Thursday, June 25, 2015

Road trip 3 of 4 - WD Gann's Memorial Triangle

Standing directly behind WD and Sadie Gann's grave stone at about noon on the Sumer solstice and looking, conceptually, across the river at One World Trade Center, I "knew" there would be greater mathematic reality hidden in the Cartesian coordinates of the real and fictional sites about which Mr. Gann wrote.  I had immediately noticed that the face of the grave stone was 'square' with 1WTC and, therefore, with lower Manhattan; not simply square with the Island of Manhattan.  It was square with the most notable marks of Manhattan; 1WTC and the Empire State Building.  And though I did not then realize it, it was NOT generally square with the whole of Manhattan or midtown.  AND, after walking around a bit, I saw that the Statue of Liberty to the left of the line of sight of the WTC.  In theory, the Mammouth Building at 42nd and Broadway south would have been to the right of the line of sight of 1WTC.

As I wrote on my note pad (shamefully and irreverently perched on the stone) the Cartesian coordinate of the stone based on my iPhone, the thought of that greater geometric reality dawned on me and I took a picture to monument that moment:

Such a humble grave stone for a Freemason of the highest level of achievement (32 degree, some believe 33); but perhaps not inconsistent with the craft as well.  Or, just perhaps, he constructed a hidden memorial geometry that only the dedicated and worthy…or err, the obsessive and without a life…might uncover.

An obsessive, I pondered that questioned for two days and then decided, yes he would.  And on the morning of the date of June 23, 2015 I used an iPhone and that same pad of paper to run some calcs.  I found two meaningful figures, one of which will be revealed in this post and one in a subsequent post.  I ran the calcs beginning at near exactly 7am on June 23rd as the bell of the Trinity Church sounded 7 chimes and completed the work and hour later…this time, 8 chimes of Trinity.  I was sitting in front of the Newport Tower in Newport RI.  The view in the foreground is the Newport Tower, argued to have been built by Elizabethan court scientist, John Dee, whose name is coded in TTTTA some 45 times.  The steeple in the background is that of Channing Memorial Church.

Yes he did.  I submit three meaningful points to Mr. Gann were 1) his final resting place, 2) the Statue of Liberty and 3) the Mammouth Building (which he intentionally misspelled in the Tunnel Thru the Air).  Those points are so enumerated as such on the following map:

Perhaps you recognize the apparent right triangle?  Indeed it is.  Using the coordinates to compute distances via the Haversine formula you will find that the angle at the Statue of Liberty point 2 is 89.99 degrees.  The details of the calculation may be derived from the information HERE.  At the bottom of that spreadsheet are 5 links.  The last 3 are satellite photos of the exact placement of each of the three points.  Also note the other angles of the right triangle are 33 degrees and 57 degrees.  Hmmm, weren't there two mysterious sets of 3 dots on the face of Mr. Gann's stone?  33?

33 and 57 degrees, make that exactly 33.25 and 56.75 degrees.  56.75 / 33.25 = 1.706767.  Recall the philosopher stone numbers of WDG and John Dee, 432 and 252, respectively.  432 / 252 = 1.714286.  Those same numbers reduce to 12 / 7, numbers of Biblical renown.  And remember the extrapolation of the plot number 37747.  Multiply the components of 3*7*7*4*7= 4116.  Now, add the non 7 numbers in 37747 and you get four 7s.  Then multiply those four 7s to get 7*7*7*7=2401.  And 4116 / 2401 equals, you guessed it, 1.714286.  The quotient of the angles of 1.706767 is rather close to the philosopher stone quotient of 1.714286.  And the philosopher stone quotient is also the Egyptian Royal Cubit of 1.714286.  Interesting coincidence.

The presentation of Gann's Memorial Triangle seems easily conclusive that Mr. Gann created a work of geometric art.  But it is only idle art on the surface.  There is far far deeper meaning.  The triangle seems to present a Euclidian triangle (a triangle in planar space) but that is not reality.  The reality is that the distances are computed via spherical trigonometry; the Haversine formula…great circle methodology.  The reality is that Euclidian geometry is not reality but a simplification of space reality.  Gann knew this, in my opinion, and he is introducing us to that reality.  He knew far far more about non Euclidian geometry and Einsteinian physics than anyone has ever identified.  I hope to provide an attractive case to that end in the several posts going forward.  It will take a lot of time to make that case.  Many posts, and many errors along the way.

But, for now, let's put to rest the idea that WD and Sadie H. Gann are memorialized by a 'plain' memorial stone.  I'm not aware of any that sport a memorial with a perimeter spanning 16 miles of some of the richest and most historic real estate in America, if not the world.

One last note.  The Mammouth Building (42nd and Broadway) is within 1/2 degree of being perfectly due north of point 1, plot 37747.

Jim Ross

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Road trip 2 of 4 - A trip in tribute to WD Gann

6/21/2015. This has been the most stunning day of my research life.  I am posting this today only to preserve it as this date.  I will create the post after we return from our visit with our daughter and son in law...perhaps Wednesday.


6/24/2015 addendum.  I've had two days to reflect on my visit to NYC.  I have, in my humble opinion, made some incredible discoveries.  I try to keep "my" discoveries in perspective because, as my wife says, "its not all about you, Jim."  Unfortunately, I'm a chess piece on a square of 8 that Mr. Gann envisioned and I have to tell the story.  I don't see myself, now, as any more than that but it will seem otherwise.  I am neither intellectually nor morally worthy of the insights I believe that have been given to me.  On the 1960s JET engineering tests, I had adequate but not excellent aptitude.  If I met with the 3-Mason panel to review my character for inclusion, I'd likely fail.  But that is the way it is.

That said, this post will document what the trip I took on Sunday, June 21, 2015, from Newport, RI, to New York City and Brooklyn.  On that day, I perceived a geometry that WD Gann contrived and published in The Tunnel Thru The Air which would not be complete until the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in 2001 and would not be discovered until this series of writings.  This post will not describe those geometries but will be, as best I recollect that day, describe my movements that day.  Ultimately, I find some aspects of the trip as remarkable as the geometries.  But that's my personal, subjective assessment.  That's something that is not provable.

The geometries, once they are published are pure math; they are Cartesian coordinates and they comprise an incredible line NYC points sectioned in Phi components.  I have run the numbers on the "incredible line" so I know it works.  It is a line that is defined by the location of the Mammouth Building, the WTC towers and the Statue of Liberty.  Three Cartesian points that are sectioned according to Phi.  You can run the numbers yourself.  The Cartesian coordinates are easily had over the Internet.  You can do it in Euclidan space (planar geometry), ignoring the curvature of the Earth (spherical trigonometry).  I will do it in the post following this one.

But there is another geometry which is yet more compelling that I believe will emerge.  I have not run the numbers, but I "know" it exists.  I stood behind Mr. Gann (and Sadie Gann's) tombstone and it, at that moment struck me.  If then thought there would be an isosceles triangle formed by there of the four coordinates….   when you add the Cartesian coordinate of Mr. Gann's tombstone to the three foregoing coordinates, you now have four.  What if those four coordinates formed a Keplar triangle in which the WTC bisected the hypotenuse of the right triangle formed by the remaining three points?  That's my guess; I have not run the numbers.  It has been there since 1927….  In my conception of Mr. Gann's philosophy of time and space, that triangle has been there since time began and will be there for all of time.  That I run the numbers later this week and post in a fourth post regarding the "road trip," well, the extra day or two should not matter.

Think about it; a line and triangle that was described and published by Mr. Gann in 1927 that relied upon the Cartesian coordinate of the WTC that did not then exist - the 6th prophecy.  And a person encoded in TTTTA in 1927 making the discovery of these geometries in 2015….88 years later - the 7th prophecy.

So that's the game plan.  The remainder of this post will reprise the trip I took in tribute of Mr. Gann on the date of the summer solstice of 2015.  Thereafter, there will be posts that compute the "incredible line" and the, yet to be proven, Keplar triangle.  Following is my trip in tribute to Mr. Gann and my subjective thoughts and observations.  If you would rather cut to the chase, to the geometries, you might wish to ignore this post.  For me, the trip, itself, has become more important.  I "knew" there would be mathematic proofs of Mr. Gann's foresight.  I wasn't prepared for how the trip emerged and ended.

Buffeted about among the schedules of 4 persons (myself, my wife, my daughter and my son-in-law), it was determined we'd visit them in Newport, RI on June 19-23, 2015.  They'd lived there since his assignment to U.S. Naval War College and we hadn't seen them for several months.  The time was ultimately set for 'Father's Day' weekend according to the ulterior motives of the daughter and wife….  I didn't then have a clue it was the summer solstice.  But my ulterior motive, or one, was to visit Mr. Gann's grave and several sites in NYC.

My first plan for 'my' portion of the road trip was set for Saturday the 20th.  That was changed early on because we could not leave VA Beach on Friday the 19th until late in the day.  That would put us in Newport at 1-2am on the 20th and I wanted to make an attempt to visit Fox and Friends live weekend airing.  I couldn't arrive at 2am in Newport, sleep two hours and then make the 3 hour trip back to NYC for the show.  So it had to be Sunday, despite it being Fathers Day.

The family accepted that the trip on Father's Day was something I had to do; it was a passion.  I engineered a graceful compromise.  I'd be in NYC at first light on Sunday, make all my visits and be back on the road headed towards Newport RI by shortly before noon.  I'd text the family to meet me at the coordinates of the Nordic Lodge in Charlestown RI for a Fathers Day meal (seating 3 to 6:30pm).  The "surprise" would be all you can eat lobster, prime rib and everything conceivable.  A neighbor had told me, 'before you did, you must do the buffet at the Nordic Lodge."  Well, that plan didn't work because, when I floated the "surprise" for Sunday afternoon, my daughter said she had to work Sunday afternoon (she has a seasonal job to fill up her days).

So now I'm forced into making the NYC trip Sunday, stay as long as it takes in NYC.  Along about that point, that's when I realized and checked, yes, it was the summer solstice.  I posted that in the first 'road trip' post.  Interesting coincidence.  I did not plan that.

Sunday 2:30am, shower and on the road at 3am.  There was a massive rainstorm en route so the 3 hour trip took 4 putting me at 1211 Avenue of the Americas at 7am.  Still raining, I didn't have a chance to use my sign (see  HERE) to get autographs or weasel my way into a shout out on national TV.  I did make it to Fox but, as I'd expect, there weren't any barbecues, sporting events or outside activities (see the activity courtyard used by Fox HERE at 6:58am 6/21/15).  Rain.

On to 42nd and Broadway where the fictional Mammouth Building was located.  My plan was to be on foot at this point but the rain forced me to remain with the car.  It was, generally, rain off and on, but very dreary and threatening.  42nd and Broadway is, generally, Times Square.  Even at 7/8am, there was activity; workers cleaning up from the previous night, Yoga, Plates, Tai Chi classes, runners….  I didn't stop the car to take the GPS coordinates but later found them to be about 40.796N 73.987W.  Of course, that coordinate might be refined depending on which corner the Mammouth were located on and where the center of the footing would be.  Here's how it looked at 7:01am HERE.  Not good.

After wandering the area a good half hour, the next stop was Mr. Gann's long time offices at 82 Wall Street.  A friend gave me a heads up that his first office was located at 120 Liberty Street but I was unable to get to that stop.  I did find 82 Wall Street as shown HERE.

Next up was a visit to One World Trade Center and the WTC Memorial.  For that, I'd have to be on foot so I dropped off the car a couple blocks away.  Not on my agenda was Battery Park but I'd seen coming off FDR it was within easy walking distance of One WTC.  After getting lost a mere four blocks from One WTC, I made it there.  I took Cartesian coordinates of the farthest corners of the North and then South pools (former footings of the Twin Towers) as well as pictures.  Of course, I took pictures of One WTC.  A very moving experience.  Even at 9am there was a waiting line for the opening of the memorial.  Here are the pics; HEREHERE, and HERE.

Hoofing it to the Battery, a thought of the possible geometries began to emerge.  My thought I'd later voiced to a couple interested persons was that there might be an isosceles triangle formed by the 3 points of the Mammouth, the WTC and the Statue of Liberty.  Oh, there was a geometry there but not as I could discern from being on the ground.  Only could such a concept could be verified in theory unless you elevated yourself so that you could look down a line of the three points.  No, even then you could not do it.  You'd have to be high over the three sites.

So when I got to the Battery, I was a bit excited about the emerging 'purpose' or 'insight' that my visit might provide.  And the first picture I took of the Merchant Mariner statue clued me in on the newly emerged object of this unplanned stop; the Statue of Liberty.  It is HERE and then zoomed HERE.  The French' gift to the US on the 100th anniversary of 1776 (as I recall).  I believe Mr. Gann held this monument in great reverence….as he did the 100 year cycle.

And that was NYC segment of my visit.  After retrieving my vehicle I'd be through the Hugh Carey Tunnel (formerly the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel).  But retrieving my vehicle proved a bit difficult in that Google didn't help me all that much.  When I finally got to the garage, the attendant told me my car wasn't there; he didn't recognize the ticket.  I then showed him the intersection adjacent to the lot where I'd left my car and he did a computer search.  He was wrong…it was there.  Moments later I was off to Green-Wood Cemetery.  When I emerged from the Hugh Carey Tunnel, the sun was out.  I could look back and see the haze was still over Manhattan, but it was sunny and breezy in Brooklyn.  And it was getting hot.

I arrived at a remote gate of the Cemetery at about 11am and followed the Border Road around the cemetery until, ultimately, I found the main gate.  The public computer located at the entrance gave me the general location of Mr. Gann's grave according to this map HERE.  For anyone wishing to visit his grave, the directions from the entrance would be left onto Battle Avenue until it intersects Border and then left on Border.  The grave will be on the right side of Border and up the hill.  Keep this in mind…it is up the hill, it is behind a very large tree and, absent that tree, there would be a great view of Manhattan and One WTC.  Trying to find the grave by plot number 37747 in section 129 simply didn't work for me.  I was now on foot having left my car at the entrance.  And had become sunny and hot.

It was taking so long that I feared my family would worry that I had had problems by arriving back in Newport RI late that night.  I was going to find the grave regardless of how long it took and after maybe an hour of looking I sent the following text to my wife; HERE.  That's how it went down.  I was frustrated that I could not discern the order of graves despite having a detailed map of the plots by plot number.  The plot number cannot be prominently found…every now and then you find a stone with a plot number on it but its just too infrequent.  When I texted my wife, I didn't know where I was at in the numbering system.  But immediately after hitting the send button, I turned around, looked up the hill and from maybe 50 feet or so I could see Gann's stone.

Above is the first picture I took of the stone and which I texted to my family.  Most people describe it as plain and, particularly so for a 32 or 33 degree Mason.  There were some incredible monuments at Green-Wood Cemetery.  Take this one for example HERE.  At the other end of the spectrum we find the understatement of WD and Sadie Gann's stone.  But perhaps the elegance lies not in the presentation as much as the geometries that are created of it.  Perhaps the understatement only magnifies the concepts that might be completed with its location relative to the Statue of Liberty, the 110-story WTC and the fictional 110-story Mammouth Building.

Mr. Gann's stone, as simple as it was, was not without some meaning of its own.  Take, for example, the two roses (5 petals on each rose) at the top right and left corners with attendant 4 groupings of 3 leaves.  The rose, sign of the Rosicrucian.  Lord Francis Bacon, according to the research of Peter Amundsen among others, have found in Shakespearian works encoding of Bacon's authorship (the Stratfordian debates).  The sign of Rosicrucian origin of works (art, writing, etc) would be the a Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle or the sign of the rose on page 53 or 37 (the smaller angles of the 3-4-5 triangle).  Indeed, I have written an essay on page 53 of TTTTA and the rose found on that page.  And now we find two roses on Mr. Gann's tombstone.  If I recall correctly, the secretive rosicrucian society founded by Christian Rosencruetz believed it could predict the future.  Here are pictures of the 2 roses for a closer look; HERE and HERE.

Another observation would be the two sets of 3 dots.  The first set between the years of 1878 and 1955 and the second set between the years 1889 and 1942.  Concatenate the numbers to give you 33, add the numbers to arrive at 6 or multiply them to produce 9.  Concatenate 69 and to get 69, the reversible number that is 69 or flipped and rotated is 96.  Both have meaning for the 6th prophecy of the tragedy of 9/11 on which I have written extensively.  69 was, as well, Robert Gordon's office on Wall Street and both 69 and 96 were prominently permutations of his birthday 6/9/1906.  Ignore the 0 and on either side of the 1 you have 69 and 96.  And we shouldn't forget the brilliance of page 69 of TTTTA which many believe is the ground zero of meaning in the book.

The dimensions of the stone; it is difficult to accurately measure because the edges are roughly rock and the horizontal areas are beveled to shed water.  If I drew a vertical up the middle of the upper stone it would be 30 inches.  Either side is slightly shorter as the top is rounded to shed water.  Horizontally, the upper stone is 30 inches as well.  The depth of the upper stone is 8 inches.  My impression of the upper stone is that the intent of its dimensions were to create a stone that was squared at 30 X 30 inches with an 8 inch depth.

The base of the monument sits on a hill and is partially buried, so it is not fully visible from any angle.  Horizontally and left to right, it is 40 inches wide if you consider the jagged edges on the right and left and 38 inches if you measure only the finished beveled tops.  Horizontally and front to back, I wrote down 14 inches.  I'd expect that there are the same protruding rock edges making it 16 inches or perhaps the 14 inches should be 12 and with protrusions 14.  Unfortunately, I did not clarify this point.  Finally, from the slightly beveled edge of the base stone at its longest side (the lower side of the hill) was 12 inches to the ground.  Again, I expect the stone was sunk far deeper in the earth.

A friend asked me to verify the observation made by Olga M. that the grave overlooks Manhattan.  It does.  I stood behind the stone and looked directly at One World Trade Center.  Well, actually I didn't.  This was a learnable moment for me.  A tree completely obstructed the view of 1 WTC.  I could walk down to the great tree (HERE's a view from directly behind Mr. Gann's stone looking towards Manhattan), and did, and verify that 1 WTC was beyond it.  And actually again, there were several more trees beyond the great tree.  But I could move maybe 15 feet right, and did, and I could see 1 WTC.  I did several things to conceptually verify the stone was substantially "square" to Manhattan.  I "know" that it was even though I could not see that it was.

There isn't any question in a fair person's mind, that Mr. and Mrs. Gann "overlook" Manhattan as so poetically appropriate.

Similarly, left of that line of sight, maybe 30 to 40 degrees, is the Statue of Liberty.  Again, trees completely obscure the view.  We can walk down below the tree line and then side to side to make sure our judgement is correct.  But it is.  HERE's the view looking left from the stone (in the foreground).

That's most of the pictures of the grave site.  I did walk down to the big tree and took a couple directly towards Manhattan and to the left towards the Statue of Liberty.  And then I returned to the grave with the thought of taking the two close up pictures of the roses (see above), for a personal reflection and to read a couple Bible verses…of course, Mathew 9:29, "According to your faith…"  From here it was a 15 minute walk back to the car still at the front gate whereupon I realized I'd been nearly 2 hours looking for and studying the grave site.  It was 1:15pm when I got into the car and headed off to find 123 Fenimore Street in Brooklyn, Mr. Gann's home of more than 2 decades.

123 Fenimore Street is in a very typically Brooklyn (in a southerner's warped opinion) upper middle class neighborhood.  The house, itself, is very dated looking although it has brick facade that was apparently not its natural exterior.  The look is awkward, but unlike the brownstones across and down the street, it has a hint of a front and back yard.  Unremarkable, much like the gravestone.  I noted on the realty sheet that it was now a duplex.  HERE's the picture.  I do not see the "123" but I'm pretty sure I verified, to my satisfaction, that was it.

The Google navigated exit from Brooklyn took me through the entirety of that area and through the Bronx (I think) as well.  All told, I made it back to the primary Interstate 95 a good 90 minutes later.  Much time between wrong turns to think.

A first thought was one I'd had a couple days ago when I researched the route to my daughters apartment.  1 Commercial Wharf, apartment 23.  123; similarly to 123 Fenimore.  Not a biggee.

Another, that somehow I'd ended up at Mr. Gann's grave at the summer solstice.  I didn't plan that, but how stunning that it happened.

And then I thought, how poetic would it have been that I would be at Mr. Gann's grave at noon of the summer solstice?   I was close.  I was reading scripture at his grave within moments of exactly 1pm because I arrived at my car at 1:15pm after the 15 minute walk (I walk slow…both hips are now severe osteoarthritis as is the lower back).  Check the date and time stamp on the close up of the 2 roses above that I thought to take after walking back from the great tree.

And then it dawned on me; daylight savings time.  Think about it.

Sorry about the length of this piece.  I don't want to forget anything.

My family (wife, son-in-law, daughter) on the roof the evening of the summer solstice, June 21, 2015 as the sun sets with two racks of soon to be destroyed ribs…here.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Road trip

My wife and I are ready for a trip to Newport, RI to visit our daughter and son-in-law (attending U.S. War College), leaving Friday June 19.  I'm planning a solo visit to NYC on Sunday and am listing the things I want to do.  Of course, the primary visit given my passion for the subject, is WD Gann's grave which will be the last of the NYC sites for the day.

If first occurred to me that, strangely, Sunday June 21 is the summer solstice.  Coincidence.  I didn't plan that.  I will make sure I have a newspaper to show the date in pictures that I intend to take.

Then it occurred to me that Mr. Gann was born in June 1878.  Nope, he was born on June 6, 1878, not June 21, 1878 (I kinda knew that was the case but wasn't quite sure).  Wait a minute, what of significance might have occurred in The Tunnel Thru the Air in June.  How about Sunday June 19, 1927?

Robert Gordon's great discovery of a time factor occurred 88 years and 2 days before the day I will be paying tribute and on the same day of week- the 7th day.  I didn't plan that.

In planning other visits, my second stop will be 42nd and Broadway, site of the fictional "110-story" "Mammouth Building," also known as "The Cedar."

Then I'll visit the WTC Memorial, WTC 1 and the site of the destroyed 110-story Twin Towers.  Of course I'll visit St Paul's Chapel to reflect on Rabi Cahn's thesis of Isiah 9:11; the bricks have fallen and the cedar has been uprooted.  And reflect on the number of times I found the word "cedar" in TTTTA.

My third target is 82 Wall Street, site of Mr. Gann's offices.  In researching the building, I find that it was built in 1902, is 12 stories…. interesting number 12.  And 1+9+0+2= 12.   Didn't Mr. Gann like the number 12?   Presently it seems, Suite 400 is available for lease with 5632 square feet.

Wow, 82 Wall Street…  82 as in page 82 of TTTTA.  Where Mr. Gann makes the, apparently misplaced reference to the 266th Pope and the remarkable events then to occur.  Where he immediately thereafter predicted, on that page, the period of the depression and WWII.  I have contended that Mr. Gann could not have made such an error and that the remarkable events would happen following the election of the 266th Pope; which occurred mere months ago.  Perhaps he was speaking to our generation as a repetition of that which occurred shortly after publication of TTTTA?

My last target of the day for NYC will be Green-Wood Cemetery and plot 37747 (a notable prime number), which, itself, symbolizes the Mr. Gann's philosopher stone number 432 (the number of pages in TTTTA) and John Dee (the person most cited in the telestic coding of TTTTA) philosopher stone number 252 (Monas Hierogliphica).  Remember my essay "Gann's Grave"regarding the composition of the number 37747:

Perform reductions and the smallest ratios of those numbers are 12 and 7.  Surely, I will reflect on Psalm 12:7 and the preservation of knowledge among the generations.

I didn't provide the first target of the day because it is irrelevant.  But, if you're early to rise, you might flip to Fox and Friends Sunday and look for a 64 year-old in a T shirt, sporting a Newport RI hat (to protect the camera's from baldness glare) and, possibly holding a "Will Work For Autographs" or something similarly stupid.

My last stop for this longest day of the year will be the Newport Tower which, like many very old structures, cannot be authentically sourced.  As I recall, the Tower has been carbon dated in the mid/early 1600s.  The curator of the Newport Tower, Jim Egan, maintains that it could only have been designed by John Dee because only he, in the 1600s, had the knowledge to design such an astronomic calculator.

I'm very excited about seeing my daughter and son and the one chance I'll have to pursue this obsession.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

123 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn

Planning a visit to Rhode Island, I have investigated a trip to New York for a small sight seeing excursion.  Of course, WTC 1, NYSE (they no longer have tours), Green-Wood Cemetery (Gann's grave and others), Fox & Friends Sunday…  The best I could come up with by reading 'experts' was that Gann lived on Fenimore Street in Brooklyn.  Even his grandson's tribute was limited to Fenimore Street without a street number.

Perhaps 123 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn:

It is hard to visualize the character of this street as it might have existed in the 1920s.  It appears this location is just outside the Brooklyn Historic District. 

Hmmm, 1+2+3=6 and 1X2X3=6.  Also, (3^2)^1=9 which, concatenate with the 6 product or sum gives us the 69 or 96 representing the opposites that are richly found in the 4th prophecy of the 9/11 tragedy. 

The 123 in the article might visually appear to be 128 and I do find another wedding announcement that showed "128 Penimore."  128 Fenimore is a multistory apartment building (construction date unknown at present).  I think 123 Fenimore is correct but I have not traced property records.

Hope this helps someone in their research,