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Mathematic consistency of past dates and dates of predicted events; October 15, 17 and 19

From the Foreword of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"

"This story is founded on facts and events, many of which have happened or will happen in the future."

Notice, the six e's in red which put the reader on notice that TTTTA is encoded.  They may serve, as well, to notice the reader to approaching events.

And notice the dates 2/23/2016 and 10/19/2016 on either side of the WD Gann "Map of Time."

With that information, how are the dates of great interest over the last year on this blog derived; the dates February 23, 2016, June 10, 2016 and October 19, 2016?

240, 130 and 110.  The first clue came in a curious request a reader made last year; that I measure WD and Sadie Gann's gravestone during my June 21, 2016 visit to Green-Wood Cemetery.  The measurements were 30x30x8 giving me a number of 30 square by 8 deep or 240.  Another measurement is the combined lifespans of WD and Sadie Gann or 77 and 53 years, respectively or 130.  The net of 240 and 130 or 110.  Three numbers, 240, 130 and 110.  From those intervals of years, almost a year ago, I derived the two of the greatest years in U.S. history and projected a third; 1776, 1906 and 2016 and raised the concern 2016 would be the year our Constitutional government ended.

February 23, 2016.  The next clue came when, viewing the movie "Knowing" for the first time in many years, I followed a similar methodology as that movie's central figure in correlating the date 9/11/01 to the number of deaths that day.  That clue led to correlating the date of calamity in "Knowing" to the similar date of calamity in the movie "2012" and extrapolating forward their dates:

With that date and having then viewed the foregoing movies plus "San Andreas" many times, correlating characters, locations and dates to TTTTA, this Chicken Little believed February 23, 2016 would be a day of great disaster in San Francisco which it was not.  It was, however, the date of the largest earthquake in the contiguous 48 states in more than a year; a 4.9M in Wasco, CA located roughly equidistant between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  The date had merit.

June 10, 2016.  The next date emerged, first being noticed on page 52 Ezekiel 8:1 as June 5 and later interpreted on June 8, 2016 as referring to June 9 or as late as June 10, 2016:

As a clue, TTTTA had the U.S. massing its fleet in the Pacific where they were destroyed in May of 1930.  Similarly, though a month later, the U.S. massed its emergency response personnel along the Pacific Coast from June 7-10 for an exercise named "Cascadia Rising" simulating a Cascadia subduction event.  The last such event occurred in the year 1700 when the northern Pacific Coast hadn't any American population.  It was such a great event that it spawned a tsunami that destroyed villages in Japan some 9 hours later.

At 4 minutes past midnight, or the first 4 minutes of June 10, 2016, a 5.1M earthquake struck Barrego Springs CA, about 150 miles southeast of LA.  It is the largest earthquake to strike the 48 contiguous states since 2014.

October 15, 17 and 19.  Based on the timing of events appearing in the movie, "Knowing," a similar series of escalating tragedies has been projected to occur in 2016.  They are expected to begin October 15 although the time period stretches 7 days from October 13 to October 19 in the movie (7 days).

Combining the interrelated dates.  The greatest two dates of the nation might be thought of as the date of the nation's birth and of its greatest tragedy; those two dates define an interval from WD Gann's gravestone with the second interval to emerge in 2016.  From that "greater wheel" and using the "proven" dates of February 23, 2016 and June 10, 2016, we can extrapolate the third date:

Notice how the percentage of the interval falling between July 4, 1776, April 18, 1906 and October 15, 2016 invert when those same percentages are applied to the date of the smaller "wheel," those being February 23, 2016, June 10, 2016 and October 15, 2016.  October 15, is the ONLY date that produces such perfectly proportioned subdivisions of the respective periods.  Try it, October 15 is the one perfect date.  The perfect mathematic fit based upon dates derived from TTTTA and contemporary movies.

October 15 represents the first day of three days of destruction.  In "Knowing" the period begins on October 13 with disasters on October 15, 17 and 19 and ends seven days later on October 19.  Seven days, three events.  Reminiscent of the last sentence of the next to the last paragraph of TTTTA's Foreword:

*** ***

It was after I'd pieced all of the above together and was staring at the result that I noticed one last startling synchronicity.  To understand it, recall WD Gann's name enumerated by the four Elizabethan ciphers and the Pythagorean cipher.  Recall the numbers in red in WD Gann's and Lord Francis Bacon's names:

777 and 49497, respectively, the latter being two squares of 7 followed by a 7 or, again, 777.  

Now consider the reductions of the three dates, February 23, 2016, June 10, 2016 and October 15, 2016.  Doesn't matter if you do it with or without the year 2016 because 2016 reduces to 9.  The result is a great number examined at length by Richard Allan Wagner in his "The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare."  The dates reduce to:



Jim Ross

Three movies; A Progression in Themes

A mathematical correlation between WD Gann's 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air" was offered in previous essays of this series and observations having been made regarding the natures of primary and secondary characters of each of the fictional works; "Knowing," "2012" and "San Andreas."  This essay is meaningless without first considering the mathematic evidence of these fictional works' interconnectedness in several of the previous essays.

This essay compares themes.  Where not otherwise noted, the comparisons are made in the order of TTTTA, "Knowing," "2012," and "San Andreas."

Destruction.  All four of the fictional works result in destruction.  In TTTTA, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago to name three of several cites are destroyed.  All the buildings of the enemies of the US in TTTTA, seemingly as symbols of the man's achievements in the absence of God, are destroyed in Robert Gordon's seven days.  All of mankind, but for the 'chosen,' is destroyed in "Knowing."  Except for those aboard the Arks 4, 6 and 7, all of mankind is destroyed in "2012" inclusive of violent scenes involving LA, SF and Las Vegas and Yellowstone.  In "San Andreas" only Hoover Dam, LA and SF are shown as destroyed.

Elements.  TTTTA- air (the "Great War in the Air"), "Knowing"-fire (solar flare), "2012"-water (a great flood), and "San Andreas"-earth (great earthquakes).

Heros.  Robert Gordon is a devout Christian throughout and attributes his work to God.  Prof John Koestler, clearly the singular hero, transitions from a view of the randomness of the world to a view that there is a plan that we cannot see.  Jackson Curtis shares the hero spot with Adrian Helmsley in "2012", the scientist, neither of whom seem to express religious views.  Ray Gaines, played by the larger than life "Rock," conquers, by their efforts alone, all obstacles as do all other characters in "San Andreas."  In chronologic order there is a clear evolution of faith in God to faith in man.

The innocents.  Robert Gordon is his own innocent sub hero, displaying faith at a young and naive age.  Caleb Koestler confronts and leads his father with "You don't even believe in heaven" and "its a math puzzle (the map), and "they sent a message ahead of them to prepare the way."  Noah, son of the hero of "2012," disobeys and assists his father in saving Ark 4 and all onboard.  Ollie of "San Andreas" confronts his older brother who wants to follow the crowds of people walking towards their death at the soon to be destroyed Golden Gate Bridge and, reasons with him to follow Blake, the heroine.  He argues, to paraphrase, "You have seen what she has done and what she knows and we need to stick with her."

The US Flag.  TTTTA, nothing hidden here.  The ..."stars and stripes would never trail the dust."  Still, Mr. Gann gives us the warning that "God forbid that America should ever turn away from the Bible" (page 130).  "Knowing," we see in the post subway disaster the smoke fire engine 130 as the camera pans upward to an image of the US flag flying proudly above the chaos.  "2012," Washington DC snowed upon by volcanic ash as the President, played by Danny Glover, faces doom.  And San Andreas, the tattered flag, inverted and disordered, hangs from the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge....amid, as opposed to above, the destruction.  

Spiritual orientations.  Similar to the other comparisons to be made later, there are marked differences between the four fictional works and their are "evolution."  TTTTA is straightforward; from the first years of Robert Gordon's life he is a spiritually dedicated person.  "Knowing's" hero, Prof John Koestler of Boston, despite his righteousness, loses his faith with the inexplicable loss of his wife (theodicy), but regains it in the seven days of the movie.  He "knows."  Jackson Curtis of Los Angeles, the instinctive and unlikely hero of "2012," is an unwritten page, never expressing a spiritual orientation other than an occasional "G-D."  The President who begins a prayer for the nation about to be destroyed is cut off by television station communication failure.  Ray Gaines in "San Andreas," played by the larger than life Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is clearly the hero, but the credit for the various characters' salvation is themselves.  They congratulate one another and themselves alone for their job well done.

Ironies.  TTTTA, no irony; we know what's going to happen and it does.  "Knowing," the irony of why the righteous and worthy must suffer according to a plan we know exists but we cannot know.  "2012," the "self-chosen" wealthy and the few otherwise are allowed to live by the extraordinary efforts of either of the two heros (Adrian Helmsley's speech and Jackson Curtis stowaway effort); largely the unworthy are saved.

The ultimate plain sight irony must go to "San Andreas."  The final scene has the "happy ending" characters standing on a bluff overlooking the San Francisco Bay where the populace not killed by two great earthquakes were washed out by a tsunami larger than the Golden Gate bridge.  The destruction of the entire population of the City is almost complete.  And yet the characters stand there thanking each other for having saved one another.  The movie seems to be a tribute to the man's achievement in the face of great adversity.

*** ***

I could go on and on in comparisons and contrasts but I'll sum it up in two observations.

First, the opening scene of "San Andreas" has Ray Gaines, faced with his helicopter's eminent failure, sets a them with his just of "G-D it."  Only the silly indiscretion, he is portrayed as a very sympathetic figure we are to love and admire for his personal achievement in the face of insurmountable odds; he's the perfectly non secular hero stereotype.  And in the last scene overlooking the destroyed San Francisco Bay, which I liken to Hamon-Gog where nothing is to be found but corpses, his final words are "Now, we rebuild."  A fourth utterance of Rabbi Cahn's "The Harbinger's" "signs."  Yeah, you showed 'em Rock.

[Previously Tom Daschle recited of Isaiah 9:10 to a combined session of Congress on 9/12/01, Senator John Edwards recited an abbreviated declaration on September 11, 2004 and on June 14, 2012 the President of the United States signed a steel beam that would become one of the final to be installed on One World Trade Center (at 1776 feet commemorating the Declaration of Independence) with the defiant, proud informal message "We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger."]

Second, the perfect hidden irony.  As the Ark 4 of "2012," on which the co-heros are boarded, opens its doors after 27 days at sea, we hear announced that it will be joining its sister ships, Arks 6 and 7 as they approach what is the first land to emerge from the receiving flood waters; New Hope.  What words can you form from the Pythagorean letter table that you might associate with the numbers 7, 6 and 4?

[Hint, 4 can be a D, m or v, 6 can be f, O or x and 7 can be G, p or y.]

That's the final irony.  Do you think the authors/producers of "2012" planned, contrived such a message or did the word just, coincidentally, happen?  

Jim Ross

Friday, July 29, 2016

Three movies; dates and days, December 21 and September 6

Three contemporary movies, "Knowing," "2012" and "San Andreas" mathematically linked to a book published in 1927, WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Outrageous, but continue down that road established in the essay in the first of this series.

Those three movies will establish key dates and time intervals that one, having read TTTTA closely, will find familiar.

"Knowing."  This movie takes place beginning on exactly the night before October 13, 2009 with the substance of the movie beginning the next day (October 13) with the opening of a time capsule and finding of a 'map of time' that was buried 50 years (a Jubilee period perhaps) previous on October 13, 1959.  The flashback introduction of the movie recounts the buying of the time capsule.  The 50-year subsequent finding of the map begins a sequence of discovery and of three events (four if you include an event that is noted but in which the prime character does not participate, a Gulf oil rig fire) that comprises the substantial duration of the movie.

  • 50 years between the burying of the time capsule and map and its opening and map discovery,
  • 7 days duration of discovery during which the prime character notes or participates in 4 revelatory events,
  • dates of revelatory events in which the character participates; October 15, 17 and 19.
It is notable the movie is a very dark movie with the opening scene (non flashback) being at night when the prime character is viewing Saturn's rings on Saturday night October 12, 2009.  Much of the movie occurs at night.  

Dates are prominent in "Knowing" with the prime character correlating great disasters of the 50-year flashback period; you see in flashes dozens of dates and death tolls.

"2012."  Obviously, this populist movie centers on the Mayan apocalyptic date, December 21, 2012.  The flashback portion of this movie, similar to "Knowing," introduces the theme of the movie and flashes back to the year 2009 (the year "Knowing" takes place).  A principal character of the movie discovers the earth will end some time in the not distant future.  Moving forward to late 2012, the prime character picks up his children for a weekend trip to Yellowstone, spends 1 night at Yellowstone and delivers them home the next morning.  A second night occurs after the reunited family traveled from earthquake stricken Los Angeles to Los Vegas and have boarded a jumbo transport jet bound for Tibet and the "Ark" rescue ships.  At daylight of the third day, we reckon that being December 21, 2012, and onboard the Ark 4, the third day plays out with a drama of its last second preparations.
  • 3 years of flashback,
  • 3 days and 3 nights,
  • a single date of focus symbolized by the year and storyline, "2012," meaning December 21, 2012.
The movie seems equally split between night and day scenes

Where in "Knowing" there were many dates, in "2012" there is a focus on one date.

"San Andreas."  This movie opens with a rescue scene the day before three events occur.  If you're looking for a "flashback," the rescue scene is that one-day flashback.  We don't know the date....there is a prominent lack of dates in this movie.  The next day, an earthquake destroys the Hoover Dam and sequentially, one later in LA and then in SF.  Stretching credulity, the hero of the movie saves his wife's life in LA at mid day and the travel to SF to save the lives of their daughter and two others, all done before sunset.
  • 1 day of flashback,
  • 1 day of destruction,
  • an absence of dates.
The movie takes place entirely in daylight.

There are not any contemporaneous dates in this movie....except one.  I've freeze framed every typed letter, every CNN background shot, every cell phone shot looking for a date.  As an example, the hero receives divorce papers from a law firm and there isn't a date:

Business letters always contain the date sent one line above the inside address and, if in block style, at the left margin.  There isn't a date even if in semi block.  Not too worry, to be timely, a movie might have such artifacts thoughtfully removed...except.  Except there are two non contemporaneous date on the drivers license of the flashback scene; the birth date and license renewal date of an inconsequential character, Natalie, placing the movie in 2015.  

There aren't any contemporaneous date except the exact time and day of the moment the LA earthquake began.  If you looked at an iPhone (and this is California so it is an iPhone) immediately before you receive a call, you'll see the time, day of the week and day of the month (but not year) on it.  Emma, the primary heroine, receives a call from her soon to be ex Ray, an for just a split second after it rings, you see this:

If you try to isolate this screen shot from the movie then you need to freeze at the lunch conversation preceding the LA earthquake and step through until you arrive above.  Its too fast to see it or isolate it otherwise.  The LA earthquake in the move began within seconds after 2:13pm on September 6 or 9-6.

Do we see 9-6 anywhere else in the movie?  Yes, at least one place.  Factually, the largest earthquake in recorded history is the 1960 Valdivia, Chile quake of 9.4-9.6M, considered to have been a 9.5M.  In the movie, one of the last shots and comments is that the fictional LA-SF earthquakes portrayed were, in retrospect, 9.6M (top right of the screen shot):

  *** ***

The first thing that struck me regarding the movies were, of course, the three dates of "Knowing" which were October 15, 17 and 19 about which I've written and will not discuss here.  But there were two other items; Jubilee and the time duration of October 13 to 19 or 7 days including the end points. Mr. Gann takes time in at least two places in TTTTA to recompute Jubilee time periods and "Knowing" give us the 50-year flashback.  And Mr. Gann's reference in the Foreword to the 6 days of creation and the 7th day on which he rested as being a great question associated with Robert Gordon's seven days seemed to dovetail with the "Knowing" seven days.  A very dark movie.

Again in the Foreword, the "Robert Gordon's seven day" challenge indicates that IF one knew the answer of that challenge (I have written several essays on and have decipher the math of RG's trip), then he would understand the 7 days of creation and the 3 days of resurrection:

So, in "2012" we have the three days leading to December 21.  A movie divided, seemingly, between darkness and light.

Only one date in the "San Andreas" and it is 9-6.  I bought the line that this film masterpiece (said facetiously) would be scrubbed of dates and this one date was a mistake.  I bought it until I saw the quake was pointedly, a 9.6M.  I became suspicious.  And then I realized why my interest was so piqued.  The "number" of WD Gann, according to Luo Clement's method of interpretation, that being the date number is the day of the month born and the name number is the single digit of the Pythagorean sum of the first name (the name a person "considers" him or herself) is:

It is almost as if the 'author' signed his name in code, eight decades ago.

"San Andreas," a movie starkly viewed in complete daylight as if a truth is viewed in its complete nakedness. 

We already had the dates October 13, 15 and 19 (the last of which reduces to 11-9 or 911 in reverse) from "Knowing."  Now we have dates of December 21 (which reduces to 3-3 and is the same in reverse) and September 6 (which reduces to 9-6 and is 6-9 in reverse) from "2012" and "San Andreas," respectively.  I don't know.  I just don't know.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Three movies; Daniel, Noah and "John"

PSSST, Jim.  Isn't that "Job" instead of "John?"

Let me see, where'd I see that in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"  Ah yes, page 53...hmmm the middle angle of the Pythagorean 345 triangle.  It must be important:

Yes, indeed, and I have the order of appearance incorrect.  I'm all confused. Oh my, Mr. Gann quotes Ezekiel 14:14 again on page 73.  Knowing Mr. Gann's "Modus Operandi" as I've come to know it, repetition means to pay special attention.  Yeah, I know, a person such as myself who hasn't been to a Sunday school class since before grade school, shouldn't work with such mystery.  So, that apology is up front for the mistakes in theology that may be made.

In the three movies previously discussed, which have been offered as emphatically linked to TTTTA via the numbers 11, 77 and 88 and Pierre de Fermat's number 257, we have three characters, Daniel, Noah and John.  They appear in "San Andreas," "2012" and "Knowing" respectively.  Their contrasts suggest meaning.

From the Bible (in order of appearance in the KJV Bible):

Noah.  From the 1st book of the KJV, Genesis, the story of Noah and the Ark occupies verses 6-9.  We know the story of God intending to return the world to its state prior to man; Noah building the Ark thereby saving his family and perpetuating all living things, and God promising never to send another such flood.   Noah is thought to have died at 950 years some 350 years after the flood.

Job.  The Book of Job, the 18th book of the KJV Bible, tells of Job who, encouraged by his friends resolved to live a sinless, obedient life and thereby earn mercy and avoid punishment.  The punishment continues until Job demands the reason why those living such a life would continue to receive punishment; theodicy, "why do the righteous suffer" as opposed to divine retributive justice.  Having lived a good and pious life and being punished, Job wished he'd not been born.  Ultimately, Job, some believe, realized earthly standards cannot be imputed to God and divine judgment would be rendered only in His own time be it on earth or in judgment.

Daniel.  From the 27th book of the KJV, Daniel was devout, constant and courageous.  He counseled kings of the one God, he never wavered despite his opponents and he courageously faced the lions.  [ISIS recently destroyed one of the tombs thought to be that of Daniel.]  The greatest of prophets according to Ezekiel, Daniel is quoted generously in TTTTA.

From the movies (in order of appearance in Ezekiel 14:14):

Daniel in San Andreas.  Daniel Riddick, billionaire architect and developer, boyfriend of Ray Gaines (hero) soon to be ex, Emma.  Presently developing "The Gate," the "iconic..tallest, strongest" building in San Francisco and best of all already 80% pre-sold.  When the SF earthquake hits, he is in custody of Blake, Ray and Emma's daughter.  Daniel might be characterized as the opposite of Daniel of the Bible.  He is not religious and abandons Blake when she is stuck in a car below ground after the first shaking.  He is not an adviser to anyone, but on top of the food chain building the grandest of all buildings (which ultimately pancakes) attesting to the greatness of mankind.  Cowardly and demented by buffeting from the several quakes, Daniel dies standing on the Golden Gate bridge when it is swamped and destroyed by a tsunami.

Noah in "2012."  The prepubescent son of the movie's hero, Jackson, Noah is as young as Noah of the Bible is old when each save life on earth.  The latter saves life when he toils for years to build and populate his wooden ark.  The young Noah saves his father and "Ark 4" by diving below the waters in the hold of the ship to help his father free a gear mechanism that is frozen and unable to close the ark to the approaching flood waters.  Again, some obvious contrasts between the two Noah figures.

John or Job of "Knowing."  The above creating a mystery; at least in my mind which always looks for meaning.  There isn't a Job in "Knowing."  I've looked for any literal plant of the noun anywhere.  So we're left to find meaning.  John of "Knowing" is Job though not so named.  His story is the loss of his wife in a disaster (hotel fire), his loss of his father, a pastor, because, despite John's righteous life, God has punished him and will ultimately lose his son who is taken by angels to a new world.  Everything John has is taken from him despite his goodness.  As the movie progresses he first sees the numbers in Lucinda's "map of time" are meant for him, he then determines they are meant for "everyone else" and he finally asks why he received the message when he can't do anything to stop the end of the world.  And finally, in my opinion,  he realizes the message he's received was meant for him; to transform him from a person who believes the randomites' view to the view of divine judgment/determinism and receives his father.  The last words of "Knowing:"

*** ***

In the names Daniel and Noah, we do not find the natures of the Biblical characters.  In the name of John we do not find the, arguable, superficial identification of Job, but we find his substance in John.  John is more the Biblical character, Job, than either Noah or Daniele the Biblical counterparts.  I don't think that's a coincidence but I've created a story from seeming disparate parts.  Time is on the side of the doubter; TTTTA, through which the three movies appear related was published eight decades before the earliest of these movies.  But it works for me.

Not quite done as yet.  "The Gate" (enumerated in two words would be 15-15 reduced to 6-6) brings to mind the Tower of Babel (confusion of speech and a scattering) but more so a previous related set of thoughts that I've considered; the story (as opposed to "book") of Naomi and its anagram "Minoa".  Read the linked essay for greater evidence and meaning, but it boils down to this:

Read Mr. Gann's words carefully, "Notice this prophecy."  The "bridges shall be opened" to the rivers and the "suspension bridge" opens the rivers.  When I look at the SF city limits I see only two entrance bridges; two suspension bridges. The 1906 earthquake was "dip" slip type of earthquake ("dip" is incorrectly spelled in red with an "L" as opposed to "I" but there is an "I" just above the red letters).  "ENS" (in tan) is an acronym for the USGS "Earthquake Notification Service."  June 10 (in blue) reminds us that the largest earthquake to hit the 48 contiguous states since 2014 occurred on June 10, 2016.  Finally, those two bridges, one the Golden Gate; as best I'm aware, neither can be opened... mechanically that is.

Forthcoming, the nature of the heroes and themes of the three movies.  How interesting it would be if WD Gann and Luo Clement were around to comment on them.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Three movies; and Pierre de Fermat's number

In previous essays the only three two-digit numbers comprised of the same digit found in the acrostic and telestic encoding of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" were found to be appearing in both of two contemporary movies; "Knowing" and "San Andreas."  Those three numbers, 11, 77 and 88, each reduced to become Pierre de Fermat's unique number, 257, are each found successively in three events appearing in those aforementioned movies.  A book written in 1927 referring to and being referred from movies that opened in 2009 and 2015.

I did not know it would work out that way when I first discovered in WD Gann's "Map of Time," by a method similar to that of Prof Koestler in "Knowing;" finding in a map the date 9/11/01 and the exact number of deaths that occurred that day.  But soon thereafter, I acquired and viewed seeming similar movies "2012" and "San Andreas."  Unlike "Knowing" these latter two movies did not have positive and valuable themes, in the opinion of an accountant.  But they have some meaning.  I say that pending critique I hope to provide soon from WD Gann and Luo Clement.  For now, let's present additional and composite evidence that those three movies are mathematically related to TTTTA.

According to Pythagorean symbols and Luo Clement method the 1) name number hero of each movie, 2) title of each movie and 3) the person in each movie most responsible for the discovery and elaboration of each event to occur in the movie:

The hero of each movie is easy to identify; John Koestler, Jackson Curtis and Raymond Gaines.  According to Luo Clement convention, the name number relates only to the first name and its the version thereof to which a person is referred and considers themselves.  For John, its John.  For Jackson, a viewing of the movie indicates he is referred to as Jackson and likewise, Raymond is the movie version of Ray.

The person of discovery is obviously Lucinda in "Knowing" as she hears whispers that guide her in encoding a "map of time," a math puzzle to be located and deciphered by John some 50 years later.

Less obvious is "Fred" in the movie "2012."  His name is Dr. Frederick West who is at least third to be informed of the discovery of forthcoming calamity but is the most senior of the scientists informed of the discovery.  The discovery is first made by Dr. Satnam Tsurutani then viewed by Dr. Adrian Helmsley and finally reviewed by their then senior scientist Dr. West.  Painfully, I re-watched 2012 to determine the manner in which Dr. West is addressed.  He wasn't.  His three or so almost cameo appearances to give the 'final word' on a factual event occurring, he isn't named.  Or I haven't noticed one.  The guy is the clutsy scientist-type you've seen before who you'd find his disheveled appearance to connote the nerd...someone you'd prefer not to call "Doctor" or even the incongruent name "Frederick."  He's a "Fred" if ever I saw one.
A contradictory interpretation of Dr. Lawrence Hayes in the movie "San Andreas" is enumerated above.  Similar to Lucinda and unlike "Fred," he is first to realize the coming calamity to befall LA and SF.  In the movie, he is referred to as "Dr. Lawrence Hayes" or "Dr. Hayes," not Lawrence or Larry.  His full given name is retained lacking any evidence of an alternate self or public conception.

The latter two paragraphs are the subjective judgements that have been made and on which, I'm sure, the "randomites," "scientists," "experts" (derisively commented on by Dr. Koestler) will make their stand.   To what else might they cling?  Regardless, what's the probability, even given the one subjective judgement made as described, the perfect finding of 11, 77 and 88 as above is possible?

With Pythagoras' symbol interpretation and Clement's name number definition and methodology or rules of interpretation, we obtain the numbers comprising the Fermat number; 11, 77 and 88 which reduce to 2, 5 and 7 (red highlight) or 257 (green highlight) above.  Key aspects of each of the three movies, "Knowing," "2012" and "San Andreas" are encoded in the same numbers as found encoded in TTTTA.

Separated by 82 years from the 1927 publication date of TTTTA and the first of the above movies, "Knowing" in 2009, you'll find on page number 82 of TTTTA the warning of the "remarkable events" to occur upon the election of the 266th Pope.  Is it any surprise (I guess it is) Pope Francis was born on the 266th day of the solar year?   His election in 2013 begans the sequence.  "Knowing," "2012" and "San Andreas" are the types of warnings that might appeal to our generation, at least those few persons who are aware.

The above insert does not, however, tell the whole story.  The numbers 11, 77 and 88 are derived from their root values by two levels of reduction.  We find 77 and 88 derived from the first level of reduction but the number 11 is derived at the second level of reduction.  In other words, 77 results by adding the root values of 39, 5 and 33.  Same for the number 88.  One level of reduction.  11 is different.  First you add the root values of 20, 19 and 17 to get 56.  Then you reduce those numbers by adding 5+6=11.  Two levels of reduction.  The number is derived differently.

So it is in the encoding of them in TTTTA.  11 if different; it is an acrostic spelling whereas 77 and 88 are a telestic encoding (pages 70, 97 and 219):

I find it meaningful the narrative of the third of the above finds "war in their camps" and the populace that must pick a new leader able to lead them during the "great war in the air."

*** ***

I envision further insights to come from, again painfully, re-watching the three movies.  It is first most important to tie, through evidence as presented and as incredible as it seems, the subject movies of our time to the 1927 TTTTA.  The evidence cannot be made better than it is; it has the subjective limitation of the names of the two scientists.  If you cannot accept that limitation "according to your faith be it unto you," then reading further essays would be a waste of your time.  In that mindset, you would not be "reading to consider," but reading to argue.

If you do wish to consider, then you noticed the three movies covered give us destruction by fire, water and earth shaking...where is wind?  As far as I've traced the emerging scenarios, it is in the second enemy campaign.  It is Yellowstone that occurs the year after the first enemy campaign.  It is the enemy incursion up the Mississippi to St Louis that enables the destruction of Chicago-by the winds and ash.  But that has to wait.

One last thought from the movie "2012;" does the below utterance comport with the "final message," comprised of anagrams, of the preceding essay:

As in TTTTA, President Thomas Wilson is the last President (he dies amid a great cloud of ash and a tidal wave) and the Vatican is shown being destroyed; the last Pope.

Jim Ross

Saturday, July 23, 2016

October 19, 2016; the final proof and the final message

My working life has been spent in numbers, first in a then "Big Eight" CPA firm, reconciling subsidiary lists to ledgers, tracing back to numbers appearing on invoices and original documents, finding differences and reconciling to find truth between them.  Clear numbers; a right and wrong, either it "is" or it "isn't."  Later it became reconciling between footnotes and basic financial statements and then it became testing assertions in SEC documents, 8Ks, MD&A in 10Ks, due diligence letters, all summarized in accountant's opinions on "fairness" or "negative comfort."  Each step along the career became one step removed from "is" and one step further into "kinda."

When I see numbers like this, I cannot but question the "scientific" Gaussian view of randomness:

The above numeric synchronicity cannot happen.  It's the "is" not the "kinda."

The final proof.  "Proof" is vastly overstating the trail of supposed evidence; but it will be a compelling "story."  Each of the three proofs I've offered begins with the obvious or the clarity of "is" and declines to the some level of "kinda."  The "kinda" proof is, well, "kinda" like Marie's letter, "According to your faith be I unto you."

Jonah or Jonas, page 69 of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I hope I present the apparent paradox which I identify.  Others have mistaken (as I did) the apparent misspelling of Jonah(s) on page 69 and have been corrected by persons of far greater understanding of the translation of Hebrew and Greek.  Now corrected, we realize it was not a misspelling and is a proper presentation of the literal name the "Book of Jonah," and the better translation of the man, Jonas.  A distinction without a difference for a vast majority of readers who haven't a clue of the distinction.  Were it me writing TTTTA and knowing the distinction, I'd opt to present only Jonah and suffer any scholarly criticism.  Why would Mr. Gann, who apparently absent minded-ly (if you believe that) misspelled/missused "Mammouth," "clew," "greaty City of Chicago," care about the distinction of Jonah versus Jonas?  In my opinion, Mr. Gann intended to create the apparent paradox not to demonstrate his command of Biblical knowledge to scholars, but attract the attention of the "others" among us.  Why the apparent paradox, then?

If true, then obviously to call attention to something to be considered and pondered.  Jonah, which evaluates by Pythagorean values to 5, is spelled once on page 69, and Jonas, which is 3, is spelled three times.  Jonas wins 3 to 1.  We can find much meaning in "...three days and three nights..." but I'm not qualified and much has been written there.  As conditioned at this point, I read the pages 33, 35, 333, 353 and land on page 53.  53, the middle width angle of the Pythagorean 345 triangle and meaningful to Pythagoreans, Rosicrucians, Masons and other orders.  Page 53 puts me amid the curiously included  Chapter V, near wholly comprised of Ezekiel prophetic scripture.  It places the reader after Ezekiel 8:1 from which the the date June 9, 2016 was derived; the date that was interpreted as predicting an earthquake in Los Angeles.  Again, wrong on magnitude, a 5.2M earthquake hit Borrego Springs (about 151 miles southeast of LA) but very close to the day.  It was four minutes after midnight PST on June 10...4 minutes off by my calculation from UCT to PDT to PST.  And the strongest earthquake to hit the 48 states since 2014.

The text of Chapter V beginning on page 53 holds a lot of meaning depending on your particular search.  From where my search begins, I'm particularly sensitive, err fixated, on disasters from my previous work.  Among the other things we find in those pages, Ezekiel's description of the beast of fours, the righteous three men, prophecy against the south field, judgement in the place of nativity, and....Ezekiel 33:21 and 33:...I freeze:

I find on 33:21 and 33:33.  The numbers pull me in.  The narrative, "The City is smitten."  The date, "tenth month" fits but the "fifth day" does not.  A number to be reconciled or one that disputes propositions already on the table.  I continue reading, the four winds, write upon and join the sticks to one, a great shaking in the land, a place for graves in Gog, the gate that "looketh toward the east,"  "came to destroy the city," "noise of many waters," "ashamed of their inequities," July 15, 1932....I freeze.

Where did yesterday's essay end?  At the number 84.  84 years from Robert's July 15, 1932 above is July 15, 2016 and the Bastille Day Massacre where 84 people were slaughtered.  I continue reading, return the inheritance of liberty to the prince, Ezekiel 46:17:

Return the inheritance, and I keep reading "it was a river I could not pass over," "these waters issue out toward the east country, and go down into the desert" and I fix on Ezekiel 47:8 describing from where the waters emanate and to where they lead:

From west to the desert, and further reading, "that everything that liveth, which moveth, whithersoever, the rivers shall come shall live... because these waters shall come thither; for they shall be healed," and the last citation, Ezekiel 48:14, 15:

If you've struggled through the above you've paid your dues for the next section in advance, "raw final message."  My several early readings Chapter V formed an "ignore this" rant.  In my present frame of mind, its all essential to the "message."  An interim recap:  
  • "The City is smitten," 
  • a great shaking,
  • a place to bury vast numbers of dead, 
  • return the inheritance of liberty to the Prince, 
  • a river that could not be passed emanating from the west flowing to the desert in the west,
  • that where the river goes so that which lives in the waters thrives and the land is healed.  
A theme of scripture cut out of scripture.

And the proof, weak as it is, is the numbers in that final cutting of scripture; Ezekiel 48:15.  Finally I have numbers to evaluate, albeit taken out of context.  The context is the land is apportioned among the tribes measured in units.  "Five thousand that are left in the breadth over against the five and twenty thousand."  The context of land/distance measurement is simply not there.  Mr. Gann did not produce the verses that give that context.  Why?  Absent that context and given the theme of the smitten City, death, a river that cannot be passed emanating from west to the desert in the east....what are we to make of the numbers 5,000 and 520,000.  A population that is reduced from 520,000 to 5,000 perhaps?  

If so, how can we identify that population?  What Pacific Coast city has 520,000?  ...or, perhaps 520,000 X Phi?  841,460?

Might the population of San Francisco have grown since 2013, to...841,000?  A weak but dramatic proof.  The lingering question; only 5000 left in the breadth?  "The City is smitten."  How many perished?

The final message.  The above story in scripture is the color of the message but how do we know the all important intent of the message.  Did Mr. Gann intend this interpretation and its prediction?

Some background needs to be recalled from previous essays.  Mr. Gann's gravestone is 30"X30"X8" yielding 30X8=240, WD and Sadie Gann living a combined 130 years, and the difference of 240 minus 110 years.  1776, the year of founding plus 240 is 2016.  1886, the year the Statue of Liberty is dedicated plus 130 years is 2016.  And the year of the Country's greatest natural disaster plus 110 years is 2016.  Did Sadie Gann and WD Gann die at 53 and 77 years respectively in order to create the such a mathematic synchronicity?  

What a delusional question to ask!!!  You decide.  What did we find the anagram of the words on Mr. and Mrs. Gann's gravestone to be?

"A shaman died willing - Gann."  Every letter used, no letters added.  53 and 77 years, notable if not startling numbers individually, or a combined life span of 130 years; did WD and Sadie Gann pass when they intended?  The above would suggest so, in my unscientific, un-random biased view.

Assuming their intentional sacrifice to create a final and important message, what might that final message be?  Well, the bulleted "theme" above is a starting point.  A great disaster involving waters from west to the desert in the east, massive casualties, chaos, three weeks before the Presidential elections in 2016.     We found a relevant message in none other than the title of TTTTA.  The plainest in sight location, the inside title page of the book.  Its a message a very few people take seriously, but some do.  As I read it, I see an error, as frequently I find when I re-read my work.  The error, itself, has a meaning (other than for you to test my work).  I incorrectly spelled "Barrack" with two "r"s.  Shame on readers for not alerting me.  The corrected anagram:

A dangling unused "9" at the end freed up because of my error.  If this were intended by or,acceptable to Mr. Gann, what's the rationale for that extra letter?  Its the second identification of the President in the anagram.  According to Luo Clement (who is WD Gann, IMO), the name number is the Pythagorean equivalent of the first name.  And "Barack" enumerates to 9, correctly spelled that is.  He is identified twice in the anagram, once by name, once by number; as if to say "Yes, that is who I mean."  The early 1900s equivalent of our now so eloquent "Duh."

I'll not utter the message of the anagram.  Your quarrel is not with me but with that which is printed on the inside title page of TTTTA.  Argue with the mathematics of the previous two anagrams using the Gaussian god of statistical method...which, even with its defect, will not support you.  Yes, you can spell a vast number of anagrams out of that many letters; go right ahead.  Find the subset that gives you an intelligible message.  And now find the subset that make sense out of the already developed prediction.  Now find both anagrams that provide a continuous theme.  One is above.

Now, elaborate the gravestone mathematics and scripture to form the obvious message... something like this;  "In the 240th year since the Country's establishment, 2016, a great disaster will occur, one repeating that which occurred 110 years before, and which will create chaos,  resulting in the liberty, represented by the Statue of Liberty dedicated 130 years ago and granted under God will be won by a new king."

Triple down with a third anagram that must make sense with the anagram of "Knowing."  So, how do I know the above is "the message?"  "Knowing,"  the anagram of  of the movie, "Knowing:"

King now.

So as WD Gann appears to be the completion of Francis Bacon according to numbers, so "Knowing" appears to be the literal completion of the prophecy of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."


These days we talk about "creative destruction" as if a new concept, but so few things are new.  Hermes Trismegistus,  reflected in the "Kybalion," is said to have taught the "Principle of Polarity" which dictates that opposites are of the same thing; they differ only by degree.  Heat and cold, light and dark...all of the same nature but differing by degree, by measurement.  Evil can be translated to good by application of the "Principle of Polarity"....destruction results in creation.  Where new rivers go, the occupied land is displaced, taken back from the occupant by the Prince, the land is healed and teams with the fish and creatures.  We naively say we "destroy to create" to show our instinctive understanding, but will that understanding predominate should events implied by these essays of the October 19, 2016 series come to pass?

The lamentation of WD Gann on page 130:

Today is the 84th day preceding October 15, 2016 the first of three events.  And October 15, 2016 reduces to 7.  And you find the first essay of this series is 777, which you also find to be the prominent identification of WD Gann and Lord Francis Bacon.  84 days to consider the evidence, agree to or deny the conclusions and prepare.  Your choice.

Jim Ross

PS- I hate to re-read my work for all the errors I find ranging from irrelevant typos, poor expressions, word usage.  Vanity, obsessiveness, self consciousness.  I do edit a lot but the progress you make in study in impeded by the work done to perfect something that doesn't help your progress.  I hope my work helps others.  I shouldn't stress over the perfection so, once published, I try not to go back.  Just forward.  Which emphasizes one of two thoughts for any reader.   First, you need to test my work and conclusions....obviously.

Second, I believe learning and believing the truth of a thing is inverse to effort.  The 20-80, 10-90 or whatever version of the rule indicates with 20% of the effort you can accomplish 80% of the goal.  Perfection costs in terms of the value of time.  I find learning to be the opposite in theory.  To achieve 20% of the goal you must spend multiples of time in terms of the effort.  You have to struggle with the questions.  And Mr. Gann makes us struggle mightily.  There aren't any answers of deep value that can be achieved without your own work.  A teacher can only lead.  The student has to do the work themselves.  It cannot be any other way....of course, in my opinion.

The WD Gann "Map of Time" is available for free download.  You can download it and replicate everything I've done and more.

Friday, July 22, 2016

October 19, 2016; "Proof" of October 15, 17 and 19

Though it might not see like it, the series of seismic events the last three essays suggest occurring on October 15, 17 and 19 are a warning.  In truth, there have already been warnings of this first event/warning; a February 23, 2016, Wasco CA 4.9, earthquakes in Japan on April 14/15, 2016 and a June 10, 2016 5.2M earthquake at Borego Springs CA, all predicted in this blog (as to date not magnitude) based upon the encoded predictions of WD Gann in his 1927 novel "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  This group of three events that may occur October 15, 17 and 19, 2016, should they occur, will be the first that people will take seriously.  They will represent a harsh warning of still worse events.

In the previous five essays, the following sequence of evidence discovery contends that TTTTA is connected with the movie "Knowing:"
  1. The numbers 11, 77 and 88 were identified as important in TTTTA by multiple levels of evidence Here, here, and here to link just a few .  Think about it, Flights 11 and 77 of the 9/11 attacks the sum of which is 88.  Interesting curiosity among many, as the numbers are the only three two-digit number encoded in TTTTA that consist of the same digit.  Those numbers were again confirmed as important as they reduce to provide the number 257, one of only 4 know "Fermat numbers" theorized by Pierre de Fermat, whose name appears encoded in TTTTA to emphasize, again, the importance of 11, 77 and 88.
  2. As well, previous essays have found the name of Ryne Douglas Pearson, the author of the movie "Knowing," encoded in TTTTA, among many other such synchronicities, suggesting a relationship between these fictional works despite the 82 years that separate them,
  3. And the numbers 88, 77 and 11 are found in the movie "Knowing" at a frequency of 1, 2 and 3 times, respectively, and correlate with the dates of disaster on October 15, 17 and 19 (three essays immediately preceding this essay).
  4. The strongest links between the two fictional works are those above except for one.  The discovery of 9/11 and the innocent deaths that occurred that day encoded into TTTTA:

That's what I saw on exactly 9/11/2015 in the MOT, substantially the same thing that Professor Koestler, the key character of the movie, saw on the mysterious page of numbers.  It indicated a map of time.  On the right, the date, 9/11/01 and one the left the descending cumulative and chapter page numbers, 2693 + 283 = 2976 plus 1=2977 because there are two dates on that line and 9/11 is the larger.  2977, the number of innocent lives lost that day (excluding 19 terrorists).  You can replicate that synchronicity yourself as I have made WD Gann "Map of Time" available for free download at Here.  You will find the date on line 2699 and to its right, the cumulative line and chapter number 2978.  This time you subtract one day to get to 2977; you provide the rationale.

The numbers 88, 77 and 11 correlate with the dates, October 15, 17 and 19 which, in this 84th year since the last day of the TTTTA in August 1932, brings us to those dates predicting similar disasters on those days in 2016.  The number 84 represents Mr. Gann's lamentation on page 84 of TTTTA that people will not study the Bible to know what is coming.

I will offer three proofs of the inclusion of those dates, originating in "Knowing" being similarly and intentionally presented in TTTTA.  Two of the proofs will appear in this essay. The weakest but most profound proof will be reserved for the final essay.

First proof.  Three great events in "Knowing" that occurred on October 15, 17 and 19 of 2009 will recur in 2016 on those days but not in those same locations (New York, Boston) nor will the nature of the events be the same.  Three numbers important to WD Gann in TTTTA.  We traced the numbers from TTTTA to "Knowing" in the previous three essays but we haven't traced the the dates from Knowing back to TTTTA.  Can that be done?  Wouldn't you expect that to be tendered as proof by Mr. Gann?  The first proof will demonstrate that Mr. Gann intentionally encoded both the names of the cities to be affected by events on the three named dates in the acrostic/telestic coding and in the "in plain sight narrative."

October 15, LA California.  This is the first of the three dates correlated between "Knowing" and TTTTA and it involves, singularly, Los Angeles, California.  It appears on page 284.  You find Los Angeles in the simple narrative in bold italics and "LA California" in the acrostic/telestic encoding.  LA, in red highlight, appears on the same line as 10/15, also in red.  California in blue:

October 17, Rio Grande.  Following the fictional destruction of Los Angeles, a night time attack occurs along the Rio Grande from Brownsville to El Paso.   We find this second date of October 17 and Rio Grande on page 290.  "Rio Grande" is spelled in the simple narrative (bold italics), and is spelled the same word in acrostic/telestic letters (red highlight). Added is the word "El Paso" (in tan, which was the line from El Paso to Brownsville along the Rio Grande).  To keep it simple, the following restricts the "proof" to the words, "Rio Grande" in red and in bold italics in the narrative and "El Paso" in tan.

Were one to expand the span of lines and permit minor re use of letters used by other words, you'd find Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brownsville and tectonic plates (Here). The span of the words of the linked image and the narrative meaning the area surrounding the date give you a full perspective of October 15, 17 and 19; tectonic plates, attacks, great destruction of San Francisco.  Noteworthy, a comment is made regarding the terrific loss of life in San Francisco (highlighted in yellow) which is absent in the destruction of Los Angeles or the attacks along the Rio Grande.

October 19, San Francisco.  Following the attack along the line of the Rio Grande is the fictional attack on San Francisco and we find its final destruction on page 295.  We find San Francisco aligned with 10/19, again both in red highlight:

Again, San Francisco is spelled both in narrative and in acrostic/telestic encoding proximate the date October 19.

Second proof.  I hadn't any doubt the theme of 11, 77 and 88 would be encoded in these events in TTTTA.  Initially, I'd taken the line on which each of the three dates appeared and converted them to their number equivalent and expected to find all three before each line's final reduction to a single digit.  I found that to be true for the first and third events but there wasn't any text associated with the second event.  I assumed that if I found 11 associated with the last event and 88 associated with the first event, the difference would be Mr. Gann's intention concerning the second event.  Not true, when I began writing this section of this essay, I'd missed a word in one line and, enumerating the letters "on the fly" provided another error.  Those two lines I thought gave me 88 and 11; they didn't.  Still, I knew 11, 77 and 88 had to be somehow associated with these three events.

Overthinking.  What pages are page numbers on which these events appear?  Page 284, 290 and 295. And their reduction to single digits, as we found in the essay on the de Fermat number number 257 is 5, 2 and 7.  Remember this conversion of the numbers 11, 77 and 88 to the Fermat number 257 on the right below:

On the left you have the conversion that occurred from 11, 77 and 88 to derive the Fermat 257 that was presented in the second essay of this series.  On the right you have the conversion from page numbers to the digits of the Fermat number 257.  Out of the many three-digit combinations one could make out of ten digits (is it ten factorial minus seven factorial, I don't recall), we found the correct three numbers 2, 5 and 7.  I don't like the fact that the events are not in the order of the de Fermat number.  The Fermat number is 257 and if we preserve that number on the right, the dates are not in chronological order.

Nevertheless let's close the very simple second proof saying, we found the 11, 77 and 88 in TTTTA's proxy, the Fermat number 257.  The dates aren't ordered but the digits are there.

The mystery of the unordered Fermat number.  There, I feel better.  New thought; let's resolve the order and the correct locations.

Perhaps the true order of events is different than the order presented in the narrative of TTTTA:
Perhaps instead of LA > Rio > SF, the order should be Rio > LA > SF.  That gives you the Fermat number.  And there's a faint recognition of work I had done before.  Yes, it is "San Andreas" and I've written several essays on that 2015 movie.

San Andreas was a component of my "great mistake."  I found many messages in TTTTA's acrostic telestic encoding indicating there would be a great earthquake with greatest likelihood of happening on February 23, 2016 as recounted above.  In "Knowing" I found the simpler messages about characters, symbols, imagery and the dates, October 15, 17, and 19.  In "San Andreas," I found the primary characters encoded, the message "Andreaas," "Huuver Dam," etc.  I did not find any dates.  There is a striking absence of dates; you won't find one anywhere in the move, written or spoken.  I couldn't reconcile the February 23 date to the timeline of TTTTA's fictional war.  I finally ran out of time before February 23 and, as I admit, I ran around like Chicken Little proclaiming something about which I hadn't the full proof of timing.  I stated the limitation of the work and assumed the worst and accepted the indignity of error.

It was blessing I was wrong but my being wrong was by degree.  The largest earthquake to hit the 48 in 14 months occurred that day in Wasco CA, about mid way between SF and LA.  It was a 4.9M that wouldn't have put a ripple in a cup of coffee in SF or LA.  And it hit on exactly February 23, 2016.  

This time its different, I have correlation of "Knowing" and TTTTA bordering on mathematic proof of the dates.  October 15, 17 and 19 might work out to be a non event, but I do not believe so. 

So, here's the new "San Andreas" connection and how it may solve the mystery of the unordered Fermat number.  In San Andreas, the initial event of the three earthquakes in that movie occurred in Las Vegas.  It was Las Vegas > Los Angeles > San Francisco.  If the Rio Grande event were replaced by Las Vegas, the we have the perfect 2 > 5 >7 order...don't we? 

TTTTA has Rio Grande encoded in it....but, does it have Las Vegas in it as well?  Yes.  Remember the first TTTTA excerpt that had "Rio Grande" in it above?  You can find Las Vegas in it as well:

If you take away the "G" and an "a" from Rio Grande (in green) you can spell Las Vegas (now red highlighted).  Remove the Rio Grande, add Las Vegas...Hoover Dam.

With Las Vegas > Los Angeles > San Francisco, we now have the perfect Fermat order, the exact sequence and locations of "San Andreas" and the exact dates of "Knowing."


If you wanted to warn and convince a future generation of "remarkable events" in their time could the message be delivered with a book that was written 84 years earlier; one that was not exactly a best seller even in 1927?  Or would you (not as if either you or Mr. Gann could have accomplished movie production from the grave), possessing foresight, use that foresight of popular 21st century movies to spread your foreknowledge?  I doubt there are many people, whether 15 or 50, who are reading TTTTA these days.  The delivery vehicles "Knowing" primarily and secondarily, San Andreas, would be far more effective in our age than a 1927 romance and war novel. 

If I lived on the Pacific Coast, I wouldn't watch "San Andreas" or even "Knowing" for that matter.  Modern "science" has indicated it cannot predict an earthquake but it also says the "odds" are high one will occur within the 30-year time period on the Pacific Coast.  One that could be the "Really Big One," (Cascadia subduction) and/or a San Andreas event.  Its a "risk reward" if you live there.  Your call.  

I've presented evidence of Mr. Gann's foresight throughout this site for the last two years.  And I have presented, in these last six essays, predictions of events in October and what I consider to be the 'evidence.'  I don't have any skin in this game; I don't live there and I don't get so much as a click fee for the work I do.  If you live, you should seriously consider reading and back testing my work.  My "evidence" can be wrong, my conclusions might be wrong...or they might be right.  I certainly believe they are.  

I have made available for free download the WD Gann "Map of Time" for the period 1932-2100 so you can prove or disprove the work to yourself.

84 years between the last day in the 1927 novel "The Tunnel Thru the Air" which was August 30, 1932 and the movie, "Knowing."  Again, WD Gann's lamentation on page 84:

Jim Ross