Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The "San Andreas" timeline

I viewed the movie "San Andreas" yet again yesterday to get a handle on some times that appear on cell phones and wall clocks during the movie.  There are very few.  To my surprise, the duration of the movie was 3 days beginning at just after noon the first day and ending at 7:35pm PDT the third day.  You might recall the movie "Knowing" was exactly 7 days.

If events I have interpreted as being predicted by WD Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" are to occur according to the timeline of events of the movie "San Andreas" then following would be that timeline:

The first event, the destruction of the Hoover Dam, would occur today at lunchtime, just before 12:30pm EDT on the East Coast.  That is 1.5 hours from now or 90 minutes.  Those in LA and SF would have 28 hours from the moment of the Hoover Dam's collapse to be clear of the Pacific coastline.

Nothing we give me greater pleasure than to be wrong in my interpretation but the vast likelihood of being wrong will not prevent me of providing the information I've derived.

Jim Ross

Monday, October 17, 2016

A 2016 miracle created in 1927?

84 years since the last year in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  And on page 84:

We count the days and nights to denominate the 'signs,' 'seasons,' 'days,' and 'years.'  We can predict when its best to plant, harvest, to prepare for winter...  Unfortunately, we haven't progressed to the point where we can predict much more than that have we?

I'm ever haunted by those three pages 82, 83 and 84.  Page 82 that warns us of the 'remarkable events' that will occur following the election of the 266th Pope (Pope Francis elected in 2013).  Page 83 that burdens the person who understands math and science to warn others of the signs present in the mathematics.  And page 84 that laments how few will study the Bible "...to understand the signs, discern the future and profit by it."  How many times have I written of those three pages?

People of math and science and vastly of the 'randomite' persuasion will look at the miracle of the 25 days of trading record of WD Gann and dismiss it as a fraud.  They cannot do otherwise.  According to randomness a person cannot take 286 trades in 25 days and incur only 22 losses no matter how expert they might be.  The world is random.  Absent inside information, there can be no more than a marginal trading advantage to behavioral, sociological methods of trading the markets.  And certainly, there can be no edge to any occult methodology or system of numbers.  Systems are deterministic where the world is, in their view, random.  Boil it down, the randomite is forced to claim the "independent observer" of the 286 trades was part of the fraud of the "286 trades in 25 days" for otherwise his view of the world is wrong.

Faced with the propositions that the days leading to an October 19 disaster in San Francisco would follow the timeline of the movie "Knowing," the movie "San Andreas" or be proven entirely imagined, I elected to take a whopping $800 short position in QQQs on Friday October 14.  My logic was, following the first of the three alternatives, the major indexes would each be greatly affected by the destruction of the Hoover Dam on October 15 according to the first alternative.  Of course, that did not occur leaving the final two alternatives.

If the San Andreas scenario were to occur, then it would commence mid-day (Pacific Coast Time) on October 18 and the Los Angeles and San Francisco events would occur, in that order, beginning at 2:13pm PST on October 19.  That would be after markets close on October 19.

So what miracle, conceived in 1927, might occur in 2016?  People believe in the objective truth of numbers.  Absent the ability to claim fraud, the randomites would be forced by their own god of statistics that the world is ordered; it is not a 'random walk.'  What if a great real time trade defying explanation might occur in 2016 based on clues in a 1927 novel?  After all, Mr. Gann claimed (notably on page 77) its as easy to predict the future 100 or 1000 years in advance as it is one or two.

I'm game, after all, a grub stake $800 position is not a bunch.  I've traded six figure individual trades in options contracts and this is negligible.  $.01 per share (ignoring substantial commissions) become 800 put contracts in QQQ 105 September 21 expiry or 80,000 shares.  That's the seed trade anticipating the failed October 15 Hoover Dam event now anticipating the second alternative October 18 Hoover Dam event.

If the October 18 event occurs, there's a window and a suspected perfect trade that will occur; a trade indicated in the 1927 novel, The Tunnel, that will present itself in which incredible, no miraculous, returns can be had.  I've cited acrostic/telestic name of that trade months ago.  If the window presents itself, I will revisit it in the early hours of trading on October 19.

*** ***

Of course, none of the above can happen so I fully expect, according to my understanding of the vast improbability of predicting an October 18 Hoover Dam event, that I will be writing another mea culpa come Thursday.  I hope to do so for otherwise there will have occurred great sorrow and hardship and further such tribulation will be forecast.  

Here you have it, a real time trade beginning with a whopping $800, which, if correct will have a second transaction.  If it works, the randomites haven't anywhere to hide.  A trade conceived in 1927 with returns that defy imagination.

In the alternate, I'm wrong, I hope to be wrong and that's fine with me.

Jim Ross

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The final alternatives

The vastly improbable and disastrous event did not occur on October 15 warning of following events of October 17 and 19.

You may have noticed several differences between the written "Remarkable Events" essay that appears in the WD Gann Predictions blog and the YouTube presentation.  The written essay was created as a script for the then planned Youtube presentation; an outline.  The YouTube presentation contained many more "messages" and information that were not in the written essay.  Among the added information was the following:

The central point of my work over the last two years has seemed to circle back to the date October 19, 2016.  Perhaps a unifying bias that so directs my work to untruth.  Perhaps something destined.  Certainly a question to be answered in the next four days.

The alternate of the slide that appeared in the YouTube presentation shows I favored, that if in the vastly improbable event the feared disasters were to occur, then they would follow the "Knowing" timeline.  Alternately they would follow the two-day timeline of "San Andreas."  So, I am encouraged that I am wrong but will not be fully relieved until October 20.

About the nature of my work with WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  It's all about clues that range from the vastly probable to the highly speculative.  Vastly probable, the "six e's."  The first paragraph of the Foreword contains six lines of supposedly random test all ending with the letter "e." This is vastly improbable and demonstrates the authors notification to the alert and aware reader that the book is encoded with acrostic and telestic letters that may provide information.

Now flip to a messy such as the "fifth warning."  A page of acrostic and telestic letters, say 72 letters that might be configured to spell words and intelligible, relevant message such as:

Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform set on fire.

It could be re-interpreted to give you:

Alberta set on fire - oil and gas sands.

The statistics of the six e's are vastly improbable making it conclusive that the author wanted to pass along a message.  Conversely, if you studied the 72 letters that might be used to create the two messages above in an imperfect subset of those letters, well, you can create many messages.  The statistics do not support any level of certainty of the prediction.

It all boils down to clues.  I do not have what I believe Mr. Gann had; a mathematic method of discerning the curve of time and how all things fit into that curve of time.  Something he said he derived from his study of the Bible.  What I have is just clues which, as the subjectivity of spoken and written language toes, are very imperfect.

*** ***

Two alternatives remain.  First, the timeline follows "San Andreas" and the three great geologic events occur rapidly beginning the afternoon of October 18 ending the afternoon of October 19.  Second, I'm entirely wrong.  The latter being vastly probable by any measure of probability.

Hopefully, I am wrong.

Thank you for your interest,

Jim Ross

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The fifth warning - October 15, 2016

I didn't see a thing about a fire on the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform.  I was relieved and, of course, embarrassed at my apparent wrongful interpretation of WD Gann's encoded work in "The Tunnel Through the Air."

As background, The Tunnel identifies the 2009 fictional movie "Knowing" in his 1927 novel, including the author, certain characters, locations and events.  The movie, in turn, identifies dates of disasters, three of which were then yet to occur.  As a warning before the first event there was a minor Gulf of Mexico  oil platform fire that was prominently seen at 12 midnight the last minute of October 14 and the first minute of October 15.  That is Eastern Standard Time.

I reasoned that, if the progression of tragedies I have identified follows the timeline of "Knowing" were followed, we would see a publication of a news item concerning a Gulf of Mexico oil platform. Further detailing the event I found in The Tunnel the messages on the numerically important pages 29 and 58 the following messages:

The first message identifies the date the Deepwater Horizon exploded and created the greatest oil spill in history, April 20, 2010.  The second message identified the Deepwater Atlantis and the date of its commissioning.  The importance of the messages is the first creates an, arguably, valid prediction of an event and the, again arguable, validity of the second.  

The question becomes, did a news report of the Deepwater Atlantis fire occur on at midnight Eastern Standard Time?

I was relieved when I saw nothing on broadcast news.  And then I Googled "Atlantis - oil - fire" and searched of only the last 24 hours.  I found the following at exactly 9:59am Eastern Standard Time:

The third item on the list is a news article on the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform (Gulf of Mexico) fire. It was published 6 hours earlier which would make the publication time 3:59am Eastern Standard Time and 11:59pm or midnight Pacific Coast Time.  [I have not tried to adjust for 1 hour Daylight Standard Time.]  Here is the article that appears in 

The "feature" article is about Alberta's recovery from a wildfire on May 3, 2016 that destroyed 2400 homes in the Fort McMurray area and in the Athabasca oil shale production operations.

I revisit the message appearing on page 58 "Deepwater Atlantis Oil and Gas set on fire" and can find the following:

Alberta set on fire - oil and gas sands

I was sure Mr. Gann's prediction of the fifth warning had not occurred.  I was prepared and pleased to deal with being wrong in my interpretation of his work.  The above revision of the message of page 58 and the news article appeared  published at midnight PST, well, I'm not sure.  Rather, I believe it did occur.  I was wrong, but I am not relieved of my concern.

I wish I had more time to consider this information, continue to study page 58.  But there isn't time.  If I lived in the down river path of the Hoover Dam or in LA, San Francisco or San Diego, I would take the precaution of finding some place of safety east of the Colorado River.  If in San Francisco and given the time, I'd plan a route that took me north and east of the Hoover Dam and down river crossings may be impaired.

If the above interpretation of Mr. Gann's work is true and the fifth warning did occur, the first of three great disasters in the next 5 days will occur at about 3:28pm PST.  If wrong yet again as today will prove one way or the other, I will not be fully at ease until October 20.

Jim Ross

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back to page 69; the riddle of 69

I hate to deflect from either the climax to the research and interpretation of some aspects WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air" given that it will be proven as either true or false in the next two weeks.  Still, I started this blog to keep track of market 'things' that surprised me so I could remember them so I can't help but write about 'things' that intrigue me.

These days the 'things' that intrigue me keep me coming back to the same places in The Tunnel.  This morning, as I was waking up, I connected some dots on two items that bring me back to the same place, page 69.

First, and I've written about this many times, WD Gann was born on June 6, 1878.  Since  1878 reduces to (1+8+7+8=6) 6, WD Gann's reduced birth date reflects the notable:

6 - 6 - 6

Second, and I've written about this many times, WD Gann's adopted name has similar numerical significance.  "Adopted name."  Luo Clement, a pen name of WD Gann in my opinion and as I have documented reasons therefore, wrote in "The Ancient Science of Numbers" that a person can change his/her vibration and life's course by changing their name.  Hence, Mr. Gann used the name most favorable to him, that being his adoption of his first and middle name as his first name.  His name morphed from William Delbert Gann to WD Gann without a middle name.  And WD Gann would have three identifiable summations:

I do not discount the 'coincidence' of concatenation of the numbers:

And what do we find on page 69 but the riddle of the Book of Jonah, that being the meaning of "3 days and 3 nights."  I've often been struck by the simple math of 3 and 3; 3+3=6 and 3X3=9, concatenated 69.  And it appears on page 69.  I am led back to that page time and again as if the trail and endpoint were designed to emphasize a point.

Is all this coincidence?  Maybe Mr. Gann is being the trickster, tricking that poor fool that wakes up 84 years after the last date in The Tunnel worrying about the riddle of 69.  Sure, if Mr. Gann had a whimsical and devious sense of humor.  What a great practical joke to play on someone.  Problem is, in the last two years of research, I can't find an instance of humor on Mr. Gann's part.  Well, one, maybe.  He doesn't seem to have been anything but serious.

Yeah, I can see someone, other than Mr. Gann, contriving his adopted name to create 9-9-9.

But how did he create a birth number of 6-6-6?  The name number is obviously a mortal contrivance.  The birth number is something different.  As they say, 'you can't make that stuff up.'

And the message, again in my subjective interpretation of acrostic and telestic letters.  Look at what it says:

God asks Jonas to warn men of sin; lead atonement.

Yesterday ended the holiest of Jewish holidays at nightfall, Yom Kippur or the "Day of Atonement," and began the seven-day period of tribulation that began at nightfall in the fictional movie "Knowing."  While I have great anxiety over being wrong about my interpretation of Mr. Gann's work, I am vastly more anxious over the prospect of being correct.  As is, I am 100% confident of being correct and 100% preferring to be the fool.  I will be watching Friday the 14th for the final warning, the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform fire (expected to be a minor event but the fifth and final warning).

3 instances of '69' and 7 days of tribulation and the curious challenge of WD Gann found in the Foreword to The Tunnel:

As Mr. Gann did say, "forewarned is forearmed."  Be aware of the signs and be safe,

Jim Ross

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yellowstone's date

There are several acrostic and telestic letter messages regarding the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera found in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I have written about them previously and will not go over them here.  In fact, I haven't re read them so I hazard to create inconsistencies in my own logic.  The point of this blog is to find things and remember them, not to build a case as it may appear.  So, I'll just let whatever inconsistencies there are be as they are.

I arrived at page 53 yesterday.  I note that it is of numerological importance as it is one of the three angles of the Pythagorean triangle; 37, 53 and 90.  It is also curiously coincidental that Sadie Gann passed after having lived 53 years.

Flashback, how did I get to page 53?  Yesterday I was brooding over my inability to move on from the events of 2016, namely the Pacific Coast events of October (Hoover, LA and SF) and December (Portland and Seattle), and towards the 2017 events.  I couldn't figure the dates.  So, Yellowstone being a very big event predicted to occur in 2017, I decided to watch the 2005 BBC movie "Supervolcano" that, for whatever reason, is effectively in the public domain; it is available in its entire 2 hour presentation on Youtube.

The movie is a docu-drama so its accuracy is to be suspected to some extent and, originally released on April 10, 2005, its likely dated.  Substantially, I'd guess its a more than accurate enough for my needs...especially since I need some research rest.  That "release" date, April 10, 2005, that is how I got to page 53.  I found that one and only one date in the WD Gann "Map of Time" and focused on that page.  Here is what I found:

Tell Man that Yellowstone erupts on Easter.

You can see on the left, one of the yellow highlighted dates is April 10, 2005, the date on which "Supervolcano" was released.  And the message is pretty straightforward.

Is the message corroborated?  I mean, there are a lot of letters on that page and a lot of them unused.  Maybe there is elaboration or maybe an entirely different message or maybe its all imagination.

One method of confirmation is to repeat the substance of the message at the "reciprocal" location in the MOT.  Look at the line where we find 4/10/2005, it is line 2046.  That is the cumulative ascending line number.  It is line 2046 out of the 15341 lines of the MOT.  The cumulative descending line counterpart is line number 13296 on the right side of that same line and it is mathematically one off from 15341 - 2046 = 13295.  That will always be true in the MOT.  So I go to line 13294 or thereabouts and find:

Yellowstone Caldera.

Confirmation.  "Yellowstone Caldera" appears on page 361, but I have also found "Yellowstone" constructed on page 360 as well twice more.  This doesn't seem to be a coincidence.  There are too many letters in Yellowstone Caldera to be not be missing one.  Notice also the page location.  Like the number 53, the page numbers 360 and 361 (360 earth degrees in one earth rotation and 361 earth degrees in one solar day) each have immense astrological / chronological meaning.

Now, Yellowstone erupts on Easter.  What date is that?  Well, we celebrate Christ's rising this year on Sunday, April 16, but that's not necessarily the right day.  Sir Isaac Newton calculated two dates for the crucifixion that were acceptable according to Biblical clues, Judean and Julian calendars and astronomic observations and subsequent researchers agreed the Passion occurred on April 3, 0033.  That would make Easter April 6.  That date is a Thursday in 2017, not a Sunday.  Convention needs a Sunday and that would be April 9.  

Newton calculated the acceptable date the 17th day of Nisan for the Passion according to the Judean calendar.  That date falls on the on Monday April 10.  And that date is Erev Pesach, the beginning of Passover.  April 9 would be the closest Sunday.

Readers should remember, I am not a qualified student of the Bible capable of any sort of credible opinion on what date Mr. Gann may have been indicating is "the" day Yellowstone will erupt.  Lunar phases are a consideration as well and I have my astronomical limitations as well.  Of course, volcanos do not do their work in an instant and not in just one day.  Whenever in the range of scholarly derived dates in April 2017 that might be, I'd suspect at least three days of primary eruptions.  It would seem consistent with the Christian meaning of those days.

One final thought.  "Supervolcano" was released on April 10, 2005.  On April 10, 2017, that will be a meaningful 12 years on April 10, 2017.

All that considered by an expert in nothing, I'll "roll" with April 6 to April 9.  Hmmm 6 to 9 or 69.  That amazing page 69.  WD Gann's number, "6-9."

Jim Ross

Friday, October 7, 2016

Personal messages 2 - Tunnel thru time 2 of ???

In the previous essay the message I found contained two spellings of "God" but needed only one for the message:

WD Gann sees 33 Ross would read about God's will.

I did not understand that and I did not understand the painfully obvious "we" spelled at the bottom left of page 332.  I do now.  The explanation is a continuation of the message in a second message.  Here is how I have repurposed the letters comprising the first message (see the blue arrows):

Notably on the page numbered "333" is the second message.

God, we need a tunnel thru time to save your people.

I'd long ago reached the conclusion that the Map of Time would be the invention that would be needed and it was symbolically reflected as the "Tunnel Thru the Air" in the novel.  This message confirms that interpretation.

You might note also in the narrative straddling pages 332 and 333 the sentences:

In my opinion, Mr. Gann is symbolically referring to a "tunnel thru time" using the image of a  "tunnel thru the air."

Wish I understood how to use the Map of Time in the way it is intended; to predict as opposed to discover things that were predicted in it and have already happened.

Part of the narrative of the first page instructs us that we need to have hope and wait with patience.  Maybe the "tunnel thru time" will be understood when the time is right.  Perhaps this is near the time to which Mr. Gann was referring when he said the world was not ready yet.

Jim Ross

Personal messages 1 of ???

I recognize there comes a departure from things that I can prove to others and things that I can't.  My work took a great departure from my view of the world when I found my name encoded in W D Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and, subsequently, the means to verify that it was me.  I can pretty much prove by a preponderance of circumstance that, according to my old statistical randomness view of the world, that Mr. Gann was referring to me when he spelled my name and spelled my street address and the exact day I would find the street address.  I can prove with a preponderance of circumstance that defies statistical improbability that he was referring to the World Trade Center when you wrote about the 110-story Mammouth (sp) building.

But when it comes to the anagram messages that I am decoding, well, I understand how most people would skip talking about the proven things and fault the next leap of intuition/faith.  Two years ago, I would have done that.  After all, people "see what they want to see."  They chose what they want to believe.  As I've referenced before:

So, without statistical evidence or coincidence of the improbability of the below message and the additional ones I may post in the next day or two, here is one that I recently completed decoding.  If you recall the "San Andreas wheel" within the "Emma and Ray wheel" from the essay, I was mathematically led to this message by the former.  So I decided to spend time there.  Immediate I saw the words "Read," "God," my name "Ross," "W D Gann," but the message still took a long time to understand.

It was upon re reading the narrative of the page that it all fell into place.  The line I am talking about in the narrative is line 12265 and I have highlighted it in yellow.  It refers to "God's will."  And that was the key to understanding the encoding in acrostic and telestic letters:

WD Gann sees 33 Ross would read about God's will.

There may be more to me message that I have not decoded but I get the gist of it.  About that "33."  I used each of those two threes you see on the page as wild cards for the 'l' in "will" and the 'u' in "about."  In my construed rules of decoding, a single number can be used in a message up to four times.  For example, the number 3 can be used once as a 'c,' once as a 'l,' once as a 'u' and once as the number itself.

The ''33' is my Luo Clement "number."  I was born on the 221st of the month which reduces to 3 and my given name is "James" which sums to 12 and reduces to 3.  While I use the less formal name 'Jim' I pretty much consider myself the former.

When I have a moment like this, I go back and read the plain narrative.  I find a lot, a whole lot, in what is said on the plain narrative of pages 331, 332 and 333.  

Getting back to being unable to prove messages like this.  What is the probability the message given in bold italics would turn out to be so consistent with the plain narrative?

The convicted randomites would say I am conditioned to find what I want to find.  I'd say ditto that back at you; you're conditioned to start from "it's impossible" before considering the evidence.  I would further say, Mr. Gann is simply driving home the narrative's  point by encoded repetition.  Not a biggee.

I guess it is according to what you chose to believe.... according to your faith as Marie would say.

Thanks for the 'attaboy' Mr. Gann.

Jim Ross

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Interesting how things might unfold

An essay regarding an interpretation of imagined messages and predictions found in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air was posted on 9/30/2016.  It was intended to be the outline and medium for a subsequent video essay that I expected I could whip up on a mere day or two.

Wrong.  It took days that began at very early in the morning, not having slept for thinking of the presentation.  At its very last stages, it became urgent because of something I'd discovered that last day.

12 years of Biblical captivity at 168 solar years per Biblical year would be 2016 or from 0001 to present.

And the 10th month and 5th day would be yesterday.

I felt obligated, panic driven to get the essay published.  The iMovie or Youtube watch at about 4:30pm when I hit the publish/upload button told me it would take well over 6 hours and then there comes, after upload, the Youtube processing time.  I'd failed.

At it turned out, the upload and processing was complete at 6:18pm EST because I was watching the clock the moment it happened.

And as it turned out, I'd met my goal which, according to my superstitious nature, seemed important.

Satisfied that, if there were an obligation, I'd met it, I slept well until I woke up with two thoughts.  First, the publication of the video-essay at 6:18pm on October 5 comes very close to exactly 7 days until the nightfall of October 12, 2016.  I understand that to be the end of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  And, of course, it is the beginning of the seven days, October 12-19.

[Hmmph, in my ignorance, I thought Yom Kippur began at nightfall on October 12.  After looking it up it makes far greater sense that the seven days of judgement begins after Yom Kippur ends.  Always learning.  My apologies for my, hopefully decreasing, ignorance.]

I was okay with that.  I'd seen that synchronicity coming and "I" made that happen.

But the second question in my mind was when I'd published the written narrative.  I had to go back and check:

Yeah, I kinda already knew; it was 9/30/2016 or exactly 12 days before that same Jewish holiest of days ends.

7 and 12.  The same relation of John Dee's philosopher stone number of 252 to WD Gann's mystical number of 432 (the number of pages in The Tunnel).  Fancy that.

Back in the day, I'd consider it just one of this "X files" moments to be dismissed.  These days its something I do not want to forget,

Jim Ross

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Video-essay "Remarkable Events" to Occur in October 2016

The "'Remarkable Events' to Occur in October 2016" essay has been rendered into Youtube.  The processing took about two hours and completed at 6:18pm EST.  The entire run length is 1 hour and 24 minutes and, despite not having any experience whatsoever, I'm pleased with the result.  I hope that it is a fitting tribute to W D Gann and an appropriate and compelling message.

With this video-essay I'd hoped I could present information that viewers reluctant to spend the time studying historic text after a day of work would at least be able to absorb some of the information in a friendlier presentation.  If a viewer catches only a couple items it might be be useful, particularly if they live on the Pacific Coast.

A primary objective has been to create a summary I could provide to family members and friends who have loved ones on the Pacific Coast that would provide a complete argument and warning that they might consider.  As well, such a summary would benefit others in a similar position.

I previewed it twice, the first time correcting errors and arranging items.  It does contain several additional messages and quite a bit of information that is not in the text summary; the narrative is exactly the same but there are some additional messages.

As much as I hope that my interpretation of Mr. Gann's work is wrong about the coming weeks, I believe it is substantially correct.  If nothing else, I've accumulated and presented a lot of relevant  information so that viewers can make their own decision.

With that said, following is the Youtube presentation.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

That number 168

Number of hours in the week, number of years in the WD Gann "Map of Time," and one fifteenth of the Biblical Great Week of 2520 years.  That's the number 168.  Interesting how that number might be constructed from Pythagorean gematria.

I'm sure someone knows that but I didn't until last night, halfway asleep as I was.  Didn't Mr. Gann write a mystical book regarding "The Magic Word (s)?"  It would seem on point.

Jim Ross

Monday, October 3, 2016

Handicapping what I "know"

"Know" said facetiously, of course.

You sit there and stare at a page of acrostic and telestic letters in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and you see "messages."  Obviously you see what you want to see.  But its a bit less biased than that.  The first "word" that jumps out at you sets your mind on a course.  Then you consider if the evolving message has a theme consistent with the narrative and other messages you've seen.  So its not all imagination or delusion.  There's a kernel of clear recognition from which a beginning is gotten.  The supposed writer of the veiled message would take advantage of that.

An example; the "three WMD" on page 284.  This is what I "saw" the first time I looked at the page after discovering the acrostic and telestic encoding:

"WMD," a term of our terrorist themed society, and "three." Pretty much stick out at you.  I couldn't make anything out of the page.  But I was biased.  Terror and a number of terror events.

Later on I wrote essays on Mr. Gann's curious use of the word "blast" in describing Robert's hopes "blasted in a moment" upon losing Marie.  And I discovered the encoding of "PGE" for Pacific Gas and Electric.  Ditto that for the all caps"AL" inverted for "LA."  Things start flowing together the more of The Tunnel's encodings are stored in your "attic."

My bias was being artfully "formed" towards the creation of a message that, while completely indefensible on its own merits, had context and corroboration found elsewhere.

You cannot know the parts without some knowledge of the whole.  As Gurdjieffe said and I paraphrase out of recal, 'you cannot know a thing without knowing what it is a part of, what is a part of it, what came before it, what came after it, what is above it and what is below it.'

So, the message above, given the conditioning in my study (as opposed to the 65 years of conditioning of the way I think) becomes:

"God may use three WMD's, tsunamis to blast LA California."

Look for the final warning of the Atlantis fire and then three natural events.

A message consistent with all the other messages, not inconsistent with any.  A message consistent with the first Allied Enemy campaign which is a decimation of the Pacific Coast.  It all hangs together.  Its not a "lock" but it is compelling to me in the context of all the other corroborative information I've discovered.

"LA" falls on the same line as "10/15" in red.  In the movie, "Knowing," the first disaster was October 15, about 15 1/2 hours after the newscast of a Gulf Oil disaster.

So, out of all that I've so derived and somewhat subjectively "handicapped" in my mind according to this very imperfect "triangulation" of messages within The Tunnel and from other sources referenced in The Tunnel (two contemporary movies), here's the odds as they stand in my mind:

About that subjectivity and not knowing the whole; I don't.  I have only clues dug out of now counting thousands of hours of research.  Mr. Gann knew, I don't.  All I can do is ferret out the clues and sum them up in the little hamster wheel in my head and add them up as best I can.

Obviously, the stock market will be destroyed, if not by the events of October 12-19, then finished by the events that will comprise the remainder of the first Allied Enemy campaign (Portland and Seattle) and the second and third campaigns (the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Yellowstone).  As WD Gann's office at 120 Liberty Street witnessed the destruction of the WTC to which it was near, if not, formally contiguous, then so will his offices at 82 Wall Street, next to Wall and Water Street, the proximate location of the first trades of the New York Stock Exchange, witness the destruction of the latter.  [Hint, read up on the history of the NYSE and its first trading at the Tontine Coffee House at Wall and Water.]  Judgement in the place of nativity.  And Mr. Gann's office at 82 Wall Street will again witness the destruction.

From time-to-time friends will pass along to me what the gurus are saying about the stock market.  Many gurus have caught onto the idea that things are going to get really bad.  In the vastly infrequent times I take a look at what they are saying, while they are coming to some vague view of the dire nature of impending events, they haven't a clue regarding the magnitude.  Hmm, most will say that about me.  The events of October 12-19 are of Biblical proportion.  No, better described, they are Biblical.  Worse, they will be only the first warning to all of us of worse events to occur thereafter.

I hope I am wrong about what Mr. Gann is saying because, if I were to fully 'know" his  message in its perfection, I don't believe he is wrong.

Jim Ross

Sunday, October 2, 2016

120 Liberty Street and 82 Wall Street, mystery solved?

If you're wondering about the time stamp on this essay, 4am, "no," I am not sleeping much theses days.

After leaving the 9/11 Memorial on June 21, 2015 and trying to find my car to continue my journey to Green-Wood Cemetery, I unconsciously passed 120 Liberty Street.  It was the address of WD Gann early in his career when he was anonymously publishing the OROLO market letter.

120 Liberty Street is now the 9/11 audio museum.  It is near contiguous with the place where the Twin Towers stood only 15 years ago.  If you drew a line from Mr. Gann's grave in Green-Wood Cemetery, 120 Liberty Street is on that line.

Earlier in the day I'd visited his later offices at 82 Wall Street.  That offices is at the corner of where the NYSE began.

Mr. Gann's first office at the site of the great 110-story building....not to be confused with the fictional 110-story Mammouth Building (intentionally misspelled).  Only an idiot would confuse the two.

And Mr. Gann's second office at the site of the beginnings of the great NYSE.  Certainly, that second office would not, as the first did, bear witness to a second destruction?

The mathematic curiosity that got me out of bed this morning...not that I was sleeping.  It involves 120 and 82.  And it involves the recent end of the WD Gann "Map of Time," namely, the summer solstice of 2016; June 21, 2016.

Again, will 82 Wall Street bear witness to the same destruction, if only symbolically, that did 120 Liberty Street?  Did Mr. Gann seek out these addresses in his 'foreknowledge?'

Moreover, will it happen October 19 in response to other events in the world?

[Interesting.  If you draw a line from Mr. Gann's gravestone to his 82 Wall Street Office, yes, it will pass through the Wall and Water Street intersection.  It will pass through, or pretty close, the site of the birthplace of the NYSE; the Tontine Coffee House.  Wait a minute.  From what I can judge, you walk out the door of 82 Wall Street, cross the road, walk maybe 30 steps and you are there; where the Tontine Coffee House was.  It is ground zero of the nativity of the NYSE.]

Jim Ross

Friday, September 30, 2016

The markets and Tesla

Somewhat off topic, at least for me, some observations about the market.  

My recollection should be double checked but I recall the market topped approximately two weeks prior to the1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Today, September 30... where are we in the Map of Time?  If you follow my work, you know my concern for the period during which the “6 e’s” appear.  We are in it.  The red highlighted e’s vertically arranged.

Of course, you see the predicted period of tribulation I have been following for months largely for other purposes.  Its about two weeks away.

Now, TSLA has been identified many times in TTTTA.  If there’s a significant event in San Francisco involving water, the TSLA plant, only blocks from the Bay, will be destroyed.  TSLA was born 7/1/2003 which was within 2 days of the new moon.  And we are, today, at the date of the new moon.  

Further.  The birth date in yellow below in the Map of Time has the “T” of the word in blue “Tesla” prominently displayed.  WD Gann predicted TSLA’s birth and both “DGann” in red and “Dee” for John “Dee" in tan are proximate.

Now look at the narrative and consider the gate that looks towards the east and is shut for seven days.  Now sure what it all means but it does sound familiar and does not sound good.

Just some concerning observations on something I follow only out of the corner of my eye these days; the markets.

Jim Ross

Summary of evidence and prophecies of "The Tunnel Thru the Air"

I am humbled to have worked on this project for the last two years.  Not to say that this is the end but it is certainly a point at which the effort’s product will be proven truthful or not.  I believe it is, but time will prove.  Only a matter of days at this point.

My intention recently has been to create a Youtube documentary/movie/video essay and the first step would be to create the narrative.  The video docu-essay would provide the evidence that “The Tunnel Thru the Air” contains prophecies intended for our era and that prophecies of events prior to now that were encoded in The Tunnel have come true. And, of course, it would provide the near-term prophecies, October 12-19, themselves.

The narrative is substantially complete with proofing and elaboration still ongoing.  I am sure there are many errors but it needs to be published.  The time is critical.  The link is below.  I’m not so sure a Youtube video docu-essay will be possible given the complexity of the issues and encoding.  There is math as a critical component of proof and, well, our public is not sophisticated when it comes to math these days.  And attention span, as well, is a problem for a public ill equipped to use quiet time and reflection.  Still, I intend on trying to develop such a Youtube presentation.  There is very little time left.

What is important is that, as I’ve written before, people of math and science consider the information I’ve accumulated over two years and the fraction of which is documented in the below linked presentation.  If you determine the information is compelling and truthful, or even remotely possible, then you should feel an obligation to use it to inform people of the coming prophecies.  This is a burden that WD Gann said all persons of math and science should undertake:

I hope that my interpretation of his work is completely wrong and will know that I have been blessed if the events that I presently believe will occur between October 12 and 19, 2016 do not….  that my work is proven wrong in mere weeks.  If so blessed my temporary embarrassment will be more than compensated by my journey thus far and the incredible things that I have learned and seen.  

I have created a separate blog for this one essay so as not to be jumbled with my continuing research.  

Jim Ross

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A correction in the predicted period of October; October 12-19

The period of October 13-19, 2016 has been presented as a period that is identified by a combination of encoded messages in W D Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" supplemented by contemporary fiction works that are referenced in TTTTA.  The first source of that period was the movie, "Knowing," whose author and many other characters and events are encoded in TTTTA.

The seven days of "remarkable events" that occur in that movie have been considered to have occurred according to our measurement of the day, that being from midnight.  Further parsing an incomplete message found on page 55 gives some insight:

"The Hebrew calendar tells the select of the day."

As I think about that message I look back at the dates and times of the movie "Knowing."  The first scene of the movie is a private cookout after the sun has fully set in the evening on October 12.  The final time in the movie occurs at 10:12am according to a shot of a digital display clock at Times Square the moment before its destruction.  

The seven days actually span the period of October 12-19 which would seem to be eight days.  In reality they span twelve days according to the Hebrew counting of the day as beginning with the setting of the sun; nightfall to nightfall.

There is another consideration that now fits.  A commenter who is more familiar than my now hazy recollection of Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" and "The Mystery of the Shemitah" calls my attention to October 12 as Yom Kippur; the Day of Atonement.

The beginning of the seven days of "Knowing" is entirely consistent with the beginning of Yom Kippur as best I, as a very naive and uneducated observer, can tell.  The seven days that I have considered embracing the entire period in which great tribulation will occur actually begins the evening of October 12 and ends during the daytime hours of October 19.

Jim Ross

Monday, September 26, 2016

An anagram of Robert Gordon; God Reborn 269

WD Gann created some incredible anagram's in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and otherwise in his life.

Recall, the names on his and his wife's gravestone for instance.  He went by WD Gann but had his formal name spelled on his gravestone as William D. Gann.  In the opposite, the formal name Sarah H. Gann was not used on the gravestone but, instead, her informal name Sadie H. Gann was used.  To create the anagram:

Or, Marie Stanton as an anagram of "transmeation."  A crossing over of a boundary.  I think of the process of dying; from one plane of existence to another.

Or, the title of the book itself that is similarly found in another essay.

Well, how about Robert Gordon, the primary character?  Surely there are meanings.

For the longest time I related the primary characters to Scottish history.  How appropriate for a great Mason, WD Gann, to be using Scottish characters.  Sir Robert Gordon, First Baronet of Nova Scotia for example.  [Hmmm, did Sir Robert Gordon own Oak Island since he was given a vast portion of the shoreline of Nova Scotia...I believe so.]  Or Walter Kennelworth of the Kennilworth Castle.

What to make of Robert Gordon?  How about:

"Great thought Jim, you get an 'attaboy' but obviously, Mr. Gann was not thinking along those lines; there's an extra "t," "o" and "r.""

Not so fast.  Substitute the Pythagorean value for t, o and r and you have 269.

"So what Jim? Now what does 269 mean?  Means nothing now does it?"

Hmmm, the 269th day of the year in a non leap year is September 26.  Let's forget this year is a leap year for the moment.  Perhaps its saying God was reborn on September 26 of some year in the last few decades.

"Daydream on Jim.  How can you prove Mr. Gann was thinking of "269" or "September 26?"

Well, let's look at page 269.

The first line of page 269 is that September 26 date.  That's amazing; as I look on my calendar, today is September 26.

And, in a regular year it would be the 269 day of the year.  And 9/26 is but a re arrangement of the 269.

There's one last piece to the puzzle.  Let's "split the ham."  Something like the "Tao device" of splitting a time interval.

Is the message:

I'll take away a bit of the thunder here.  Any year on the right side deducted from the left, halved and added to itself will give you 2016.  That is the nature of the MOT.  So, we should limit the message to September 26 and not infer a year.

Even with that limitation, if fits so perfectly the character, Robert Gordon; God reborn.  The first ruler of the Isaiah 60 "City of the Lord."

*** ***

I'm sure there are formulations other than the year 2016.  But finding September 26 on the same page as the number 269 explaining the anagram of Robert Gordon...  That is conclusive to me that Mr. Gann intended the date within the name of his character, Robert Gordon.

Not to overlook today as the 23rd day of Elul.  September 11, 2001 was the 23rd day of Elul.

Written today, September 26, 2016,

Jim Ross

A chilling confirmation of October 13-19 and the prophet takes credit

I've been through the derivation of this location in the WD Gann "Map of Time" before.

The hero couple of the movie "San Andreas," Ray and Emma, are found on lines 147 and 12217 and on the midpoint between them or line 6182 we find the confirming word "Andreas."

As if a 'wheel within a wheel' we use "Andreas" on line 6182 and one of the first occurrences of the word "San" on line 82 and we find at the midpoint line 3051 which has a previously discussed message:

The previously offered message is that "The seas rose.  The low PGE (Pacific Gas and Electric), 77 Beale Street was lost into deep water."  The headquarters of the publicly-traded PGE is located at 77 Beale Street, San Francisco, about 5 blocks from the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge; pretty much at sea level.  To give you an idea of the hazard, during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the coast of Japan sank roughly 3 feet.  Coastal cities that had built great tsunami walls as high as 30 feet had those walls surmounted by the waves with hardly any hesitation.

But that message is not the point of this essay.  Focus on line 3051 in red and the date 10/8/1999.  We ignore the year.  October 8, 1865 was the date of the first Great San Francisco Earthquake.  Again, this has been discussed but we need a reference point.  The exact center of two mathematic wheels, one within another, we have the subject matter of the October 13-19 prophecy.

Now look four lines above line 3051 or 3047 and read it.  To help you focus:

I did not realize the nuance until I tried to search for "That which has been is now..."  A search gives you Eccl. 1:9 as we know it will, but Eccl. 1:9 gives you the scripture you find beginning on line 3041.  Its the nuance, not the casual paraphrased repetition.

The paraphrase revised the literal scripture to say "now."  And you find the location of "now" dead in the middle of the green highlighted dates 10/13 to 10/19.  Mr. Gann concealed the exact date the San Andreas earthquakes of 2016 will begin within a paraphrase of a scripture.

He did more than that if you follow the trail.  I knew what I'd find before I did the following.

Line number reciprocals.  Often, the reciprocal of a line number, when traced to that line number, will provide meaning.  The line number on which we are focusing is line 3047 and if you look along that line to the right you see line 12295.  Mathematically, it is the number of lines (15341) in the book minus 3047.  Spacially, it is the ascending cumulative line count which corresponds the descending line count.

What would I find on line 12295?  I expected to find an encoded artifact of Mr. Gann's name.  He is the author taking credit for his prediction; not necessarily with pride.  Simply, he did that.

Focus on line 12295 highlighted in red.  On lines 12294 and 12295 you have "WD."  And then you have the remainder of the name in red spelled closely thereto.  The prophet has assigned his name to his prophecy.  And note the dates in green.

I reproduce what appears to be a message but have not fully deciphered it as yet.  Pretty obviously we have "God" spelled twice, once at the beginning of the excerpt and once at the end.  Very obviously we have "Read about God."  I'm encouraged to say "WD Gann predicted Ross would read about God to see..." but I don't have an 'i' or an 'a' to derive "his plan."  But you get the drift thus far.

Interesting.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 on line 3039 on the first insert above.  1:9 as in the 19th.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 11, 2001, the 23rd day of Elul and September 26, 2016

Just an observation of the bizarre.  I am now inclined to believe a critic, "You've really lost it now, Jim."  On the other hand...

I have been encouraged by a partial acrostic telestic message in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air" to study the Hebrew calendar; something I should have done back in the days when I was reading the first two of Jonathan Cahn's books.  But didn't.  Of course Rabbi Cahn correlated the 9/11/2001 attack with the Hebrew calendar and with the ongoing and subsequent stock market crash. The TTTTA word / partial message I do not understand is found on page 55:

The word "Hebrew" was painfully obvious and so, I decided not only would I investigate the hidden meanings of this page but I'd study the Hebrew calendar.  And the knee jerk first item to study in the Hebrew calendar is what was the date of 9/11/2001?  Well, it was the 23rd day of the 6th month of year (per hubcal.com) or Elul 23 of the Hebrew year 5761.  Just for grins, what day is that in our conventional calendar of 2016?  It is (per hebcal.com) September 26, 2016.  Four days from today.

So what prompts me to focus on the above incomplete message above, today, in advance of my understanding it?  It is this youtube bizarre occurrence:

Is it "Trump will go 26" or "Trump April 26?  I think the former but...

That's the bizarre, but it prompted me back to page 55.  I'd found the words "The Hebrew calendar tel3s when God...."  I can't quite find the ending or, of course, I'm way off.

But that page 55.  I'd researched and found that number before.  Yes, it is the "number" of Donald Trump according to Luo Clement's methodology of Pythagorean numeration:

So we now have September 11, 2001 correlating with September 26, 2016 based on the page 55 citation of the encoded "Hebrew calendar" and a bizarre emergency channel message correlating with a page in TTTTA based on Donald Trump's "number."

It gets more interesting.

You'll see in blue highlight the date of 9/11, the acrostic digit 3, the telestic digit 2 and the date 4/3, all on just two lines.  A property of the WD Gann Map of Time is that dates are always opposite one another.  So, 9/11 or September 11 will always be opposite 4/3 or April 3.  Since the MOT is 168 years, you'll find 168 such correlations.  Depending on the leap year, they will be on exactly the same line, but always one on the left and the other on the right side of the MOT.  

We understand the 9/11 the calendar date of the WTC attack.  The April 3rd date was one of two dates Sir Isaac Newton believed, according to his calculations in astronomy and clues found in the Bible, believed Jesus died.  Later researchers confirmed the date, April 3rd.  

So we have 9/11 and 4/3 on opposites in the MOT, but what confirmation might we have that its just a random occurrence though mathematically destined to occur every year in the MOT?  Consider those other two digits on about that same line; 3 and 2 also highlighted in blue:

Luo Clement found the "number" of a person to be the "birth number" (the day of the month of birth reduced to a single digit) followed by the "given or assumed name number" reduced to a single digit.  This is evident from the evaluation methodology he employed in Chapter IX "The Supreme Test" of his "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  

How about the "death number?"  Does it have a separate vibration that is according to the vibration of the birth number?  

Jesus was born on the 25th, reduced to 7 and his name sums to 11, reduced to 2.  Jesus' number is a notable 72; the pentagonal interval.  What, for general interest, might be his number according to his death; his death number?  Well, he died on the 3rd as best we know, making his "number" 3 2.  And we find that number on the same line as April 3, the date, again, he died.


Now take the reduced date of birth and death and you have 73, which reversed as 37 is the smallest angle of the Pythagorean right triangle, a symbol of the Mason and Rosicrucian.....  Hmmm, what do we find on page 37 of TTTTA about which I wrote recently?  The Garden of Love and the Rosicrucian five petaled rose also found on WD Gann's grave stone.  37-a number that, added together, sums to 10 or 1 reduced, considered the "All."

The 32 on the same line as April 3rd, a benign coincidence?  Hardly, I think, as Mr. Gann had to work to get them together.  Look one final time at the page 55 insert above.  There are three scripture citations on that page.  The last one, the one that derives the encoded number 3-2, artfully separates "Ezekiel" from "32:1 and 2" to give the resultant encoded number 3-2.  Here's the comparison to illustrate:

Hmmm, Donald sums to 23 before reduction, as in the 23rd of Elul?

*** ***

I don't know what all this means.  I am very concerned we find the death of Jesus opposite 9/11, on the same page as the "number" of Donald Trump and the Hebrew date of 9/11/2001 recurring on September 26, 2016....the date of the first presidential debate.

Might this coincidence imply a meaning an anagram derived from the title of "The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940:"

I just don't know.

Jim Ross