Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stanislaw Marcin Eulam, WWII and the "three-deep path"

There are some things even the casual reader of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" cannot, if he or she is "observing" while "reading", help but take note.  For example, might someone read all of the names of the primary military characters in TTTTA and say "Wow, all those people were primary warriors in World War II?"  Generals Pearson, Johnson and Cooper in TTTTA all played notable roles in WWII as did Admiral Dawson.  For goodness sakes, General Nagato, the commander of the Japanese army, is found in WWII; the Japanese Pacific Fleet flagship and battleship Nagato from which it is said that the order to attack Pearl Harbor was given.

Didn't any of that ring a distant bell in the head of the knuckle dragging, drooling Neanderthal?  Its right there in "plain sight."  How about Supreme Commander Robert Gordon?  What was the first time you heard that term?  If you're in high school now, perhaps you haven't heard (especially considering our increasingly revisionist cleansing of history in public schools) it but chances are you have.  Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first person in military history (so I've read) who was given the title of "Supreme Commander."  He was the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces.

All in plain sight in TTTTA.  The crown is the "110 floor Mammouth Building" in Manhattan.  "Mammouth," intentionally misspelled no less.  As I recall, I was given kudos by a WD Gann historian in 2015 when I realized and published the recognition of that misspelling.  I expect others have noted that misspelling, were embarrassed for Mr. Gann and demurred from making a deal of it.  But 110 stories in Manhattan!  Also called the "Cedar," a Biblical prophetic imagery now explored by Jonathan Cahn.  The "Mammouth" was the World Trade Center the ground breaking for which was 1973 and the falling of which was 2001.

To my knuckle dragging discredit, I did not notice any of those things in about 1973-74 when I first read TTTTA in grad school.  I read but didn't observe.  In 2015 I made the plain sight connection in at least two essays (here and here).  These among other observations comprised what I called WD Gann's "Fourth Manifest Prophecy" (might have been third, fifth...) out of seven; the prophecy of WWII. 

Details that were left for 28 years and then it hit me.  There was a deja vu feeling when I saw the misspelled "Mammouth" in 2015; I'd seen that misspelling in 1973 but thought, "why are we reading a book in grad school by an author who can't spell?"  No, Jim, he wanted the dense to ponder the word and surrounding descriptions (110-story, Cedar, Manhattan, etc).  Took me 28 years.  Not the sharpest knife....I admit. But, I'll find far duller knives among the "experts" that predominate the WD Gann industry.

This time the light went on after only 2 years of sitting on "Ulam."  On a first reading of the acrostic/telestic encoding of TTTTA in 2015 I found the word "ulam:"

I knew, at that time, it was the mathematician Stanislaw Marcin Ulam who joined the WWII Manhattan Project in 1944.  With only four encoded letters of his name, I chose not to add it to my list of WWII; heck, I wasn't totally convinced.   [As an aside, Ulam is best known to MBA, engineering and statistics students for "Monte Carlo Gaming" or simulation as a means of solving excessively complex analytical mathematic problems with "brute force" and for the Teller-Ulam formulation of the hydrogen bomb.]

Can the three-deep path prove "Stan Ulam's" identify.  Well, it gets us close.  Follow the "three-deep path" as I've applied it in the previous essay (hint: the yellow highlighted numbers above) and you arrive at line 13032:

We find "Stan" in the red highlighted letters.  I'd have felt better if we found the full long word "Stanislaw" but, that not being the case, "Stan" was compelling to me.

But if its a three-deep path, we've only gone 2 levels deep.  Follow the yellow highlighted letters, by the previous given formula, to line 13467:

I can't make a convincing connection here but I'm left with a 'feeling' for the moment and two thoughts.

First, consider in chronological order the dates of the three excerpts above that are highlighted in green; September 24/25 1942, February 1945 and December, 1945.  On September 23, 1942,  Leslie R. Groves became a Brigadier General and placed in charge of the Manhattan Project.  The next day, he and James Marshall traveled to Oak Ridge, TN which was to be chosen the prime production place for the atomic bomb that would ultimately destroy the will of the Japanese war culture.  February 1945, we've got to assume the atomic bomb was complete and ready for deployment that would occur in August 1945.  Indeed, the first plutonium arrived at Los Alamos on February 2, 1945 for the first nuclear test in July 1945 ("Trinity").  As a result of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, substantial surrender was quick, certainly, all of Japan was surrendered before December 1945.  

Put the dates together; 1942 to 1945 is substantially the most productive period in history that brought the atomic bomb from concept to terrifying reality.  And Stan Ulam was at ground zero.

Second, consider the contemplation of the Japanese and Edna regarding the compassionate ends of the Great War and the contemporary philosophical questions of compassion versus the terror of the atomic bomb.  Its all there in TTTTA.  Its the resolute end of the fictional Great War with compassion and the resolution of WWII; arguably compassionate, arguably barbarically ruthless.  

But most of all, it boiled down to Japan and the USA in both the end to the fictional Great War and in WWII.  He knew.  And he knew the details.

*** ***   

A summary of the this and the last essay.  The last essay, the three-deep path uncovers the great mathematician, Leonhard Euler, of the 17th century.  The three-deep path proves Mr. Gann encoded his name beyond any reasonable doubt.  But so what?  An author deviously encodes something that occurred two centuries before his book was published.

This essay is the so what.  He encoded the name of a primary player in the development of the implement of war that ended WWII and a great mathematician.  He predicted it.

I'm left with something I already knew and a detail that is new.  I already knew that WD Gann calculated and knew the future, but I've long known that.  So what's the new detail.  In my reflection, at the moment, its Monte Carlo gaming or simulation as a means of avoiding the heavy mathematics that WD Gann must have known; mathematics that dwarfs my finite math (I'm a CPA if you don't recall) ability.  I struggle to solve the methods that I believe Mr. Gann knew and used to solve the market and those same methods he used to solve the future for individual men, places and countries.  Perhaps Monte Carlo simulation can be used to create the means to find a solution without knowing the laws.

Perhaps the WD Gann Map of Time is the printed result of that gaming solution.  And all we need is the path through it.

Jim Ross

[I have reflected on the Map of Time as a mini Torah Code derived from the line structure of the Torah.  A work in progress as all of this adventure of mine.]

[What happened to the great battleship Nagato?  Google "Nagato," "Bikini Atol" and "atomic tests."  Fascinating.]

Friday, October 20, 2017

Found - Leonhard Euler via the three-deep path

So many great ancient, middle ages and Renaissance mathematicians are encoded in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I've found and documented Pythagoras, Leonardo De Pisa (Fibonacci) and so many others.  When I think of great numbers, I think of Pi, Phi and Euler's constant or "e."  And, of course, I've documented Pi and Phi encoded in acrostics and telestics all over TTTTA.  But Euler's constant or just "e" or 2.71828....  I've read it described as the most elegant of the great numbers, combining them all in one place.  I've read e was only recently found in the Great Pyramid of Giza (Rick Howard August 2002) and I've even discovered it myself in a second instance of its appearance in the Great Pyramid.

So where is it in TTTTA?  Its buried very deep in the acrostic/telestic letters.  Three paths to find the "Euler constant."

We find the word "Euler" in contiguous letters beginning at cumulative ascending line 1433:

I'm not convinced and you should not be either.  Granted, contiguous letters spelling a word for which you were searching is improbable but in 15341 lines (telestic letters), well, it can happen.

What if the "three-deep path" were to lead to Leonhard's first name or his most famous (among many many great accomplishments) concept; that being "Euler's constant?"  What if the mathematic concept of the "three-deep path" leads us to confirmation that "Euler" was not simply the improbable occurring?

So, I follow the line number.  Since we are at line number 1433, I'll take the counterpart descending line number 13907 (which is midway between the first and fifth character), add the descending chapter line number 467 and deduct the ascending chapter line number 90 to arrive at 14284.

I go to line number 14284 and immediately find "cons" in contiguous letters:

But "ant" isn't anywhere to be found.  

Until I follow the three-deep path one step further.  This time I continue the path along the ascending line number column by adding the 14282 of the mid character line, adding the ascending chapter line number 256 on that same line and deducting the descending chapter line number 85 to arrive at a wing and a prayer line number 14453.  

In reality, I knew it would be there...the missing "ant."  He even threw in an extra "st" already found in the second stop of the three-deep path.  I knew it would be there.

So where do the statistics of improbability stand now?  We've spelled the "Euler constant" using a mathematic device.  Let's say we had 13 letters to spell a word, what's the probability we would find them in 13 and no more lines of text in TTTTA?  Is the improbability all the greater if they are found in a twice predictable places?

'Taint random.  Ah, it was deliberately created by a mathematic mastermind to waste the idle time of  a simple finite mathematician who would find such things 88 years (now up to 90) later?  Or was it created to teach how to navigate the line structure of TTTTA?  To teach an algorithm that organizes the Torah Code?  

*** ***

Reading up on Leonhard Euler in, gasp, Wikipedia, he was, indeed, a great mathematician.  His accomplishments were incredible in several fields.  I find very relevant to the study of the circle, triangle and square the "Euler line."  Computing or drawing the three median points of any triangle, those being the circumcenter, the orthocenter and the centroid, fall on the same line.  Always on the same line.  Perhaps this is one of those details Sherlock Holmes would want to put in his "vault" for future use in studying the circle, triangle and square.  Along with the Euler constant, I think so.

Fascinating is the legend (not necessarily historically accurate as cautioned in Wikipedia) that Euler, at the request of Catherine the Great, agreed to confront the secular French philosopher, Denis Diderot, over the latter's arguments in favor of atheism.  Denis Diderot agreed to review Euler's "proof" of God.  From Wikipedia:

Reading math history on Wikipedia, Wolfram, etc. is awfully dry.  So it was a pleasant surprise to find that mathematician's majestic bluff played on the flamboyant philosopher at the end of the Wiki article.  I needed that.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The first growth spiral of the NYSE and a follow-up on the October 13 prediction

First the follow-up.  It's at times like this that I am glad I do not participate in social media.  Yesterday, October 16, the Dow Industrials made an all-time trading high (intraday) that would seem to prove the prediction of that same event on October 13 as invalid.  October 13 was the date that I interpreted WD Gann having predicted, however, the date range covered by "ATTH" encoding includes, as the last date possible, October 16.  Recall the date October 16 was highlighted in yellow and my long-winded subjective evaluation/explanation as to why I chose October 13 in preference to October 16.  Note the yellow highlighted dates of which October 16, 2017 is the far right lowest:

That leaves yesterday's "ATTH" to be exceeded today or later this week to invalidate the perceived prediction of a final high.  Parsing what you see above finer, I would "explain" Mr. Gann predicted an ATTH high in that yellow range; not necessarily the final high of the bull from 2009.

I've reasoned, Mr. Gann could only have encoded the above with such emphasis to highlight his prediction of a final great 2017 final high.  There's an alternate explanation.  Its to teach a lesson, again; the only 'language' that can be trusted is math.  I found a math link between the great 1929 high and 1932 low and line 15103...perhaps just finding the math rationale that validated my purpose.  I do not have the algorithm that perfectly navigates the Map of Time, just, at best, an allusion to it.

As it stands, I am satisfied Mr. Gann predicted an "ATTH" high on October 13, 2017 and it did occur.   That, in itself, is pretty impressive given that he made that prediction 90 years ago.  My misinterpretation may be that it would be the final ATTH of the 2009 bull.

As a lesson to me, read the numbers rather than interpret them.  And as earlier noted, I have only to reason with myself the meaning of my errors.  Yes, I am embarrassed but understanding.  Were I a social media-phile, I'd be spending multiples of the half hour that it took to pen this mea culpa defending to vacant, bodiless pseudo intellects why I was wrong.  Anticipating another ATTH, I am simply wrong; and that's all the intellectual effort the event warrants.  Now I can spend my time trying to understand rather than in the worthless effort of personal defense.

Now to the first growth spiral of the NYSE.

I have extended the MOT backwards in time to the Buttonwood Agreement that established the NYSE on May 17, 1792.  In the backward extended MOT, Mr. Gann encoded the letters "NYSE," (in red below) adjacent the line containing the NYSE birthdate (in yellow) of the NYSE:

Notice that "NYSE" is formed exactly the opposite as it was formed in the first of the two inserts above.  "YEN" on one side and "S" on the opposite side.   

[I developed the backward extended MOT from the MOT that you have or can get for free by downloading from the link in this website.  You can derive it by replicating two additional columns backwards in time.]

How did Mr. Gann encode the the first growth spiral?

Do this.  Take 10245 in the descending cumulative line column, add the 153 in the descending chapter line number column and deduct the 94 in the ascending line column to arrive at line 10304.  Now go to cumulative ascending line number 10304 and see what you find:

First, notice the asterisks in red highlight.  It means nothing to you, but to me, I've used it to document the link between WD Gann and his pen name, Luo Clement, in several essays.  You'll find on page 130 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" five asterisks:

In Luo Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers", page 45, you'll find those asterisks:

In each book, once and only one, you'll find the five asterisks.  A learned career research librarian and WD Gann historian whose knowledge of Mr. Gann dwarfs mine informs me that using special characters to divide or emphasize concepts was used by many authors in the early 1900s.  If that were the case here, why was it used only once in TTTTA and only once in TASON?  And exactly five asterisks in each book?  No, that exceeds any concept of randomness.

So, Mr. Gann monumented line 10304 with the asterisks device....  and it is meaningful to me, and I hope you, because it was the first that Luo Clement was a pen name of WD Gann. What is unique about line 10304 (counterpart line number 5038)?

Its the first growth spiral of the NYSE:

The first growth spiral is not a perfect Phi^2.  Its an initial vibration.  Imperfectly recalling Bradley Cowan's "Market Science: Square of 12" analysis of WD Gann's great wheat call, the initial vibration in wheat from its first quote was a recognizable aspect of 12 but was not perfect.  It was the initial vibration that ultimately found its periodic motion:

It's all the more interesting when you take a second look at the NYSE inception ascending line number  5097 (counterpart 10245):

The product of the opposing line numbers equal a number of Pythagorean significance and a key tool in WD Gann's simple geometry courses (the doubling and halving); the number 2.

Now we have, from the inception line's 2.01 to the 10304th line, 2.60, an initial growth spiral of half the square of Phi.  I can and have refined the numbers but I'll let it stand as it is.  Recall Phi and Pi are related by the square of 2 and that the growth spiral of the square is dominated by Phi and root 2.  Its all here in the MOT, I just don't know how to work it.  [I now realize the 2 and the 2.60 are not computed the same way so I'm mixing apples and oranges.  Its early in this comparison; each of the numbers, 2.01 and 2.60 are independently notable and in the context of the "NYSE" and five asterisks.]

*** ***

Perhaps the most important implication of the above is the melding of the concepts of WD Gann's TASON (1909), the "first book of instruction" and TTTTA (1927), what I consider to have been intended as "the second book of instruction" ("Numerical Vibrations never having been published).  

As an aside and as derived in the previous essay, the name number of the NYSE is 11 further reduced to 2.  We find the 2 derived on the date of the inception of the NYSE.  At inception/birth, NYSE has  harmonious birth and name numbers.  NYSE's birth and name numbers are the same.  As a further aside, if you read the TASON excerpt above, I believe a hidden gem is that if one's name is not harmonious with other attributes, you can and should change your name.  After all, William Delbert Gann rebranded himself as WD Gann for whatever benefits that fitted his strategy.

Of course, there must be a 3rd, a third book of instruction; "The Magic Word" (1950) would be that third.  I've read and studied it, but I doubt TTTTA will leave me alone long enough to "observe" it.  I've read but I have not observed.

Every day, a new adventure.

Jim Ross

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The "riddle number" and Issachar

A riddle I've seen written many times is how Robert Gordon, the hero of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," knew he was descended of Issachar's tribe.  Let's call it the Issachar riddle.

Similarly, I am confounded by the number 22544, let's call it the 'riddle number,' that confronted me last week and which I first attributed to WD Gann's prediction of a closing high in the Dow Industrials on Friday October 13, 2017:

Amid the above terribly busy prediction of Dow Industrials printing an "ATTH" or all-time trading high or intraday high on October 13, 2017 (which it did), there is a conspicuous unused five letters in the heart of the above excerpt.  They are t-t-n-d-m which, converted to digits via Luo Clements (who is a pen name for WD Gann) table of Pythagorean values is 22544.  That was my second explanation of those 5 digits; that they are a meaningful link to a line in the "Map of Time."  Obviously, the Dow did not collapse to close at 22544 so I'll give you my perceived second explanation now.  This second of the two above riddles might answer the first.

Astrologers who wish to break down a number to a degree on the zodiac, lets say the riddle number 22544, will divide it by 360 degrees and eliminate the whole or completed orbits:

On the left is how I, not even having risen to the level of novice astronomer, understand the calculation of the plotting of the number 22544 on the zodiac.

On the right is a similar calculation using using the number of lines in the MOT as the proxy for 360 degrees in the circle with a remainder of 7203.  I interpret that as line number 7203 on the ascending cumulative line column OR its counterpart number, 8138.

I go to the former location 7203 (in blue) on the MOT:

I see nothing, at least at the moment, of significance in the acrostic/telestic encoding or in the narrative.

I go to the latter location 8139 (in blue) and find the Issachar riddle:

The riddle number brings me (I don't say 'us' because you might not accept the line 'path' I've derived) to confront the Issachar riddle.  And here's the answer I'll posit pending further research:

Robert did not know Issachar's birth number to determine if he was of the same Zodiac sign as himself.  The only thing Robert knew was Issachar's name.  And the name number was the same.  Now to compute the numbers of the names of the other 11 tribes to confirm or deny they are, each, unique with respect to one another.

Why might I perceive (or delude myself of) these things?  Perhaps I am of the same "atomic" classification.  I was born on the 21st day of the month and my forename is James.  Compute the concatenated birth and forename number.

*** ***

Perhaps we have some elaboration of Luo Clement's methods.  Luo would have us create a person's or thing's unique birth number and forename number.  Their concatenation tells us much about the character, the vibration of a person.  Absent the birth date, as in the case of Issachar, perhaps the two-digit reflection of the subject's forename gives us identification.

Remember from the Ticker Interview, stocks are like atoms with their unique vibration.  Atoms and the Periodic Table, atoms of similar classes, determined by weight, behave similarly.  People and things (like the NYSE) will adopt the behavior of their "number" categories.  If you can assign the "number" based only on the forename, you have a solution.

Luo Clement laments in his "first book of instruction" that a person cannot change his birth number but can influence his fate by adopting a harmonious forename.  Perhaps its more than that.

Luo promised us the "second book of instruction" named "Numerical Vibrations" which was never published.  Or was it?  I have preliminary anagram evidence found in Luo's 1909 book that the 1927 TTTTA is the second book of instruction.  And as I've offered much evidence, Luo Clement is a pen name of WD Gann.

The two-digit forename number may well be a numerologic principle of this second book of instruction.  Much yet to be done.

Jim Ross

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Buttonwood - Found today, and more

Today's our wedding anniversary which is also my wife's birthday. Obviously I had only had late evening hours to work on the WD Gann "Map of Time."  The little time I spent was dramatically worthwhile - at least in my personal interpretation.

Set the table.  First, this last Friday the 13th was predicted to be a meaningful "All-time trading high" or "ATTH" by the following excerpt:

If you read the previous essays, you will recall seeing the "ATTH" highlighted in red above.  And you'll recall that "NYSE" is highlighted in green.  And we did get an ATTH on Friday.  The question that remains is whether it is a meaningful, enduring historic high.

Second, I decided yesterday to extend the MOT back in time one 84-year period (the MOT is 168 years in duration) and changed my mind and extended it a full 168 years back.  I wanted to capture the date of the birth of the NYSE; May 17, 1792 and roll MOT line number cycles forward to see if they ultimately coincide with great Dow market pivots 9/3/1929, 7/8/1932, 8/25/1987, 10/20/1987, etc.   It took me hours to do but it was worth it.  I haven't started rolling forward the MOT cycles from the inception as yet, but I know, ultimately, they will work.  Not a fact, but a personal conviction strengthened yet again by today's events.

What did I find when I isolated May 17, 1792?

I found the "NYSE" in contiguous acrostic and telestic letters.  I was stunned.  You see the date in yellow and the "NYSE" highlighted in red.  The date is on ascending line 5097 in green and descending line 10245 in blue.  Look it up in your copy of the MOT given that I made available for free download first more than a year ago.  Look for ascending line 5097 and descending line 10245.

The MOT looks different.  I've stripped out the actual verbiage of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" because I'd otherwise be working with multiple copies of 15341 lines of letters...the spreadsheet becomes to busy and too large.  As I have replicated the spreadsheet dates backwards in 84-year columnar increments, every other column's dates and cumulative and chapter line numbers line up perfectly.  The four arrows indicate the four sets of 84 years and indicate ascension versus descension.

Finding "NYSE" encoded on the exact date of the Buttonwood agreement floored me.  I expected there would be something there to commemorate the date, but when I found it I was nonetheless, well, chilled is not the word.  I'm not sure how I'd describe the feeling; humility in the face of something I don't understand, grateful to be the person finding these things, in awe of the power that has made these things occur....I just don't know.  Except to say, the fear of the unknown, though still unknown, is no longer a part of the discovery.

It wasn't over.

*** ***

As always, I read the narrative.  I had to go back to the full copy of the MOT and descending cumulative line number 5097 and ascending line number 10245 in blue:

The narrative is Robert's (9+6+2+5+9+2=33) toast his soon to be wed friends, describing the bond of love between a husband and wife.  As I read the narrative it was almost as if William (4+9+3+3+9+1+4=33) were toasting the marriage of Gloria and myself.   Interesting, the gematria of the New York Stock Exchange and the gematria of James and Gloria; ponder the 8 and 3 of each set.

[I am wrong about William.  The 'W' is 5, not 4, making his two-digit number 34.  I'm crushed.  Shows I shouldn't be numerating at 1am.  But it was a minor, sentimental point, hardly the crux of the insight.]

The combined number 11 and where do we find the one and only one acrostic/telestic encoded "11" in TTTTA?

We find 11(yellow highlight) proximate my name (red highlight) and with Robert just having opened a market position, as described in the verbiage, just as I opened a position on Friday the 13th.

You have the MOT.  Marriage records are public and you know where I live.  Don't be confused; prove it to yourself.  Spend the research time to make that deja vu feeling, each synchronicity, a part of your reality.

Many blessings and miracles each day if one only 'observes' the details.

Jim Ross

Friday, October 13, 2017

Where the three markers stand for today, Friday October 13, 2017

Yup, I'm watching it.  Let's clarify the three marks that were set for today.

But first, I always keep an eye peeled for the bizarre details.  The last two completed essays and the numbers of my very few readers who have read my previous two essays:

72 and 144; this happens all the time, a notable number (or two) pops up.  Most in our world dominated by the Randomites would say I'm suffering from the delusion of the main characters of the movies "Pi" or "23."  The contemporary Sherlock Holmes (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch), as I've quoted before, would say every detail is interwoven and not a single detail is not without a place.  

1.  DJIA will reach a new "ATTH" or all-time trading high or intraday high.  This comes from TTTTA page 4 and is highlighted in red:

I'll claim "ATTH" is a bonafide prediction Mr. Gann made, make that computed, 90+ years ago.  You have NYSE in green and "tommy" in blue who is claimed by me as Thomas Farley, the President of the NYSE Group.  Not perfectly convincing, but more than enough for me.  We also have "tom" in orange which is the vertically inverted "MOT" that I have been using to abbreviate the Map of Time. And we have perhaps a commentary in the lavender color, two words, "bad ego" to indicate the precariously elevated level of the NYSE.

And we made a new intraday high today.  I agree, even if you concede we have a prediction, what's the odds that today would be a new ATTTH?  If it we me making the prediction last week, well, the DJIA is making news highs about every third day?  But TTTTA was published in 1927.

If you agree a prediction was made 90 years ago, well it was a pretty good one.  

Now, the "so what."  Well, if Mr. Gann went out of his way to make the prediction, why did he do it? We've got to think he saw something important about it, like an historic high.  Is it the last high before a great decline?  We won't know the outcome of that implication for weeks, months, years to come.

The prediction was realized, but the so what?

2.  Maybe the first prediction will have 'gravitas' if the second is realized at the close.  The second perceived prediction is that the market will close down at 22544.  It isn't as clearly a prediction as "ATTH."  Look at the above insert and the uncolored telestic letters appearing on lines 15108 to 15102 (obscured by the blue arrow); t-t-n-d-m.  Using the Pythagorean table given to us by Luo Clement, that's 22544.  

I couldn't make heads or tails of those 5 letters in the context of all the other words spelled in the above insert.  They had to be a price and pretty close to the present levels.  But DJIA had already made an intraday and even closing high above 22544 last week when I offered my interpretation; that the 22544 was Mr. Gann's prediction of the close, having already predicted there being an intraday high.  Maybe he was predicting the intraday high today but his math was off.  I don't know.

It is noon EST at the moment.  The market has made its new intraday high, marked a low below the opening (invoking thoughts of the Larry Pesavento's "Opening Price Principle" - DJIA was spiked below the opening price at 11am BTW) and started back up:

This second "prediction" really doesn't rise to being called a prediction.  It's my perception that Mr. Gann predicted the down close that would be an 'outside down day.'  A really bad candle.  But its not like he really spelled it out.

I have found an alternate or secondary message for the 22544 that I'll provide next week.  Maybe it is or maybe it is not an intended prediction.

But how are we going to feel about it being a prediction if today closes more than 400 points below the intraday high?  Jury is out on this one for another four hours.

3.  As I've mentioned before, this one is not Mr. Gann's prediction.  Its my prediction today's intraday high will be 22953 before a collapse to the 22544 close aforementioned.  Its simply some math I noticed based on time and a notable mathematic constant.  Unlike the foregoing two items, I give the probability of my ability to make a valuable prediction as low than a snake's belly.  All I can do is try to interpret someone that could make such predictions.  

*** ***

That's where we stand; #1 has been realized, #2 remains highly unlikely (340 point decline from mid day to close), and #3 is out to lunch at lunch time.

#1 is pretty neat but hardly earth shattering.  It'll be very interesting to see where DJIA stands a week, month, year from today.  But it #2 occurs, well, game on.

Jim Ross

The Hidden Secret and related paths

Meaningful threads found previously and only now being investigated, enlarging into a tapestry of interrelated encoded concepts:

The "hidden secret" of the Foreword
Foresee / foresight
The Tora, Torah Code
An alternate meaning of the encoded number 22544 associated with Friday the 13th
Issachar and six e's
Marie Stanton

I hope to publish this essay next week but I wanted to reserve this date with its Google date stamp.  Much research to complete and reflection, and yet, so many other deserving threads, paths to follow.

Jim Ross