is permeated by a spiritual thread beyond our understanding; or is it all coincidence?

Circle back to the 'rose' and the 'date.'  The Luo Clement Pythagorean value of 'rose' is 21 and that of 'date' is 12.  Both reduce to 3 and concatenated they are 33.  21 and 12, both reduced to 3 are my exact birth number (21) and name number (James = 12).  I discovered this well after I'd penned the title of this essay.  

Circle back to Lord Francis Bacon, user of pen names, expert in cryptography, great Freemason and, some say, Rosicrucian, student of the great mathematician, scholar, alchemist John Dee.   Lord Bacon passed 252 years before the year in which WD Gann was born; one interval of John Dee's philosopher stone number, 252.     

Perhaps a spiritual thread runs through more than just Number.  Or is everything random?

Jim Ross

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Interesting properties of the DJIA prediction 7/12/2018, DJIA 25207 and other observations

On Christmas Day a math, geodesic and vibratory discovery was made that convinced me it is a great secret of WD Gann.  As normal, I'm unable to routinely apply it as a system of prediction.  I published the one prediction I've computed to this point; that the DJIA will top on July 12, 2018 at 25207.  Four afterthoughts.

First,  A point of clarification.  The prediction of July 12, 2018 at DJIA 25207 is derived from the two historic DJIA points; the top DJIA intraday price on September 3, 1929 and date, July 8, 1932.  If you know the DJIA and the Great Depression market, you know those points.  The extrapolation of those dates and prices to July 12, 2018 suggests to me, very strongly, that this is not the end of the 2009 bull.  No, this is the end of the 1932 bull market that, heretofore, has not ended.

The separate components of that prediction, aside from the math from which they are derived, are pretty interesting as the next two subheadings will indicate.

Second, July 12, 2017.  The month and day components are interesting.  July is the 7th month and 12 is, well, 12.  12 and 7.  Of course, 12 and 7 are both big WD Gann and Biblical numbers.

It gets better.  Take a look at the year 2018.  Wow, if only the 8 were a 7 then the year would be a perfect reverse of the month and day.  In other words, you'd have 7-12 - 21-7 (the '0' is not considered a digit and ignored.  Wait a minute....there wasn't a year 0AD - the transition from BC to AD went 1BC and then 1AD.  It should have been 1BC, 0, 1AD.  Look at the XY axis and tell that is not so.  If then we correct the date 7-12-2018 to 7-12-2017 and suppress the 0 correction we have a perfect mirror revers:

7-12 .... 21-7 
(21-7 reversed is 12-7 or maybe 7-12 depending on your preference)

And still better, reduce the two digit components to single digits and you will find the numbers 73 and 37 (7-12 become 73 and 21-7 becomes  37).  73 is an interesting prime number but 37 is very notable number; the smallest angle of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 enshrined in the Great Pyramid, a symbolic number revered by Mason, Rosicrucians and Pythagoreans.

Add to the 12 and 7 a related observation regarding  John Dee's philosopher stone number of 252 and, as I've named it, WD Gann's philosopher stone number, that being 432.  Long ago in this journey I've written entire essays on those two numbers.  John Dee's "Monas Heiroglyphica" and WD Gann's number of pages in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I won't reprise the previously heavily trodden territory but have linked those two numbers to a single essay each.

In my pondering of the two philosopher stone numbers, I discovered they reduce to 12 and 7:
Third, that price target of 25207; dissemble it.  How many dozens of times have I pondered the prophetic Great Biblical Week of 2520 years?  And there's that number 7 again:

2520 - 7

Lest it escape your observation; 2520 / 10 = John Dee's philosopher stone number.

Fourth.  The question....did WD Gann 'see' me discovering this date and price?  I'll provide the encoding, you make the call.  

Find the date in the WD Gann "Map of Time" that I first made available via download for free nearly two years ago.  Highlighted in red below is the date, 7/12/2018, which appears on exactly ascending chapter line number 311 (highlighted in blue):

And, in the same chapter, here is the counterpart or reciprocating descending chapter line number 311, highlighted in blue, with my name in red:

My first name initial, middle name initial and the full last name, all spelled in vertically contiguous acrostic, telestic letters.  Perfect.

He answered in 1927 the question I asked myself in 2017.  Read the yellow highlighting.

I could link the date on which I made this discovery, Christmas Day, to my birth date in the "Map of Time" via the reciprocating line numbers just as above but that would require that I publish my birth date.  

The above is enough; any more will not persuade anyone.  You make the call.  I provided the WD Gann "Map of Time" months ago free via download.  I can't modify what you may have on your computer from two years ago.  You can recompute every line reference I've shown. 

*** ***

How might WD Gann be able to predict me and predict the day on which I found the point prediction (July 12, 2017 and 25207)?

My strong opinion, he did it using the same math and geodesic method I have published supplemented by the vibratory method that I used to confirm the July 12, 2018 at 25207.  I'm not opposed to a spiritual solution, but the math, geodesic and vibration solution is where I'm at in my research.  

On second thought, perhaps the mathematic, geodesic, vibratory solution of four dimensions is of the nature of a spiritual solution as well:

I've done the math and I know DJIA will touch 25207 on July 12, 2018.  I believe it will be highest high of my lifetime (judging from the points from which the point was computed), but that I don't know, according to math.

All you need to do is wait and watch.

Jim Ross

Monday, December 25, 2017

"Impossibility is the logic of fools."

Reproduced from the super_romeman's excellent "Orolo and WD Gann" which identifies WD Gann advertisements under the pen name OROLO in about 1909 from his 120 Liberty Street, NYC address:

[On my first trip to Mr. Gann's grave I toured NYC.  A friend asked me to find 120 Liberty Street but after leaving 1 WTC and walking aimlessly looking for the car lot where I'd left my car, I ran out of time.  When I went back over my notes and pictures from that day, one was of the 9/11 Tribute Center...I'd found it.  My friend was the first to discover 120 Liberty tied OROLO to WD Gann.]

Most important to me in the advertisement is the confirming observation of which systems of market analysis do not work; most of them being worthless.  Astrology and kindred sciences indicated the laws of movements in the markets, but "something was lacking."

I've been down all those same roads, once believing that Elliott Waves was limited only by the ability of the analyst and, with my perfect discernment (said facetiously bordering on mockery), I was destined to add to a small fortune I had made.  Just the contrary proved true.

Carolan's "Spiral Calendar," Wilder's "Delta Phenomenon," dozens of explanations of the Square of 9 and other market calculators, "cycle theory;" hundreds of man hours of back testing.  Claims made and, at best I can say, there was "something lacking."  Fundamental analysis, Edwards and Magee formations and patterns...  all lacking at best.

I've backtested every example of astronomical events correlated with Mr. Gann's wordings of "natural date" and "natural law" as cleverly identified by in Patrick Mikula's "Ganns Scientific Methods Unveiled" only to find upon their repetition a resultant tradeable market movement did not occur.  But his identifying Mr. Gann's use of encoding methods using the word "natural date" was inspirational.  I could not but agree, Mr. Gann had encoded his knowledge somewhere.  Perhaps "natural" was not the coding, but it was a great thought that Mr. Gann had documented his secrets.

Of immense benefit, Bradley Cowan's "Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycle."  No, it wasn't the "Price-Time Vector" calculation (a Pythagorean 345 based melding of price and time) which I first thought was "the" epiphany.  His system as well, seems unworkable though its math is elegant and logical.  Like Mikula, I took away something useful; my long forgotten analytical math, geometry and science and the practical side of astrology ....  and the allusion that ancient methods of mathematically and geometrically relating time and spacial structure may predict future market movements.  Determinism.  I think Mr. Cowan knows more than he has published.

And so it was, when I undertook the study of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" one discovery led to another to the present point; that I believe I have re-discovered the perfect math that only earlier today I was unable to confirm.  And it was wrong, but only by a little bit.  And there wasn't a method of confirmation.  Both conditions are now resolved.

All those systems of which Mr. Gann spoke and on which I wasted my time, as did he, backtesting them, lacked either truth in their entirety, or at best, "lacked something."  Mr. Gann's system, as best I understand it, is simply, or more accurately, not so simply, mathematics and science which he attributed to his study of the Bible.  My gosh, how many times did he say that?

*** ***

The math is now perfect and is largely that which I've described in the last essay.  And I have discovered the confirmation that existed in Robert Gordon's experience using a means which I'd not expected to be successful; the unique vibration of the DJIA.  Recall from the 1909 Ticker Interview:

The unique vibration of the DJIA confirms the perfect math.  If you cannot take the leap of faith I've previously described to understand and create the image of the solution afforded by the concept of vibration, then I cannot imagine someone making that final discovery.  Its a blasphemy of research to begin the supposed objective inquiry with the predisposition of "I doubt it."

Stocks, commodities, nations, organizations,localities....people, each has a vibration that can be categorized and proven.  No, not by laboriously documenting ill-recollected events in a person's life.  Rather, its WD Gann's laboratory of the stock market; that a stock or a person, etc.... of a similar vibratory category, like classes of elements in the periodic table, will exhibit similar characteristics and paths in their lives.  The granularity of the subject's character and path and life can be parsed as deeply as there are decimals in the numbers and time available to the researcher.  The publicly traded markets were the easily quantifiable means where Mr. Gann created his categorizations that could be used with diverse subjects, performed his tests, developed his data, tested his theories.  Incredible.  And as you know, his self-eulogy intimated he passed, symbolically, where he'd lived his professional life; in his laboratory of mathematics.

Much is yet to be done on my part; I have yet to determine how the "perfect math" is encoded into the "Map of Time.  Nevertheless, here's a first prediction based entirely on math and confirmed according to vibration:

DJIA will reach its highest intraday high on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 25207.

Lots of backtesting to be done, but I created this blog to document my real time work including the few successes along with the many errors.  If its wrong, I'll document it and go forward.

Humbly offered this day, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ,

Jim Ross

A Christmas error, a gift and the final unwritten riddle of Robert Gordon

Last week I floated 25207 as the DJIA but dithered on a date, suggesting, perhaps "Tax Tuesday" as the day.  I had not proven the math and, at that point, I said that.  It was my perma bear speaking, my pathologic subjective poetic nature as opposed to the objective mathematic path I should follow.

Yesterday I promised a date based on perfected math, and the math was and continues to be beautiful.  But that math is not complete as I realized last night.

There remains an unresolved mathematic issue which, in "Robert Gordon's seven days," is a "riddle within a riddle."

The previously perceived perfect math:

Having believed I'd found the 'idealized circumference of spheroid Earth' at 24821, I stumbled into projecting a date for when that price interval would be achieved (note that the projected top is 25207 which differs from 24821 by the previous top of 386....24821 is the "distance projected to have been traveled since September 3, 1929).  Logically, the date is determined by the Kepler triangle, the only geometric structure that "squares the circle," approximately as it is.

How can one construct a Kepler triangle if we have only say, September 3, 1929 and some future date?  Isn't that how we so often try to reckon chart distances between an historic point a projected future point?  You can't do that.  Two points do not a triangle make.

So I created a Kepler triangle envisioning the endpoints of the Great Depression's highest high and lowest low.  One point for the price point of the highest high and one point for the time point of the lowest low.  For the price (space) I inserted what, in a previous essay, I back fitted to be the idealized circumference of spheroid Earth.  I then computed the product of 24821 by root Phi to create the second side representing the radius of time, that being 31573.  With two sides and the given 90* the final side is the Pythagorean calculation of the hypotenuse, computed to be 40161.

The "perfect math" date and time would be DJIA 25207 on December 17, 2018.  I say "perfect math" facetiously because it is a long way towards a solution, but it is not perfect.  It provides a different date for every different price (space) you insert in the above Kepler triangle.

Still, it is beautiful math; from the sides you can create virtually every one of the great geometric numbers.  You can create Phi, Euler's constant, root 2, root 3, root 5....  Your plate is full.

And Pi, where is Pi?  It is there.  Take the value of time or 31573 and divide by 10000.  You have 3.1573, Pi within .5% of Pi at 3.1416 (3.1573 / 3.1416 = 1.00497).

But today isn't without a mathematic gift.  Isn't that incredible, in plain sight on the insert above, we have the spatial displacement that is integral to our calculation of time (the equator of the earth at 24821) and the time factor that relates space to time.  We have both spheroid earth's equatorial circumference that defines the perimeter of the square of space and Pi that relates the radius (derived from the former by root Phi) to the circumference of the circle of time.  [As a note, the circumference of the circle and perimeter of the squares implied by the above Kepler triangle is 198378 and 198568, respectively, a minor difference in dealing with two transcendental numbers, those being root Phi and Pi.]

Such beautiful where's the problem?  The problem leads to the final unwritten riddle of Robert Gordon.  The problem is the Kepler triangle gives us a set of paired values for space and time, not a single unique pair.  I can insert an equatorial value of 24822 instead of 24821 and behold, I have December 18, 2018 instead of December 17.  We have sloped line of paired values, not dissimilar in nature from say the 45* angle.  Which of the infinite pairs is the "one" solution of when and what price the DJIA tops?

The final riddle of Robert Gordon's seven days.  Robert completed a 360* circumnavigation of Earth, having departed from New York City, when he arrived in Montreal...exactly 7 days later.  He began at a certain longitude traveling east/west, and he exceeded that longitude (by a negligible degree) when he arrived in Montreal exactly 7 days later.

Robert's seven days were complete according to time on arrival at Montreal.

But the entirety of his journey was not complete; it would be 331 additional miles for Montreal until he arrived in New York City.  At 7 days plus 5 hours, his journey in distance was complete.  His trip was complete according to space when he arrived in New York.

In accounting, my life's career endeavor, there is always a final proof of the integrity of the accounting system of aggregation; a final balancing of debits and credits.  Nothing can be lost.  The solution is exact.

Similarly, there is only one answer to Robert Gordon's trip...when it ended the two-dimensional Pythagorean calculation (red arrow) of the hypotenuse of east/west and north/south values equalled actual crow fly (blue arrow) distance:

At any stop Robert made along his trip, that "Pythagorean equivalence" did not exist.  Only after time had ended (in Montreal) and space had ended (arrival in NYC) did the Pythagorean equivalence emerge.

That worked for Robert Gordon, but in the DJIA we still have an infinite supply of paired space and time points that all satisfy Pythagoras' formula in the Kepler triangle as applied.  We don't have a "crow fly" distance against which we can compare the third side of the Kepler triangle.

What then is our final proof?  The final balancing of the ledger's debits and credits?

*** ***

I have a date to watch, 25207 on December 17, 2018.  My initial inclination aforementioned as the perma bear and given the proximity of the current highest high of the DJIA of 24834 to the previously suggested 25207....well, how could we not reach that level post haste?  It's just gotta work that way, said facetiously.  That's the subjective me looking for the poetic ending, not the mathematically determinative perfect or correct ending.

The math, which, presently, is not perfect, suggests DJIA won't reach 25207 in the immediate future but not for almost a year from now.  If that date and time is the true, we have a year of chop, at best.  At worst we have a deeper decline and recovery to form a one-year double top.  But I remain unsatisfied with the math lacking a final proof.

What will be the final proof of the market?  I believe it will be found in the Biblical concept of Jubilee.  A concept that Mr. Gann discusses at length and far beyond my confusion point in "The Tunnel Thru the Air,"  Jubilee seems to begin when "time runs out" and, perhaps, without space having completed its journey.  An interim of "atonement," perhaps...or of "reconciliation" in the accountant's world.  Just as Robert ended his east/west journey and his seven days, he still had to travel in space another 331 miles to arrive at where he began; New York City.  That 331 miles is the as the 1 year of Jubilee to the previous 6 or the 1 year as to the previous 49.

That 5 hour, 331 mile final leg is the final riddle of Robert Gordon's seven days.  I believe Mr. Gann intended that we frame that final riddle without having to read it in the Foreword.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Jim Ross

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Two great riddles of WD Gann; the first clue of the math and some final reflections on the riddles part 3 of 3

Recap.  Essay 1 of 3 solved the 2000-year old question, raised by WD Gann's Foreword to "The Tunnel Thru the Air," using math and geodesic spacial orientation; Jesus rose on the third day.  Essay 2 of 3 used that same math and geodesic method to resolve Mr. Gann's corollary confirming riddle, that "Jesus... rested on the seventh day" in contrast to his having ascended in 40 days.  When first did I have a glimpse of the interdependence of time and space and its Euclidan (two-dimension math) and Descartisan (geodesics) solution?

My first clue in visualizing the WD Gann's four-dimensional math; the September 18, 1920 Einstein Essay Prize Editor essay appearing in Scientific American.

How did I get there?  Its been previously discussed so here's the five-minute version of my February 16, 2015 essay.

The first line, I tied WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to Luo Clement's (a pen name of WD Gann) "The Ancient Science of Numbers" via the five asterisks.  Pages 130 of TTTTA and 45 of TASON:

Then, out of the blue and entirely without context, Mathew 9:29, the Biblical context of Marie Stanton's note in TTTTA, is found on page 16 of TASON:

I had to, just now, go back to TASON and re read page 16, the last page of the first chapter.  The quote is as inexplicable as the five asterisks in both books.

Then a participant in social media, that Luo Clement = WD Gann, I'd submitted this proposal to a disbelieving group and ultimately challenged them to provide me with one person living in the U.S. that had been named Luo Clement.  Not a person came forward.

"Luo" is Asian last name not having a first name usage in the U.S., much less in 1909 Manhattan.  "Clement" either refers to the Pope that was involved in the Friday the 13th massacre of Knights Templar or St. Clement, the martyr (from recollection).

There is much more evidence, a preponderance, that WD Gann = Luo Clement.

Second, I linked TASON to the aforementioned Scientific American Einstein Editor a far less convincing clue; "Numerical Vibrations."  Inside the cover of TASON there appears the following announcement:

"Numerical Vibrations," under that name, was never published.  Ultimately, I believe it was published as "The Tunnel Thru the Air" as the "...second book of instruction..." the first being TASON, but that's another essay.

Not only was Numerical Vibrations never published, and I challenged social media to prove otherwise, I did not find any mention of it....except for one advertisement:

Someone advertising, 12 years after the 1908 TASON announcement of it, to secure a copy of "Numerical Vibrations."  Nothing anywhere else on the Internet, any link to "Numerical Vibrations."  So I searched for articles of that date and found the Einstein Editor's background article on the then new theory of relativity (special and general).

The date stung me; it was September 18, 1920, which some 87 years later we would lose our son.  The date that appears on the 13th stone of the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry.

So I read all of the half dozen or so EE essays and challenged Scientific American to divulge the name of the EE who has been anonymous for, now, 87 years.  Regarding the later, "no."  Regarding the former readings of EE essays, I was intrigued, no entranced by the following paragraph:

Space and time or spacetime, the fourth dimension, about which we do not know the mathematics and geometry.  Two and three dimension tools (Euclian geometry and Descartesian coordinate plotting) used to reckon and navigate; predicting the future using an ancient tool and modernized X, Y, coordinates.

*** ***

If you don't accept the Luo Clement link to WD Gann, well, you needn't spare a second for the far less robust, no, the indefensible September 18 link to the Einstein Editor.  After all, it's always far easier and, seemingly more "wise and responsible," to give the response "I doubt it."

We all take leaps of faith.  "I doubt it" can be the friend of inquiry if its examined as Rene Descartes did in his first proposition.  Its the enemy of inquiry in the hands of the person too self absorbed to consider.  Marie and Marks challenge...."According to your faith be it (I) unto you."

At the outset of my adventure into "The Market Thru the Air," one seemingly "wise and responsible" skeptic of my effort warned me I'd be down the "rabbit hole" as he, a wise astrologer, had been for years.  I am satisfied I am anywhere but in Alice' endless maze.  I am in search of the perfect math and geometry and see glimpses of it every day.  I believe Mr. Gann documented his understanding of that same math and geometry found in the Great Pyramid of Giza in his TTTTA and extended those natural laws to predicting, in as great granularity as he had time and desire to parse, the course of the lives of people, institutions and nations.

"According to your faith, be I (it) unto you..."  Jesus to the blind man, Marie to Robert in her note.  Knowing I computed, in regards to the first riddle of this essay series, that Jesus rose at 3:44am, the third hour of the third day, well before the women arrived with spices to see him risen.... knowing that, an inquiring mind, an observing person would be compelled to know the time of day that is on Marie's note.

The third hour.

Upon solving Robert Gordon's seven days, Mr. Gann promised we would understand not only the questions posed regarding Jesus, but he promised one other tantalizing gift; that our greatest enemy, Death, would be overcome.

It is said truth of a word may emerge from the understanding its anagram(s).

I interpret the anagram as the solution to death; it is a new beginning.

Jim Ross

Friday, December 22, 2017

"The Twelve Days of Christmas;" Its elaborated magic square, 2 of 2

Part 1 of 2 produced a simple mathematic extrapolation of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that raised the dilemma of the favored speculation that the "number" of God is 777 as opposed to the minority opinion that the "number" is 111.  That first extrapolation seems to favor 111 but it's far from satisfying.  Perhaps parsing the mathematics further would provide better light on the subject.

A magic square.  Articulate each row and column with the logical mathematic increment (rows, left to right) or deduction from the previous cell:

I recall, early on in my study of WD Gann, reading Frank C. Higgins' 1912 "The Cross of the Magi."  All from recollection, Mr. Higgins was not only a contemporary of Mr. Gann, but a Mason, astrologer, member of the same New York interest group (numismatic, astrology or numerology).  TCOTM was published by the same firm as published Luo Clement's (a pen name of WD Gann) "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  Hard to envision, Mr. Gann and Mr. Higgins not knowing one another; very well.

TCOTM introduced me to magic squares; ancient mathematic devices properties of which displayed startling observations.  In plain sight, we have all experienced them.  Ever play checkers or chess on the "square of 8" which becomes 64 cells?  Look up the history of the chess board which, without reading in depth, Wikipedia attributes to Persia some 1600 years ago.  I'm guessing, just as our deck of playing cards, the origin to be older and impossible to identify.  Out of my league, so just guessing.

Most striking to me in TCOTM was Higgins assertion that ancient man was little, if at all, intellectually inferior to his era (the 20th century) by virtue of the ancient's reliance on analytics math (as opposed to the pseudo math of statistics) and geometry as the finder of truth.  From the incredible page 40 of TCOTM:

Ancient man, according to my interpretation of Higgins, demanded that his God be as perfect as the perfection of math and geometry and his (ancient man) emblems and devices representing divinity must be as mathematically perfect as that same God.  Higgins' study of numismatics brought him in touch with the most prized of such emblems; coinage, money, currency.

Magic squares as devices contemplating divine promotions....  Perhaps of space and time?  Look at the insert above; I did not bold the words 'space' and 'time' above.

[As an aside, TCOTM was the first place I'd encountered the ancient dilemma of 'squaring of the circle' and the 'doubling of the square.'  Oh, I'm pretty sure I sped over that lesson in high school some 40 years ago but they don't teach those ancient discoveries, make that 'natural laws,' in CPA school.  I'd long lost that knowledge if I'd ever had it.  Higgins effectively re-taught me and added the tantalizing question of whether there is more to that ancient knowledge.]

New topic as my recently departed business partner of 25 years would say.  Or at least back to the subject of this essay; the magic square of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  We can see the four 6X6 divisions of the TTDOC magic square as Higgins indicated in the excerpt.  Hmmm, John Dee's philosopher's stone number, 252, is the sum of cells in quadrants 1 and 3 (highlighted in blue):

Wow, that reminds me of my remedial study on Sal Khan's (who was encoded in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" via a "two-deep path" as documented in the link).  Quadrant 1 of the XY axis is positive-positive in the upper right, quadrant 3 is negative-negative creating a positive product in the third quadrant; both have positive products.  Quadrants 2 and 4 are negative product quadrants as the signs of X and Y oppose in each.

Interesting as well, our stock charts are all quadrant 1; you can't have a negative price and time is never, in our Minkowski gravity well of Earth's space, negative.  Time always moves forward on the positive x-axis just as space or price moves upward on the y-axis.

There are mathematic wonders of the TTDOC magic square I'll pass discussing given the drift of the previous essay.  To capsule the previous essay's question posed; the first iteration of TTDOC raised the remarkable question of whether God's number is 111, as the math seemed to indicate, or the more popular view that God's number is 777.  What, if at all, does the fully articulated magic square indicate?

Let's try an extension of the same summarization that found three consecutive summarized rows created a repeating sequence that, when summed and reduced, gave us the number 1.  In every case.  Four '1's.  Look back at that exercise and where the three sums of rows are highlighted, alternately, in yellow.  The inserts above do the same thing but to the fully articulated TTDOC; they summarize the alternating rows highlighted yellow.  This time, each summarization adds to 17, which, when reduced become 8.  Four 8s.

Now we have 111 and 888, where's 777?  Obviously....888 minus 111.  Two numbers in plain sight and the third hidden; inferred.  

Does this solve the irrelevant (I say that uncomfortably and naively) question of whether God's number is 111 or 777.  Heck, it puts a third number in the mix; 888.  A "Trinity" of numbers, if you will allow me.

Way out of my comfort zone again as I'm only familiar, very modestly so, with the Christian concept of the Trinity and not remotely so with Jewish or other religions' positions.

Let me make this further observation.  Not only is 777 unique in that it is not a 'plain sight' result of the TTDOC magic square, but the remaining two numbers are similar in this respect; the 'plain sight' numbers 111 and 888 are strobogrammatic numbers.  Such numbers can be turned upside down or rotated 180*, and they are the same number.  777 is therefore unique, it cannot be turned upside down and still be 777.  I believe those in the camp of 777 have won the mathematic case.  

And when 777 was elaborated it became the "positive" 888 (the popularly attributed number of Jesus Christ) and 111, we presume, the negative.  

Two thoughts scream at me.  First, is this Gurdjieff's and WD Gann's and countless others' 'Law of Three' where the one is elaborated into the positive, negative and neutral forces?  The elaboration of the "All" that became the positive, negative and neutral forces, the elaboration that created all things.  As John Dee emblazoned on his Monas Heirglyphica summary map "sic factus est mounds."  [There's far more to the Monas and its "mapping" of all things, but it will rest for now.]

Second thought; did WD Gann see 111, 777 and 888, did he see John Dee's "map," did he encode these observations in his "Map of Time?"  Three excerpts from the MOT:


There are only three instances in which repeating digits are to be found in TTTTA and the above are all three.  They are 11, 77 and 88.  [There is a '00' but '0' is not considered a digit by many.]

And these two thoughts raise yet a third thought; did WD Gann see me seeing these things?  

"Saw Dee Map."  All the words spelled in vertically contiguous letters on page 404; it eliminates improbability in all reasonable respect, it eliminates randomness, the message was intended.  But the word "We" is distant and, arguably, unconnected and random.  Did he see me seeing?  Page 404 is statistically persuasive that WD Gann, reasonably inferred, "saw Dee's map" but the 'we,' being so distant, is a weak, doubtable argument.  

That doubt is mathematically eliminated.  Follow a simple one-deep path from ascending chapter line number 53 (blue highlight in the above insert) to the alternate descending chapter line number 53 (same chapter, page 403) and you find, on that exact line 53 (in the blue insert below):

"We"....  "We saw Dee map."  The argument of the improbability is disposed.

*** ***

Discoveries are emerging every day, faster than I can document.  I know the perfect math but cannot, as yet, apply it.  I know the manner in which the "Map of Time" can be navigated by the math of Robert Gordon's seven days, but I can't identify the method implied by the perfect math, not yet.  If I could take the time to identify the method to make the applications of math and the MOT work, I know that I could make an unfathomable amount of money, money which I don't have in any substantial amount (just enough to retire on comfortably).

But I'm caught in the wonder of what has taken place these last three years.  I cannot help but document the wonder or what appears to be accelerating to an end about which I have vague perception.  If I were to present an image of what I feel, it would that of the askew 'thirteenth stone' I sought and saw in Green-Wood Cemetery on November 22, 2015:

There will come a time when I will not publish this blog, frequented by a reliable, and probably still skeptical, 42 or so people.  I anticipate that time is nearing.  As Robert Gordon knew, one final secret must be kept to himself, not for himself but for necessity.

I wish everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas on this 8th of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Jim Ross