Sunday, February 28, 2016

A matter of interpretation?

For many months I'd anticipated the later weeks of February, then the days February 21-25, then the two days, February 23 and 24.  And I was wrong.  But that's distinct from WD Gann being wrong.

In considering where I made an error, I cannot dismiss the studies of the acrostic/telestic acronyms and the studies I made of them; "ens," "red," and "two" (highlighted in red in the below insert).  And then their triangulation via the "tao device" on the days February 23 and 24.  I can't dismiss the author of the movie "Knowing" being encoded in TTTTA nor the characters and locations of the movie "San Andreas" being encoded in TTTTA.  There must be a purpose WD Gann identified these things and encoded them into "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Its simply not random.

I'll offer two additional suggested meanings of the 'conflagration' of the above 3 encoded words that occurred between lines 55 and 60 (1) of TTTTA:

Did anything happen on February 23 and 24?  Yes, the largest California earthquake of the year in Wasco CA on February 23 at 4pm.  It was originally reported as a 4.9 by the USGS but was later downgraded to a 4.8.  At 4.9 it was the co-largest in California of the year-to-date, but negligible, if noticed at all, in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  But was it "day one" of six?  The next to the last paragraph of TTTTA:

Did February 23 mark day 1 of a 7-day period in which the 5th day is today?

Alternately, we have found the acrostic encoded word "Taito," the last letter of which appears on line 60, the same day on which we find February 23, 2016.  "Taito" is highlighted in purple in the first insert above.  If you count upward from the final letter, "o," in Taito you arrive at line 55 which is related to the dates, March 4 and March 5, on the far right side of the spreadsheet.

Taito, as it has been suggested, refers to a province in Tokyo which was the site of the most destructive earthquake in history, the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake.

It might be noticed that the "o" of Taito, appearing on cumulative line 60 and chapter line 22 sums to 82 which is the page of TTTTA that refers to the 266th Pope.  It is where I first questioned whether Mr. Gann was speaking to our generation when, apparently, he, chronologically incorrectly, referred to the election of the 266th Pope in connection with St Malachy's prophecies and "remarkable events."  Now years after I first noticed this seeming purposeful error, I keep coming back to it.

And you might notice that the first letter of "Taito" on cumulative line 55 and chapter line 17 adds to 72 or the pentagonal element of the circle.

Might I have identified the first day of a 6-part period (6 day or 6 2-day periods)?

Obviously, time proves all things.  I haven't lost faith in the things I've seen in connection with this project and will continue to study.

Jim Ross

(1)  I have added 2 days to the MOT as a result of an error that I identified.  An updated MOT will be posted shortly.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The first of many errors

The number 15,340 lines is of paramount importance as it represents the days between the beginning of the 168-day MOT period on the day after the summer solstice in 1848 and the end of the period on the summer solstice of 2016 (168 years later).  And, as we recall, the 168-year period is 1/15th of the Biblical Great week.

My rendition of the MOT is off 1 and, maybe, 2 days (because the exact number of days in 168-year periods will vary by 1 day as a remainder related to the inexact solar period of 365.242 days).  Take the ending date of June 19, 2016 minus the beginning date of Jun 22, 1848 and you get 15,359 days.  First, the MOT you see the June 22, 1848 at the top left and June 19, 2016 at the top right:

Now the calculation of days:

If you know the mathematic mechanics of the MOT, you'll understand the implication.

I regret the error which, I expect I will find having been made in the pre 1900 period that Excel does not automatically compute and having made it necessary for me to compute manually.

Jim Ross

Mea Culpa

I was wrong and regret the concern that I have caused many people.  I continue to have faith in the many remarkable proofs that I've seen and will continue to study.

Jim Ross

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three encoded warning messages, their mathematic proof and their implications for February 2016

This 266th essay can't wait for a February 25 mea culpa I still hope to write.

Three acrostic/telestic words repeated in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" that I'd often pondered; "ENS," "Red" and "TWS."  ENS for "Earthquake Notification Service," Red for "Red Cross" and TWS for "Tsunami Warning System."  We all know Red Cross.  ENS is a service associated with the U.S. Geological Service.  And TWS represents the several initiatives to provide early warnings for tsunamis;  perform a search on TWS and Wikipedia for the several such services.

WD Gann used those acrostic and telestic words in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to persuasively triangulate the 23rd and 24th of February 2016 and predict a great earthquake and tsunami.  But before we look at that triangulation, we need to establish the credibility of the words.

A word or two before the proof of credibility.  There are perhaps 1.3M earthquakes per year.  Thankfully, the vast majority are either very small or are so remote as to be inconsequential or not even noticed.  Mr. Gann give us 20 instances of the word "ENS" with which there are 20 notable....not small...earthquakes.  Another 20 instances of the word "Red" to denote 20 earthquakes.  What is the probability of exactly 20 instances of both Red and ENS?  Designed that way would be my conclusion.  And then 17 instances of the word "TWS" to denote tsunamis.  In total, 57 observations.

Now the method to establish the proof.  Every time I found an instance of one of those three encoded words in TTTTA, I took note of the year in the right most column of the WD Gann Map of Time.  Then I searched the Internet for that year and either "earthquake" or "tsunami" to see if there was, indeed, a credible event in that year.  The results are below.  For example, the first instance of "TWS" I found was on line 1674 of the MOT and associated with that line is the year 2007 in the far right.  Here's that citation of "TWS:"

So, I search the Internet for "tsunami" and "2007" and I find the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami occurred on September 12, 2007.

Of course, you will realize Mr. Gann published TTTTA in 1927.  There were some years since then when there simply wasn't a notable event.  But I found an event for all 57 observations.  The tsunamis were problematic as tsunamis seem less rigorously followed than earthquakes; but I found all 17.  He didn't provide an "ENS," "Red," or a "TWS" for which a significant event did not occur.  57 out of 57.

ENS.  There are exactly 20 instances of "ENS" spelled as a telestic word (none are acrostic) found in TTTTA.  All of those instances have associated with them a notable event:

Red.  There are exactly 20 instances of "Red" spelled as a telestic word (none are acrostic) found in TTTTA.  Again, all instances are associated with a notable event:

Ponder the narrative that appears in connection with that last observation on line 13383 above.  I'll provide the exact narrative for context:

" is God's plan to teach man a lesson..."  It's the thesis of Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" and the prophecy of Isaiah 9:10; judgement and divine anger.  Not until man has learned its lesson will the tribulation end.  In addition to the February 2016 event that is anticipated, there are three later dates of great concern.  But that's a digression.  Back to February 2016 and the last of the three warning messages; "TWS."

TWS.  17 instances of the less frequent tsunami events:

Download the "Map of Time."  All the line numbers are above.  A "finder" macro in that spreadsheet lets you check the completeness of the 57 observations.  Test me.


Mr. Gann gives us 20 instances of both "ENS" and "Red" to show there was intent.  Mathematic equivalence beyond coincidence.  An interesting exercise would be to combine those 40 observations with the events found in the movie "Knowing" (see the essay HERE) that Mr. Gann apparently anticipated and encoded in TTTTA and then compare that combined list to the Wikipedia list of the greatest earthquakes of the last 100 years (at least, back to 1932).  I expect you'll find a very high correspondence.

But counting earthquakes and tsunamis is not the point of this exercise.  All the work above establishes the validity of the three words; "ENS," "Red" and "TWS."  So, we accept he could foresee the future by whatever means.  For what purpose?

To warn us of the February 2016 event of which I have been speculating for several months.  I have not had evidence of Mr. Gann's clear intention and specific date of the earthquake and tsunami until I performed the above work.  Until now.

The dates I have been watching for an earthquake are February 21-24, 2016.  I can now narrow that to February 23 or 24 based on the above work and the below analysis.  Using our knowledge of the three words, look at the relevant Map of Time lines:

The critical dates, February 23 and 24, are highlighted in yellow and were first considered because on the left side of the MOT we find the mirrored date of the Marlboro, NZ earthquake on 10/17/1848.  We expect a similar event occurring on the left side of the MOT to occur on the right side.

February 23 and 24 are confirmed by all the work that has been done in this essay.  "TWS" is highlighted in green above suggesting the event will spawn a tsunami.   "Red" is highlighted in red suggesting an earthquake.  And "ENS" is highlight in blue suggesting, again, an earthquake.  All three appearing near and surrounding the highlighted and long considered dates of February 23 and 24.

But, while the letters are in close proximity, they are either inverted from the top down order as with "Red" and "TWS" or scrambled as in "ENS."  When you think about it, could Mr. Gann have proven the integrity of the three words if he provided those arrangements of letters associated with an event that has not occurred?  I'd be suspicious.  The proof and the prediction cannot be commingled; they need to have a different arrangement.

Now, the above lines span from line 52 to 69.  How do we confine the prediction to exactly line 59?  The last letter of the word "ENS" appears on line 52 and there are 7 lines from 52 to 59 (59-52=7).  The last letter of the word "Red" or "d" appears on line 66 and there are 7 lines from 59 to 66 (66-59=7).  Its the "Tao device," a favored mathematic tool of Mr. Gann to prove his intent.

All the attention goes to line 59 and the associated dates;  February 23 and 24, 2016.  I conclude Mr. Gann is warning us that an earthquake attended by a tsunami will occur on one or both (pre shocks/aftershocks) of those days.

And it will not be just another event.  In the flesh color you see the word "Ten," an acrostic that I find meaningfully placed in other areas of TTTTA but I have not explained for lack of time and space.   The intensity scale denoted in Roman numbers has X as the next to the largest of any earthquake studied in this exercise spanning 84 years of earthquakes.  If we are measuring according the moment of magnitude measurement, the largest United States earthquake in history would be the Great Lituya Bay earthquake and "megatsunami of 1958."  The related earthquake measured at 7.8 M with an intensity of XI.  The "megatsunami" was 1700 feet high based upon destruction of vegetation on affected shoreline cliffs.

The Lituya Bay event occurred in a sparsely populated area of Alaska.  By comparison, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was exactly the same intensity; 7.8 M with intensity of XI.  In 1906, San Francisco was far more densely populated than Lituya Bay in 1958.  Well, what do those dynamics look like today?

All of the above does not consider the breadth of the event that might occur.  When we're talking about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake we're limited to the San Andreas fault complex; southern California.  The far bigger elephant in the room is the Cascadia subduction that stretches from about Cape Mendocino up the coast well into Canada and including both Washington and Oregon.  That's the really big picture.  On January 26, 1700, the last occurrence of a Cascadia subduction event, vast portions of the then existing coast dropped by 5 to 8 feet depending on the experts you read.  Where the San Andreas fault has a potential to create an 8.2 M earthquake, the Cascadia subduction's potential is greater and extends further.  Using a "straight line" method of elementary accounting and estimation, the event should occur every 233 or so years.  Such an event, by naive statistics, is now 83 years overdue.

And Mr. Gann saw this, in my opinion.  Already developed is his symbolic "Ring In Fire" that has been previously identified.  That essay gives us the following map of the battle lines as found in the narrative of TTTTA and developed in the link above:

Just follow the western most vectors from Brownsville Texas, to San Diego, to Portland and Seattle.  That's what Mr. Gann may have given us on page 279 encoded as "battle lines."

How big?  Consider a previously cited July 20, 2015 New Yorker article:

Very big.

Consider the spirit of Marie Stanton's letter to Robert Gordon, "AHYM" perhaps?

And if you've tested and believe the miracles that Mr. Gann provided and as developed, painfully, imperfectly, in these many essays, be forewarned.  And once forearmed consider your further responsibility explained on page 83:

That's WD Gann speaking, not me.

Jim Ross

Note added 2/15/2016.  Perhaps the message, "WD Gann predicts the use of WMD in the form of 3 tsunamis on California?"  The color coded acrostic/telestic messages should be self explanatory:

Tsunami's only occur with the greatest of earthquakes and three would indicate immense destruction.

Note added 2/19/2016.  In 1905 a merger of utilities produced the then renamed Pacific Gas and Electric (ticker "PCG"), the provider of such services to San Francisco as far south as Los Angeles and northern areas of CA.  PGE survived the Great 1906 Earthquake because of its then strong financial position   PGE is presently financially weak having only recently been upgraded to "stable" by S&P with a debt/equity that is very high, even for a utility.  PGE is located at 77 Beale Street, SF, in a 34 story building built in 1971 not using the later developed standards of flexible concrete construction; its base being about 10 feet above sea level and only blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge.  A major earthquake and/or tsunami would be disastrous for that building.

We find in TTTTA "PGE" in many places but, as 3 letter words go, not entirely conclusively.  However, we do find the telestic word "77" on page 97:

And the telestic word "Beale" at the end of page 76:

I believe the narrative is self evident regarding what Mr. Gann believes will happen to PGE.

That's the subjective element of the prediction.  The mathematic element of this prediction is created by using the "Tao device" to find midpoint meaning.  Take the word "San" spelled in zig zag on cumulative line 79 and chapter I line 41 (79+41=120) and add to it the last line of the zig zag word "Andreas" or line 6182 and you find the midpoint is line 3051.5.  That's the beginning the paragraph highlighted in red above.

Prove the subjective conclusions and the objective math to yourself.  The WD Gann Map of Time is available for download for free, no signup, no click Map of Time.

I find other such publicly traded targets, but have not discovered similar detail as PGE.

If you recall one of the earliest essays considering calamity of San Francisco, you may recall the "Golden Dome" of San Francisco reminiscent of the Dome on the Rock having been damaged by an earthquake exactly 1000 years ago from 2016.   

And I find the 1906 picture of the City Hall Dome of San Francisco on PGE's website.
Hoover Dam, Los Angeles or City of Angels, San Francisco named for St Francis (as like Pope Francis); an interesting geographical configuration reminiscent of a Pythagorean triangle.  All encoded in TTTTA and all within the "Ring IN Fire."

Note added 2/20/2016.  Above I ask "how big" and I believe an answer was provided.  According my amateur perusal of geological science (that proudly maintains earthquakes cannot be predicted), the largest earthquake that San Andreas might produce would measure 8.2M (moment of magnitude).  In researching the letters "SFB" (San Francisco Bay) and using the "finder #3" function of the MOT (found HERE) I found 3 very curious results (out of several non meaningful results).  The format and content of those 3 results suggest to me that the magnitude of the greatest event will be 8.33M (add below 9+7+9 and divide by 3):

The first of the three results carries with it a narrative that is disturbingly suggestive (highlighted in yellow).

Note added 2/21/2016.  I have a calculation based on the "Tao device" that suggests the greatest event will occur on February 24 at 1:30am.  This is a guess extrapolated from two suggestive points in time not given in TTTTA and not, other than the Tao device, associated with Mr. Gann.

Note added 2/23/2016 at 4:16pm EST.  The above note should be understood to mean 1:46AM EST on 2/24/2016 or 10:46 PST on 2/23/2016.  Two calculations:

Note added 2/24/2016 at 6:45am EST.  No events at target times, however, there were 10 Pacific Coast earthquakes exceeding 2.5 per USGS on 2/23/2016, two of which exceeded 4 and one was the largest of the year to date at 4.9.  6 earthquakes on 2/24/2016 as of this time.  Given that my calculations of the time of the event above is proven incorrect, I have one last calculation at 11:26am PST or 2:26am EST.  Not a calculation but a clue would suggest 2:13pm PST.  Again, these are my guesses and not based on WD Gann's encoded messages that specify only 2/23 and 2/24/2016.

Jim Ross