Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2028AD, the 168-year cycle of the MOT and Civil War

When I first discovered the WD Gann "Map of Time" encoded into the very line structure of his "The Tunnel Thru the Air" I tried to correlate its periods in history to current events.  Largely, I found broad correlations rather than specific events repeating.  Ultimately and in my opinion, it will be proven the MOT predicts specific events, but for now, I'll go with the wide swaths of history to find repetition.

The most convincing of the repeating periods I found was at the beginning of the current MOT period.  Remember, the MOT is a 168-year period which is one fifteenth of the Prophetic Biblical Great Week and the latest completed period began on the summer solstice of 1848 and ended the day before the summer solstice of 2016.  What characterized 1848?

Well, in the United States there was the California Gold rush.  It was a period of great territorial expansion and furious economic activity.  And what have we now, this first year of the new MOT 168-year period?  In these first years of the new MOT, we have a stock market that has exploded by nearly 25%.  Perhaps reductions in corporate tax rates will produce the effect of bringing enterprise back into the US; we've already seen a trend in repatriation of jobs in the US.  Reducing the non competitiveness of the US corporate tax rate and repatriating untaxed international income can only increase economic activity after a decade of stagnation.  Expansion?  We shall see.

One MOT period ago in history is further instructive if we look at Europe.  It was the age of Karl Marx and Friedrick Engles beginning in about 1845 and, stunningly, reaching a great fury of activity in 1848....the first year of the most recent MOT.  In 1848, the fruits of Marx and Engles manifested in the "Year of Revolutions," "Spring of Nations," "Peoples Spring"....  In that year over 50 countries were affected by revolution.  Depending on your view of history, 1848 was the birth of freedom (as monarchy's were converted to democratic rule), the rise of socialism, the elevation of the worker....

Its not a matter of who was right or wrong 168+ years ago or now; its what happened and what is happening.

In 2016 and 2017, the US has seen the first credible socialist presidential candidate and his demonstrably wide following among the youthful population.  In 2017, the US is experiencing an incredible stock market surge.

Broad correlations of history, arguably, repeating.

So, in my previous essays regarding 2028 I worried that the significance of 2028 or 12 years after the beginning of this newest MOT period, inferred the MOT defined period began in the wrong year.  More than two years I've labored, comfortable that I'd correctly identified the repeating section of history.  But why would twelve years after the beginning of the MOT signal such great importance?

1848 + 12 years = 1860

Running on a platform of abolition of slavery, Abraham Lincoln, arguably the founder of the Republican Party, was elected in the 19th quadrennial presidential election; in 1860.

Immediately thereafter in February 1861 seven agrarian (cotton) southern states seceded from the US to form the Confederacy.  The US had geographically segregated along both economic lines (urban and industrial in the north and rural and agrarian in the south) and a racial caste structure.  

And the Civil War was on, 168 + 12 years ago when "looking back" from 2028AD.

*** ***

I'm not sure how history will manifest between now and the year 2028AD, the 12th year after the present MOT period began.  Will it be the rise of socialism, after all, roughly half of the US population is dependent on some form of government assistance and less than half pay Federal income taxes. Will it be the segregation between states dominated by the superior delivery of government benefits (socialism) and the remainder.  To me, its pretty obvious that such a segregation is occurring but will it continue?  For another 12 years?  

Will there be an attempted secession of states from the US; we see a Democrat secession movement in California.  We see Republican movements in Texas and I seem to recall another state.  

Will it be along racial lines given that racial compositions are changing; growing populations of non whites (African American, Latino, Muslim) that may segregate in states that offer superior delivery of government benefits?  

All very controversial topics that I feel very uncomfortable even thinking about.  But political correctness won't stop time as it marches towards the year 2028AD; a year which I believe Mr. Gann characterized with the sole word "terror," 168 years (one fifteenth the Prophetic Biblical Great Week) after the beginning of the Civil War in 1860, and John Dee's philosopher stone number 252 years (also one tenth the Prophetic Biblical Great Week) after the birth of the US in 1776:

Jim Ross

Sunday, December 10, 2017

2028AD; prophetic periods, John Dee's philosopher stone number and "Emah"

Previously,  I've written on the year 2028 to which I have suggested that WD Gann points in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  As well, I've written extensively on John Dee's philosopher stone number, 252 or one tenth the Biblical Great Week of 7X360, and link here to but one of those essays.  And finally, I have previously identified the acrostically encoded word "Emah" as a component of a prediction of a great 2016 geologic upheaval that, obviously, did not occur.

That Mr. Gann pointed to the year 2028 is a rather long derivation to which I will link and not reprise in this essay.

The year 2028, aside from "pointed at" in TTTTA, may be the focus of prophetic Biblical intervals.  Consider:

Deducting a Biblical Great Week of 2520 years from 2028 and adjusting 1 year for the absence of the year "0000" you arrive at 491BC.  WD Gann designed his "Map of Time" to begin with a summer solstice and spans years as a "fiscal year,"  The 491BC date falling 490 years (Dan. 9:24 "seventy weeks of seven") before the birth of Christ is arguably accurate within one year.  [Yes, I know many argue the 490 years of Israel's atonement for its transgression occurred in three, more or less, waves or periods.  This calculation may, or may not necessarily, argue otherwise; I don't know.]

Two prophetic periods (2520 and 490) netted to derive a relation between the event of the birth of the King of the Jews (INRI) and the year to which I propose Mr. Gann pointed.  490 years, the period Gabriel informed Daniel Israel would serve to finish the transgression, anoint the holy place....  I am way out of my comfort zone of knowledge here.

Two prophetic periods, 2520 and 490, netting, just as the "two-deep path" and "three-deep path" I discovered in the MOT related distant encoded words to form a single, recognizable and mathematically undeniable thought.  Perhaps two prophetic periods pointing to a period of tribulation followed by the birth of Christ in Bethlehem (a small city 6 miles south of the Old City of Jerusalem; substantially the same place).

Similarly, the 1335 prophetic interval of Dan. 12:12 brings us from 2028 to within two, maybe one year (because the MOT year begins with the June summer solstice), of the completion of the Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem; the Muslim holy place built on the Temple Mount and Solomon's Temple.  Symbolically.... well, you're likely more attuned than myself to imagine meaning.

Perhaps pointing to 2028 as time of an event?  Perhaps, again, pointing to Jerusalem, substantially the birthplace of Christ and the place of the ascension of Islam's holiest monuments over the counterpart holiest temple of Israel?

Lastly, John Dee's philosopher stone number, 252, the "Monas Heiroglyphica."  From 2028, subtracting 252 (one tenth of the Great Week) we have 1776 and the birth of only the second nation in history to be born "under God."  Of course, the first being Israel.

*** ***

I've pondered these prophetic periods and their relation to 2028AD for weeks now and can't, without rationalization, get them closer than they are.  Perhaps others more familiar with the details of history might.  Are they close enough given that the MOT year is mid year at the summer solstice?  I think so. 

What, then, might happen in 2028?  We might think conflict between the nations founded under God (Israel and the US) and Islam.  Perhaps its the realization of my delusion of last year, the destruction of the west coast and northwest resulting from San Andreas, Yellowstone and the Cascadia subduction.  Or perhaps, trillions of national debt will come home to roost.  Perhaps war.  Perhaps the dissolution of our nation given current and increasing political anxt.  In the light of day, we know all these things will occur in their time...but what in 2028?  Tens of millions on the Pacific Coast believe (hope), not in their lifetime.  But what in 2028, if anything....

When applying Dee's philosopher stone number resulted in 1776, my reflex was to find the 4th of July 2028 in the "Map of Time" and I found:

I reproduced much of the surrounding narrative because I believe it important.  You will notice the date, July 4, 2028 and the perfectly contiguous vertical encoded acrostic word "Emah" highlighted in red.  In my rationalization of last year I believed "Emah" to be Emma of the movie "San Andreas" and, indeed, her name is proven by the "Tao Device" mathematics to her hero counterpart "Ray."  Perhaps the tapestry was correct and the prediction will someday become correct.  But that was a previous essay and a failed prediction for 2016 yet to be fulfilled.

No,  it wasn't "Emma" but the word "Emah,"as spelled in perfectly contiguous vertical acrostic letters and symmetrically arranged on the same line as the 4th of July, 2028.  What does it mean?

From Biblehub, the Hebrew short definition of "Emah" is terror.

Coincidence?  Grasping to find the word I wanted in Hebrew, you think?  Well let's try the single-deep path to find out if Mr. Gann left confirmation of his intention to describe July 4, 2028 as a period of "terror."  Look above at the descending chapter line number 223 highlighted in green and trace it to the corresponding ascending chapter line number below. And what do you find?

You will find ascending chapter line 223 highlighted in green below.  We find the word "Hebrew" spelled in consecutive lines (no intervening lines without a letter used in the word) acrostic/telestic letters, highlighted in red:

Mathematics proving the intent of otherwise subjective verbal meaning.  He makes you go through the single-deep mathematic path to dispel any notion of doubt.  WD Gann meant "terror."  Coincidence?  Really?

Jim Ross

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Searching for the "breath of God"

Obviously, searching for the "breath of God" is a continuation of the previous essay's path.  If, as there proposed, WD Gann has provided us the mathematic "divine plan" in deeply encoded fictional text (steganography), then at what point of mathematic parsing do we begin to "see" that plan?  When we "see" it, will we "observe" it?

Richly endowed with the former (imagination) about which Mr. Einstein speaks and woefully lacking in the latter (knowledge), I am, nevertheless, rewarded with seeming insights each day for the exercise undertaken in this adventure.  Here is my first effort at developing a mathematic picture of that "divine plan" which I firmly believe Mr. Gann provided.

Anyone who has studied even the most simple courses of Mr. Gann know his emphasis on the 45 degree angle as dividing space and time equally.  Pythagoras' hypotenuse, the 3-4-5 triangle, the first step in doubling the square and deriving Phi, the sister of the Kepler triangle that 'squares the circle.'  Your imagination can conjure all these things and more from the above and beg you to develop the understanding.

WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and the derived "Map of Time" is 15341 lines top to bottom and the same number bottom to top or 15341 X 2 = 30682, the number of days in 84 years which is 1/30th of the Prophetic Biblical Great Week.  Each line of the MOT is denominated with consecutive dates representing time and consecutive line numbers representing distance.

Segregating the dates and line numbers of the between the X axis for the former and Y axis for the latter provides the above chart that ranges from 0 to 30682 for each axis.  Were we to only graph one increment of x (time) for one increment of y (space) we would derive series 1 show in the above; the perfect 45* angle.

The blue series 1, the 45* angle, hardly the "vibration" of which we are teased to define.  But the red series 2 has promise.  It's articulated from the 45* angle in blue by alternately adding or subtracting each line in each chapter.

Robert Gordon traveled 18238 miles (red arrow) from east to west in his circumnavigation of the earth in seven days and traveled (vibrated) a distance of 18164 miles north/south (yellow arrow) during that trip; not coincidentally, in my opinion, substantially equal; East/West = North/South.  At the MOT enumeration of 15341 lines, East/West or time = North/South.  15341 miles, the circumference of the earth at the latitude of the face angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The series 2, red line, the first proposed image of the "breath of God" or the "curve for the future" is the blue 45* series 1 angle plus or minus (alternating) each chapter line number in TTTTA.

*** ***

Let's not get too excited in a first cut of the "curve for the future."  Each person, place, organization, in my imaginative construction of what remains unproven, reacts to the "curve for the future" just as, to use WD Gann's "Ticker Interview" analogy, elements of the Periodic Table react to stimuli according to their categorizations.  If my imaginative construction is correct, then we categorize subjects according to their Luo Clement defined "number" or "atomic weight" to continue the "Ticker Interview" analogy.   Then we apply the subject's vibration to the "curve for the future" to find that subject's unique path in the future.

So, for the very few that read my excursions in imagination, "no" I don't believe you can apply the "curve for the future" to the stock market without identifying the market's unique vibration and how that vibration interacts with the curve for the future.

On the other hand, its interesting that DJIA is approaching the number of miles that measure the Earth's equator; spheroid Earth is 24860 miles in circumference and actual earth is widely considered 24901 measured at the equator (the polar circumference slightly smaller).  As well, there's that curious "message" that I found quite some time ago in TTTTA associated with the dates December 10, 2017 to December 21, 2017:

"2 a low, WMD" implying a high before departing to a significant low.  Hmmm, WMD; what's the current talk about North Korea.  I wrote an essay on the above perceived message but, through adverse experience, I'm inclined NOT to believe the prescience of perceived messages that seem to predict future events.  Math is the only means by which Mr. Gann intends that the future will be known.  He knew when I'd find his encoded MOT and placed in it valid messages that occurred before my finding the MOT.  All others, to my embarrassment, have been intended to teach me and anyone that relies on my "reading" of perceived messages, such as the one above, that only math can divine the future; not subjective words however valid they might seem.

That's my only rationalization of wrong messages.  I've seen too many predictions of events preceding my discover of the MOT and acrostic/telestic messages...predictions that came true... not to believe in Mr. Gann's ability.  That all those seemingly pertaining to events after the MOT's discovery are wrong, well, I can only consider that contrast of the 'before' and the 'after' has a meaning.

So 'no,' I won't go overboard this time.  I simply need to keep working to define the "curve for the future" and wait for the effort to find its reward; to "learn to labor and wait."

How fitting that when I look up that Longfellow verse in the MOT, one I find very inspirational, that it appears on page 168...the MOT spans 168 years.

Jim Ross

Friday, December 1, 2017

Chapter XXXIX aka Chapter 34, the "breath of God"

I doubt anyone other than myself has parsed the geodesic math of the mis-numbered 34th chapter of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" which is displayed as "Chapter XXXIX" and subhead as "Robert Gordon's seven days."  Indeed have not read the following thoughts about that chapter described by Mr. Gann as providing, in brief, great "understanding."  Perhaps the following thoughts have been offered but I have not read them.

Reduce the correct and incorrect digital reflection of those chapters to a single digit and the process and endpoints of the reductions provides:

12, 7 and 3, individually, numbers notable in Mr. Gann's cosmology and otherwise.  Biblically, those numbers have vast significance.  John Mitchell's "canon of numbers' comes to mind.

Concatenate 3 and 7 and you have the smallest angle of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 and symbolic of Pythagoreans, Rosicrutians and Freemasons....  

Concatenate 7 and 7 and you have Mr. Gann's age when he passed.  You also have one of the acrostic/telestic "pointers" I have offered may have been purposefully placed in TTTTA to point somewhere.  Given that its location is near contiguous with my name and I was born in 1951, could it indicate the year 2028 will be a year of significance (not just the year I might pass at 77 years of age)?

Now grasping 12 and 3 appear on the same line in the above tabular reduction I want to reduce the 12 and concatenate the now two 3s to form 33...the age widely accepted at which Christ was crucified.

*** ***

I'm sure someone has noted the reductions of the incorrect and correct chapters numbers associated with Robert Gordon's seven days; after all, the book has been studied in universities and  by very smart stock analysts for now 90 years.  Duh, doesn't take a genius to determine the right number is 34, the next after properly numbered chapter 33, nor interpret XXXIX its as being the incorrect reflection of the number 34.  So sadly, I've read those who naively, no stupidly, lament Mr. Gann's lack of attention to detail.

But the 37 and 77 are really new to me when contemplating the "error."  Older age is often that way, however.  I'm often re discovering things that happened yesterday.  Each day has "Groundhog Day" moments.

One last consideration; that 3 and 7 may, in and of themselves, be a very deeply encoded message.  In the previous essay I likened the three latitudes implied by RG's seven days as the positive, negative and neutral forces.  Indeed, its the Law of Three and would explain the first of the two digits, 3.

The 7; of course, its the Law of Seven, certainly a favorite digit of Mr. Gann not to mention Gurdjieff.  Obviously, its in the sub head name of the chapter, itself.  Unfortunately, like the Law of Three, it is not explained, except perhaps in the mathematic dynamics, the rhythm, the 'vibration' of RG as he visits 20 stops between his leaving and returning to NYC....  Gee, might the 21 intervals comport with Pythagoras' diatonic scale; 7 primary intervals elaborated by finer intervals between key notes?  Now that, I know, I have contemplated at length some two years ago.

Lastly, concatenate the 12 and 7 of the table to derive 'page' 127 of TTTTA, and reflexively, I open that page.  The heading appears on ascending chapter line number 37 (in red).  And the words that strike me are "....the breath of God."

Not to minimize the remainder of the page, I wax dramatic...that the laws of 3 and 7 and the "curve for the future" therefrom that I believe Mr. Gann isolated from his study of the Bible, are just that initial impulse.

As if confirmation, on page 77 (in yellow) we find spelled in code "Law of 7" in red and the words "curve for the future:"

Its almost as if Mr. Gann saw me, through his understanding of mathematic prism of the "curve for the future," through the impulse of the "breath of God," contemplate the Laws of 3 and 7 this day.

Hey, where page 77 is mathematically inspirational...page 37, the "Garden of Love," is purely inspirational.  As so often over the last two years, I am overwhelmed, awestruck.  Groundhog Day.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The face angle of the Great Pyramid and Robert Gordon's seven days, revisited

A nuance as opposed to something new; a restatement of the previous essay too involved in "seeing" in wonderment to extract the "observation" with utility:

Time and space are equal (or square) at or by the latitude 
of the face angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Think about it.  Spheriod Earth's circumference is 15359 miles (haversine) at the degree of latitude of the face of the Great Pyramid (51.843 degrees) and Robert Gordon's seven days spans the 15341 lines of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Refine the numbers from the previous essay; first the ideal angle of the GPG, given its accepted theorized and intended base side is 440 cubits and height is 280 cubits:

Again, the face angle is 51.843 degrees.  Now, Spheroid Earth's circumference, according to the haversine formula and given the latitude is the face angle of the GPG:

Off by 18 miles from the lines in TTTTA where a line is "appointed" for a mile.  Is that .001%?

We might refine the above measurements further by considering the derivation of Earth's radius; whether it results from measurements or from analytical derivation assuming Earth as spheroid.  I have not, as the numbers prove easily close enough for me to be convinced this is an intended lesson of RG's seven days.

Time has a similar "appointment" in TTTTA given that the exercise of Chapter 34 (or incorrectly titled XXXIX) spans RG's seven days.  The WD Gann "Map of Time" converted from 168 solar years to 7 lunar/terrestrial days and spread over the 15341 lines (15341 down and 15341 up) of TTTTA provides insights to the inquisitive.

Space and time; 15341 both the lines of TTTTA and the latitude of the GPG.  As Robert Gordon might conflate; a "divine plan."  WD Gann's "Great Pyramid of Math," his "Map of Time," perhaps a virtual spacetime calculator.  

[An aside.  The total miles in the WD Gann "Map of Time" spans 15341 lines down and 15341 miles up or 30682 in total.  For grins, what does the first of the above two inserts tell us is the area of the  the right triangle deriving the face angle of the GPG?]

*** ***

From John Mitchell's "The Dimensions of Paradise," his "numerical canon:"

In the operations of simple arithmetic and throughout all the numerical manifestations of nature, such as the periods and intervals of the solar system, certain “nodal” numbers occur, providing a link between processes and phenomena which otherwise appear quite unconnected with each other

In dwelling on the numbers Robert encountered, relied upon, experienced in his seven days, I am continually re confronted with root 2, Pi, Phi, Euler's constant too often to consider their occurrence as other than integral and causal to the dynamic arbitration, reciprocation between Euclidian measured time and space.  As a practical matter, I am encouraged to believe the 51.843 "parallel" is a similar "numerical manifestation of nature" that arbitrates between time measured at the equator and space measured at any other latitude being contemplated.

Since we're contemplating Robert's trip, is the latitude he circumnavigated the globe, the latitude of New York City, special as well?  Yes, its the natal birth location and date of the United States, one of two nations founded "under God.

  • Latitude 0*, the positive, equator, where time is measured in second, minutes, hours..., considered the constant in the Earth's gravity well of special relativity,
  • Latitude 40.756*, the negative, the dynamic and seeming chaotic, the latitude of NYC, home of the birth of the nation, space measured in miles, half Euler's constant in magnitude from the equator, and the fourth root of 2 in magnitude from the neutral,
  • Latitude 51.843*, the neutral, latitude of the face angle of the GPG OR the 4th root of 2 (2^(1/4) "from" the latitude of NYC OR Phi in magnitude "from" the latitude of the equator.
The Law of Three.... seems to be so.

Do the math.

Jim Ross  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

John Dee's philosopher's stone number, the base side of the Great Pyramid and TTTTA

John Dee's last name appears dozens of times in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" as I've documented, well, dozens of times and once as his encoded name shared between himself and Queen Elizabeth I; '007.'  Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica enshrines the number, 252, as the sum of a great sequence or accumulation of numbers and teases King Maximillian that the secret of the Monas is something known by only 1 in a trillion people.  As if there had been a trillion people in the history of  Earth (I don't know but don't think so).

So, if John Dee were so important to WD Gann, and by association, the number 252 important, why don't we find any artifact in TTTTA as testimony?  Its there.

I have not shared the weekly "Map of Time" but have described its arrangement.  Simply "appoint" 20 seconds for a day.  The problem that will confront you is you will run out of time in a week (168 hours in a week X 60 minutes X 60 seconds / 20 seconds = 30240) before you fill up 15341 lines down and another 15341 lines up.  Its 15341 X 2 = 30682 minus 30240 = 442.

Pondering the discrepancy, you will figure out the weekly MOT is a 168-hour lunar calendar product where the 168-year solar calendar product.  The 442 line difference between weekly and annual MOTs represents the difference between the year's we think of as 360 days and 365.242 days.

As I awoke this morning, I knew how Dee fit in.  His philosopher stone number is the lunar extrapolation within the MOT:

Dee's philosopher stone number explains the line difference between the weekly and annually MOTs. 252 reflects the math of the lunar calendar (with some thought you'll realize the 7-day lunar MOT perfectly fits with 7 24-hour days without any difference).

Something else fits in; its WD Gann's philosopher stone number, 432.  That number is the number of pages of TTTTA when counting the cover, blank pages, inside title page, dedication page, copyright page, Foreword pages, rear flap.  With this number and the 15341 lines in the MOT you have the number of days in the solar calendar to within two decimals.

Once one has created the weekly-lunar MOT, what do you do with the extra 442 lines?  Well, I picked a starting point based on TTTTA and then rolled the weekly MOT forward 168 years from that starting point.  That's 168 years X 52 weeks per year or thereabouts.  

What I then find is that at EXACTLY 84 years of half the 168-year, the first weekly-lunar MOT of the 84th year begins on line 1 a the same minute of the same day of the week as the first weekly-lunar MOT EXCEPT, its PM rather than AM.  The week-lunar MOT at 84 years REPEATS, but for the difference of day and night.

Stunning, at least to me.  Because I did the work on "WD Gann's Sixth Manifest Prophecy," the AM versus PM hits me hard.

WD Gann predicted the 9/11 attacks in minute detail, down to the day and the minute EXCEPT;  the attack on the Mammouth Building (for goodness sakes, doesn't it strike anyone that the 110-story Mammouth Building as horrifically prescient) began at 8PM while Muhammad Ata departed Logan International Airport at 7:59AM.  It was the difference of opposites; the difference of night and day.  WD Gann had predicted to within one minute the attack on the World Trade Center, but for the difference of night and day.  I now understand what others might consider an error.  Its a detail Mr. Watson, a detail.

Extrapolate the weekly lunar MOT another 84 years an that MOT will begin with the same minute of the same day of the week as the very first weekly lunar MOT that began the sequence 168 years there prior.  And it will be the same time of day; AM versus AM or PM versus PM.

84 years or 1/30th the Biblical Great Week of prophecy, 168 years or 1/15th of the same.  They are the anniversaries that "square" the daily (earth axis determined), lunar and solar calendars.

*** ***

I awoke this morning noting the correlation of John Dee's philosopher stone number 252 with the 15120 lines in the weekly lunar MOT and the prominent 440 difference (noting the two line rounding I interjected) relative to the annual solar MOT.  

Yesterday, I awoke with the thought that the 15341 lines of the annual solar MOT might reflect the latitude of the earth at the face angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  And we 15341 is the circumference of the Earth at 51.5* latitude....the face angle of the Great Pyramid.  I guess I could rationalize the weekly lunar MOT, within acceptable error, reflects the face angle of the Great Pyramid as well, but that does not seem an adequate distinction for the 440 lunar-solar difference.

There is a finer distinction.  What is the ancient measurement of the base side dimension of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

440 cubits.  

Waxing thoughtful, the Great Pyramid of Giza, WD Gann's virtual Pyramid of Math is founded on the prophetic difference between the the daily (earth's axis), weekly (lunar) and annual (solar) calendars and the prophetic periods that square them.  Sleep on that.

Jim Ross

Friday, November 24, 2017

The OMGosh's keep piling up; WD Gann's "Great Pyramid of Math" measures face angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Several new discoveries in the last 24 hours but I'll limit myself to just one.  "Robert Gordon's Seven Days" or the mis-numbered chapter XXXIX of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" is the author's "Great Pyramid of Math."  As a virtual pyramid, if one can visualize the math in the "third eye" as Sir Arthur Eddington might remark, the GPM presents the great numbers that appear in substantially all areas of analytical mathematics; Pi, Phi, exponent e, root 2, root 3, root 5....and, no doubt many more that a true mathematician (which excludes me) would recognize.

WD Gann's GPM one-ups the Great Pyramid of Giza; he explains via the Map of Time the structure of time and space.  I'll leave that on the table as some things are not meant to be explained.  But I'll tease with the discovery I made as I awoke this morning.  [Lord Francis Bacon, as I've read, always had his chamber man place paper and pen beside his desk so he could transcribe his thoughts in slumber as freshly as possible at the time he awoke.]

So what did I wake up thinking about?  15341, the number of lines in TTTTA as enumerated in WD Gann's "Map of Time."  Only two days ago I realized that number derived to the great numbers Pi, Phi, exponent e and root 2 (see linked essay).  Well, the other base numbers were 24860 (the spherical circumference of the earth) and 18128 (the miles of Robert Gordon's trip around the earth at about the 41st parallel).

What did I realize when I awoke this morning; that 15341 was integral to a measurement of the Great Pyramid of Giza, itself.  My half awake rationale then unproven; if 24860 was the circumference of the earth at 0* latitude and if 18128 was its circumference at about 41* latitude......

....could it be, could it be.....that the latitude at the latitude that works out 15341 miles....is the degree of slope of the Great Pyramid of Giza?  51.5 degrees?  Outrageous!!!!

The side or face angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 51.5*.

If I were to 'fit' the latitude to a 15341 mile circumference, the latitude would be 51.9*making RG's trip, WD Gann's contrivance, off by 135 miles from my slumbering vision.  Off by a mere .1%.

*** ***

WD Gann's contrivance of RG's seven days is a great mathematic puzzle that is a small step closer to providing the Euclidian (two-dimensional) solution of the 4-dimensional mathematics of spacetime.  Given measurement of either space or time in our Minkowski space of special relativity, the gravity well of earth, the other of the two measurements can be predicted.  The only elements missing are 1) the starting points (both time and space) and 2) the historic event to be repeated (history repeating, a Biblical concept).  Oops, and of course, the MOT, or curve of the future, which I believe to be a crafty derivative of the detected but not understood mathematics of the Torah. 

Robert Gordon does not destroy the Great Pyramid of Giza because he believed it put there as part of a "divine plan;" a plan that theretofore modern mathematics and science has not fathomed.  I'm convinced Mr. Gann knew that plan and had to dumb down the Great Pyrmaid's insight enough for modern mathematics and science to figure out.  Not that they'll ever figure it out, and if I do, I feel cautioned not to share.

Again, I wax unproven from the point of the 3-3 asterisks; I'll sleep on it and eagerly each morning.

Jim Ross