Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Update February and March

Remember, I continue to try to understand what I believe are clues left by WD Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and the "Map of Time (MOT)" constructed from the lines in that book.  This isn't science or math and may be no more than my personal imagination.  Many times, Mr. Gann says the only science is the one which all people agree upon; mathematics.  This isn't mathematics.  It's simply trying to understand what Mr. Gann may have been indicating will happen in 2016...which was, I suspect, based on mathematics.

I've previously explained the clues found that a great earthquake would occur in the last weeks of February 2016 (likely between the February 21st and March 3rd) which corresponds the October 16, 1848 Marlboro NZ earthquake (see that date in the farthest left margin); a 7.9 on the Richter scale.  The related section of the MOT, including narrative and acrostic/telestic words, is as follows:

Beginning on line 55 of the book, which is line 17 of the Foreword, we find the acrostic word "TaIto" highlighted in pink above.  For so long I believed Mr. Gann was referring to "Tai" which connoted to me far east philosophy.  I needed to add the next two letters, 'to' to arrive at Taito, a very densely populated ward of Tokyo, Japan.  It was the site of the 1923 Great Earthquake of Tokyo, which, as I have read, is reputed by Guness Book of Records as the most destructive in all of history (see HERE).  An estimated 142,000 died in and around Tokyo.  Humph, and in the telestics we find the word "yen" which is highlighted in green above.

I cannot derive from the perceived clues outlined in previous essays whether Mr. Gann is indicating an earthquake will occur in Tokyo or in San Francisco.  Its a far too coincidental, for my thinking, to find the October 16, 1848 earthquake date in the left margin, the February 24 date in the right most margin (the MOT repeating or mirror date) and Taito spelled acrostically between.  And that is not to mention the associated narrative found on those same lines:

"or will happen in the future."  Can this be coincidence?  Would a 7.9R earthquake in either city be devastating to the world economy?  I continue to think, should it occur, it will happen in San Francisco.  Taito only reinforces the theme of 'earthquake' and the magnitude of the event.  But that's me.

A second consideration from the above MOT excerpt; the nature of the "6e's" shown in red.  As a background, the 6 consecutive lines ending in 'e' in the Foreword were so statistically improbable the I became convinced TTTTA would be populated with hundreds of acrostic words that laid out Mr. Gann's predictions, indicated his scientific/mathematic methods and explained his spiritual philosophies.  I have not been disappointed as the many essays document.

The "6e's" are more than the warning of the book's encoding, again as I have explained in earlier essays.  They are emphasis, I believe, of the gravity of events that may occur between the dates of March 3, 2016 and March 18, 2016.  As the dates of the left side of the MOT are theorized to repeat during the dates of the right side, we need to look at what happened during those dates in 1848.  Two themes struck me in reviewing 1848, the "Year of Revolutions" in Europe and the consequent events in New York City.

In 1848 dozens of European nations (50 as I recall) were in revolt between the working classes and the reigning aristocracies.  Key players were Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx; political "community organizers" who were expelled from several nations.  Pointedly on February 21, 1848 Karl Marx' "Communist Manifesto" was translated and published by the Communist League in London.  Needless to say, 1848 was a time of great financial distress in Europe.

As a partial result of the 1848 revolutions large numbers of Europeans immigrated to the United States and principally the ports of New York City and New Orleans.  Also occurring at this time was the great Irish Cholera outbreak which both resulted in migration of Irish to Europe and the U.S....some carrying the disease.  There was a great outbreak of Cholera in New Orleans and New York City.  Many people died in New York City beginning in fall 1848.

If the months of February and March of 2016 will mirror the corresponding periods of 1848 then the U.S.  will see similar themes of great political distress and an outbreak of disease.  The "6e's" would seem to emphasize the critical nature of this time period.  And, as in the movie "Knowing," "EE" stands for "everyone else."  A site specific event affects a local population followed by events that affect "everyone else."  That's hard to swallow, but not hard to imagine.  Not for me at least.

Let's look more closely at those February 21, 1848 (publication of "Communist Manifesto") and the October 16, 1848 (Marlboro earthquake)....dissimilar events and peoples.  The beginning of the 168-year MOT cycle is that year's summer June 21st 1848 or 121 days after February 21, 1848 and 117 days before the October 16, 1848 earthquake.  Those two dates are near equidistant from the 1848 summer solstice and mirror one another on the MOT.  Similarly, the February 21, 2016 and October 19, 2016 dates (October 19, 2016 has been mentioned with great concern in other essays) are equidistant from the June 21, 2016 summer solstice; they should mirror themselves.  And all four dates in 1848 and 2016 are, effectively, mirror dates.  [On reflection, at noon on June 21, 2016, the summer solstice, I stood at Mr. Gann's gravestone for the first time and read Biblical verse that was the source for "Marie's note."  And February 21 is my birthdate.]

Which all indicates the importance of the first of the 2016 dates; late February 2016.  If nothing happens in that time period that mirrors the nature of 1848, then all that I've written is, thankfully, just an enjoyable and blessed waste of my time.  On the other hand...


None of the above is proven with mathematics as Mr. Gann would say is necessary.  It is simply one person's thinking on what might be clues left by a person who, I believe, could work the math.  Math is what I'm good at; not history, not riddles.  Simple math that is; hardly Gann-esk.  This last week and most notably on Christmas day, I realized what might prove to be a breakthrough in studying the mathematics of repetition in the markets.  It is incredibly simple in comparison to how Mr. Gann may have evaluated the math of repetition in world, national and personal events.  I firmly believe Mr. Gann's fixation with markets, after making the money he needed to make early in his career, was simply his laboratory for proving mathematics of time and space which similarly exist in all of nature.  Natural law.

My question to myself is whether Mr. Gann was an Einstein level mathematician or was Mr. Einstein a Gann level mathematician?  If what I perceive might someday be proven, then I'd say the latter is the case.  Where Mr. Einstein documented Special and General Relativity only to, perhaps, having explained seconds per 100 years difference in Newtonian prediction of Mercury's orbit, might Mr. Gann may have predicted the events of 2016 some 88 years in advance?

Perhaps, "Time proves all things."

Jim Ross

Monday, December 14, 2015

WD Gann's First natural law of time and space - proposed, part 1 of 3 (maybe more)

[Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Essays First Series" are delightfully read by Bob Neufeld, a Stradivarius of voice among fiddles, at found HERE.]

Starting at the end rather than the beginning, I cannot measure the hours I have poured into the mysterious "Square of 9" to emerge without distilling exactly how it works.  I still can't after what I believe is a brief moment of insight recounted hereafter that I had yesterday and this morning.  But I believe I am on the right track.

The insight, and I do humbly consider it in  a state of pendency, is that the square root of time is inversely (in the sense of opposites or complementary in the directional sense rather than the strict math) with space (and hence price) by its root.  Short translation, take the square root of time plus distance and you get the measure of spacetime; the 'fabric' of spacetime.  And the measure of spacetime, in our Minkowski-special relativity gravity well, is a fixed sum.  If the measure of spacetime is 1 and the component of space distance is .6, then the component of time will be .4.  As we move in spacetime, distance might change to .2 whereupon time will be .8.

WD Gann provides a demonstration in the WD Gann Memorial Triangle (GMT).  I will not recount my discovery of the GMT that I believe Mr. Gann identified as a teaching aid except to describe the circumstance of intuit.  I was standing beside Mr. Gann's stone on June 21, 2015 at exactly noon not realizing it was the summer solstice and looking towards Lower Manhattan through the "Great Tree" and I had sensed two circumstances; first, that the line of some number of stones were co arranged with Mr. Gann's in a line unlike the other surrounding stone alignments and second that the Statue of Liberty was about 15 degrees left of my line of sight, Lower Manhattan directly in my line of sight and 42nd and Broadway (the "Mammouth" Building) was about 45 degrees to the right of my line of sight.  The latter sensation or intuition is the GMT which I have later developed in many essays in this blog.

The GMT is a right triangle with sides that are an exponential progression of space (previous essays).  In contrast, the Pythagorean triangle is an arithmetic progression of space in two dimensions and the Kepler triangle is a geometric progression of space in three dimensions.  I sense the GMT is extremely important.  Following is an image of the GMT and its properties which, using the time and locations of the 4 points, you can derive the relative locations in time and space defining the GMT:

What you might not intuit from the above is that there are two different geometric structures reflected above; one that is visible and one that is not.  The visible is the provable right triangle in space that connects the primary three geographical locations (red vectors).  The invisible structure is the circle of time.  You can see on each of the three vectors connecting points A, B and C not just miles, but time.  And we know, time is circular (from page 76 and 77 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air"):

How many philosophers and physicists have said "time is circular?"  How do we define time?  By the circular rotation of the earth defining days, circular orbits of the moon for months and sun for years....

So, is one's interest piqued when we find both a circle and right triangle represented in the GMT?

We have a circle that begins with the Statute of Liberty's dedication on October 28, 1848 (A), the July 4, 1932 Battle of New York located at 42nd and Broadway, 110-story "Mammouth" (B), and  Mr. Gann's gravestone in Green-Wood Cemetery dated on his passing June 18, 1955 (C).  The circle is formed when you connect from point C back to A to give you a circumference of 137.2734 years.  It might be interesting for you to observe that the three intervals of the circle (A to B, B to C and C to A) will divided that circle into degrees of 180, 120 and 60 degrees.  Do the math.

But what struck me and I took to bed with me last night was the sudden realization that the hypotenuse of the space right triangle, namely point B to C of 6.7481 miles, is also the square root of the diameter of the time circle:
Well, 6.7481 is pretty close to 6.6103 but not exact.  Consider, the measure of time in the Minkowski gravity well of earth is pretty exact.  It doesn't change and we can measure it pretty accurately.  On the other hand, the length of space vector B-C is hard to measure.  It begins at point B, 42nd and Broadway and ends at Mr. Gann's gravestone.  The corner of 42nd and Broadway is a pretty big area...have you been there?  The very small difference of the above two measurements, less than two tenths of a mile or 242 yards is easily explained by the difference between the most northeast corner of the most northeast building at that intersection relative to the most southwestern counterpart.

Add to the above argument of the "reconciliation" of the circle of time to the triangle of space this observation; two triangles.  If we take the square root of the time intervals of the circle of time we get a perfect right triangle when charted....and, even given the subjectivity of the measurement of space inherent in determination of points A and B of the space triangle, we get two right triangles:

What's the likelihood of the coincident occurrence of two right triangles of time and space?  Compare the angles of each of the triangles!  As Sherlock responded to Mycroft when Mycroft asked his brother, "What do we say about coincidence?".......Sherlock replied "The universe is seldom so lazy."

A finer point.  The "sqrt(Time)" triangle is exact.  It is a perfect triangle to the 1/1000th degree of precision as denoted with the 90* without a decimal.  Input into triangle calculator was carried to the 4th decimal and degrees are computed and displayed to the 3rd decimal.  That the "sqrt(Time)" is displayed as "90*" and not "90.XXX" degrees means, I believe, the angle was formed exactly to at least 3 decimals of precision.  If we could define the exact hour and minute and exact location on Statue of Liberty Island when the Monument was dedicated in 1886 etc, we could compute the exact 90* angle to many decimals of accuracy. The space triangle is formed with an error of .331* degrees demonstrating the subjectivity of how Google maps determined the GPS of 42nd and Broadway.

Yet the further perfection of the square root of time, we find the component circles of time created when we add point 'd' denoting the time and location of the destroyed World Trade Center are, as well, perfect right triangles.  Let me restate that.  Looking at the first insert above, the "Primary triangle of ABC" is subdivided into three component triangles, AdB, BdC and AdC.  Those space triangles have associated with them three time circles and the time intervals time circles, reduced to their root produce time triangles.  Those component time triangles are perfect 90* right triangles:

Not to trick you, but the construction of any circle of time that circles the last point in time back to the first point in time to create the third interval...will always result, when those three intervals are reduced to their root, result in a perfect 90* triangle.  Not in any way does that mathematical property reduce my amazement that both time and space, separately, give right triangles in the GMT.  That latter "coincidence" is anything but that in my opinion.  It was WD Gann who identified the GMT as it exists in nature in BOTH time and space simultaneously.  

Two last observations offered and pending for the moment.  The simultaneous existence space and time triangles are the means by which Mr. Gann predicted the time and place of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks (see the 6th Manifest Prophecy series of essays that began HERE), point 'd' above.   

Second, the three component 90* time triangles and the primary 90* time triangle, when conjoined along their common legs may form corners in a "cube of time" envisioned by and written about by Bradley Cowan.  I believe that time provides a portion of each cube and never the whole; rather time provides a portion of the cube and space provides the complementary portion of the cube.  Sir Arthur Eddington, who in 1920 provided the first definitive English explanation of Einstein's theories in "Space Time and Gravitation," characterized "spacetime" as a fabric.  It isn't time that is the one and only component of the yarn of from which the fabric is created nor is space...they are interchangeably, complimentary, reciprocally and inversely related space and time...components of the same.

The proof or disproof of the above thinking is somewhat itself in the nature of the perfect 90* triangles of time found and the simultaneity of the primary time triangle and primary space triangle.  The further proof will be found in the prediction that was made of the 9/11 World Trade Center aforementioned and in Mr. Gann's laboratory of time and space; the stock market.  I expect to address those applications, to the extent of my ability to understand, in continuations of this thread.  

And I might fail.  For certain I won't be the dumber for having tried.

You can compute every one of the numbers above.  I've provided the date and GPS for each location, the GPS calculators are available, the calculators of days between dates are available...  If you do, and there aren't any errors, then the ball is in your court to dispute the "coincidences" I've uncovered.  But if you haven't done those things, criticism would then be out of ignorance, not wisdom.  Your call.

Jim Ross

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 1945 or 1941 and the WD Gann Map of Time

I should have checked the date, 12/7/1941, against the MOT.  Well, will December 7, 1945 make do?  Where do we find the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 plus 4 years in the MOT?

We find that it corresponds with the date "December 7" on page 349:

That is the same paragraph discussed regarding the great attack on Detroit in today's earliest post found HERE.

So what do you see above.  Do you see in the right making '12/7/1945' (1941+4)?  Indeed you do.  It is one the first line of the subject paragraph.

Recalling that Wikipedia says more than 2,400 died that day in 1941?  We find this is the 2,459th line of TTTTA counting from the last line of the book upward; hard to say if correct or incorrect.

In the 6th Prophecy of 9/11, the U.S. won the fictional Battle of New York but lost the actual battle of the World Trade Center.  Similarly, the U.S. won the fictional battle of Detroit, but lost the actual battle of Pearl Harbor.  Opposites.

In the 6th Prophecy of 9/11, Robert Gordon heard over the Tel Talk that the enemy planes had departed and, thus the attack began at 8pm at night. In the actual attack on the WTC occurring 9/11, Muhammad Ata's flight departed Logan Airport at 7:49am.  The difference between day and night, exactly 12 hours.  In the fictional battle of Detroit, Robert Gordon realizes the attack begins at 3pm.  In 1945, the first bombing was that of the Arizona which occurred at 8:10am.  A difference of 7 hours.  Afternoon versus morning.  Opposites.

The counterpart of the December 7, 1945 (1941 +4) would be found on the left side of the MOT opposite the dates in December 1945 on the right.  And what might have happened in January 1919, the counterpart month?  The Paris Peace Conference of Allied Victors convened on January 18, 1919 to set the terms of peace to be demanded of the Central Powers.  In 1945 (1941+4), the beginning of a war for the U.S.  In 1919, the end of a war in which the U.S. was involved (WWI substantially ended in 1918, but the Treaty of Versailles monumenting the end of war was not complete until 1919).  Opposites.

Hardly compelling with a 4-year difference but interesting.

Jim Ross

"Tokyo J-1" or "the Tokyo" or the German Dornier J-1

I've long struggled with the fictional Japanese mother ship, the "Tokyo J-1," also referred to as the Tokyo and "the Tokyo in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I count 5 instances of Tokyo J-1 and 2 instances of the Tokyo.  Those seven instances refer to the fictional high altitude mother ship.  Separately and unrelated, there 2 instances according to the acceptable spelling Tokyo, which in each case, refers to the City and not the bomber.

I've looked through the acrostistic and telestic words encoded into TTTTA and can't find "J-1" and I'd given up.  But I kept the enigma in my 'attic' of, supposedly useful information.

The German Dornier Do 217 J-1; a great bomber used extensively in World War II which carried a large bomb payload, had extended operational range, was capable of high altitudes and was especially suited for night time raids.  The J-1 version of the Do 217 was introduced in February 1942.  The original plans of the J-1 envisioned infrared technology which might be used during night raids to better identify targets but was not ready when the basic plane was first introduced.

The J-1 was, likely as the dreadnought battleship Nagato, perceived/predicted by Mr. Gann to be a great influence in World War II.  Since the primary villain in the the fictional war was Japan, I expect Mr. Gann co opted the giant J-1 invention as a Japanese as opposed to German.  Of course, even with Mr. Gann's foresight, I'm sure his vision was not exempt from the law of the "Rossup."  Regardless, how might I satisfy myself that "J-1" referred to the German Do 217 J-1?

So, I Googled "tokio bomber version of Dornier J-1" and what pops up;  An article from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle dated August 4, 1941 (see HERE for a copy).  Remember perhaps, the newspaper of the city in which Mr. Gann lived.  The same newspaper HERE).  Among other things we find a operational description of the Dornier J-1:

No, I'm not convinced at this point either.  Well, out of 365 days in the year, might Mr. Gann have used the date, August 4, in TTTTA for some related point...if all of the above were his his intent?  Well, let me search August 4 in TTTTA.  And no again, if I find it as the date of one of the lover letter of Robert and Marie, I wouldn't accept that as corroboration.  But if I find someone bombing someone else, well, I'm 'all in.'

August 4, 1941, we find in TTTTA the countries comprising the Allied Enemy, having suffered 'Robert Gordon's 7 days' of bombing from high altitudes, petitioning for peace (page 403 of TTTTA):

I'm now "all in."  Is there anything else?  Well, we have Robert Gordon ending the great war with an ending flurry of bombing of the world, resolutely and forever causing the world to unite for peace.  And what happened might have happened on August 3, 4 or 5 of 1945?  Well, what did happen on August 6, 1945; Little Boy, the first deployed atomic weapon was dropped on Hiroshima.  From Greg Mitchell at The Nation (see HERE), the diary of Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay:

[What would you think if I told you our President, having a name humber of 9 (the first name is evaluated to establish the name number), was born on August 4, 1961 (the date number is the day of the month in which the subject is born) giving him a date number of 4, and in the state where Pearl Harbor is located.  Concatenated 94 or 49, square of 7.   I don't know what to think about all that.]

Except for minor "Rossups" in Mr. Gann's predictive calculations (August 4 versus 6), I think it all hangs together pretty darn well.  Now I 'believe I know' the meaning of the Tokyo J-1.  You, well, you only need to.... consider....

He knew.  And if he knew, what did he know about our time period?  The period following the election of the 266th Pope?

Jim Ross

December 7, 1941 and December 7, 1931, remembering Pearl Harbor and "Nagato"

My grandparents would never talk of World War II until I insisted; their son, my uncle, had perished on the USS Arizona that day.  Decades later, it was too painful for them.  As they told me, he was in his bunk that morning and was not recovered.  Of the personnel aboard the Arizona that day, there were 37 sets of brothers, of whom, 23 sets were killed.  In total, 77 of those brother sailors aboard the Arizona died that day.  I am confounded by the numbers, 23, 37 and 77, about which I've written extensively.  I've not been successful in confirming my uncle's name, Carl F. Shuler, on listings of the 77 dead but I recall my grandparents, while they were still able, making several annual trips to Hawaii to visit the Arizona.  Of the more that 2,400 persons who died that day, 1,177 were aboard the Arizona. (Source of these statistic can be found HERE).

My father served as a gunner on a battleship in the Pacific Theatre and saw action against Kamikaze pilots towards the end of the war.  He talked very little of the War, as I recall; only once in the my recollections of our time together did he recount his story of being a gunner.  My father-in-law was also aboard a Navy vessel and involved in the Pacific.  The one story he told myself and my brother-in-law (his younger son) was about his ship having been sunk by a mine and he was among a group of men clinging to enemy mines for several days until rescued.  I assume the stories are accurate but, aside from researching the Arizona, have not inquired.

Sad how events in the lives of real people become recollections... and then history and then debatable history... and then revisionist history and some distant point, mythology to be awed or to be repudiated.  Did the Holocaust not occur as claimed by some?  Will the minority voices with an agenda cause real events to be considered, in another 100 years, doubtable mythology?

Do we find the date, December 7 in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"  Indeed we do; page 349, the Battle of Detroit.  The Battle of Detroit was notable, unlike Pearl Harbor, in that it was the first great victory by the U.S. over the "Allied Enemy."  Quite a contrast, in 1941 the U.S. lost the battle of Pearl Harbor because the enemy was unknown where in TTTTA the U.S. had its first great victory against the already known enemy.

In 1941, the U.S. was allied with many other countries (the "Allies").  In the TTTTA the allies ("the Allied Enemy") were against the U.S.  Interesting.  There are many similarities and many complete contradictions or 'opposites' between what I consider Mr. Gann's explicit displays of foresight and the reality of events.  Detroit was the turning point of the fictional "Great War" against Japan and the Allied Enemy.  You may recall Pearl Harbor might be argued to be a turning point in the "Second Sino-Japense war" that began July 7, 1937 and ended September 9, 1945....Pearl Harbor, though a defeat for the U.S., awakened the sleeping giant as some believe Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto uttered from his flagship on December 7, 1941.  The U.S. could finally define its enemy in the Pacific.

We find on that fictional date, December 7, 1931, the curious General or Colonel Nagato who was the personification and leader of the "Allied Enemy" had ordered the attack on Detroit.  Curious because on page 339, his first appearance in TTTTA, we find him to be "General Nagato."  On the next page, page 340, he becomes "Colonel Nagato," a rank demotion... or an error.  From then forward, he is promoted again to "General Nagato."

The keel of the dreadnought class or battleship class Nagato was laid on August 28, 1917.  The Nagato class battleship carried 16.1 inch guns, not to be exceeded until the Yamamoto class of ships introduced in 1937.  Soon after its 1920 maiden voyage, the "Nagato" was promoted and became the flagship of Rear Admiral Soeiro Tochinai.  Demoted and placed in reserve and re-armoured in 1933, she returned to service and saw limited duty in the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1936.  In 1941, the Nagato was once again promoted to the status of a flagship of the Japanese fleet commanded by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

On December 2, 1941, from the Nagato anchored in Hashirajim, Admiral Yamamoto gave the order to the 1st Air Fleet "Niitaka yama nobler" or "climb Mount Mitaka," the code to commence the attack plan on Pearl Harbor.  It is said that, on December 7, 1941, Admiral Yamamto heard the words "Tora, Tora, Tora," and, less reliably sourced, said "We have awakened a sleeping giant,".... presumably on his flagship, the Nagato, off the coast of Pearl Harbor.  WWII was the third prophecy of WD Gann as I perceive my enumeration of his seven prophecies.  The story of the Nagato is a fraction of the evidence of Mr. Gann's the third prophecy.

Pearl Harbor was the second largest homeland attack on the United States in history; a surprise attack. The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center is the largest attack on the homeland taking 2,996 persons; a surprise attack.  On December 8, 1941, the U.S. Congress voted and declared war on Japan.  On September 12, 2001, Senator Tom Daschle stood before Congress and declared the nation united against an enemy... he did not identify the enemy nor did Congress declare war.  Senator Daschle did utter the prideful declaration of Isaiah 9:10-11 (see HERE, the thesis of Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger").  Even as late as last night, the ill defined enemy is apologetically considered to be a small group of extremists perverting a great and peaceful religion.  A small band of zealots, ostracized from their larger population of believers...or tolerated by their larger population...or sympathized with by their larger population?  Who is the enemy?  15 years after 9/11, the Congress has not declared a war or an enemy beyond a small group of extremists.   [I read with concern, and some skepticism, that of 132 Syrians granted immigration status to the U.S. since the Paris attacks of November, 132 were Muslim and 0 were Christian.  Could this be true?]

Quite a contrast, again.  A declaration of war is made the day after the second largest attack on the U.S. homeland in 1941.  In the wake of the largest attack on the U.S. homeland, such has not occurred some 15 years later.  Some would say, we don't even know the enemy.

And what happened to "Nagato?"  Following the fictional Battles of New York and Washington, we do not hear anything regarding the fictional General Nagato.  Following WWII, the damaged ship Nagaoto was towed to the Bikini atoll to become a twice hit target in the experimental atomic explosions in Operation Crossroads.  Since 1996 it has been a popular scuba diving reef.

Real events behind ourselves and our ancestors become memories, memories become history, history becomes revisionist or lost, and, ultimately, it is all demoted to myth worthy of scholarly study.  Some, I would offer, foresee the events in the future that will someday become history and myth.

Did Mr. Gann?

Jim Ross

[I just realized after publishing the above.  I first wrote about the Nagato one year ago on December 7, 2014 on this blog.  I was then so superficially into TTTTA that I did not understand there are 4 t's in the title of the book and referred to it as "TTTA."  I 'think' one year ago, when pondering Pearl Harbor, was when I first recognized its importance and indication of foresight.]

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"se non è vero, è ben trovato”

On page 82 of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," Mr. Gann presents three themes; first he proves his ability to predict the future, second he explains the timing of a prediction that will occur in our time period and third he provides the prediction.  I'll lead you to all three, but the third, you'll have to decide what he meant would occur.

First, he generally predicts the time and nature of the first phase of the Great Depression (1930-1933) and the time period of World War II (1940-1944).  Not too shabby.  Perhaps overt proof of Mr. Gann's ability to predict future events for those who would chose to read the simple words?  

Second, he introduces two themes of timing; the "great 1000-year cycle and the prophecies of St Malachy and the 266th Pope.  The "great 1000-year" year cycle is easy to is the only cycle in TTTTA to be described as "great" or with any such elevation.  And we know from previous essays that the history of 1000 years ago from 2016 found the Isalmic world reaching it peak and not to be challenged until the First Crusades of 1096.  The theme, the rise of Islam 1000 years ago.

On page 82 of TTTTA Mr. Gann discusses the prophecies of St. Malachy (some believe penned by Nostradamus under that pen name of an actually deceased Catholic figure) and points to the 266th Pope.  In specific, Mr. Gann says that "remarkable events" will occur upon the election of the 266th Pope.  For the better part of a year I have written my opinion that the discussion of the 266th Pope was not intended as the basis for the prediction of either the Great Depression or WWII.  Mr. Gann was hardly so ignorant as to have believed the 266th Pope would be elected in the 1920's, 1930's or 1940's.  He knew that.  It did not take foreknowledge for anyone to know such would not be the case.

Rather, he knew the 266th Pope would be elected much later and, in my opinion, the election would foretell the remarkable events Mr. Gann foresaw.  Relevant portions of page 82/83 in TTTTA:

So it seems clear to me, the 'remarkable events' are meant for our generation; the one in which Pope Francis, widely regarded the 266th, was elected in 2013.  The theme, just like the "great 1000-year" cycle and the renewed rise of Islam now compared to the 11th century, is "remarkable events" will follow the 2013 election of the 266th Pope.

Third, what are the events?  Did Mr. Gann elaborate in 'veiled fashion?'  I believe he did.

Recall the essay "Confirming Aspects of Mr. Gann's Modus Operandi" found HERE.  Mr. Gann planted that date, January 29, 1922 so that the inquiring mind would search for any article of that date and concerning the 266th Pope.  That's my opinion.  It took me seconds to perform that Google search (did Mr. Gann know we'd be able to search for text) and I came upon an article that appeared on that date in the"Brooklyn Daily Eagle" on that exact date and discussed the 266th Pope.  Mr. Gann lived in Brooklyn; you don't suppose? I expect he wrote it or was involved in its publication but, regardless of whether you follow down that road, its hard to dismiss.  

Interesting  as well, the number of pages in the the paper that day are shown in Google as 81 pages.  Think about that.  There's a front and back to every page.  There can't be a front without a back now can there?  Perhaps the unnumbered page is the cover to the paper or a last page that is nothing other than advertisements.  But there must be an 82nd page.  And we find the above discussion in TTTTA; beginning on page 82.  

Are there "remarkable events" alluded in the January 29, 1922 article?  The below excerpt can be found online HERE - the full article begins on page 2, the continuation below is on page 70 and there are 81 pages to the entire paper according to Google and as noted above: 

I can read and re read page 82 and then read and re read the 1922 article and find differing conclusions.  For a best case scenario if we insert in page 82 the post 266th Pope election years "2013-2017 for the years "1926 and 1932" then we can find that scenario:

"...famine, depressing business conditions and panic, not only in Europe, but in the United States."

For a worst case scenario, I'll leave it to your consideration.  Remember, I'm not saying this.  I am simply reading, decoding (correctly I believe) and presenting.

Whatever you decide, I'd submit the third theme is not good.

"se non è vero, è ben trovato”

Jim Ross

Friday, December 4, 2015

The 266th Pope, Pope Pius IX's 1848 visit to the U.S. and Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. in the MOT year 2015-16

Background, WD Gann tells us that "remarkable events" will occur in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope.  The 266th Pope is widely regarded to be Pope Francis and was elected on March 13, 2013.  On page 82 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" Mr. Gann gives us both the "remarkable events" indication AND the date of an article published in "The Brooklyn Daily News" which reviews historical information associated with the Papacy and the substance of St Malachy's prophecy of the 266th Pope being the last.

This is Mr. Gann's "Modus Operandi."  Cite an article or date and write, under a pen name, the article to color the point he wishes to emphasize.  It is a method straight out of the tool kit of Philo of Alexandris; create enigmas that, once unraveled by persons of dedication, will have greater and more specific meaning to that person.  The more concealed the enigma, the greater the message.  I've offered that WD Gann was the author of that January 29, 1922 article in The Brooklyn Daily News in an essay found HERE. I've offered that WD Gann was Luo Clement first in an essay found HERE, but supplemented in many essays found thereafter and on this blog.  I've offered (found HERE) that WD Gann was the Einstein Editor in a series of 1920 articles that, among other things, outlined his method (in my opinion) of computing time and space from Euclian geometry and Descartesean coordinates.  [Remember the cameo appearance of Dr. Descartes in TTTTA?]

Each of the enigmas in the previous paragraph are buried deeper than the previous.

More background.  The WD Gann Map of Time (MOT) has 2016 (mid 2015 to mid 2016) the last year of a 168-year cycle of repeating history.  168 years is 1/15th of a Biblical "Great Week" of 2520 years.  It is possible that we are ending not just a 168-year period but a "Great Week" of 2520  years dating back to "the Exile" of the Jews from Judah (for the calculation see HERE, among other essays on the subject)...that we are not ending a small 168-year period but, perhaps, a much greater epoch.

So, the MOT indicates events correlated on the MOT will repeat; 2016 (mid 2015 to mid 2016) will reflect the events of 1848, 168 years earlier.

There haven't been a lot of Papal visits to the U.S.

When did the Pope first visit the U.S.?  August 1848 which is in the first MOT year of the 168-year period (I had to go back to the MOT listing of every line number in TTTTA to make sure myself).

When did the 266th Pope visit the U.S.?  September 2015....which is in the MOT year of 2016.

From 1848 to 2016 is 168 years when counting in whole years.

What happened in Europe in 1848.  In several posts I've described the incredible chaos of that year in Europe, often referred to as "The Year of Revolution," the "Spring of Nations"....  It was the year of the great "community organizers" and communist/socialists; Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

It was also the year that Pope Pius IX lost the Papal States and fled Rome in disguise in the wake of the assassination of the Vatican's Minister of the Interior, Pellegrino Rossi.  Pope Pius IX remarked often that he became a prisoner in the wake of the loss of the Papal States.  As mentioned, he fled Rome for a brief period.  And 1848 was the year that the Pope made the first Papal visit to the United States by boarding the U.S.S. Constitution (considered U.S. territory through it was anchored in the Mediterranean) in August 1848 (see HERE among other places).

Last organizer....revolution.  Remember Mr. Gann telling us that vibration will increase as time runs out.  Very very disconcerting.

Did I mention St Malachy (or Nostradamus depending on your preference) prophesied the 266th Pope would be the last?

Don't believe me.  Do your own work.  Enigmas are not solved by reading another's work but by doing the my opinion.

Jim Ross

Retraction of one aspect of the "great event" post

I could let it ride and I doubt anyone would uncover the obvious but subtle contradiction between two of my posts.

My third trip to Green-Wood Cemetery in the mid fall was, among other things, purposed to determine if the "Great Tree" obscured the view of Lower Manhattan.  As I determined, I could see 1 WTC from Mr. Gann's grave and my line of sight was a few feet (maybe 5 or 6) right of the tree and elevated.  On that third trip, the view was just a bit hazy, but we all three (myself, daughter and son-in-law) could see the unmistakeable tallest building, 1 WTC, through the limbs of the great tree on its right side.

In my immediately previous post, I use cellular GPS coordinates of gravestone #3 (WD Gann's) and cellular GPS coordinates of the trunk of the "Great Tree" to draw a vector that intersects the otherwise very notable intersection of Lafayette and Worth streets.

The two observations are geometrically impossible.  If the GPS coordinates I took figured Lafayette and Worth through the Great Tree, the line of sight of 1 WTC would have to have been to the left of the Great Tree.

Something's simply wrong and I'd consider the error as placing cellular GPS locations on Google Earth satellite GPS measurements.  [It may be that the cellular GPS coordinates are correct relative to each other and, using the distances they compute between stones, might validate the same measurements derived via Google Earth measurements.]

Despite this retraction, there remain curiosities associated with the intersection of Lafayette and Worth and Federal Plaza and the date, October 19, 2016, but the above is a setback.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The 13th stone or the "Great Tree" or the location of the next 'great event' in NYC?

Is it the mysterious stone next to the "Great Tree" that obscures the view of Lower Manhattan from WD Gann's grave or is it the "Great Tree," itself.  Or neither.  Or an indication of the next great event in the life of NYC?  On my third visit to Green-Wood Cemetery, I took GPS coordinates for both the hypothetical 13th stone and the "Great Tree."  This is a long one.

On my first visit to WD Gann's grave on June 21, 2015, I sensed the perfect alignment of a row of stones that were facing just as his while the stones behind his and on the hill to the left and right were not so aligned.  When I identified those stones in Google Earth, I noticed the stones in front of that line of stones (there were 7 stones aligned that I name 1 through 7) were also aligned. Stones 1, 11 and 7 formed a triangle perfect right triangle:

Left above is an isosceles triangle formed of stones 1-7-11 of the 12 stones and on the right is a diamond comprised of back to back isosceles triangles.  I've proven the map of those triangles and they're pretty darn close to perfect.  The 12 stones and component triangles they form are what I've named the "WD Gann Gravestone Geometry" or GGG.

The triangle is bounded by stones that are misaligned relative to the orientation of the 12 stones of the GGG.  Below insert left you will see yellow, green and orange arrows that are stones that are misaligned with the enumerated 12 stones of the GGG; they are boundaries between the 12 stones and all others in this vicinity of Green-Wood Cemetery (GWC).  The GGG has very little relation to the map of section 129 (Mason's section) based on the map at the bottom right of the following insert.

I've thought there was a 13th which is located, hypothetically, at the apex of the insert above right.  The green lines forming the triangle reach an apex where I believed the stone that is right of the Great Tree facing from Mr. Gann grave towards the Great Tree.  I was wrong.

I visited GWC twice since that first visit and based on the second visit (August 2, 2015), I formulated the "13th stone" theory.  Obviously I knew I had to visit again and did so on November 15, 2015.

On that third visit I had my daughter and son-in-law with me (errr, I was traveling with them) and I tried to keep the time to a minimum for their benefit.  Among other investigations, I took and screen captured 14 GPS readings; one for stones 1-12, one for stone 13 and, at my daughter's behest, one more at the trunk of the "Great Tree."  Keep in mind, that small coin type medallion is about 7 feet off the ground and is inscribed "E1942."  My interpretation, an endowment was gifted in 1942 for the care of, at least, that tree.  WD Gann purchased lot 37747 for Sadie Gann's internment in 1942.  Here's the tree and GPS coordinates:

Of course, the hypothetical 13th GPS reading I took was the 13th stone that is about 3 feet to the side of the "Great  Tree."  The hypothetical 13th stone cannot be seen under the tree from Google Earth just as Lower Manhattan cannot be seen from Mr. Gann's grave...the "Great Tree" is truly magnificent.  Here's the mysterious hypothetical 13th stone and GPS shot that day.  Interestingly, notice the stone has been moved sideways, askant of its base:

We have a problem.  The 13th stone lies visibly outside the location where I'd hypothetically plotted the location of the 13th stone.  The blue vectors at the top of the triangle in the below insert (left) is where I thought the 13th stone would be.

But the GPS coordinates I took on November 15 simply did not comport with the triangle that is fitted to gravestones 1-7 and hypothetical 13 (left above).  The GPS measurements taken from my cell aren't the same as the measurements from Google Earth.  They are different by several feet; I would expect that difference to apply, proportionately to every measurement taken.

So, the measurements of the two systems aren't the same, at least the cell phone measurements must be consistent amongst those taken on November 15.  In the right frame of the above insert plotting of stones 1-7-13 doesn't  give me a recognizable triangle (sides of 17.5, 25 and 26.8 yards).  Not isosceles, not right, not equilateral.  The hypothetical  13th stone seems invalid.

What about the "Great Tree?"  Visually, when you're standing there, there's only about 3 feet between it and stone 13 and maybe 5 feet when you measure from the center of the trunk to the center of the stone; not enough to make the above an isosceles triangle.  The Great Tree as the apex of a meaningful triangle seems very unlikely as well.

So is there redeeming value to the investigation of the 13th stone and the "Great Tree?"  Let's plot the cell phone coordinates of the "Great Tree" and stone 3 (stone 3 is that of Mr. Gann) and see if anything pops up.  Here's stone 3 and the GPS coordinates taken November 15 and the vector connecting those 2 points in red:

[Note, stone 3 appears visually over stone 2 in the above rightmost frame.  That is because Google earth is plotting the cell phone generated coordinates which are, again, divergent by about 5 feet.  We would think the coordinates of the Great Tree will be similarly different between the cellphone coordinates and Google coordinates.  When the red vector is extrapolated out to Lower Manhattan, I do not believe there to be a substantial error; we will sense the meaning of the red vector.]

Where are we going with this?  Well, to what landmark in Lower Manhattan might the red vector in the above insert (right frame) be pointing?

So lets extend the vector, and to reduce the size of this post I'll show the origination of two hunches I had in a green vector and a red vector:

The red vector will end at one of four Lower Manhattan landmarks I'd guessed:  

No, the green vector that ends at the southern point of the North Pool of WTC and intersects the 9/11 audio memorial office (120 Liberty Street, WD Gann's early offices) DOES NOT intersect the Great Tree.  The green vector connects to WD Gann's gravestone #3, but does not intersect the "Great Tree."

The end point of the red vector is at a point I'd guessed based upon the movie that gave me the insight into the WD Gann's Map of Time; "Knowing."  The movie's next to the last disaster occurred in the subway station at Lafayette and Worth.  And what might be so important at that intersection other than a subway (the importance was not pointed out in the move)?

The tallest Federal building in the United States at 41 stories.  It houses operations of Homeland Security, FBI, Citizens and Immigration Services, SSA....the personnel that administer Federal law and services for one of if not the greatest city in the world.  A major target.

It would seem Mr. Gann might be pointing out the location of the next event in the life of New York City.  Or perhaps not.  [Correction 12/4/2015, please see HERE.]

[I am very disappointed in the lack of correlation between Google Earth coordinates and my iPhone 6 coordinates. My understanding is cell phone uses satellite and cell tower triangulation depending on whether satellite is available while Google is fully satellite.  Still, the results, whether cell tower triangulation or satellite determination appear somewhat systematic and reasonably accurate.  I have provided everything I have in this post in terms of GPS and the reader has access to Google Earth for free; all of the above can be replicated.  I doubt anyone will.]

[A nuance.  In the movie, an accidental train derailment occurs at the Lafayette and Worth subway station; in fact there isn't a subway station I could find in 'street view' of Google.  Indeed, there isn't an active subway station in or close to that intersection so an accidental train derailment cannot occur.  We are left with the vague impression that the red vector indicates, 'something will happen here' without further coloring save for the huge Federal Government presence.]

Jim Ross 

Additional proof of the WD Gann Map of Time?

"WD Gann's Map of Time" (MOT) evolved from a listing of every line in "The Tunnel Thru the Air," then an enumeration of those lines, and then the addition of dates to every line.  A preliminary proof of the validity of the MOT is that the date, 9/11/2001 correlates with the number of innocent deaths that occurred on that tragic day, that being 2,977 deaths (2693+283=2976, 1 off, below):

As a coincidence, I discovered the above on 9/11/2015 based on a fictional movie, "Knowing," in which that same date and number of deaths were the key to a "map" that is similar to but far simpler than the MOT.  I published my finding on 9/12/2015 in an essay on this blog.  About coincidence,  what was the exchange between Mycroft and Sherlock regarding 'coincidence' in the contemporary reflection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Sign of Three?"

So, as a happy diversion from my study of what four dimensional geometries define the markets (actually I'm again studying trig this morning) I took a look at the relation of the time elapsed in TTTTA versus the number of lines of the book (as I've currently defined their counting):

The relation between the number of lines and the days that elapsed (the first day in the book is 6/9/1906 and the last day is 8/30/1932) in TTTTA is within 1.4 thousandths of the first recognizable iteration of Phi (1.60).  In conversation with a self respected expert on astrology and WD Gann, that expert told me that Mr. Gann was very selfish because he never gave up his great secret knowledge about, principally among other things, Phi and Fibonacci.  No, the truth is Mr. Gann did not give up his knowledge to those 'swine' who do not seek for themselves.  After all, do not throw pearls before swine.  The 'expert' was just too lazy to 'ask', 'seek' and 'find.'  Hmmm, the numbers of year's that Mr. Gann lived; 77 years.  Mathew 7:7, 'ask,' 'seek,' 'knock' or 'ask.'  Wondrous coincidence.

So, according to Mr. Gann its pretty clear time and lines are correlated by Phi, for otherwise the burden would seem to be on the denier to prove the significance of the tiny 1.4 thousandths.  Is the number of lines in TTTTA that Mr. Gann intends us to find the early iteration of Phi, 1.600000, or the refined iteration often thought of a 1.618....?  On the right side of the above insert, the difference between 15,326 lines at 1.60 and 15,499 lines at 1.618?

Well, I have 15,340 lines so the MOT, as it presently stands, is very close to Phi, 1.6000.  And, 15340 near perfectly comports with the 168-cycle which, in turn, perfectly comports with 1/15th of the Biblical "Great Year" of 2,520 years, which perfectly comports with John Dee's philosopher's stone number of 252.  [Who is John Dee?  John Dee is cited in the acrostic/telestic encoding of TTTTA 45 times; he was 19th century Queen Elizabeth I's court scientist, mathematician, alchemist and a great friend and mentor of Lord Francis Bacon.  He is a major thinker in Mr. Gann's cosmology in my opinion.  Hmmm, Mr. Gann was born 252 years following the death of Lord Francis Bacon in 1626.  No, double that hmmmm.]

I take it that Phi is additional evidence that the number of lines Mr. Gann wanted someone to enumerate in TTTTA, and thus create the MOT, is 15,340 lines.  

I find it immensely noteworthy that Mr. Gann chose to relate time (the difference between the beginning and ends dates in TTTTA) to space (the number of lines in TTTTA) by Phi.  I doubt he wholly intended a simple two-dimensional interpretation, such as that which is attributed to reactionary market waves, but, rather, the relation projected into higher dimensions of time and space.  Context for further research.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When ignorance is brilliance

Better get another cup of coffee.  And brew another pot.

This essay will cover philosophy such as a finite mathematician poorly comprehends and relates.  I spent all day yesterday firing up Cycletimer to work diligently market mathematics.  But I spent last night, when I should have been sleeping, considering my most recent row with the "noxious one."  For those looking for the mathematic secret, its not here.

Only infrequently over the last several months have I felt my time was wasted in studying any aspect of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" or other mysteries surrounding his life.  Everything seems to have a meaning that might not present itself immediately but ultimately does.  Perhaps you'd say that a person that detects meaning in a number is down the path of the '23 enigma' and sees in everything that which he wants to see.  I understand that and routinely examine myself in that regard.  Not that withstanding, what might  be the 'purpose' of the 'noxious one' presuming his importance in my work?  I do fathom meaning in his involvement if for only that it requires that I summarize and examine my findings.  And maybe more.

How'd I first encounter the noxious one?  He first astounded me with his ignorance when he emailed me in private to tell me that the curiously miss-enumerated Chapter XXXIX "Robert Gordon's 7 Days" was irrelevant because he had read it and there weren't any dollars in it.  Mr. Gann tells us, point blank, in the Foreword that if you understand RG's 7 days, you will understand why Jesus rose on the third day and rested (minor distinction, God rested) after 6 days, you will have overcome death and you will have gained understanding.  Goodness, there aren't any dollar signs in Chapter XXXIX?  Here's the excerpt from the Foreword:

How do you exceed that level of 'insightlessness'?

Well, he did.  I find six consecutive lines ending in the letter 'e' in the first paragraph of the Foreword.  In a finite population of 15340 lines that's 15340 letters; its a very simple problem in joint probability.  The probability of 6 consecutive lines would be 1 divided by 26 to the 6th power because there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 6 consecutive positions to be filled by a letter (actually, its less because 'e' is a very popular letter to end a word).  However you configure it, the statistical probability is between say 1 in 150 million and 1 in 300 million.  The noxious one again displays both his ignorance and his greater hubris when he said you can spell anything you want with 15340 letters.

So what purpose do I find in the noxious one's stalking me with his blissful void of knowledge, and his perceived self importance (hmmm, some self reflection on my part perhaps in order)?

The purpose...  The first two encounters were the noxious one confronting and doubting two contrivances of a man.  First, Mr. Gann created the incredible geometry of time and space exhibited in 'Robert Gordon's 7 days' and as relayed in my many essays on the subject.  RG traveled to 22 places, destroying buildings of the enemies of the U.S. and rewarding allies.  He traveled 33K miles as the crow flies but  traveled 18K miles east/west and 18K miles north/south.  Interesting, east/west representing time and north/south representing space.  If considered a triangle, you have two equal sides in the 33k, 18k, 18k sides; an isosceles triangle.  There is meaning there, but that's not the point.  The point is it is contrivance of a man...not an accident....not a miracle.  [Alas, no dollar signs.]

Here's an early edition of my "RGs 7 days" spreadsheet that you'll find developed in other essays:

A second encounter; the "six e's" as discussed above.  Again, a contrivance of a man, WD Gann.  Not a miracle.  Some asked me, " Mr. Gann's acrostic telestic encoding of TTTTA like the Bible Code." No, not at all.  Recalling a physicist considering the Bible Code in the first of those books, his view was that the Bible Code, should it be found valid, could not have been constructed without an entity having knowledge of all things that exist, existed, will exist through all of time; simultaneously.  The Bible Code, if valid, is a miracle that is beyond man's consciousness.  In contrast, 'six e's" are a device that a man created.  A very simple one at that.  It is one of the simplest methods of encryption, but one which makes the reader work to discover intent.  A simple example:

Robert Gordon is writing his first letter to Marie Stanton (page 21), expressing his love, and we find in the acrostic wording "Yipei" which I considered "Yippee" or something like that.  Can you imagine the stern and serious WD Gann (as reflected in Robert Gordon) emoting "Yippee?"  An acrostic amplifying the plain worded narrative.

Okay, a little thin.  Another example but with far more gravity, err, gravitas:

You find on separate pages, spaced exactly 80 vertical lines apart, the words "Tao," "to" and "WAR."  Tao means "Path."  We have "Path to WAR."  To boot, they span page 69 which is the incredible discussion of Jonah wherein it is recounted that no sign shall be given but for the sign of Jonah.  And then, when I renumbered TTTTA and added dates, I find that "Tao" falls on the date;  9  / 11 / 2001 and the number of deaths on that day, 2996.  In my interpretation, 9/11/2001 is the "path to war."  And it was.

The acrostics are a contrivance of man.  What is the subject matter of that second example?  Is it a demonstration of a man's understanding of the predetermined nature of all things.  That a man could compute the future and then thinly encode it into a book some 64 years before its occurrence?

The noxious one is causing me to reconsider the enormity of these thoughts...and this finite accountant finds them quite so.

Here's the latest kerfuffle.  The noxious one claims that he is embarrassed that an accountant, normally possessed of common sense, would offer the theory that there is a triangle formed of 12, and possibly 13, gravestones that Mr. Gann created.  I don't have an answer.  I have considered how Mr. Gann might have created a geometry out of 12 or 13 gravestones.  I just don't know.  But it exists.  You can't see it on the ground but you can sense its existence.  Here it is from Google Earth:

[Note; the apex of the triangle above is the hypothetical location of the 13th stone at the base of the "Great Tree."]

On my first trip to Green-Wood Cemetery on June 21, 2015, I didn't see the above.  I did notice that stone #3, which is Mr. Gann's stone, was aligned with several other stones and that those several stones were misaligned with the stones behind them.  When I pulled the Google Earth satellite shot, I could see the alignment of 7 stones (stones 1-7 above) in the back row, then, a row of 3 stones (stones 8, 9 and 10) before that line, and another line of 2 stones (11 and 12).  I could also see in the satellite shot that all of those alignments were contrary to any other stones surrounding the triangle.  So, I had to go back to Green-Wood Cemetery and confirm the parallel alignments of the 3 rows which I did on August 2, 2015.  And then I had to go back and confirm the existence of a 13th stone under the "Great Tree" and the endowment of the "Great Tree" by, prospectively, WD Gann.  I did that on November 15, 2015.  [The 13th stone remains under investigation, but I like the scenario at present.]

The above photo shows the dissimilarity of 12 of the 13 stones from the surrounding stone alignments.  I've looked at every stone around those 12 stones visible above, both on the ground and from the satellite photos.  The 12 stones are unique among their surroundings and bounded by them.  And I've compared the Green-Wood Cemetery map shown below to the actual placements; the placements are not correct.  There are major differences.  Below are those evaluations:

The left pane above shows the stones surrounding the triangle and their clearly divergent orientation. The stones have listed on them their plot number.  The pane on the right is the computer map that is printed at the Green-Wood Cemetery office also contains the plot numbers.  The orientation on the left, the numerical sequencing of the plots does not comport with the map on the right.  They aren't even close.

The triangle, based on my investigation, is proof that it exists.  It is 'prima facie.'  You can see it, you can see the alignment of the faces of the stones and you can see its boundaries.  The only question is did Mr. Gann, similar to how he contrived the acrostic and telestic encoding and the 'six e's,' contrive the triangle?  Did he purchase all the lots and/or otherwise conspire with fellow Masons (this is the Masonic section 129 of Green-Wood Cemetery), to plan their final rest to create a triangle.  Consider:

We find on the great tree an emblem inscribed "E1942."  My interpretation, the tree was endowed in 1942, the year in which WD Gann purchased plot 37747 and the year in which Sadie Gann was interred there.  So, yes, there is evidence that Mr. Gann, at a minimum, contrived the "Great Tree" that blocks his grave's least during the spring and summer...of the Manhattan Financial District.  But my attempts to prove he purchased the 12 or 13 plots are unrewarded.  I purchased Green-Wood Cemetery Research Department time to research many of the plots comprising the seems they were not purchased by the same person and were purchased over many years.  Generally, they were purchased by the people interred there.  Not a surprise, but not an answer to how the 'prima facie' triangle was created.  [I have given it one last try as you see HERE.]

So, the brilliance of Mr. Noxious One; where ignorance becomes brilliance.  He says "If you, Mr. Accountant,  have so much common sense, how do you explain the creation of a triangle out of gravestones that were purchased over a period of decades?"  I give him too much credit for the articulation of the question because, well, the guy has a hard time expressing himself.  But I get the point.  In fact, I got the point long before he posed it.

The answer is, "I don't know.  But its there."

He would say its random and "You wrong Mr. No Common Sense Accountant."  I say, "I don't know."

The noxious one forces us to consider; the 'six e's' are there and were man contrived, the acrostics/telestics are there and were man contrived....but the triangle is there but....


Jim Ross