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The Greatest Mystery in "The Tunnel Thru the Air," Part 1 of 3 - MODELS

A query from Dr. Watson and a response by Sherlock Holmes from "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes," "Adventure XIII," "Silver Blaze:"

This is my therapy;  explain the mystery, my ongoing investigation and emerging theories to my few imaginary readers (for I'll never meet them or know the extent of their interest, if at all).

Many months ago I asserted in an essay still posted on this site (as are all the good ones and stupid ones) that the following is the greatest mystery posed by WD Gann in the Foreword of "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"

The mystery of death...the ability to read the future like an open book...  The detective will know when the mystery is solved for he will understand "why Jesus rose on the third day and rested on the seventh day."  At that time, the seven days of Robert Gordon will no longer be a mystery.

We have the mystery.  Can any mystery be greater than understanding that which is after death or the means of reading the future like an open book?

We have the means; gather wisdom or actionable factual data in my estimation.  It would seem, first ,like Sherlock Holmes gathering relevant data and throwing out the irrelevant data for his "attic."  And with that getting of the relevant and factual, you draw inference to arrive at getting understanding.  We do that with imagination, theories and testing.  Again from the "Silver Blaze:"

"Where is he then?"  The 'he' is a missing champion race horse and Holmes determined they'd find the tracks of the horse by finding the line to the theorized destination of the horse; at some point, the tracks of the horse would intersect that line as it meanders the moors.  Not a solution to the greater mystery, a murder mystery, but one step closer to that end.  Imagine the end and act upon it.

What facts can be gathered from the paragraph that describes the "Greatest Mystery?"  We've already identified the need for wisdom or actionable data, but, are there facts in that one paragraph?  Yes; the mystery of death is on the level of Jesus haven risen on the third day and rested on the seventh.  Its a literal fact that Jesus did not rest on the seventh day, God rested.  Jesus, God and the Spirit are one but not the same, a distention made often from the pulpit.  Quite literally, though, God worked and completed his work in six days and rested on the seventh day in Genesis, the first book of the Bible; not Jesus.  Mr. Gann knew that, so I can only surmise the inaccuracy is pointing to a fact.  Remember, rise on 3 and completion after the 6th.

Another inaccuracy that might be a clue pointing to a fact; the chronology of the rose on the third day rested on the seventh.  Its backwards from the Biblical account.  The account of the world's creation is presented in the first book of the Old Testament and Jesus rose in the New Testament.  Mr. Gann inverted the chronology.  Remember the "inversion."

Now to find more facts that, many which I have placed in my attic in previous months.  They are both expressed with the agony of turning them over in my mind and expressing them, imperfectly as they are, in the essays of this blog.  But, as Holmes tells Watson in the first insert of this essay, nothing clears up a case better than the expression of it to another.  Let's reprise what I'm considering as containing relevant facts with my imagination presently; Robert Gordon's 7 days and the WD Gann Memorial Triangle.

Robert Gordon's 7 days.  Robert Gordon circumnavigated the earth at about the 41st parallel (roughly, the latitude of New York City) in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  RG left NYC at 7am traveling east and making 22 stops to destroy buildings or return thanks to the allies of the US.  RG completed the circumnavigation just after sunrise on the 7th day when he anchored over Montreal.  Since Montreal is very slightly east of NYC, the circumnavigation was complete in exactly 6 days.  From there, he sailed south to NYC and arrived there just before noon on the 7th day.  From this information and the details of the 22 stops in the trip I derived several measurements.  Here's one of the latest iterations of the spreadsheet that computed and double checked these measurements:

First, a measurement of mileage at about the 41st parallel.  Robert Gordon traveled 34K miles, as the crow flies.  However, if you use the Haversine method to parse the mileage he traveled from east to west, then he traveled 18K miles.  Eureka, that's the circumference of the earth at that latitude!   And, if you compute the absolute value of the mileage traveled north/south measured from the latitude of NYC, he traveled 18K miles.  Interesting, east/west mileage equals north/south mileage.   Is that a clue?  Also interesting, imagining these three measurement as comprising a triangle, we have an isosceles triangle with two angles of 19 degrees and one of 142 degrees.  Hmmm, very appealing, an isosceles triangle.

Second, a measurement of mileage at the equator.  Of course, the crow flies distance remains the same at 33K miles and the east/west mileage remains the is a matter of mathematics.  But the north/south absolute distance is greatly increased to 47K miles.  With great disappointment, I found sides of 18K, 33K and 47K give me a very awkward and meaningless triangle with angles of 33, 130 and 17.  And then I recalled a set of extraneous details on pages 400 and 401; a height of 60 miles and an anchoring height 100 feet.  Sixty and one hundred or 60 divided by 100 or 100 divided by 60.  Either .6000 or its inverse 1.6666.  Low and behold, when I reduced the 47K north/south miles by (1-.60) or divided by 1.6666, I could see a near right triangle having sides of 34, 18 and 29:

One last observation.  RG traveled east, the same direction as the rotation of the earth.  In the 6 days which elapsed in New York City, the earth turned on its axis 6 times.  RG, traveling in the same direction, saw the sun rise only 5 times.

There are many properties of Robert Gordon's 7 days worthy of their storage in my attic, but there are only a few I want to bring into my study for the moment.  But, for the moment, I want to remember 1) east/west mileage (time) equalling north/south mileage, 2) the circumference of the earth at the 41st parallel is roughly 18K miles, 3) the isosceles triangle morphing into a right triangle triangle, 4) the .6000 and 1.6666 which morphs the triangles, and 5) RG experienced one fewer days than  the six days person who did not leave New York City during the period of RG's trip.

The "WD Gann Memorial Triangle" (GMT).  On my second visit to Mr. Gann's grave I stood at his gravestone facing, as was his gravestone, lower Wall Street and realized the Statue of Liberty (SOL) was maybe 20 degrees left of my line of sight and the fictional Mammouth Building at 42nd and Broadway was maybe 45 degrees to my left.  I began to imagine a notable triangle comprised of the SOL, Times Square and Mr. Gann's grave.   What a far fetched idea!  And yet, when I reduced the points to a Google Earth representation, it was an imminently notable right triangle.

I say imminently notable because the side lengths (red lines above) display a unique relation.  The Phythagorean triangle is a 3-4-5 arithmetic progression of sides.  The Kepler triangle, the only triangle that can be used to 'square the circle,' is a geometric progression of its sides according to Phi. I find that the GMT is an exponential progression of its sides:

Interesting, if the Kepler triangle is the only triangle that squares the circle, a two dimensional operation, then would the GMT exponential triangle square the cube?  Just imagining, but that's where it all begins, does it not?

Aside from that, I see that number 1.6666 that was in RG's 7 days above.  I see the total miles, 16.08 miles is 4^2 or 2^4.  I see the sides of the triangle, denominated in years, is, in reality a straight line...not a triangle.  Any two sides of a triangle must exceed the third side...that's law.  The GMT has sides of 23, 46 and 69 and 23+46=69...hence, its not a triangle.  Among the 3 points of the GMT there are defined the three red lines which have associated with them BOTH a distance (space) element and a time element.

If the time dimensions do not constitute a triangle, they are a line.  They're a line that is formed of 3 subdivision of lengths 23, 46 and 69 totaling 138 years.  From the date of the dedication of the SOL in 1886, through the 1932 Mammouth Building and ending with Mr. Gann's death in 1955; 1955 minus 1886 = 138.  Its 23, 46, and 69.

But what kind of a line?  Its a circle with a circumference of 138 years.

But here is where it gets, exponentially comes to mind, more complicated.  When I first plotted the GMT in Google Earth I noticed a diamond (see HERE) of gravestones that pointed at Wall Street.  They also pointed at the World Trade Center.  The 110-story Mammouth Building....the 110-story WTC.  I imagined the WTC a 4th point.

But a 4th point in a triangle?  There are only 3 points in a triangle.  A 4th point would imply a four sided polygon?  And with the 4th point within the other three creating a concave four-sided polygon? I don't think so.

No.... with the 4th point of the WTC, I imagine we have a tetrahedron.  The fly in that ointment is that the four component triangles do not 'appear' to be equilaterals.  In space (distance) measurements, they are not according to the table above.  Appearances are deceiving.  If I were to measure the following 2 dimensional representation of a pyramid viewed from a slightly elevated position and along an edge, would I find the faces to be equilateral triangles?  Not a chance.

Similarly, the GMT with the WTC 4th point within the confines of the other 3 points is a tetrahedron viewed from the western edge and from, perhaps several miles above the earth (however far up the satellite might be).

Here, then, are the pieces of furniture related to the GMT I want to remove for further examination; 1) The side lengths of the GMT and the circumference of the circle that further identifies the GMT, 2)  the recognition of the exponential progression of the side lengths implying a three dimensional object instead of a two-dimensional triangle, 3) the implication of the GMT being a tetrahedron viewed from far above the GMT and not directly overhead, and 4) the reappearance of the 1.6666 seen in RG's 7 days but within the GMT. 

Formulation.  The theory, then, is this; the GMT is a tetrahedron that Mr. Gann identified (because it exists independent of his ability to contrive) and used to predict the apex thereof...both in time and space.  The apex is the WTC on 9/11/2001.   If Mr. Gann used the mathematics and physics (special relativity) of 4 dimensional space to make that very specific prediction (within 1 minute of Muhammad Ata departing Logan Airport on 9/11/2001, see HERE) then we should be able to detect mathematic relationships between the space (distances) implicit in the GMT and the time surrounding the formation of the GMT.  Time and space must be related for him to have reckoned from the three points in the GMT base triangle to the 4th point at the apex of the tetrahedron.

And where might the great mystery stand?  Quite prematurely and without the entirety of proof sought in the preceding paragraph I'll make an offer:

He began at the first point, moved to the second and upon reaching the third point, He ascended to the apex...the fourth point and apex of the tetrahedron.  

AND, as a minimum of five equal tetrahedra (the days of work RG experienced) can be configured to create a cube having 6 equal square faces (the days of work judged by a stationary person):

After the fifth day, judged as being the sixth, and upon completing five tetrahedra together comprising the six sides of the cube, He rested on the seventh.   

One last thought on the formulation.  As best I can recall, and I know there are people that have studied this, Mr. Gann referred to the fourth dimension only once in the Commodities Course:

How different might we approach measuring time and space in the markets if we were to substitute the the words "cube," "tetrahedron" and "sphere" for their 2 dimensional counterpart above?

Part 2 will attempt an examination of the relation of the components of the GMT formed by the 4th point in time and space with the expectation that time and space will vary inversely on an exponential basis.  Perhaps I will not be able to identify the exact mathematic relation by which they vary, but I have already seen the inverse relation between time and space and certain other relations (1.6666) do recur.

The math is not completed at this point and I may never succeed.  But I imagine I will.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2016, part 1 of 5 - The Delusional

In the last two months, the year 2016 has been of great and increasing interest to me... and concern.  Like my struggle through Robert Gordon's 7 days, the WD Gann Memorial Triangle, the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry and other series, I write before I think.  But its a process.  As Sherlock Holmes would clarify, we load our "attic" with furniture trying only to accumulate that which is relevant and discard that which is not.  Then, when presented with mystery, we search the attic for the facts and patterns that assist in formulating explanations or theories of that might solve the mystery.  And then we examine each theory to identify the further data that will eliminate or confirm.  This blog is a lot like Holmes process except that his ability to avoid the premature conclusion, though not perfect, was far more mature.  I tend to 'pop off' and, like John Watson, I like to weave the story that emerges in my imagination rather than doggedly follow the facts and patterns.  Its not the story...its the facts, process and truth that have merit Sherlock lectured Watson more than once.

I've written and re written this series of essays on the year 2016 in a single post, but that will not work.  The 2016 subject is an effort to predict many aspects of the nature of the year 2016.  Its basis must be derived from a serviceable understanding of the WD Gann Map of Time or "MOT," the Biblical cycle of the Great Week and the "great" 1000-year cycle.  And, as my understanding of these concepts has emerged over several posts, any reader would have a hard time understanding the connection between those "methods" and the derived meaning.  Even at this stage, I get things wrong...but hopefully, "less wrong" than before.

So, the first essay will provide a characterization of the year 2016, the reason why I am offering it and proof that, if I have identified and applied Mr. Gann's methods correctly, we can derive an accurate picture of the the year 2016 .  The second essay will capsulize the MOT, the Great Week, the "great" 1000-year that will be used to identify the repetitions of the past that are projected to repeat in 2016.  The third essay will apply the tools of the second essay to derive the elements of the character of the year 2016.  And the final essay will look back on the former 3, correct where needed, bring in new elements if they present along the way and conclude.

Why am I doing this?  First, we all know progress doesn't readily occur without failure.  If there's anything certain in my mind, I will be wrong.  But in being wrong, the few people who read this work and the fewer that will take it seriously may correct it, augment it and move the effort forward.  Secondly, remember Mr. Gann's encouragement "forewarned is forearmed."  To the extent I am correct (I, myself, can't handicap that possibility though I'm persuaded), persons taking this series seriously may prepare for the future.  And third, its a responsibility set forth on page 83 of TTTTA:

Smarter people than I should pick up this mantel...but I'll do what I can.  To that end, I'll be the 'goat,' the 'delusional.'  Only a couple lines later on that page Mr. Gann gives us that Bible verse that we all associate with the fire and brimstone minister who is preaching the Apocalypse, Mathew 16:3 (reprised in Luke 12:56):

I recall that, while publishing the "7th Manifest Prophecy," a person who I considered very intelligent and open-minded posting on a board "Jim, you've really lost it now."  He did not provide any criticism of logic or inference or offer any dispute of facts.  Simply intellectual bigotry.  I expect most people will deny the possibility that Mr. Gann could make such predictions of the future.  But that same person's own work with Mr. Gann's TTTTA showed that he mathematically encoded the exact level of the market at two dates found in TTTTA.

Look at small sample of proof that Mr. Gann could predict (as opposed to "see") the future:

The Great Depression and World War II.  Pages 82 and 83 of TTTTA give us the difficulties of two time periods, 1926 to 1933 and 1940 to 1944.  The first of those periods will be characterized by famine, difficult business conditions and panic.  This was the first portion of the Great Depression.  Mr. Gann characterized the second period as another difficult one for the US; we know it was, generally, the earlier and most tenuous of the US' involvement in WWII.

The bottom of the 1929-1932 crash.  Market students have pointed out the similarities of war and the stock market.  The fictional war in TTTTA ends on July 4, 1932, 4 days short of the lowest closing low of the market in 1932.  Many, if not most people aware of this, consider it proof of foresight by some means (geometry, spiritual, ancient knowledge....).

The "6th Manifest Prophecy of WD Gann."  The command post of Supreme Commander Robert Gordon is the 110-story Mammouth Building.  Can the misspelled word Mammouth and the number of stories of that building be missed in our post 9/11 world?  Unquestionably, its the World Trade Center?  The "6th Manifest Prophecy" identifies how Mr. Gann encoded into TTTTA, within 1 minute, when Muhammad Ata departed Logan Airport on Flight 11, within minutes of when the 2nd WTC tower fell, the number of terrorists on the 3 successful attacking flights (one unsuccessful flight was scuttled in Pennsylvania), the flight paths of the planes attacking the WTC, and many other aspects of 9/11.  [The '6th Manifest Prophecy' can be found HERE.]

The "7th Manifest Prophecy of WD Gann."  Mr. Gann predicted the name of the person who would discover at least one level of encoding of TTTTA;  acrostic and telestic words.  Mr. Gann predicted the date, January 28, that that person would discover the final element of proof; his street address.  [Other personal information of that person was identified but is not included in the essays laying out the "7th Manifest Prophecy."  Those essays are found HERE.]

[Let me interject a correction here.  A learned person once suggested to me that he could not accept that any person could provide a 'prophecy.'  After many months of pondering that thought, I have to agree; prophecy is in the realm of divinity....divination.  Predicting is either or both in the realm of using tools, some or all of them Biblically based, to discern the future.  Prophecy is something beyond mortal ability.  Predicting is something derivative of what prophecy has already been prescribed.  I use the titles of 6th and 7th Prophecy of WD Gann now only because that is how the original essays are styled and recognized.]

The above is a very minor listing of the proof of Mr. Gann's ability.  Personally, I have concluded Mr. Gann derived his predictions from exactly where he said he did; from his application of math and science (physics).  Additionally, I believe he applied the coincident astrology (planets behave according to the same math and science as rules all of nature) for those who had that aptitude; we know Mr. Gann was a master astrologer.  He derived time cycles, angles and other heuristic measures to help those still less capable of greater insights; milk for babes, meat for stronger men I'm recently reminded by a distinguished contemporary Mason.

Mr. Gann needed the 'goat,' the one who would risk the delusional label to follow facts, associate patterns, propose stupid alternate theories and propose a synthesis.  I'm the goat with the obsessive need to examine the great mystery Mr. Gann buried in so many places.

Your duty, as Lord Francis Bacon would direct you, is to read to consider.  Not to read for the purpose of dispute or of compliance; but to 'consider.'  I've already called myself the names that the bigoted would apply so that is out of the way.  Consider.  Find the facts, draw your own inferences and conclusions and use whatever is of value to yourself and family.

We start from the point that it is proven that Mr. Gann could predict the future with fine granularity.  If you cannot read the above offering of proof supplementing what you might already believe, then there's little reason to continue.  Mr. Gann could do this; he could predict.  Now, can I, or someone continuing where I am incapable for want of greater knowledge, re engineer some of his methods to make a prediction?

In time, we are currently IN the year 2016.  When you read the below prediction you'll see some of the events it predicts are already with us.  The year 2016, according to the number of lines in TTTTA and the MOT (to be re summarized from earlier essays in the 2016, 2 of 4 forthcoming), began on July 1, 2015 and will end on June 30, 2016.  Some of the prediction can be written off as nebulous, but some of it is very specific.  Read the prediction, sit on it and then read the essays that give the cyclic (as opposed to what I consider the "math and science") and other bases for it.  There will be some time between the parts of this series.

Facts, patterns and circumstances yet to be provided in forthcoming essays suggest: 

- a great natural disaster will occur in 2016, most likely in January, and, based on a perceived clue provided by Mr. Gann and the geologic character of the area, it will be located in or near San Francisco, 

- partly the result the predicted earthquake, the nation and world economy will suffer and the stock market will be severely affected,

- world political distress will continue to the extent that there is a clearly recognized definition of the war between Islam and the nations of infidels, that either the Jews or Muslims will be exiled from Old Jerusalem, and that redefinitions of the relationship of many central governments and their constituent peoples will be redefined, and

- United States political distress will continue to the extent the country will be propelled either towards its current direction of increased government or reversed towards greater personal freedom.

As was the character of the world 168 years (one of 15 periods of the Great Week) prior to 2016 in 1848,  "revolution" is not to be considered "remote."

Like many, I expect, I am very concerned.

Jim Ross

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Wheel Within a Wheel; "the" mathematic structure of time and repetition?

Between the awakening in the early hours of the morning when, it is said, the spirit sojourns with the 'all', and falling back to sleep, I may have made my greatest discovery of WD Gann's identification of the structure of time.  "I" and "may have" have meaning.  For me, its what I perceive to be a discovery but for the many other much smarter people, I fully expect, already know.  And "may have" might mean I'm wrong.  But for whatever value, here it is.

As Mr. Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective reprised by Mr. Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air", might do, I have furnished my 'attic' with a great number of disparate facts and theories.  Among them are:

*2520 years.  The "Great Week" best described by Thomas Troward in "Biblical Prophecy..." a book that is found in the secret reading list of Mr. Gann...those very few books published by Roger Brothers.  The "Great Week" is the Biblical 2520-year period of the "Rule of the Gentiles" over the Jewish nation.  Typically the period is thought to be comprised of 7 'days' comprised of the 360 years or 7 X 360 = 2520 (at least, that's what I thought, but maybe I'm not typical, just ignorant).

*168 years.  The WD Gann "Map of Time" or MOT which is defined by the 15,340 lines of TTTTA, which, a day for a line gives you 42 years.    And, given the doubling and re doubling "tid-bit" given us on page 45 of TTTTA, we have 42 X 2 X 2 = 168 years.  Within the MOT we have 84 years that descend for a beginning in 1848 and ascend from the bottom in 1932 to end in 2016.  The events of the left side of the earlier 84 years (1848 to 1932) repeat in the events of the more contemporary events on the right side 84 years of the MOT.  As an example, we find 1919 on the left side of the MOT aligned on the same line as 1945 on the right side of the MOT.  In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ended WWI while on the right side the 1945 ceremonies of surrender with Germany and Japan ended WWII.  The ends of WWI and WWII can be (and I have in a previous essay) reconciled to the day.  In short, 168 years is the division of the Great Week into 15 components.

*168 hours.  Quite simply, there are 168 hours in a week which is 7 days of 24 yours or 7 days of 1440 minutes or 10080 minutes.

*4 minutes is the smallest cycle according to Mr. Gann because it represents 1 degree of rotation of the earth about its axis (page 78 of TTTTA).

*252 or 1/10th of the Great Week.  This is John Dee's "philosophers stone" number so named by Jim Egan.  Dee was the philosopher/alchemist of Queen Elizabeth I's court in the 1600s and a contemporary of Lord Francis Bacon.  In his personal correspondence with QE his secret name was "007."  His name is found in the acrostic/telestic encoding of TTTTA some 45 times (interesting, 45), 44 of which are spelled "dee" and once spelled "007."  If one were to count the number of non fictional proper nouns found in TTTTA, John Dee's name would be second only to that of God.  The number 252 was very important to Mr. Gann.

*2520 = 15 periods of 168 years.  As aforementioned, the Great Week may be considered comprised of 7 days of 360 years.  Or perhaps, given Mr. Gann's definition of the 168-year period defined in the MOT,  there are 15 periods of 168 years in the Great Week.  And those 15 periods define two mirrored 84-periods where events repeat and proven by the WWI and WWII example and other examples given in previous essays.

The discovery may be this; the repetition of time, 'no new thing under the sun,' may occur on a weekly level as it does on a Great Week level.  That is, but for the math not being the same.  There are 2520 years in a Great Week, but 168 hours in the smaller counterpart.  And 168 hrs X 60 min/hr or 10080 minutes in a small week.  The math doesn't work.

The key is the smallest cycle, the 4-minute cycle.  10080 minutes divided by 4 minutes results in 2520 units of the smallest cycle, the 4-minute cycle.     

We now have the Great Week on the same mathematic footing as the Small Week; 2520 divided into 15 parts comprised of 168 each.  As above, the Great Week, so below, the Small Week.  And the implication?  So as each 168 year subdivision of the Great Week demonstrates the repetition of events between 84 year subdivisions, then to we expect the 168 hour subdivision of the 2520 units of the Small Week to demonstrate repetition between its constituent 84 units.  Time in the first half of the week should repeat in the second half of the week.  At least, within the constraints of the dominant pattern of the greater cycle; context for another essay.

That's a lot to ponder, but so simple.  There must be a complication.  Yes there is.  The Great Week can be interpreted, according to Thomas Troward, in terms of 2520 solar or lunar years.  Again, I'll leave that for still another essay.

And how might we have an level of confidence that the above is a correct interpretation of the implications of Mr. Gann's pronouncement of the 4 minute cycle invading the territory of the Great Week?  Let's look to the acrostic/telestic encoding of TTTTA and, maybe, just maybe, Mr. Gann offers a tiny bit of encouragement:

Beginning in the last paragraph of page 78 and continuing on page 79 of TTTTA we have a hierarchy of cycles which includes the 4-minute cycle but excludes the Great Week.  Perhaps the acrostic word "tom" spelled by the first letter of the lines  3145, 3147 and 3149 is Mr. Gann's way of providing some comfort.  Or perhaps, paying attribution to the work of Thomas Troward.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Looking back" a Great Week to "the Exile"

Recall the previous weak effort to look back on history a Biblical "Great Week" to find the exile of the Jews from Judah (see HERE).  In that essay the third deportation of the Jews from Judah (583 BC) was correlated with the year 2016 by the lunar interpretation of the Great Week.  Being less than even an amateur Biblical historian, I've been reading about the period.  Of particular interest has been the current "stabbing infitada" in Jerusalem that began in about July 2015. 

About the Great Week of 2520 years, which might be interpreted as 2600 lunar years (2520 solar years X 365.242 days in the solar year / 354 days in the lunar year = 2600.0278 lunar years), would have been 586 BC.  Reading Wikipedia, we find that in 587 BC the Babylonia Exile occurred.  That article notes that historians agree that the Babylonia Exile occurred in the summer months of the year but two noted historians disagree whether it was 586 or 587 BC.  According to, 586BC is considered "the Exile" which is within a process that began in 597BC and ended in 538BC.  Here's a suggestion:
The summer of 2015 is one Great Week removed from  "the Exile."  In the summer of 2015 we find the 'stabbing infitada' in Jerusalem.  Severe movement restrictions are being imposed on Muslims.  The same peoples, same institutions and, to an arguable extent, the same Great Week later.  Perhaps the greatest difference might be an exile of Palestinians rather than the Jews?

I was led to these thoughts from page 81 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" which cites St John in Revelations:
But this would seem wrong.  The verse is Mathew 24:7, also found in Mark 13:8 and Luke 21:10.  I don't find the verse in Revelations although it has logical relation in the progression of the seals; false Christ's, wars, famine....  The events told in Mathew that may be placed in Revelations prophecy?  I missed that sermon but I expect its out there.  Did Mr. Gann misquote (I think not) or might the error have meaning?  Way beyond my Biblical pay grade though I have thoughts that even the ignorant cannot avoid having.  Did the verse say 'earthquakes.'  I think there are essays for that.

Remember the many essays regarding the "remarkable events" that Mr. Gann tells us will occur following the election of the 266th Pope (page 82 of TTTTA).

And, by the way, Mathew 24:7 or 24X7 = 168 and 168 is one of 15 units within the Great Week (168 X 15 = 2520)...   And 168 is the number of years in WD Gann's "Map of Time" comprised of two mirroring 84 year periods of repetition of events.  And we find, as I've indicated more than once, twice.... on page 84:

Just "filling my attic" with furniture which might find future utility.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How might Mr. Gann have derived an interval of 110?

This essay requires recollection of thoughts developed in many previous essays.

From previous essays we know the cumulative life span of WD and Sadie Gann was 110 years.  Obviously, that is one of the several numbers that might be derived from the Gann gravestone.

The very first paragraph of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" reflected on the loss of Robert's older brother in the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.  1906 + 110 = 2016.

From the WD Gann "Map of Time," ("MOT") so named, we find that the counterpart of an extreme New Zealand earthquake in 1848 is the year 2016.  Similarly, the counterpart of the 1906 on the MOT is the an extreme Alaskan earthquake that created a 'megatsunami.'  Those four observations, were one to accept the methodology of the MOT as presently conceived in the related essay, would point to a period of between January 8, 2016 to January 28, 2016 for a repetition of the San Francisco earthquake.

From the "WD Gann Memorial Triangle,"  ("GMT") the seeming least important point of three was Mr. Gann's gravestone which is associated with the year of his passing, 1955.  Perhaps, however, the relevant date is 1776 where Green-Wood Cemetery was the site of one of the first skirmishes of the first organized battle of The Revolutionary War ("The Battle of Brooklyn").   In that case, we have two points of the GMT which are 110 years apart; the Statue of Liberty was completed and dedicated in 1886 and the Green-Wood site as the first battle of The Revolutionary War.

An interval of 110 would seem to be important but how might it relate to time and space?

More recollection is necessary to offer a possibility.  Robert Gordon circumnavigated the earth at the 40-41st parallel (he left New York and returned to New York which is at the mid 40th parallel) and, isn so doing, traveled about 33400 miles as the crow flies.  If, however, you parsed that "spherical hypotenuse" of distance between east/west miles and north/south miles, you find that he traveled 18259 miles east/west and 18465 miles north/south.

Moreover, the circumference of the earth at New York City's 40.7069N parallel is 18842 miles according to the Haversine formula (slightly in error due to the slight flattening at the poles of the earth).  But that number is even a bit suspect because, technically, Robert Gordon had completed a full circle of the globe when he arrived in Montreal, exactly 6 days into his trip.  Montreal is at 45.5000N and Robert, at that point, would have traveled slightly less than 18842 miles since it is north of New York.

The number of miles around the earth at the parallel Mr. Gann, I believe, was pointing out was certainly between 18259 and 18842.  I'll settle on 18500 as my best SWAG (accountants are good at SWAGs).

One of the lessons of "Robert Gordon's 7 days," IMO, is the balancing of east/west (a proxy for time) and north/south miles (a proxy for space or, perhaps, price) at 18500 miles.  Time and space balanced according to a common measurement...miles.  I think a common method of measuring both time and space is important, but that's me.  But I digress.

The last reflection on prior essays; the number 168.  The MOT, based upon the number of lines in TTTTA, is 168 years divided into mirroring 84 year intervals.  The number of hours in the week is 168. 168 is one of 15 divisions of a Biblical 'Great Week' of 2520 years.  Recall 2016 is the 12th unit of 168 from 1 A.D. (2016/168=12) and that 2016 is 2520 lunar periods from the third deportation of the Jews from Judah by Nebuchadnezzar.

So, wherefrom do we derive the subject of this essay, namely, the number 110?

18500 / 168 = 110.12

[Yes, I know there's something odd about dividing the miles in a day by the hours in a week but I'll dismiss that form the moment calling it simply "number"....for want of a better explanation.]

Why might an interval related to the 'nativity' of New York City (the 40.7069 parallel) be related to an event in San Francisco in 1906 having a different 'nativity?'  The 1906 earthquake resulted in or, at least, contributed to a major market panic.  DJI topped at 75 in late January 1906 and nudged down with the April 4, 1906 earthquake.  After a recover to 70 in October 1906, the next 13 months saw the DJI drop to 41.  That's nearly one half from the top in 23 months.

Was the Nation's industry and economy so integrated with San Francisco in 1906 as it is today?  [As I  busily type on my MacBook Pro.]  I doubt it.

One last previously mentioned thought.  From page 84 of TTTTA, which is an uncanny half of the 168 number, we have Mr. Gann's encouragement...or lamentation:

Jim Ross

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some disparate thoughts, 2016 and good fortune

Probably not worth anyone's time in reading but very meaningful to me this morning.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).  An 'o' at the end of the first name with a value of 6 and an 'i' at the end of the last name with a value of 9 (Pythagorean as taught by "Luo Clement").  The wondrous page 69 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  And the first three of his notable quotes will come up if you Google 'Galileo':

We cannot learn from anyone but from one who knows.  Of the hundreds or thousands of WD Gann experts, there is only one who truly knows what Mr. Gann taught and that is Mr. Gann.  We can only learn by studying his work directly.  And only guidance from others can be accepted…the learning comes from the personal work.  If we study Gurdjieff and his interchanges with PD Ospenksky, we find the latter, a philosopher in his own right, subjecting himself to the superior knowledge and guidance of the former.  As I studied golf, my heretofore lifelong passion, I studied the great "Bantam" Ben Hogan.  So the story goes, one golfer watching Mr. Hogan practice one day asked another, "Who is better golfer, Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus?"  The other remarked, "Well, I've seen Jack Nicklaus watch Ben Hogan practice but I've never seen Ben watch Jack."  And another 'so the story goes', so goes the question, "Where did Ben Hogan get the dynamics of his swing?"  The responsive phraseology is "He dug it out of the dirt."  He hit golf balls with a work effort like no other.  He took divots with each swing.  He dug his swing out of the dirt; the elemental.  He worked and worked and worked until he perfected and understood.

So goes the study of WD Gann.  It dawned on me last night that there are 37 written chapters (36 numbered chapters and the Foreword) in TTTTA just as there are 37 books in the Old Testament.  If you subdivide the pages before the Foreword and after 'The End', you might find 5 additional subdivisions.  At the beginning of the book 1) the title pages, 2) blank pages and 3) information and dedication and following 'The End' you have 4) blank pages and 5) the rear dust jacket.  37 written chapters and 5 additional subdivisions for a total of 42 divisions of the book.  And if one accepts that there are 15340 lines in TTTTA as computed in previous essays you have 42 years.  And if we 'double' and 'redouble' according to the rules of "Tid Bits" on page 45, we arrive at 168 years.

And 168 years is one unit of 15 that comprise the Biblical "Great Week" of 2520 years (derived from the duration of the "Rule of the Gentiles").  The "Great Week" of 2520 years that may refer to solar (365 days per year) or lunar (354 days per year) years when computing Biblical events according to Thomas Troward ("Biblical Prophecy….," 1914).  So might the year 2016, the subject of many recent essays, comport with any distantly important events?

If we were to deduct 2520 solar years from 2016 we arrive at 504 B.C. which does not appear to be all that important in ancient events.  Notable events in 504 B.C….. not so much.

But look at the lunar calculation of the Great Week of 2520:

One "Great Week" prior to 2016 we find the Jews deported from their land for the third time under Nebuchadnezzar.

Might 2016 find such a Biblical event repeated?

On good fortune.  Where I lost my life long passions of running and golf to impairing (but hardly debilitating, so don't feel sorry for me) osteoarthritis, I've found another teacher who has brought challenging and rewarding endeavors into my life.

Jim Ross