Friday, February 10, 2017

Proving the structure and nature of space and time

Many times I've floated the thought that the stock market was WD Gann's laboratory for the study of time and space.  Consider the often cited quotations:

Fourth dimension; we might presume, as did Sir Arthur Eddington in his first translation and explanation of Einstein's works, that time is the "fourth dimension."  And that natural laws and principles of math and its dependent brother, geometry, rule all four dimensions..... that all things are mathematic, not just in the three dimensions we can see and feel, but in that dynamically related fourth dimension of time we can intuit.

How else would it be possible to predict the future, if that is indeed possible, if all things are random and related only by will and effort?  How could the claim be made that "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." [Eccl 1:9] if not that all is predetermined?  

He proved it.  Use your informed statistical intuition to satisfy yourself.  Per "The Ticker Interview" 286 trades in 25 trading days with only 22 losses witnessed by an independent party.  I've written essays on the vastly unlikely possibility of such an occurrence.  If the market is a 'random walk,' can anyone undertake 286 trades and incur only 22 losses?  I've even offered the 22 losses were purposefully taken for to demonstrate some properties of mathematics.  Either Richard D Wyckoff and his independent party viewing the 286 trades was in on "the fix" or....Mr. Gann could "do it."

The market was just the simplest case in which experiments were easily undertaken and one that is subject to the undeniable proof of mathematics. It was Mr. Gann's laboratory.  There is only time and money, both things that can be easily described in mathematic terms.  Its not like viewing the future of a person who we have difficulty reducing to mathematics (although Luo Clement, err, WD Gann did) of judging whether the results support the predicted result.  The market was the simple case from which to conflate larger and more elaborate definitions of natural law in other venues.

So if its so simple, why can't we see it in the market?  You wouldn't be reading this essay if you had not seen the tracks of natural law in the market.  You see Phi, cyclic periods, waves...  But they don't occur with discernible mathematic regularity.  Well, I think they do but its far too elaborate for us to place in a methodology that does more than bend the curve slightly in favor of the trader (resistance levels, Elliot Waves, etc).  Math is perfect, not a bending.  Today's trader, speaking only of the probability of a successful trade as opposed to "money management," is far from the perfection of mathematics.

At least, can we see rudimentary evidence of natural law in Mr. Gann's laboratory?  I think so.  Let's do it visually first and from that, then see some math.  Recall for a moment the first two rows of the tetractys and images that we see in WD Gann's "The Magic Word:"
[Interesting, the third triangle above has 22 letters in it just as Mr. Gann took 22 losses in the 286 trades.  It always bothered me that the sixth row had 7 letters instead of 6.  Did he have to fudge it?  Nah....]

Reflect on the nature of the triangle.  The fewest number of lines (3) which, when connected, define a stable two-dimensional structure.  The square, even with four lines, is unstable unless you add a fifth diagonal.  And when you add the fifth diagonal line, well, you have two triangles to comprise the square.  Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, architect, author, mathematician spent a lifetime developing his theories of natural law based upon the smallest component, the triangle and tetrahedron.

The simplicity and strength of the triangle is a similar property of the tetrahedron relative to other Platonic and Archimedean solids.  Nature's smallest and strongest of two-dimensional structures found to be the smallest and strongest of three dimensional structures.  Nature filling space with the fewest vectors arranged in the strongest manner.

What would be more logical than to extrapolate nature's triangle to the fourth dimension?

Consider the 1921 to 1937 Dow Jones Industrial Average and the supposed fourth dimension:

The two triangles (ABC and BCD) comprising the above quadrilateral is, apparently, a rotated tetrahedron.  Each component triangle is, similar to the first two rows of the tetracty, subdivided into 4 component and equal triangles.

A nice thought to entertain; we unite space and time symbolized in the three dimensional tetrahedron by rotating the three dimensional tetrahedron.  Don't, for a moment, think I think this is new.  Many far smarter people than myself have proposed the fourth dimension is the addition of 'motion' to the third dimension.

Is there math coincidence to support the idea that future point "D" above can be predicted from past points A, B and C (the capital letters)?  Connect the medials (small letters a, b, c, d, e) of the five visible edges of the tetrahedron to form two inscribed triangles abc and cde.  Are there coincidental mathematic relations between them?  Yes.  But there is value in the observation that the outer perimeters are twice their medial subdivided triangles.  Its a law in two-dimensional geometry I concede.  But the mathematic measurement tool is one that uses both space and time measurements as will be explained in the next paragraph.  That observation is not insignificant.  Think about it.

The math tool necessary to measure space and time vectors is that of Pythagoras' 345 triangle as implemented in Bradley Cowan's "Price Time Vector" or PTV.  [Yes, I know the Cowan / Baumring controversy, but the former published the PTV and copyrighted it regardless.]  Simply, the square root of the sum of time squared plus price squared.  I've used Cycletimer software and the numbers are approximate because you visually fit the beginning and end of a PTV.

I have not counted the many amazing properties of the above vector value relationships.  Start with the perimeter of medial triangle abc (738.2) is half the perimeter of the larger ABC triangle in which it is inscribed (1469.2).  The perimeter of cde is half the perimeter of the larger BCD in which it is inscribed.  Well, that's mathematics...subdividing any triangle at the medials of its three edges will produce that proportion of one half.  So, the more important challenge is to find out if there are relations between the triangles on the left (ABC and abc) and the ones on the right (BCD and cde).

A first observation.... vector ab at 189 which is substantially the value of vector de at 183 (allowing for visual charting inaccuracy on my part).  Vector cd at 147.76 is roughly one half of the value of vector ac at 289.32 and side CD at 285.01.  Perhaps that's the doubling and halving of which Mr. Gann often spoke. 

Let's get a little more personal.   Try vector bc at 261.06 versus vector ce at 212.17 or a ratio of 1.51.  That would be 1.50 if vector ce were 213.  Now divide 261.06 by the root of 2 (the diagonal of Pythagoras 1X1 square) and you get 184.6.  That's frighteningly close to the vector values of ab and de.  

Try just one more.  This last item makes it most apparent to me the structure of the fourth dimension is the tetrahedron in motion; vector AC of the left triangle is substantially double the vector value of vector CD of the right triangle.  I've reduced this last observation to a spreadsheet; AC is 567.8 and CD is 288.89 based upon the extreme values as opposed to closing prices.  Very close to double.

I venture to say every point and vector from 1921 to 1937 are mathematically interrelated.  Space and time are not causally separate; movement in one determines compensating movement in the other.  And every point in the future...or in the past...can be derived.  Determined.

The Dow from 1921 to 1937 is the easy case, visually and mathematically least to me.  The 1929 to 1942 period is equally or more compelling in even simpler and vastly more perfected math.  It would seem the relationships and dependencies that might be derived from these simple cases can be applied to the more complicated time periods.  Can point D of the future be derived from points A, B and C of the past?  Can we prove the structure and nature of space and time in the Dow?

Back to the laboratory.
Jim Ross

Note:  A tetrahedron is often described as a three-sided pyramid.  Medial points a, b, c, d and e appear as if an inscribed four-sided pyramid.  And if you connect the medial of the sixth edge (vector AD which cannot be seen but we know must be there) to the four perimeter edges then you have two component four-sided pyramids.  This after having recently read Peter Tompkins book on the Great Pyramid of Giza.  One of the pyramids Robert Gordon did not destroy because he believed they were placed on earth for a divine purpose.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seeking the "When;" back to basic research and a small finding of Phi in WD Gann's "Map of Time" structure

Having failed to read "clues" in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to discern the "when" his many encoded scenarios will occur, I'm back to basic research.  Simply, I tried to guess at the time-frame for the vivid imagery of those encoded messages were indicating.  Oh, I don't believe it was a complete failure.  Learning comes from failure.  The many messages are what we otherwise know will occur, just not when.  We know the instability of Earth's tectonic plates, particularly at the California faults.  It will be, and it will occur, just as it has in the past.  How many times and in how many of his writings did Mr. Gann quote the many Bible versus asserting the repetition of history.

We just don't know the "when."

Similar to my recent episode of imagination, physical scientists variously and generally claim with 70% or so confidence a 7.0 event will strike the Pacific Coast within 30 years; bold prediction.  One has claimed a great event would strike Los Angeles within the 2-year time frame (NASA in 2014), a claim now beyond its expiration date.  I believe there is purpose in these failures and in the many disaster movies we see; its general awareness.  They are warnings.  Everywhere you live there is danger, but some places are simply more dangerous.  We know its going to happen in California and it will be bad.  Just, when?

So I can't read the clues.  Clues are a possible conveyance of imagined knowledge; sometimes right, sometimes wrong (my definition of clues).  As Mr. Gann ruminated about language being subjective and that mathematics is the only science the world has agreed upon, clues are inferior even to subjective language.  A verbal or written statement, language, between two persons, no matter how plain, can be misinterpreted.  A clue, well, that's a vastly more subjective concept than language.

Math is the only universally recognizable arbiter of truth.  I've documented enough proof of Mr. Gann's ability to see the future in great detail that I can only believe in his having identified the mathematic and deterministic structure of space and time; of spacetime.  If we are to know the "when," then it can only be found through the math or, perhaps, a detective better able than I, to weigh the clues.

Obviously, I don't have the math dialed in.  So its back to basic research.  I re read "The Tunnel" and "The Magic Word" and am now concentrating on a person I believe to be the most important in WD Gann's mathematics, John Dee.

John Dee, acrostically and telestically encoded into "The Tunnel" 44 times as "dee," is clearly an important figure in Mr. Gann's view of the world.  John Dee, Renaissance mathematician, astronomer,  alchemist and patron of Queen Elizabeth I's court.  Lecturer at Cambridge on Euclid's "Elements" and, notably, tutor and mentor to Lord Francis Bacon, Dee advised monarchs and colleagues alike.  Not that 44 instances of his name supposedly encoded in "The Tunnel" proves anything.  After all, the word "dee" is comprised of the most popular letters in the alphabet...we'd expect to find acrostic and telestic occurrences in any random text.  But we'd expect both acrostic and telestic occurrences.  Not so, there are only telestic occurrences in "The Tunnel;" there aren't any acrostic occurrences.  And what do we find in the middle of those 44 occurrences and smack in the middle of the book?  We find the telestic occurrence of "007."  "007" was the code name for John Dee with his chief patron, Queen Elizabeth I in their encoded correspondence.  44 occurrences of "dee" and 1 of his secret name, "007."  That makes 45; a number very important to Mr. Gann.  Coincidences?

So again, I'm back to basic research of a most important figure, John Dee and, by extension of his work declaring the Monas Hieroglyphica (presented to Maximillian), two more contemporary mathematicians; Robert Marshall on number theory and Richard Buckminster Fuller on geometry and Platonic/Archimedian "solid" structures.  Just basic research with WD Gann's "Map of Time" never far from my thoughts.  John Dee's "philosopher stone number," namely the number 252, and Bucky Fuller's basic atomic elemental structure allegedly comprising all of nature, the cuboctehedron (the vector equilibrium) at the 5th level.  Hmmm, at the 5th level that's a structure comprised of 252 spheres or tetrahedrons (Euler's formula being (10 X 5^2) + 2 -252).

Interesting.... the "Map of Time" as comprised represents two periods of 84 years or 168 years and if we add another 84 years we have 252.  252, one-tenth the Biblical "Great Year."  If we break down the Biblical Great Year into six units of 42 years, we have the 2nd level of the cuboctehedron (10 X 2^2 = 42).

Hmmm, wasn't WD Gann born 252 years after the death of Lord Francis Bacon?  Some numbers just seem to be mysteriously popular.

About that WD Gann "Map of Time."  I've found and documented several proofs of its mathematic integrity in previous essays.  As admitted, I don't know how to use the Map.  Still, the Map was created by WD Gann for some purpose.  It was both consciously intended and, as I've derived it, is substantially accurate.  Add the following notation to previously documentation:

The number of lines in "The Tunnel" according to the "Map of Time" divided by the number of days the novel spanned equals the widely recognized symbol of Phi, 1.60, to the third decimal.  Coincidence?  I take it as just another confirmation that I counted and detailed the number of lines in "The Tunnel" correctly.

So, yet again, I'm back at it.  Not with clues and an imagined story derived from clues (not yet at least), but basic research that seeks to find bits and pieces of mathematic truth left behind by an amazing man.  Perhaps someday, the math might be derived to provide the "when."

Jim Ross

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The "San Andreas" timeline

I viewed the movie "San Andreas" yet again yesterday to get a handle on some times that appear on cell phones and wall clocks during the movie.  There are very few.  To my surprise, the duration of the movie was 3 days beginning at just after noon the first day and ending at 7:35pm PDT the third day.  You might recall the movie "Knowing" was exactly 7 days.

If events I have interpreted as being predicted by WD Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" are to occur according to the timeline of events of the movie "San Andreas" then following would be that timeline:

The first event, the destruction of the Hoover Dam, would occur today at lunchtime, just before 12:30pm EDT on the East Coast.  That is 1.5 hours from now or 90 minutes.  Those in LA and SF would have 28 hours from the moment of the Hoover Dam's collapse to be clear of the Pacific coastline.

Nothing we give me greater pleasure than to be wrong in my interpretation but the vast likelihood of being wrong will not prevent me of providing the information I've derived.

Jim Ross

Monday, October 17, 2016

A 2016 miracle created in 1927?

84 years since the last year in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  And on page 84:

We count the days and nights to denominate the 'signs,' 'seasons,' 'days,' and 'years.'  We can predict when its best to plant, harvest, to prepare for winter...  Unfortunately, we haven't progressed to the point where we can predict much more than that have we?

I'm ever haunted by those three pages 82, 83 and 84.  Page 82 that warns us of the 'remarkable events' that will occur following the election of the 266th Pope (Pope Francis elected in 2013).  Page 83 that burdens the person who understands math and science to warn others of the signs present in the mathematics.  And page 84 that laments how few will study the Bible " understand the signs, discern the future and profit by it."  How many times have I written of those three pages?

People of math and science and vastly of the 'randomite' persuasion will look at the miracle of the 25 days of trading record of WD Gann and dismiss it as a fraud.  They cannot do otherwise.  According to randomness a person cannot take 286 trades in 25 days and incur only 22 losses no matter how expert they might be.  The world is random.  Absent inside information, there can be no more than a marginal trading advantage to behavioral, sociological methods of trading the markets.  And certainly, there can be no edge to any occult methodology or system of numbers.  Systems are deterministic where the world is, in their view, random.  Boil it down, the randomite is forced to claim the "independent observer" of the 286 trades was part of the fraud of the "286 trades in 25 days" for otherwise his view of the world is wrong.

Faced with the propositions that the days leading to an October 19 disaster in San Francisco would follow the timeline of the movie "Knowing," the movie "San Andreas" or be proven entirely imagined, I elected to take a whopping $800 short position in QQQs on Friday October 14.  My logic was, following the first of the three alternatives, the major indexes would each be greatly affected by the destruction of the Hoover Dam on October 15 according to the first alternative.  Of course, that did not occur leaving the final two alternatives.

If the San Andreas scenario were to occur, then it would commence mid-day (Pacific Coast Time) on October 18 and the Los Angeles and San Francisco events would occur, in that order, beginning at 2:13pm PST on October 19.  That would be after markets close on October 19.

So what miracle, conceived in 1927, might occur in 2016?  People believe in the objective truth of numbers.  Absent the ability to claim fraud, the randomites would be forced by their own god of statistics that the world is ordered; it is not a 'random walk.'  What if a great real time trade defying explanation might occur in 2016 based on clues in a 1927 novel?  After all, Mr. Gann claimed (notably on page 77) its as easy to predict the future 100 or 1000 years in advance as it is one or two.

I'm game, after all, a grub stake $800 position is not a bunch.  I've traded six figure individual trades in options contracts and this is negligible.  $.01 per share (ignoring substantial commissions) become 800 put contracts in QQQ 105 September 21 expiry or 80,000 shares.  That's the seed trade anticipating the failed October 15 Hoover Dam event now anticipating the second alternative October 18 Hoover Dam event.

If the October 18 event occurs, there's a window and a suspected perfect trade that will occur; a trade indicated in the 1927 novel, The Tunnel, that will present itself in which incredible, no miraculous, returns can be had.  I've cited acrostic/telestic name of that trade months ago.  If the window presents itself, I will revisit it in the early hours of trading on October 19.

*** ***

Of course, none of the above can happen so I fully expect, according to my understanding of the vast improbability of predicting an October 18 Hoover Dam event, that I will be writing another mea culpa come Thursday.  I hope to do so for otherwise there will have occurred great sorrow and hardship and further such tribulation will be forecast.  

Here you have it, a real time trade beginning with a whopping $800, which, if correct will have a second transaction.  If it works, the randomites haven't anywhere to hide.  A trade conceived in 1927 with returns that defy imagination.

In the alternate, I'm wrong, I hope to be wrong and that's fine with me.

Jim Ross

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The final alternatives

The vastly improbable and disastrous event did not occur on October 15 warning of following events of October 17 and 19.

You may have noticed several differences between the written "Remarkable Events" essay that appears in the WD Gann Predictions blog and the YouTube presentation.  The written essay was created as a script for the then planned Youtube presentation; an outline.  The YouTube presentation contained many more "messages" and information that were not in the written essay.  Among the added information was the following:

The central point of my work over the last two years has seemed to circle back to the date October 19, 2016.  Perhaps a unifying bias that so directs my work to untruth.  Perhaps something destined.  Certainly a question to be answered in the next four days.

The alternate of the slide that appeared in the YouTube presentation shows I favored, that if in the vastly improbable event the feared disasters were to occur, then they would follow the "Knowing" timeline.  Alternately they would follow the two-day timeline of "San Andreas."  So, I am encouraged that I am wrong but will not be fully relieved until October 20.

About the nature of my work with WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  It's all about clues that range from the vastly probable to the highly speculative.  Vastly probable, the "six e's."  The first paragraph of the Foreword contains six lines of supposedly random test all ending with the letter "e." This is vastly improbable and demonstrates the authors notification to the alert and aware reader that the book is encoded with acrostic and telestic letters that may provide information.

Now flip to a messy such as the "fifth warning."  A page of acrostic and telestic letters, say 72 letters that might be configured to spell words and intelligible, relevant message such as:

Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform set on fire.

It could be re-interpreted to give you:

Alberta set on fire - oil and gas sands.

The statistics of the six e's are vastly improbable making it conclusive that the author wanted to pass along a message.  Conversely, if you studied the 72 letters that might be used to create the two messages above in an imperfect subset of those letters, well, you can create many messages.  The statistics do not support any level of certainty of the prediction.

It all boils down to clues.  I do not have what I believe Mr. Gann had; a mathematic method of discerning the curve of time and how all things fit into that curve of time.  Something he said he derived from his study of the Bible.  What I have is just clues which, as the subjectivity of spoken and written language toes, are very imperfect.

*** ***

Two alternatives remain.  First, the timeline follows "San Andreas" and the three great geologic events occur rapidly beginning the afternoon of October 18 ending the afternoon of October 19.  Second, I'm entirely wrong.  The latter being vastly probable by any measure of probability.

Hopefully, I am wrong.

Thank you for your interest,

Jim Ross

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The fifth warning - October 15, 2016

I didn't see a thing about a fire on the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform.  I was relieved and, of course, embarrassed at my apparent wrongful interpretation of WD Gann's encoded work in "The Tunnel Through the Air."

As background, The Tunnel identifies the 2009 fictional movie "Knowing" in his 1927 novel, including the author, certain characters, locations and events.  The movie, in turn, identifies dates of disasters, three of which were then yet to occur.  As a warning before the first event there was a minor Gulf of Mexico  oil platform fire that was prominently seen at 12 midnight the last minute of October 14 and the first minute of October 15.  That is Eastern Standard Time.

I reasoned that, if the progression of tragedies I have identified follows the timeline of "Knowing" were followed, we would see a publication of a news item concerning a Gulf of Mexico oil platform. Further detailing the event I found in The Tunnel the messages on the numerically important pages 29 and 58 the following messages:

The first message identifies the date the Deepwater Horizon exploded and created the greatest oil spill in history, April 20, 2010.  The second message identified the Deepwater Atlantis and the date of its commissioning.  The importance of the messages is the first creates an, arguably, valid prediction of an event and the, again arguable, validity of the second.  

The question becomes, did a news report of the Deepwater Atlantis fire occur on at midnight Eastern Standard Time?

I was relieved when I saw nothing on broadcast news.  And then I Googled "Atlantis - oil - fire" and searched of only the last 24 hours.  I found the following at exactly 9:59am Eastern Standard Time:

The third item on the list is a news article on the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform (Gulf of Mexico) fire. It was published 6 hours earlier which would make the publication time 3:59am Eastern Standard Time and 11:59pm or midnight Pacific Coast Time.  [I have not tried to adjust for 1 hour Daylight Standard Time.]  Here is the article that appears in 

The "feature" article is about Alberta's recovery from a wildfire on May 3, 2016 that destroyed 2400 homes in the Fort McMurray area and in the Athabasca oil shale production operations.

I revisit the message appearing on page 58 "Deepwater Atlantis Oil and Gas set on fire" and can find the following:

Alberta set on fire - oil and gas sands

I was sure Mr. Gann's prediction of the fifth warning had not occurred.  I was prepared and pleased to deal with being wrong in my interpretation of his work.  The above revision of the message of page 58 and the news article appeared  published at midnight PST, well, I'm not sure.  Rather, I believe it did occur.  I was wrong, but I am not relieved of my concern.

I wish I had more time to consider this information, continue to study page 58.  But there isn't time.  If I lived in the down river path of the Hoover Dam or in LA, San Francisco or San Diego, I would take the precaution of finding some place of safety east of the Colorado River.  If in San Francisco and given the time, I'd plan a route that took me north and east of the Hoover Dam and down river crossings may be impaired.

If the above interpretation of Mr. Gann's work is true and the fifth warning did occur, the first of three great disasters in the next 5 days will occur at about 3:28pm PST.  If wrong yet again as today will prove one way or the other, I will not be fully at ease until October 20.

Jim Ross

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back to page 69; the riddle of 69

I hate to deflect from either the climax to the research and interpretation of some aspects WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air" given that it will be proven as either true or false in the next two weeks.  Still, I started this blog to keep track of market 'things' that surprised me so I could remember them so I can't help but write about 'things' that intrigue me.

These days the 'things' that intrigue me keep me coming back to the same places in The Tunnel.  This morning, as I was waking up, I connected some dots on two items that bring me back to the same place, page 69.

First, and I've written about this many times, WD Gann was born on June 6, 1878.  Since  1878 reduces to (1+8+7+8=6) 6, WD Gann's reduced birth date reflects the notable:

6 - 6 - 6

Second, and I've written about this many times, WD Gann's adopted name has similar numerical significance.  "Adopted name."  Luo Clement, a pen name of WD Gann in my opinion and as I have documented reasons therefore, wrote in "The Ancient Science of Numbers" that a person can change his/her vibration and life's course by changing their name.  Hence, Mr. Gann used the name most favorable to him, that being his adoption of his first and middle name as his first name.  His name morphed from William Delbert Gann to WD Gann without a middle name.  And WD Gann would have three identifiable summations:

I do not discount the 'coincidence' of concatenation of the numbers:

And what do we find on page 69 but the riddle of the Book of Jonah, that being the meaning of "3 days and 3 nights."  I've often been struck by the simple math of 3 and 3; 3+3=6 and 3X3=9, concatenated 69.  And it appears on page 69.  I am led back to that page time and again as if the trail and endpoint were designed to emphasize a point.

Is all this coincidence?  Maybe Mr. Gann is being the trickster, tricking that poor fool that wakes up 84 years after the last date in The Tunnel worrying about the riddle of 69.  Sure, if Mr. Gann had a whimsical and devious sense of humor.  What a great practical joke to play on someone.  Problem is, in the last two years of research, I can't find an instance of humor on Mr. Gann's part.  Well, one, maybe.  He doesn't seem to have been anything but serious.

Yeah, I can see someone, other than Mr. Gann, contriving his adopted name to create 9-9-9.

But how did he create a birth number of 6-6-6?  The name number is obviously a mortal contrivance.  The birth number is something different.  As they say, 'you can't make that stuff up.'

And the message, again in my subjective interpretation of acrostic and telestic letters.  Look at what it says:

God asks Jonas to warn men of sin; lead atonement.

Yesterday ended the holiest of Jewish holidays at nightfall, Yom Kippur or the "Day of Atonement," and began the seven-day period of tribulation that began at nightfall in the fictional movie "Knowing."  While I have great anxiety over being wrong about my interpretation of Mr. Gann's work, I am vastly more anxious over the prospect of being correct.  As is, I am 100% confident of being correct and 100% preferring to be the fool.  I will be watching Friday the 14th for the final warning, the Atlantis Oil and Gas Platform fire (expected to be a minor event but the fifth and final warning).

3 instances of '69' and 7 days of tribulation and the curious challenge of WD Gann found in the Foreword to The Tunnel:

As Mr. Gann did say, "forewarned is forearmed."  Be aware of the signs and be safe,

Jim Ross