Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WD Gann's 7th manifest prophecy, part 2 of 3

Having found my first and last name, I'm more than uneasy.  Consider the improbability that 'the' person in 88 years (an interesting number) that discovered the hidden acrostic and telestic codes in WD Gann's 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air" AND found his name in that coding.  Was it predicted?  How improbable is that occurrence?

First, notice that I have not found any other person's four letter names in TTTTA.  I'm sure they are there, but in days of looking, I haven't found them.  There are many, many three letter names and I can correlate most of them, varyingly, with real persons that I "know" influenced Mr. Gann.  For example, I find John Dee's 46 times in TTTTA.  No, not John, but "Dee" and "007."  I've recounted this in the companion series regarding what I style the 6th prophecy but I'll include it here.  I find "dee" 45 times in TTTTA.  But I said 46 only 2 lines above.  John Dee was a philosopher, scientist, mathematician, astrologer, and magician in Queen Elizabeth I's court.  His was incredibly learned for the early 1500s having a personal library that dwarfed that of Cambridge.  A contemporary of the now alleged writer of some or all of Shakespeare's works and also alleged Rosicrucian, Lord Francis Bacon, John Dee was identified to the Queen in personal correspondence as "007."  I found "Dee" in telestics 45 times and only as a telestic word.  Never an acrostic word.  Non random?  Yes.  But not proof to me.  How would it be proven to me?  I "knew" I would find the proof; that Mr. Gann had foreseen the need for proof and it would be there.

And I woke up one morning, after having read Dee's "Monas Hieroglyphica" and pondered his philosophers stone number for hours, and I knew how Gann would confirm the 45 instances referred to John Dee.  I searched and I found on page 198 of the first edition TTTTA:

Find it yourself, first edition TTTTA is on archive.org.  But that was not all.  There were 22 "dee"s before the "007" and there were 23 after.  The "007" is exactly the middle of book in reference to the number of "dee"s.  22 intervals before and 22 intervals after.  The same number of stops, 22, in Robert Gordon's 7 days (see my many, many struggling essays on the math and geometry of RG's 7 days).  Still, it doesn't stop there.  I've numbered every line in TTTTA and revised my numbering twice for the inevitable "Ross-ups" (my code for how often I "screw-up).  I'm on version 3 of the numbering.  Ignoring the forward, the title and blank pages and the back flap and blank pages, there are 15158 lines on the numbered pages of TTTTA.  And the midpoint or "keystone" of "007" is 7579 as you can see in the extreme left column of the above insert.  Two times 7579 is 15158.  Perfect.

 Sorry about the digression, but I thought it necessary to show how I believe I verify things.  How the evidence of non randomness has built up on my thinking such that I have little doubt about the "design."

Back to the improbability of "Jimi" and "ross," the first person to, likely, have discovered acrostics/telestics, and, certainly, to have written about them and disclosed them.  Each of the two words is a joint probability and within them ordering is important to create an intelligible word.  Further, there is a joint probability that the two words will appear without ordering.  I will address only the joint probability of one four-letter word as I am hardly qualified to do that.

A fair coin tossed four times has what probability of four consecutive heads?  1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 or 1 divided by 2 to the fourth power.  The probability of a head on a single toss to the power of number of ordered outcomes jointly required.  Alternately, 50% X 50% X 50% X 50% = .0625.  If you said you were going to flip a fair coin 4 times, the chance you'd get 4 straight heads would be 6.25%.  Don't make book on it.

The joint probability of ONE four letter name is similar to the coin toss.  Assuming every letter in the alphabet has an equal likelihood, the formula is 1/26 X 1/26 X 1/26 X1/26 = .00000219.  Actually, this is incorrect but substantially correct….regardless of the admitted incorrectness of this formulation, the answer will be the same.  It is vastly improbable that the person that 'outs' the acrostic/telestic coding of TTTTA will find his four-letter last name in the 30,316 letters (15158 above lines X the first letter of each line and the last letter of each line).  I'll let the statisticians wrestle with how improbable….but only matters if you to know how many zeros you put to the right of the decimal, 12, 50, 100.

Still, I "knew" there would be simple confirmation a non statistician could recognize.  And then I knew how Gann would prove it to me.  I'd previously seen "The Imitation Game" over the holidays and was stunned when, in a bar scene, Hugh Alexander told Alan Turing he'd discover the keyword to the Enigma cipher…it was Mathew 7:7 "Ask…seek….find." A recurrent scripture quoted once and paraphrased twice more in TTTTA.  Did Mr. Gann predict the keyword to device that many say would tip the balance of World War II?  I think so but haven't proven it to myself?  That thought brought me to see that movie again on January 27, 2015.  I put that date in my calendar.

I've never paid to see the same movie twice.  I've seen some movies I'd be embarrassed to admit to learned people dozens of times, but never paid twice.  I saw "The Imitation Game" with my wife and neighbors (as my excuse) a second time.  Sitting there, thinking of ciphers, I "knew" how I'd have my name confirmed.  I thought, can I leave the theatre, drive home, look it up and get back in time to pick up the wife and neighbors.  No.  I had to sit there and stew.

I'd previously seen dozens (in my best guess) of the word "tot" and hadn't a clue why it was being spelled so often.  I live on "Tottenham" Lane.  I also remembered there were exactly 19 instances of the word "ten" because I'd studied that word, specifically, in the acrostics and telestics.  But I did not recall a "ham."  Still, I "knew" he'd find a way to spell Tot-ten-ham.

And it took only seconds, with the Excel "finder" I'd developed to find acrostic and telestic words in the first edition copy of TTTTA.  At least I found 2 words on pages 350 and 351.  I'd gotten lucky; while there multitudes of "tot"s and 19 "ten"s there was one and only one "ham."  That is where those 3 words, "Tot-ten-ham" HAD to be spelled.  And there was "tot" on page 350 and "ham" on page 351.  There had to be a "ten" in between.  And there wasn't.  I stared and started at the screen but there wasn't a "ten."  With a double dose of Z-quill that night, I slept well.

And when I woke up I knew how he'd spell "ten."  I've collapsed the two pages and present it HERE.

He spelled "toT-10-ham."  This is where I live; Tottenham Lane.

The above was enough for me.  But he wasn't finished with the proof; not even close.  Hence, look for a part 3 of 3.

Jim Ross
of Tottenham

Monday, March 30, 2015

WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy of 9/11, part 2 of 3; The Battles of New York City

Of this series of posts presenting WD Gann's 6th prophecy found in "The Tunnel Thru the Air," this will be the difficult one.  In the first post, the target, the perpetrators, the airline were all identified by a dominant number that was seen time and again; 15.  We'll see that number again in 3 of 3, but there isn't such a dominant number in this post.  And there isn't a lot of evidence in this post.  But there are two themes presented that are necessary context for the third post.  Those two themes are the concept of opposites and the importance of the number 69.

There are so many ways to illustrate the ancient concept of opposites; many eloquent, philosophic, mathematic, all very introspective if you chose to dwell on it.  Start from the ultimate beginning, the first breath of God, the initial thought that created all things.  You find it in Genesis as the contrasts in day and night, darkness and light, heaven and earth…. you find Gurdjiffe explaining the diatonic cosmology with it, you find Gann explaining it as the positive and negative; it is the fourth Hermetic principle of "The Kybalion:"

Both Gurdjiffe and Gann elaborate the principle to add to the positive and negative to add a neutral.  Gurdjieffe gets to the "Law of three" and its part in the creation of the enneagram.  Gann, through Robert Gordon, states it as a free standing principle, but again, with the neutral (page 78):

Gann, seemingly, goes a bit further.  Perhaps he infers that, within cycles there are opposites or between cycles of differing levels or greater and smaller overlapping wheels we get opposites.  Perhaps the "Gigantic Battle of New York" has finer insights on how his conceptualization works.

The first opposite; June 9, 1932, most prominently, the day of the "Gigantic" attack on New York City and, contemporaneously, Robert Gordon's birthday.  Take this date apart and you might have 6-9 and 1932.  The first part is 69 (which is also 6+9=15) and the second part is 1+9+3+2=15.  A perfect transition from the dominant number 15 in the first post to a newly introduced number, 69.  Did I say the number 15 wouldn't be as important in this second post?  

The number 69; one might perceive it to be a perfect symbol of opposites.  Is there any other 2 digit number that, comprised of different digits, will allow you to completely invert either number (invert meaning turn upside down AND right to left) and you have the other digit?  Take just the 6, turn it upside down and then rotate it left to right and you have 9.  Do the same with the 9 and it becomes a 6.  A mirror reverse, but not just east west; north south as well.  The resulting 2 digits are the same.  You have either 66 or 99 depending on which digit you double flip.

Now manipulate the numbers a different way.  Take the complete number, 69, and turn it upside down and rotate the whole number right to left.  You end up with…69, the same number with which you started.

Finally, manipulate the numbers a third way.  Move the 9 one place to the left or the six one place right and you have 96, the transposition of the 69.  The difference in the numbers are 27 (96-69) and the cube of 3.  

How important is the number 69 to Mr. Gann?  Of course, Robert established his office in New York at 69 Wall Street.  Or perhaps reviewing page number 69 might help.

Very important page but we will focus on the "Jonus triangle."  On page 69 we find the "Jonas triangle" constructed of four observations of the letter "J" in Jonas.  Unquestionably, it is a right triangle further bisected to produce two apparent equilateral triangles.  But that's not the important part.  I believe its pretty easy to find triangles in text.  But this one has an interesting property.  If you count the letters from the vertically aligned "J"s on the left and the vertical line spacing you get sides of 12 and 40 and you can compute an interest hypotenuse of 41.761.  Recalling a previous essay found here on the only cycle that Mr. Gann calls "great," the one twenty fourth division of that cycle would be 41.666 years.  Recalling yet another essay found here regarding cycles derived from the philosopher stone numbers of Mr. Gann and John Dee (432 and 252, respectively), we find the derivative 41.666 year cycle might have further substance.  [I did not discover the Jonas triangle but did apply the math to it, compared it to the "Great" 1000 year cycle and to the philosopher stone numbers.]

And we must mention the specific scripture as well and the number 3.  3+3=6 and 3*3=9.  We have the  fixings of 69.  And cube 3 to derive 27 and you have the difference between 96 and 69 described two paragraphs above.  So much more in this scripture but off point for now.

Suffice to say, 69 is important and Mr. Gann went to great lengths to emphasize its importance.

The outcome is the most important opposite.  In 1932, Robert Gordon defends the 110-story Mammouth Building, the cedar.  He utterly destroys two fleets of allied enemy airplanes.  [As a note, there is a third fleet of planes, but RG drops them safely into the Tunnel using sleeping gas.]  In 2001, the twin towers are utterly destroyed in two waves of attacks.  

**In 1932, the U.S. is victorious, in 2001, the U.S. is defeated.  Opposite outcomes.**

The destruction of "two's" are opposite.  In 1932, Robert Gordon entirely destroys two fleets of allied enemy airplanes.  In 2001, the enemy entirely destroys two towers.

**In 1932, the enemy lost 2 fleets of planes, in 2001 the U.S lost two 110-story towers.**

The flight paths of the attacks.  This promises to be confusing and arguable.  Consider it as you wish but in context of the previous indisputable opposites.  There are two New York attacks in which total destruction of two enemy fleets occurred in 1932 and two New York attacks in 2001 in which total destruction of two great towers occurred.

The flight paths of the first wave of the allied enemy fleet originated from "40 or 50 miles up the Hudson River" (page 362).  Since the Mammouth was located at 42nd and Broadway (Time Square) and within only a few miles of the mouth of the Hudson, the only possible conclusion that the planes were over the Hudson would be if they were attacking from the north.  Further confirmation, Robert Gordon waited until they were over Yonkers; again, attack from the north.  In 2001, Muhammad Ata's Flight 11 departed Logan at 7:59am traveling east, turned due south shortly after entering New York airspace and attacked the WTC from the north.  Visually, one might consider the 1932 and 2001 attack routes the same.  The 1932 and 2001 first wave attacks were the same.

The flight paths of the second wave of the allied enemy and the second attacking United Flight 175 did not have the same flight paths.  They, themselves, were opposites and their mere being opposites placed them as opposites the the first attacks which were the same.  The second wave of enemy planes approached the Mammouth were sighted over Long Island Sound but Robert Gordon waited until they approached from the Atlantic Ocean and were over Fire Island.  The fleet of planes emanated from the north, turned westward at Fire Island and began their attack at about Fire Island.  Relative to the Mammouth, the incoming planes were coming from the north east.  Except that the Flight 175 emanated from the north, it passed New York City widely on its west side, and turned sharply northward shortly before it would have reached Philadelphia.  Its final flight path to the WTC was from the south west.  The 1932 and 2001 second wave attacks were opposites.

Could Mr. Gann have contrived the 1932 flight plans to demonstrate opposites?  I am very hesitant to dismiss the possibility.  Regardless, the authenticity of the 9/11prophecy hardly rests on this point.

The point of this essay and second component of the three, is to explain the outcomes of the respective battles according to the Hermetic principle of opposites, and to explain the importance of the number, 69, in Mr. Gann's prophecy of 9/11.  Without this explanation, the perfect timing that will be demonstrated in the final essay would be lost in the vacant thought "But in 1932 we won and in 2001 we lost.  He didn't predict anything.  He has it bass ackwards."    

Quite the contrary.  He was right to within one minute, given the concept of opposites.

Jim Ross
of Tottenham

Sunday, March 29, 2015

WD Gann's 7th manifest prophecy, part 1 of 3

WD Gann presents seven prophecies in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" according to the way I have counted them.
  • The first is a prophecy of numerous inventions (twelve in my count of inventions I've identified ranging from encrypted cellular phones to the Saeto torpedo to modern drone warfare).  Most people have sensed the many inventions Gann predicted, some predictable in 1927, many not.  The laundry list is very impressive when taken together.
  • The second is the 1929 stock market crash and botom and the attendant depression in far greater detail than the bad times of "1930-33" found on page 82 and 83.  
  • The third is World War II in far greater detail than "another bad bad period for the United States will be 1940-44" found also on page 83.  
  • The fourth is the Vietnam War alluded to by the last name of Edna Quinton…the acronym of Quinton is Tonkin; the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that permitted President Johnson to wage war in all significant respects.  
  • The fifth has been partially developed in "The Great Battle(s) of Detroit" published in the blog.  
  • The sixth is in the process of being developed on this blog; it is the prophecy of 9/11.  
  • The seventh is me.  
Yes, this seems narcissistic, it sounds delusional.  No, I am just the matter of the proof, not the architect; first proven to me, and now, if you will consider, proven to you - that Gann envisioned and published these things.  You are in charge.  You can prove what I will say to yourself and you haven't any excuse for not doing so.  I give you the page and line number of the evidence.  The only tools you will need are a first edition copy of TTTTA found at archive.org and the understanding of the definition of the very simple acrostic and telestic encoding method.  An acrostic is a word spelled by the first letter of consecutive lines of a narrative and a telstic is its counterpart spelled with the last letter of consecutive lines.  That's all you need; unless you have decided before the provision of the proof.  Many people are like that,….no, most people are like that. 

I've alluded to having found my name in TTTTA.  It occurred over a period of several weeks but was proven to me in great detail which I will provide in 3 issues of this series.  And it emerged in exactly the sequential order I recount.  I hope the reader will consider how I felt as I moved from mild unease, to extreme unease, to complete awe and finally to a sense of duty; this duty.  Now, that could be getting a bit delusional, but that's my feeling.  Can a delusional person recognize and contemplate his state?  By definition, I don't think so.

As best I recall, in about December 2014 I was trudging through TTTTA having seen the six e telestic in the first paragraph of the Foreword ("six e's" are explained in the previous and many other posts).  I was looking at the last letter of every line (telestic) to see if I could identify words that might have meaning.  Literally, I was looking at a seemingly endless set of vertically aligned letters in the book and considering the permutations in my mind.  Talk about drudgery.  Until I found this on page 14:

My last name, "ross."  At first I was "weirded out."  But then I regained composure.  After all, how much of a coincidence would it be to find any four-letter word in a large population of random letters?  The population of letters, given that TTTTA is 15304 lines long, would be 15304 first letters of lines plus 15304 last letters of lines.  Of course, we're talking about a joint probability and conditioned further that the letters must be in a sequence (r-o-s-s).  I judged it very improbable but hardly prohibitively so.

So I chilled.  I remember transitioning into a state of "Well, that's really cute."  I recall posting the substance of the above on Thetas Pendulum that day or a day or two later.  It may have been the Pentagonal_time board on Yahoo.  I haven't gone back to check.

In the weeks thereafter, I created an Excel spreadsheet of every line in TTTTA, the largest component of which was a group of Word files of the book that a generous Internet personna and brilliant researcher, Superrome, has made available at his website, Gannstudygroup.   Loading those files, after a couple edits, into Excel I was able to construct an acrostic/telestic search device where I could find acrostically/telestically created words easily.  Perhaps we are in early January 2015.

Inevitably, it struck me to look for Jim, James, Jimi, Jimmy, Chip, all names which were given me by myself or my childhood 'chums.'  Still in early January.  And I found it on page 75:

And there it was; "Jimi."  Even the "J" in "Jimi" was capitalized.  My high school name…more often spelled "Jimmy" but a couple of my closest buddies did spell it that way just to imply a gentler gender than I would chose as a self description; they'd try to piss me off.  And succeeded.

The improbability has now become far greater….two four letter words, each very improbable individually.  But now its a joint improbability involving the 8 letters of the only person who has identified the acrostic/telestic encoding of TTTTA in 88 years since TTTTA was published.

And now I have an acrostic, "Jimi" and a telestic, "ross."  Shame on you Mr. Gann for not providing me a capital "R."  Here I'm talking to a dead man…or so we suppose in this world.  I was really 'weirded out" now.  It was a bit of a panic actually.  Someone was "looking" at me.  I know how that sounds.  But that's how I felt.  How would you feel?

No, your name is not in the acrostics/telestics of TTTTA.  I have found very few names greater than 3 letters; a limited number of 3 letter names, very few four letter names.  I can't recall any personal four letter names other than the above but I'm sure there are some.  How strange.

On the 7th line of Chapter 7, beginning on the same line as January 28, 1927, we find the "J."  Figure the meanings of those numbers.  7th of Chapter 7 or 77.  77 being the age of Mr. Gann when he died (77 years and 12 days), 77 being the flight number of the jet that struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 (see my previous post).  Muhammad Ata's flight 11 multiplied by 7.  So many general numerological meanings of 77 beyond the Gann and 9/11 prophecy specific meanings.

Before we leave this thought, parse the date, January 28, 1927, more particularly, 1927.  Theosophic reduction gives us 1+9+2+7=19.  And 19 squared is the number of earth axis degrees in one solar day.  Many mathematic and numerologic meanings of 19, too many to recite.  And further Theosophic reduction of 1+9=10 or 1.  The monad.  Further, January is the first month of the year or 1.  And the 28th day Theosophically reduced; 2+8=10 which reduces to….1.  If you don't know that number, the monad, you should; both its numerological and philosophical meaning.  One.

If I gave the task to 100 supposed "Gann Gurus" (none of whom have identified the use of acrostics or telestics in TTTTA, by the way) of identifying the 10 most important pages in TTTTA, I expect that 100 would name page 75 as the beginning of the most important chapter of the book; 'Future Cycles."  Gann asserts the future is mathematic and the math is found in the Bible.  In pages 82 and 83 of this chapter, Gann vaguely predicts the stock market decline, the first years of the Great Depression and the years of World War II.  

Continuing on pages 75 and 76, Mr. Gann goes further to define the repetition of history and his Biblical basis:

Those last two lines of the above, the word "Then" is spelled.  Two of the letters are acrostic (Th) and two are telestic (en).  I do not recall finding any other word spelled in the 30608 acrostic/telestic letters formed that way.  As best I can determine, that is the only one.

At this point, I know the case that "I" was intended to receive a message is not proven to anyone else's satisfaction.  If its not your name and you do not have to ponder the implications, then you won't ponder something that is happening to me.  I did not have dispositive proof that would convince another person that a message had been intended for me.  I do not recall making that assertion then public.  

But I knew the proof was somewhere in TTTTA.  Undeniable proof to me and anyone who would be willing to 'consider,' that I was a part of something.  Most people won't ponder the thought, much less, honestly consider it.  But a very few will.

I did not know where to look in TTTTA for confirmation.  I did not know what I'd be looking for….  But I knew I would find it.

And then I did.  On January 28th, I did find it.  January 28th, the same day of the year that we find on the line of the first letter of my first name I found the "dispositive proof."

Prove the above to yourself, disprove me if you can or dismiss it with "I doubt it."  Only the latter of three alternatives is the sign of what St Clement referred to as "the swine" before which he would not cast pearls.  Have the courage to do the work and make a decision.  St Clement also said "Faith" is a matter of choice; and choice infers a reasoned decision based on consideration of the facts.

The "capstone" of proof will follow in due course as will installments of the sixth prophecy, that being 9/11. 

Jim Ross
of Tottenham

Saturday, March 28, 2015

WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy of 9/11, part 1 of 3; Gann's Methods, the Target and the Perpetrators

WD Gann predicted the 9/11 tragedy in "The Tunnel Thru the Air.  I'd long considered it likely, an uncomfortable feeling, but did not have the last elements of its proof (my post on this blog "WD Gann meets Johnathan Cahn" dated August 2, 2014).  The last element of proof is the exact timing given by Mr. Gann.  I found it several weeks ago but was holding it as part of a planned but now abandoned book.  I know that timing and will provide it in the next several posts.  I expect 3 posts to provide my case; Mr. Gann's hidden word.  In the end, I will have proven by a preponderance of evidence, Mr. Gann predicted the attack of 9/11 to within one minute of when Muhammad Ata departed Boston's Logan Airport and within minutes of the fall of the South Tower.  But the prophecy does not end there; it is ongoing and Biblical as I will explain in a fourth post.  I believe this to be one important aspect of the knowledge that Mr. Gann asserted the world was then not ready to receive; knowledge destined for the age of the 266th Pope (page 82 of TTTTA).  And the 266th Pope was elected in 2013.

WD Gann's Methods

Understanding WD Gann's vast creation of the very detailed and unmistakable prophecy of 9/11 requires understanding methods of conveying meaning and methods of encryption.  Why didn't Mr. Gann simply state his prophecy in plain words?  Because words lie; intentionally and unintentionally.  Language is ambiguous.  The person speaking or writing, despite his/her best efforts, is seldom, if ever, perfectly clear.  Even if clear, the person receiving the meaning may misinterpret the words.  The great philosopher Gurdjiffe, as recalled by P.D. Outspensky, called it "subjective language" as opposed to "objective language."  Gann said that the only language which people and nations can agree upon is that of math and science. Concepts that cannot be proven in math is subject to error by the sender and receiver.

But that's only one of the reasons the prophecy was buried in TTTTA as opposed to being issued in an article such as "Prophecy of 9/11" on a full page of the Wall Street Journal in 1927 with "WD Gann" listed as the author at the bottom of the page.  Obviously, he would have become a pariah overnight; end of his business and associations.  "This man is crazy, thinks he's a Nostradamus."  But there's a greater reason; as Hermetics say, and St Clement of Alexandria and countless others would reprise, why would a knowledgable person throw "...pearls before swine?" Why should people, unwilling to work for knowledge, be entitled to that knowledge?  And finally, displaying knowledge, over the ages, has been dangerous.  Ask Galileo how it worked out for him.

Allusion to the 9/11 prophecy is provided at the surface level with the word "Mammouth." One must work to confirm the prophecy was made.  The concepts of 'veiling' are at least centuries old and most are ancient.  Here is a list off the top of my head of people (among others) I've studied to understanding their usages:
  • Misspelling- Various, simplistic
  • Numbers and mathematics as confirmation of meaning- Ancient, St Clement
  • Acrostic and telestic encoding - Lord Francis Bacon/John Dee and many before
  • Opposites- Hermetic from The Kybalion, timeless ancient knowledge
  • Allegory- Philo of Alexandria

The Target; "The 110-story" Building, "The Mammouth Building"

Obviously, misspelling alerts a reader to a disharmony.  How can anyone see the word "The Mammouth Building," and, having recognized the true spelling is "Mammoth" without the 'u,' not pause?  Was Mr. Gann that dumb and/or careless?  I think not.  Perhaps an enquiring mind might run a search on that misspelled word to see if there is a common historical usage?  Failing to find a distant common usage, what do you do with the word?   File it in 'curious.'

Now what do you do when you see "110-story Mammouth Building?"  A number confirming the misspelling disharmony.  An enquiring mind, having lived in the age of 9/11, will want to know more.  At least, if he makes the connection with the 110-story World Trade Center.  Most people will make that connection and, of them, not a person has gone appreciably farther.  Any farther at all that I can find.  Until I wrote about it several months ago.  And until now.

So, the "110-story," "The Mammouth Building" are discordant surface level notations, anything else?  How about "The Cedar."  Perhaps on page 369, where Gann refers to the 110-story building as "the cedar," is connecting the Mammouth Building with Ezekiel 17:3.  Jonathan Cahn; the Isaiah 9:10 prophecy.  This is putting the cart before the horse, but "the Cedar" will be the connection to Gann's ongoing prophecy envisioned to be presented in a fourth post.  It is the real reason I am writing this series.  But let's get back to the methods of veiling.

Okay, we have a surface meaning of The Mammouth Building; how do we confirm there is something meaningful in the initial disharmony?  How about rudimentary gematria.  Actually, not even rising to the level of gematria, but mathematic, nonetheless.  How many letters are there in "The Mammouth Building?"  There are 19 letters…the same as "The World Trade Center."  19 is a very meaningful number, by the way.  The gematria system of the Pythagorean system for the two phrases are 89 and 92, respectively, that reduce to 17 and 11.  Interesting, the WTC reduces once to 11 (9+2).  There isn't any confirmation in the more detailed gematria, but we do have the same number of letters; 19.  Did Gann style the name of the building to be intentionally 19 letters as was the WTC….and the same number of stories?  The 110-story building?  Numbers, 19 and 110 confirming the surface meaning.

More circumstance, numbers of occurrence.  How many times do we find the words "Mammouth," "110", and "cedar" in TTTTA?  We find "Mammouth" six times in TTTTA, once as "The Mammouth" and five times as "the Mammouth Building." 1 and 5.  The first instance occurs on the 432nd line of Chapter  34 (the mis-numbered Chapter XXXIX).  I've counted the lines in that chapter.  It is on line 432 in chapter 39, err 34, allowing a line between page heading and the first line and a line between pages.  That number, 432, is also the number of pages in TTTTA when counting the cover and blank pages.  432 is a cosmically important number found in the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza and in astronomic measurements of the solar system.  It is the number encoded in Luke passages 1:24, 27, 36, 56 and 59 (5X6X6X3X8=4320).  4320 divided by 2 is the diameter of the moon, 432,000  multiplied by 2 is the diameter of the sun, 432 squared is the speed of light….  The next five occurrences of "Mammouth" are all worded as "The Mammouth Building."  One instance and five instances.  Concatenate those two numbers, 1 and 5, and remember the number;  15.  The same number already mentioned; 15,  File it in 'don't forget' and... don't forget.

Now, the "110-story" building.  A quick scan and we find it once on line 433 of Chapter 34 (XXXIX).  Only once.  We find the number "110" appearing another 188 times in TTTTA making a total of 189.  

Now, "cedar."  Similar to "the Mammouth" and "110-story" we find "the cedar" only once referring to the alternate name of the 110-story Mammouth Building.  There are another 5 instances of the use of the word "cedar" but they all relate to a type of word; branch of the cedar, cedar boards, etc.  Interestingly, we find the former one reference as "the cedar" on page 369, Chapter 31 (XXXI) and it is the 431st line of that chapter.  Did I miscount and miss a line in this chapter?  If I did this might be line 432 just as was "The Mammouth" on line 432 of Chapter 34.  Another day.  The takeaway to "The cedar" is again 1 instance of one usage (referring to the Mammouth Building) and 5 usages as a type of wood or tree; 1 and 5.  Again, 15.   The "don't forget" file is getting bigger.

One more permutation.  If you take the 6 total occurrences of "Mammouth" and add the one occurrence of "110-story building" which was substituted for "The Mammouth Building", you get 7 total occurrences.  The same is true of the 6 total occurrences of "cedar" when you add one occurrence of "110-story;" you get 7.  Now you take 6 of "Mammouth," 6 of "cedar" and 1 of "110-story" and you get 13.  Both 7 and 13 having numerological and other significance.  File them in respectively named folders.

Nope, yet one more "coincidence."  Cedar appears on line 431 of Chapter 31, "the Mammouth" appears on line 432 of Chapter 34 (aka XXXIX), and "110-story" appears on line 433 of chapter 34 (aka XXXIX).  Say that quickly…..431, 432 and 433.  Cute Mr. Gann, cute.  That is not random coincidence, now is it?  I envision readers with hands over their eyes, hands over their ears, hands over their mouths.  Courage you random walkers; we, yet, have such a long way to go down this road.

The Perpetrators

So far, we have only a very discomforting and, increasingly so, feeling of the similarity between "The Mammouth Building" and the WTC.  How can Mr. Gann prove to us, people who are working to understand his true meaning, that he is talking about the events that involved the two buildings; one allegorical and fictional, the other real and doomed.  He will give us more contrived, designed circumstances.  Acrostics and telestics, devices that are centuries old but prominently used by Lord Francis Bacon and John Dee, aka, the first "007."  Lord Bacon was only once noted in TTTTA but John Dee is mentioned exactly 46 times…. in the telestic encoding.  I'll reserve the unmistakeable telestic references to John Dee for now as the subject is off point.

Bacon and Dee were contemporaries living in the time of Queen Elizabeth I (1500s/1600s).  Bacon, a lawyer, philosopher and writer (many believe him to have been the author of many of the works of Shakespeare), wrote a book on then modern methods of encryption.  Dee was the scientist, mathematician, magician of Queen Elizabeth I's and Maximillian's courts and friend of Bacon.  In his time, Dee was known to have 4000 'volumes' in his library when Cambridge had only 400.  Both were reputed for their veiled writings, Dee being known to the Queen in personal correspondence as "007."  Both were thought to have been Rosicrucian/Hermetic, at least in philosophy, if not in fact.  

Acrostic and telestic, the same method with a different object.  An acrostic is the use of the first letter of consecutive lines of text to spell a hidden word.  A telestic is the same but using the last letter of a line.  Consider the very first paragraph of TTTTA where we find the "six e's:"

The last letter of six consecutive lines i "e."  This "word" is created by Mr. Gann with a meaning; that the entirety of TTTTA will be littered with meaningful acrostic and telestic words that confirm meaning at the surface or plain word level OR convey new meaning.  If you believe 6 e's is not designed by Gann but, rather, is just a coincidence, then you needn't read any further.  It is statistically prohibitive to think this design was not intended…  I've presented the math and statistics in other posts.  If the probability of six consecutive coin tosses of a fair count is 1 divided by 2 to the 6th power (1/2^6, a joint probability) then the probability of 6 consecutive e's is 1 divided by 26 to the 6th power if all letters had an equal likelihood of occurrence (as a head or tail has an equal probability on a single coin toss).  Since 'e' is a popular level, I will conceded the improbability of 6 consecutive e's is a mere 1 divided by, oh, 13 to the 6th power.  1 / 13^6.  Pretty small.  AND in the very first paragraph.  "Be alerted to the acrostic/telestic method" is what 6 e's screams to the thoughtful reader.

Alerted to the existence of acrostic/telestic encoding, what might have been buried to support a prophecy of 9/11?  How about the perpetrator, Muhammad Ata?  Yes, there are exactly 15 acrostic spellings of "ata" in TTTTA (blue highlighted):  

That's 15.  There isn't a 16th, or 17th…..  Exactly 15.  Where is that file, "don't forget," I've been keeping?

Provided above, you will find the exact page number of 15 instances, the only 15 instances, of the word "ata" spelled in the acrostics/telestics of TTTTA.  Make that "only in acrostics." Not a single telestic.  Of those 15, arguably 7 provide meaning or emphasis to the surface narrative from which they are derived (see the arrows).   For those 7 that I sensed a narrative connection to the 9/11 tragedy I provide, at the right, the exact narrative comprising the acrostic word.  That way you can see those 7 meanings AND you can construct the acrostic word for those 7 as well.  Needless to say, the other 8 instances of 'ata" can be traced to the page number I provide.  You can prove all 15 to yourself if you will do the work.

Numbers generated in the previous paragraph; 7 and 15. Obviously 7, is a universally and Biblically important number.  And 15.  On 9/11/2001 there were 4 flights highjacked BUT only three of the flights attacked the US.  The fourth was scuttled in a farm field in Pennsylvania and did not inflict damage on the US…save for the tragic loss of the lives of those on board.  Of the three flights that successfully assaulted the US, there were five terrorists on each of the three flights.  3X5=15.  A number confirming the meaning of "ata." Look it up in Wikipedia; 5 terrorists on each of the three flights; 15.  

Since we are considering the terrorists, what about the means of their terror; the three planes.  American Airlines flight 11 was first to attack the North Tower of WTC with Ata on board, United Air flight 175 followed hitting the South Tower, and American Airlines flight 77 attacked the Pentagon.  [Interesting, 11 and 77, but deferred for now.]  It nagged me for such a long time that I could not find any trace of those flights in the acrostics/telestics.  I kept seeing "TWA" but not a hint of American or United.  In fact, 15 prominent citations of the word "TWA" in the acrostics encoding.  This time I'll provide just the page numbers where you may find them.

Those 15 citations of "TWA" and the absence of any reference to American Air or United Air finally jogged my memory.  TWA was formed in 1925, prior to and existing at the publication of TTTTA.  Amid financial turmoil its assets were liquidated in early 2001 with the principal assets being ultimately acquired by American Airlines shortly thereafter.  For all we know, the three planes assaulting the US on September 11, 2001 may have been first owned by TWA.  For certain, we know, TWA was the name of the company that was substantially and ultimately acquired by American Airlines in 2001.  Flights 11 and 77 were "TWA" flights in that sense of history; the time in which TTTTA was written. 

15 citations of "Ata" and 15 citations of "TWA", the exact number of terrorists and means of their terror.  All 30 total citations were acrostics.  None were telestics.  If you believe in randomness, do you believe there could not have been a single "ata" or "TWA" that was a telestic?  If you can't wrap your mind around this improbability, again, you should not be reading further;  you've already ruled the earth is the center of the universe just as the Church so rudely informed Galileo.

15 citations of "Ata" and 15 of "TWA."  There was 1 occurrence of "the Mammouth" and 5 of "the Mammouth Building".  There was 1 occurrence of "the cedar" referring to the building and 5 referring to the type of wood or tree.  Concatenate 1 and 5 and you have 15.  The "don't forget" file is brimming.

There are so many details of the 9/11 attack that Mr. Gann provides.  I find new "coincidences" each time I search.  Once complete, the allusion of the simple discordant "Mammouth" will have become a fully articulated prediction that leads to the 9/11 tragedy.  The "don't forget" file will have become the size of a healthy chapter in a Dickens' novel.  Gann's meaning will become as undeniable as the math of 2+2=4.  Errrrr, that's an opinion and a not so humble one at that.  But I have "worked out" the evidence, so reserve the condemnation.

Next up, I will compare details of the "Gigantic Attack on New York City" (page 362) and those of the events of September 11, 2001.  A new concept will be used; the ancient concept of the opposite; the positive and negative, the male and female, the ying and yang, the odd and the even….  And in the third post of the series, I will provide the exact timing, to within one minute, of onset of the 9/11 attack as encoded in TTTTA in 1927.  And at that point, this grand, hidden allegory and prediction will be complete.  That encoding has been buried in TTTTA for 88 years, until I found it in 2015.  I know, the "I'"s become narcissistic.  But the  "I" is important, as well, as may demonstrated in posts beyond this series and in a separate manifest prophecy.

You can perform a word search on the first edition copy of TTTTA at archive.org to find "Mammouth," "110-story," "the cedar."  If or when you do visit archive.org, pull the page bar at the bottom all the way to the right, to the final page…its page 432, the back cover.  I've given you the page numbers of acrostic/telestic words to support the "conflagration of circumstance" concerning "ata" and "TWA."  Its up to you to prove it to yourself, prove me wrong or, otherwise, just consider in silence:

Qui non intelligit, aut taceat, aut discat (John Dee, "Monas Hieroglyphica")

Jim Ross
(of Tottenham)

Friday, March 27, 2015

A mea culpa, caveat emptor and WD Gann's prophecies

I've twice revised my mapping of the number of lines in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and twice been wrong.  I first offered the structure of TTTTA in the post "WD Gann's Book of Numbers" on January 19, 2015 and found that there were 15608 lines in TTTTA when counting 2 lines after each chapter ended and not counting the number of lines that appeared on the rear dust cover jacket.

But I realized that was wrong.  Mr. Gann would not provide a framework of meaningful pages without providing proof of why the correct number of pages was correct.  He did that in two metrics; first, the reconciliation of the "great-1000 year cycle" to the total lines (see essay on the "Great 1000-year cycle" and its 24th subdivision of 41.666 years) and, second, an acrostic "Phi" found on page 120:

[An acrostic is a word spelled using the first letter of consecutive lines and a telestic is the same using the last letter of each line.  The author contrives line breaks in order to spell a word that conveys a hidden message.  These techniques were used prominently by Lord Bacon and John Dee.]

That acrostic, "Phi," is the only place that word is found in any of the acrostics and telestics in TTTTA.  And it appears with the telestic "Dee" which is the 17th century scientist, mathematician, magician of Queen Elizabeth I's court and close friend of Lord Francis Bacon.

Note that 432 pages in TTTTA (418 numbered pages + 2 Foreword + cover + inside cover + back + dedication + copyright + 4 blank pages in front + 3 blank pages in rear) and that divided by 120 is 3.60 or the degrees in the circle if ignoring the decimal.  Not a coincidence.  Likewise, then, I expect that IF I have the number of lines correctly identified, line number 4625 divided into the CORRECT number of lines would result in a Phi proportion.  That would be the iron clad check I expect Mr. Gann created.

As aforementioned, my first counting of the lines in TTTTA was wrong.  15608 / 4625 = 3.374 is close to Phi X 2 but close is not what I'd expect of Mr. Gann's intent.  The second time I counted lines, I came up with 15218 lines by giving 1 line between every paragraph (including between chapters).  This was a number that was extremely pleasing because it is exactly 1000 years X 365.242 days per year / 24.  I continue to think that number has merit, but it doesn't pass the second or Phi test.  The most logical Phi test would be 4625 X Phi X 2 = 14966 lines.  Yes, my line counts are close.  But there is something I am missing.

So, that's where I was yesterday when I discovered a major numbering error involving Chapter 17.  Simply a "Ross-up".  Each time I re-number pages, it costs me hours and hours.  This time I have a total page count of 15304 lines, but I no longer have the comfort that it is correct in accordance with EITHER the 1000-year reconciliation or the Phi marker.  Close, but not exact.  Mr. Gann's real truths did not involve close IMO.

That's my mea culpa.  I've checked back on my conclusions with regard to Mr. Gann's having forecast when he would die and they remain firm.  The line number used in that analysis, 3801, remains the same as the error was in a later chapter.  The 86 line discrepancy in the total pages will not change the conclusion.  Gann knew 77 years was the end of his earthly stay.

The caveat emptor is a thought Mr. Gann emphasized in his Foreword and throughout his lifetime of work;  prove it to yourself.  Given that not a person, not a single Gann expert, has identified and published proof of the extensive acrostic telestic coding of TTTTA in 88 years until now nor suggested a line structure of TTTTA, I will allow myself the error.  But the error cannot go unnoticed by me to anyone who reads this.  Gann's advice remains all important.  Prove all things to yourself.  And, of course, that means anything that I say in this blog.

That brings me to a crossroads.  I have noted several prophecies that I believe Mr. Gann intended to be discovered in the age of the 266th Pope.  I have written extensively on the curious reference to 266th Pope that was only elected in 2013; by near acclamation of experts on the subject, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope to which St Malachy (or some would say Nostradamus) prophesied and Gann discuses on page 82.

My dilemma is that I'd prefer to write a book on the 7 manifest prophecies that Gann provided in TTTTA and I've written about a half dozen chapters including a Preface.  They aren't good but they convey the wonderment of his documented predictions.  The other, not so fully document prophecies have yet to be adequately researched although the seed is there.  So the matter is time and my ability to limit myself adequately so that the task is achievable.  I am drawn to the math of "Robert Gordon's 7 Days" and thats my passion.  It competes with the need to present the manifest prophecies of Gann.

My plan has become publishing here the fully developed prophecies in the hopes that others will make further progress.  My desire of writing a book is probably more a matter of attributing myself than one of doing something worthy.

I perceive only one of the prophecies that Gann envisioned as having continuing future implications.  It was a work in progress in the context of the 266th Pope and the "…remarkable events…." to occur in the wake of his election (page 82).  It is the same prophecy that is laid out by Rabbi Jonathan Can in "The Harbinger." It begins with the "first warning" began September 11, 2001.

Mr. Gann, I will assert, predicted the World Trade Center tragedy 73 years prior to its occurrence in 1927.  He predicted its onset of to within one minute of when Muhammad Ata departed Logan Airport and the fall of the South Tower to within mere minutes.  He gave the name of "Ata", the number of attackers, the number of attacks, the cities involved, the name of the airline, the elements of Rabbi Cahn's interpretation of Isaiah 9/10 (the 'cedar') and more.

To fully understand this first prophecy, I'll have to provide some background.  Anyone with a reasonably inquisitive mind should have been alerted when he read "…the 110-story Mammouth building."  Intentionally misspelled, no less, to underscore its importance.  But who has?  I have not read a single person that has ruminated on the remarkable similarity to the 110-story WTC.  I've written on it extensively in the past and the 266th Pope.  Now I will provide the proof of the prophecy.  

With all that said in this post, first suspect my analysis, second do the work yourself to prove it to yourself, and finally decide for yourself if Mr. Gann predicted 9/11.

And if, after doing the work, you come to the affirmative conclusion, what is the continuing prophecy? That's what's really important.

Jim Ross

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Did WD Gann predict when he would die?

Having proven to myself that Mr. Gann predicted in 1927 within 1 minute Muhammad Ata's plane departing Logan Airport on September 11, 2001 and within 15 minutes of the moment the South Tower would fall, I've wondered; "Did he predict when he would die?

One number, perhaps intentionally encoded in the telestics of "The Tunnel Thru the Air", has bugged me without end.  I've, at times, interpreted it as a hidden reference to Matthew 7:7 which Mr. Gann quotes or paraphrases 3 times.  Obviously, 7 X 11 = 77, two wonderful prime numbers.  Here's the telestic that an enquiring researcher would find on page 97 of the first edition TTTTA (red highlight):

Gann was born in 1878 and died in 1955…77 years.  Just a coincidence?  "The Kybalion" insists there aren't any coincidences; I've seen enough in TTTTA that I do not believe in coincidence.  Parse the paradox further to see if Mr. Gann 'designed' further information in TTTTA that might encourage the reticent reader to believe he predicted his death in 1955.

Let's look at the date that appears on line 3801, the line of the second 7 or 77; April 30, 1927.  Perhaps Mr. Gann meant that we should divide his then hypothetical age by that mid life date to see whatever we see.  Here's some doodling:

We have a bit of an error….that is, if Gann designed his math problem to demonstrate the all too obvious math properties.  We'll accept rounding for now.  From his birth date to April 30, 1927 there expired 10,276 days or 28.14 years.  Rounded, that is 4 X 7 years or 28 years.

And the remaining days from April 30, 1927 to the day he died was 17,859 days or 48.9 years rounded to 49 years.  7 X 7 or 7 units of 7.

That's still not enough for the die hard, the world is random, all is coincidence persuasion.  After all, Gann is off .13 X 365 days on one end and .10 X 365 on the other end for a net of…well, he misses 77  years by 12 days.  I mean, 12 is 12.  To the skeptic it's proof of coincidence.  I guess so.

Hmmm, that 12 days and 7 units of 7.  12 and 7.  Something seems interesting about that.  I'm imagining things.  Back to more proof.

There are 15218 lines in TTTTA.  I've counted them and have them in a spreadsheet.  Exactly 15218 when you count 1 line after each paragraph and 1 line between pages (including blank pages).  The date, April 30, 1927 appears on line 3801.  From the first line on the cover of TTTTA to line 3801 you have 3801 lines and after that point you have 15218 - 3801 = 11417 lines to the last line of the back flap.  Might those 3 numbers parse into meaningful components?  Why yes, I believe so:

Wow, a 3 and a 4 to the 3rd decimal place.  I think Mr. Gann designed the page numbers and the placement of the acrostic "77" to produce, with precision, the numbers 3 and 4. Hmm 3+4=7 and 3X4=12.  7 and 12.

Let's not stop here.  He was 77 years and 12 days when he died.  12 days and 7 units of 11.  Focus on the 12 and 7.  Now recall the philosopher stone numbers of WD Gann and John Dee previously exposed on this blog, namely, 432 and 252, respectively.  They imply a wonderful proposition of cycles and subdivisions of the "Great" 1000-year cycle:

The philosopher stone numbers reduce to 12 and 7 and those same numbers, using Pythagoras' theorem, become the "Great" 1000-year cycle.

Two implications.  First, the not so startling conclusion, at least to me, that Gann predicted his death.  Actually, I 'knew' he did.  I just didn't know if he published it or if I could find it if he did. 

But the far more startling implication is that his life represented a subdivision of the math he and John Dee created; 12 and 7.  And those numbers are, in my estimation, among the Bible's most important.

I bet this keeps the 'random walk' people up tonight.  Nah, they know nobody knows.


[I have not published the 9/11 prophecy but will do so at the appropriate time.]

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why "Luo" "Clement?"

Mr. Gann never wastes a thing, in my estimation.  So its been a persistent doubt that, if Gann=Luo Clement, as claimed by a previous essay, why did Gann select the pen name Luo Clement for "The Ancient Science of Numbers?"

Recall the coincidental evidence of Gann's authorship of "Ancient Science..."
  • "Ancient Science..." is published in the same years as Gann's "great discovery,"
  • The date of the Preface is May 8 and the date of TTTTA's Foreword is May 9 (this is incorrect, there isn't a Preface to "Ancient Science…I don't know where I found the May8.  Thanks to a commenter and friend for keeping me honest.)
  • The cover of "Ancient Science..." sports a triple triple where one of the last pages of TTTTA finds Robert Gordon receiving a triple triangle medal,
  • "Ancient Science...." reprises Mark 9:29, "According to they faith be I unto thee," on page 16, the same scripture comprising Marie's note of farewell repeated 7 times in TTTTA,
  • The five asterisks on page 45 of "Ancient Science..." and page 130 of TTTTA,
  • 19 years between "Ancient Science...." and TTTTA, a hallmark number being the square root of the number of earth axis degrees in one solar day,
  • As endpoints of time, "Ancient Science.." published in 1908 and TTTTA in 1927 is bisected by the essays of the Einstein Editor (another theory) beginning in 1920 yielding Biblical intervals between the three of 12 and 7,
  • and the enigma of the promise in "Ancient Science..." of a subsequent book that has, as best can be determined, not been published (the promised book is "Numerical Vibration").
Since my request for information on any person having existed named "Luo Clement" in my February 16 essay, I have not received any indication of such from anyone.  Similarly, no proof of the subsequent publication of "Numerical Science."  The only response to the proposition that Luo Clement = WD Gann is "I doubt it."

Moreover, I believe (have not proven to myself), the vibration of letters found in "Ancient Science..." is the key to mathematically integrating Pythagoras diatonic scale into the Pythaorean theorem structure of the 22 locations visited by Robert Gordon during his seven days.  It is the final key to the greatest mystery of TTTTA; the one mystery that Mr. Gann says that, when solved, the student will 'understand' why Jesus rose on the 3rd day and rested after the sixth.  [Next to last paragraph of the Foreword to TTTTA.]  There isn't a greater lesson.

Back to the name.  My considered observation; Gann never misses an opportunity to link to an important concept or a historic person possessing an important concept.  So what lesson might be taught by "Luo" and "Clement?"

My first thought was an anagram, as was Edna Quinton in TTTTA.  Not following me?  Look strictly and Quinton and consider if if there's an anagram that might imply a Gann prophecy?  Regardless, I tried for weeks to find a meaningful anagram of 'luoclement' but its just not there.  So I started looking for simple meaning in the two words.

First, let's look at "Luo."  There's a Kenyan population of "Luo" with their own language of "Luo," but I hardly think Mr. Gann was drawing meaning there.  The prominent and promising link is the Chinese etymology of "Luo."  It is prominently a last name but only rarely is it used as a first name.  There is also a series of meanings as a noun and as a verb; a net for catching birds, a silk, to catch birds in a net, and to sieve.  The word that struck me is silk and what is one prominent eastern use of silk?  It is a veil.  And what is the method of imparting truth in TTTTA and the Bible?  Veil.

The first name was only a 'throwaway.'  ["Throwaway," was a premature description as I am thankfully corrected by a commenter.  Luo is an aspect of ancient Chinese numerology and magic squares of Luo-Shu.  It is, again, an important lead given us by Gann, if the subject thesis is correct.]  Gann's objective, IMO, is the word Clement.   There are fourteen Pope Clements and three antipope Clements.  But I didn't see anything among them that would be Gannesk in knowledge.  There was Pope Clement V who reigned over the assault on the Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307 and Gann was very opposed to the institutional church.  But that was a personal thing and I don't believe that he would stoop to a petty personal selection of a name when the opportunity to teach a lesson when such an opportunity existS.

There is a non Pope 'Clement' that is appropriate.  St Clement of Alexandria was a near contemporary of Philo of Alexandria (the latter having taught the secretive Biblical methods of allegory and parable).  Clement is known as being one of the first, if not the first, Christian authors with substantial works being still available and he was first to identify gematria as a key to the understanding of the Bible's hidden meanings.  From "The Earliest Christian Artifacts: Manuscripts and Christian Origins, pg 114:

Hmmm, what is "The Ancient Science of Numbers" about?  Gematria, albeit, gematria light and the Pythagorean (so named by some) system of gematria values.

Clement's most interesting work (as if I'd read all of his 8 books) is Stromata.  In it (itself, it is divided into 3 books), Clement develops the secretive ancient mysteries (even in the 2nd century being considered then ancient) as being hidden in the Bible because the Lord knew of the ignorance of people and their ignorance could only be addressed in parable and allegory (much as Gann taught).  My favorite quote of Stromata is at the beginning:

As a separate thought, Clement gives an interesting accounting for the hierarchy of all things; that at the bottom is the human, elevated is the angel and each 1000 years an angel might become an archangel.  Put that in the 'heard it before' column but had forgotten it.  He also gives in-depth treatments of the lives and training of Moses, Pythagoras, Philo and others as may have best been available to him in the second century.  Certainly, being of Alexandria, Clement would have been close to ground zero for that information as it then existed.

If this is the point Gann wanted us to arrive at by teasing with the inscrutable "Luo Clement," it's well taken.  If I am mistaken, well, I'm not the worse for having read Stromata...  I've become a less dirty swine.

One last piece of "evidence"... or allusion thereto:

St Clement giving the veil to Flavia Domitilla.  [Subsequent to posting the above, I questioned the link that represented the above was Clement of Alexandria.  It could be Pope St Clement I who lived in generally the same period.  After study, I believe St Clement in the painting is Tituts Flavius Clemens aka Clement of Alexandria and not Pope Clement I.]

All that said, I am entirely comfortable in my thesis that "The Ancient Science of Numbers" was, in fact, ghost written by WD Gann.  The coincidental evidence first cited in this post, alone, is persuasive to a person with an open mind....a self serving opinion, styling myself as a reasonable and impartial person.  My wife might take issue.

If anyone can plausibly propose an American living in the early 1900s who may have written "The Ancient Science of Numbers" I'd be appreciative of that information.  Or any indication that "Numerical Vibration" was published.  I cannot find any such evidence and I've tried, exhaustively.

Now, I have proven that connection to myself, pending refutation.  With the Luo and Clement now understood, I have met my personal burden of proving the thing to myself.

I understand the "I doubt it."  Its the adopted mindset to paint oneself with gravitas of global consideration in the absence of having done the work.  The antidote for the disease is doing the work.  That would be reading Stromata and arriving at one's own decision to either believe or not believe.  As St Clement said (and as many have heard in a Sunday sermon) faith is a choice.  And I'd add, it should be a considered choice arrived at after wrestling with the alternates or otherwise having found the dispositive evidence.  As both Marie and Luo Clement (err Mark 9:29) said:

According to your faith, be I unto you

The importance of the relation of "Ancient Science..." to Gann is immense if numerical vibration unique to each stock proves to be the final piece to the solution of the Gann's greatest enigma; Robert Gordon's 7 days.

Jim Ross
qui non intelligit, aut taceat, aut discat

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 points of the triangle encoded in TTTTA

Can we agree that the triangle, square and circle were intrinsic to the most important concepts Mr. Gann taught?  Even in his geometry 101 courses for we find the 1X1 dividing time into equal parts (the square of time divided into the triangle), the circle indicating completion of the the earth, moon and sun cycles and the square of price or time.  The symbol of Lambert-Gann.  The interrelationships are not explained in geometry 101, just the heuristic or simple rules of trading.

Those were the Intro 101 courses, not the graduate courses nor the Noble course.  The latter two are reserved for the smarter and harder working student and the truly dedicated student, respectively.  The "worthy." Reward proportionate to work and dedication.

How many times is the word 'triangle' in "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"  Four times or the number of points on the square.  But I've been discussing the triangle which has only 3 points.  We find the word triangle on only 3 pages; pages numbered 273, 365 and 411 (twice).  In total, 4 citations but only 3 pages.  What are the intervals between the pages?  Focus on the left box below:

The intervals between page numbers are 273, 92 and 46 and, using the smallest as a divisor, 92 is exactly twice the interval of 92.  Very suspicious.  So let's look at how the first interval of 273 pages was counted.  It was counted beginning on numbered page 1 but did not include two pages of the author's written Foreword.  And it does not count the one blank page previous to the Foreword.  Box on the right; obviously, add 3 to 273 and you derive perfected ratios of 6, 2 and 1.

Is this useful?  Three ways that I can count for now.

First, it is one more "coincidence" added to dozens more I've cited demonstrating that Mr. Gann contrived and encoded information that augments TTTTA's narrative, supplements the narrative or CONTRADICTS the narrative.  Yes, Gann contradicted HIS OWN simple literal word, infrequently, in the second level of meaning.  Literal words are always ambiguous; they even lie in the moment of turmoil or dishonesty.  The literal or "subjective language" as Guardjieffe called it.  Words symbolizing thought have different meaning for different people.  Reading only the written word is the incomplete work of the incapable or lazy student.  Or one that lacks imagination necessary to contemplate difficult ideas.  As he said, you need to read TTTTA three times but in three different ways; at the literal and symbolic/allegoric level, at the second level which is comprised of simple encoding methods and at the third level which is comprised of, perhaps, cycle maps. [I say perhaps because I can 'see' the maps, but I cannot interpret them.  I have not proven that they are maps to myself…it remains 'perhaps.']

It should not escape the reader's attention that 365 is the days in a year and 273 or 276 would be 3 of the 4 seasons of the year.  Of course, the year is a circle of the sun.  The square and circle within the encoded triangle.

Second, two rules.  Reconcile suspicious results.  The contrivance of a perfect multiple of 92 to 46 or 2 to 1was too suspicious NOT to investigate the nature of the number 273.  Another rule, a blank page counts as "1".  You do not ignore a blank page.  I do not believe, necessarily, that the blank page must be added to the beginning of a series as it is interpreted here.  Unquestionable though, a blank page is 1.

Third, the triangle is important.  Duh.

Mr. Gann developed these contrivances….he labored by making sure that word appeared in three and only three pages and exactly on the correct page numbers.  He did this consciously so as not to spoon feed the result to the student who works with imagination.  Isn't his obvious labor an exclamation point or testament to the value of the thoughts he was trying to exactly and unambiguously convey?  Much more so, in my opinion, than if he'd plainly stated "Triangles are important."  He labored to make the student think…to work, ponder and wrestle.  Only by developing those talents might one become ready for untangling deeper meanings.

Jim Ross

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Resolving the 1st riddle

Perhaps a treasure hunt to find Pythagoras, the treasure.

If you pondered pages 128 and 129 to determine how Mr. Gann tells the reader the subject of the words on those pages is Pythagoras, I'll present the resolution in the order I discovered it.

First, before I discovered the the acrostic and telestic encoding in TTTTA, I noticed, like many others, the odd inclusion of the numbers '9,000,000 copies' and '24,000,000' copies.  So I played around with the numbers.  It so happened I was reading P.D. Outspensky's notes on the teachings of Guardjieffe and Russell Smith's 'Cosmic Secrets' at the time.  It was easy to manipulate 9 and 24 and construct the metrics of each note in the diatonic scale; the scale conceptualized by Pythagoras in the western world.  Like many other places in the plain working narrative of TTTTA, the reader is given two or more numbers which he is tasked with understanding the purpose for their inclusion.  These two numbers point us in the direction of the diatonic scale.

Second, I noted on the top of page 129 the well known poem memorializing Pythagoras having passed the blacksmith shop and, upon hearing the sound of the hammers against the anvil, realizing the size/weight of the hammer created differing tones.  [Which, as explained in "The Manual of Harmonics of Nicomachus the Pythagorean," is scientifically invalid but allegorically permissible.]  Again, Pythagoras.  Confirmation of the first clue in the preceding paragraph.

And finally, I noted page128.  Why is page 128 significant.  What is the universally recognized vibration of note C, the most recognized tong?  It is 256 or mid C (I believe).  As octaves are mathematically based on halving and doubling, the lower C would be half of 256 or 128.  Further confirmation, the circumstances are becoming persuasive…perhaps not quite proof.

At this point, because I had not discovered the acrostic and telestic hidden codes, I wrote a blog post on the discovery.  I was reasonably satisfied Mr. Gann had buried the trail to Pythagoras and the diatonic scale on pages 128 and 129.  Additional confirmation was yet to be found.  And it was found.

Now, months later I was now looking at the acrostics and telestics of the 15218 lines that comprise TTTTA.  And, having already recognized the importance of the poem on page 129, I was pondering the first letters of the first stanza of the blacksmith poem.  Before we go further, let's name that poem.  It is "The Anvil of God's Word" attributed to Masonic brother (I believe I confirmed that) John Clifford.

The first four letters of that stanza in TTTTA spell "LATO" in all caps.  Bugger, nothing apparent.  LATO is an ancient village on the island of Crete.  Wait a minute, did not Pythagoras travel to Crete and around among other places to discover the then ancient teachings and mysteries?  Yes he did.  Perhaps Mr. Gann knew better the exact locations where Pythagoras traveled on the island of Crete.

LATO was the final confirmation, for me, that the author, Mr. Gann, wanted to convey not just the knowledge that Pythagoras and the diatonic scale was important, but that it was very important.  Mr. Gann took the time to bury a secret confirmation to monument the importance of that knowledge for the reader who contemplates it seriously.

But far more important than that is the Mr. Gann's active and affirmative effort to distort the first lines of that poem to create the word, 'LATO.'  You can read the first stanza of "The Anvil of God's Word" HERE.

Mr. Gann changed that first stanza.  I claim he did so for the purpose of spelling LATA.  I submit this is further proof (in addition to the six e's discussed in another blog post) one cannot explain the myriad of acrostic and telestic words in TTTTA on randomness.  Mr. Gann created these words with intent to teach those who are willing and adequately open minded to labor, think and learn.

This latter confirmation of the encoding method is far more important to me in further research than the realization of Pythagoras as a focal point.  Heck, I already knew all that.

I'll have another riddle soon.

Jim Ross

Perhaps Mr. Gann's great discovery of 1908…indeed.

I've been up all night on the following trail concerning "The Tunnel Thru the Air." This post is not my thoughts on yesterday's riddle which I've promised.  I'll have to work on that after a couple hours sleep.  The trail below consumed me last evening and all this morning.  I had to document it while I had it somewhat clearly in mind.

Before reading this post, you need to understand the circumstantial evidence that Luo Clement is WD Gann provided two essays previous.  And to fully understand the 1908 discovery, you will need to understand the Pythagorean and Descartean properties of Robert Gordon's 7 days with which I struggled and published several months ago on this blog.  What follows is a train that leads to that same geometry of space and time.

Luo Clement's, "Ancient Science of Numbers," published in 1908 indicates the "pendency" of a later book of higher instruction, "Numerical Vibration," which was never (that I can find) published."

A Google search for "Luo Clement Numerical Science" returned on the first page a September 18, 1920 Publisher's Weekly ad requesting Luo Clement's book "Numerical Vibration" and is shown HERE.

A simple Google search of "September 18, 1920" produces as the very first and second result Scientific American published that date. The remainder of the first page of results, athletic articles.

Inspection of the contents of Scientific American yields one title of possible relevance to Mr. Gann's work; "New Concepts of the Past Century; The Change in Outlook Since Classical Days, Which Makes Non-Euclidian Geometry a Possibility" written by the "Einstein Prize Essay Editor."  A reading of that article and its December 4, 1920 sequel, "That Parallel Postulate; The Dividing Line Between Euclidian and Non-Euclidain Geometry and What the Latter Means," contrasts Euclidian (3 dimension) and non Euclidian (not exactly 4 dimension but kinda) and the mathematicians that disproved Euclid's never proven "Parallel Postulate."  Continuing the thread to a further sequel of the Einstein Editor backwards to a previous article of the Einstein Editor "What Has Been Said About Einstein; A Review of the More Important Popular and Semi-Popular Books and Articles in English" we find glowing praise of Dr. A.S. Eddington, Cambridge and his book "Space Time and Gravitation; An Outline of the General Relativity Theory."

[The Einstein Editor is not named that I can discover and a request for his name put to Scientific American has not, as yet, been answered.]

The contents of the first chapter of Dr. Eddington's book concern "The Fitzgearld Contraction" and describe the differences in perception of reality based upon the differing positions of observers.  Time and reality differ among observers based on their location.  The second chapter begins with the 1908 assertion of the German physicist Minkowski:

From Wikipedia we find that Minkowski space integrates the three dimensions of Euclidian geometry with a fourth dimension….time.  The coordinates of {X,Y and Z} become {X,Y, Z and T}.  The Lorenz Transformation creates the scenario of event prediction according to this delightful presentation courtesy of MIT that can be found HERE.

But forget the Lorenz Transformation as the Einstein Editor may have given us a lead to 2000 year-old Greek Euclidian geometry and the Descartian coordinate system to navigate Minkowski's four dimensions.  From the previously cited September 18, 1920 Scientific American article:

Descartes, Pythagoras theorem…. both aspects proven as 'an' if not 'the' math lesson of Robert Gordon's 7 days in the several posts I have provided on that subject.  Entirely Cartesian and Pythagorean math and geometry.

Pythagorean geometry and Dr. Descartes cameo appearance in TTTTA.

An aside.  Using the first edition printing of TTTTA, I discovered my last name spelled telestically on page 14 in about December 2014.  I found my first name spelled acrostically on page 75 in early January and it is adjacent the subtitle date of January 28, 1927.  Still unconvinced but shaken, I found my street address (Tottenham) and professional designation (CPA) spread on pages 350 and 351 spelled with a combination of the narrative and acrostics.  And I found the last piece on exactly January 28, 2015.  Exactly 88 years after the date on page 75 to the day.  I should have published a memo on that day.  I might now get a second bite of that apple.

Another aside.  Today I've completed what I believe is a very promising, albeit tenuous, thread beginning with Luo Clement's apparently never published book and leading to the 1908 special relativity mathematics presented by Minkowsky and enabled by the Lorenz Transformation.  The next subtitle dating found in "The Tunnel thru the Air" after the aforementioned January 28, 1927 is March 15, 1927.  And today is March 15, 2015.  Exactly 88 years later.  I'm planting this memo to document the date.

The next date shown in TTTTA as a subtitle will be April 30, 1927 on page 97.

Perhaps this thread will prove to be or lead to Mr. Gann's great discovery of 1908.  If so, did he predict when his great discovery would subsequently be found?

Is it possible to suspend our belief in chaos and consider the alternate?

Jim Ross

NOTE:  As Mr. Gann wrote "Ancient Science of Numbers" under the name Luo Clement, I will present the case that the unnamed "Einstein Essay Prize Editor" is, again, Mr. Gann.  The circumstances that indicate the former have become persuasive and one cannot construct the above, highly tenuous, but entirely logical, trail without the connection.  The case for for the latter promises to be equally likely and more easily and more firmly documented.