Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It just keeps happening...how many times do I need to be told?


The setting for this post, and today's synchronicity, has three parts; 1) the recent August 7, 2017 post which led me to a prophetic and Biblical warning, 2) the even more recent August 24, 2017 essay in which led to the renumbering (a line for a day with a beginning of September 1, 2001) of the WD Gann "Map of Time" and 3) a long ago discovered mathematic device - the Tao Device.

1.  August 7, 2017; the Biblical promise that the Lord will not again destroy the world by water.  On August 7, 2017 I made a discovery that tied the MOT to the WD Gann declared most important lesson of "The Tunnel Thru The Air."  Always suspicious, I looked in the MOT for that date and found the following paragraph:

The date, 8/7/2017 occurs on a line between 2 paragraphs.  The first paragraph declares, with an emphatic verb, "Heed."  In all the acrostic and telestic words spelled in TTTTA, it seems the most forceful I recall.

The second paragraph, recounts the Bible's promise the world will not be destroyed by water.  Can't make this stuff up...as we all witness the Houston floods.  As we all watch as North Korea does a nuclear payload capable ICBM over Japan.

And, as if to connect the ends of a circle, what is the Bible verse source?  It is Genesis 9:11.  9/11 is how I got to the point of the August 7 essay in the first place.

2.  August 24, 2017; choosing the "right beginning" and the correct cycle (or interval).  The Robert Gordon's 7 days and MOT correlation of item 1, above, convinced me that the MOT should be re enumerated "appointing" a line for a day (it presently and above has two dates associated with each line).  Of course, I did that and arrived at a big 'so what?'

Except that, the day I reached this epiphany was August 24.  There are 5826 days between the beginning date, September 11, 2001, and the date of this latter post.  September 11, 2001 is on line 2699 of the MOT and, counting 1 day per line up, there are 2699 days to the first line on the cover of the book.  I ran out of lines with 3127 lines left.  So I counted down from the first line of TTTTA to line number 3127 and found the acrostic word "Pi."

Well, a 2-letter acrostic word, namely Pi, is hardly notable.  Again except that the immediately thereafter following paragraph explains WD Gann's method of prophecy; start with the right beginning:

I started with declaring the line of the 9/11 prediction as the "right beginning" and a day for a line as the right interval.  And ended on a key paragraph that reiterates the "right beginning" and the cycle.  [I continue working on "Pi" as a component of the actual mathematic methodology of prediction.]

3.  The Tao Device.  I discovered the Tao Device at shortly after the time I discovered WD Ann's prediction of 9/11/2001 and the number of innocent lives lost that day.   Spelled on the line enumerated for 9/11/2001 appears was the acrostic word "TAO," in prominent all caps.  "Tao," having one far east meaning of "path."  Perhaps "Path to War?  And there was an acrostic word spelled in all caps some 162 lines later.  At that time, I hadn't identified the phrase, "Path to War."  And then it hit me.  If I wanted to convince someone of the authenticity of the prediction, I'd create a math device...math is unambiguous, objective, unassailable.  Its not random.  It is proof.

I would place the word "to" perfectly between TAO (on line 2699) and WAR (on line 2860).  Do the math.  I'd place "to" on lines 2779 and 2780:

Focus on the red acrostic words in the above 3 excerpts and their associated cumulative line numbers.  It defines what I have named the "Tao Device."  Math that confirms WD Ganns intended meaning.  [People who study TTTTA will recognize "to" appears on that meaningful page 69.]

And what happened in the wake of 9/11?  Afghanistan, Iraq, and the continuing wars.  Indeed, it was the "path to war."

So what's today's synchronicity?  Take items 1 and 2 above.  The perpetual skeptic will say, "just coincidence" that you landed on the day that describes Mr. Gann's method of prediction."

The Tao Device, a mathematic confirmation signature if you will, eliminates that mindless argument. Math is unmistakable, unambiguous truth.

#1 above occurred at line 2699.  #2 above occurred at line 3127.  There are 5826 days/lines in between.  [Refer above to the derivation of 5826 lines.]  If the Tao Device confirms meaning, then there needs to be an unmistakable component perfectly in between.  Where is the "mathematically in between?"  It is 5826 line divided by 2 = 2913.

So we start at line 2699 (which is the 9/11 prediction) and move up 2699 lines to the very first line in TTTTA.  But we haven't gotten to the 2913th line.  We now need to reverse and move down another 214 lines.  We need to go to line 214.  And what do we find beginning on line 214?

"....as a testimony that he would never again destroy the world by water...."

It's the two "Heed" paragraphs.  We've come "full circle," yet again.  Just beat with it Mr. Gann.

Always suspicious, today is August 29, 2017.  That date is enumerated in the above excerpt.  And on the lines contiguous to that date we find the acrostic/telestic word "water" spelled in red, as if, again, confirming meaning of the narrative.  

That the Lord will not destroy the world by water is comforting given the Texas floods.  But there is a troubling prophecy. What we find on that exact cumulative line number 217 on which today's date 8/29/2017 appears is this:

"...those who did not believe and destroy the world by fire."

*** ***

I don't think the Tao Device is proving the niftiness of the author or his ability to predict.  I think it means exactly what WD Gann is beating us over the head with; the substance of his prediction.

This is a message meant for our time, the time of the 266th Pope, in my opinion.  Maybe his prediction (or is it the Bible's prediction or both) is wrong.  Maybe not. 

I found the above circle back to the prediction of "destroy the world by fire today, August 29, 2017.

And today, August 29, 2017, North Korea buzzed Japan with a nuclear payload capable missile.

A synchronicity, much of which you can take the time to recreate...or you can dismiss without effort.

Jim Ross

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Synchronicity from the Map of Time and Robert Gordon's 7 days

Heretofore and on many occasions, I've cautioned I am equally as unable to work the WD Gann "Map of Time" as I am confident of its integrity as I've modeled it.  That may be changing.

Setting the stage.  Comparing the most important lesson of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air", that being the mathematic structure of "Robert Gordon's 7 Days," to the mathematic structure of the MOT, I find that the former suggests a change to the latter.

A synchronicity that has occurred this morning suggests I am on the correct path.

Robert Gordon, in a plain reading of the "7 days," circled the earth at the latitude of New York City in 7 days (forget the dual complications that he traveled in the direction of the earths rotation and the five hours between the completion of the circle in Canada vs New York City).  7 days or 168 hours.  The MOT as configured, 168 years when attributing two days per line.

It has always troubled me that there were 2 days attributed for every line, but three factors compelled me to configure it with two days per line.  First, the poem "tid bits' on, notably, page 45.  It suggested not simply a doubling and redoubling of efforts but a doubling and redoubling of the 15341 line structure of TTTTA.  And so I did; double the whole structure and also 'appointed' two days per line.  Second, and as a result, a great synchronicity occurred.  Prompted by a similar methodology found in the Nicholas Cage/Ryne Douglas Pearson movie "Knowing " I found that the day, September 11, 2001, fell on exactly the line number of the MOT that specified the number of innocent lives that were lost on that date.  Third, when you follow the link to the "great synchronicity," you'll see I discovered and posted the date I made that discovery; it was September 11, 2015.  Check the date of that essay.  That was a real time experience that I had and you can re prove it just by reading the date stamp on that essay.

But the MOT, configured with 2 days per line, didn't work....and I proved that as well.  I studied 88 years of great disasters and tried to correlate them with dates in the MOT.  Many, many were close to describing the number of fatalities that occurred in those events; but the exercise was not satisfying.  And then there was my great mistake.  I derived several acrostic/telestic encoded messages suggesting great Pacific Coast earthquakes and a Yellowstone Supervolcano events in 2016.  They did not occur.

I remain confident these calamities will occur but most geologists, I speculate, would say they are eventualities given enough time.  Its the "when" and the clues in the MOT do not tell me the "when."  This episode in my research convinced me I will only know the "when" upon discovering how the MOT actually works.  Mr. Gann didn't paint a verbal picture for those who do not know the math or who do not want to work to find the answer according the math.  The great golfer Ben Hogan used to say the the answer is in the dirt, meaning you have to spend the time on the practice range.  In this endeavor, the answer is in the math.  Mr. Gann does not paint a picture for the lazy.  You must find it in the math.

Recap, I'm comparing the structure of RG's 7 days to the MOT in the last couple days and am struck (again) by the 168; 168 hours and 168 years, respectively.  168 or 1/15th of the significant number 2520.  The smallest number into which each of the 9 single digits can be divided to produce a whole number.  Also, the Biblical "Great Week" considered by many as a key to prophecy.  Math and prophecy.

The Robert Gordon lesson suggested to me that I re consider the MOT as being configured as a day per line; not two days per line.  Reconfiguration destroys the "9/11/2001 and innocent lives" synchronicity.  No way around it.  If the MOT is denominated in 1 day per line, that synchronicity never occurred.  Or did it?  Mr. Gann embedded in TTTTA many unmistakeable details of the movie "Knowing."  Mr. Gann intended that one of the greatest events in the life of this nation be the "hook" that binds me to the MOT.  But I'm still confronted with MOT not being predictive (other than 9/11/2001) when configured at 2 days per line.

Today's synchronicity.  Consider September 11, 2001 performed two purposes for Mr. Gann.  First, it hooked an obsessive finite mathematician onto discovering the MOT.  But second, it anchors the beginning date (page 78 of TTTTA):

We must "begin right."  The anchor.

Today I woke up resolved that the correct beginning date of the MOT should be 9/11/2001 and the MOT should be denominated in a day per line.  From that, a quick math calculation.

In the original MOT, we found 9/11/2001 on cumulative line 2699, chapter line number 279 (2699+279=2978 considered 2977 innocent lives lost since there are 2 days on that line):

Now, consider the MOT re appointed as a day per line with line 2699 as the beginning.  Well, what is today?  It is August 24, 2017 and there are 5826 days between 9/11/2001 and today.  So, I back up 5826 lines in the MOT.  Above line 2699, there are only 2699 lines to the first line of the book.  So I count up 2699 lines and then start counting down the residual 3,127 lines.  And what do I find on line 3127?

To me, having invested the last three years of my life (not to speak of having read TTTTA for the first time some 42 years ago, a synchronicity in itself) in understanding TTTTA, this occurrence dwarfs any discovery of the past three years.

Beginning on exactly line 3127 above, you find spelled the word "PI."  Pi, the mathematic substance of the circle.  That was the first synchronicity I discovered today.  Or was it just a coincidence and I'm over reacting...again?  After all, "Pi" is just two letters and an acrostic word Pi is hardly an improbable acrostic word to find in random text.

No, it is not a coincidence.  Read those two paragraphs which the word "Pi" straddles.  They are on page 78, the page cited above on how to "begin right."  The math exercise has brought me back to the instruction that gave rise to the math exercise.  It is a circle of logic and math.  It is not a coincidence.  It was both predicted and intended.

Moreover again, an inquiring mind would read, intently, pages 76-80.  I did even though I've read them 10s of times if not hundreds of times before.  The elements of his method are:
  • History repeats
  • Curve of the future
  • Begin right
  • Determine the cycle
The synchronicity is that it happened today.  I awoke resolved to appoint a day for a line and begin with September 11, 2001.  And it led me to Pi and back to WD Gann's method of forecasting.  That would not have worked neither yesterday nor tomorrow.


This is a very convoluted essay.  It is an ad hoc notation, its for me.  If 200 people read it, maybe 20 will understand the MOT context and I expect maybe two or three will possess the will and knowledge of my work to work it out for themselves.  Indeed, "The general public is not ready for it and probably would not understand or believe it..." to borrow from the above.  Personally working it out is the only way to understand.  Words cannot create clear understanding.  Only math is the language 'men and countries can agree upon' again to borrow.  And I doubt anyone will get to that point, the point where I am (presuming it is a valuable point at which I have arrived).  I am only at a beginning.

Res ipsa loquitur

Jim Ross

Monday, August 7, 2017

WD Gann's Map of Time and Robert Gordon's 7 days...and Stonehenge

In the last paragraphs of the Foreword to "The Tunnel Thru the Air, " WD Gann declares the endpoint of knowing the nature of man's greatest enemy and mystery will have been achieved when you understand "Robert Gordon's 7 days."  I'll not source my calculations nor provide a background that is abundantly documented in this website.  The numbers are as indelibly in my mind as they are developed and documented in this website.  Re developing would provide comfort only to those without the dedication or desire to do the work themselves.

There are exactly 15341 lines in TTTTA when they are enumerated according to normal typeset conventions.  WD Gann left markers (the telestic encoded words "Phi" and "007") in TTTTA which, when numbered correctly, proves Mr. Gann intended the length of the book to be 15341 lines long and intended for someone to discover and prove it to themselves.

Robert Gordon traveled 33590 miles in 7 days as the crow flies, which, when broken down between east west miles and north south miles (think of the 33590 as a hypothenuse of a spherical right triangle) was 18259 miles east/west and 18495 north/south.  Obviously, east/west is the circumference of the earth at the latitude of New York given that Robert left and returned to New York in 7 days.  But substantially the same number of north/south miles on his trip?  This latter metric was contrived by Mr. Gann.

Now, the first startling observation; the lines of TTTTA divided into the circumference of earth is Phi. I likely observed and documented this before.  The circumference of the earth is 24901 miles east/west (slightly different polar).

24901 / 15341 = 1.6232

That observation relates the time and distance inherent in the geophysics of earth's measurements to TTTTA.

The second observation; Robert Gordon's 7 days trip is the root of Phythagoras' right triangle.

18259 / 15341 = 1.1902 and 1.1902 ^ 2 = 1.4166

There's something very special about the number 15341....hmm, I understood that long ago in this journey of mine.  But it came to me as I laid awake this morning.

Robert Gordon did not destroy the Great Pyramid(s) because there seemed to be a divine purpose in them.  As I recall reading, researchers have attempted to relate the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge and other curious ancient monuments.  I haven't an opinion on how compelling the work might be.

Well, I knew off the top of my head, the circumference of the earth at the latitude of the Great Pyramid was not close to the number 15341.  That's what came to me this morning.  It was Stonehenge.

Do the math.  Its the Haversine formula if memory serves.  At the latitude of 51.1789* North, the circumference of the earth is:

15582 miles

That differs from the lines in TTTTA by 1.6%.  Phi.  Why am I not surprised.

Importance?  WD Gann's "Map of Time" created by TTTTA's enumerated and chronologically dated structure are mathematically related to Robert Gordon's 7 days.  

And the full realization of Robert Gordon's 7 days:

In my present opinion, the nature and structure of Robert Gordon's 7 days is the key to understanding how WD Gann's "Map of Time" works.  I think I know how to relate the two structures.

It gets better.  Always wondering if Mr. Gann anticipated (foresaw) discovery of his encoded works, I looked up today's date, August 7, 2017 in the "Map of Time."  And this is the acrostic telestic word I found:

He spelled:


An enquiring mind would be compelled to read the paragraph that followed the acrostic/telestic word "Heed."  I have read it.  The nature of the prediction, if you accept it as remotely credible, is very frightening to some.  Very comforting to others.

Jim Ross