Thursday, July 30, 2015

GGG: Road trip 2 - Need to "know"

In a previous post, the WD Gann's Gravestone Geometry ("GGG") was identified based on the Google Earth overhead view of Mr. Gann's grave and 11 other closely positioned gravestones (see HERE).  Later, I identified in the arrangement of those stones a diamond that points to Lower Manhattan (HERE) and a 'triple triangle' (HERE) and speculated that there are a multitude of smaller triangles that may be formed by any 3 of the gravestones which might function as a clock of sorts.  Of magnificent sorts; a clock that relates, simultaneously, computes both time and space.   Recall the largest triangles, the 'triple triangle:'

[For those in Rio Linda, who might ask, what does this have to do with stock markets.  I remember the incredible ignorance of a supposed Gann expert who asked "I've read Chapter 39, errr 34, or Robert Gordon's 7 Days dozens of times and it has no relevance because there aren't any dollar signs in it.  So it can't relate to a stock chart."  Duh, price is merely a symbolic proxy for space.  The math, one would expect, is the same.  "Squaring" would provide the synthesis. Otherwise, Mr. Gann will have lied when he declared in the Foreword to "The Tunnel Thru the Air" that, for a man who understands Robert Gordon's 7 Days, "The future is an open book."]

So it was early on a fait accompli that I'd be returning to Green-Wood Cemetery to identify the other 11 gravestones and related dates.  How else would I be able to relate time to the many triangles formed of the gravestones.  But there's something else that is far larger, in my opinion, than identifying time and space triangles.  Oh really?  What might that be?

It will be for me, to find or deny a 'seal' to my often speculated theme that Mr. Gann presented Rabi Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" or Isaiah 9:10 theses some 72 years earlier before Rabi Cahn….some 64 years before the occurrence of the "first warning" of the World Trade Center attack.

The 'seal' of Rabi Cahn's thesis, for me, is the nature of what I have referred to as "The Great Tree" that obscures the view of the 12 gravestones from "seeing" Lower Manhattan from their view on the hill.  You can see that Great Tree above the top tip of the above triangle (see the first illustration above).  As I recall, it is a vast old tree that droops limbs 10, 15, 20 feet in each direction (….it's really hard to know because when I first visited, my attention was not on the tree).  Now that I reflect, it was big, not so much tall as wide in my vague impression.  

Rabi Cahn's thesis is that the WTC attack was the first Biblical warning of the removal of grace from the second of two countries founded under God, that three times since WTC, officials speaking for the US declared the country's independence of the need for grace, that the 'stones' of the WTC have fallen and the fig has been unrooted, that the country will rebuild better than before and the fig will be replaced by a cedar.  All are hallmarks of Isaiah 9.  As was warned of and befell on Israel B. C. according to Isaiah 9, so we'd infer would be the fate prescribed the U.S.  The lands of Israel were taken from the Israelites and they wandered.  How might that happen to the U.S.?  I have an idea.

And in TTTTA, we find in Robert Gordon's 7 Days, Robert destroying all the great buildings of the enemies (the stones have fallen).  And we find the 110-story Mammouth Building as also prominently known as "the Cedar."  The Cedar, the replanting of the uprooted sycamore.  We find 7 references to the cedar in TTTTA, the seventh of which appears on page 369.  The sycamore of St Paul's Chapel comes to mind as well, uprooted and replanted with a cedar.

It is hard for me to ignore the correspondence….and the implication. 

So what species is the great tree?  Is it the sycamore?  From

And from Wikipedia, something of interest:

68 Wall Street…. Mr. Gann's offices were 82 Wall Street.  Robert Gordon's office was 69 Wall Street.

I believe I will find that it is.  If so, I do not read the implication as good.  I hope I am wrong.  I "know" that I am right.

I'm planning my trip for Sunday, August 2.  Instinctively I search for that date in TTTTA and I find on page 219:

A quick calc of 2015 minus 1923…..82 years.  No, 92 years.  Whew.

Still, I need to "know," is the Great Tree the sycamore?

Jim Ross

[Memo for anyone interested.  I will start the 7 hour trip at about 3am with a targeted arrival at between 10am and noon.  I expect to be there at least a couple hours taking measurements and pictures.  If anyone is interested in meeting me at Mr. Gann's gravestone, the coordinates are 40'39"29.21N, 73'59"16.55W.  If using an iPhone, the compass measures only to the second and not to the decimals.  That will get you to within about 20 yards of the stone.  That being the case, find the Great Tree and walk up the hill from it.  I expect, however, to be alone in my endeavor.]

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

15^2, 144 and 82; 1776 and 2001

The Battle of Brooklyn occurred on August 27, 1776 and is popularly considered the first organized battle of the Revolutionary War.  Interestingly, one of the many skirmishes comprising the Battle of Brooklyn occurred on a hill in Green-Wood Cemetery within maybe 150 yards of Mr. Gann's gravestone (as best I recollect finding the monument to the battle relative to where I found Mr. Gann's gravestone).

The WTC tragedy occurred on September 11, 2001 as we know.  That is 82,194 days after the Battle of Brooklyn.  82 units of 1000 and change.  In terms of years, 82,194 days / 365.24 days per year is 225.041069 years.  225 completed years had transpired between the events, plus 15 days.  The WTC attack occurred, then, 15 days into the 226th year after the Battle of Brooklyn.

Now consider.  15^2 is 225 years.  Interesting, a square.  But you can break down each of the two 15s into components of 5 and 3:
Recall 53 is one of the 3 angles of the 3-4-5 Pythagorean right triangle AND it is, along with the number 37, a primary signature number of the Rosicrucian.

Consider further, 9/11 occurred after the completion of 225 years and in the early days of the 226th year.  And 226 can be comprised of numbers near and dear to the mystery of WD Gann; 144 and 82.  Anyone who studies Mr. Gann understands the square of 12 or 144.  As I've documented, Mr. Gann's rationale for having chosen 1932 as the end of the fictional Great War in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" may have been that is was the 144th year following the founding of the Nation…the ratification of the Constitution.  And from 1932 to September 11, 2001 was 69 years and 69 days as Mr. Gann predicted and as I have documented in posts referring to the 6th Prophecy of WD Gann.

The second component of 226 years is the number 82 which I exhaustedly documented as a key number in Mr. Gann's cosmology in a previous post found HERE.   Dwell on the gravity of page 82 of TTTTA or Mr. Gann's address in New York, 82 Wall Street….

Together, 144 and 82, we have the 226th year….2001.

The numbers 144 and 82 seem to have an intimate connection.  You can write 144 as 12*12 or as 4*3*4*3.  And you can write 82 as 41*2.  Visually, we can look at the two numbers forming aspect of the number 43:

144 comprised of two repetitions of 43.  And the components of 82 add to 43.  And all those 43s each individually sum to 7.

The Battle of Brooklyn was the first battle of a war initiated by America.  And 226 years later, the first recognized attack by an enemy (Bin Laden had previously declared war on the US and attacked, but the US did not recognize those events as the beginning of a war) occurred at the World Trade Center.  That attack was finally recognized as the beginning of a war.

Like the 6th Prophecy, we have opposites.  In 1776 America attacked what was perceived an invader and tyrant…. in 2001 America was attacked.  Discordantly relative to the lesson of the 6th Prophecy, America lost both battles.

Don't know what this all means but some numbers I don't want to forget…especially in light of the dates inherent in WD Gann's Memorial Triangle (see HERE).

Jim Ross

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Discern the beginning, 82 Wall Street, or, perhaps, an ending

120 Liberty Street was an early office of WD Gann as I have read, the address used to publish the OROLO advertisements.  I understand this was about 1909.  Today it is about as close to the location of the South Pool of the WTC Memorial as one can get.  See a discussion and pictures HERE.  It was notable, no it was concerning to me that his earlier office, which still stands and is the location of a 9/11 memorial organization, stood near contiguous with the WTC.  Coincidence no doubt.  I could accept that.  Curious that Mr. Gann's earliest office (I think it is but have not researched) would so happen to be located so near the 2001 event that Rabi Jonathan Cahn would theorize is the first warning or "The Harbiner" of God's removal of grace from one of two countries organized "under God."  The other being, of course, Israel before Christ.

Later in his career Mr. Gann's office was located at 82 Wall Street which I visited on June 21, 2015 and took this picture:

Just to the right, I parked at a group of traffic posts on either side that narrowed Wall Street to a very large intersection.  I've later determined that intersection to be Wall and Water Streets and the corner building containing 82 Wall Street is the northwest corner of the intersection.  This is a picture of that exact intersection at which I parked that can be displayed by and attends the Google Map:

You can match the two above pictures on the AT&T ad in the window to the right of the doors to 82 Wall Street.  The big intersection I failed to remember is Wall Street and Water Street:

To put a finer point on it, 82 Wall Street IS the building on the northwest corner of Wall Street and Waters Street.  And what, in history, had a notable beginning at that location?  Perhaps the organized public stock market, the NYSE?  Read the pre Buttonwood history of the earliest trading of securities in the first years of the Nation located HERE and consider the following painting of that intersection in that article:

Not a historian, I have to rely on Wikipedia that tells me the first recognizable trading in the infant Nation's history occurred at the Merchant's Coffee House on the southeast corner of Wall Street and Water.  However, with the creation of the Buttonwood Agreement on May 17, 1792, the parties determined the first permanent location of trading would be the building on the northwest corner of Wall Street and Water.  I believe that is the building I photographed on June 21, 2015, the morning of the 2015 summer solstice.  With Buttonwood, Wikipedia declares "..a new organisation of tradespeople" was born.  

WD Gann's last offices and first offices (to the best of my knowledge) were located at ground zero of the New York Stock Exchange and ground zero, quite literally, of the monument of the, alleged / therorized, first warning of calamity.  The 'coincidence' noted in the first paragraph is, seemingly, double downed.  

Now consider what we know of Mr. Gann's methods of identifying "Future Trends."  We must get the "beginning" right.  From "The Tunnel thru the Air" pages 78 and 176, respectively: 

Did he correctly 'discern?'  I'll avoid further tempting reflection in this long post.  And well I should forebear, I really don't know what to think as yet.

Jim Ross

Sunday, July 19, 2015

GGG: 3 right triangles formed out of gravestones…who'd thunk it? The "Triple Triangle?"

Let's see, 12 and only 12 gravestones all facing Lower Manhattan (and the WTC Memorial by the way).  Just 12 slap happy Masons wanting to play a joke on those who seriously follow WD Gann.  I really don't think so.  Twelve persons of great knowledge, discipline and diligence that wanted to preserve and then reveal knowledge to those who would seek it.

I revealed the Gravestone Diamond first because I instinctively sensed its existence when I stood behind Mr. Gann's stone on June 21, 2015.

And because it points to the place of the birth of the nation; Federal Hall where the Congress of the Confederation was seated in 1988 when the Constitution was ratified.  Ground Zero for this Nation.  You can place two of Mr. Gann's offices very near that same line; 82 Wall Street and 120 Liberty Street.

And because the Diamond points to the World Trade Center, which, some might argue, would be the "Harbinger" of an end to the nation as founded.  Judgment in the place and according to the time of one's nativity.  Perhaps a capstone.

Do the 12 occupants of those plots on the side of a hill in Green-Wood Cemetery constitute a jury or observer's of fact?  Let the math and geometry speak for itself.  Then let your imagination consider.  As Lord Bacon said and I paraphrase, "We read not to argue, but to consider."

My first realization following that of the Diamond concerning the 12 gravestones was set of 3 right triangles created by stones 1, 5, 11 and 7:

A grand triangle formed by stones 1, 11 and 7 and lesser triangles formed by stones 1, 5 and 11 and 5, 11 and 7.  How close might they be to right triangles?  Pretty close:

Obviously, there are measurement problems previously noted.  As well, I am using Euclidian geometry to evaluate distances measured by a spherical or non Euclidian system of geometry (Google or the Haversine formula)…should be minor but acknowledged.  And still further, gravestones are heavy and might be expected to settle over the, at least, 60 years they have been in place.

So it seems incredible to me that the triangles are yet as perfect as they appear.  The right angles, at an average of 91.2 degrees, are true to nearly one degree.  Great effort and diligence must have been applied by not only the Masons entrusted with carrying out the arrangement instructions but the workers who placed the monuments as well.  Just my opinion.  If I find that Mr. Gann's stone was the last placed, then I expect he supervised the project over many years, leaving only the final placement.

There is a further gem among these three; it is the component angles of triangle 1-5-11.  I expect the intent of that triangle is the perfect Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle (an arithmetic progression of the sides) having angles of 90, 53 and 37 degrees.  Not only does it impart Masonic meaning (in my non Masonic understanding)….but it is the "R.C." signifying the Rosicrucian.  The sign of the Rosicrucian may well be the rose placed on Mr. Gann's gravestone at both the upper right and left corners (see them HERE and HERE).

But let's cross the 't' on the Rosicrucian thread.  As Lord Francis Bacon allegedly inserted the rose on page 57 of certain of Shakespeare's works to confirm not only his authorship thereof but his Rosicrucian alliance, so Mr. Gann placed a rose on page 37 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Recall on the inscrutable page 37 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" we find the "Rose of Charity".  I have previously discussed this at length HERE.  It is said that Rosicrucians believed they could predict the future.

The Triple Triangle…  I have every anticipation that Mr. Gann gave us the "Triple Triangle" in TTTTA on page  in 1927 full well knowing that it would be complete with the placement of the last gravestone, probably his in 1955 (I'm guessing his was the last but haven't that information as yet).  And knowing, as well, that I would identify it 88 years later in 2015 (the 7th Prophecy of WD Gann).  Remember the triple triangle:

I believe this may be the Triple Triangle spoken of in TTTTA.  But that's me.  Many other interesting and plausible meanings have been and/or will be proposed.

I am convinced there are many many more secrets in the WD Gann Memorial Triangle (GMT), the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry (GGG) and WD Gann's Philosophical Synthesis.   Secrets that Mr. Gann and, perhaps, 11 other Masons took to the grave and enshrined in their gravestones with the intention of preserving the knowledge entrusted them and, ultimately, having it discovered.  I don't know what that knowledge is…as yet and maybe never will.  But I wonder if man is any more ready for it now than in 1927.

Jim Ross

Saturday, July 18, 2015

WD Gann's 6th Prophecy and 120 Liberty Street

Before the June 21, 2015 trip to New York City, a friend informed me that Mr. Gann had an earlier office (earlier than 82 Wall Street) at 120 Liberty Street.  In the excitement of visiting my priority 1 sites and getting to Green-Wood Cemetery which was my top goal, I did not seek out that address.  A big mistake.

First, it is within walking distance of the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial.  Second, I got lost on those streets and probably walked right past it when trying to find the parking lot that housed my car:

What a coincidence….so close to 9/11 considering the substance of the 6th prophecy I have documented.

But this one really struck me.  Who is the present occupant of 120 Liberty Street?

Can't make it up.  The 9/11 Tribute Center.  Visit it HERE.

Instinctively, I look at the map above and wonder "Is there a right 'spacetime' triangle comprised of St Pauls Chapel, the 9/11 Memorial and the Tribute Center?"  Did Mr. Gann vacate 120 Tribute Center to create a date necessary for such a 'spacetime' triangle?

Jim Ross

GGG: WD Gann's Gravestone Geometry - the diamond

Henri Bergson, "Creative Evolution", 1911

As I stood behind Mr. Gann's gravestone on June 21, 2015, I was aware of several geographic realities around me and I instinctively perceived others.  I knew that the great tree some 40 or so feet in front of me totally blocked a view of Lower Manhattan, most recognized by One World Trade Center, and a view to my left of the Statue of Liberty.  I knew these things for having walked past the great tree and having move back and forth to see these artifacts without obstruction by other lesser trees.  Here's the picture of that view on June 21:

But I instinctively perceived something else; a geometry which I've before mentioned, known to me out of instinct ….not out of my knowledge of reality (as I had known the location of One World Trade Center).  I perceived a geometry that the some number of stones to the left and right of me and in front of me were also aligned with Mr. Gann's stone and Lower Manhattan.  The Wood-Green Cemetery map showed them aligned with the laid out alignment of the hill and all the contiguous rows of graves (see it HERE).  But that was not the case.  There was some number of stones aligned perceptibly different, at some places, almost distastefully so.  But there wasn't anything I could, that day, do on the ground with such an ill formed notion.  I couldn't, from the ground, 'see' the arrangement of many stones placed over a distance spanning maybe 100 yards.  It was not until I later looked at the pictures I took that day and the Google Earth overhead views that the geometry I imagined that day was confirmed.

The above picture shows the view of that day that had the strongest hint of a geometry; I call it WD Gann's Diamond.  In the foreground and closest is Mr. Gann's stone (white arrow), mid view of the far left and right are two aligned stones with a stone further down the slope between the two mid stones.  You can see the trunk of the great tree between the two left most arrows.  Was it a diamond or two conjoined triangles?  Of course it was:

On the above you can see the diamond in red, subdivided width-wise by a red vector that creates two roughly equal equilateral triangles and subdivided length-wise by a yellow vector creating two elongated equilateral triangles or four right triangles.  It might not escape notice that the four stones, enumerated as 5, 8, 9 and 11, add to 33.  On the face of Mr. Gann's gravestone there are two rows of 3 dots…33.

You'll also notice that the entire diamond shape points to Lower Manhattan judging from the alignment square to Mr. Gann's stone which was aligned to Lower Manhattan.  And you'll notice that the stones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 form a line that is facing the same direction as Mr. Gann's.

How close is the diamond to two equilateral triangles?  Lots of difficulty in measurement in finding that answer.  The stones are on a downward sloping hill and, since this is the surface of the spherical earth, its spherical trigonometry, not Euclidian geometry.  Not only that, stone orientations change over the 60 years since placement (Mr. Gann's was placed in 1955).  And finally, I, nor anyone else in 60 years to my knowledge, have not taken measurements at the site.  Google Earth will need to be used to make those measurements and an assumption of where to place the 'placemark' on each stone will have to be made.  Those limitations noted and assumptions made, the above red diamond are the exact placements I made to derive the following table of distances:
One assumption I made was to place the place mark at the edge of the top of each stone (the border between the white top and the shadow of the stone which is card).  That makes lines 5-8 and 5-9 longer than 8-11 and 9-11 but about half the depth of stones 8 and 9 (stones are about 8" deep).  That allowance taken, the four sides of the diamond are pretty darn close to equal.  I suspect the Haversine calculation shows the typical error and prefer Google because Google likely uses the more accurate interative process of calculating spherical distance.  Using the later, the average of those 4 distance are 159.75 inches….say 160 inches per side was Mr. Gann's intent.

Let's settle of 3 values, then; the sides are 159.75 inches rounded to 160 inches, the horizontal red vector is 126 inches and the yellow vector is 300 inches.  What can we derive from this chimp work?
  • Obviously and given the error in placement of the place marks on stones 8 and 9 we have conjoined and substantially equal equilateral triangles.  That was Mr. Gann's intent IMO,
  • Consider the math of the vectors; (160/126)^2 = approximately Phi, and
  • The yellow bisecting vector, indisputably, points to Lower Manhattan.
There are other insights the diamond provides, but on the third point, that yellow vector.  The vector formed by stones 5 and 11 give us a far more accurate bearing than saying "Mr. Gann's stone is square to Lower Manhattan."  Those stones are, out of recollection, maybe 40 feet apart.  It should be easy to get a reasonably accurate Cartesian bearing formed by the center point of those stones.  And that bearing will point to Lower Manhattan.  Possibly it will point, with reasonable accuracy, to One World Trade Center, or, perhaps, Federal Hall where on April 30, 1789 George Washington gave the first inaugural address to the nation, or, perhaps, the location of the NYSE…..  Or perhaps, the inaccuracy of the yellow vector may allow arguable inclusion of all of the above.

What is inescapable, in my opinion, is that the diamond proves the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry (GGG) exists and leads to further exploration using all of the 12 similarly oriented stones numerated in the first of the above inserts.  Instinct will allow one to "see" a simple cross in addition to the diamond.  One can "see" three large right triangles (a subject of a future post).  Using the 3 rows of stones ( rows of 7 stones, 3 stones and 2 stones), I can easily visualize 55 triangles within and including those 3 right triangles.   Anyone care to bet, that, once examination is complete, there aren't 82 triangles in total…..triangles within triangles?

And then there is one further extension of the triangles within triangles; time.  Every stone has dates on them.  Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the 12 stones, then not realizing research importance.  Each triangle has not only space dimensions, but time dimensions just as did WD Gann's Memorial Triangle (a preceding essay).  With, however, dozens (if not exactly 82) large, small and smaller triangles, perhaps concurrent time and space cycles can be derived.  Cycles within cycles. 

I have to make another trip with far more refined objectives…. and an instinctive open mindedness.  Developing.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

GMT: The circle, triangle and square in WD Gann's Memorial Triangle

Mr. Gann found, and used his gravestone to identify, his Memorial Triangle as previously described and as shown as follows:

Within a half degree of a right triangle with stunning mathematic/geometric/chronologic properties on which I have only just begun to describe.  I believe, once fully explored, it will mirror and may rival or exceed the instructions of the Great Pyramid.

Recall the circle, square and triangle, a hallmark of Mr. Gann's teachings.  Consider if the following artifacts within the GMT were given my Mr. Gann to whet our thirst for further exploration.

The Circle.  Point 2 on the GMT is the Statue of Liberty.  An overhead picture displays the near circle:

Of course, we can see the square and the triangle all within the black outlined 11 point figure.  You might also note the elliptical shape of the island, of which the perfect circle is a theoretic and impossible subset.  Much of this island is reflective of sacred geometry but I'll bypass those thoughts.

The Triangle.  Point 1 is the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry ("GGG") which is formed by the 12 gravestones previously discussed that are perceptibly pointing (as best a person on the ground standing behind Mr. Gann's gravestone can discern) towards Lower Manhattan.  Four of those 12 gravestones form a diamond that, again perceptibly, points towards Lower Manhattan.  And half the diamond shape is a triangle:

Mr. Gann's gravestone is number 5 of the back row of 7.  [Interesting, 5 and 7, consecutive prime numbers giving you 7/5=1.4 or a crude estimate of the square root of 2 and the diagonal of a 1X1 square.]  If you take the stones 5, 8, 9 and 11 you have the diamond of which I spoke, that points to Lower Manhattan.  The yellow line in Google Earth perfectly points to the North Pool of the WTC Memorial.  The left and right red lines point to the Statue of Liberty (point 2) and Times Square (point 3).  Two halves of the diamond or stones 5, 8 and 9 and 8, 9 and 11 give you two triangles.  I am planning another visit to Mr. Gann's "courtyard" next month to take exact measurements of the distance between these stones to determine if they create exact isosceles triangles.  [Lest I forget, add the numbers of the diamond; 33.  And recall that I pointed out in a previous post that the face of Mr. Gann's gravestone have two lines each curiously containing 3 dots; 33.]

The Square.  All of which leads to point 3 of the GMT, Times Square.  This is the most dramatic of this demonstration as I will explain in the last sentence of this post.  Point 3 is the corner of the square of the Conde Nast Building located at 4 Times Square.  4 Times Square, four points of the square and how fitting that the CN Building sports a cube at its top:

Sure, any architect appreciates the square and the cube.  Not so surprising a building might sport such a figure, sport the address of 4 Times Square (particularly on Times Square) or make it 48 stories or 4X12.  But this is pretty 'in your face' is it not?


And there you have it, the WD Gann Memorial Triangle with the greater symbolic geometric meaning of the circle, triangle and square. 

But that's not what keeps me up at night, adding and subtracting years, computing ratios of time and distance as I try vainly to sleep.  What makes sleep impossible is when such as the next thought dawns on me.

Mr. Gann knew the circular geometric configuration of the Staute of Liberty Island.  And he unquestionably, in my mind according to the evidence I've offered, contrived the triangular geometry of his posse's (or the "jury's") gravestones.  Those aren't what keeps me up at night.  What keeps me up at night is…

...did he or how did he know the Conde Nast Building, dedicated in 2000, 
would prominently enshrine the square?

Jim Ross

GMT/GGG: Why 1932 Mr. Gann?

The critical battles of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" occur in 1932; the battles of Boston, New York and Washington.  And the inauguration of the "United Kingdom" occurs then as well.  1932 is one of three key points on the WD Gann Memorial Triangle which forms significant mathematic time and space properties….  Why 1932?

Would it have something to do the the birth of the nation?  The first 'organized' battle of the Revolution occurred in New York and the history of Green-Wood Cemetery (where Mr. Gann is buried) indicates the first skirmish of the battle likely occurred on that property in 1776.  From 1776 to 1932 would be an inconvenient 156 years.  Set aside the Declaration of Independence for the same reason.

How about the surrender of Cornwallis in 1781, 151 years and in Yorktown, not New York.  Or the inauguration of George Washington at Federal Hall in 1789, 143 years.  New York makes sense but 143 years.

The date of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, June 21 1788.  The Constitution was created about September 17, 1787 but the ratification was, it would seem Mr. Gann is indicating, is the birth of the United States.  That was 144 years from the date of great fictional battles of TTTTA and the creation of the United Kingdom of the World.  144 or the square of 12, a favored number in Mr. Gann's cosmology and a notable Fibonacci number.  To boot, the Congress of the Confederation was then sitting in New York at Federal Hall on Wall Street; the financial district of Manhattan.  The beginning of the Nation in 1788 in New York and the fictional end of the Nation (and birth of the United Kingdom) 144 years later in 1932.  A 144-year grand national cycle; fictional of course.

Page 55 and repeated on page 73 (summing to 128 or a lower c on the diatonic scale), Ezekiel 21:30:

[A nuance worthy of notation.  There are 9 unnumbered pages preceding the first numbered page of TTTTA.  Page 73 plus 9 unnumbered pages sums to '82', the subject of the preceding post and what will be demonstrated to be a key to the spacial properties of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle.]

The place and time of nativity of the United States; June 21, 1788, Federal Hall of Lower Manhattan.  [I am sure there are vested researchers and historians who have found otherwise and will disagree with a lowly finite math mathematician.  I will tie in the math of the WD Gann Memorial Triangle by a later post to provide additional support, such as it may be considered or denied.]

I am shaken to consider that the group of 12 gravestones, high on a hill of Green-Wood Cemetery, facing Lower Manhattan that I have styled as "Mr. Gann's Posse" are, in reality, a jury.

Jim Ross

Monday, July 13, 2015

Confirming aspects of Mr. Gann's Modus Operandi - 82

Some time ago, I traced several indications that WD Gann wrote or was in some way responsible for the writing and publication of "The Ancient Science of Numbers" under the pen name of Luo Clement.    I believe the evidence is a preponderance, but that's me.  Interestingly, "Ancient Science" was published by the similarly curious Roger Brothers, Publishers of 82 Duane Street.  In total, that I can find that is, there are less than 15 books (a recollection of my searching exercise) ever published by that publisher.

Following the thread, I found that a then forthcoming book on "Numerical Vibrations" was announced on the 4th page of "The Ancient Science of Numbers" and advanced orders were being taken.  "Numerical Vibration" was never published, or, at least, that I can find.  In searching and searching I found only one notice in a publication of books wanted which was dated September 22, 1920.  From 1908 to 1920, the Internet gives only one citation of any mention of "Numerical Vibrations" and it was a request to purchase the book, a book for which publication is not noticed anywhere that the Internet can find.

So, on that slimmest of a clue I found a series of articles in Scientific American published by an author who was the judge in a contest; he was named the "Einstein Essay Contest Editor."  The Einstein Editor remained anonymous to this day.  I purchased a subscription to Scientific American to read those 5 articles by the Einstein Editor and to pose the question of who was that person.  Not surprisingly, they took my question, referred it to the "appropriate department" and I have not heard from them again.  The Einstein Editor says that, similar to Michael Faraday who taught public seminars so that men without the means might understand physics, so the Einstein Editor taught night school in physics at NYU.  Similarly, I have not been able to identify the Einstein Editor on that faculty in 1920.

The 5 articles are rich in physics and the Einstein Editor, of his own device, posits the theory that a system of Cartesian Coordinates and Euclidian geometry could provide a spacetime solution that otherwise the Einsteinian theories of fourth dimensional spacetime labor to provide.  Hmmmm.

So there, I'm out on the proverbial weak limb.  What might confirm that Mr. Gann planted another date clue that would lead to some aspect of the mathematics and science that underpinned his methods?  And, having read and re read those articles, they fall in line with the other clues he's left; the cameo of Dr. Descartes in 'The Tunnel Thru the Air," Robert Gordon's 7 days being a study in Cartesian coordinates, time and the Pythagorean/Euclian solution thereby represented… many others.  The Einstein Editor is Mr. Gann or a member of his "posse" as I've also previously offered.

So, is there anything that might support the limb on which I'm perched?  Modus operandi.

On that striking page 82 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air," we find Mr. Gann ruminating about an article that appears in the "New York American" on January 29, 1922.  It introduces the prophecies of St Malachy and notices the "remarkable events" that will occur following the election of the 266th Pope.  Interesting that Mr. Gann would consider the events in the age of the 266th Pope in 1927 when he darn well knew the 266th Pope would not be elected for nearly 100 years.  In fact, Pope Francis is popularly considered the 266th Pope and he was elected less than 2 years ago.  Page 82 was, somehow, a clue for our age.  But I'm off topic.

Interesting.  Let's Google that date, for New York (leaving off the American) and Malachy.  Lo and behold what pops up, page 8E (the 8th page of section E) of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the prophecies of St Malachy.  Didn't WDG live in Brooklyn-yes he did.  It is continued from page 2.  8 and 2.  As in page 82 of TTTTA.  As in 82 Duane Street, the location of the Roger Brothers.  The location of WDG's last office at 82 Wall Street.  You can find what I found right HERE.  Malachy is found in the 3rd paragraph under the subheading "His Answer to the Jews." It's interesting to read the remainder of that article.

But it doesn't stop there.  When I tried to back up to read the entire article, I had to Google "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle" January 29, 1922 and what did I see?

And what is the last two words of the first Google result?  Page 82.

How many pages are in the January 29, 1922 issue of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle?  Well, this is what the scanner counts.  It counts 81 pages and you can see the screen capture of page 2E below.  Notice that page 2E is the 64th page out of 81 pages.

Hmmm, interesting harmonics to 64.  But odd that a newspaper has 81 pages or the square of 9.  How does a newspaper have 81 pages?  There isn't a blank cover page or rear page.  I'll forego flipping through the paper for a missed scanned page…there must be an 82nd page.  Mustn't there?

I take away two things; 82 is an important number, either as a part of the geometry or as a reference to important meaning.  [I have discovered the square of 82 in WD Gann's Memorial Triangle along with 120 and 144 and will publish those findings in a forthcoming essay.]

And I take away something else.  It may be Mr. Gann's modus operandi includes using a far fetched date to link to a distant but complimentary discussion of similar concepts.

So, is it so far fetched that the never published "Numerical Vibrations" links to a single notice some 12 years later and that date leaps to the work of the Einstein Editor?

Long ago I ceased believing in coincidence.


Monday, July 6, 2015

GMT: Contemplating Mr. Gann's Memorial Triangle, Time and the 6th Prophecy of the WTC tragedy

For those who did not read the 6th Prophecy, I propose Mr. Gann prophesied in The Tunnel Thru the Air to within 1 minute of Muhammad Ata departing Logan Airport and the falling of the South Tower to less than 20 minutes.  I believe Mr. Gann's Memorial Triangle provides the same projection to within a resolution of 1 year.

Interestingly, Mr. Gann's gravestone provides only years 1878-1955 but without the month or day.  Perhaps that's a first hint that the memorial triangle is only to a resolution of 1 year.  Taking that lead we have point 2 of the triangle being the year in which the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, namely 1886, and point 3, the end of the Great War in 1932 symbolized by the Mammouth Building (or Conde Nast "C Mastedon" Building).

Now the point 4, the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center in 2001.  Here's an aerial picture of the GMT in red vectors and each point of the GMT connected to the WTC in yellow vectors:

Of course, the WTC is the convergence of the yellow lines.

Visualize in 3 dimensions what you see in the flat 2 dimension picture above; a tetrahedron perhaps?  Might it be a "regular tetrahedron" but for our position as the viewer?  Remember your perspective drawing course if you had the opportunity.

Now compute the time distances from each point of the GMT to the WTC:
Care to consider whether these lengths in time are inverse to the lengths of distance of each leg?  I won't go through the figures as in the previous post but I think it's obvious from the picture they are.  2 to 4 is the shortest in distance but longest in time.  1 to 4 is the longest in distance but shortest in time.

I believe there is much much more to the mathematics of this tetrahedron, the component triangles and how they may rotate into the next generation of projection.  Perhaps a 'wheel within a wheel' effect might be found?

But for the moment you might wish to consider that two tetrahedra placed together with a common face form a trigonal pyramid.  See page 74 of Bradley Cowan's "Four Dimensional Stock Market Structure and Cycles" for an illustration.  Ponder that.  Is the GMT half the reflection of the same shape as the Great Pyramid?  I previously mused whether the GMT would provide the same or greater math, geometry and truth as the Great Pyramid.

And the triangulation in time of points 1, 2 and 3 to point 4?  Further evidence, IMO, that Mr. Gann saw the WTC tragedy at least 74 years in advance (TTTTA was published in 1927 and WTC happened in 2001)?

Oh, did I mention the number 74 above?  Let's look up page 74 in TTTTA and see if there is anything remotely germane to divining the future from tetrahedra.  And we find:

Is this the vision of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a memorial of the birth of the Nation in 1886 and….well….2001?

Long ago in this personal journey I ceased belief in coincidence.  The challenge is, how does one organize and project that which others consider coincidence, randomness?

Jim Ross

Sunday, July 5, 2015

GMT: The "Curvature of time"

[A note going forward.  Posts referencing the "Magnus Opus Trilogy" will be preceded by "GMT" denoting "Mr. Gann's Memorial Triangle," "GGG" denoting "Mr. Gann's Gravestone Geometry," and "GPS" denoting "Mr. Gann's Philosophical Synthesis."  The first of these themes is relatively advanced in my research and thinking and the latter two are meanings which may or may not emerge as research and pondering may occur.]

What an interesting quote is found on page 76-77 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"

"Curve of the future," I seemed to recall the phrase "curvature of time."  [There is great meaning to the sentences after the above but they will not be discussed here.]  But when I searched TTTTA for the latter, I came up empty.  Ditto when I did a WWW search.  But I did discover that there seems to be a meaning in physics for identified "curvature of time."  Well, I did find that exact term on a physics forum but when I delved further into it, it appeared the accepted terminology was the "curve of spacetime [no hyphen]."  We are talking about Einstein's 1915 "General Relativity" about which Sir Arthur Eddington was the acclaimed interpreter who wrote "Space Time and Gravity" [no hyphen or comma] in 1920 and to whom I was pointed by a date found in Luo Clement's "Ancient Science of Numbers" and an essay found in Scientific American by the never named and still anonymous Einstein Essay Contest Editor.

The nature of spacetime, viewed by a finite mathematics 'expert' (err, an accountant, me) is that would be the curve of the gravity well created by, well, gravity.  "Future" or spacetime (past and present, I'd expect are places in spacetime along with future) is a function of the curve of the gravity well.  Time is defined by that gravity well….  Predicting the future then, is a matter of the gravity well and its mathematic properties.  I'll leave it at that.  Physicists and metaphysicists, please be gentle with me and see the bigger picture.

I have alluded to Mr. Gann's Memorial Triangle, having been shown to display distinct mathematic and geometric properties of note (right triangle, derivation of phi and pi), evidences notable properties of time; that space and time appear interrelated in the GMT.  Using the three Cartesian coordinates identified in the GMT in the previous post, consider the time properties of the GMT:

Why yes, there appears to be a mathematic progression inherent in the GMT.  Mr. Gann deceased 23 years after the fictional Great War ended in 1932 (and the stock market bottomed).  At twice that 23-year interval or 46 years, the Great War ended 46 years after the Statue of Liberty was dedicated.  And completing the triangle, 69 years after the Statue of Liberty was dedicated, Mr. Gann deceased.  There indeed appears to be mathematic properties of the GMT.  [Hmm, if 23 is 1, then 46 is 2 and 69 is 3.  That sounds a lot like Mr. Gann's street address of 123 Fenimore.  Nah, that's silly.]

There's more.  The space properties identified in the previous post (the miles between points 1-2, 2-3 and 3-1) and the time properties above appear to be related…inversely related:

The smallest space interval and the longest time interval are associated with the same leg.  The longest space interval and shortest time interval are related.  Space and time are inverse?  Sounds a lot like the same outcome of what's known as the "FitzGearld Contraction."  [Chapter 1 of Sir Arthur Eddington's "Space Time and Gravitation.]

So, the question becomes, what factor or formula unifies space and time…for practical purposes?  Some master factor….  is this the inscrutable process of "squaring?"

Perhaps the unnamed Einstein Editor gives (gave) us a hint, but enough for now.

Jim Ross

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Road trip 4 of 4 - WD Gann's Magnus Opus; A Trilogy of Research Threads

From "Creative Evolution" by Henri Bergson as translated by Arthur Mitchell, 1922.

I undertook the road trip knowing I would find something more than the earthly remains of WD Gann.  I knew there would be some greater meaning he left behind.  Instinct.

As I stood behind Mr. Gann's gravestone and aligned it with where I knew the financial district of Manhattan lay, hidden behind the great tree, I realized the Statue of Liberty was to the left of the line of sight and the Midtown area (where the Mammouth Building was located) would, therefore be right.  At that moment I knew there would be a geometry somehow created that would have meaning.  I was not prepared to discover there are three divergent threads for research that, ultimately I believe, will converge once they've run their course.

WD Gann's Memorial Triangle; properties reminiscent to the Great Pyramid

On page 398 of Tunnel Thru the Air, Robert Gordon visits the "Pyramids" (spelling capitalized) and, unlike other building and monuments, declines to destroy them; he believes they were placed there for a divine purpose.  And so it seems, Mr. Gann has created a conceptual right triangle with points of his gravestone, the Statue of Liberty and the Mammouth Building (42nd and Broadway).  But this triangle has mathematic/physics, prophetic and symbolic properties which extend its meaning beyond its simple existence.  After hours of fitting the triangle more closely to what I believe was Mr. Gann's intention, I find it to be the following 3 Cartesian coordinates, 3 side lengths and 3 angles:

The sides appear to form Phi proportions and the non square angles appear to form a Pi proportion.  The Great Pyramid of Giza demonstrates these proportions and, it has been recently offered, provides the exponent e.

A picture in Google Earth gives you the following:

About the coordinates.  I have chosen them to provide a 90 degree angle at point 2, the Statue of Liberty.  It is subjective, but within limits.  One could locate either point 2 or 3 in a large area.  Point 2, anywhere on the island, point 3, any corner of 42nd and Broadway.  The resultant angle at point 2 would become roughly 88 degrees to 92 degrees.  The guidance I used was first, to optimize as close to 90 degrees at point 2 as possible.  And second, was the Conde Nast Building at the southeast corner of 42nd and Broadway.

Though the Conde Nast Building was not completed until January 2000 and Mr. Gann could not have "known" about it, its attributes are far too stunning.  It is the 12th tallest building in New York City based on its 48 floors.  Located at 4 Times Square, you might first note that 48 floors divided by 12th tallest is 4, as in 4 Times Square.  When you add the mast taking it to 1143 feet, its the 4th tallest structure in NYC.  But it gets better.  What is located on the Northwest corner of that building?  It is the NASDAQ market whose screen stands 7 stories tall:

But the most striking aspect of the Conde Nast Building is seen from an aerial view:

I call it the "Conde Nast Cubes".  The beginning Gann student will see the 45 degree angles (green arrows) and, by virtue of its translucence, the further bisecting angle (red arrow).  The Bradley Cowan student will be struck by the cube and, further, its replication in four partial cubes (black arrows).

No, Conde Nast is not 110 stories, as was the Mammouth, but it marks a points of the Memorial Triangle which will, geometrically I believe, demonstrate to us where the 110-story would stand.  And that same triangle will demonstrate, I believe, when the real 110-story would fall.  [One might want to consider the intentionally incorrect spelling of the word "Mammouth" and a similarly incorrect spelling derived from the words Conde Mast….C mastedon, perhaps?]

It is four dimensional physics.  Space and time are inverse.  Its the "Lorentz-FitzGearld Contraction" later explained by Einstein with his theory of special relativity.  The Gann Memorial Triangle displays not just spacial properties demonstrating Phi and Pi, it also demonstrates, as I conceptualize, time properties that are inverse to those spacial properties.  Space and time.  

[An excellent reflection on FitzGearld and Lorentz is Sir Arthur Eddington's "Space Time and Gravitation" (note Space Time, alarmingly, does not contain either a comma or hyphen) chapters 1 and 2.  It was written in 1920 and Eddington was the most notable and one of the earliest scientists to translate and detail Einstein's work in English and near laymen terms.  He also proved Einstein's contention that light would be 'bent' by gravitation through his eclipse studies.]

This is the first research thread that is far further along in my thinking than the latter two.

 WD Gann's Posse

I first read the stimulating thought that WDG's gravestone was oriented to overlook the Financial District of NYC fin any of Olga Morales and was asked by a friend to verify that observation.  Though obscured by a great tree, the gravestone is so oriented in my opinion.  But there are other grave stones so oriented; including WDG's there are exactly 12 gravestones so oriented and conspicuously so.

The intended map of section 129 of Green-Wood Cemetery shows lot 37747 (WDG's lot) as the fifth of 12 lots that are configured parallel to the previous row as follows:

You see above 12 arrows.  From the left there are 4 orange, then the fifth one which is white and is lot 37747 (WDG's lot) then 5 more which are green.  Conceptually according to the map, they should all be oriented similarly to the rows to which they appear to be parallel.  They are not.

Rather, the first 7 lots left to right (6 orange arrows and 1 white arrow) are NOT parallel to the previous rows.  The face of these gravestones all face the same way as Mr. Gann's which I found to be facing lower Manhattan and the Financial District.  Those 7 stones visibly form a row or line and all the stones are flush with that line.  The remaining 5 stones (green arrows) face the Financial District squarely but are  not remotely arranged as depicted.  Here's the arial arrangement:

The same color arrows have been used above.  The orange and white arrows are on a straight line that is NOT parallel to the lines of stones below them and the orange arrow stones face the same direction as the white arrow stone (WDG's). Three of the green arrow stones can be used to define a diamond with the white arrow stones… a perfect direction towards the Financial District.  You can see this diamond (I refer to it as Gann's Diamond) in the following picture I took on the summer solstice:

The picture is not entirely square, but if you look at the aerial depiction of those 4 stones, you see they form a diamond that squares to the line of sight to the Financial District.

Similarly, the five green arrow stones combined with the one white arrow stone form a cross.  I'll leave that configuration for discussion as this second thread evolves.

These twelve stones constitute what I identify as Mr. Gann's Posse; a group of people with whom he had an association that allowed him to conceive this smaller geometry.  Like the Memorial Triangle, I believe there are geometric properties associated with the 12 stones that constitute important knowledge.

An interesting question is whether the 12 might have a 13th under the tree (a 13th tribe).  I recall a stone cross below the limbs of the great tree at the top of the picture but do not recall if it is square to the Financial District and do not find it identified on the section 129 "plan" (first picture above).

The Men Comprising WD Gann's Posse

Obviously, the 12 stones are 12 men.  I was not down this road of thought when I visited Mr. Gann's grave on June 21, 2015 and did not take pictures of the other 11 stones.  I do not know who those men were but, again, I expect to find that were Mason Brothers and, likely, close associates of Mr. Gann…very close.

Mr. Gann did a lot in his time.  He used nom de plume's to obscure the breadth of his work or for other reasons.  A compelling case has been made that Orolo advertisements were a Gann disguise.  I have made what is, in my opinion, a compelling case that Luo Clement was actually WD Gann and haven't received any evidence to the contrary.  Books of Luo Clement (The Ancient Science of Numbers), Thomas Troward (Bible Prophecy) and a host of Thesophists are found published by an obscure publisher, Roger Brothers.  It would seem the very few books published by Roger Brothers might be the real "Gann reading list" if there was one; the subject matters are consistent.  The Einstein Editor, who I tenuously linked from Luo Clement never published book on advance vibration, and who published 5 articles in Scientific American in the1920 Einstein Essay Contest underwritten by Eugene Higgins…a Gann pen name?  The Einstein Editor said that he taught night school at NYU as Michael Faraday taught in public so that those unable to afford such an education in physics could learn.

But are these actually non de plume's or are they associates of Mr. Gann acting in concert with him or at his direction or coordination?  Perhaps we find one was a publisher.  Perhaps one was an NYU professor….  Does geometry and physics play a role in personal relations and personal development?


These last two areas of the 'trilogy' of further research require that I make another trip to Mr. Gann's grave to document the gravestone arrangement and the 11 persons other than Mr. Gann interred there.

Have a wonderful and safe fourth of July.

Jim Ross