Thursday, September 20, 2018

DJIA High September 20, 2018; one last gasp

Short shelf life predictions work themselves out pretty quickly.  I'm pretty sure there's a truth in all the work I do so now's the time for a self-teaching lesson.

Before the high registered today, I saw the handwriting in the futures and had already begun the introspection.  The 'signs' are unmistakeable so the question is why they would mislead.  And I can only think they are misleading or seemingly misleading to teach a lesson.  My reflections are these.

First and foremost and as I've warned, 'signs' are subjective.  Heck, they may be only my delusion.  I'm prepared for that having failed with my interpretation of 'signs' before.  They include the perceived acrostic/telestic encoding in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and derived "Map of Time."  They are encodings that present supposed communication intended by the author.  And like all communications other than mathematics, there's subjectivity.  I've been 'taught' to suspect 'signs.'

Second, and perhaps the problem failure gives me this time is that I have perceived from Major Motors and from a study of the 1929 and 1987 crashes a rule numerology and the workings of the Map of Time that should be inviolate.  The rule is...

a decline begins on the line immediately following 
the line on which the numerical signal is given. 

Perhaps the problem might be in the context of yesterday's essay regarding conjecture between truths.    Did it say the decline will be the "day after the signal is given," in which that would have been September 19th?  No, the rule I've perceived is the "line after."  [It should be noted the rule I've perceived in my studies of 1929, 1987 and Major Motors and given above is found in acrostic/telestic encoding.  But to rely on that would seem circular.]

Let's look at the what happened in 1929 as recapped in previous essays:

I identified September 2, 1929 as containing the numeric signal and therefore the decline should begin on the next line.  Well, it did:

The signal date is September 2, 1929 (green highlight) appearing on line 14829 (green arrow).  That line did not include the all-time-high date which was September 3.  Rather, the ATH occurred on September 3 (yellow highlight) on line 14830 (yellow arrow).

And the first day of the decline occurred on line 14930 as well.  The first day of the 1929 decline occurred on the line following the line on which the signal was given.  

Where are we now, in 2018?  Well, the first day of the line following the numeric signal given on line 410 (green arrows and highlight).  And the ATH occurred today, September 20, 2018 (yellow arrows and highlight):

We still have another day on that line (red arrow, red date) to be the reversal, that being September 21, 2018.  If another ATH occurs tomorrow, that will demonstrate failure.

*** ***

So far, I failed to interpret the rule correctly.  I've said it many times to myself, read it in the acrostic/telestic coding many time, and I've derived it in Major Motors, 1929 and 1987 studies.  Perhaps it comes down to reading the literal, perfect interpretation of what has been seen.

You'll have to take my word for the 'numeric signal' having occurred September 19 at 9:12am (though I published it several days ago) because it will not be provided.  I have alluded to its composition and a person might be able to derive it from its elements having been provided in my essays.  What I have provide are the often proved incorrect "signs."  The "sign' is the 'x' that marks the first line of the decline:

"That 'x' marks the decline begin"

A new ATH today does not invalidate line 411; there are two dates on that line and today is the first of the two.  

If September 21, 2018 marks an ATH, the numeric rule is incorrect and the 'sign' above is invalid.  It will invalidate much of what I perceive as having been learned over the last several months of study.

Shelf life, one more day, September 21 or 70 days to a much lower low.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September 18 err 19 or not?

Dutifully, when I began studying WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" in earnest, I read many if not all the cameo characters appearing in the book; Lord Francis Bacon and Arthur Conan Doyle come to mind.  I read works of or bios of characters implying actual authors or persons; Madam Cleo the clairvoyant, Sepharial (perhaps the Canadian Professor O.B. Joyful).  I read persons frequently appearing in the acrostic/telestic encoding including Pythagoras (as reprised by Plato and others), Euler, Fibonacci.... John Dee.

But how can one study The Tunnel and not read Doctor Descartes?  Rene Descartes, the scientist and philosopher and near contemporary of Dee, Bacon, Galileo, Newton.  Such a unique name, the character attends Robert Gordon in his 'delusional' state and infirmity brought on by Marie's spiritual appearance and mysterious letter.  But why Rene Descartes?

It first comes to mind "I think therefore I am" the quote so closely related to his "First Meditation."  Absent proof of expense satisfactory to the meditating Descartes, he asserts his act of doubt of existence proves he thinks and his thought evidences his existence; therefore, I think therefore I exist.

The Third Meditation, as interpreted by a finite accountant, is so relevant to my work and September 18 and 19.  So Descartes' logic goes, if I have thought, from where does thought come?  Can thought be created from nothing?  No.  Someone else exists other than me to give me thought; God.  But if God exists and gives me thought, how can I receive imperfect thoughts?  How can wrong or evil be given me by God who is perfect?

The logic continues that God gives only a small portion of his truths; that between the incomplete record of truths given us, we conjecture the truths we know are in the gaps.  And we make error; be it so inconsequential as deducting 1929 from 2018 to find, incorrectly, 91 or as so grave as to commit a monstrous moral crime.

My concern, today, is how I've treated what I have recently learned or believe I've learned/imagined from the encoding of the "Map of Time" and presented in the previous essays.  The 'truth' I thought I'd learned from my study of the encoding is that September 18, 2018 would be an all-time-high comparable to September 3, 1929.

The gap between truths filled in with imagination.  What really did the Map of Time tell me?  As presented in the previous essay, the "x" marked the first line of the decline.  If you buy the idea that the encoding is Mr. Gann's intention (and the power that guided his hand as he attributes) to tell us the decline starts the next line, then why do I say it was September 18, 2018; there are two dates on that line.  Yes, I equivocated, but said it could be September 19 for various reasons.

And why do I jump to the conclusion that it must be an all-time-high?  Yes, I equivocated, it could be a secondary high.  But I know the 'happy ending' I wanted to find.

Let's underscore what was said in connection with the 'x' of the last essay.  "That x marks decline begin."  As shown in the previous essay, that 'x' links backward to the line after the line which contains September 3 and 4 of 1929 and links forward to the line after the line which contains September 18 and 19 of 2018.

If we accept that Mr. Gann provides truths according to the power he attributes his insight, then we are given only the truthful thought that the marked line is the first line of the decline.  I am not entitled to imagine beyond that truth given me, to conclude an all-time-high or even a secondary high may have occurred.  I can't simply conclude its either an all-time-high or it is the 18th and not the 19th.

As it so far turns out, yesterday was a secondary all-time-high and that could, in Elliot Wave Theory, deign a third wave at a very high degree should the decline begin with the 'next line' (September 20 or 21).  But my imagination wanders, conjures.

*** ***

In my defense, I do have a bit more in my quiver supporting my conjecturing between the truths.  You may recall in the previous essays:

According to rules of numerology which I have imagined from the Map of Time, the actual high in 1929 occurred on the Monday September 2, 1929 (a holiday), and the related price effect, the 1929  pre crash high occurred the next day.  Somewhat similarly, the actual 2018 high occurs about 20 minutes from the very moment I write this, at 9:12am on September 19.  

With these bits of information, I 'imagine' the top, be it primary or secondary, occurs today or may have occurred yesterday.  My preference is today.

Short shelf life on these epiphanies.  We may know the answer to the negative Thursday or reflect on a different resolution in late November.

To revisit my finite math error of yesterday, we have September 18 and 19:

18 = 1+8 = 9
19= 1+9 = 10 = 1
We reach the end and begin again

Jim Ross

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dow Crash beginning 9/18/2018, the fine point; part 3 of 3

As always, I put my failures up front; I believed and it is still true January 26, 2018 was the final top of the market and that August 29, 2018 was the secondary top.  The later date has failed and I expect a new all-time high this week that would erase January 26.  Perhaps the 18th is a secondary high but it would seem the final highest high.   It needs 600+ points if it is to eclipse January 26.  Very unlikely.

Whether a primary high or secondary it will occur September 18, 2018 or, less likely but possible, September 19, 2018.  And as always, I provide my supporting work so you can weigh the consideration.  All of my work is directed towards understanding the encoded methods and messages of WD Gann his 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and his 1909 "The Ancient Science of Numbers" written under a pen name, Luo Clement.  None of my work is compensated in any manner nor is there an anticipation of future compensation other than through my personal speculation.

September 18 and 19, 2018 appear on cumulative line 14932 of the 1932-2100 Map of Time and is linked by a "Torah Path" of referring cumulative and chapter line numbers.  That Torah Path was detailed in a laborious essay next preceding.  The path was shown to line to cumulative line 14832 of the 1848-2016 Map of Time which contains the two date September 7 and 8 of 1929.  That line is 4 calendar days or two lines late of the pre 1929 crash all-time-high on September 3, 1929.

Only 2 days?  Seems small but its a detail that strikes a discordant note for me.  The two issues to me are 1) why and 2) what is the correct date.  I'll not provide the reason as I am I do not understand it myself and would be ill prepared to argue its validity.

But what is the correct line/date?  Mr. Gann, I believe, foresaw my dilemma of the two line difference and provided incredible clarity.  I provided it twice in yesterday's essay and "you saw but you did not observe."  We are referring, at this point, to the 1932-2100 Map of Time.  I provided this "bridge" or link between the 2018 and 1929 dates:

Read the acrostic/telestic message I've added in the right margin; "That x marks decline begin."  What line is the red arrowed "x" on?  It is on cumulative line 561 pointed by the blue arrow.  Trace to cumulative line 561 of the 1848-2016 Map of Time:

We find the counterpart cumulative line 561 under the blue arrow and we select the forward chapter line link to further forward to chapter line 102 under the red arrow.  And we go to counterpart chapter line 102 in the same chapter:

We are now on chapter line 102 and cumulative line 14830.  That line is associated, by the Torah Path, with the red x and the message "The x marks decline begin."  That line includes the two dates, September 5 and 6 of 1929.  That line is the first line after the all-time-high.  The previous line contains the all-time-high, September 3.

One last step.  We need to trace to the exact line in the 2018 from the 'red x.'  Refer back to the first insert and from what line in 2018 the red x was referred.  It was referred from chapter line number 276.  We navigate upward in the 1932-2100 Map of Time in the same chapter to counterpart chapter line number 276:

Counterpart chapter line number 276 contains the two dates, September 20 and 21 of 2018.  Those dates are the Torah Path reflection of September 5 and 6 of 1929.  They are the fist line after the final high of 1929 and, therefore, the final high of 2018.  That chapter line number 276 is as the red x is asserts, the "decline begin(s)."

The implication of Mr. Mann's clarification; the highest high will be trading day September 18, 2018 and perhaps September 19, 2018 which also appears on that line.  That's the 'finer point.'

*** ***

Hard lessons have taught me not to rely on 'signs.'  Acrostic/telestic messages are signs, not mathematic proof.  I consider mathematic principles the highest and least ambiguous of all communication..  Perhaps at a same level of 'law' would be properly structured numerology. 

The 'signs' seem very strong this time...of course, they have felt very strong many times before.  

So, is this another teaching moment for Ross....where Ross is being taught the same lesson yet again?

Lately, I've been very involved in both Mr. Gann's numerology and in his mathematics (Robert Gordon's Seven Days) in confirming days such as September 18, 2018, moreso than in the 'signs' that I've discussed in this series.  Three areas of concentration are, naturally, confirming a prospective market pivot, identifying future pivots and projection of price at a pivot.

I have made perceived progress in confirming prospective pivots.  The prospective pivot is September 18, 2018 and the first of four pivot counterparts of the 1929 first wave down are:

As I previously discussed, backtesting of Mr. Gann's rules of numerology (as I perceive them) against 1929 provided numerological coincidence that bore out incredible 'coincidence.'  I believe they worked in 1929 and Mr. Gann knew they'd work in 1929 and Mr. Gann published his prediction, encoded in The Tunnel in 1927.

As best I can, I have applied those same rules I've perceived in 2018 and see a similar, if not greater, level of 'coincidence.'  The 1929 cycle actually ended on September 2, 1929 (that day was Labor Day Monday) at 9:35pm even though the print that memorialized that cycle end occurred when trading resumed September 3.  The 2018 cycle may well have a similar result.  The cycle end will occur September 19, 9:12am, only minutes before the market opens.  There may well be a print to memorialize that cycle end that occurred before the open.  When I apply those rules of numerology against those dates shown above in 2018, the level of "coincidence" is greater in 2018 than in 1929.  At least, as best I can apply them.

91 years from 1927 to 2018.  And when we get to the end, we begin again:

91 = 9+1 = 1*

[*Please pardon the error of 91 years vs 89 years.  I deducted from 2018 the year which was the subject of Robert Gordon's Great Campaign in Major Motors.  I'm adding this note because I do not change my posts regardless of the errors that are made.  They are simply the record, errors included.  I value the honesty of recognizing errors over the vanity of denying their occurrence.]

As often the case, my perceived insights and experiments have a very short shelf life.  If we get a DJIA high (I refer only to DJIA and not to S&P or Nasdaq because they have a separate 'vibration') on September 18 that is not exceeded very soon thereafter, then extreme caution is warranted.

Jim Ross

Sunday, September 16, 2018

DJIA Crash beginning 9/18/2018, the Torah Path connection of two dates; part 2 of 3

I will put a finer point on it and provide more signs.

In the previous post I provided "signs" in the form of acrostic/telestic messages suggesting 9/18/2018 is the final high comparable to the 9/3/1929 pre crash high.  In this post I'll provide the "Torah Path" between those two dates.  This is not numerology or mathematical support.  It, the Map of Time, is most comparable to a time and space calculator that is more powerful than many of of think the WD Gann "Square of Nine" was for him.  I expect, if either is valid, then it is based on mathematics and that mathematics is consistent with properly configured numerology.

Background, I noticed messages attending the two dates 9/3/1929 and 9/18/2018 months and weeks ago.  I did not make the "Torah Path" connection until the last week.

To restate the nature of the "Torah Path."  By linking cumulative line numbers in the Map of Time and chapter line numbers and following the 'path' created by those links, we can (as I imagine) predictions and events Mr. Gann wanted us to recognize.  I'll give an example of a single deep 'Torah Path' to a marking event of World War II.  Then I'll use the two-deep Torah Path to link the two dates 9/3/1929 and 9/18/2018.

WD Gann predicted World War II and I've written on that prediction many times.  Ask yourself, the generals and named characters of the fictional "Great War" of Robert Gordon became focal WWII generals and characters; see my essay "Leaders of World War II."  Two dramatic examples; the fictional General Nagato became the actual flagship of the Japanese fleet from which the order "Tora, Tora, Tora" was given on December 7, 1941 and Robert Gordon's title of Supreme Commander became the time given Dwight Eisenhower as "Supreme Allied Commander."  Many more examples in that essay.

I find encoded, a central figure of WWII Torah Path on cumulative line 14766, chapter line 111...Adolph Hitler.  The surrounding encoding, as I intuit it, is "Begin global war, Adolph Hitler starts WWII."  My subjective interpretation but lets see if the Torah Path supports it.  See that message and line numbers (blue arrow and red arrow, resp.) below:

Trace, within this same chapter, the chapter line which is pointed out with the red arrow, chapter line 111 to its 'counterpart' in the same chapter on the left hand side.  See where I've navigated upwards to line 111 on the left side of the Map of Time:

The red arrow points out the linked 'counterpart' chapter line 111 and the green arrow gives us the forwarding cumulative line number 14946 on the right side of that same line.  Now we trace to the cumulative line number on the left side of the Map of Time:

What happened on August 19, 1934?  Read the narrative.  What indemnities, riches, compensation did the U.S. accept resulting from WWII?

Okay, that is the single deep Torah Path.  Now, I will link the two dates.  We begin with September 18, 2018, the date highlighted in yellow and find the leftmost counterpart chapter line number on that same line which is line 125 (red arrow):

Now trace to the rightmost counterpart chapter line number 125:

We find the chapter line number 125 (red arrow) is on the same line as cumulative line number 562 (blue arrow) and we travel to, link to the counterpart cumulative line number 562 (blue arrow):

One final link.  On cumulative line 562 above, you'll find chapter line number 51 (red arrow) so we need to trace to its counterpart in that same chapter:

Chapter line number 51 (red arrow) associated with cumulative line number 14832 (blue arrow).  But the dates are in 1935 or 2097.... not 1929.  That is because the Map of Time is 168 years and the Map of Time being used is 2016 to 2100.  1929 and 2018 do not coexist in the same map.  We have to look to cumulative line number 14832 on the 1848 to 2016 Map of Time.

Here it is.  It is the original Map of Time which I generated in 2015 and then, when the 168-period ended, I extended to 168 years 1932 to 2100.  And you find line 14832 associated with the dates, 9/7 and 9/8/1929:

The linking found us 5 days or 2 lines off from the date on which the greatest 1929 high occurred prior to the Great Crash.  There's a reason for that which I will forgo explaining (as if I'm sanguine with my own explanation).  Nevertheless, you can see, 9/18/2018 is closely associated with 9/3/1929.  By my imagining, the two are exactly counterparts preceding great market declines.

*** ***

Abusively long essay, but tracing through the Torah Code requires many inserts.  With the line numbers I provided above, you can do the same tracing and you will need two maps; the 1848-2016 Map of Time and the 1932-2100 Map of Time that are both available for free download.

What to do with the two-line difference between 9/18/2018 and 9/3/1929 dates?  The actual 1929 crash begins on line 14830 because the trading day 9/4/1929 was lower than 9/3/1929 and they are both on line 14830.  And yet, we find the focused upon date, 9/18/2018, falls two lines later on 14832.  

Again, I may have some insight into the two-line difference.  The more productive avenue is surely to pinpoint the proper day if there is a way.  I believe Mr. Gann provided the means to resolve the difference and I'll present it in the last essay of this series.

Jim Ross 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

DJIA crash beginning about 9/18/18 predicted 91 years ago; 1 of 3

"Signs," perceived acrostic/telestic encoding  in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" appear to indicate September 18, 2018 (next Tuesday) begins the same generational crash sequence that began September 3, 1929.

The few that read my ongoing research know I have been here before and been wrong....repeatedly.  I'm neither proud to be at this point or ashamed of my prior failures.  Failures are simply what was meant to be and a price of figuring out what works and what doesn't.

There are three methods of reckoning the future in The Tunnel; by signs, by numerology and by mathematics.  In that order.  

"Signs" are the very limited acrostic/telestic encoding that Mr. Gann provided.  There are only so many possible acrostic/telestic letters in a 15341 line text; well, 30642 to be exact.  Not a lot of prediction that can be packed into English communication here.  

Numerology according to rules regarding derivation from time (terrestrial and solar) and their mathematic sequence, combined with a knowledge of world, national, institutional and personal history, identifies points at which history repeats.

And, as Mr. Gann asserted in the Ticker Interview, mathematic principles of the highest order form the fundamental texture of time and space which constitute the 'curve of the future.'  Pure mathematics is the natural law that orders (time) and arranges (space) the progress of all things and can determine our short, mortal glimpse of the immense.

As aforementioned, I can't do any of the above but will, in this series, present what I read in "signs" encoded into The Tunnel.  While I work on numerology and pure mathematics and publish my experiments, its either right or wrong and self proving one way or the other.  I have zero confidence in numerology and math as yet because they have not self proven their results.

Signs, like any human communication are subjective.  My 'reading' of telestic encoding is as subjective, if not more so, as any verbal communication between people; does the received perceive the true meaning meant to be conveyed by the sender?  With those cautions, here is the message attending, surrounding the day, September 18, 2018:

Here is the excerpt of the "Map of Time" surrounding the date September 18, 2018:

You might recognize the above as an excerpt from pages 8 and 9 of The Tunnel as rendered, to the letter, in the line enumerated "Map of Time."  In the third of four columns contains one date that I have highlighted in yellow; 9/18/2018.  The narrative surrounds that date.  Of course, there are dozens of other dates so there isn't a reason in the 'signs' to center on that date.  Just accept it for now and I'll present the 'why' in part 2 of this series.  

For now, read the words in the far right column and trace them to their spelling using the common highlighting.  There are a very few missing letters in some of the words and I have found them using the "Torah Code" /  "Torah Path" that is explained in many other essays.  

Ask yourself, are the words spelled with contiguous acrostic/telestic letters?  Is the message intelligible?

Is the message an intended sign?

*** ***

Of course, I believe the message is one intended by WD Gann.  

I have arrived at the date, September 18, 2018 by tracing from that date, via the Torah Code Path, to the date September 3, 1929.  I believe that method places us, today, at the same historic sequence that occurred in 1929.  I'll present those methods in a later post.

For now, judge for yourself if the message has intention.

If history will be repeating, then the period 9/3/1929 to 10/4/1929 saw DJIA drop from 386 to 320 or 17% in 30 days.  In another 40 days on November 13, 1929, DJIA reached 195... an aggregate decline approaching 50% in 72 calendar days.

A numerological astute reader might identify the date, 9/18/18, as 9 9 9.  I've written essays on the reoccurrence of that number in my research.  Oh, its not unique in September 2018 because we have 9/9/18 and 9/27/18 which also reduce to 9 9 9.  There's more to the story which I will present later.

Jim Ross

Friday, September 14, 2018

A new insight into "Robert Gordon's Seven Days;" answering the lingering enigma of 1.666

Skipping the introduction to my lengthy essays to the subject of this notation; it is well documented in many essays in which I dissected RG's Seven Days.  Its major conclusion is that distance, measured at the latitude of NYC, is related to the time duration of RG's trip by the Pythagorean triangle.  The gross distance Robert traveled is mathematically the root of the sum of squared time and squared net distance (effectively, the diameter of the earth at the latitude of NYC.

Focus on the red and blue arrows; the blue arrow points to crow fly miles and the red arrow points to miles computed by Pythagoras' 345 triangle.  They are equal.  The blue line measured by Haversine, the red column computed by 1X1 square formula and from gross east west distances between cities visited by RG.

But WD Gann threw an enigma at me.  The enigma denoted by the green arrow of 1.666.  The red arrow is computed relative to the latitude of NYC.  And the circumference of earth is 18846 miles according to the Haversine formula compared to circumference at the equator, popularly believed to be 24901 (and close enough).

I found the distance Robert traveled relative to the equator, where time is denominated, is 47117 miles.  That's where the enigma fits; it is the supposedly superfluous 100 and 60 notation found on page 400 and 401 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  The relation is 100 / 60 = 1.666.  That's the piece to the puzzle but what to do with it.  When I analyzed RG's Seven Days, I didn't know how it fit it.  Now, as I analyze the price behavior (math) of the 1929 crash, it becomes integral to understanding.

1.666 is the fourth unique number of the Fibonacci sequence divided by the third unique number or 5 divided by 3.

Now take Robert Gordon's gross distance relative to the equator of 47117 (green arrow) divided by the crow fly miles (red arrow) and you have:

47117 / 33656 =  1.40000 the fifth decimal.

Now, one step further.  Take gross distance relative to the equator (green arrow), divide by the enigma, 1.666 (100/60 on page 400/401 of The Tunnel or Fibonacci's 5/3) and divide the result into crow fly miles (red arrow):

33656 / (47117 / 1.666)  =  1.19047 square it:

1.19047^2 = 1.41722   

Both 1.40000 and 1.41722 are early iterations (just at 1.666 is an early iteration of Phi) of the hypotenuse of the 1X1 square that we recognize to be 1.41421.

I know I've miss described aspects of the above; but I'm right because the math is right.  Words cannot convey the precision of math particularly for a grammatically challenged finite mathematician such as I am.  Only your active study and learning can create understanding

*** ***

Robert Gordon's Seven Days proved the East West distance (representing time at the latitude of NYC) he traveled versus the North South distance he traveled (representing space) were equal at the completion of his trip.  They are the smaller sides of the 1X1 square at 33656 each.  

And the hypotenuse; the North South distance relative to the equator (time measured at the equator) traveled of 47117 miles divided by one of the sides is the the hypotenuse of the 1X1 triangle.  Alternately, the square of North South equatorial measurement divided by the fourth and third unique numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.  

I'm pleased to introduce you, Mssrs. Fibonacci (1.666) and Pythagoras (1.414).  Oh, you already know each other.  Then I expect you both know Mr. Pi as well....I'll meet you three in another essay.  Perhaps Professor Kepler will join us.  Mr. Gann has brought all of us together, if only in our imaginations.  Or not.

I'll let the reader consider the issues raised in the context of predicting the very simple price and time progression, which are related by natural law, of Major Motors.  They are there and they are in the 1929 progression from the top, September 3, 1929 to the first small bottom, November 13, 1929.  I am still ferreting it all out.  Not there yet, but soon I believe.

One last teaser that teases me as well.  The Pythagorean relation of time measured at the latitude of NYC versus that measured at the equator is not the same as the relation at latitudes other than NYC.  If one wants to predict price of the Dow, the relation is valid.  If one wants to predict the next occurrence of an earthquake at a different latitude, say San Francisco (alas), natural law creates the same math but different numbers.  Again, I believe.

And then there's this thing called "vibration" unique to each entity, be it a person or a stock or a location.  A location has a latitude but a person or a stock or a nation does not.  I believe Luo Clement provides that solution.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Let's put a finer, simpler point on "Dee's Map"

Ditto everything from yesterday's essay, but let's underline a linked snapshot of WD Gann's "Map of Time."  Here it is:

"Saw Dee map" highlighted in green, red and yellow acrostics.  Well, I showed such an excerpt in yesterday's essay.  But look at the red arrow and yellow highlighted date; the 1929 market top.

Kinda hard to argue Mr. Gann was not intending to underline his epiphany given the words are spelled acrostically/telestically with contiguous letters.  Highly improbable.  And vastly less probable that those letters would straddle September 3, 1929, the 1929 Crash all-time high.

As if a taunt to us, read the narrative that has the fictional generals asking Robert Gordon " explain how he had accomplished the wonderful feat..."

Again, you can recreate the above by downloading the 1848-2016 "Map of Time" and going to the above line numbers.  Not doing it and arguing the above does not exist is the most contemptuous of willful ignorance.

*** ***

Now, refocus.  "The Tunnel Thru the Air" was published in 1927.  The Crash occurred in 1929.

Come on, Randomites and statistical inferenters (sic), make your case for randomness and the absence of destination.

Jim Ross