Friday, September 30, 2016

The markets and Tesla

Somewhat off topic, at least for me, some observations about the market.  

My recollection should be double checked but I recall the market topped approximately two weeks prior to the1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Today, September 30... where are we in the Map of Time?  If you follow my work, you know my concern for the period during which the “6 e’s” appear.  We are in it.  The red highlighted e’s vertically arranged.

Of course, you see the predicted period of tribulation I have been following for months largely for other purposes.  Its about two weeks away.

Now, TSLA has been identified many times in TTTTA.  If there’s a significant event in San Francisco involving water, the TSLA plant, only blocks from the Bay, will be destroyed.  TSLA was born 7/1/2003 which was within 2 days of the new moon.  And we are, today, at the date of the new moon.  

Further.  The birth date in yellow below in the Map of Time has the “T” of the word in blue “Tesla” prominently displayed.  WD Gann predicted TSLA’s birth and both “DGann” in red and “Dee” for John “Dee" in tan are proximate.

Now look at the narrative and consider the gate that looks towards the east and is shut for seven days.  Now sure what it all means but it does sound familiar and does not sound good.

Just some concerning observations on something I follow only out of the corner of my eye these days; the markets.

Jim Ross

Summary of evidence and prophecies of "The Tunnel Thru the Air"

I am humbled to have worked on this project for the last two years.  Not to say that this is the end but it is certainly a point at which the effort’s product will be proven truthful or not.  I believe it is, but time will prove.  Only a matter of days at this point.

My intention recently has been to create a Youtube documentary/movie/video essay and the first step would be to create the narrative.  The video docu-essay would provide the evidence that “The Tunnel Thru the Air” contains prophecies intended for our era and that prophecies of events prior to now that were encoded in The Tunnel have come true. And, of course, it would provide the near-term prophecies, October 12-19, themselves.

The narrative is substantially complete with proofing and elaboration still ongoing.  I am sure there are many errors but it needs to be published.  The time is critical.  The link is below.  I’m not so sure a Youtube video docu-essay will be possible given the complexity of the issues and encoding.  There is math as a critical component of proof and, well, our public is not sophisticated when it comes to math these days.  And attention span, as well, is a problem for a public ill equipped to use quiet time and reflection.  Still, I intend on trying to develop such a Youtube presentation.  There is very little time left.

What is important is that, as I’ve written before, people of math and science consider the information I’ve accumulated over two years and the fraction of which is documented in the below linked presentation.  If you determine the information is compelling and truthful, or even remotely possible, then you should feel an obligation to use it to inform people of the coming prophecies.  This is a burden that WD Gann said all persons of math and science should undertake:

I hope that my interpretation of his work is completely wrong and will know that I have been blessed if the events that I presently believe will occur between October 12 and 19, 2016 do not….  that my work is proven wrong in mere weeks.  If so blessed my temporary embarrassment will be more than compensated by my journey thus far and the incredible things that I have learned and seen.  

I have created a separate blog for this one essay so as not to be jumbled with my continuing research.  

Jim Ross

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A correction in the predicted period of October; October 12-19

The period of October 13-19, 2016 has been presented as a period that is identified by a combination of encoded messages in W D Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" supplemented by contemporary fiction works that are referenced in TTTTA.  The first source of that period was the movie, "Knowing," whose author and many other characters and events are encoded in TTTTA.

The seven days of "remarkable events" that occur in that movie have been considered to have occurred according to our measurement of the day, that being from midnight.  Further parsing an incomplete message found on page 55 gives some insight:

"The Hebrew calendar tells the select of the day."

As I think about that message I look back at the dates and times of the movie "Knowing."  The first scene of the movie is a private cookout after the sun has fully set in the evening on October 12.  The final time in the movie occurs at 10:12am according to a shot of a digital display clock at Times Square the moment before its destruction.  

The seven days actually span the period of October 12-19 which would seem to be eight days.  In reality they span twelve days according to the Hebrew counting of the day as beginning with the setting of the sun; nightfall to nightfall.

There is another consideration that now fits.  A commenter who is more familiar than my now hazy recollection of Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" and "The Mystery of the Shemitah" calls my attention to October 12 as Yom Kippur; the Day of Atonement.

The beginning of the seven days of "Knowing" is entirely consistent with the beginning of Yom Kippur as best I, as a very naive and uneducated observer, can tell.  The seven days that I have considered embracing the entire period in which great tribulation will occur actually begins the evening of October 12 and ends during the daytime hours of October 19.

Jim Ross

Monday, September 26, 2016

An anagram of Robert Gordon; God Reborn 269

WD Gann created some incredible anagram's in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and otherwise in his life.

Recall, the names on his and his wife's gravestone for instance.  He went by WD Gann but had his formal name spelled on his gravestone as William D. Gann.  In the opposite, the formal name Sarah H. Gann was not used on the gravestone but, instead, her informal name Sadie H. Gann was used.  To create the anagram:

Or, Marie Stanton as an anagram of "transmeation."  A crossing over of a boundary.  I think of the process of dying; from one plane of existence to another.

Or, the title of the book itself that is similarly found in another essay.

Well, how about Robert Gordon, the primary character?  Surely there are meanings.

For the longest time I related the primary characters to Scottish history.  How appropriate for a great Mason, WD Gann, to be using Scottish characters.  Sir Robert Gordon, First Baronet of Nova Scotia for example.  [Hmmm, did Sir Robert Gordon own Oak Island since he was given a vast portion of the shoreline of Nova Scotia...I believe so.]  Or Walter Kennelworth of the Kennilworth Castle.

What to make of Robert Gordon?  How about:

"Great thought Jim, you get an 'attaboy' but obviously, Mr. Gann was not thinking along those lines; there's an extra "t," "o" and "r.""

Not so fast.  Substitute the Pythagorean value for t, o and r and you have 269.

"So what Jim? Now what does 269 mean?  Means nothing now does it?"

Hmmm, the 269th day of the year in a non leap year is September 26.  Let's forget this year is a leap year for the moment.  Perhaps its saying God was reborn on September 26 of some year in the last few decades.

"Daydream on Jim.  How can you prove Mr. Gann was thinking of "269" or "September 26?"

Well, let's look at page 269.

The first line of page 269 is that September 26 date.  That's amazing; as I look on my calendar, today is September 26.

And, in a regular year it would be the 269 day of the year.  And 9/26 is but a re arrangement of the 269.

There's one last piece to the puzzle.  Let's "split the ham."  Something like the "Tao device" of splitting a time interval.

Is the message:

I'll take away a bit of the thunder here.  Any year on the right side deducted from the left, halved and added to itself will give you 2016.  That is the nature of the MOT.  So, we should limit the message to September 26 and not infer a year.

Even with that limitation, if fits so perfectly the character, Robert Gordon; God reborn.  The first ruler of the Isaiah 60 "City of the Lord."

*** ***

I'm sure there are formulations other than the year 2016.  But finding September 26 on the same page as the number 269 explaining the anagram of Robert Gordon...  That is conclusive to me that Mr. Gann intended the date within the name of his character, Robert Gordon.

Not to overlook today as the 23rd day of Elul.  September 11, 2001 was the 23rd day of Elul.

Written today, September 26, 2016,

Jim Ross

A chilling confirmation of October 13-19 and the prophet takes credit

I've been through the derivation of this location in the WD Gann "Map of Time" before.

The hero couple of the movie "San Andreas," Ray and Emma, are found on lines 147 and 12217 and on the midpoint between them or line 6182 we find the confirming word "Andreas."

As if a 'wheel within a wheel' we use "Andreas" on line 6182 and one of the first occurrences of the word "San" on line 82 and we find at the midpoint line 3051 which has a previously discussed message:

The previously offered message is that "The seas rose.  The low PGE (Pacific Gas and Electric), 77 Beale Street was lost into deep water."  The headquarters of the publicly-traded PGE is located at 77 Beale Street, San Francisco, about 5 blocks from the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge; pretty much at sea level.  To give you an idea of the hazard, during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the coast of Japan sank roughly 3 feet.  Coastal cities that had built great tsunami walls as high as 30 feet had those walls surmounted by the waves with hardly any hesitation.

But that message is not the point of this essay.  Focus on line 3051 in red and the date 10/8/1999.  We ignore the year.  October 8, 1865 was the date of the first Great San Francisco Earthquake.  Again, this has been discussed but we need a reference point.  The exact center of two mathematic wheels, one within another, we have the subject matter of the October 13-19 prophecy.

Now look four lines above line 3051 or 3047 and read it.  To help you focus:

I did not realize the nuance until I tried to search for "That which has been is now..."  A search gives you Eccl. 1:9 as we know it will, but Eccl. 1:9 gives you the scripture you find beginning on line 3041.  Its the nuance, not the casual paraphrased repetition.

The paraphrase revised the literal scripture to say "now."  And you find the location of "now" dead in the middle of the green highlighted dates 10/13 to 10/19.  Mr. Gann concealed the exact date the San Andreas earthquakes of 2016 will begin within a paraphrase of a scripture.

He did more than that if you follow the trail.  I knew what I'd find before I did the following.

Line number reciprocals.  Often, the reciprocal of a line number, when traced to that line number, will provide meaning.  The line number on which we are focusing is line 3047 and if you look along that line to the right you see line 12295.  Mathematically, it is the number of lines (15341) in the book minus 3047.  Spacially, it is the ascending cumulative line count which corresponds the descending line count.

What would I find on line 12295?  I expected to find an encoded artifact of Mr. Gann's name.  He is the author taking credit for his prediction; not necessarily with pride.  Simply, he did that.

Focus on line 12295 highlighted in red.  On lines 12294 and 12295 you have "WD."  And then you have the remainder of the name in red spelled closely thereto.  The prophet has assigned his name to his prophecy.  And note the dates in green.

I reproduce what appears to be a message but have not fully deciphered it as yet.  Pretty obviously we have "God" spelled twice, once at the beginning of the excerpt and once at the end.  Very obviously we have "Read about God."  I'm encouraged to say "WD Gann predicted Ross would read about God to see..." but I don't have an 'i' or an 'a' to derive "his plan."  But you get the drift thus far.

Interesting.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 on line 3039 on the first insert above.  1:9 as in the 19th.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 11, 2001, the 23rd day of Elul and September 26, 2016

Just an observation of the bizarre.  I am now inclined to believe a critic, "You've really lost it now, Jim."  On the other hand...

I have been encouraged by a partial acrostic telestic message in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Through the Air" to study the Hebrew calendar; something I should have done back in the days when I was reading the first two of Jonathan Cahn's books.  But didn't.  Of course Rabbi Cahn correlated the 9/11/2001 attack with the Hebrew calendar and with the ongoing and subsequent stock market crash. The TTTTA word / partial message I do not understand is found on page 55:

The word "Hebrew" was painfully obvious and so, I decided not only would I investigate the hidden meanings of this page but I'd study the Hebrew calendar.  And the knee jerk first item to study in the Hebrew calendar is what was the date of 9/11/2001?  Well, it was the 23rd day of the 6th month of year (per or Elul 23 of the Hebrew year 5761.  Just for grins, what day is that in our conventional calendar of 2016?  It is (per September 26, 2016.  Four days from today.

So what prompts me to focus on the above incomplete message above, today, in advance of my understanding it?  It is this youtube bizarre occurrence:

Is it "Trump will go 26" or "Trump April 26?  I think the former but...

That's the bizarre, but it prompted me back to page 55.  I'd found the words "The Hebrew calendar tel3s when God...."  I can't quite find the ending or, of course, I'm way off.

But that page 55.  I'd researched and found that number before.  Yes, it is the "number" of Donald Trump according to Luo Clement's methodology of Pythagorean numeration:

So we now have September 11, 2001 correlating with September 26, 2016 based on the page 55 citation of the encoded "Hebrew calendar" and a bizarre emergency channel message correlating with a page in TTTTA based on Donald Trump's "number."

It gets more interesting.

You'll see in blue highlight the date of 9/11, the acrostic digit 3, the telestic digit 2 and the date 4/3, all on just two lines.  A property of the WD Gann Map of Time is that dates are always opposite one another.  So, 9/11 or September 11 will always be opposite 4/3 or April 3.  Since the MOT is 168 years, you'll find 168 such correlations.  Depending on the leap year, they will be on exactly the same line, but always one on the left and the other on the right side of the MOT.  

We understand the 9/11 the calendar date of the WTC attack.  The April 3rd date was one of two dates Sir Isaac Newton believed, according to his calculations in astronomy and clues found in the Bible, believed Jesus died.  Later researchers confirmed the date, April 3rd.  

So we have 9/11 and 4/3 on opposites in the MOT, but what confirmation might we have that its just a random occurrence though mathematically destined to occur every year in the MOT?  Consider those other two digits on about that same line; 3 and 2 also highlighted in blue:

Luo Clement found the "number" of a person to be the "birth number" (the day of the month of birth reduced to a single digit) followed by the "given or assumed name number" reduced to a single digit.  This is evident from the evaluation methodology he employed in Chapter IX "The Supreme Test" of his "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  

How about the "death number?"  Does it have a separate vibration that is according to the vibration of the birth number?  

Jesus was born on the 25th, reduced to 7 and his name sums to 11, reduced to 2.  Jesus' number is a notable 72; the pentagonal interval.  What, for general interest, might be his number according to his death; his death number?  Well, he died on the 3rd as best we know, making his "number" 3 2.  And we find that number on the same line as April 3, the date, again, he died.


Now take the reduced date of birth and death and you have 73, which reversed as 37 is the smallest angle of the Pythagorean right triangle, a symbol of the Mason and Rosicrucian.....  Hmmm, what do we find on page 37 of TTTTA about which I wrote recently?  The Garden of Love and the Rosicrucian five petaled rose also found on WD Gann's grave stone.  37-a number that, added together, sums to 10 or 1 reduced, considered the "All."

The 32 on the same line as April 3rd, a benign coincidence?  Hardly, I think, as Mr. Gann had to work to get them together.  Look one final time at the page 55 insert above.  There are three scripture citations on that page.  The last one, the one that derives the encoded number 3-2, artfully separates "Ezekiel" from "32:1 and 2" to give the resultant encoded number 3-2.  Here's the comparison to illustrate:

Hmmm, Donald sums to 23 before reduction, as in the 23rd of Elul?

*** ***

I don't know what all this means.  I am very concerned we find the death of Jesus opposite 9/11, on the same page as the "number" of Donald Trump and the Hebrew date of 9/11/2001 recurring on September 26, 2016....the date of the first presidential debate.

Might this coincidence imply a meaning an anagram derived from the title of "The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940:"

I just don't know.

Jim Ross

Pick a Phi - time and price

I've floated this idea twice and been, as expected, wrong both times.  Fortunately, I bet an amount appropriate to my confidence in the DJIA projection...nothing.

The bottom the Great Depression stock market occurred on July 8, 1932 (which happened to be only a trading day or so from WD Gann's final battle of the Great War in the Air) at 40.56.  The number of days between then and today, September 22, 2016 is 30,757 days and that divided by Phi at 1.618 is 19,010.  Delta time divided by Phi projects delta price...  Well, its a thought.  If it were true then price today would be 19,051 but it isn't and wasn't when I'd floated it twice before.

Maybe Phi isn't the ideal Phi.  Well, there are many iterations of Phi depending on one's process of projection through the Fibonacci sequence.  Heck, 2 is Phi when one uses the third Fibonacci number, that being 2, divided the preceding one, that being 1.  I personally like 5 divided by 3 or 1.666 because it is not just Phi but 'la' in the diatonic scale.  Many like 8 divided by 5 or 1.625 as it is also the progression of 1/8ths.

So, we're on a roll right now with the Fed "first doing no harm."  Will we catch Phi in this roll?  Well, when you look at the scenario of Phi = 1.666, DJIA has already exceeded the number of days from July 8, 1932 till today divided by Phi; DJIA printed an intraday high of 18722 on August 15, 2016.  That's the lowest bar and it is already over-achieved.

The high bar would be theoretic Phi at 1.618 which would be just above 19,000.

A couple scenarios of Phi strung out for a couple of days into the future:

Still betting zero on this non prediction.

Jim Ross


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Garden of Love - virtue and sin

On August 2, 2015 I visited WD Gann's grave for the second time to evaluate the apparent triangular arrangement of 12 gravestones in contrast to surrounding stones.  Macabre perhaps?  Standing amidst the stones, at the foot of the "Great Tree" I did not feel that emotion at all.  Instead, I had unavoidably looked at the names on the stones while measuring the distances and angles between them and their relative face angles between them.  There were graves with a single person, alone, but, mostly, they were families; husband and wife and often children with them.  Persons bonded by love.  I didn't feel the macabre of death but the comfort of love that day.

When two days later I waxed philosophic about the feeling of love I felt standing there I was roundly ridiculed by a person who I had previously respected as insightful, spiritually moved, mathematically inspired; "Jim, you've really lost it now."  In my less mature response I was hurt and defensive.  I'm over all that now, but perhaps this essay might help those stymied by the unknown...or those seeking fodder for their self promotion by ridiculing another.

Early on I read Petter Amundsen's "Oak Island and the Treasure Map in Shakespeare."  Mr. Amundsen's brilliant deciphering of fragments of Shakespeare was the inspiration of my subsequently discovering the "six e's" that indicated WD Gann "The Tunnel Thru the Air" was encoded with acrostic and telestic messages.  Mr. Amundsen was a WD Gann researcher before his moving to the Baconian/Shakespearian realm as I've read his essay on the anagram of the title of TTTTA (the lunar return essay), but he did not apply the Baconian encoding methods in TTTTA as best I can determine.

Mr. Amundsen's research of the Brothers of the RC (Rosy Crosse), the Rosicrucian society tied their order to their symbols; the Rose and the lesser angles of the Pythagorean triangle (37 and 53).  If I recall correctly, Mr. Amundsen identifies the fingerprints of the Rosicrucian in Shakespeare by the number 53 and the Rose.

It was with disappointment I did not find the Rose of the Rosicrucian on page 53 of TTTTA...but I was vastly compensated.  I found it on page 37.  On the page of the number, 37, which I have read represents the Rosicrucians "reason for existence."  I found the Rose in "The Garden of Love," which begins towards the end of page 36 and spans the entire page 37.  Since its long, I give first the reduced size picture of the entire text but to enable better viewing I've attached the two pages in a links; page 36 and page 37:

I did find the Rose coded in red above but I found so much more.  I found the fully articulated "The Garden of Love," the concept of "Unselfishness," the "Water of Forgetfulness," the "Lilly of Faith," the "Rose of Charity," and the isolated, delicate flower that blooms late in life, that of "Unrewarded Kindness."

Two problems.  Both involve missing letters.  The word "of" is used too many times and that is addressed under the "HOW" below.  And then still there are missing letters which are derived in the last words of the above.

HOW?  If you look at the lines 1455, 1456 and 1457, the acrostic letters spell "HOW."  The letters "of" are used four times in "The Garden of Love," Water of Forgetfulness," "Rose of Charity," "Lilly of Faith."  Mr. Gann isolates the word "of" on lines 1458 and 1459 in perfectly ordered acrostic letters.  That's "how" Mr. Gann gets around a scarcity of letters.

Missing letters.  Simply stated there are four missing letters that ultimately reside in the "Rose of Char_ty" and in the "Unrew_rded Kind_es_."  Without any escape, I am left without the letters, "i," "a," "n" and "s."  Missing i-a-n-s.

*** ***

Time and again I've re discovered the concept that often, the most important message is the one that is missing.  The letters i-a-n-s.  Do you see it?

In the context of all the virtuous words found in the narrative of pages 36 and 37, we find among them and not isolated to any one of them, except arbitrarily by process of elimination, the words "a sin."  I expect a philosopher could write of book of essays deliverable from the pulpit regarding sin among righteousness and goodness.  I just don't know the message of all this.

Neither did I know the narrative of page 37 was reinforced by the encoded repetition when I first focused on "The Garden of Love" in August of 2015.  I simply anticipated its philosophical importance; I'd felt the timeless love when standing amidst the gravestones on August 2, 2015.

It is not simply said that the Rosicrucian can predict the future but I've read the Brotherhood professes, itself, that it can discern the future.  According to Wikipedia, the manifestos of the Brotherhood assert its understanding and sharing of all secrets:

So, was WD Gann a Rosicrucian and could he discern the future?  Sadie and WD Gann's gravestone:

If you inspect the gravestone closely you will see a five-petaled rose at each of the upper corner's of the stone, surrounded by clusters of leaves.  The five-petaled rose, the sign of the Rosicrucian.

And if you construct an anagram of the letters of the stone, you will produce the message:

"A shaman died willing-Gann."  That's a pretty straightforward answer to whether Mr. Gann could foretell the future.

We found the 37 sign of the Rosicrucian as page 37.  So where is the 53?  Compute the life span of Sadie H. Gann above.


Much material in this essay to consider.  One might consider the thoughts with the spirit of the virtues that are recounted in the words that are confirmed in the encodings.  

Alternately, one might use the thoughts for the purpose of ridicule and self promotion.  I would offer the latter is in the spirit of the words spelled by the missing letters.

Jim Ross

Sunday, September 18, 2016

9-9-9, confirming yet one more warning and adding detail

I've found substantial confirmation in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" that there will be one last warning, hours before the first of three events predicted to occur in the period October 13-19, 2016.  I say one last warning having said that before about the September 6, 2016 Pecos / Rio Grande Rift earthquake that had been predicted days/weeks in advance.

The warning will be a news report of a Gulf of Mexico crude oil and gas leak / spill from the Atlantis Oil and Gas platform/field.  The news report slightly before on midnight EST on October 14, the crisis having occurred earlier that day.

Identifying the warning.  What is the trail to this warning in TTTTA?  The dates of the predicted events of the October 13-19, 2016 are identified in the movie "Knowing." In the movie, there was one very minor event that preceded the greater events; an oil platform explosion on a facility being de commissioned:

This news report occurs at exactly midnight; the camera is twice focused on Professor Koestler's nearby clock:

The first of the above instances, 11:59pm EST on October 14 does not show "Japan."  The camera cuts away and then cuts back the second the moment "flips" to 12:00...and at that moment you see the word "Japan."  Does something happen in Japan?  A Japan nuance of some sort?  [Interesting, I recall from the 2015 New Yorker article "The Really Big One" the January 26, 1700 Cascadia subduction 9M earthquake affecting the northwestern US created a tsunami that took 9 hours to travel across the Pacific and destroys villages along the coast of Japan.  Perhaps we have the opposite occurring in 2016.]

Confirming the warning in TTTTA.  Many moving parts here; many events came together to lead to the confirmation trail on exactly September 18, 2016.  For many days I'd been aware of the existence of both the recently released "Deepwater Horizon" movie and its having been encoded into the acrostic and telestic messages of TTTTA.  But I had not connected that oil platform failure to other elements that bring what I will argue are confirmation, until today.

Today, I was focused on the chronology of the "Black" days of the stock market, writing essays that touched on its perfect intervals of 58 and 29 years:

With 29 and 58 in front of me I was working on how that math might fit into TTTTA and was, almost reflexively, looking at page 29.  It was at that moment, very early morning, a reader left a comment about the movie "Deepwater Horizon."  And at that moment I knew where I'd seen the first clues to that event; on page 29.  "Knowing's" final warning of the events of October 13-19 would be confirmed on pages 29, 58 and there sum, page 87.  

The confirmation.   On page 29 we find encoded "Deepwater crude oil leak in sea."

As if an exclamation point, we find the date of the Deepwater Horizon platform explosion, April 20, 2010, highlighted in red.

On page 58 we find encoded "Deepwater Atlantis oil and gas set on fire:"

Remember the concept of Mr. Gann's modus operandi developed in several previous essays; that often the most important element is the that is missing.  We expect but do not find either "platform" or "field."

So I go to the third page, the sum of 29 and 58, or page 87:

Using Pythagorean substitution of the letter 'p' for the value '9', I can spell 'platform.'  Alternately, using that 'l' that appears in 'platform' I can spell 'field.'  Both cannot be spelled simultaneously; there is only one 'l.'  I take that to mean the reference is to both the oil platform and the field and, logically so, the platform was designed for and located at the field.  Hence its name "Atlantis." 

The platform is located approximately 173 miles south of New Orleans, the site of the onset of the second Allied Enemy battle campaign.

Greater confirmation.  We are at this point, now numbering 393 published essays with this one included, only because we entertain the idea that all things are pre determined.  None of this occurs in the random world, the predominant view underlying Gaussian inference and modern science. 

As you are aware, I have been keenly aware and published many essays on WD Gann's name reducing to 9-9-9 according to Pythagorean method and values and Luo Clement (WD Gann pen name IMO) nuance that a person can change his vibration by changing his name:

The numbers, 9-9-9 found in the date 9/18/2007, represent great significance in my life as I long ago explained and which might be read about in the essay "What is a miracle?"

And, of course, today when I put this all together is 9/18/2016; 9-9-9.

There are other meaningful occurrences of 9-9-9, but that's where I'll leave it.  What's the greater confirmation?  Revisit page 58 above, the middle of the three pages of excerpts and find the digits in blue highlight towards the right margin of the page.  9-9-9.

Coincidence?  Or confirmation?  You make the call.

*** ***

What is to be taken from this?  

If there is an oil event at the Atlantis oil field/platform on October 13/14, there will surely be a news article aired near midnight October 14.... it will the warning to those down river of the Hoover Dam of its predicted breach.  A tsunami of water will head downstream along the Colorado River on October 15, 2016.

And, should both the Atlantis and Hoover events occur, they will be warnings to Los Angeles of disaster predicted for October 17, 2016, an earthquake...or perhaps a tsunami originating in Japan?  I expect to find, somewhere, some clarification on the "Japan nuance" but haven't searched as yet.

And, should, in the vast Gaussian improbability of such events being subject to prediction, the above occur, then any person remaining in San Francisco on October 19, 2016 will likely perish.

And the events of October 13-19, 2016, should they occur, would be only the beginning for "everyone else."

Jim Ross

"Deepwater Horizon," a very proximate warning yet to come?

In response to an essay suspecting the soon to be released movie, "Inferno," will be too late to be a 'warning' a commenter, Saiful Islam, notes the recently released "Deepwater Horizon."  [Curiously, official articles say it will be released September 30 but I find it listed in local theaters today.]  Yes, I looked that one up on WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and its "Map of Time" reflection.  I found it on page 29, or, at least, I believe I found it:

Note the message I have "imagined" to have been encoded; "crude oil" and "deepwater."  I expect the message is far more elaborate but have not pursued it further than the above as yet.  I also expect the message will be complete when I've found the word, "horizon."  And from that finding, I'd also expect to find an interval.

You might note the date in red.  You might also note the number of dead, 11, and the line number on which the message began, 1100.  Coincidentally.

Also coincidentally, in the movie "Knowing" the seven days of great tribulation start with the coincident offshore oil rig fire noted as Professor Koestler watches TV at exactly 11:59pm EST on October 14, searching for the predicted event he will soon experience.  The fictional event was an oil rig fire without fatalities; nothing like the Deepwater Horizon.

*** ***

I am brought to page 29 by another thread of thought this morning; that the first of the "Black days" of the 1929 collapse is 59 years from the "Black day" of the 1987 collapse and October 19, 2016 is exactly one half of that period from 1987:

You know how I feel about 10/19/2016; the reverse of 9/11 in several permutations.  Its my street  number address.  I've been writing about 10/19/2016 since September of 2015, at least.

Will an oil rig event of some reportable significance be a warning at the outset of the "seven days" in October 2016?  If so, that event in the movie was about 15 hours before the first of three disasters.  Be alert to any oil platform fire on October 14, 2016, give or take one day to account for any error I might have made.  If that happens, the prediction would seem to be occurring.  Better forewarned than otherwise.  

I find the commenter's observation, today, 9/18/2016 or 9/9/9, something of a synchronicity for several reasons.  But that's me.

We lost a valued family member on 9/18/2007 or 9/9/9.  That was 9 years ago today.

Jim Ross

Interval within an interval...and an error

Two intervals in two essays found independently but...  They they seem interrelated.  I discovered that last night and woke up with it this morning.  As well, I discovered an apparent error or inconsistency in the latter of those two essays.  From the line structure of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" the mathematic vertical line structure exhibited in the "Map of Time" allowed Mr. Gann to place meaningful words and messages at mathematically related locations in the MOT.  The question arises, can there be "intervals with intervals" just as Mr. Gann (and the Bible) said there are wheels within wheels.

Emma, Ray and San Andreas.  The first of the referenced two essays is Emma, Ray and San Andreas, let's call it "ERS" for short.  It gave us the endpoints of Ray on line 145, Emma on line 12216 and the computed midpoint of 6181.  And 6181 is the exact midpoint of seven perfectly aligned, contiguous letters that spell Andreas.  Hardly coincidental I claim.  Emma, Ray and San Andreas are the prime characters of the 2015 movie named after the great geologic fault.  Mr. Gann knew that movie.

The Third Confirmation of YHWH and Isaiah 9:10.  The second of the essays is the Third Confirmation of YHWH and Isaiah 9:10.  Let's call it the "Confirmation Interval."  The endpoints were defined as "San" at line 82 and "Andreas" at line 6184 with a "Halfway" of 3051; a line of multiple meanings.  First, it was roughly the center of an message which, when combined with the message on a related page, produced an incredibly detailed message of behavior, judgement and consequence.  Second, line 3051 is aligned perfectly in the middle of a paragraph that is a key to prediction of the future, in my opinion (an essay for another day).  And third and most dramatic, that singular line, when the dates of the left of the MOT and the right of the MOT are recomposed, give you the day October 8, 1865; the date of the "Great San Francisco Earthquake.

Those are the intervals that give a mathematic "interval within an interval" and also show my error.

The interval within the interval.  Perhaps you've already imagined it.  The ERS interval is roughly 12200 lines long and the Third Confirmation interval is roughly 6200 lines long; nearly double.  Parse it down to the following math which is summarized from the two essays:

The midpoint of ERS is the endpoint of the Third Confirmation (6181 vs 6184).  The Third Confirmation interval defined by the ERS interval.  Somewhat, an "interval within and interval."

The error.  Computed consistently, we'd expect the "midpoint" of the Third Confirmation on line 3133 (page 77), but I misdefined the line for which I was evaluating as 3051 (page 76) which turned out very significant.  

Still, the result found at 3051 is too noteworthy to ignore as somehow not entirely 'unintended.'  I look at how I describe line 3051 in the math of the Third Confirmation essay; as "Halfway."  Not midpoint.  Technically, I'm not mathematically incorrect but inconsistent.  As a former accountant/auditor both 'incorrect' and 'inconsistent' seem the same but they aren't entirely.

The interrelation of the intervals.  The larger ERS interval defines Emma, Ray and San Andreas, a contemporary movie that imposes a personal crisis amid a greater crisis (as many movies do).  Within the ERS interval we find the Third Confirmation interval of half the line dimension adding color; Biblical (the prediction), spacial (where it occurs), temporal (when in the past and when in the future).  It happened in San Francisco exactly October 8, 1865 and will happen again in about calendar time (October 13-19) in 2016.  The extent will be as described in section of the message pertaining to Atlantis and PGE.  I'll leave that to you to imagine.

The interrelation between the messages.  The twice larger ERS interval creates the "big picture" of San Andreas.  The half size Third Confirmation interval provides the details, the color of the same subject.

*** ***

An error?  I've had people ask me if I made this or that error to create a mystery and make the reader struggle with a concept.  I have no doubt Mr. Gann did that, none whatsoever.  I don't.  I write this stuff as I discover it.  No mystery there.

I can't dismiss the, at least, overlapping intervals which I believe are more than that, an interval that defines a smaller interval.  The larger was designed to lead to the smaller or, if the smaller were to be discovered first, the smaller leads to the larger.  That would be a great way for an ingenious author to lead a reader through a series of a map.

AND/OR, it might have implications about how cycles work.  Perhaps a greater interval defines an endpoint of a smaller interval.  In my error, I absentmindedly used the first line of the MOT as opposed to the 82nd line of the MOT to derive the 'halfway' point or line number 3051 which was found meaningful.  If I'd used the correct line number 82 to find the comparable/consistently derived line 3133, I'm not sure there's anything meaningful on line 3133 (though I have not concentrated on that line and related page).  

Which has me thinking, for the umpteenth time, what is the proper starting point.... and therefore correct midpoint?  And where would that question be raised...pages 76 and 77:

The "correct starting point."  Is the inconsistency I created, in yielding a meaningful result, a clue?  I just don't know.

Jim Ross

Friday, September 16, 2016

Finding YHWH and Isaiah 9:10: the third confirmation, the "San Andreas interval"

An elaborate message derived from two locations in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and its derived "Map of Time:"

The page locations, 128 and 76/77 are related by two easily conceived means, one verbal and one mathematic.

Verbally, page 77 gives us the "Palace of Minos," the ancient nation/state of Minoa whose culture enjoyed all the modern conveniences as those found in the time of TTTTA.  Page 128 give us the story of Naomi whose sins having been addressed and atoned lived a later life of dignity.  Minoa and Naomi, anagrams providing the trail between the pages; suggesting the link between them.

Mathematically its simple.  Pages 128 and 76/77 are aligned by the marvelous number 1.66.  An early iteration of Phi or the fifth number of the Fibonacci sequence divided by the fourth or 5/3=1.66.  In the diatonic scale we find the tone 'la' as a factor of 1.66 X the lower 'do.'

Number interval is the third confirmation.  It is the "Tao device."  We can argue if the anagram of Minoa and Naomi were intended by Mr. Gann to be a link.  We can disagree on the importance of 1.66 as evidence of a link.  But number interval is perfect math and logic.

The "San Andreas interval" defines the third confirmation.  Two perfectly spelled words comprising the phrase "San Andreas."  "San" is found on consecutive lines on the second page of the Foreword:

Andreas is found on consecutive lines of page 160:

[I mutter to myself, 'before the pearl is gotten, there must be a broken shell...." and page 160 divided by 100 is Phi.]

The midpoint according to the simple Tao device is line 3151:

Now, I'm going to trick you.  For several essays, I've used the second iteration of the WD Gann "Map of Time" which is for the period of 1932 to 2100.  Its identical to the original MOT except the dates have progressed by a half MOT cycle or 84 years.  In the above two MOT excerpts, you may notice I've used the original MOT that covers the period 1848 to 2016.  Every line is the same between the two but the dates are the original MOT period.  It is important.

Locating line 3051 on the original MOT, what do we find?  

I've greyed out the letters in the below escort that were used, in part, to construct the message that is inserted at the beginning of this essay:

 I've colored the items that give us the third confirmation.  There are three moving parts to the third confirmation:

  • Red highlighted.  Line 3051.  It appears on page 76/77 (highlighted in yellow).  The "San Andreas" interval mathematically derives the "YHWH Isaiah 9:10" predictions encoded on pages 76/77 and 128.  The third time I am led to page 76/77.
  • Blue highlighted.  There is a mathematic mechanism 'going on' in the MOT and I do not fully understand it.  That said, take the two days highlighted in blue and separate the month/day from the year. Now reassemble it to give you October 8....1865.  What happened on October 8, 1865?  From the Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco the "Great San Francisco Earthquake" occurred on that day.  Not the 1906 earthquake, but the other "Great San Francisco Earthquake." It was a 6.5M earthquake created by the San Andreas Fault.  
  • The tan narrative subject matter beginning on exactly line 3051, the halfway.  "...history repeats  itself in the lives of men, nations and the stock market."  And what greater natural disaster has afflicted the homeland of the U.S. than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake?  History repeating. And what about that next paragraph following history repeating do we find?  The demise of the mythical continent of Atlantis, a greatly advanced society, now resting below the seas.  
Can you honestly separate the halfway point of the "San Andreas interval" from the date of the "Great San Francisco earthquake" be it 1865 or 1906, the concept of "history repeating" and the submerged Atlantis?

I cannot.  But that's me.

*** ***

I need to move on.  I've discovered messages, synchronicities, symbolic reflections that greatly exceed the accumulation of supposed evidence that is provided in the many essays beginning with the "great mistake" in February 2016.  

To me, the supposed evidence supporting WD Gann's prediction that the date range of October 13-19 will include "remarkable events," truly disastrous seismic events involving southern California, is overwhelming.  Continuing to provide additional information will not change the mind of any person not already convinced one way or the other nor anyone on the fence.

What will changes will manifest if the prediction comes true?  The 100 plus or minus 50 people that routinely read my ongoing discovery of Mr. Gann's predictions, whether they believe now or in arrears of October 2016's events, will then be convinced.  And their number will multiply; Isaiah 60:22 comes to mind:

[My, my, will it never stop?  Isaiah 60...a full reading, the Gentiles came "as doves to their windows."  Where did WD Gann get "The City of the Lord?" as the name of the new capital of the World?  Isaiah 60:14.  There I go again.]

Also emerging from a true result will be an intense concern that, "If it happened to San Francisco, could it happen at the Cascadia subduction; Seattle and Portland?  Could it happen at Yellowstone?  At the New Madrid Seismic Zone, to Chicago and St Louis?"  And, according to what I have partially decoded, it will.  I could be wrong about Mr. Gann's work and will gladly accept welcome that result.  I can't accept that he was wrong.

So, October will be the tragic test that I thought was occurring in February 2016.  And, should we be so unfortunate for my decoding of Mr. Gann's work to be correct, then it is a warning.  And there are many further predictions that will flow from that warning.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Coloring the message of YHWH and Isaiah 9:10; the second confirmation

In the September 14 essay I searched for the most holy of names of God and found one and only one instance that was colocated on the same page, page 128, with Isaiah 9:10.  This 'coincidence' is the first near explicit recognition of my long held belief that WD Gann laid out in 1927 the prophecy made popular by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his 2011 book "The Harbinger" (a highly notable interval of 84 years).  That prophecy, that the United States, one of two nations founded 'under God,' will succumb to the same fate as ancient Israel; because of it hubris it will lose the favor of least for some time.

The encoded message constructed in that previous essay is:

In that essay I indicated that I'd found a further page and detailed message linked to page 128.  I'd previously found that mathematically linked page many weeks/months ago and wrote essays on it then.  The previous time I found the message it was via a trail of verbal logic.  Back then I pondered the phrase "In Naomi..." found on page 128.  It was 'as if' Mr. Gann was referring to the "Book of Naomi" inclusion in the Bible.  Of course, there is a story of Naomi but there isn't a "Book of Naomi" included in the Bible.  I then realized Naomi was an anagram for another subject in TTTTA; Minoa.

Following the verbal trail I searched for what I knew was there;  the inclusion of Mr. Gann's reference to the "The Palace of Minos" and found it on page 77.  Mr. Gann recounts the ancient village in which archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans discovered all the modern conveniences having been used in ancient times.  Minos, the society of Minoa...  Minoa, an anagram for Naomi.

There is great meaning on page 76/77 to which I was led by its verbal relation to page 128.  This time the trail becomes mathematic.  This time, I pondered the finding of YHVH and Isaiah 9:10, long sought confirmation on the page 128; a key to the diatonic scale's mathematic structure and to modern computer memory mathematic structure.  The mathematic structure of thought.  Reflexively I divided by various permutations of Phi and traced to resultant pages.  128 divided by the fifth Fibonacci number 5 multiplied by the fourth Fibonacci number 3 is 76.8 or page 76 or 77.  And I find Minos, or Minoa on page 76/77.  The mathematic trail.  Somewhere between page 76 and 77 there is a message related to the content and message of page 128.

By mathematics I'm back where TTTTA had taken me before but previously by verbal logic.  The encoded message(s) must be important:

As color coded, the so assembled acrostic and telestic words shown in the right margin might be the least of the important concepts of this page.  Still the implied message is integral:

That's pretty specific.  The PGE headquarters at 77 Beale Street is 34 stories, located pretty much at sea level.  If PGE is to be 'lost in deep water, something much have happened to the sea level, at least temporarily, or something must have happened to the elevation of the street level, or something must have happened to the height of the 34 stories.  Or all three.

The greater story might be the narrative of pages 76/77 when combined with that of page 128 and combined with the encoded messages.  Follow my imagination in interpreting the meaning of both the encoded messages and the narratives pages 128 and 76/77.  My interpretation:

*** ***

Its a subjective interpretation of a finite mathematician having less than a sophomore's understanding of the Bible and such things.  Consider it a 'best effort' or 'work in progress' and create your own.  

Why might we consider the substance of the message intended by Mr. Gann?  I'd suggest four items to consider as evidence of intention:
  • A directed search for "YHWH" found one and only one instance of the perfectly created and contiguous letters.
  • The finding of "YHWH" was coincident with finding the proximate the elusive confirmation of the "Isaiah 9:10" prophecy.
  • Fibonacci sequence and diatonic structure both mathematically relate the pages (128 and 76/77) that create the combined message.
  • The pages are linked by the anagram relation of Naomi and Minoa.

I make a big deal about how I got to page 76/ immensely important page; both verbally and mathematically.  Somewhat sloppy, somewhat inaccurate, I refer to that as 'confirmation' and then as a 'second confirmation.'

Philo of Alexandria's "Rules of Enigmas" instructed in methods of creating understanding in the recipient of communication.  One rule was to repeat concepts of great importance.  You'll find Mr. Gann repeat items Robert Gordon found important.  You'll find Mathew 7:7, "ask, seek, knock" once formally and twice informally; three times.

There is a 'third confirmation' using a number interval.

Jim Ross