Thursday, March 1, 2018

The last essay

This is the last essay on this blog.  I've promised that before, but 'this time its different.'

What would you do if you saw your life from another's perspective?  That's happened to me, or, at least, in my imagination it has happened to me.  Regardless if reality or imagination, I know it is true.

I've remarked my life is not one well lived.  In my view, real or imagined, my recent life is, well, "less worse" in recent years.  My last great problem is my ego and that took center stage on February 21, my birthday, when I expected, predicted a great market decline based on my reading of the acrostic/telestic Torah Code path in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

The question was whether my ego and other expectations (I'm a perma bear) caused me to "see what I wanted to see" or whether the Torah Code is wrong?  I do not believe the latter any more than I can believe the 'six 3's' discovery of three years ago was random and not intended.  Must be me.

Rather, I believe, according to my further reading, the failure was a lesson intended for me.  A greater lesson that my interpretations have been biased by that great defect of my character; my ego.

The two great commandments from which all those other's given Moses to follow; do not worship any gods before Him and do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  My ego exceeded both.  Tough lesson.

Its tough to see your life as others see you; as someone has been seeing you.

*** ***

Three years, 527 published essays and 25 unpublished essays.  [Hmm, we can sum and rearrange those essay numbers to form the number 7 7 7.]  It started with the hardly unique observation that the world seems arranged, ordered, by math but the formula is escapes us.  If you were to believe WD Gann, a person who demonstrated his command of some unknown knowledge of what I believe is that math in The Ticker Interview, every answer is in the Bible.  I believe that.  And I believe some subset is in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

My journey is hardly over, but it has arrived to a point of dispassionate, or not so dispassionate, viewing of myself that, until I know that math it is ego and not my search that drives me to publish my delusion.  Until I know the math, it is delusion.

Synchronicities or signs?  I've made much of those things.  Those details that we see every day that momentarily buffet us from our otherwise plodding of life.  The 6 eee's, the 111-story Mammouth Building, the 13th gravestone which was askew from its base, the Great Tree between WD Gann's grave and Manhattan's financial district.....  I believe in the thought of the contemporary Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, that synchronicity, intuition, premonition are simply the unfolding of the web of fate that is there but, for not having all the comprising events at hand, we unable to compute that which is otherwise mathematic determinable.  Its Sherlock's retelling of Somerset Maugham's retelling of the Talmud's "The Appointment in Samarra."

So today, as I give up this ongoing prop to my ego I note another synchronicity or, perhaps a sign, that is in the destiny of all of us.  Why did I notice it?  Why?  Is it a sign that is intended or just the randomness.  I'm of the minority view....but that's me reborn.

Vladimir Putin announced, and its in today's news, that Russia's hypersonic ballistic missile reaches a speed of 20 times the speed of sound.  Not much of a synchronicity, Jim.  Take the speed of sound at 767 miles per hour X 20 = 15340.  How many lines did I enumerate in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" about three years ago?  15341.  15341 is 1/15th the Biblical Great Week of Prophecy.  And 15341 is the circumference of earth divided by Phi.

Coincidence?  Were such the only such occurrence, I'd have said 'yes.'  But it is not.

If I ever discover that entry level math of the stock market that Mr. Gann dispositively knew, I will provide predictions on another blog.  Until then, its time to end this published journey and its coincident, if not principal, indulgence of ego.

Thank you for considering,

Jim Ross

Friday, February 23, 2018


Obviously, we (I) color what we see with what we think.  The coding (or my perception of the coding) of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" had me convinced there was a purpose to my study beyond simply sharing.  I am very disappointed, not that the market did not decline, but that the study seems to be an illusion.  My apology to those who have been reading for having, it appears, wasted their time.

As has been my policy, I will not be removing or altering the published essays.  They are simply the record.

Jim Ross

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Update - Final day

Hardly an update needed for what can be readily seen.  The prediction was first for three days of dramatic decline.  Then it was for a great 26% day with decline throughout Thursday and into late Friday.

Today was up and that is not in the game plan.  Period.  Lots of excuses, not the least of which is that it takes more than a day to decode a page and I've decoded about a total of six pages.  And some of those have continuations on the next page that have not been decoded.

Of the original prediction of Wednesday through Friday, it still has one day to go.  And I've decoded a bit more.  If the prediction newly decoded area is correct, the open tomorrow morning will be the lowest open ever recorded by the Dow Industrials.  If I'm reading correctly, it will be double the point gap at the open ever recorded (I don't know what that might be).

"Lower than December's Dow year ago."  Dow December 2016 ranged from about 17100 to 17900.

Twenty plus percent down from Tuesday's top for Friday is still out there.

*** ***

So it seems, the rout is still on.  But its on its last gasp.

Its presently 8:45pm and Dow futures are up 44.

Jim Ross

A numeric 'good bye' to Billy Graham

I was watching Fox News at exactly 8:19am which was in a Brian Kilmeade live interview at that moment when Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt broke in for the news alert regarding his passing at 99 years.

99 good years.  9+9=18 and we all know 1+8=9.  

Here we are in the 18th year of this century.  He was born in the 18th year of the previous century as well.  And 1+8=9.

Of course, when the clock says 8:19am, there are 8 hours behind us in the day and we are in the 9th.

There's a '9' solution to the month (February) and day (21) as well (I believe) but that's another story of learning long in progress and not ended.  As well, there's a mathematic solution, in my opinion, to Mr. Graham's exact moment of death.  Let's simply observe that Mr. Gann's life seemingly changed greatly upon his 1908 "great discovery."  1+9+0+8=18 and 1+8=9.  An end to one level of understanding, and a beginning of a greater level of understanding.  

And I recall, but have not re-sourced it to verify my recollection, that WD Gann said that "9 is the most important digit because we reach 9 and we begin again."

*** ***

A personal side.  Within minutes of the announcement it hit me.  I used my cable box DVR function to rewind to the moment Fox flashed over from the Kilmeade interview to the announcement and saw that it was exactly 8:19am.  And we know that 8+1+9 = 18  and 1+8 = 9.

If I'm wrong on any of this, I'd prefer not to be informed.

Jim Ross  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Its a simple chart

*** ***

Still licking my wounds from having misinterpreted Mr. Gann's encoded prediction made and published in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" 90 years ago.  He could get good help back then, because he indicated that in the encoding, but can't seem to find good help now.

Jim Ross

De.... briefing

Today's DJIA reversed at the 2:25pm 1 minute bar and in the last 95 minutes of the day dropped all of its gains plus some to finish down 168 points.  168, the number of years in WD Gann's Map of Time.

Needless to say, there wasn't a 26% drop.  The weak link in this chain is me.  I was taught English in school but not Torah Code decryption.  I don't believe the problem is Mr. Gann's mathematics though calculated 90 years ago.

The bright side is the market did not crash today.  Tomorrow and Friday, through which the decline should continue according, again to my fallible decoding, may become another story.

On the side of the continued decline, today was an outside down day having a higher high than yesterday yet finishing below yesterday.  That does not bode well for tomorrow's open.

Hmmm, of course, there could be a 4000 point gap down at the open tomorrow.

Looking back, here's the source of the prediction:

The two yellow arrows show the dates on the Map of Time.  The red arrows point to 1) the word "between" and 2) where the letter is found on the MOT on line 15035.  The wording is "crash between Wednesday throughout Thursday through Friday."  I take that, belatedly now, to mean the meat of the crash is Thursday.

Satisfy yourself.  Go back and read the essay which has the above decoding.  It was posted 3 weeks ago.  Those are the words "between Wednesday throughout Thursday..."

It will happen tomorrow/ Friday according to the prediction.  26% in 3 days predicted 90 years ago.

*** ***

I call as I see 'em and, as normal, I'm wrong.  Again.  Mr. Gann's problem was not in his math but in the boob who is decoding his work.

On the other hand, no person has gotten this far in decoding his work either in cryptology or in the underlying mathematics.  At least, not that I have seen.

Tomorrow will be a very bad day, in my opinion.

Jim Ross

The next and last paragraph decoded

Perhaps I've made an error.  Or perhaps not.

As if yelling "Week end" "Week end" are the first two lines of the paragraph following that shown in the previous essay.

Does this mean the target of 26% will not be reached until the weekend?  Well, I guess the decline needs to start first.

From all the previous decodings in recent essays, today is supposed to be the day that an historic decline will occur.  So I do not believe the decoding of this last paragraph refers to today, February 21.  Indeed, it appears the market liked the FOMC meeting notes and 'all is well.'

How the above fits the previous essays is that the decline, that is predicted to happen today at 3pm and to continue into Thursday and Friday, will end at 3pm on Friday.  Obviously, a counter trend rally would logically ensue.

*** ***

And any of this is interesting only if the first prediction, of a great collapse at 3pm today, does occur.  It sure doesn't look like it at 2:32pm when I am writing this note.

Jim Ross