Saturday, February 28, 2015

Following the Luo Clement mystery

Recall the assertion Luo Clement = WD Gann in a previous post.  "Ancient Science of Numbers," written by Luo Clement but, as asserted by Gann, was published by Roger brothers and appeared to be the only book published by them.  Not true.

Thanks to a reader of my blog, the only books published solely by Roger brothers (perhaps Gann himself?) according to a search of Internet other than Luo Clement's Ancient Science:

Judge David Patterson Hatch, subject of Rosicrucian Order initiate Elsa Barker's "Letter's from a Living Dead Man."  Supposedly, Elsa Barker wrote letters when she dreamed/imagined.... messages from a Mr. X.  Came to find out they were messages from Judge Hatch who had recently passed and whom she'd never met.  Judge Hatch' son believed it was his father.  The letters are very interesting, indicating post death experience and importance of pre death preparation.

So, Elsa was Rosicrucian Order Alpha et Omega.  Was Judge Hatch?  From pg 53 of Straight Goods on Philosophy (very heavy stuff) we have a triangle with 36X9 dimension giving us a hypotenuse of 37.  37 is the smallest angle of the 3 4 5 triangle and page 53 is the complement.  Page 53:
The "One" is bolded in both cases.  "O" of One, "O" or One and 'n" define a right triangle; one, number, one.  "not your" and "big mirror" were bolded as well but I didn't see any geometry formed by them.

I wonder if we find the signature of the Rosy Cross in the other authors' works that are on the list.  Come to think of it, I need to check Ancient Science, Higgins ' Cross of the Magi' and even Troward's books.  Don't know where this is going but I believe I've read RC represented they knew the methods of divining the future.


Chapter 34 or XXXIX and the philosophers stone numbers of TTTTA

Prominent [intentional] mistake in The Tunnel Thru the Air, the 34th chapter is denoted as XXXIX or 39.  Mistake, I don't think so.

Two philosophers stone numbers (IMO) prominent by their highly veiled inclusion in TTTTA are the numbers, 432 and 252.  They are emphatically there, you have to look really hard and study far afield to find them and how Gann emphasized them.  And 432 / 252 can be reduced to its smallest whole number reflection of 12 / 7.

How does this relate to chapter 39 aka 34.  Well, 3 + 9 = 12 and 3 + 4 = 7.

Mark 8:19 and Mark 8:20.

12 / 7 = 1.714285 or the Egyptian royal cubit.  Double it and you find Pi.

How many times do you find 1.714 on the following page?

Many meanings of Gann's most prominent mistake.  I like this one very much-ly.



Monday, February 23, 2015


In writing "The Great 1000-year Cycle" chapter of my book, I reached a dilemma.  After deriving what might be the correct analytically derived sub cycles, I was challenged with finding the proof of the cycle and sub cycles.  Gann "proves up" the 1000 and 100 year cycles by looking back at those cycles in history to find repetition.

Fair enough.  But he also says the cycle must have the correct starting point.  He compares the period of 1914-1920 to the period of 916-912.  And then he defers to Hans Delbruck regarding the comparable period 2000 years earlier.  Gann avoids naming the period 2000 years earlier, that being 86 BC or so.

I don't have a Hans Delbruck who might help me avoid the comparison.

I tried the same thing.  War seemed to be a recurrent theme, I could look to the 2001 sneak attack or the 2003 kickoff of the Iraq war.  What of great significance might have occurred 2000 years before 2001?

I didn't find a war but the answer was pretty obvious.  AD began with 1 AD; December 25, 0001.  There wasn't a 0 AD.  There was a 1BC nor a 1AD, but there isn't a 0 either way.  Duh, I knew that.

Turn the comparison upside down, like the inversion of the 9 on page 69 or in Robert Gordon's birthdate.

Do we know if there has been an event in 2001 comparable to 0001 AD?  Or will we not know for some years to come; what, of importance, happened in 2001?

Perhaps the answer will become obvious to the extent one dwells on the question.

Where is the starting point?


Saturday, February 21, 2015

The "Great 1000-year Cycle" in TTTTA

There's only one cycle referred as "great" in TTTTA.  It is the 1000-year cycle.  Look it up.  Did Mr. Gann intend to elevate that cycle above others?  Even the 5,000-year cycle, mentioned on one occurrence in the same sentence as the 1,000 isn't described as "great."

Perhaps there's a coded fingerprint in TTTTA.

Consider this.  There are 33 occurrences of the exact word "1000".  In TTTTA.  Do a word search on the readily available searchable pdf that Superrome so generously makes available on the Gannstudygroup website and in scribed.

Important number 33.  Christ's age when he was crucified.  do re me fa so la si do….  It is the tone 'fa.'  One third the Law of 3 of the whole.  Too many meanings to count.

But how might we, somewhat, confirm Mr. Gann wanted to put an exclamation point on the '1000-year cycle?"

Let's continue.  Try searching "1,000" and you find exactly 4 occurrences.  Four, not so much help.

But what if you added it to 33?  You get 37.

Signature of the Rosicrucian.  Meaningful to the Mason.  The smallest angle of the Pythagorean 3 4 5 triangle.  Reduced, we get 1, the monad.  And on….

But don't stop there.  How about a search for "thousand".  Of course, it could be a portion of a larger word, say "five thousand" but let's go ahead and put on the blinders.

We have 98 occurrences of "thousand" and that added to 37 gives us 135.  Sesquiquadrate.

Somewhere I think Mr. Gann is winking.  What do you say Watson?


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The First Veiled Message in TTTTA

"The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940."

You go no further, you haven't read a thing beyond the title.  Without anything in the text of the book other than the titel, is there a self-contained message?

It takes some context to come up with Petter Amundsen's "lunar return" deciphering.  He's right, but to get to that meaning you need the Jonas connection (3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth) on the inscrutable page 69.  And you need context for the other (valid) interpretations I've seen as well.

But to derive the following interpretation of meaning, all you need is the above 10 words.

Yes.  An eteostic.  And eteostic or chronogram is the use of Roman Numerals to designate a key number.  A number of importance.  The capitalization and order do not matter, just the sum of the numnumerals (1940 is not a Roman numeral).

Here are the Roman Numerals hidden in the title (converted to capital letters for recognition):



50+1+50+1+100+1000= 1202.

And the immense significance of 1202?  1202 AD when the great Leonardo Fibonacci published Liber Abaci.  And the significance?  Our system of enumeration in numbers instead of Roman Numerals.  From wikipedia:

Ever tried to divide a Roman Numeral and find the result to the 3rd decimal?  How could any system of numbers not embrace and symbolize the infinite circle?

Can there be a more pervasive invention in mathematical communication affecting the last 800 years?

Interesting.  Mr. Gann used 10 words in the title, Liber Abaci, 0 through 9.  Pure genius IMO.

Jim Ross
  of Tottenham (Lane)

Monday, February 16, 2015

William Delbert Gann = Luo Clement

Yesterday, February 15, 2015, I compared the methods of vibratory analysis employed by WD Gann and Luo Clement.  They are similar but dissimilar.  Along the way I noticed a couple items that were common between Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers…" and Gann's "Tunnel Thru the Air…"  Digging deeper last night I failed to find a bio or anything otherwise written by Luo Clement.  Indeed, I did not find anything that suggested he existed in 1908 other than his book and a notice of copyright registration filed February 15, 1908.  I have come to the conclusion that WD Gann wrote "The Ancient Science of number…" and would like to have it disproved.

I would be appreciative if anyone would email me privately with any information that indicates a Luo Clement was alive in New York City in 1908, was of the age capable of having written "The Ancient Science of Numbers…", etc.  My email address is

Following are some indications that WD Gann wrote the subject book:

  • In "Why Money is Lost on Commodities and Stocks…" Gann writes he left Oklahoma City on May 12th and on August 8th, 1908 he made his greatest discovery…  "The Ancient Science of Numbers was copyrighted on February 15, 1908 and two copies were delivered to the registration authorities on May 8, 1908:

  • On page 16 of the "The Ancient Science of Numbers.." we find the awkwardly and entirely unexplained quotation, without attribution, from Mathew 9:29:

  • We find that same quotation without attribution in TTTTA appearing 7 times.  If one were to enter the search words "be I unto you" there will be 7 occurrences in which it is either substantially repeated or repeated in full as Robert Gordon concentrates on Marie Stanton's odd note.
  • "The Ancient Science of Numbers…" was published by Rogers brothers (small b), New York in 1908 and apparently that firm did so with a copyright date of Feb 15, 1908 as noted above.  The publication page shows Rogers Brothers as located at 82 Duane Street, NY.  I do not find any source suggesting they were located there, however, this may have been a multiple occupancy office building (Federal Square).  I do not find other books published by Rogers Brothers but my search is ongoing.  I do find that Hawkes-Jackson moved out of that street address in May 1908 (The American Stationer, May 2, 1908):

  • The author, Luo Clement, requests comments to be delivered to the publisher at 82 Duane Street but not to his address, whatever that might be.  The book notifies there will be a further book entitled "Numerical Vibrations, A book of higher instruction in the system of divine mathematics" but I do not find that book as ever having been published.  I believe TTTTA is that book as the below relations suggest.  
  • I find several dates odd.  Relative to the copyright dates of February 15, 1908 and May 8, 1908 above, the dates of October 26, 1926 (pg 41 TTTTA), February 23, 1927 (pg 94 TTTTA) and June 19, 1927 (pg 197 TTTTA) find Robert Gordon referencing his great discovery, the last citation being the 19 year time factor.  And there are, generally, 19 years between the publication of "The Ancient Science of Numbers.." and those dates in TTTTA.
  • Here's the one that puts an exclamation point on this analysis (should it not be disproved that Luo Clement is actually WD Gann).  The copyright date aforementioned was February 15, 1908 and I made this, tentative, discovery on February 15, 2015.  That's 106 years or intervals between the dates to the day.  Recall the age of Christiani Rosencrueutz ("The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz") when he passed.  It was 106 years or 53 X 2 as any Mason or Rosicrucian might point out.  Might the following symbol provide further reinforcement:

  • The following puts the question to rest pending other information.  I have stared at the five asterisks that appear on page 130 of TTTTA hundreds of times and wondered "Why?"  Well, you look at the quotation of Mathew 9:29 on page 130 of "The Ancient Science…" and similarly wonder "Why?"  And I find those same five asterisks on both page 45 of "The Anccient Science…" and on page 130 of TTTTA:

This bothered me all night.  It is now resolved to my satisfaction pending any evidence otherwise.  I'm sure there are many that know that Luo Clement was a ghost name for WD Gann and I'm the dunce who finally made the connection.  On the other hand, I've never seen anyone give state that connection so while I might accuse myself of being not the sharpest knife, at least I'm not selfish with what little insight I'm given.

[A riddle for the curious.  How many pages are in TTTTA and how many pages are in "The Ancient…."?]

Please, if anyone can prove Luo Clement existed as described, let me know.

Jim Ross

PS...I believe the book I am writing will turn the Gann world upside down.  I plan on self publishing and it will be cheap.  It will be hours, days, weeks, months, years from now.  Gann said he would not 'spread broadcast' his knowledge because the world was not ready for it in 1927.  I believe he intended for it to be disseminated in the age of the 266th Pope and I intend on doing so.  This year.