Friday, April 29, 2016

ENS 9: Results of the "Best Fit" experiment

In previous essays of this series, I've been struggling with identifying a likely list of the "greatest" earthquakes of the WD Gann "Map of Time" period; June 22, 1848 to June 21, 2016.  And then, each identified earthquake date was found in the MOT and evaluated to determine if Mr. Gann left any  indications that he had predicted their occurrence (for those that occurred after the date of the publication of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Here is a table of the results of the "Best Fit" method that I, haphazardly and subjectively, developed to identify the earthquakes and find any indications:

[There are screenshot links that I appended at the right of each observation to which you can refer to and re test each observation.   If you want to derive the above 45 earthquakes since June 22, 1848, there are three lists of "Deadliest," "Most Destrustive" and "Strongest" earthquakes at Wikipedia;  simply combine the lists, eliminate pre June 22, 1848 earthquakes and eliminate duplications.]

I call the above a "Best Fit" because the method is to find the date of each earthquake and then to try and spell the word that best typifies the nature of that earthquake.  For example, for the 2010 Haiti earthquake (red highlight), I wanted to find the word "Haiti" spelled very near its date located in the MOT, January 12, 2010:

Lo and behold, I found "HAITI" spelled in all capital letters (there are 2 i's, a cap on line 1191 and a lower case on 1192), in all acrostic letters and they span 16 lines above the date line, 1177, and 16 lines below the date line (the lower cap 'i').  Every letter of the word located proximate to the exact date of the earthquake (1/12/2010 highlighted in green) and beginning and ending 16 lines above the date and 16 lines below.

Notice the uppermost top left "H," the date and the lowermost "i" creates an isosceles triangle.

Is that random?  I submit Mr. Gann predicted the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The cornerstone.  I call the 2010 Haiti earthquake a Harbinger, the hook, the 'cornerstone.'  It was the first of the 45 'greatest' earthquake observations located in TTTTA.  It was the 'hook' that made me research more of the observations.  Mr. Gann's modus operandi.

If the first observation was a statement, the next 43 were a wasteland.  Not really.  When the first observation is so dramatic the next many are, well, a let down.  The Noxious Ones would want us to
believe the only way they would accept that Mr. Gann predicted these 45 earthquakes would be an appendix page that is headed "I, WD Gann, predicted the following 45 earthquakes, 32 of which will occur after the publication of this book.  Anything less that this is, simply, not acceptable to the Noxious Ones.  Of course, there isn't an appendix.  Mr. Gann did not believe in giving anything to anyone without their effort.  So he encoded the 45 earthquake observations.

The cap stone.  In a previous essay on Mr. Gann's modus operandi I identified a cornerstone, cap stone and the great flourish; a key stone which firms the entire structure presented.  The cap stone, we know from Luo Clement (whom, in several essays, I've alleged was a pen name of WD Gann) is the last item of a series.  Which brings me to question, how do we know what's last?

Moreover, how many of the greatest earthquakes are truly "great."  In previous essays of this series, three criteria of "greatness," all appearing with convenient lists in Wikipedia, were presumed; deadliest (greatest fatalities), most destructive (a dollar evaluation) and most severe (moment of magnitude seismic measurement).  Initially, 43 observations were located.  Later, the 1960 Valdivia earthquake was found to have been omitted.  It was on the Wikipedia list but was first thought to have been a duplication of one of the most deadly earthquakes in the MOT period.

The addition of 1960 Valdivia made 44 identified earthquakes; an awkward number.  So, as any good accountant would do, I "reconciled" the initial Wikipedia lists of earthquakes to the 44 thus identified.  The three lists were combined, sorted by date, duplicates were eliminated and there were 45 earthquakes remaining.

The 45th earthquakes is in blue in the first inserted table above; the 1995 Great Hanshin or Kobe earthquake and tsunami.  As I'd already evaluated the first 44 observations I had yet to evaluate this one.  And it was dramatic:

Not only can you spell Kobe in all acrostic letters, but it forms a right triangle when the date is considered a corner; looks rather Pythagorean?  That's what I saw, no modification, no photo shop.  That's what you will see if you download the MOT and do it yourself.  Was I surprised when I saw Mr. Gann showing off by spelling "Kobe" as second time in the telestics?  Hardly.  And, all letters, both words were at or above the date line.  Every letter.

About that right triangle.  The vertical distance is 23 lines and the horizontal distance is 40 characters (not including punctuation and spaces).  A right triangle comprised of side lengths of 23 and 39 and and angle of 90* gives you a hypotenuse length of 31.496  How many of the 45 observations occurred after the date of the Foreword of TTTTA and were, therefore, predictions of future earthquakes?  32.  Play around with the parameters (24 or 23, 45 or 44), but its close.

And an area of the triangle close to the number of days in the solar year.  

The first of 45 observations tested "HAITI" yielded an isosceles triangle and the last observation yields the above right triangle.  Notably, the distances of travel in "Robert Gordon's Seven Days" yielded an isosceles triangle when measured from the latitude of NYC and a right triangle when measured from the equator.

Is that random?  I submit Mr. Gann predicted the 1995 Great Hanshin or Kobe earthquake.  Its the dramatic cap stone; it tells me everything in between, however weak the evidence of intent to identify each earthquake, was identified.  But that's me.

The key stone.  As identified in the "modus operandi" essay, we expect an indication, a key stone, that further pulls together every observation.

In the first two essays of this series (HERE and HERE), four findings of the word "Yellowstone" that were spelled with unordered but proximate letters.  The missing letters were critical; o w o n.  Four letters, three of which are unique and spell 'won,' ' own' or 'now.'  Yellowstone and now.  But that's not the point.  As in modus operandi, a final flourish that, itself strongly indicates the exercise was not frivolous.  No, Noxious Ones, Mr. Gann didn't state it in plain English.  He stated it in a key stone.

Might the key stone to this exercise be the missing letters?  When you evaluate the missing letters in that first table above under the heading "missing" you find that 28 earthquakes were not spelled perfectly.  There are 37 letters missing (interesting number to pop up as discussed in modus operandi but I digress):

Those 37 letters can be used to spell two iterations of 'quick,' one of which is entirely in caps.  Enticing but unproven, as yet, are the tempting words, 'volcano' and 'quake.'

In the context of the this series of essays, namely "Yellowstone," we find twice spelled and augmenting the message "now" found in the Yellowstone exercises....we find 'QUICK' and 'quick.'  

Is Mr. Gann expressing a message of urgency meant for our times; the age of the 266th Pope in which we are to expect "remarkable events?"


I don't like the "Best Fit" method that I groped to find.  Originally I thought the proximity of letters would prove the intent of every one of the 45 observations.  I felt like Mr. Gann would spell, perfectly, the key word of every observation with the letters indisputably close to the date of the earthquake.  That goes to show there's some of the Noxious One's in all of us.  It isn't that easy.  If we want to know, we must be expected to work to get Mr. Gann's hidden knowledge (presuming it's there).

I found myself expanding the "matrix" of lines that would be used to spell the target earthquake name.  Too many observations required subjective manipulation for this former "Big 8," "Big 6," Big 4"auditor's liking.  I want objectivity.  I want objective proof that Mr. Gann identified 45 earthquakes in TTTTA, 32 of which were predictions of future events.  

[Hmmm, 45 observations, half the angle of the right triangle.  The angle that Mr. Gann said "divides time and space into equal parts.  45 divided by 32 is 1.40625, suspiciously close to the hypotenuse of the 1X1 square.  Makes me wonder.  But that's me.]

So, a new and "less worse" method to come; far less subjective.  I've implemented it and, unlike how this series has emerged thus far, I know the method and results.  In my opinion, the results are compelling.  I will write the essay this weekend.

As always, do the work and make up your own mind.  Learning as I'm learning, isn't in just the reading.  Its the doing.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mr. Gann's encoding modus operandi; "My Phi"

I've avoided writing this essay for well over a year.  I worried about the many Noxious Ones whose self importance will force them to protest the finding; social media fear.  But now is the time it is important.  It is important because it reveals some aspects of WD Gann's modus operandi in encoding various information in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

My name or initials is encoded in TTTTA 37 times in various permutations.  WD Gann's name or initials are encoded in TTTTA as well, 23 times.  I've spent tens of hours searching by every imaginable (at least in my wild imagination) combination of contiguous acrostic and telestic letters that might spell either names or initials of either of the two names.  The results, including the "Map of Time" line number and a screen shot link, are in the following table:

Test the above; you have access to the WD Gann "Map of Time" so you can either go to the line number noted in the above and recreate the initials or name or you can view the associated screenshot of the MOT for each observation.

Modus operandi aspect 1; the cornerstone.  When introducing a series of important data, begin the data with a highly recognizable encoded word.  If WD Gann wanted to catch the attention of a person intended, destined, or whatever, to discover his encodings, the he would put an easily found word early in the book.  Early on he'd catch the attention of the intended; hook him.  Hook me:

That was the first citation of the 37 occurrences of my name in TTTTA I found.  I was not looking for it.  It happens to be the clearest and is unmistakable.  Many later citations are less clear.  Some are as or, arguable, more clear.  Taken together, they are very very persuasive that I was 'seen.'  Very narcissistic of me the Noxious Ones will say.  Aristotle would say, when you can't refute call the opponent a name.  No, its simply a fact that the Noxious Ones will not admit as it reduces their self importance or 'destination' will disagree with their Gaussian view of the random world.

The first observation above, is the 'hook' that set me off on the "7th Prophecy of WD Gann."

Modus operandi aspect 1, then, is put a dramatic example up front.

Modus operandi aspect 2.  Place as much important information contiguous with or in mathematic relation to each item in the series as possible.  The 10th and 11th items above are an example:

Obvious to anyone who has studied TTTTA is Chapter VII "Future Cycles."  And equally obvious is a personal message delivered to the named recipient, me; am I the "ens" (yellow highlight) or the "earthquake notification service?"  Whether reality or delusion, it sure seems that way.

But that's not all.  Focus on "January 28, 1927" below "Future Cycles."  As documented in the 7th Prophecy, I had doubts about whether the then many instances of my name I'd found were "intended."  How would Mr. Gann convince me?  And, during a second viewing of "The Imitation Game" (the discovery of the code and mechanics of the WWII German counterpart of WD Gann's "pocket radio"), I knew how Mr. Gann would prove the intention of the encodings; he'd spell my street address.  I discovered my street name "Tottenham" on January 28, 2015 encoded in TTTTA amid an exquisitely constructed isosceles triangle.

Look at the other dates below January 28 on the first insert above; April 30, June 19 and July 16.  Something important happened January 28; I became convinced my name was intended.  Will something important happen on those latter 3 dates?  

One more date.  There aren't any dates associated with Mr. Gann's 23 observations.  But there is one in the text narrative; the date of the Foreword.  It is dated May 9, 1927, adjacent "W.D. Mann."

Will something happen one of those four dates, April 30, May 9, June 19 or July 16?  Or all?

If I were Mr. Gann and I wanted to really show off, well, maybe:

....born in 1951, I was 16 years old in January 1968; a "teen."  [See the beige highlights.]

Modus operandi aspect 2, then is, to the best extent possible, associate important information with encoded messages.  And sometimes, unimportant information.

Modus operandi aspect 3; the keystone.  Though this is the third of three aspects, I call this the 'keystone.'  Without this final flourish of design, the weaker observations in an encoded series might enable the Noxious Ones to credibly, in their minds, refute the encodings.  The keystone uses all of the data of the observations to verify themselves as a whole and, therefore, individually.

There are 37 independent observations of my name, no more no less (that I can find after extensive searches) .  The number '37' is revered by Masons, Rosicrucians and I'd expect their predecessors back to least.  '37' is the smallest angle of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 right triangle.  There is far more gravitas that we might associate with the number but I sense most have heard that lore.  

There are 23 independent observations of Mr. Gann's name or initials.  Again, a mystical number.  In the context of my inquiry, the WD Gann Memorial Triangle has the three sides of that triangle denominated in years as multiples of 23.  There are 23 years between the Time Square attack on the "Mammouth Building" in 1932 and Mr. Gann's gravestone date (date of internment) in 1955.  There are 46 years between the date the Statue of Liberty was dedicated and the 1932 "Mammouth Building" attack (23 X 2).  And there are 69 years between the dedication of the Statue of Liberty and Mr. Gann's grave stone date (23 X 3).  

The number 23 also conjures up the "23 enigma."  A person enthralled with the mystic meaning of this great prime number may become deluded of his/her imaginings.  I take that very personally; with constant introspection....what the heck am I doing here?

37 and 23.  Here's the "grand flourish," the keystone as the mysterious Luo Clement might style it:

I call that calculation"My Phi."  One of many citations of Phi I have found encoded in TTTTA.  Some as simple as two numbers in the plain narrative, some as complex as the telestic word and name of Leonardo "de Pisa" (one of several names for Fibonacci).  One as blunt as "Phi."  Duh.  Milk for the weak, meat for the strong.

A story told before.  Yet another Noxious One, trying to sell me a course which could teach me astrology...even me, as dumb as I am... tells me; "Mr. Gann was very selfish.  He never taught his secret knowledge of Phi."  No, the problem was the Noxious One was too inflexible, too bigoted, too self absorbed to "ask, seek and knock."  In the absence of knowledge he elevated himself by claiming something of which he knew nothing.  Milk for the weak, meat for the strong.

Modus operandi aspect 3 is a device that confirms the entirety of the data.  Those who would impeach the weakest of the encoded data points must also dispute this last proof of their entirety.  Failing that, the weaker observations are elevated in their meaning; "a small one becomes a large one."

Go ahead and pick it apart.  There are a lot of moving parts and I make mistakes.  There are weak observations and strong observations but they're a package deal.  In a few cases we can parse whether an observation is valid, whether it is two observations rather than one, whether two observations are actually a single observation.  I won't participate the hell of details the Noxious Ones must now create.  Go to that very first observation screen shot in this essay.  Say it isn't so.  

As well, the particularly ignorant Noxious One, with self gratification, will declare "you can assemble any word you want with all an infinite population of letters."  Actually one such Noxious One said exactly that about the "6's" that appear in the first paragraph of TTTTA.   No, Mr. Noxious One (initial's "NO"), there are a finite number of acrostic letters and of telestic letters in TTTTA.  And spelling an encoded word requires some rules; in this essay, only contiguous acrostic or telestic letters are allowed to form the 37 and 23 messages.  

Or the Noxious One might say "Well, I can find my name in TTTTA acrostic or telestic letters."  There are people other than myself and Mr. Gann whose names do appear in TTTTA; I've seen it and  sense they have a part in this unfolding miracle.  So I say, "Knock yourself out."  You have access to the MOT download.  The rules are contiguous acrostic and telestic letters.  If, under those rules, you find your name in TTTTA many times, then you might consider the improbability.  You might consider whether you should be disputing this effort with valueless diatribe or furthering the uncovering of knowledge that Mr. Gann left us all.  Maybe you'll get the "hook." 

When, ultimately, I am able to conclude several now pending series of essays, they may well depend on these aspects of Mr. Gann's encoding modus operandi to prove their intent.

Jim Ross  

Monday, April 25, 2016

ENS 8: The third and final set of historic earthquake data points

Back to data generation.

The "plan" is to identify the most notable earthquakes by the various criteria by which earthquakes are ranking; deadliest, most destructive (costliest) and most powerful.  Then, by identifying the dates of those earthquakes in the MOT, the surrounding acrostic and telestic letters can be scanned to see if they spell the name of the earthquake, there is significance of the missing letters and if there is a geometric configuration of the letters.  The question that must be asked with each observation is whether there is indication that Mr. Gann identified that earthquake.  For those after the date of TTTTA's publication...did he foresee its future occurrence?

And then, how do the observations relate to 21 observations of the telestic message, "ens," and 19 observation of its inverse, "sne," correlate with the physical results?

In previous essays of this service there have been identified the 15 deadliest earthquakes in the period covered by WD Gann "Map of Time."  In addition, the 12 most destructive earthquakes of the MOT period were identified.  Lacking is the most powerful earthquakes of the MOT which will be documented in this essay.

As in previous essays a list from Wikipedia was used to identify the most powerful earthquakes:

Of that list of 39 earthquakes, 16 (far right column) were identified that occurred after June 21, 1848 (beginning of the MOT) and that had not been included in the lists of deadliest and most destructive earthquakes.  The 16 earthquake observations and the results are in the following table:

Screen shots of the letters located near each of the 16 dates, including comments on apparent geometry of the letter arrangements and other notable observations are found at the following links:

I'll reserve an evaluation of the uniqueness of each observation which might infer its intentional design by Mr. Gann.  As I was creating the above screenshots, I was dubious.  Simply finding the letters isn't, itself, persuasive.  But the whole "ball of wax" is the basis on which one might make a judgement.  

There were unique, clearly intentionally designed spellings that indicated Mr. Gann was predicting a future earthquake.  For example, in the previous essay on this subject found HERE I highlight one of the most conclusive displays of encoding Mr. Gann's intention; Haiti.  It was the first observation I evaluated (even though it is shown as number 4):

Haiti spelled in all capital letters.  Every letter is an acrostic letter, none are telestic.  And there's the hook, my name (red highlight).

Is that random?  Or was it contrived to let us know Mr. Gann knew this would happen Haiti would happen on January 10, 2012?  

After seeing several observations in the current 16 observations most were, let's say, "adequate."   Few were as dispositive as was Haiti.  The last observation that occurred after the beginning of the MOT was was the hook that keeps me coming back.  In my view, is was equally as conclusive as Haiti.  It is the 2007 Sumatra earthquake:

Again, every letter is an acrostic letter.  And there's that hook; the name in red.


Except for the errors I will find, this concludes the data gathering.  The next essay will include the conclusions as to whether Mr. Gann foresaw these earthquakes.  And one final planned essay will attempt to correlate the physical events with the the messages "ens" and "sne."

Jim Ross 

Stop the presses; Time out for an earthquake

Presently in process, there are essay sequences examining 1) the mathematics of Mr. Gann's inscrutable triangle within the outer circle and outer square....proves the fourth dimension, 2) a detailed study of all earthquakes relative to the acrostic "ens" to determine if there is a correlation and deterministic math relation and 3) the timeline of the first battles of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

In addition, an essay is planned to discuss the "Jonas Storm" that occurred January 2016 relative to the possible manifestation of a 4.9M earthquake that occurred about 33 days later on February 23, 2016 at Wasco CA (only a couple miles from San Francisco).  Was the minor storm "Jonas Storm" a harbinger of the minor 4.9M earthquake connected by a notable number (the days I compute are 32 days by its hard to say its 32 or 33 if you can't determine an exact date and hour of a storm).  If there are minor Jonas signs and minor events and major Jonas signs and major events?

Perhaps, signs and cycles within signs and cycles.

So HERE, a find courtesy of a long-time Internet friend, is an earthquake article that has interrupted my many divergent trains of thought this morning.  A telling excerpt from that article:

[The article is incorrect in spirit.  The 3.2M that occurred of which they write is not the critical event.  They say its the largest in over a year within 100 miles.  Some journalistic or scientific finesse.  No, perhaps they put that fine point on their article to ignore the February 23, 2016 Wasco 4.9M earthquake.  Or perhaps USGS did so in order not to signal greater concern.  Wasco is midway between SF and LA and darn close if not on top of the San Andreas (I have not checked that.)]

By my study in the earthquake series it had already become clear that the 1906 SF earthquake was preceded by activity around the Pacific Rim of Fire.  I didn't know about the offshore 3.2M that occurred two days ago.  And more-so, that that earthquake signaled offshore structural problems that may involve SF.  This article is a must read.

Almost religiously, government seismologists are said to be opposed to the idea that earthquakes propagate additional earthquakes that "ripple" outward.  Unlike a pebble thrown into a liquid, or a meteor hitting the upper atmosphere and creating a circular and expanding wave, earthquakes are in solids and solids don't ripple.  Surely, the recent earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan cannot create an increased likelihood of events other places.  Hmmm, the first big ones were Indonesia, then Japan, then, Vanuatu, then Equador.  Going the other way from the first Indonesia equakequake quakes have moved westward as well.  The exact chronological progression is tracked HERE by Michal Janitch.  He has long held that earthquakes propagate outward from the initial shock and has been assailed by the seismic community.  As well, he has held that earthquakes are predictable and that earthquakes in an area are interrelated.  

Interestingly, the USGS is the agency signaling the concern.  Are they throwing in the towel?  Is the information they are getting so contrary to their theories of earthquake propagation they must admit their error?  Or is it because the information so public?  So painfully obvious?

Here is the article's map of concern included in the cited article:

The above flies in the face of what is said to be traditional seismic events; specially distant earthquakes are not related, are not predictable, do not propagate in waves.

But the greater question.  Okay, we have notable earthquakes every 7 years in SF (not tragic events, just notable).  We have a Cascade Subduction event (the subduction that exists from just north of SF through Portland and Seattle deep into Canada) every 300 years and one is now greatly overdue.  We have not had a Yellowstone event for 630,000 years.

What might be the first Jonas sign?  Did the first Jonas sign occur in January 2016 with the Jonas Storm?

I was going to write this essay after completing other research as noted in the first paragraph and I was going to suggest (as opposed to predict or conclude), that a deep Pacific shock might be that next small Jonas sign.

And I was going to write, if one sees that Pacific shock manifest into a greater event tragically involving SF and LA (as it did in the battles of SF and LA in TTTTA), then one might want to consider if those tragic events are the Jonas sign for a Cascade Subduction event.  Again, a far greater event.  

And if a Cascadia event occurs (such would dwarf a SF and LA event both in damage to SF and LA but to all coastlines of the Pacific Rim of Fire by virtue of the super tsunami created) would it be great Jonas sign of Yellowstone.

Never fear.  We are told  earthquakes do not geographically propagate out from an initial shock and yet we see the above make.  We are told are not predictable:

Obviously, there was an error on page 320 of TTTTA:

An inadvertent error or an intentional error.  Do we create the correct word by removing the 'y' from "greaty" to create the word "great"  .... or do we remove the "at" to create the word "grey."  What would a volcanic ash storm look like?

From page 69 of TTTTA...and the Bible:

The "key" to the interpretation of the future, perhaps?  

And from page 83:

Creating these 'imaginative' stories out of the 'clues' found in TTTTA is just too easy.  As always, make up your own mind.  Do your own research.

[If you would like to understand the magnitude of many of the above events, the 2015 article, "The Really Big One", was recently awarded a Pulitzer Prize for it portrayal of such events and has been favorably reviewed by the seismic community regarding its fair treatment of such scenarios.  Please don't trust me for your perception of earthquakes; they don't teach us that stuff for the CPA exam.]

Jim Ross

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The first enemy campaign, part 1: Phi, Robert Gordon and the battles lines

I'm so eloquently reminded of my excessive imagination, bordering on delusion, by the insightful Noxious Stalker (formerly known as the Noxious One).  A delusional person would not perceive the possibility of error.  Would the Noxious Stalker perceive his own bigoted delusion if he did not consider the person as, even remotely, being correct?

I put that paragraph first because I'm going down the road of the remotely possible meaning of the TTTTA war timeline; as perhaps, a future timeline.  Again, its caveat emptor.

Phi is represented in WD Gann's "Map of Time" as evident by the line structure and story found in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  As documented in previous essays the MOT is 15341 lines from cover to cover and spans the time between Robert Gordon's birth to the last date of the book or 9,579 days:

Set Phi aside for the moment; new train of thought.

War is declared on the U.S. in April, we don't know when in April:

"Fate."  The US rushed its great forces to the Pacific Coast to confront the great danger posed by the enemy.

Of course, similar posturing occurred prior to the entry of Japan into WWII, followed by the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.  That the above was an allusion to Pearl Harbor is not mutually exclusive of another meaning as history is perceived as, at least, "rhyming."

The above occurs some time between April and mid May because we find the attack on Los Angeles occurs mid May...let's say May 10:

Prior to WWII the U.S. focused its might on the Pacific Coast.  In the fictional war, TTTTA focused the military might of the U.S. on the Pacific Coast.  Is it overstating the case to say that the lone remaining strength of the U.S., its intellectual and economic might, is centered in L.A. and San Francisco?  What would be the impact on the country and the world if those cities were lost?

As "fate" has it, L.A. was surrendered June 14 and the U.S. expected an attack on S.F. at any time:

Throughout the country, people were anxious.  The next attack was from Brownsville, TX to El Paso on August 1, below.  So many encoded messages are associated with the August 1 attack; "wmd," "wdgan," "ens," "CAL."

Days went by and the U.S. was anxious regarding the nature of the next attack:

And the attack on San Francisco occurred in September 1930:

The above may form a time line of sorts.  Can we visualize the geographical progression?  Perhaps Mr. Gann provided a quick easy picture; the battle lines (first conceived by a commenter, Dolemite).  Yes, we can.  

Hiram Abiff, who chose death over giving up his ancient knowledge, Albert Einstein who developed "emsy" or "E=MC2" on September 27, 1905...and the battle lines (discovered by Dolemite, a commenter).  Visually, the battle lines, including the fall back secondary lines, are:

You have the U.S. component of the Pacific Rim of Fire, lacking only Yellowstone as the seismic Achilles Heel of the country.

The first battle, first timeline; L.A. > El Paso Brownsville > San Francisco.

So much on the table.  One last component before I leave this essay hanging.  Jonas.  From the inscrutable page 69 we are treated to " sign shall be given but the sign of Jonas..."  Robert believe this to be the "...key to the interpretation of the future..."  Do we find Jonas in any of the inserts above?  Yes.  The first insert of the MOT above has Jonas encoded in zig zag, acrostic/telestic letters corresponding the declaration of war.  Jonas and the declaration of war.


What is the Jonas sign, if only in my imagination, that Mr. Gann intended?  Perhaps the "Jonas storm" this last winter as named not by me but by the media?  A minor one in my opinion.  There is always a "greater and lesser" we are told.  I think the greater sign is yet to occur.  And I have an opinion what that sign will be.

If, in my imagination, there is a time line expressed in TTTTA, how might the obvious reference to Phi alter or position the time line?  In my imagination, I have an opinion on that.

I do not know how these thoughts will turn out.  Obviously, as I think I write.  If I were to know the reality, whatever it is, before us, I'd be writing it in plainer words but I do not.  Thinking I had the answer in January, I made my "great mistake," fearing we were out of time.  Always, it is good to consider the source and make up your own mind.  The latter takes effort, however.

This time, I have those same fears, but the Jonas sign does not seem to have occurred to set in motion a proportionate timeline of events...that Mr. Gann may have provided us.   The Jonas sign, the declaration of war.  And Phi.

"The first battle..." will be continued,

Jim Ross

Saturday, April 23, 2016

ENS 7: Additional data, the 12 most destructive earthquakes in the MOT period

Back to the productive work of examining the great earthquakes since the beginning of the WD Gann "Map of Time" which is found in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Productive to the extent it may (or may not) demonstrate a rhythm or vibration or harmonic of how a physical world event relates to a master "curve of the future."

As presently conceived the data gathering will derive the great earthquakes from list of earthquakes considered 'great' based on differing criteria; the deadliest, the most destructive (monetary) and the most powerful.  Of the Wikipedia list of "deadliest" earthquakes, 15 data points/earthquakes were painfully identified here.  Having now completed work on 12 of the "most destructive" earthquakes since June 22, 1848 (beginning of the MOT), this essay will capsule that research and provide links to individual findings in the MOT.  A further essay will identify the most powerful earthquakes.

Ideally, 40 earthquakes will be found.  There is an encoded acronym in TTTTA, "ens," that, it is believed, represents the USGS "Earthquake Notification Service."  This acronym is obvious if one considers the acrostic and telestic letters found in TTTTA for any period of time.  Its relation to earthquakes was discovered via the "Tokyo J1" connection as has been explained in previous essays.  There are 21 instances of "ens" in TTTTA and 19 instances of its inversion "sne."  Had I been WD Gann and wanted to demonstrate how to mathematically relate predictions to their manifestation in real events, I might plant the acronyms and relate them to the same number of physical events.  Speaking "ideally" again, I would need 40 physical events and 40 acronyms.  Maybe that will work, maybe that won't.

With the present list of 12 "most destructive" earthquakes there will be a cumulative total of 27 data points.  The 12 "most destructive" earthquakes are derived from Wikipedia's list of "Costliest earthquakes which is reproduced below:

Of the above 16 earthquakes, 4 have evaluated as "deadliest" earthquakes in the previous essay leaving 12 to be evaluated here.  Notably, San Francisco becomes the 12th item on the reviled list.  To save on space, below is the list of 12 "most destructive" or "costliest" earthquakes since June 22, 1848:

What are the expectations to be achieved or refuted from this work?  The immediate reward would be finding associated with each of the 12 earthquakes evidence WD Gann foresaw its occurrence.  Here's an example of the Haiti earthquake and tsunami:

  • You see the perfect spelling.
  • You see the MOT date on the right.  
  • You see "Haiti" spelled perfectly in the green highlight.  
  • You see each letter is an acrostic.  
  • You see every letter is a capital letter.    You see a perfect 16X16 matrix...the highest 'T' is 16 lines above the date line and the lowest 'i' is 16 lines below the date line (is that 2^3 X 2^3).  
  • You see my name (highlighted in red) embedded 'as if' I was foreseen as seeing this.

Is the spelling of "Haiti" random?  No.  This observation is dispositive in my opinion.  There isn't a statistician alive whom I wouldn't challenge to assert this is a random coincidence.  One of the above bulleted coincidences, two or three but 7....just like the "6 e's"...  the statistical unlikelihood (a joint probability) of the above obvious sentient arrangement is, itself, incredibly great.

Of the 15 deadliest earthquakes, that's one highlight, albeit, the 'best case.'  The other observations were not as strong in evidence but they were adequate.  At the conclusion, the observations were tabled and there were 10 missing letters and among there were 5 unique letters.  They spelled a meaningful message in the context of earthquakes and the genesis of these recent 5 essays, that being "Yellowstone now;"  the message was "QUICK" in all capital letters.  "QUICK" seals the deal.  All 15 observations combined, by virtue of their joint, unique, absent letters, to create an intelligible, relevant and timely message.

Again ideally, that's what we might expect in this most current essay regarding the 12 most destructive earthquakes.  

What was the outcome of this present work?  Not as good, but highly adequate.  First, I have a low threshold for evidence needed to convince me.  The HAITI example and the "QUICK" finding has me expecting to find what I want.  With that danger in mind and as always, I provide my research; each configuration of letters attending each of the 12 observations.  Note the spacial arrangement of the letters as I have arranged them.  There may be alternate configurations than that which I have presented.  I try to create the "highest" configuration surrounding the date of the event.  That's my attempt at visualizing a "cylinder" test of the proximity of the letters.

The results, in my subjective evaluation, indicate each of the 12 observations was planning and created by Mr. Gann to correspond the date of the earthquake.  The most important indication of this is the geometry and symmetry of the letters spelling the name and/or location of the earthquake.  Below are the screenshots of each observation so that you do not have to recreate them (which I would recommend doing).

When reviewing each of the above, ask yourself "Is this random?"  For several, I can see that as a reasonable conclusion.  On most, its hard to ignore the symmetry, the appearance of geometric figures, the absence of letters above or below the date of the event....  

There are 12 letters that were missing in spelling the above.  Review the second insert.  In total 9 observations lacked at least 1 letter.  There were 7 observations missing 1 letter, 1 event missing 2 letters (both letters we 'u' so 1 unique letter) and 1 event missing 3 letters (unique letters, n and c).  

If you are counting unique letters, there were 8 observations missing a unique letter and 1 and only 1 missing two unique letters.  Sa_ Fra_cis_o.  San Francisco.  

In fact, out of the 15 deadliest earthquakes and 12 costliest earthquakes or 27 observations, only one was missing more than 1 unique letter in spelling its name.  Again, San Francisco.

And finally, of the above 12 earthquakes, how many were known to Mr. Gann at the time he published TTTTA in 1927?  Only one.  Again, San Francisco.

Make up your own mind.  Is it random?  Or did he foresee?

Next up, the strongest earthquakes.

Jim Ross

Friday, April 22, 2016

Ah, the aroma of smoldering bigotry

Some time ago I gave up social media largely because it consumed too much time and distracted me from what I wanted to be doing.  I was spending too much time defending what I'd been taught (some right and some wrong) without otherwise creating/recreating myself.  I'd found a great investing bulletin board but it too took too much time.

Without any provocation I receive the following email from a person who long ago I advised to not read my work because it so diverged from his sadly limited perception of the world.  Here, today, he took his valuable time to lecture me on The Bible Code:

Not for a minute do I think this dear person has any interest in my wasting my time.  And for edification, I have read Ingermason's very well thought out work "debunking" The Bible Code.  There have, however, rejoinders to his critique as I distantly recall, one by a Rabbinical Torah, physicist and statistician.  The latter found, again as I distantly recall, the "cylinder proximity" of messages that had come true was statistically significant.  Again, very distant recall and I'll not resort to wasting my time on Wikipedia for a 'one-up.

Perhaps Drosnin found the Bible Code, perhaps not.  Other pretty smart people believed such was present.  Isaac Newton, it is said, would have been far more fruitful had he not spent much of his time pursuing the Bible code he felt existed.  And, well, WD Gann... he, himself said many times that his knowledge and methods came directly from the Bible.  Gee, I hadn't found those methods in the Bible.  Why, they must be...encoded.  

But the point is not whether or not "The Bible Code," as presented in Drosnin's method, is true or not.  

The point is to inquire and make one's own decision.  To consider, wrestle with the evidence, weigh the results and move forward.  As Lord Bacon once said:

So, I again invited and advised this concerned reader, the Noxious One, not to read my "loony" work. 

I'll sign this essay in red with a challenge to the Noxious One's sense of self importance; explain this (and the other 33 instances in TTTTA):

[Its good to be reminded why one might not want to participate in social media.]


ENS 6: Expanding the plan, another error and, perhaps, an "attaboy"

More data is necessary and errors need to be corrected.  Over night I reasoned WD Gann built the prescient message "ens" (interpreted as the USGS Earthquake Notification Service) in his book, "The Tunnel Thru the Air," some 40 times, was to fully demonstrate the pattern of earthquakes according to his mathematic methods.  He is demonstrating a pattern so that we can measure it and apply it; so I imagine it.  Two extremely important words that, if one searched TTTTA on those two words ("measur_" without the 'e' and "pattern") you find nine interesting citations.

Yesterday, 16 earthquakes were researched to reach a conclusion that Mr. Gann  predicted earthquakes that followed the publication of TTTTA.  We need to parse that details of that conclusion.  As usual, I will reprise my many errors in that research, reconsider its basis and then reflect on the results.

First, there were 15 earthquakes, not 16.  Item 12, the March 14, 1903 earthquake, named by Wikipedia as the "1169 Aleppo earthquake," was another of the Excel errors.  The 1169 Aleppo earthquake happened in 1169, not 1903.  Yet I found "Mesopotam_a" (lacking the 'i') and somewhat supporting my conclusion that Mr. Gann foresaw future earthquake events.  This would seem to dispute that conclusion.  Embarrassed, I pondered that. 

In my defense, I phrased my evaluation of the data as having been disappointed that there were missing letters.  That I had expected each target word to have been spelled perfectly as the demonstration of foreknowledge.  But that was before I saw the message that was spelled:

i c u - Q U I C K - c u

There were 11 missing letters of which there were 5 unique letters; q u i c k.  Only 5.  Now, of the 9 missing letters we have 8 so the above message is lacking.  NEVERTHELESS, we still have the same 5 unique letters as there were 2 'i's and now there's 1.  We still have the word "quick."  And beyond that there are 5 and only 5 capitalized letters and they are "QUICK."  The message, in content, is not different from the original interpretation.  

And the message proves the foresight.  That, by far, is the evidence of foresight...not that each target word was spelled entirely correctly.  I do not know how to evaluate "cylinder" proximity with statistical methods as experts have evaluated The Bible Code.  In other words, are the letters close enough to one another to eliminate randomness when searching for a target word, as I did.  In fact, my finding the spelling of "Mesopotamia_a" proves words can be spelled out of enough random letters.  

I argue the persuasive evidence is NOT the spelling of the target is that the absent letters spell the intelligible and relevant...and perhaps timely....message Q-U-I-C-K.  And those cap letters were not for emphasis.  They were capitalized letters that were absent.

So, we now have 15 observations of earthquakes (5 before the publication of TTTTA and 10 after) and yet there are 40 instances of 'ens' (21 times as 'ens' and 19 times as its vertical inversion, 'sne').  Did Mr. Gann intend us to find an additional 25 observations and, if so, why?  

Yes.  Because his intent, in my opinion, was not to simply prove his was to provide the measurements of the pattern.  I'm pretty happy with the proof of foresight as presented but the mere presence of the 40 'ens' messages that cannot be correlated with the 15 physical and dated events indicates there is something more.  My instincts tell me the 'something more' is first the ultimate prediction of the event we expect "now" and "QUICK" as developed in the immediately preceding five essays.  And second, a clue, perhaps, to the ultimate mathematic methods.

So, I am expanding the plan.  In the immediately future essays the "plan" will be to supplement the "deadliest earthquakes" since June 22, 1848 (beginning of the MOT) with the most destructive (in dollars) earthquakes and then with the most powerful earthquakes, all according to Wikipedia listings.  Ideally, there will be 40 observations...   Simply stated, we need more data:

And what is the encoded word (in red below) we find surrounding, embracing if you will, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on page 266?

[I find the numbers highlighted in yellow and bordering the paragraph, serendipitous, to say the least.  But that's me.]

The entire paragraph's narrative is very meaningful, at least to me in my moment of disappointment.  And that's not to mention the great Emerson's "Essay on Compensation."  I truly hope and trust some good comes of this work I so enjoy and that so challenges my imagination.  

Now to the drudgery of ferreting out the data.

Jim Ross 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

ENS 5: Proof of foresight, the 15 deadliest earthquakes in the MOT period

This posting provides excerpts of the previous essay.  To have an understanding you should have an understanding of the previous four essays.

The short version is four instances of the word "Yellowstone" are found encoded in WD Gann's "Map of Time" which are, therefore, included in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  In finding those encoded words, 3 unique letters were missing which may be arranged to spell own, won or now.  The logical conclusion to which one would jump would be "Yellowstone now."  I did but, in light of my "great mistake," I want to consider my bias, delusion, "23 enigma."  I put that up front as a "buyer beware."

The "Yellowstone now" occurrence would suggest the possibility that every deadly earthquake is encoded in TTTTA in a similar manner; might a link prove foresight on Mr. Gann's part of the 16 deadliest earthquakes since the beginning of the MOT on June 22, 1848.  And the answer I found was 'yes.'  Not only did Mr. Gann use the same methodology as he used to create the "Yellowstone now" message, but he left a, presumably personal message; "i c u - QUICK - c u."  To me that means complete my research ASAP.  At least, this phase of my research.  Whatever I'm doing, be timely.

Following is a table of the 16 deadliest earthquakes since June 22, 1848 (the beginning of the MOT), the missing letters of importance and links to each date in TTTTA that finds the name of the earthquake:

[Note regarding #12, see correction below.]

For cut and paste convenience the following is a list of those same screen shot links not correlated with the above table.  This may make it easier for you to see each of the 16 observations.**

You can download the MOT to prove my work to yourself.

As is so frequently the case these days, I have made errors.  My first impression was disappointment over the spellings of the earthquakes missing 1 letter in 11 cases.  That impression was wrong.  After concentrating on each of the above excerpts from TTTTA I find unmistakeable geometry of the letter configurations.  I even found the sides of the Pythagorean triangle in #15 and the right triangle and isosceles of Robert Gordon's seven days (see my many essays on the triangles formed by RG of the east/west and north/south mileages).  [See the comment in yellow on all but one of the screens shots above for the unique feature of each excerpt.]

There are plenty of conspiracy rumors regarding Yellowstone and Pacific Coast seismic activity going around now in the wake of the apparent worldwide increased activity; activity we have not seen in the  lower 48 states of the U.S this year.  There was the one 4.9 earthquake 13 miles from San Francisco on the exact day (February 23, 2016) that I had incorrectly warned would be 'the big one' based on my study of the now 88 year old TTTTA.  Other than that, almost nothing noteworthy in the lower 48.  Here is a well written compilation of the rumors and anxieties that are mounting.

As well there is an amateur seismologist/geologist who I have been following for several weeks and seems to have reached reasonable generalizations about how earthquakes "vibrate" across the globe.  That they work from east to west, where they strike they relieve tectonic pressure that is transferred eastwardly, that the east locations build pressure until it is released...and they tend to strike where there has been an absence of such events.  Here is his blog which yesterday (4/21/2016) featured the buildup of pressure along the Sierra/Nevada border of California (just east of San Francisco).   He also provides a near weekly audio forecast of problem seismic areas.

This is the 288th essay that is published on this blog - the second square of 12.  I did not plan that.  Makes me wonder who, if anyone, is setting the schedule.

Jim Ross

CORRECTION 4/22/2016.  Item 12 is yet another date error.  This item should have been deleted from this list.  It was missing an 'i' and therefore the message "i c u QUICK cu" is incorrect.  There is only one 'i' and therefore the message can only be restricted to the single word "QUICK."  I do not consider this error to detract from the validity of the conclusions.  Future essays will delete this error and refer only to 15 observations.