Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Current Market: Symmetry of the post 2009 bottom market

My studies of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" proved to me that Mr. Gann could identify future events.  So many of the events that are coded into The Tunnel are things that have come true or will come true.  For example, most researchers accept Mr. Gann predicted in 1927 the July 1932 bottom to within days/hours.  In my research I identified many, if not dozens, of events that have occurred.

And I was misled about events in our future.  Oh, not the nature of the events (the "what")...but the time (the "when").  As I step back from The Tunnel I know the "what" that will occur.  Everyone does.  Read today's news about the USGS declaring Los Angeles overdue for an earthquake.  Of course, the same is true of the Cascadia subduction and a San Francisco event.  We all know the "what."  How many people, even on the Pacific Coast, believe there will not be a great event?  Few I expect.  They're simply banking on it not occurring during their lifetime.  We all know the "what.  How often did Mr. Gann echo Mathew 16:3?  

The problem is the "when."  I imagined the "when" based on subjective clues I thought I saw in The Tunnel.  That's the big problem.  You can paint a scenario of the "what" with subjective language imagery; even if it is encoded.  Mr. Gann actually used the "Tao device," a mathematic spacing of acrostic/telestic words spaced a meaningful number of lines between the words, to confirm to us the "what."  Tao to WAR, equally spaced lines between the words Tao to WAR.  Meaningful mathematic spacing of "San Andreas" and a key phrase,  "Tip the hat," in that 2015 movie.  And that mathematic "Tao device" was appended to the date September 11, 2001 and the number of deaths that day; Mr. Gann predicted 9/11 and the movie that would lead me to discover the WD Gann map of time.  Yes, he could determine the "when."  Too many instances of subjective language supported by incredible mathematic symmetry encoded into The Tunnel to dismiss.

He knew the "when."  The most "in your face" example is the 286 trades in 25 days with only 22 transactions that lost money.  Is that statistically possible if the market.... and spacetime .... is a random walk?  Can any person do that without a computer and an observer stalking his every step on the floor of the NYSE?  

Mr. Gann often said, time is the most important factor.  Was he going to give away the "when" as easily as he gave away the "what" that we all have anyhow?  "When" is the perfectly accurate mathematic solution.  Having spent much of the last several months reworking my understanding of the mathematics which I believe is inherent in Mr. Gann's methods, I can see the signs of spacetime structure.  Again, we all can.  We see price and time reacting to Phi intervals.  If you look deeper you find sqrt(2), sqrt(5), pi, sqrt(3) and their roots and squares are in the market.  They are all hallmarks of two and three dimensional structure of structure if you study planar geometry and the geometry of Platonic solids.  What's missing is the integration of time with space.  Sir Arthur Eddington offered time as the fourth dimension.  If we didn't have our second eye we wouldn't "see" depth or the third dimension.  As Edington further offered, what if we had a third eye in our forehead, would we be able to to "see" the fourth dimension?

But we don't.  We can only intuit the existence of the fourth dimension.  One such feeling is when we see in our three dimensional realm things that fly in the face of randomness...when we see spacetime creating symmetry.  Symmetry, the arch enemy of randomness.

So what symmetry might we see in the stock market today?  

Price hugs the red ellipse for more than a year before diverging to rendezvous with the exact center of the ellipse.  And then price reaches the bottom of the ellipse for the last year of the prospective red ellipse' life.  

Now subdivide the red ellipse such that the purple ellipse A is inscribed in the left half of the larger red ellipse.  Price hugs the upper portion of that ellipse in its half life.  Clone smaller purple ellipse A and call it purple ellipse B.  Append ellipse B' left most point to the right endpoint of ellipse A and with only a little wiggling the end of ellipse B coincides with the right end point of red ellipse A.

But creating the ellipses is now what's intriguing.  Its price within the limits of the three ellipses.  Its confined if not conforming.

As if to put an exclamation point on the analysis, does not the midpoint of the red ellipse A occur at the price level of the top of the 2007 market?  That's indicated by the blue horizontal line.  


That's the visual, the subjective approach to intuiting the structure of spacetime....or, at least, in the market.  There is a mathematic level and I am beginning to see how the things we see occurring, the Phi's, the sqrt 2s, 3s and 5s.  I'm actually seeing more than just support and resistance popping in and out of the market at indiscernible intervals.  There is structure and the structure will predict the outcome.  The future outcome.  And its not just in the market.  

Its the solution to whether the Dow topped last week.  The solution to "when" the Hoover Dam will fall, "when" San Franciso and Los Angeles will be afflicted, "when" the Cascadia subduction will flood the Northwest....  

I don't have that mathematic structure and solution yet.  But I believe the math exists and there are a very few people who have components of that knowledge.  Certainly, not this duller knife in the drawer.  Not yet.

Jim Ross

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