Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seeking the "When;" back to basic research and a small finding of Phi in WD Gann's "Map of Time" structure

Having failed to read "clues" in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to discern the "when" his many encoded scenarios will occur, I'm back to basic research.  Simply, I tried to guess at the time-frame for the vivid imagery of those encoded messages were indicating.  Oh, I don't believe it was a complete failure.  Learning comes from failure.  The many messages are what we otherwise know will occur, just not when.  We know the instability of Earth's tectonic plates, particularly at the California faults.  It will be, and it will occur, just as it has in the past.  How many times and in how many of his writings did Mr. Gann quote the many Bible versus asserting the repetition of history.

We just don't know the "when."

Similar to my recent episode of imagination, physical scientists variously and generally claim with 70% or so confidence a 7.0 event will strike the Pacific Coast within 30 years; bold prediction.  One has claimed a great event would strike Los Angeles within the 2-year time frame (NASA in 2014), a claim now beyond its expiration date.  I believe there is purpose in these failures and in the many disaster movies we see; its general awareness.  They are warnings.  Everywhere you live there is danger, but some places are simply more dangerous.  We know its going to happen in California and it will be bad.  Just, when?

So I can't read the clues.  Clues are a possible conveyance of imagined knowledge; sometimes right, sometimes wrong (my definition of clues).  As Mr. Gann ruminated about language being subjective and that mathematics is the only science the world has agreed upon, clues are inferior even to subjective language.  A verbal or written statement, language, between two persons, no matter how plain, can be misinterpreted.  A clue, well, that's a vastly more subjective concept than language.

Math is the only universally recognizable arbiter of truth.  I've documented enough proof of Mr. Gann's ability to see the future in great detail that I can only believe in his having identified the mathematic and deterministic structure of space and time; of spacetime.  If we are to know the "when," then it can only be found through the math or, perhaps, a detective better able than I, to weigh the clues.

Obviously, I don't have the math dialed in.  So its back to basic research.  I re read "The Tunnel" and "The Magic Word" and am now concentrating on a person I believe to be the most important in WD Gann's mathematics, John Dee.

John Dee, acrostically and telestically encoded into "The Tunnel" 44 times as "dee," is clearly an important figure in Mr. Gann's view of the world.  John Dee, Renaissance mathematician, astronomer,  alchemist and patron of Queen Elizabeth I's court.  Lecturer at Cambridge on Euclid's "Elements" and, notably, tutor and mentor to Lord Francis Bacon, Dee advised monarchs and colleagues alike.  Not that 44 instances of his name supposedly encoded in "The Tunnel" proves anything.  After all, the word "dee" is comprised of the most popular letters in the alphabet...we'd expect to find acrostic and telestic occurrences in any random text.  But we'd expect both acrostic and telestic occurrences.  Not so, there are only telestic occurrences in "The Tunnel;" there aren't any acrostic occurrences.  And what do we find in the middle of those 44 occurrences and smack in the middle of the book?  We find the telestic occurrence of "007."  "007" was the code name for John Dee with his chief patron, Queen Elizabeth I in their encoded correspondence.  44 occurrences of "dee" and 1 of his secret name, "007."  That makes 45; a number very important to Mr. Gann.  Coincidences?

So again, I'm back to basic research of a most important figure, John Dee and, by extension of his work declaring the Monas Hieroglyphica (presented to Maximillian), two more contemporary mathematicians; Robert Marshall on number theory and Richard Buckminster Fuller on geometry and Platonic/Archimedian "solid" structures.  Just basic research with WD Gann's "Map of Time" never far from my thoughts.  John Dee's "philosopher stone number," namely the number 252, and Bucky Fuller's basic atomic elemental structure allegedly comprising all of nature, the cuboctehedron (the vector equilibrium) at the 5th level.  Hmmm, at the 5th level that's a structure comprised of 252 spheres or tetrahedrons (Euler's formula being (10 X 5^2) + 2 -252).

Interesting.... the "Map of Time" as comprised represents two periods of 84 years or 168 years and if we add another 84 years we have 252.  252, one-tenth the Biblical "Great Year."  If we break down the Biblical Great Year into six units of 42 years, we have the 2nd level of the cuboctehedron (10 X 2^2 = 42).

Hmmm, wasn't WD Gann born 252 years after the death of Lord Francis Bacon?  Some numbers just seem to be mysteriously popular.

About that WD Gann "Map of Time."  I've found and documented several proofs of its mathematic integrity in previous essays.  As admitted, I don't know how to use the Map.  Still, the Map was created by WD Gann for some purpose.  It was both consciously intended and, as I've derived it, is substantially accurate.  Add the following notation to previously documentation:

The number of lines in "The Tunnel" according to the "Map of Time" divided by the number of days the novel spanned equals the widely recognized symbol of Phi, 1.60, to the third decimal.  Coincidence?  I take it as just another confirmation that I counted and detailed the number of lines in "The Tunnel" correctly.

So, yet again, I'm back at it.  Not with clues and an imagined story derived from clues (not yet at least), but basic research that seeks to find bits and pieces of mathematic truth left behind by an amazing man.  Perhaps someday, the math might be derived to provide the "when."

Jim Ross


  1. How nice to have you back Jim 👏. Have you ever had look at how the eclipses mentioned in Tunnel align thru the Map. As you know Tunnel starts and ends with one, with 1940x5 days between and we have the 'great' eclipses in June 1927...logic suggests there was a purpose as to why the former were picked

  2. Jim, watch this video: Or go to Leak Project youtube channel and watch the David Meade / Nibru video. I think you will find it interesting in the context of your work.


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