Monday, December 29, 2014

Lord Bacon, "There God speaks"

Petter Amundsen (author of Oak Island…..) was unable to source (as was I) Lord Bacon as having said "There God speaks" as quoted on page 126 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air".  I have located an indirect attribution to "The Watchman",  July 21, 1904, page 7 as follows:

Mystery solved.  Mr. Gann wasn't inventing a phrase for purposes of encoding another thought, even though the letters can produce several anagrams involving the aberrant spelling of "Shakespeare" as "Shakesper."  Apparently, one less rabbit to chase.


The Mammouth Building and 9/11

I have long held the suspicion that Mr. Gann veiled a prophecy of 9/11/2001 in The Tunnel Thru the Air and have written lengthy essays on the matter not to be repeated here.  Simply consider, The Mammouth Building….the largest building in New York City.  110 stories.  Ditto the World Trade Center.  There's numerology linking TMB and WTC and gematria that provide contextual Biblical allusion to the purpose of 9/11 in God's plan (Daniel 9:11 and Rabbi Cahn's thesis).  Here, I'll consider a simple pointer Gann may have designed.

The veiling is the same page and chapter number pointer method identified in the previous two essays.  Select a prominent concept (the 'circle' or 'St Marie', etc., in the previous essays), list all occurrences including page number and chapter number, sum those numbers and infer a pointer to a subject relevant page in the book.  In this case I have selected "The Mammouth Building" and all permutations of that subject.

First note, Gann prominently misspelled "Mammouth."  That is not a mistake Mr. Gann would have made in my opinion.  Second, he repeatedly describes it interchangeably as the 110-story building as if to make a point in itself.  So, the definition of the Mammouth Building for my purposes is each occurrence of Mammouth or 110.  With that in mind, here is the analysis:

[Note 1.  Previously I've computed the 'page number difference' as including all pages up to the first instance as being a page number difference.  For example, for the first instance on page 110, the number that would have fallen in the middle column of numbers would have been 110.  That's a mathematic fallacy because when you find the total of that column, you would always compute the last page number.  There isn't any new information in a number so computed.  So, the first item in that column is '0' yielding a total difference of '291.']

From the above sheet I derive three possible pointers to pages relevant to The Mammouth Building, pages 53, 233 and 401.  [All are interesting prime numbers and 53 has further geometric, philosophic and encoding significance explained below.  Of course, 401 minus 233 yields 168, the number of hours in, say "Robert Gordon's Seven Days."]

Page 53.  Page 53 is a key method used by Lord Francis Bacon allegedly used to embed information into William Shakespeare's to prove (again allegedly) he was at least a co author of those works (see Ignatius Donnelley's "The Great Pentagram" and Petter Amundsen's "Oak Island….").  As the theory goes the Pythagorean 3 4 5 triangle has angles of 37, 53 and 90 degrees and it was natural for a Rosicrucian (Bacon) or Mason (Gann) to locate key information on one or all of those pages.

We find the point to page 53 and on page 53 we find the Biblical allusion to, perhaps, a missile:

Of course, the planes that struck the WTC were, planes with 2 primary wings.  Still, they were used as missiles.

Page 401.  The sum of chapters is the exact page as the last occurrence of the Mammouth Building in TTTTA.  It is the return of Robert Gordon at about noon on the seventh day of his having circumnavigated the earth and destroyed all of its major buildings in great cities.  And on that 7th day he rested.

Page 233.  Not that it supports the argument here, but I find it interesting that on this page Robert discovers the light ray method that would allow him to "melt down skyscrapers."

At the same time, the upper steel infrastructure of each of the WTC towers were melted, causing them to pancake downward (or so I understand).

Enough for now.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Encoding the Circle in The Tunnel Thru the Air

Key concepts are encoded in TTTTA using page number and chapter title summations as demonstrated in last nights essay:

If you have not read the above essay, the remainder of this essay may not make sense.

A key concept of Mr. Gann's geometry of all things…and the market, is the circle.  Using the encryption methods found in the "St Marie" and the "rose", I find the "circle" to be meaningful as well. Here are the locations and associations of numbers with the word "circle" found in TTTTA:

The sum of page numbers is 2149 twice reduce to 7 and the difference in page numbers is 401 reduced to 5.  So what do we find of meaning on page 75?

Why its "Future Cycles".  The concept that all things repeat and, we might read into that, future cycles repeat as a function of the circle.  From page 75 of TTTTA:

I guess we all get the meaning of the above from a plain reading of TTTTA and so much of Gann's work.  I find twofold comfort in the above exercise of Gann's having encoded his emphasis on the circle.  First, he puts emphasis on what we already know.  But second, I connect to the allusion that the circle will become the mathematical means to divine the future….the "process" to which Gann speaks in the immediately forgoing paragraph on page 75:

The "process" is a function of the circle.  Again, we know its the process but how does the "process" work?  I believe, at this point in my education and subject to revision as I learn, that it is the most important lesson of TTTTA.  And that lesson is declared at the end of the next to the last paragraph of the 'Foreword:'

If one understands 'Robert Gordon's 7 Days', one will have gained the understanding necessary to divine the future, to understand why Jesus rose on the third day, why the Lord rested on the seventh day and the nature of Death….  Quite a promise upon reaching the an understanding of 'Robert Gordon's Seven Days.'  And as we know RG circled the earth in those seven days (actually 6 days and 5 hours…and there's even some nuance to that).  Quite a circle indeed.

So one last item to button up in that spreadsheet way up there; the sum of the chapters.  Would we like just a little more comfort that Gann designed this encryption to lead to deeper contemplation of the circle?  The sum of the chapters is 19 (see above spreadsheet) and 19 squared is 361.  And 361 degrees is the number of degrees that it takes for the earth to rotate relative to the sun to constitute one day.

Ponder onward.


Friday, December 26, 2014

TTTTA's St Marie, The Rosy Cross and the Prophecy of the 266th Pope

Background.  The Tunnel Thru The Air provides on page 82 the mystery of the 266th Pope about which I've written on several occasions.  Why, in 1927 did Mr. Gann introduce the 266th Pope who would not be elected until OUR generation?  Pope Francis was elected May 9th, 2013 as I recall and he is widely accepted as the 266th Pope.  Page 82 of TTTTA:

I call your attention to "....remarkable event that are to follow the election of the new Pope."  Now defer that all important thought for the moment.

On that same page, Gann, in 1927, predicts the dire conditions of the first years of the depression and the stock market collapse:

And then he alludes to WWII:

Obviously he made some good predictions.  But what about the remarkable events destined for the generation of the 266th Pope?  Our generation.  Again, defer that thought.

Enter the St Marie.  Many allude to the astro connections of the St Marie, but I'll take a different tact.  I will use the St Marie to give us a graphic pointer to something Mr. Gann wanted us to find.  Here are all the instances of the St Marie:

Fifteen references to St Marie, several cleverly hidden.  Add the page numbers and you get 3,122 which reduces to 8.  Add the differences between each occurrence and the previous and you get 416 which reduces to 2.  Page 82.  And we find the mysterious reference to the 266th Pope on page 82.  Coincidence?

Not to stop there, add the chapter numbers associated with each of the instances of St Marie and you get 266....  I think Mr. Gann wants us to double underscore the remarkable events to follow the election of the 266th Pope.

A rose by any other name.  Being fully invested in the Baconian side of the Stratfordian controversy, I'm midway through the Ignatious Donnelly's "The Great Cryptogram" and the more contemporary work of Petter Amundsen "Oak Island and the Treasure Map in Shakespeare."  Still, I've followed Amundsen's path and found the same marker in TTTTA found in Shakespeare.

On page 53 of two of Shakespeare's plays marked by a acrostic, a reference to the Rosicrucian's Rosy Cross is found......  "R.C.".  Page 53 is important as the Pythagorean 3 4 5 right triangle has angles of 90, 53 and 37 degrees (180 in total of course).  Try as I might, I could not find anything on TTTTA page 53.  But how about page 37?  Yes, the Rose of Charity bolstered by the Lilly of Faith.  Rose of Charity.....R.C.  I've essayed that so I won't repeat it.  Here's the reference:

 So what about the Rosy Cross?  Well, the method alone ties Gann's crytographics to those allegedly used by Lord Bacon first, then secondly to some derivative of the Rosicrucianism (not surprising as Gann was 33rd degree Mason).  But that's still not "it."

Use the same method of identifying the instances of the word "rose" in the 418 numbered pages of TTTTA:

Page numbers total to 9710 twice reduced to 8 and differences in page numbers total 415 twice reduced to 2.  Page 82, the remarkle events following the election of the 266th Pope.

But it doesn't end there without providing a reference to some coloring of the events to which allusion to the character of those events.  If you take the first page where 'rose' is found, page 37, and reduce that page once you get 3+7=10.  So put that number in the next to the last column on the right.  Now reduce it again to get 1+0=1 and put that in the final column on the right.  Do that for all 37 'rose' citations and add them.  Those 2 columns total 395 and 170, respectively, and reduce to 88.

88, an attractive number in numerology?  I won't go there for now.

But page 88?  What do we find beginning on page 88?  The 100 year cycle and that wars progressed, via technology, from land to water to air.  And the then forthcoming WWII would be fought in the air.  And it was.  But how about 1914-1919 WWI plus 100 years.  A war to be fought in the air again OR will there be a new technology for the similar 2014-2019 period?  A space war.....missiles, ICBMs, EMP.  Okay, this is disconnected but what does the scripture on page....oh no, page 53!!!!

The above quote appears amid the discussion of four wings....  Something with four wings, that can fly on all four sides and goes where the head (the gyroscopic/GPS) tells it to go.  The forthcoming war envisioned by Gann, IMO, is one involving missiles and likely missiles in space.  ICBM, MERV.  Low yield nukes launched from simple freighters positioned 200 miles off the US coast and detonated in space above large coastline cities.  I'm not qualified to assess the impact of any effects of EMPs, but even North Korea could do that I'd think.

And we've tied back to page 53.  Two of the three angles of the Pythagorean 3 4 5 triangle forming meaningful parts of the divine shape.  And a prophecy of immense evil proportions?

And one last detail to button up.  What was page number of the first 'rose' citation?  Page 37, we've got that.  But how many 'rose' citations do you count in the table above?  37.

I'd say you just can't make this stuff up.  But Gann did, didn't he?

Mr. Gann successfully predicted, among things not mentioned, the Depression and WWII.  And it appears he's predicted events for our generation.  "Forewarned is forearmed?"

This stuff is really getting me a bit scared.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Shemitah, Ezekiel 48/35, Robert Gordon's 7 days…and Dow 18000

A post awakens me to re consider the 7 years of market collapse; 2001 and 2008.  And 2015?  To that end, some thoughts.

The Shemitah.  Per Jonathan Cahn's analysis (from recollection of reading The Mystery of the Shemitah), 9/11/2001 was the last trading day (because the exchange closed) of the 2000-01 Shemitah.  And September 29, 2008, the largest loss of the 2008 decline as I recall, was similarly, the last trading day of the 2007-08 Shemitah.  [I haven't gone back to recheck the exactness of my recollection but I'm comfortable its substantially correct.]

Going forward in this Shemitah that began with 1 Tishri or September 25, 2014, the blood moons of this 2014-15 Shemitah would be 'thought' to be the moments of greatest surprise.  As with 2001 and 2008, the last day of the Shemitah would be expected to be the moment of greatest relief / forgiveness of debt.  If you look back at September 25, 2014 and shortly thereafter, there was an interesting "shaking" of the market almost to the day (again recollection).  That would be, poetically or maybe prophetically, the first of several shakings?

Somewhere along in TTTTA I was led to Ezekiel 48/35 (actually, on page 413) and 48/35 says:

The City Gates and Dimensions
34"On the west side, 4,500 cubits, shall be three gates: the gate of Gad, one; the gate of Asher, one; the gate of Naphtali, one. 35"The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about; and the name of the city from that day shall be, 'The LORD is there.'" (

On page 413 and 414, Mr. Gann repeats in all caps "THE LORD IS THERE."  The point?  18,000 is the point.

18,000 rings a bell.  In my analysis of the distance traveled by Robert Gordon in his '7 days' (IMO Sir Robert Gordon, 1st Baronet and 1st Baronet of Nova Scotia as in owner of 16000 acres of Nova Scotia and likely Oak Island. son of the 1st Earl of Sutherland and contemporary of Lord Francis Bacon), RG circumnavigated the globe at the latitude of New York City.  At that latitude, the Earth is about 18,842 miles based on the Haversine formula.  But the Haversine formula is slightly inaccurate and the Earth is not a perfect sphere.  Perhaps the 18000 is closer than the 'government work.'  But RG didn't travel a perfect circle, he deviated north and south.  All in, he traveled 33,000 miles plus change.  So, if he traveled 18000 miles East West, can you compute the North South mileage he traveled.  Why yes, via Haversine and other methods, you can.  See my spreadsheet and essay of several months ago.  I believe the latest version is at:

East West mileage was computed to be 18, 213, North South mileage was computed to be 18382 and total mileage (as the crow flies) was computed as 33,298 miles (both by Haversine at 33,242 and Internet websites' computed mileage at 33,298) to put a finer point on it.  Still, however fine the Haversine 'point', its not exact.  Perhaps the Bible provides the better number?  

In "Robert Gordon's 7 Days" RG traveled a perfect sphere and the mileages he traveled traced out the dimensions, including hypothenuse, of a perfect isosceles triangle (18K, 18K, 33K).  RG traveled both a perfect sphere in distance but a perfect Pythagorean isosceles right triangle (alas, not a 3 4 5).

So here we find the Dow at 18000.....  


Monday, December 22, 2014

Page 37 of The Tunnel Thru the Air and the Rosy Cross

A new adventure.  The 3 4 5 triangle and a central focus of Pythagorean, Rosicrucian and Masonic philosophy has angles of 90, 37 and 53 degrees.  Petter Amundsen, in his "Oak Island...", finds on two page 53s of Shakespeare works encoded 3 4 5 triangles and the "R.C." or "Rosy Cross".....a reference or pointer to Rosicrucianism.  

Take a look at page 37 of TTTTA and we find the "Rose of Charity", prominently, "R C".  But might there be yet further color to convince one entertaining the obvious thought?

Google "Rose of Charity" and "Rosicrucian" and you may be led to an essay by Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple of The Synagogue of Sydney.  Dr. Apple ties the Rose of Charity to the Rosy Cross, Rosicrucianism, the "Lilly of Charity" and the "word" or first breath of Masonry.  An excerpt of Dr. Apple's essay:

Let's keep it simple for now.....Lilly.  Back to page 37 of TTTTA and we find not only Rose of Charity or allusion to Rosy Cross, but we find the Lilly as well....the Lilly of Charity:

One last point.  There is italicized on page 37 the word "it" referring to the Rose of Charity.  In my interpretation, Mr. Gann wanted us to focus unusual attention on the Rose of Charity or, in my thinking "R C."

Page 37 seems very important in TTTTA as it was in Petter Amundsen's discussions of the hidden importance of Rosicrucianism in Shakespeare.  Again, the 37 degrees of the 3 4 5 Pythagorean triangle.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Try "Looking Back from 1940"

Focusing on "Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940" pages 82 and 83.  Most see two primary prophecies; the periods 1930-33 and 1940-44.  The Great Depression and World War II.  But there's a set of 3 additional prophecies in my opinion to which I've alluded frequently; that anchored by the 266th Pope.  And one hasn't happened yet.

First, let's work out some math of the "Looking Back from 1940" which is the anchor of the 1930-33 and 1940-44 prophecies.

  • 1940 minus the greatest closure of the NYSE and the initial years of WW I….namely 1914.  That's 26 years.  
  • 1940 minus the crash of 1929 is 11 years.  Could be 12 year if you measure from late in 1940 rather than January 1, 1940.
  • 1940 versus the onset of WWII is 1 year or as much as 23 months because the US officially entered the war with Pearl Harbor or December 7, 1941.  
Now we know Mr. Gann wasn't so daffy as to discuss the great events following the election of the 266th Pope as if they were contemporaneous with the 1920s…or 1930s or 1940s.  Mr. Gann was anything but daffy.  Eccentric, idealistic….and clearly a genius.  He was ministering to the current generation in my opinion.  He was talking to us, right now.

The 266th Pope is Pope Francis, elected on March 13, 2013.  There is debate on the number, but that's because of anti Popes and how they are handled.  Ignoring the debate, the official record has Pope John Paul II as the 264th making Pope Francis the 266th (see Wikipedia for details).  The anchor is March 13, 2013, but let's consider it 2013 because Gann's 1940 hasn't a finer date.
  • 2013 minus the 26 years between 1940 and 1914 gives you the crash of 1987.  
  • 2013 minus the 11 years between 1940 and 1929 gives you the bottom of the 2000-2002 Tech Wreck.  That is, if you consider the 11 years as an accurate measure.  Kinda depends when 1940 was January 1, 1940 or December 1, 1940.  The latter wold make the interval 12 plus years and that would put you in the midst of 2001, and, of course, the market acceleration attending 9/11.
So that puts us at the look forward period comparable to Gann's prediction of WWII or 1940 plus 1 year.  So now we add 2013 plus between 1 year and 23 months.  Even more play in the dates if you consider any time in 2013 as opposed to the exact date of the 266th Pope's election.  
  • At the earliest, we have January 1, 2013 plus 1 year giving us January 1, 2014; not yet.
  • Using the date of election, you could be looking at as early as March 13, 2014; not yet.  Or as late as February 13, 2015 (election plus 23 months); wait and see.
  •  Or, yet again, you could start a 23-year period in December 2013 maturing in December 2015.
Seems to me Gann was pretty darn accurate with 2 prophecies made in 1927 on pages 82 and 83 which manifested in 1930-33 and 1940-1944.  And, having thrown the "266th Pope" anchor out there (or was Gann confused), it seems he got another 2 prophecies (1987 and 2001-02) close enough for government work…..especially CBO AFC scoring work.

So how ya feeling about 2015-17?  What would Dirty Harry say?


[Wow, that gun has some recoil.]

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some things I really don't want to forget about Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA)

Some Saturday notations.  Rambling but confirming.

"Omnia in numeris sita sunt" or "everything lies in veiled numbers."  (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry, Charleston, 1871, p. 741)

Robert Gordon.  According to Peter Bull (Google his essay "Masonry and the Cabala" which is online) the key to Masonic use of gematria can be confirmed based on Mason William Stirling's identification of the number of Jesus Christ as 1275.  Using an online gematria calculator (Gematrix) we get the following values:

So the calculator reproduces Stirling's calculation of the value 1275 under the heading of "Jewish gematria" which, according to Peter Bull is the Latin system.  In that vein, we see that other systems of gematria given by the calculator would have "Robert Gordon" having the same values as "Lord of Hosts" and "Jesus Christ" with the latter having a unique value only under the Jewish gematria system. 

[It is well worth one's time to enter Jesus Christ and Robert Gordon into the calculator and peruse the names and phrases that correspond 1275 and, in the case of Robert Gordon, 548.  I won't repeat them because, while many are confirming, one is highly noteworthy and disturbing regarding the antichrist.  I'll defer to your further investigation.  For your convenience the listing one noteworthy listing would give you:
and a second query of  Robert Gordon would give you:
Do it yourself if you don't believe the result.]

So perhaps the name, Robert Gordon, was designed with purpose and not haphazard on Mr. Gann's part.  Not surprised.  But dig a little further. 

The City of the Lord.Try another TTTA notable "The City of the Lord."  Here's it's value and a couple other phrases of the same value per Gematrix:

Square triangle circle circle....sounds like Gann.  But the one that intrigued me was Daniel nine eleven.  As in "911", but let's check the King James Bible, the Book of Daniel 9:11 first:

As were the Israelites banished from their land upon warnings from God for their sins of pride, might Daniel 9:11 warn the U.S.?  Recall my speculation that Gann set up similarities to the modern U.S.?  See the essay:

Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" and the more recent "The Mystery of the Shemitah" propose  September 11, 2001 was the first of God's warnings to America.  And three times since our national leaders have declared that America will rebuild without the aid of God (Tom Daschle, John Edwards and Barrack Obama) in part fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 9:10,23. 

Hmmmm, the 110 story Mammouth Building (with the word "Mammouth" glaringly misspelled) at 42nd and Broadway.  [Let's see, "Mammouth Building" used 7 times and "The Mammouth" used 1 time.  As in 1/7, but I digress.]  The 110 story World Trade Center, both 1 and 2?  Nah, Gann wouldn't warn 21st century America of the sin of its pride.  Or would he.  Take a look at page 130:

Did Gann see the tribulation of the 21st century a full 80 years before Jonathan Cahn?  Add the 266th Pope to the mystery (see again the previous referenced essay).  The 266th Pope, not counting anti Popes, according to St Malachy's prophecy is widely accepted as Pope Francis elected in 2013.  Gann speaks of "....some remarkable events that are to follow the election of the new Pope." (pg 82 TTTA)  Mr. Gann wasn't speaking to his 1927 audience -  he was speaking to our generation in my opinion. 

In that same page and the next (pgs 82 and 83), Mr. Gann explicitly predicts the 1930 to 1932 period as characterized by "...famine, depressing business conditions and panic."  And then, on the next page, he gives us the 1940 to 1944 period as another 'bad period;'  World War II.  Three future periods on pages 82-83 of TTTA, those being 1930-1932, 1940-44 and the period beginning with the election of the 266th Pope in 2013. 

[Lest we forget in TTTA, Gann tells us that the 100 and 5000 year cycles are the greatest of cycles.  And he recounts the World War I period of 1914-1918.....lest we forget that we are 100 years removed from the onset of that war first in Russia/Europe and later entered into by the U.S.  And Russia is again problematic.]

Just too much to tie together is a single note for a Saturday when its already time for Army-Navy football.  Go Navy!!!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

TTTA - Remember the Nagato, Pearl Harbor and December 7, 1941

Today is December 7, 2014, the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the day Japan opened war on the US.  Perhaps, some interesting connections to Tunnel Thru the Air:

  • In TTTA Japan was first to declare war on the US (April 1930, pg 277).  When the US, fearing an attack on the west coast by Japan, rushed battleships to the Pacific. Japan immediately attacked the ships by air and destroyed all but a few of the ships by bombardment from its high flying planes.  Similarly, in WWII Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor forced the US out of its then declared neutrality in WWII.  Of course, both in the fiction and in the actual battle, the key was mass bombardment from the air on effectively defenseless battleships.
  • In TTTA, Japan's forces were commanded by General Nagato.  My reading of Wilkipedia finds the order to attack Pearl Harbor that was given by Admiral Isoroku Yamamato from his then flagship and battleship Nagato.  From Wikipedia:

  • And the battleship Nagato has enduring significance in post WWII nuclear armament.  The Nagato was used as a target in 'Operation Crossroads' at the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests in 1946.
Interesting coincidence?  Perhaps there are others but I haven't pursued this line for many months and I'm far be it a student of WWII.