Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Messages in the "Ring In Fire"

Embedded within a defined interval of lines in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" are several encoded messages that elaborate the several prophecies that I believe Mr. Gann predicted in our generation; the generation of the 266th Pope.  The interval within which the messages are encoded is, in turn, defined by the encoded phrase "Ring in Fire."

This essay will review the previous "Ring in fire" (RIF) encoding because that encoding defines the interval surrounding the additional encoded messages which seem to describe the seismic events that WD Gann warns, in my study and opinion of his encoded work, will occur in the near future.  In the next several essays to follow, these 'subsidiary' messages that are located within the interval of lines outlined by the RIF will be provided.  But first, the "Ring in Fire."

The "Ring of Fire" is a contemporary concept defining a geographic circle of volcanos that correspond with geologic fault formations.  In TTTTA, this phrase is more ominously encoded as the "Ring in Fire."  Previous essays have developed where in TTTTA this encoding is found and the use of the "Tao device" to mathematically verify that it was placed there with intention; it is not a random occurrence.

No doubt, some confusion about the "Ring of Fire," "Pacific Rim of Fire" and "Ring in Fire."  The former two, as this accountant understands the geologist's meaning, are the hundreds of volcanos spaced around the Pacific Ocean's coasts somewhat corresponding with continental plates.  The "Ring in Fire" is thought, in my opinion of Mr. Gann's apparent coding, is a subset of those geologic faults along the Pacific Coast of the United States.  Symbolically, Mr. Gann drew these lines on the U.S. map using the primary and secondary battle lines of the the Allied Enemy's first campaign along the coast as described on page 279:

Interesting.  I've somewhere missed the priority of battle lines.  The primary battle line is defined as from Brownsville, TX along the Rio Grande to El Paso then up the Colorado to Portland and Seattle.  The secondary battle line is the coastal line from San Diego up the coast to Portland.  The map looks like this:

Back to the RIF.  The encoding of the RIF was first noticed (and initially dismissed as random) in two excerpts of apparent but misspelled words "rng" and "fre."  Both words were apparent but missing an "i."  Over many months I came upon and wondered at those words time and again:


The key to understanding how these excerpts, some 1892 lines apart (center to center) is the "Tao device."  Two words, distantly apart, joined by a third expected word mathematically halfway between the two words.  The phrase in the Tao Device was "Tao to WAR" and the words "Tao" and "WAR" were prominently found in the acrostic telestic encoding.  The "to" was found exactly half way in between when counting vertical lines.  Exactly.

With the expectations of the Tao device, and the misspelled words "rng" and "fre," I expected to find the "i" on line 11016:

And on line 11016 we find the "i" and, moreover, we find "in."  

Focus on just the line highlighted in yellow; 11016.  You find the acrostic letter "i" and the telestic letter "n."  We have the missing "i" and the middle word "in."  The phrase is complete.  It is "ring in fire."

But there is more.  We also find the entire spelling of "San Francisco" highlighted in red.  We also find San Francisco in the narrative and "Knowing," suspiciously similar to the movie of prophecy "Knowing" about which many essays have been written.

Note the dates highlighted in green and on and attending line 11016; the exact date range of destruction in the movie, "Knowing."

And worse yet is the sentence that appears on lines 11015 and 11016 which is highlighted in yellow:

*** ***

The RIF interval, stretching from 10070 to 11962 contains several elaborate messages that describe the events that Mr. Gann seems to predict will occur in the near future.  I have, as best I can, found and reconstructed four of the messages with several promising excerpts which I have yet to understand.  All are within the general outline of events that have been previously discussed to occur within the next years, several to occur by the end of this year.

There is one date in the last excerpt appearing in blue highlight that has not been discussed.  It is September 6 which I interpret to be next Tuesday.  I have been  confused by that date, believing it to be important but not having a better understanding.  One of the "encircled" messages seems to address that date and will be the subject of the next essay.  

Jim Ross

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A "selfie" eulogy, 28 years in advance

I've commented several times on WD Gann's being an Einstein level, actually greater than Einstein, scientist whose discoveries pre date the great 1905 theory of special relativity.  Mr. Gann's mastery of the markets are demonstrated in the "Ticker Interview" and the 25 days of trading.  He perfected and knew the mechanics of time and space (price) in a relatively simple "laboratory" situation, the stock market, where the dynamics of time and space were isolated and could be examined and easily quantified.  He not only theorized the dynamics of time and space (price), he implemented its mathematics in the markets.

Where Albert Einstein was only just then theorizing 'special relativity' in 1905 with its follow-on of 'general relativity' and formulaic reflection to follow a decade later, all of which was not substantially proven until Sir Arthur Eddington's eclipse observations in 1919, WD Gann was predicting the stock market, arguably with perfection.  In 1920, in my opinion, Mr. Gann was writing essays and arbitrating a contest in "The Scientific American;" anonymously, of course, as the Einstein Essay Contest Editor.  I've written extensively about the Einstein Essay Contest Editor, the name of whom was never, even to this day, revealed.

Several times while reading the Einstein Essay Contest Editor's five or so contextual background essays in the Scientific American I quipped to myself and wrote in my essays "freely traded markets are Mr. Gann's laboratory."  Go back and look at my many essays on the Einstein editor.  You'll find that sentiment often.  Do a search on "markettimeandprice" and "laboratory," I just did.  Maybe a half dozen times I wrote that sentiment.  Its something I couldn't prove if I spent a lifetime, but it is something I felt deeply going back to the first time I visited his grave on June 21, 2015.

I've also written several essays floating my belief that Mr. Gann knew the day he would pass and went so far as to configure his and Sadie Gann's gravestone provide a message.  "A shaman died willing - Gann."  And thereby to provide a gravestone set of measurement and mathematics that points to the year 2016 as a year of great importance.

Fixated most recently with dates, the dates of coming events, I had an interesting thought last night of an important date I'd not explored in WD Gann's "Map of Time;" the date on which he passed, June 18, 1955.  Might he have memorialized himself in some way?  Yes, he did:

On the exact line where Mr. Gann's date of passing occurs in the Map of Time, we find "laboratory in New York."

*** ***

He knew.   His laboratory in New York, the greatest market in the world, was his lab for the study of  the physics and geometry of time and space.  And that was his self eulogy.  A 1927 'selfie.'

Jim Ross

Friday, August 26, 2016

Isaac Newton, Easter, 9/11 and 3

More a note to myself to prevent my forgetting a remarkable "coincidence" of numbers (which I'm sure many have discovered long ago).

Studying the celebration of Easter I was diverted to consider Isaac Newton's (interestingly born on December 25, 1642) work in calculating the date Jesus was crucified according to astronomical clues found in the Bible and other records.  My naive understanding is that he isolated that date as being April 3, 33AD.  There was something about that date (other than its obvious importance).

So I went to the 1848-2016 WD Gann "Map of Time" and stumbled on the following April 3 date:

In green we have 4/3/1863 on the left and its right side correspondent is 9/11/2001.  I've come to believe the year of a date found in the MOT is not necessarily meaningful but the month and day of corresponding dates on the right and left sides of the MOT develop some meaningful mathematics.  That's a conclusion in process, not a truth.

Ignoring my suspicions of the irrelevance of MOT years, I noodle the difference between 2001 and 1863; it is 138 which is reduced to 12 and further reduced to 3.  And I enumerate Jesus to be 1+5+1+3+1=12 reduced to 3.

Do you think Luo Clement (pen name for WD Gann IMO) noticed the remarkable cornerstone, capstone and keystone numbers of Jesus' name?  1-1-1.  Talk about harmonious cornerstone, capstone and keystone numbers, 1-1-1 is pretty harmonious.  [What might Richard Allan Wagner have to say about Lord Bacon's mystical number 111?]    That 1-1-1, it reduces to ...3.

I continue noodling and find the difference between the year 33AD and our present year of 2016 is 1983 and, well, it reduces to 1+9+8+3=21 which reduces to...3.

I can't stop myself.  That year 1863 and the difference in the previous sentence, that being 1983.  That difference is 120 (1983-1863).  And, you get the drift, the reduction of 120 is.....3.

Interesting how WD Gann's "Map of Time," derived from the line structure of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" seem to correlate with historic events set almost 2000 years apart.  And their correlation seemingly reinforced by the number '3.'  Certainly coincidental.  Certainly unrelated.

Would Luo have any further observations?  The "death" number is 3 and the name number is 3 or 3-3.  And Jesus was crucified in the third life cycle of 9's (page 49 of "The Ancient Science of Numbers") or under the keystone letter 's.'  And in the year 33AD.

Many more coincidental instances of 3.  I'd mention the enumeration of the word "Bible" but that would be off topic in an otherwise irrelevant  (said facetiously according to my system) essay.

*** ***

I've read half Isaac Newton's research career was spent in attempting to identify the "Torah Code" he believed existed and in other spiritual pursuits.  Interesting how the one instance of the "Torah Code"(highlighted in red and blue) and the date April 3 (in yellow) found in the MOT seem to embrace dates upon which I have commented so many times; September 6 and October 13-19 (in green).

Such a smart man to so have wasted so much of his life.  He did not publish his spiritual work; perhaps, as many suggest, because it was incomplete or perhaps out of fear of the established church of his time.  

Hmph, every thing I do seems incomplete, irrelevant or wrong and yet I blather on.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An introspective WD (Gann)

Encoded in the acrostic and telestic message of page 64 of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"

I expect if I enlarge the area of letters, I can find a more complete message.  But here is the substance of what that more elaborate message would be.

"WD, me, my fate, path."  And the narrative from Walter Kennelworth's father "if anyone can work out anything from the Bible, you can do it."

Elsewhere in TTTTA we find the recurring word "tora,"  And in one an only one instance we find the words "Torah Code" highlighted in red and green:

Is the message, "WD Gann, me, my fate and path is to discover the Torah Code?"

If so, what then might be any message to our generation?  One last bit of encoded information.  If you look at the blue highlighted line numbers, 12727 and 2617.  They are reciprocals of a numeric circle of time (168 years) formed by the WD Gann "Map of Time."  Often they point to one another with meaning.  So, the "H" of Torah Codes is on ascending line number 12727, let's look at descending line number 2617.

Interestingly we find the word "Pi" spelled and then "ip" or "Pi" inverted.  And we find 1 Thessalonians 5:21; "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good."

*** ***

Its easy to see, or speculate, the common thread of the first two inserts; that WD Gann felt he could foresee the future, even to our generation, the "remarkable events" to occur following the election of the 266th Pope.  

You see it but do you observe it?  What might be the advice to which Mr. Gann might be alluding?  Look at the dates that attend each of the three inserts.  In green you have the period of October 13 to October 19 and in yellow you have the date September 6.  

October 13 through 19 is the period of "tribulation" leading to a final great event in the movie "Knowing."  As well, it is the period of strife in the movie "Frequency" (October 10 to 17).  It is a period that I have found encoded in TTTTA and about which I have written extensively in previous essays and which I find associated with Los Angeles and San Francisco.

As frequently as we might finds dates shown in the movies "Knowing" and "Frequency," you will not find any dates in the movie "San Andreas."  Unless you freeze frame the moment of the onset of that movie's LA earthquake and the cell phone that rings seconds before:

You won't see the above unless you isolate by "stepping" through the scene, but it is there.  It is the only date you will see anywhere in the movie.  Even a letter from a law firm to the principle character,  conspicuously, does not have a date.  Every date in the movie scrubbed except September 6.  The above is the only date.  Because it says Saturday, it must be 2014 but the movie didn't debut until 2015.  Concentrate on September 6 at 2:13, PDT.  

If the year is 2016, then it is after the market close on Tuesday September 6, 2016, the day after Labor Day.  What was it that Mr. Gann said about market changes in trend during holidays?  If DJIA hit 19040 on that day, what would the change in price and over the years since the July 8, 1932 Great Depression low look like?  [Hint]

Is the advice boiled down to the following?  A disastrous event occurs September 6.  In the wake of that event, all the emergency resources of the U.S. focus on relief; much as the fictional U.S. fleet was rushed to the Pacific Coast and destroyed by Japanese bombers, much as Colonel Manson writes the electric sign puts the "fear of God" in the enemy.  And during that relief from the September 6 event, the events of October 13-19 strike.  

Notably, a 6.2M earthquake hit within 100 miles of the Vatican last night.  One wonders if the 266th Pope, born on the 266th degree of the solar year, felt that shock.  And further notably and in seeming contradiction to modern seismic science that asserts earthquakes do not propagate over long distances as say a liquid would 'vibrate' forming ripples, a 6.8M just hit Burma.

Jim Ross

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A recap of the "time line" of the first Allied Enemy campaign

WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air" depicted a war time line that occurred, not surprisingly, in three readily identifiable segments.  First was a campaign from April 1930 to late 1930 that began offshore near Los Angeles, moved inland to LA, onto a line from Brownsville to El Paso, then to San Francisco and finally upward to Portland and Seattle.  Second, in 1931 the Allied Enemy began an attack from the Gulf, up the Mississippi from New Orleans to St Louis ultimately ending with the Allied Enemy's final victory, the battle of and destruction of Chicago.  Following a fifteen-day armistice that ended on October 18, 1931, the Allied Enemy began its third campaign to destroy Detroit, Boston, New York and Washington DC which was to fail.

This essay provides a follow-up on the first Allied Enemy campaign and the time line I suggested in April 2016 that natural events in 2016 would parallel those of the first Allied Enemy campaign.  Back then, I perceived a Phi mathematic progression of the times of the fictional events that I expected would occur in 2016.  If that is the case, I have not detected that formula.  I've tried hard but even Mr. Gann would not tell us the exact dates of the May 1930 attack on the Pacific Fleet or the September 1930 destruction of San Francisco.  Either he wants us to work harder to find those dates or there are some things that are only according to "His" time.  Still, the following ordinal arrangement of "remarkable events" should hold true if my interpretation of Mr. Gann's clues are correct.  That's a big "if."  Download the WD Gann's "Map of Time," test the information I have accumulated and make your own judgement.  If you live west of the Mississippi and north of Tennessee, you should invest the time in my opinion.

February 23, 2016.  This date constitutes my "great mistake" (one of many no doubt) having correlated the author, many characters and events of the 2009 movie "Knowing" to TTTTA and the movie "2012" to their encoding in TTTTA.  As it turned out, this date was only a first warning.  I derived the date from the key dates in the two movies, October 19, 2009 ("Knowing" solar flare) and December 21, 2012 (Mayan end of calendar):
My "great mistake" was the magnitude of the event that did occur on February 23, 2016.  Until future events prove differently (hopefully and likely), I consider February 23 as having been a warning.  There is not a counterpart to this first warning in the first Allied Enemy campaign.

April 14 and 15, 2016.  In April 1930, Japan was the first of the Allied Enemy to declare war on the U.S.  Obviously, Mr. Gann was not referring to WWII as Pearl Harbor occurred December 7, 1941.  As well, Mr. Gann gave us only April 1930, absent a date.  As accountants are want to do, I assumed the average, the middle or April 15...look for something on April 15, 2016.

On April 14 and 15 Japan was hit by earthquakes as great as 7.0M just east of Kumamoto City killing 49 and causing great damage.  As Japan sits on the same Pacific "Rim of Fire" as much of the US Pacific coast, this event might be considered a valid correlation between TTTTA and actual 2016 events.

June 9, 2016.  This date cannot be but intriguing to anyone having seriously researched TTTTA; June 9 is "69" much as we interpret September 11 as "911."  69 is the Wall Street address of Robert Gordon, it is the birth date of Robert Gordon and on and on.  It is the page number of many TTTTA researchers assert is the "key" to prophecy, the Book of Jonah, as asserted by Mr. Gann on that page.  Mr. Gann's "number" according to Luo Clement's methodology is 6-9; he was born on the 6th day of June so his birth number is 6, and his assumed name of "WD" enumerates to 9.  6-9.  And 69 is the "key" to the "6th Prophecy of 9/11."

My interest was piqued when trying to understand Ezekiel's prophecies that inexplicably constitute almost the entirety of Chapter V.  In point, page 52:

I found the sixth month, fifth day perfectly correlated with the 6/5/2005 in the left margin of the WD Gann "Map of Time."  Ignoring the year, as often is apparently intended, Ezekiel 8:1 dating of the sixth month fifth day occurs precisely on the line of June 5.  

You'll see as well, the cumulative descending line number is "2016" and appears at the middle of the red highlighted encoded word "SEA."

Why the green encoded series of June dates?  Largely they are the area in which I believed an "event" might occur.  As well, June 7-10, 2016 was the duration of "Cascadia Rising" a FEMA event in which participants were staging a response to a massive "Cascadia Subduction."  Such an event, last experienced in the year 1700 would result in a massive seismic event stretching from about 200 miles north of San Francisco up through northwest Canada.  

So, what happened?  At four minutes past midnight PST (technically June 10, 2016 by 4 minutes) the largest earthquake to hit the contiguous 48 states since 2014, a 5.2M, occurred at Barrgo Springs CA. About 156 miles southeast of LA and just north of the US border.

I correlate the June 9, 2016 Barrego Springs earthquake with the Allied Enemy's destruction of the US Pacific fleet in mid May 1930.  Obviously, the dates are a problem.  Still there is striking similarity. In 1930 all of the US' war ships were destroyed when they rushed to the Pacific Coast.  In 2016, the US planned and practiced in Cascadia Rising the rushing of all emergency forces to the Pacific Coast upon the first such event.

September 6, 2016.  There seem to be unmistakable clues in TTTTA that September 6 is a date which will be very important.  Most prominently, the destruction of San Francisco occurs in September 1930.  I have discovered additional clues that suggest there will be an event in specifically San Francisco that will have a major impact on two specific stocks that are native to the Bay; PG&E and Tessla.  And those stocks are correlated to the date, September 6.

There is much more to the September 6, 2016 date but to keep it short I'll mention one item and defer the remainder.  In the movies correlated with TTTTA there are many dates except the one movie San Andreas.  You will not find a date for that day anywhere in the movie except one place.  I've blown up every picture of a document, computer screen, TV screen, cell phone shot and there is a conspicuous absence of dates.  Nothing except one cell phone screen shot that lasts a split second.  If you don't isolate it exactly, you'll never see it.  It is the exact date and time of the fictional Los Angeles earthquake:

That is the moment, during the luncheon scene in downtown LA, that the first LA earthquake hits (one hit Las Vegas the previous day).  2:13pm Pacific Daylight Time we'd presume so that would make it 5:13 Eastern Daylight Time, after the market close.  [September 6, 2015 was a Sunday, not a Saturday and September 6, 2016 is a Tuesday.  September 6, 2014 was a Saturday.]

My interpretation of all of this is the warning, this time, is far bigger.  Note on page 76 of the insert regarding Beale Street the reference to the lost continent of Atlantis.  Note the emphasis Mr. Gann gives it; "There is considerable truth in that statement."

October 13-19 and pointedly October 15, 17 and 19.  In the movies "Knowing" and "Frequency" the seven-day date ranges of October 13-19 and October 11-18 are the period of the activity.  Those dates are the subject of an extensive series of posts finding them prominently associated with LA and SF in TTTTA.  The clues indicate, at least to me, tragic Pacific Coast events will continue during this time period.

December 21, 2016.  I have not researched December 21, the date of extreme relevance in "2012" which is the end of the Mayan calendar.  We find on pages 302 and 303 of TTTTA that the final battle of the first campaign involves the "capture" of Portland and Seattle and tell tale clues to seismic events by the encoding of "Tectonic plates" missing an "i" and having a 3 as a Pythagorean substitution for a missing "l."  "Captured," almost as if surrounded by water; a scenario anticipated by the FEMA-declared "inundation zones" that are superimposed on the existing city maps of Portland and Seattle."

*** ***

The above is the time line of the first campaign of the Allied Enemy and the suspected 2016 reflection.  The first two of the above events have occurred and, despite the incorrect anticipation of their magnitude, rise to the level of warnings.  September 6 might be a warning of greater fervency but it might also be a great tragedy as well.

This last week, a 2015 NASA study was updated by the Express UK regarding NASA's finding of 99.9% probability that a massive earthquake would strike LA within 2 years.  Of course the USGS responded in the vein that earthquakes cannot be predicted.  Does one agency know something with which another would prefer not to have to deal?

Conspiracy aside, it seems most agree something will happen within less than a person's life span.  Why then, take the chance, whether its two weeks or two years or ten years?  For those living in LA or SF, well, they might be the next warning on September 6...if it occurs.  For those in Portland and Seattle, act accordingly.

All of the above are clues or information I take from TTTTA and the annexed movies I believe WD Gann foresaw and wove into TTTTA.  They are only clues and not mathematic and science which I believe Mr. Gann understood.  As always, I hope I'm wrong but fell bound to present most of the information I have and my opinion so you can judge.  Look for more information to come which involves Tesla, PG&E and San Andreas.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Intriguing Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla has been bugging me for months now.  I couldn't tell if it was Nickola Tesla or Tesla Motors, Inc. that was appearing so frequently in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Probably both and I understand the historical and thematic reasons why Nickola Tesla would be there; both he and the fictional Robert Gordon were great contemporary inventors.  Still, could Mr. Gann be referring to Tesla Motors, Inc.?  If so, why? Yes and for a monetary reason perhaps.  Some background.

Tesla Motors, Inc. or TSLA, as we all know, produces the fastest vehicle vehicle most semi regular people can afford.  Best I recall, their sport does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds.  Most impressively, it costs less than $200K where comparable performing exotic sports cars runs closer to $1M than $200K.  There I go again, talking about things I don't know much about, but you get the point.  Fast cars, cheating with electricity rather than petrol.

TSLA's headquarters is on the left side (Pacific Ocean) side of the San Francisco Bay (Palo Alto), somewhat "up the hill" from the Bay.  Their one and only plant is on the right side of the Bay, only very slightly "up the hill," maybe five blocks from the Bay (best I recall).  Very much at sea level.  Their Yahoo chart since their July 1, 2003 incorporation looks like this:

Let's go old school ala Edwards and Magee ("Technical Analysis of Stock Trends," circa 1950s), hand drawn charts and all.  They still study the fathers of TA, as I understand, in graduate courses at top B school.  A double head and shoulders with an incredible neckline and price objective (the above chart).  The "measurement objective" would be about 59 (the left head at 291 minus maybe the neckline at that point of say 175 or 116 deducted from that neckline would be 175-116=59).  That's a drop of 232 points.  Heck, to get to the neckline at this date means a huge drop.  Well, that's what I remember of the fathers of technical analysis, E&M....except...the "broadening" formation as well formed by the black neckline and red top line.  Some call it an expanding wedge (the red line and black line on the chart).  Very bearish as I recall.  There are other formations that may apply but you get the drift.  Absent a higher high, its not a healthy chart in my accountant's opinion.

Need to add an additional element to the mix; Tesla's "number."  With an incorporation date of 7/1/2003, the "birth number" is 1 and a name number of 3, the primary 'vibration' of TSLA is 1-3 according to Luo Clement's (pen name for WD Gann IMO and as documented previously) methodology (see above enumeration of Tesla Motors, Inc. which adds to 56, reduced to 12 and then to 3).

It is Tesla Motors, Inc.  How do I know?  Two bits of information falling on exactly the same line number of TTTTA:

I discovered the corresponding two bits of information via this thread of suspicion.  If I, as Mr. Gann apparently did, saw a great innovative company such as TSLA emerging some 76 years after the publication of my book, TTTTA, I might encode its birth next to its birth date.  Crafty, Mr. Gann.  So I go to the line that has the birth date, 7/1/2003, and look for any sign Mr. Gann knew about Tesla.  You see the light blue highlighted date on the left.  If you have the free download of the WD Gann Map of Time 1932 to 2100, you can do it yourself.

Now search for the letters of Tesla.  The capital "T" is on the same line as the birth date.  Search the other letters and you find every one of the arranged contiguously (at least a corner of each letter touches another letter)....except I don't have an "a."  

Yes I do have an "a."  Remember the little device of "Pythagorean substitution" discovered to have been used several times before.  Somewhat "Luo Clementine" don't you think.  What is an "a?"  Well, it is a "1" according to the Pythagorean table of letter values.  On cumulative descending line 2366 the have a "1."  At least in this citation of "Tesla" Mr. Gann is talking about Tesla Motors, Inc.  The date of birth and the first letter of the fully spelled first name are on the same line.  There will be greater confirmation in a following essay.

Before moving on, this section of TTTTA is an amazing proof of foresight I've noted before.  Mr. Gann quotes Ezekiel 45:25, the seventh month fifteenth day or, in our modern calendar July 15.  Just before that date this year I wondered, what might happen on July 15, 2016.  The Bastille Day Islamic terrorist massacre of 84 innocent revelers celebrating that similar event in history on July 14, 1789.  Vastly interesting, this event occurs 84 years after the last year of TTTTA, 1932, and we, as well, find the comments on page 84 of TTTTA regarding foresight.  "To understand the signs and discern the future and profit by it."  Oh, I forgot.  See the blue 1 on line 2366 and to the right side of the line sighted in yellow you see the 2.  Concatenated its 12.  Now look below the 2 and you see the 7 highlighted in yellow?  Reverse the order and concatenate them and you have 72 (the pentagonal number).  And what is 12 + 72?  It is 84.

You'll see on this page "dgan" highlighted in green, "dee" bordered by dark black, "ross" in red highlight...  This is a very important encoded page giving the Bastille day massacre prediction, citing WD Gann and John Dee and the Biblical prophecies that Mr. Gann wishes us to read; especially Ezekiel 44:17 and 47:5.  That the servants are to give back to the Prince the liberty he gave to them and the river that could not be passed over.  Both concepts I've previously addressed.

But here's the real color to those prophecies.  Look at the above excerpt and the tan highlighted number 12972 in the ascending cumulative line number column.  Often, Mr. Gann continues the thought in the ascending line number counterpart of that same descending line number.  So let's advance to descending line number 12972 and see what we find:

Descending line number 12972 in tan.  At this point in TTTTA, SF, LA, Portland, Seattle, New Orleans, St Louis and Chicago have all been destroyed.  The people are in a panic.  Recall from the previous insert "a river that could not be crossed."  What has happened to the SF Bay?

Here's the thought.  If all these things have happened, with San Francisco being explained in great detail as having the greatest devastation of all.... what are the chances that a company's plant at near sea level on the SF Bay, such as Tesla's, would be left standing?  Of course, these events are fictional... whereas Tesla Motors is real.

*** ***

An already disastrous chart for TSLA going back to the oldest and, some would say, the most tried and proven of technical formations, the head and shoulders.  Possibly (based on my reading of "the clues" which anyone can do given time and patience), we have as well a prophecy that soon, and most likely in the range of October 13 to October 19, an earthquake will strike San Francisco with devastating consequences.  The previously computed "measurement objective" for TSLA of 59, well, that might be too high.

Take this thought to the next essay; the encoded word "Tesla" is on the same line as the Map of Time date of its birth, July 1, 2003.  Is that coincidence?

There's too much to continue here and the clues become intermingled with another Bay area public company, PGE (Pacific Gas & Electric).  But, you might get the impression I'm bearish.

But far more interesting is that Mr. Gann may have given us a stock analysis in 1927 of a company that would not be 'born' for another 76 years.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Daniel's prophecies and Phi market time and price intervals

I am admonished by some that see the purpose in the study of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" is to find Mr. Gann's trading secrets.  Unfortunately, when I put the blinders on to focus on time and price (duh, the name of this blog), I still stumble on and follow the more intriguing thread.  Here's the latest deviation.

In previous essays I noted the curious day of September 6, 2016 and its attractiveness as a date for a great market high.  Math and numerology seem to point in that direction as follows:

Math.  Previously mentioned, there are 30741 calendar days between July 8, 1932 (the Great Depression market bottom) and September 6, 2016 (the date being considered).  30741 days divided by Phi is 19000 suggesting the Dow might have gained 19000 points between those dates making the September 6, 2016 forecast 19040 (the 1932 low plus 19000 points.  Consider one of Mr. Gann's favorite techniques, angles, and delta 39741 and delta 19000 as non hypotenuse legs of a right triangle:
Some problems with the above.  The final battle of TTTTA was on July 4, 1932, not the exact market bottom of July 8, 1932 and September 6, 2016 is not the day that an exact Phi 1.618 optimization occurs (but is to within 4 decimals as shown).  I'd go with either September 2 or 6 (the Friday before or Tuesday after Labor Day for a high at 19040) for purposes of a guess.

Nevertheless, the market is close to 19040 and delta time and price seem to be uncannily related to Phi...even the square of the hypotenuse is a Phi^2+1 relation to the other two sides of the right triangle.  Like the doc told me when he took fluid off my bursitis afflicted hip "There's something going on here." [Some day, when not day dreaming, I'll relate this triangle to the implied circle and square.  Maybe.]

Something going on, hmmm.  The Pythagorean 345 triangle is an arithmetic progression of sides most useful in geometric two-dimensional space.  The geometric Phi progression of the Kepler triangle gives us the squaring of, the relation of the circle to the angular square...symbolically, perhaps, time as the circle and square as space.  So both an arithmetic progression and an exponential progression of Phi (Phi + 1 + 1) in the above triangle?  To the fourth decimal place.

Numerology.  Now for three points in time; the September 3, 1929 pre crash top, the July 8, 1932 bottom and the "interesting" September 6, 2016 possible top:

Disassemble, reduce and combine the three dates.  For example, the day and month of September 3 is 9+3=12 reduced to 3 and concatenated with the reduction of the year 1929 (1+9+2+9=21 reduced to 3) you have 33.  Ditto that for the other two dates.  Now you have the curious but very familiar numbers, 33, 66 and 69.  As well, you find two other "page-like" numbers 366 and 369 derived in tan.

But the supreme of the numbers that come from the three dates is the sum of 33, 66 and 69.... it is the period of the WD Gann "Map of Time," it is 1/15th of the Biblical Great Week, it is twice the time period of the 1932 low to the 2016 (supposed) high.  It is 168 highlighted in red.

The way these three dates number reflection create familiar and meaningful numbers entices me to believe they work together; they have meaning together.  And one of those dates is yet to occur.

[Interesting, page 369, Robert believes Ezekiel 33:21 "the City is smitten" refers to Chicago on October 5 (since Chicago would be in the second Allied Enemy attack campaign, this would be in 2017, not 2016).  And on page 366, Edna Kennelworth recalls the million people that died in the destruction of Chicago.]

*** ***

From the construction of a market time and price triangle having alarming properties and the numerological relation of three underlying dates, I am diverted to considering five seemingly prophetic pages of TTTTA.  In my ignorance of Daniel's prophecies and thereby required study, I find those pages are pointing to the prophecies of Daniel; that there will be four empires before the second coming and the great, loving and peaceful kingdom of the world.  Some believe the four kingdoms have occurred, some believe there remains the fourth for some future time.  Some believe the fourth kingdom is the Islamic kingdom seemingly presently emerging.  Perhaps this is one of the "remarkable events" in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope about which Mr. Gann warned on pages 82 and 83 (Psalm 83 comes to mind); that the fourth kingdom will emerge, be defeated and the world united in peace, love and harmony.  

I compare that back to the theme of TTTTA; that Robert Gordon foresees the Great War in the Air, prepares for it, is assured that following the GWITA the "United Kingdom of the World" will prevails, that the U.S. does prevail and will rule the world wisely....  that the days of destruction by the "Allied Enemy" (perhaps the fourth empire) will be followed by great harmony.

There's so much down this path, but I'm diverted from the truly important mathematics of the stock market (said only slightly facetiously).  

About that 168 in red.  Page 168, Robert pondering two stanza of Longfellow's "A Psalm of Life:"  

Must be important because Mr. Gann takes the time and space to repeat those two stanzas (a technic of Philo of Alexandria). Robert resolves to trust in the future, live in the present and continue to work and wait, all knowing what will ultimately take place.

I have a lot of studying to do in Daniel's prophecies.  I hate to say it, but perhaps Mr. Gann dangled his secrets of the stock market as a teaser just to get us to read his Biblical formulation of the future for our generation.  

Jim Ross

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Inferno" October 28, 2016, a warning 9 days late?

Flash back a year or so, I felt compelled to write about discoveries I had made in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and most importantly his "6th Prophecy" of the 9/11 tragedy.  I wrote it up as a pathetic teaser of Dan Brown's Prof Robert Langdon discovering a prophecy in TTTTA and becoming involved in a mystery/thriller which a Dan Brown type might adapt and create something compelling.  Of course, I'd already read Brown's "Inferno" so it was in that mold.  I was curious as to why that book had not already become a movie following from the success of "The DaVinci Code" and its sequel.

I gave up the idea because I had discovered the WD Gann "Map of Time" and the repetition of the dire events that occurred in 1848 that would be repeated in 2016.  To convince a great writer that he should, out of human compassion and not money, take up a thread of prophecy to create a fiction that would capture the imagination of his readership and warn them... well, I did not believe there was time.  It would take years and what I perceived was much much closer.  The "remarkable events" about which Mr. Gann warned on page 82-84 of TTTTA.

So, this morning I get my first glimpse of the trailer "Inferno" to open October 28, 2016.  It will be 9 days too late for many in my estimation.

At least, according to my reading of TTTTA and its encoded messages it will be late.  Always consider the source (me).  My interpretations have been "Chicken Little" wrong in magnitude but correct in timing.  My research of TTTTA and the MOT indicated a devastating earthquake based on TTTTA for February 23, 2016 and the then greatest earthquake in over a year to hit the 48 contiguous states that day (Wasco CA) did occur that day.  And another on June 9, 2016 which occurred 4 minutes after midnight PST on June 10, 2016 at Borrego Springs CA that then became the greatest earthquake to strike the 48 states since 2014.  The February quake at 4.9M Wasco didn't cause a ripple in a cup of coffee in San Francisco or Los Angeles....but the 5.2M Borrego Springs did.  So, consider the source.

Following the timing of the "first Allied Enemy" campaign in TTTTA which resulted in the destruction of Los Angeles and San Francisco and destruction/capture of Portland and Seattle in that chronologic order, I have identified the period of October 13-19, 2016 (seven days) as the counterparts in which great earthquakes will fulfill that prophecy.  Pointedly, October 15, 17 and 19 with the greatest of destruction occurring on October 19.  Later in calendar 2016 (December 21, 2016 would be a guess) Portland and Seattle will be afflicted, rocked by a Cascadia Subduction event and "captured" by flooding.  Just predictions based on clues in TTTTA by "Chicken Little."

TTTTA refers to four contemporary movies that add color to the above prophecy that would seem about to be fulfilled; "Knowing," "2012," "San Andreas," and "Frequency."  Indeed, if you take the interval between the "end dates" of the first of two those movies or October 19, 2009 versus December 21, 2012 and add it to December 21, 2012, you get February 23, of the Wasco CA earthquake.  You find encoded characters and events of those four movies in TTTTA...  Just one example out of dozens I've documented in previous essays.  The author of "Knowing," Ryne Douglas Pearson, is prominently found in TTTTA.  

"Inferno's" debut on October 28, 2016 will be too late by 9 days for many on the Pacific Coast.  If, and that's a big "if," those events occur and a bigger "if" the movie is aired following those events, it will be timely for the remainder of the U.S.  The second Allied Enemy campaign in the Great War in the Air is a progression from New Orleans, up the Mississippi to St Louis as a strategy to destroy Chicago.  I have discovered indications Yellowstone will become the great event that will so afflict the heartland of the U.S. and so severely affect Chicago.

The subject of "Inferno" is a deranged scientist who arranges a doom's day plague that Prof Landon and attractive cohort must locate and control.  The extinction event cause by the smallest of particles, microbes, just as the greatest destruction of Chicago would be particles of volcanic ash.

"Inferno" is more than just the prophecy of affliction; its the method.  Dante's "Inferno" according to Prof Langdon, is a prophecy encoded into a book.  And what I have imperfectly discovered in studying TTTTA for the last two years is a book of prophecy that has accurately, perfectly, described 9/11 and many other events that have come true over the last 89 years since its publication.  Where the WD Gann "Map of Time" is the largest subject of this blog, so in "Inferno," Botticelli's "Map of Hell" is the map which leads Prof Langdon on his adventure.

89 years between the publication of TTTTA and 2016, the year in which we find "Inferno."  This morning I stumble on the one and only one occurrence of the telestic "89" (yellow below).  The same day I see the first trailer of "Inferno."  Too much.  So I experimented with several of the words in the novel "Inferno," such as "Dan Brown," "Map of Hell," "Botticelli," "Dante" and, especially, the Map of Hell word clue "Zobris."  Yes, they are on that same page.  No, I don't rest my case on this one-hour identification of acrostic/telestic messages.  You have to put all the information together and make your own choice.

We'll know one way or the other in 66 days, the first of three events predicted to occur on October 15.

*** ***

Early on I wondered about all these events in contemporary fictional works and Mr. Gann's bridging to them in TTTTA.  Am I so fixated on disaster that I "see what I want to see?"  The "23 enigma."  I certainly didn't start in such a biased state and I don't "want" them to occur.  I was only inquiring how Mr. Gann had such a great trading record.  At least until October 20, 2016, when the "answer" is known, I've got to go with what I've proven, to my satisfaction, is the truth.  And the truth is, I believe Mr. Gann saw these things occurring in the future.

The next step in logic, though, is how are these things so arranged...that contemporary disaster movies would predict events near their fulfillment?  Perhaps as Jonah(s) was sent to warn, then so were sent these contemporary films to warn. Mr. Gann is simply noting what he knew would be the warnings.  Just as John in "Frequency" warned and saved his father,  John in "Knowing" was warned and saved his son, Noah in "San Andreas" pointed his father to the cable obstruction and saved all aboard Ark 4, and Ollie in "San Andreas" argued to his brother, to paraphrase, "you have seen what she knows and has done, then you should follow;" perhaps these are Biblical warnings.  

Warnings in contemporary movies, the only medium that a presently non believing public might even consider.  "Gee, I live in SF and the scientist on San Andreas says its not a matter of "if" but "when."  Maybe I should move?"  Duh.  Or, perhaps its just as Caleb said in "Knowing:"

I'll know, one way or the other, on October 20. 

October 19, 2019 is reduced to (10/19/2019= 1 / 1+9 / 2+0+1+9= 1/1/9) 119 or 9/11 in reverse.  And what is the similar reduction and reversal of October 28, 2016?

Jim Ross

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Popcorn and a movie...and a film critique? 37-53, 53, 53, 53 and 69

It gets more worse.  Remember the angles of the Pythagorean 345 triangles; 37*, 53* and 90*?  Hang on to them.

Taking a break from WD Gann research and enjoying a movie released in 200...a refreshingly wholesome one...with the family, "Frequency," I noticed in the very first scene the license plate of an 18 wheeler destined to explode in a wreck and conflagration:

Hard to turn off the Luo Clement methodology, so I substituted the 3 for the L and have 37-735.    Hmm, 37 and 73 with a dangling 5.  You can add the 37 and 73 to get 110, the years between the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and this year.  Or you can reverse the 73 to get twin 37s.  What to do with the 5?  Well, reverse those last two digits (the L being a 3 and the 5) and you have 53, another angle of Pythagoras right triangle.  So we have, with just a bit of rearrangement, two 37's and a dangling 5 or a 37, a 53 and a dangling 7.  Or two 3s or 33 and two 7s for 77...and a dangling 5.

Seems a bit suspicious, a bit Masonic, a bit "RC."  Perhaps some wily 'filmatic' Mason fiddling with people who enjoy numbers?  They're a 'crafty' playful bunch they are.  And as we saw in the movie "Knowing" they'll toss a bunch of symbolism in there to wake up their "initiated"... or the obsessed.  That license plate above, it is shown for less than two seconds in the very first minute of the movie (you see the credit to "G Gor Hoblit Film").  Surely, if the above is a warning or alert of some type "they" buried other gems.

They did, they did!!!  But the movie review first.

The movie is a poignant story about a son (Jim Cavietzel, "The Passion of Christ") whose baseball loving firefighter father (Dennis Quaid) dies in 1969 trying to save a girl from a burning warehouse.  Cavietzel discovers his father's shortwave radio in 1999 and while playing with it connects to his father, who is also talking on the short wave but in 1969.  He warns his father who is saved.  Between them, they not only avert the father's death but bring to justice a serial killer saving seven lives (including his mother).  A very enjoyable and entirely sex, no language, some violence, movie.  Lot's of love.  Just a great story.  I give it a WD Gann five-star in his stead.

What did "they" bury beyond the 37's and the makeshift 53?

A major storyline was what happened in the 1969 World Series, and most pointedly, the fifth and final game.  The expansion and mediocre Mets played perhaps the "most perfect" team of all time, the 1969 Baltimore Orioles.  Five games.  Here's how it worked out according to Wikipedia:

See it?  The fifth game was 3-5 or maybe it was 5-3.  The 53 number again.  Not so startling, after all, those Masons probably know their baseball.  Heck, I bet that stern faced WD Gann even took in a couple Dodgers and Yankees games given he lived in Brooklyn for the first half of the 1900s.

You "see" the above box of the five games, but did you "observe?"  There's more.

Let's button up the dangling 5 and dangling 7.  A World Series is the best of 7 games.  As it happened, only 5 were played in 1969.  5+7 = 12 reduced to 3.  The license plate has a fourth 3 or two threes showing on the plate, the L that is a Pythagorean 3 and 3 resulting from the addition of 5 and 7.  Four three's or 33:33.  Do you find 33:33 in TTTTA?  Hint's; page 56, "lo it will come?

Back to business.  Did you "observe" the dates of the 1969 World Series in the above box?  Six days from October 11 to 16, 1969 or two days short of the 7 days that have been identified in many previous essays that will involve "remarkable events" of which Mr. Gann spoke on page 82 of TTTTA.  Those dates are October 13 to 19, 2016 and the primary days are October 15, 17 and 19.   

"But Jim, those are all things a savvy Mason with too much time on his hands and who knows old baseball scores could weave into a movie to trick you."  Yeah, I've got to agree, find a game in history that ended up 5-3...even if it was a miracle of a Cinderella team.  Randomites win on that one.  A mortal contrivance for sure.  

But, there's more.

If you truly "observe" you'll have noticed the Orioles scored 9 runs and the Mets scored 15 runs.  So what?  Make that Mets 15 and Orioles 9 in that order.  Then, reduce it and you have 6-9 or Robert Gordon's birth day of June 9, his 69 Wall Street address, the 69 years and 69 days of the 6th Prophecy of 9/11, and on and on...  And the Series took place in 1969.  And we find 69 in the numbers that comprise WD Gann's first name (6 and 9 in purple) according to the Elizabethan Kaye cipher (6 in purple) and Pythagorean enumeration (9 in purple).

1969, sure, the last 2 numbers are '69' as aforementioned, but don't overlook the middle number, '96.' Particularly so given the previous essay concerned September 6, 2019 or 9-6.

And if you truly truly "observe" you'll see the total scores of the first four games are 5-3-5-3.  53-53.  And, of course, game 5 was 5-3.  5-3 in the license plate, 5-3 twice in the total scoring and 5-3, the final score of the final game.

I think we're dealing with something that cannot be created by mortal contrivance.

*** ***

In WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," the hero, Robert Gordon works day and night to make money, not for his own sake alone, but to fund his discovery and building of inventions that would help him save his beloved country.  And, in the end, Robert Gordon succeeded.  I've thought there is an invention in TTTTA or complementary fictional work (ignoring the gasps of "impossible" by readers) and this film has piqued my interest.  Communicating across time.  Wavelength.  Vibration.  From one side of the never ending circle to the other.

Mr. Gann included pages and pages of seemingly irrelevant scripture and silly prose in TTTTA.  Grown, smart modern people do not read such nonsense.  As one of the "Noxious Ones" said of "Robert Gordon's Seven Days" "I've read Chapter XXXIX and it is meaningless because there wasn't a dollar sign anywhere in it."  Useless information.  My gosh, why didn't I notice there weren't any dollar signs in that chapter (said facetiously of the NO's proud insight and self congratulatory unassailable logic).

In somewhat that same vein of providing useless information, I think Mr. Gann would heartily approve the authors of "Frequency" having commissioned Garth Brooks to write the closing theme of the movie.

Unfortunately, if you only listen, you have only undertaken the sensory equivalent of "seen."  You need to read the lyrics.  Otherwise, you may "see but not observe."  No, they do not contain dollar signs.  They do contain the circle.

Still looking for the invention Mr. Gann may have encoded to aid his beloved country when needed the most.  I believe its...somewhere.

Jim Ross

PS.  Licensed ham radio operators have call numbers.  The father's 1969 call number, prominently visible in the film, can be found in the encoding of TTTTA, but only if you struggle and imagine how it might have been presented.  To find the call number you must first watch the movie.  Then you need to find it in TTTTA.  It is there.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

September 6, 2016 as a warning

Any market student recognizes the importance of the date, September 3, 1929 as the Dow Industrial's great top preceding the Great Crash.  I arrive at September 6, 2016 or 87 years later from a variety of mathematic and synchronistic means of reckoning.

Intervals.  Mathematically, I cannot fit a formula to the origins from which I am reckoning except to say that from those origins to September 6, 2016 demonstrate recognizable intervals of the numbers 69 and 96.  Stated differently, I can't prove it, but the intervals and results are startling.

The intervals that keep occurring are multiples of 69 and 96.  The numerological properties of those numbers are many.  Unquestionably, they are important to WD Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Robert Gordon's birth date is June 9, arguably the most important page of TTTTA is page 69 that describes Jonah(s) "3 days and 3 nights" (permutations of adding and multiplying give you 69 and 96), Robert Gordon's 69 Wall Street address.....  It goes on and on and on.  Capstone it with two "proofs" or whatever.  WD Gann's "number" according to Luo Clement is 69 (born on the 6th of June and his assumed name number is WD = 5+4 = 9).  Similarly, Robert Gordon's number is 96 (I'll leave the calcs to you or you can look back in prior essays and find them).

The correct starting point.  Historically, the points from which the reckoning occurs are key dates in the life of the United States; July 4, 1776 (independence), January 2, 1886 (the Dow Averages includes 2 non railroad stocks in its calculation to become the DJIA), October 28, 1886 (dedication of the Statue of Liberty), April 18, 1906 (San Francisco earthquake), September 3, 1929 (the top prior to the 1929 crash), (October 24, 1929, the "Black Thursday" that began the Great Crash accelerations) July 8, 1932 (the DJIA Great Depression bottom), August 25, 1987 (the top before the 1987 crash), October 19, 1987 ("Black Monday), February 23, 2016 (the largest earthquake in the 48 contiguous states 14 monts occurring in Wasco CA), June 10, 2016 (the largest earthquake in the 48 contiguous states since 2014 occurring at Barrego Springs CA), and other dates.

September 6, 2016.  How I get to 9/6 doesn't really matter unless what I "triangulate" from starting points plus intervals does actually occur.  Every calculation can be characterized according to present knowledge as "specious," plausible but so vastly improbable that it is false.  If what I think is going to occur according to those doubtable means does occur, well, it can still be classified as just another inexplicable "synchronicity" or "spooky thing."  But it would be so "spooky" even the most accomplished modern scientist and "randomite" would have to sit up.  Two years ago, I'd dismiss it in a second.  Today, I would not be surprised.

The intervals and starting points point me to September 6, 2016 as the DJIA final top.  A separately developed SWAG would give me a top of 19040 (the number of days between the July 8, 1932 bottom and September 6, 2016 divided by Phi plus the bottom on that July 8 or (30741 / 1.618) + 40.56 = 19040.

Prediction.  Predicting a final bull market top on September 6, 2016 at 19040 would be a starling prediction if it came to pass.  The end of an 87-year bull market (1929 to 2016).  But that's not what is important.

What's important is that it would attach great credibility, or maybe, wonderment to the prediction that, as in 1929, some few weeks later a great financial collapse will occur.

Far worse, the collapse would not be the result of supposed excess leverage or speculation or any of the other things that allegedly "caused" the 1929 crash.  Yes, one can argue all those things may be present "as then, as now."  The seed of this crash would be a natural disaster in the interval of days from October 13 to October 19 and most prominently, October 15, 17 and 19.

*** ***

I can't mathematically prove the above prediction.  I could spend tens of hours developing the many calculations that, indefensibly, have me arriving at it.  To what end?  They would remain indefensible.  Besides, it might turn out like the February 23, 2016 date on which I was greatly concerned a great earthquake would occur and destroy San Francisco.  Well, the largest in 14 months to hit the US did occur that day in CA but it did not destroy anything.  I don't think so much as a cup of coffee was spilled that day.  Ditto that for the date June 9, 2016 which worried me.  Again, four minutes after midnight (technically June 10) the again largest earthquake to hit the contiguous 48 state in two years occurred at Barrego Springs, CA, but no damages.  LA residents felt that one though.

So, if I lived on the Pacific Coast I'd have this rule.  If DJIA makes an all time high on September 6, 2016, particularly intraday 19040, and does not exceed that number but recedes in the weeks thereafter, I'd pack a "go bag" and make a plan to get me and my family east of the Rio Grande and Colorado, better yet, the Mississippi before October 13, 2016.  And if DJIA didn't exceed that high by say October 10 or so...I'd be driving east.

But that's me, always superstitious when I see "spooky" things happen.  Put this essay in the corner of your "attic" that has notable information and file it as "interesting and not a prayer of being possible."  

But if it happens...then it is a warning.

If I had the apparent ability of Mr. Gann to predict future events based on math and science, it wouldn't be "spooky" it would be the great law of "action and reaction."  Cause and effect.  It would be "forewarned is forearmed."

Needless to say, I'll keep working on the dates and intervals and will change my mind and when I do I'll update.  If the pattern of TTTTA is established by 2016 events (the three Allied Enemy campaigns), then 2016 will be but the beginning of three very bad years.

[Note that September 6 is 9-6 and that October 19 (the last of the speculated events occurring October 15, 17 and 19) is 10-19 or simplified and reversed is 911.  Note my street number.  Note that the 69th day from today is October 13, the beginning of the 7-day interval.  I did not plan that.  And incredibly, this essay is the 369th I've published or the permutations of Jonah(s) "3 days and 3 nights" on page 69 of TTTTA.]

Jim Ross

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Finding Luo Clement's second "book of instruction", i.e. TTTTA; Luo Clement = WD Gann

Its been the better part of two years since I challenged anyone to find a person in the United States named "Luo Clement" or the second book to which reference is made in Clement's 1908 "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  No takers.  A couple "I doubt its" but no a person.

The inside title page of "The Ancient Science of Numbers" gives us two absolute clues.  It says on the inside title page "THE FIRST BOOK OF INSTRUCTION" and on the opposite page is an announcement of the supposed second book ready for publication "Numerical Vibrations."

There was a second book, in my opinion, but it was not "Numerical Vibrations."  Again, there isn't any evidence to date, and believe me, if no-one else has searched, I have, that Numerical Vibrations ever existed.  I have found one advertisement to purchase "Numerical Vibrations" dated September 18, 1920, but that is the lone citation of any sort other than in TASON.

Indeed there was a second book of instruction.  It is "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  And I'll show you exactly the author and title page.  Every word is spelled as indicated by related colors by acrostic and telestic coding letters with one nuance.  Mr. Gann uses a number, according to Luo Clement's Pythagorean cipher of the triads, to designate a letter.  And a further nuance.  A number can represent up to 3 different letters ("i" and "r" are the only 2 letters associated with the number 9).  So, we find the digit 3 as a telestic and it is used 3 times to represent 'c' or 'l' or 'u.'  Without this Pythagorean reverse substitution, which has been documented as used by Mr. Gann several times in this blog, the spellings below are not perfect.  But they are perfect:

Every letter is there to spell 3uo Clement, "The Ancient Scien35 of N3mbers."  Do it yourself, prove me right or wrong.  The WD Gann "Map of Time" from which the above is excerpted is free for download HERE.  Its entirely possible I slipped a letter, but I've done it twice and believe they are all there.  Prove it to yourself.  [I came up with the above formulation this morning.  However, I believe Steven Hahn had that same formulation several months ago but without the Pythagorean substitution and lacking the 4 letters necessary to perfect it.  I did not recall his work this morning but it should be attributed primary recognition for his insight.]

In spelling "The Ancient Science of Numbers" he uses the digits 3-3-5-3 as a Pythagorean reverse substitution.  Those sequenced numbers hav meaning, at least, to me; 33 and 53.  Were it me, I'd read page 33 looking for a number 53 OR beginning on page 53 (virtually all of Chapter V is continuous scripture) until I found a scripture numbered 33.  Do you both "see and observe" or do you only "see?"  

Now consider.  This is the same page on which my name is spelled in red, that displays the day, January 28, I confirmed via my street address that it was exactly me to which Mr. Gann was referring when he encoded my name and that the pages encompass the highly instructional, "Future Cycles."   Future Cycles is the 7th chapter, so numbered, but it is the 12th section; 7 and 12.  Future Cycles, the chapter in which Mr. Gann lays out, conceptually, how he predicts the future.  It is mathematic and uses the Law of Vibration.  Find the cycle we're in, identify the "curve for the future" and apply the Law of Vibration.  And vibration, in my opinion, is measured by Luo Clement's methods.

WD Gann = Luo Clement.

WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" = Luo Clement's second book of instruction.

Jim Ross