Monday, August 7, 2017

WD Gann's Map of Time and Robert Gordon's 7 days...and Stonehenge

In the last paragraphs of the Foreword to "The Tunnel Thru the Air, " WD Gann declares the endpoint of knowing the nature of man's greatest enemy and mystery will have been achieved when you understand "Robert Gordon's 7 days."  I'll not source my calculations nor provide a background that is abundantly documented in this website.  The numbers are as indelibly in my mind as they are developed and documented in this website.  Re developing would provide comfort only to those without the dedication or desire to do the work themselves.

There are exactly 15341 lines in TTTTA when they are enumerated according to normal typeset conventions.  WD Gann left markers (the telestic encoded words "Phi" and "007") in TTTTA which, when numbered correctly, proves Mr. Gann intended the length of the book to be 15341 lines long and intended for someone to discover and prove it to themselves.

Robert Gordon traveled 33590 miles in 7 days as the crow flies, which, when broken down between east west miles and north south miles (think of the 33590 as a hypothenuse of a spherical right triangle) was 18259 miles east/west and 18495 north/south.  Obviously, east/west is the circumference of the earth at the latitude of New York given that Robert left and returned to New York in 7 days.  But substantially the same number of north/south miles on his trip?  This latter metric was contrived by Mr. Gann.

Now, the first startling observation; the lines of TTTTA divided into the circumference of earth is Phi. I likely observed and documented this before.  The circumference of the earth is 24901 miles east/west (slightly different polar).

24901 / 15341 = 1.6232

That observation relates the time and distance inherent in the geophysics of earth's measurements to TTTTA.

The second observation; Robert Gordon's 7 days trip is the root of Phythagoras' right triangle.

18259 / 15341 = 1.1902 and 1.1902 ^ 2 = 1.4166

There's something very special about the number 15341....hmm, I understood that long ago in this journey of mine.  But it came to me as I laid awake this morning.

Robert Gordon did not destroy the Great Pyramid(s) because there seemed to be a divine purpose in them.  As I recall reading, researchers have attempted to relate the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge and other curious ancient monuments.  I haven't an opinion on how compelling the work might be.

Well, I knew off the top of my head, the circumference of the earth at the latitude of the Great Pyramid was not close to the number 15341.  That's what came to me this morning.  It was Stonehenge.

Do the math.  Its the Haversine formula if memory serves.  At the latitude of 51.1789* North, the circumference of the earth is:

15582 miles

That differs from the lines in TTTTA by 1.6%.  Phi.  Why am I not surprised.

Importance?  WD Gann's "Map of Time" created by TTTTA's enumerated and chronologically dated structure are mathematically related to Robert Gordon's 7 days.  

And the full realization of Robert Gordon's 7 days:

In my present opinion, the nature and structure of Robert Gordon's 7 days is the key to understanding how WD Gann's "Map of Time" works.  I think I know how to relate the two structures.

It gets better.  Always wondering if Mr. Gann anticipated (foresaw) discovery of his encoded works, I looked up today's date, August 7, 2017 in the "Map of Time."  And this is the acrostic telestic word I found:

He spelled:


An enquiring mind would be compelled to read the paragraph that followed the acrostic/telestic word "Heed."  I have read it.  The nature of the prediction, if you accept it as remotely credible, is very frightening to some.  Very comforting to others.

Jim Ross

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