Thursday, March 1, 2018

The last essay

This is the last essay on this blog.  I've promised that before, but 'this time its different.'

What would you do if you saw your life from another's perspective?  That's happened to me, or, at least, in my imagination it has happened to me.  Regardless if reality or imagination, I know it is true.

I've remarked my life is not one well lived.  In my view, real or imagined, my recent life is, well, "less worse" in recent years.  My last great problem is my ego and that took center stage on February 21, my birthday, when I expected, predicted a great market decline based on my reading of the acrostic/telestic Torah Code path in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

The question was whether my ego and other expectations (I'm a perma bear) caused me to "see what I wanted to see" or whether the Torah Code is wrong?  I do not believe the latter any more than I can believe the 'six 3's' discovery of three years ago was random and not intended.  Must be me.

Rather, I believe, according to my further reading, the failure was a lesson intended for me.  A greater lesson that my interpretations have been biased by that great defect of my character; my ego.

The two great commandments from which all those other's given Moses to follow; do not worship any gods before Him and do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  My ego exceeded both.  Tough lesson.

Its tough to see your life as others see you; as someone has been seeing you.

*** ***

Three years, 527 published essays and 25 unpublished essays.  [Hmm, we can sum and rearrange those essay numbers to form the number 7 7 7.]  It started with the hardly unique observation that the world seems arranged, ordered, by math but the formula is escapes us.  If you were to believe WD Gann, a person who demonstrated his command of some unknown knowledge of what I believe is that math in The Ticker Interview, every answer is in the Bible.  I believe that.  And I believe some subset is in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

My journey is hardly over, but it has arrived to a point of dispassionate, or not so dispassionate, viewing of myself that, until I know that math it is ego and not my search that drives me to publish my delusion.  Until I know the math, it is delusion.

Synchronicities or signs?  I've made much of those things.  Those details that we see every day that momentarily buffet us from our otherwise plodding of life.  The 6 eee's, the 111-story Mammouth Building, the 13th gravestone which was askew from its base, the Great Tree between WD Gann's grave and Manhattan's financial district.....  I believe in the thought of the contemporary Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, that synchronicity, intuition, premonition are simply the unfolding of the web of fate that is there but, for not having all the comprising events at hand, we unable to compute that which is otherwise mathematic determinable.  Its Sherlock's retelling of Somerset Maugham's retelling of the Talmud's "The Appointment in Samarra."

So today, as I give up this ongoing prop to my ego I note another synchronicity or, perhaps a sign, that is in the destiny of all of us.  Why did I notice it?  Why?  Is it a sign that is intended or just the randomness.  I'm of the minority view....but that's me reborn.

Vladimir Putin announced, and its in today's news, that Russia's hypersonic ballistic missile reaches a speed of 20 times the speed of sound.  Not much of a synchronicity, Jim.  Take the speed of sound at 767 miles per hour X 20 = 15340.  How many lines did I enumerate in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" about three years ago?  15341.  15341 is 1/15th the Biblical Great Week of Prophecy.  And 15341 is the circumference of earth divided by Phi.

Coincidence?  Were such the only such occurrence, I'd have said 'yes.'  But it is not.

If I ever discover that entry level math of the stock market that Mr. Gann dispositively knew, I will provide predictions on another blog.  Until then, its time to end this published journey and its coincident, if not principal, indulgence of ego.

Thank you for considering,

Jim Ross

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