Sunday, November 29, 2015

The '23 enigma,' common sense and the abyss

Last night a concerned reader, the 'noxious one' previously introduced, was concerned for my emotional well being and took time out from his busy intellectual day to reach out to me.  If you might recall, he was the insightful one that had dismissed the mis enumerated Chapter XXXIX, "Robert Gordon's 7 Days," as having value because there were not any dollar signs in it.....even though Mr. Gann elevates the 7 days to the level of understanding why Jesus rose on the their day (from the Foreword of "The Tunnel Thru the Air by WD Gann"):

You remember him; he was the one incapable of understanding the joint probability of the '6 eeeeee's' in which 6 consecutive e's ending a line have a prohibitively small probability of occurring in a text having a finite population of 15,340 consecutive and ordered lines.  A statistical probability 101 problem that, apparently, escaped the net of his superior knowledge.

Moreover, the noxious one was pleased that I'd found the presence to consider my delusions as discussed in the essay concerning the '23 enigma.'  Perhaps it proved to himself that I'd admitted my error in my investigations of the works of WD Gann and my imaginings.  Perhaps it proved to himself his eminence in cautioning me not to go down the 'rabbit hole' for fear that I would befall of the waste of my time, a valuable commodity, in search of that which he, the noxious one, had already proven worthless.

Maybe so, maybe not.  I'll decline accepting the testimony of one who ignores the subject WD Gann point blank who told his audience that the greatest lesson, the lesson of life over death, is in Chapter XXXIX.  It seems silly that he should follow my investigation given that his intent seems only to find  fault rather than to 'consider' whatever value there might be in this blog.  Talk about a rabbit hole.

As well the noxious one expressed his surprise that I'd so relate my investigation to the deductive science of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; that common sense properly attributable to a  CPA should be so lacking in me.  [Actually, 'common sense' is quite subjective.  I prefer, as a CPA, 'mathematic sense' because it connotes the universal and objective truth of mathematic proof...but that's me.]  Again, the noxious one expounding, just as he did with the concept of joint probability, about something with which he seemingly hasn't the first 'clue' of meaning (the fine definition of "deductive science" outlined by Sherlock Holmes).  Proverbs 17:28:

It boils down to the contemporary thought that one not knowing of what he speaks should not open his mouth and "remove all doubt."  It is with this thought that I open Drudgereport and find:

Ah, man so involved in his self proclaimed greatness that he can save the world without the intervention of Grace.  That which was created without the involvement of man can be destroyed by the greatness of Man and saved by the greatness of Man. Sadly, the "Scientific American" recently led with its cover banner "How Man Conquered the World."  Such hubris and self promotion.  Whose is the greater delusion?  Where is Rabi Cahn and Isaiah 9:10 when I need him?

As I'm contemplating this I'm also watching my alma mater in their annual struggle with its arch but respected football rival and great university of Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia.  And then I realize that, on the line is the second longest present bowl streak of any University, and the longest of any coach, that of the retiring Frank Beamer and 23 wins.  As if to mock me, there's that 23 number about which only Friday I'd written.  As I try to read the thoughts of the great WD Gann, is it as if those thoughts are looking back at me?  Two quotes from Freidrich Nietzsche:

And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you. 


The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher 
esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.

Is the abyss looking back?  Can one be delusional when he considers the possibility of his delusion?  And what of thinking differently?  Is the one considering another's thoughts outside the likeness of his own the bigoted and closed minded in condemning the one who's thoughts diverge from the norm?

I'm entirely comfortable that I am not wasting my life on a rabbit hole of delusion because I've learned and experienced from WDG more than I thought I'd ever experience...period.  If the 'answer' is never mine, I'm still far better for the journey.  As for the 'noxious one,' Mr. Gann warned us many times of that type of person; he was Robert's doubting father, Robert's mocking and hateful brother, he was the "butters-in" found on pages 48 and 49 of TTTTA:

So it is that I believe I've found the "Older hand" in WDG and, while he teaches in enigma, I'll beat my head against that headboard until the 'game afoot' is resolved or I've failed.  I'll be the better for it either way.

Alas, I have the 'judge' who wastes his time reading my thoughts and advises me not, for my good, but for his self aggrandizement.  To him I would say (and have said), that his is not to assume the eminence and judge but to read and simply 'consider' as the great Lord Byron said.  To judge presents the argument of Socrates in "Apology."  Socrates realized his wisdom among men because the great experts among men readily expressed their grasp of the greatest knowledge and wisdom; something reserved only to God.  Socrates knew he was the wisest among men because he alone among them knew that he did not know that which was reserved for God.  

How does this all end?  Virginia Tech won a close one against arch rival, the great University of Virginia, to give retiring soon-to-be Hall of Fame Coach, Frank Beamer, his record of consecutive bowl appearances by a head coach, and preserve VT's second longest consecutive bowl streak (behind Florida State) at 23.  And what was the score?

23 - 20

And my birth month and date?  February 21 or reduced and concatenated to...23.

Sometimes, the abyss looks back?

Offered for your consideration and not as context for argument and self promotion.  Better yourself for quiet consideration and not for the crude diminishing of others.

Jim Ross

Friday, November 27, 2015

Rumination on a paragraph in the "Ticker Interview"

What a powerful statement on vibration:

As if I were the first to notice; its great when you get older because you can experience a 'new' epiphany ever day out of subject matter to which you previously expressed wonder.

  • Each stock in a grouping has a unique rate of vibration.
  • Stocks resolve to a periodic motion following any impulse that dislodges them.
  • A stock's properties (vibration, periodicity, reaction to an impulse) 'recur' just as its own weight of vibration increases...the periodic table of elements.
I've suggested Mr. Gann was a world class Einstein class physicist; perhaps the latter's superior.  I've suggested Mr. Gann was the 1920's Einstein Essay Prize Editor who moderated that contest appearing in a half dozen issues of Scientific American.  The link to that series of articles is a singular September 18, 1920 advertisement in "The Publishers Weekly:"

That same  book announced in the opening leafs of Luo Clement's (who is a non de plume of WD Gann as I have claimed) "The Ancient Science of Numbers" named "Numerical Vibrations" which there isn't any record of having been written...9 years later someone is trying to purchase a copy.  

And that same day we find the mysterious "Einstein Editor" writing in his essay of that date that a perfectly serviceable calculation of Einsteinium special relativity might be had out of the use of Descartisian coordinates and Euclidian geometry:

At least, as a finite mathematician (accountant) I claim my synopsis might be had from the above by virtue of our existing in a Minkowski gravity well (earth's gravitational field) where time is not altered by acceleration, gravitation.

Now flip back to the Ticker Interview quote.  Realizing (I realize, others are less 'out there' with me) we are dealing with a physicist who is relating physical (physics) natural law to the stock market, we need to be relating rules of the periodic table to stocks according to their weight and class-inferred characteristics.  The story of the development of the periodic table (Lavoisier, Newlands and Mendeleev) is an incredible one of "deductive science;" ah Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Elements can be classified by their weights and according to the class of their mathematic weight each element in a class exhibits characteristics of their class.

Okay, okay, you get all that from the plain reading the paragraphs in the Ticker Interview following the opening citation.  But what you don't get is the connection to Luo Clement (aka WD Gann, IMO) or the level of application of physics.  Most of all you don't get the implication; a stock's "atomic weight" and its classification on the periodic table of stock elements is its "Numerical Vibration...which was never published...explicitly.  

Where is this going?  I've predicted a yet to occur earthquake based on the WD Gann Map of Time (MOT) its reflection of the earthquakes that occurred in 1848 and 1906.  At this point, the prediction is based on a device that we (I) perceive that a person left in a book; the MOT.  The prediction, as stated, depends on a subjective perception (my perception) of another person's encoded device.  The device is the problem.  Did I interpret the device correctly?

Moreover, what is the device based upon?  Well, it must be a result of either WD Gann's mistaken understanding of 'nature law,' my misunderstanding of his understanding, must be based on real natural law and will therefore manifest.  The device is not "the thing."  "The thing" is the natural law applied to time and stocks should be as real as the prediction of the boiling point of hydrogen.  If the device is correct, then there should be a mathematical formulation that is "the thing."

So, how do we categorize stocks similar to the categorization of elements?  Where do we find the atomic weight, if you will, of a stock or a nation or a....person?  I'd submit we find the means to  classify all things according to characteristics they will exhibit is the methodology we find in "The Ancient Science of Numbers."   It all 'hangs' together;  WD Gann, Luo Clement, the Einstein Editor and the understanding of how stocks vary according to 'natural law.'

The stock market was simply the laboratory of this great physicist, WD Gann.  From his "Master Course for Stocks."

I had a smile on my face the other day when a reader suggested 'my' prognosis for dire problems in the stock market comported with WD Gann's "The Financial Table" which, as he accepted was based on the North Node.  It was as if the device, "The Financial Table" was the acid test of natural law.  Not mocking him in any way because, if anything is certain, I don't know.  But so it should be understood, the MOT isn't anything other than a man made device interpreted by a person who doesn't know any better (knows a hell of a lot less in fact).  The MOT, should it be found valid by time and events, is twice removed, from natural law; WD Gann's formulation and my interpretation.  The search cannot stop at the MOT.

If the personal interpretation of the man-created device MOT proves valid (predictions of the year 2016), then there must be a mathematic natural law that is the source of the prediction.  Acrostically encoded on page 36 (interesting number, 36 at 1/10th of the circle) of "The Tunnel Thru The Air:"

I offer "Number is the if and why of all things."  I can envision Pythagoras nodding his head in approval.  Or is it delusion; the "23 enigma?"

Jim Ross

Thursday, November 26, 2015

More on 1848 and its reflection in 2016

In studying the past which, as Mr. Gann explicitly states will be reflected in the future, I have been studying 1848 closely.   Previous essays followed the European "Spring of Nations" or "Year of Revolution" and concluded the reflection would occur in both Europe and the U.S.  Also noted was the "Great Famine" that stretched from 1845 to 1850 or so and killed more than 1 million Irish in that small culture and killed many, as well, in Europe.  The "Great Famine" was caused by the potato crop failure, in turn caused by an infection of the potato crop.

Now I find that there was a great market decline and failure in business in Europe occasioned by those years of famine and hardship and the continent wide revolutions and attendant assaults on the wealthy; aristocracy, business owners and anyone with wealth.  Are we seeing that now?  [Recall 2016 stretches from mid 2015 to mid 2016.]

And I find that there was a great Cholera outbreak in Europe beginning in early 1848.  Then, as there occurred a great immigration of Irish into New York City and New Orleans caused by the European revolutions, famine and outbreak of Cholera....well, there was a great outbreak of Cholera in New York City and New Orleans beginning in the fall of 1848.  The fall of 1848 is a date that correlates on the MOT with the '6 eeeeee's' and a span of several days (March 3 to March 19) in March 2016:

I interpret this to mean that there will be an outbreak of some disease in March of 2016 with a resulting great number of deaths.  Perhaps it will be a result of bio-terror or simply the diseases brought from South America by illegal immigrants.  These days, just a single death via the Ebola became a major panic in 2014 in the U.S.  What if it were 10, or 100 or 10,000, heaven forbid?  In these days of instant information, what would be the result?

I'm finding out new things every day and changing my forecasts accordingly.

Jim Ross

The '23 enigma,' a discovery in theory and an omission

As typical, I awoke well before dawn and contemplated the question which was foremost in my thoughts the night before.  In this case it was how the "WD Gann Map of Time" (MOT) would tell me where.  As the attendant reader may recall, I discovered the MOT based upon a similar map of time that was discovered in the contemporary movie "Knowing."  Professor Koestler (Nicholas Cage) discovers in a page of numbers written 50 years previous and enclosed in a time capsule that same day, that the numbers predicted every disaster (date and number of persons who perished) over those 50 years the page was sequestered.  After correlating every date with this fictional 'map,' the Professor had 8 numbers left over between every date that he couldn't explain.

For the first time or infrequent reader, some background.  WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru The Air" has been with us for 88 years (1927 to 2015) and for the last year I began to believe it was a "map" of some sort; I was searching for coded cycles with which to time the market.  I'd reduced the entire book to numbered pages and found encoded acrostic and telestic messages that provided un-orchestrated thoughts.

And then, watching "Knowing" the verification of the MOT was before me; the Professor subdivides the number 0911012996 into 09/11/01 2996.  I placed dates on the already line enumerated TTTTA text and went to the date 9/11/01 and 2996 was the sum of the cumulative line number and the chapter line number (2698+283).  This is what I saw:

You will find the above first blogged in my post dated on this blog on September 12, 2015.  It was wrong but that is what I saw.  After two months of correcting errors in the consistency of how I had assigned blank vertical line spaces, it is only 1 number off from 2996...someday I'll find that 1 line error.

What was missing in Professor Koestler's understanding of his 'map' was where would the remaining 3 dates take place.  The remaining dates were October 17, 18 and 19.  He then 'chanced' to discover the unexplained 8 digits between the dates were Cartesian coordinates (GPS).  He knew where, when and how many of the last 3 disasters.

Similarly, I had the date of 9/11 and the number of deaths, but I didn't have the 'where.'   And that was the question I pondered before falling asleep last night and that was the answer, or theory of the answer I have this Thanksgiving morning, 11/26/2015.  It borrows from all of the major theories that I've proposed concerning TTTTA and my visits to Green-Wood Cemetery; the MOT, the WD Gann Memorial Triangle, the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry, Robert Gordon's 7 days, Luo Clement as a pen name of Mr. Gann, the Einstein Editor as a pen name of Mr. Gann...  All of those theories bear on the insight I may have had this morning.

In these times I like to step back and challenge myself, 'Is this the 23 enigma?'  The 23 enigma is well explained in Wikipedia; simply, all incidents and events are related to the number 23.  Its critics sound a chorus that sounds like "the mind can create truth in anything it sees."  The sphere of this philosophy is great.  We find Rene Descartes (a cameo appearance in TTTTA as Dr. Descartes) in his "Meditations" contemplating the use of our senses to discern aspects of reality.  We find contemporary physicist, Arthur Koestler ("The Challenge of Chance," 1974), seeking to find randomness despite a great telepathic experiment and yet, disturbingly and ultimately, finding something, perhaps different.  Hmmm, Professor Arthur Koestler versus the fictional Professor John Koestler.  Merely a random occurrence concocted by my mind seeking 23?

The point; is this new discovery actually my mind creating what it wants to think exists rather than what actually exists.  The fictional character, Professor Phil Beckman challenges Professor Koestler over the latter's perception of a 'map' out of a page of number:

I'm comforted that, I cannot be delusional if I recognize my theory seems incredible.  The 23 enigma reminds me of the caution I need to exercise in going down this path.

So, I'm at Sherlock's point of having the 'attic' of information, the pattern of the 'crime,' and a working theory of the resolution.  Now I need to use the data I have to see if those facts and the theory will arrive at the end that is expected.  In our case, one such end would be the prediction of a 2/22/2016 San Francisco earthquake based upon the 1848 Marlborough earthquake and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  If my theory is correct, I should be able to use a theorized joint measure of spacetime....namely both space AND time denominated in miles (just as you find in Robert Gordon's 7 days) to predict 2/22/2016 in San Francisco to reach the anticipated end.

There is only one troubling omission  of a critical element of all that I have learned from TTTTA that must be in my final solution; the diatonic scale.  Having recently studied Gurdjieff and his prescription that we can and should find the application of natural law of the diatonic mathematics in all things.

And then I consider; I think I've discovered something this day of 11/26/2015.  That is 1+1 / 2+6 / 2+0+1+5 or 2 / 8 / 8.  And we might think 2 X 8 X 8 = 128.  And what do we find on page 128 of TTTTA?  We find two numbers that can produce each of the 7 diatonic tones:

You can find my discussion of the derivation of the notes of the octave from the above two numbers above HERE.

And, as if to drive the point home for those in doubt, the next page, 129, contains a rendition of John Clifford's (a Mason)  "The Anvil of God's Word:"

Pythagoras, as incorrect legend goes, discovers the mathematics of the diatonic scale from the varying weights of hammers impacting the enduring anvil (the Bible).  As if to provide proof of his intent, you might compare the above text to the actual poem.  The above text has been changed by Mr. Gann; it is marginally different from what John Clifford wrote.  And I found it was changed in order to spell an acrostic word, 'LATO':

And what does LATO, in all caps, mean to anyone?  Dredging up my months old research from recall, Lato was believed to have been a small city of antiquity on the Greek Island of Samos where Pythagoras traveled to obtain the great knowledge of the ancients.

Oh my gosh, I forgot one last aspect of the number 128 derived above.  It is lower 'c' or 'do' (as in do-re-me-fa-sol-la-si-do).  Remember, the octaves are a mathematics of doubling.  You likely remember 'c' as the number 256 which is twice 128.  Page 128, the octave, 24million copies of the Bible and 8million copies.....can't make this stuff up...but WD Gann did.

I believe the theory I received this morning will, ultimately, include the diatonic scale as the great Gurdjiff...and the great WD Gann would tell me it will.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...consider a family reading from excerpts of the diaries of William Bradford,

Jim Ross

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On the nature of "Rossups" (proof of the concept documented in real time)

I call them "Rossups" to lighten moments with my clients when I am wrong or they are wrong.

In yesterday's essay, I double counted General Pearson and inferred the "first 6" personnas mentioned in the fictional war were actual participants in WWII.  As I re read it this morning and discovered and corrected the error the '6 out of 6' becomes '5 out of 5.'  That hardly reduces my conclusion that such was not coincidence and is bolstered by the inferred "Supreme Commander" prediction.  Mr. Gann used the "Supreme Commander" title before it was ever used in any war.  It was first used, if you believe Wikipedia (sometimes problematic) in WWII.

But, on the nature of "Rossups" causing bad things.

Was it not the RMS Lusitania sinking by German submarines in 1915 a major point causing the U.S. to support the European allies in WWI and the subsequent entry into that theater?

Do I not recall a Japanese naval officer having said the Pearl Harbor attack would only serve to "awaken a sleeping giant?"  Well, refreshing my memory, that was a line in a movie according to (aghast) Wikipedia.  The quote has been attributed to Naval Marshal Isoroku Yamato in Tora! Tora! Tora!

Continuing the thought great Rossups and Pearl Harbor we source from Wikipedia:

How about another WWI Tossup (the below excerpt from HERE)?

[Caution, I have not taken the time to verify the above but that story sounds authentic.  I trust anything printed on the Internet.....]

Perhaps the Captain Rooker in TTTTA who's command accidentally destroyed commercial airplanes and brought Britain into the war was so intended to cause us to reflect on the errors that cause great tragedies.  Or perhaps the 'intended errors' such as some infer such to the Gulf of Tonkin incident which provided the rally cry of those who took the U.S. into the Vietnam War...recall, Edna Quinton might have been a coded link to Ton-quin....  Plausible but I do not know how to provide the dispositive case.

So, all the above makes you wonder.  The U.S. is operating in Syria at the same time Russia and Iran is operating in Syria.  U.S. is supporting anti Assayd rebels while Russia is bombing the, while a NATO ally, Syria(1), is shooting down Russian jets, while ISIS (I think) is shooting down Russian helicopters...  Whew.

I think the moment is right for a classic Rossup.

Jim Ross

(1) Proof of the concept of "Rossup" a friend informs me (which I knew but rossedup) it was the NATO ally Turkey that shot down the Russian jet....  Now you can take anything I say to the bank.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Leaders of World War II, perhaps, included in "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"

My conception of WD Gann's bodies of predictions buried in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" (which I have styled a bit melodramatically "Prophecies" as I now consider prophecies as divine rather than mundane) is that he predicted not only isolated events, he predicted great great periods of events.  I perceive 7 great "prophecies" of which the 6th and 7th Prophecies are detailed in this blog.

The 1st "prophecy" in my thinking is the many inventions that even those who partake of milk recognize; the Tel Talk, the noiseless airplane (stealth technology)....  The second prophecy would be that which is generally cited on page 82 of the period of panic and famine from 1930-33; the first stage of the Great Depression.  The third prophecy is WWII is outlined on page 83 as the period 1940-1944 as being another period of trouble for the nation and the world; the general period of WWII.  But those partaking of milk would be in awe and troubled by a man who knows the future and speaks of it.  So, in my opinion, Mr. Gann gave only those general outlines of the 2nd and 3rd prophecies reserving the details for those strong enough for meat.

With that in mind, I finally addressed seeking some of the details (a very laborious task) by listing the key parties and concepts in the fictional war presented in TTTTA with its reflections in then future WWII.  It goes without saying but I will remind new readers, TTTTA was published in 1927 and WWII began a decade later.

I've gone through every person and participant ("Tokyo J-1" isn't a person but its a prominent enigma so there are some subjects of importance that are listed below) appearing from page 281 (the beginning of the fictional war) until the end.  And then, I've searched for keywords "WWII" and that person's name.  For all but one person (Molly Pitcher) found after page 281 up to page 391 (the end of the fictional war) I found a relation to WWII.  By order of first appearance in TTTTA following page 281:

Page 283 General Pearson - Major General George O. Pearson served in many command infantry positions during WWII and continued his distinguished career following WWII.

Page 281 Captain George Cooper - George W. Cooper, rank at the time of WWII not located but retired as a major in 1962.  Joined the Army Air Corp in 1942 as a WWII glider pilot.

Page 283 General Johnson of the Cavalry - General Leon W. Johnson was a 4 star General and Medal of Honor recipient who served as a Lt Col in the Air Force during WWII.  Obviously, he wasn't associated with the cavalry.

Page 283 Admiral Dawson of the Navy - Admiral Oscar Stanly Dawson was an Indian naval admiral who was educated in the U.K. and served the Indian Navy in the 1944-45 Arakan Campaign during WWII.

Page 283 General Marshal of the Infantry - General George Catlett Marshall was an esteemed American General and statesman celebrated by Winston Churchill as the "organizer of victory" and architect of European recovery according to his "Marshall Plan."

Page 287 "Tokyo J-1" carrying 25 planes having collapsible wings - also spelled a noteworthy "Tokio" (a permissible alternate spelling but noteworthy inconsistency), this remains an enigma to me.  I cannot find a plausible reason for what I consider a purposeful mystery.  Isn't a retractible wing plane an invention of the 1960's or so?

Page 302 Molly Pitcher - Actually a Revolutionary War heroine, not WWII.  I expect Mr. Gann gave Mrs. Pitcher a role consistent with his support of women suffrage.

Page 307 Commander Rooker - Major Robert Lee Rooker served in WWII and Korea but seems otherwise distinguished as a General, etc, and appropriately so; his role on page 307 involved a failure in which his command bombed commercial planes of England and caused their entry into the war.

Page 308 allied enemy - Why did WDG believe England would be our enemy?

Page 325 Colonel Charles Manson - Lt Col Charles H. Older, USAAF, participated in massive air battles over Rangoon, Burma during WWII.  Post WWII, Mr. Older presided as judge over the  prosecution of Charles Manson for mass murder in 1970-71.

Page 325 Allied Enemy -  In contrast, during WWII it was the "Allied Forces" or "Allies."

Page 338 - Question-why in some places do we have Allied Enemy in caps and in others allied enemy?

Page 328 Robert Gordon promoted to Supreme Commander Gordon - I'd long thought the "Supreme Commander" title was a bit pompous but most of TTTTA is a bit over the top in our contemporary informal, laid back culture.  I was surprised to find (although on reflection, I'd known this and forgotten it), President Dwight Eisenhower was the "Supreme Commander of Allied Forces" in WWII.  Reading Wikipedia, the term "Supreme Commander" originated in WWII...  correction Wikipedia, it originated in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Or more properly, Mr. Gann predicted it.

Page 339 General Nagato - Not found in WWII, except that the flagship of the Japanese fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was the Nagato.  The Nagato gave the final order to commence the attack on Pearl.  The Nagato was ultimately captured and, post WWII, towed to Easter Islands for study of the effects of atomic bombs on large ships.

Page 345 Captain Morrison - Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison graduated flight training in 1943 and flew missions in Pacific Theatre for the remainder of WWII.  In 1964 Admiral Morrison was in command of U.S. Naval forces during the Gulf of Tonkin incident wherefrom the limited declaration of war, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, was enacted to enable President Johnson to wage undeclared war in Vietnam.   Recall, the maiden name of Edna Quin-ton...perhaps we rearrange the syllables to Ton-quin.  Admiral Morrison's son was lead singer for The Doors."  I have long considered, based on the above and other facts and circumstances, the "Gulf of Tonkin incident" and related Congressional resolution to be the 4th Prophecy of 7 but have not fully documented the case.

Page 349 December 7, 1931 "surprise attack on Detroit" - Notable in that Pearl Harbor was December 7, 1941 and a surprise attack.  Also interesting, the Pearl Harbor attack commenced at 3:18 a.m. while the fictional Detroit attack began at 3 p.m.; as in the 6th Prophecy, "opposite" times of day, perhaps?  Also, exactly"opposite"  as occurred in the 6th Prophecy, Detroit was a victory for the U.S. where Pearl Harbor (and the WTC tragedy) was a tragic defeat.

Page 360 Surprise attack on New York City intercepted on the Tel Talk -  This is the beginning marker of the attack on the WTC proven in the 6th Prophecy.  The details will not be recounted here but the page on which the tale of the 6th Prophecy begins is noteworthy.

Page 371 "1933 to 1982 would be forth-nine years of jubilee" - This quotation would seem to contradict page 83 which outlines 1940-44 as a period of trouble for the nation and world.  It remains an enigma.  My thoughts are, if Biblical prophecy mechanics work, then it would be impossible for Mr. Gann's calculations on those pages work.  Hence, he goes through the mechanics for illustration and make a purposeful error to maintain the theme of the fictional war.  I have not gone through the calculations as I should but I expect he adopted the "wrong beginning."


I did not list Edna or Walter Kennelworth or Robert Gordon because they were characters in advance of the fictional war.  And because, their names are associated with medieval or other events; the Kenilworth Castle, Sir Robert Gordon First Baronet of Nova Scotia....  I did list Supreme Commander Gordon because the title originated, according to Wikipedia, with WWII.

Except for Molly Pitcher, a Revolutionary War heroine who may have been included to represent participation by women in war, we find a personal relation between each person associated with the fictional war in TTTTA and World War II.  Each of the major military figures presented in the fictional war (generals, admirals, etc.) had their name reflection in the actual World War II.  Wouldn't you think there would be just one person of rank in the fictional war that would not to have participated in World War II and been of that rank or have achieved it later?  Just one?

[Note: before correction this morning, 11/25, I had double counted General Pearson.]

The first 5 persons above plus Col. Charles Manson would be 6 out of 6 were of their rank in TTTTA during WWII or later achieved that rank.  Include the "Supreme Commander" title that originated in WWII for the person in charge of all Allied Forces (Robert Gordon in the fictional war and Dwight Eisenhower in the actual WWII) and you have 7.  Other persons are excluded from the count as their characters are readily identified with the purpose of their appearance (Molly Pitcher is there only to represent women in the military, Captain Rooker only to represent screw ups that cause wars as in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania or the Gulf of Tonkin incident).

Just coincidence?

Jim Ross

Monday, November 23, 2015

An open invitation to Mr. Ryne Douglas Pearson

This essay is simply a reprise of information already developed and produced in this blog.  Its purpose is to inform Ryne Douglas Pearson of his encoded appearance in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru The Air" (or TTTTA),  a novel published in 1927.  For those not informed I'll provide for my reader a background on Mr. Douglas' participation in a movie "Knowing" and for Mr. Douglas a background into Mr. Gann and TTTTA.

Mr. Douglas and the movie, "Knowing."  Mr. Douglas provided the concept of the 2009 movie "Knowing" and was, undoubtedly, instrumental in designing its production to match his concept.  The plot has a Christian theme of foresight in which an elementary school student has included in a 50-year time capsule a "map" of time.  Upon opening the time capsule in 2009, the map was found to predict the major disasters occurring up to the date the capsule is opened.

Professor Koestler (Nicolas Cage), the primary character, discovers the "map" by subdividing the numbers 0911012996 into 09/11/11...2996 indicating the date and number of persons who perish on 9/11/2001 in the tragic terrorist attack.  Professor Koestler validates the integrity of the map by correlating the dates and number of deaths predicted in the map (again, buried some 50 years prior) to the record of disasters over that 50-year period.

There remained three dates which were yet to occur; October 17, October 18 and October 19.  On the first of those days, 81 persons died, as the map predicted in a plane crash.  On October 18, a subway accident and the number of persons predicted were killed.

The October 19 date did not specify the number to die but had the letters "EE" inverted. Ultimately Koestler investigated and realized the letters were actually "EE" and represented "Everyone else."  It was a prediction of the apocalypse, which, in the movie, did occur.

WD Gann and "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Mr. Gann, a 32nd degree Mason (though I believe he was conferred the highest honor) and a great Christian,  is reputed as one of or the greatest market speculators in the history of the NYSE.  As validation of his ability to predict the market, not just speculate in it, he was interviewed by Richard D. Wyckoff and which appeared in volume 5, number 2, December 1909, page 54 of "The Ticker and Investment Digest."  A reproduction of that interview can be found HERE.

In the "Ticker Interview" a representative of Mr. Wyckoff follows Mr. Gann on the floor of the NYSE for twenty-five recorded the 286 trades (both long and short) Mr. Gann undertook.  Of those trades, 264 were for gains and but 22 were for loss.  The "Ticker Interview" recounts additional third party accounts of individual trades that defy statistical probability.  

As appealing and entertaining as "Knowing" proved to be, to me at least and many others, TTTTA is awkward, syrupy, horribly patriotic, inexplicably filled with numbers and Bible verse, apparently, unnecessary to the plot.  When first I read the book in 1974, then a grad student in a stock market operations course, I hadn't an idea why we would be studying such a book.

Now 42 years later, I understand not only the superficial predictions made in TTTA in 1927 and their manifestation, but the encoded predictions Mr. Gann made that have occurred.  In the plain reading, Mr. Gann predicted in 1927 the period of the first stage of the Great Depression, the general period of World War II.  TTTTA's great fictional Battle of New York occurred on July 4, 1932, within four days of the bottom of the 1929 crash; July 8, 1932.

My pivotal discovery in research of TTTTA was the telestic spelling of "6 eeeeee's" in the book's Foreword.  A telestic is a simple encoding device used for centuries.  The author of a writing designs each line of text to end with a letter that, when those last letters are assembled, spell a word or recognizable pattern.  This is the telestic word that I detected:

[Please note that only a first printing of TTTTA will work because it is the only text over which Mr. Gann controlled the exact printing and format.  One can be found HERE.]

Beginning on the 9th line of the Foreword each line of text ends in an 'e.'  Such, defies any measure of improbability.  TTTTA has a finite number of lines and, hence, a finite number of last letters of each line.  If a person were to toss a coin six times trying to flip six consecutive heads, the probability is  referred to as a "joint probability" and would be 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 X 1/2 or 1/2^6 or 1/64 or 1.6%.  In the case of "6 eeeeee's," the coin would have 26 sides, not 2; the alphabet has 26 letters.  Assuming all letters have the same probability of ending a line, the probability of 6 consecutive lines ending in 'e' would be 1 / 26^6 or 1 in 309 million.  

Of course, this formulation is flawed and I will allow it to be so since a refined computation takes too much space.  Suffice it to say, the probability of the occurrence '6 eeeeee's' is small beyond comprehension.  '6 eeeeee's' is first a warning to the reader that TTTTA is encoded with acrostic and telestic words.  And second, when one realizes TTTTA is an encoded "map of time" the eeeeee's represent an emphasis that the date to which they append is a critical date.

I had long believed the entire text of TTTTA was an encoded "map of time" but hadn't a key to tell me how to configure it as such much less prove its validity.  And then I saw "Knowing" for the second time.  Within a day of seeing Professor Koestler fictionally derive 9/11/01 and 2996, I had assigned dates to the already enumerated lines in the first edition formatted TTTTA.  I found and published what I saw that day in an essay HERE.  What I saw that day is this:

[The above narrative appears on page 68 of the first printing text linked above.]

The date, 11 Sep 01 falls on the 2693rd line of the novel and the 283rd line of the chapter or 2996 dead on 9/11/01.  If you will follow the link to the original essay, you will find it is dated exactly September 11, 2015.  I am unaware whether one might backdate a blog post in Google Blogger.

My formulation of the "WD Gann Map of Time" has gone through many corrections and renditions since 9/11/2015 because my original formulation was flawed.  There were errors.  But that does not minimize what I saw and reported that day.  Currently, the refined spreadsheet is little different from what is seen above.  

TTTTA is a Map of Time just as the fictional Lucinda Embry's page was a similar map; except that Mr. Gann programmed, encoded and published it in 1927.  He encoded his foresight because the critical point in time when his foreknowledge would be necessary is now and he said exactly that on page 82 of TTTTA; he spoke of the "remarkable events" that would occur in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope (Pope Francis elected in 2013).


Mr. Pearson and the movie "Knowing" is prominently important in my unveiling of Mr. Gann's encoded knowledge and predictions.  Without the movie's map of time concept, I would not have uncovered Mr. Gann's encoding of his map.  Mr. Gann knew this in my opinion; he encoded Mr. Pearson's name in TTTTA.

A key to the success of TTTTA's hero, Robert Gordon, is the fictional character General Pearson.  'Pearson' appears 46 times in the plain text wording of TTTTA.  Interestingly, Mr. Ryne Douglas Pearson, born August 15, 1964, was 46 years old when "Knowing" was released on March 20, 2009.  

As well, there is in the plain text wording of TTTTA is the storied Claire Douglass (with 2 letter 'ss'). If one performed a word search of the word "Douglas" with a single 's' one would find it occurring 9 times (times associated with Claire Douglass and once associated with her father Captain Harding Douglass).

Words greater than four letters are troublesome to spell in acrostics or telestics because they become more detectible as they become longer.  Consequently, Pearson and Douglas are spelled in the plain text of the book.  But how would Mr. Gann tell us he is talking about Ryne Douglas Pearson, particularly since we are trying to establish this reference is being made decades before Mr. Pearson is born?

It is then given name Ryne, a very unique name.  As Mr. Gann couldn't spell the words Douglas and Pearson in the acrostics or telestics without detection, he could not spell the word Ryne in the plain text of the book without detection.  So he spelled it as the telestic word you see here:

On the 12202nd line of the novel, the 195th line of the chapter, on page 330, you find 'r' as the last letter followed on consecutive lines thereafter by 'y,' 'n,' and 'e.'  Mr. Gann knew that Mr. Douglas would be integral to the discovery and, I hope, the dissemination of Mr. Gann's predictions of the future.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of 'circumstances' similar to the above, many of which I have documented in this website.  

Humbly, I ask Mr. Douglas to contact me so that we might collaborate on how his art and my knowledge of Mr. Gann's work might be made available at a time critical to our nation and the world.

Thanks to my few readers for entertaining this reprise of ground already covered, and to Mr. Pearson should he undertake consideration of the above,

Jim Ross

A brief note regarding the date, October 19, 2016

One of 3 dates identified in the "2016" (see HERE) series of essays by a combination of numerical and chronological devices and a contemporary fictional movie is the date October 19, 2016.  Because the numbers reflective of the date, 10192016 can be restructured by dropping the '0's and dropping the year (as we do by reducing 9/11/2001 to 9/11) to give us the inverse of 911, that being 119, I offered my thought that 10/19/2016 would include both an acceleration of a great downturn in the stock market and a terrorist attack.  That's reading a lot into simply a date and, other than confluence of circumstance, I do not have the right to paint the character of that date which is otherwise very noteworthy.


I like to compare the result of my manipulations to the events in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to see if, perhaps, the date was one of note.... and perhaps, having a distant hunch, Mr. Gann may have elaborated.  What do we find on page 119 of TTTTA?  Here's the entire page:

In a single word, panic.

Is there any point otherwise in TTTTA where Robert Gordon was so conflicted?  No, in my opinion.  When in Paris he was near collapse from strain.  With the perceived appearance of Marie, he was frantic to have her supposed note (which turned out an illusion) placed in his pocket translated.  But I do not judge him then in a panic.  I do not recall that even when he was captured by the Allied Enemy that he was in a panic.

Two more observations.  First, this happens in St Louis, presently a center of racial tension.

Second and far more important.  Re-read the last sentence of the last complete paragraph of the above:


Panic and blasted.  I hope, no I pray, I am wrong.  Mr. Gann is not wrong in my experience and only my interpretation can be wrong.  The latter would hardly be novel in my experience as well.

Jim Ross

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Road trip #3 to Mr. Gann's grave, 2 of 3 - The View of Manhattan

I owe a great debt to Olga Morales.  In early days of studying WD Gann I saw a picture of her next to his gravestone on a trip she made to Green-Wood Cemetery.  I recall she commented that his stone faced Manhattan but there was a Great Tree that obstructed the view.  Mostly because I wanted to pay tribute to Mr. Gann, but also to verify that reflection of the orientation of the stone and the Great Tree, I made my first trip to Brooklyn on June 21, 2015.  And then, armed with more questions about what I'd identified as the WD Gann Gravestone Geometry (GGG) of 12 stones placed in apparent triangular orientation, I made a return trip on August 2, 2015.  Each trip answered questions, each trip brought new questions.

And so it was that I'd planned a third trip introduced in 1 of 3 of this series.  There were 3 questions I wanted answered:

  • Is the stone that is closest to and underneath the Great Tree the 13th stone?
  • Does the Great Tree obscure the view of Manhattan in the winter when dormant?
  • Is there a stone that has an "Endowment" medallion on it that would indicate that the person who so provided the endowment had an agreement regarding the maintenance of the 12 (or 13) stones comprising the GGG.
I'll defer the first of the above questions because confirming the 13th stone will be a matter of math and geometry associated with the GGG.  That is planned for the 3 of 3 of this series.

The second question is easy to answer with a picture:

So, for Olga, based on our visit November 15, 2015, I can confirm the Great Tree does not obscure the view of Manhattan in the winter.  The picture from my iPhone is not good, and the color of 1 WTC tends to blend with the skyline, but you can faintly see that most prominent of all buildings from the position from which I am taking the picture; from behind Mr. Gann's gravestone.

Noteworthy are the 3 stones which I annotated 8, 9 and 11 above.  Realizing I am standing in front of stone 5 (Mr. Gann's stone is #3) in the November picture, there is a diamond formed from my position, and those three annotated stones.  You can see from the above picture  that the diamond points from my position, stone 5, through stone 11 and directly at 1 WTC.  Of course, neither WTC nor 1 WTC were in existence in 1955 when Mr. Gann was buried or in 1942 when Mrs. Gann was interred.  Here is a Google Earth picture of the diamond (the diamond is in red and yellow vectors) amidst the other 9 stones of the GGG:

The diamond from stone #5 looking through stone 11 gives the view of 1 WTC you see in the first picture above.  As I recall, from stone #3, avoids the obstruction of the Great Tree even better and has a better view.  But there's another advantage of the view from Mr. Gann's grave.  From stone #3, there is a distant view of the Statue of Liberty.  I did not have binoculars with me but I walked left and dow the hill and I saw the Statue of Liberty.  It is very small...not like the huge 1 its tough.  But stone #3 has a view of both.  Stone 5 does not have a view of the Statue due to the Great Tree.

Now the third question, the endowment.  While at Green-Wood Cemetery I thought I'd totally 'whiffed' this one.  I visited every stone within 30 yards or so of the center of the that diamond above and did not find an endowment emblem.  After leaving the Cemetery, I realized the answer.  I had found it on the second visit and did not realize it.  The endowment emblem was on the Great Tree and I had a picture of it from both August 2, 2015 and from November 15, 2015:

It was tough to take a picture of the emblem on the Great Tree as I'm about 5'8," okay, I lie, I'm 5'7".  The picture on the left give you 19 centered over 42 and the emblem on the right you can see it is actually E19 over 42.  That means Endowed 1942.

Who endowed the Great Tree in 1942.  I searched for stones and the only 1842 that I readily located was well known to me; that of Sadie Gann who passed and was interred in 1842.  From the 2nd trip I 'thought' I recalled the stone next to the Great Tree had an endowment emblem on it and a date of 1942.  I was wrong on both counts.  Here's a picture of the hypothetical 13th stone sitting about 3 feet right of the Great Tree if one is looking at the tree from Mr. Gann's grave:

So I have a proposition.  Mr. Gann provided us an enigma.  He endowed a Great Tree, a species he knew would grow so large as to obscure the summer view of Manhattan, a Buckeye Hickory.  [I had a botanist at a local nursery make an identification from some bark, leaves and pictures.  The botanist is a southern species expert and not a northern expert but we spent time reviewing the different species online and we feel close.  It is a very wide tree with low growing limbs whose leaves are quickly lost in the fall.  It is a very strong and enduring tree...hickory was used for golf clubs for it strength until the 1960s.]

Why did Mr. Gann obscure the view?  Again a proposition.  Without any trees in Green-Wood Cemetery and standing at Mr. Gann's grave you would easily see 1 WTC and, though smaller, the Statue of Liberty.  With the tree's obstruction, you cannot see either in the spring and summer months.  But you "know" they are there.  You know because you know the sun is behind you standing at Mr. Gann's grave, that the WTC is west and the Statue of Liberty is southwest or to your right.  You know as well because the geometry and math of the compass and circle tell you they are where they are supposed to be.  The lesson to me is that:

Just because I cannot see a thing, such as the simultaneous existence of a point in 
time and space four dimensional spacetime, does not mean it is not there.
Armed with the correct math and geometry, we might find places in spacetime
that we cannot see.  We might...predict the future.  Is this what Mr. Gann knew?

Sir Arthur Eddington in Space Time and Gravitation explains it in the story many have heard before. That if man were born with a third eye in the middle of his forehead, then he might not only be able to see the perspective made possible by our two forward spaced eyes (three dimensions), but we might see the perspective of the fourth dimension as well.  Of course, Sir Arthur was taking some liberties, but the thought is that we, as humans, are not able to perceive the full nature of time.  We see it as a forward vector from present towards future when, in reality perhaps, it may be that all time, past, present and future coexist. And yet we can see time only in a forward direction.

Maybe, maybe not, but that's where I am at the moment.

Every trip produces a new mystery.  When examining the hypothetical 13th stone I noticed is was slid off the center of its base.  [Holmes would have been proud of me to notice that.]  There were not any scrape marks on any of the sides of the die to indicate equipment having made contact with it.  It was dislodged closest to the tree and there was a mere 3 feet max between the tree and stone...self propelled equipment could never have moved between the two.  My son-in-law, a bull of a man, said he'd never had been able to move that die as it was moved...I sure couldn't.  We couldn't.  Of course, a number of men could have moved it.  I doubt I'll ever understand that occurrence.  Holmes often said the very small details are often more important that the obvious and prominent facts.  Mark it as odd...for now.

There you have it.  The first question of the 13th stone is deferred.  The second question is answered as, in late fall and throughout the winter, Mr. Gann has a view of Manhattan through the barren tree and a distant view of the Statue of Liberty.  The third question of who planted the tree...I believe Mr. Gann had the tree planted in 1942 and endowed it to frame an enigma having meaning.

Jim Ross

2016, part 5 of 5, The Beginning, 3 Dates, The Final Problem and The End

I have in mind a very complicated post.

***The Beginning***

The Beginning of what I consider the insightful period of my "journey" into "The Tunnel Thru the Air" was the enigma of the "6 eeeeee's."  After read how Peter Amundsen found apparent Lord Francis Bacon acrostic and telestic encoding in certain Shakespeare's works, I gave it a shot and found the "6 eeeeee's:"

In red you will see six consecutive e's separated only my spaces corresponding the meaningful text of TTTTA having 3 purposes; to entertain, to teach a moral lesson and to show foreknowledge.

The "6 eeeeee's" are a statistical impossibility.  The self proclaimed only man who could "make a prediction" based on page 69 of TTTTA ridiculed my wonder at the "6 eeeeee's" claiming one can make anything you want out of letters.  He demonstrated to me the Socratic method found in the Apology.  Socrates went to the self proclaimed greatest lawyer, greatest mathematician, greatest artist.... and asked the extent of his knowledge and was told each knew all about that which they knew.  Socrates then knew that he was the smartest of all men for he, at least, knew that he did not know everything; he knew he could not know that which only God could know.

The "6 eeeeee's" are a creation of WD Gann 1) to alert the reader of the importance of the adjacent narrative, 2) to alert the reader the entire book to acrostic and telestic markers and messages throughout the book, 3) to represent the first of 84 similar telestic concatenations of the letter of 'e,' and 4) to make a prediction, itself.

The integrity of the "6 eeeeee's" rests in its statistical improbability.  There are 15K lines in TTTTA so there are the same number of first letters in each line and last letters in each line.  There is a finite number of 15K letters arranged consecutively as either an acrostic or a telestic; not an infinite population nor are the letters re arrangeable as in the Bible Code via its algorithm.  Finite and pre arranged.  The "6 eeeeee's" aren't a divine creation, they were contrived by a man, WD Gann.  The statistical improbability is that, if all letters of the alphabet having an equal probability of being the last letter of a line, the probability of an 'e' ending a line is 1/26 just as the probability of a head occurring in a coin flip is 1/2.  The probability of 2 consecutive heads in 2 tosses is a joint probability of 1/2 X 1/2 or 1/(2^2) or 1/4.  The probability of 2 consecutive 'e's on two lines of text is 1/26 X 1 /26 or 1/(26^2) or 1/676.

The probability of "6 eeeeee's," given an equal probability of that letter's occurrence of of 26 letters, is 1 / (26^6), or "one divided by 26 to the 6th power" or 1 divided by 308,916,776.  Actually, the 'given' in the above phrase is incorrect because 'e' happens to be a popular letter; more words end in 'e' than in 'x' for example.  So, maybe the probability is 1 / (13^6)....   I'll letter the true statisticians parse whether the ultimately improbability is 1 in 300 million or 1 in 150 is small beyond comprehension.

***Three dates***

I've provided my reasons for date 1 in the above excerpt of the MOT, namely February 24, 2016 or thereabout as being an earthquake in San Francisco.  That is one of the three dates in the title of this post.  Later in this post I will modify modify that date slightly.

Date 2, is actually a period of time from March 2, 2016 to March 23, 2016.   It is designated by the "6 eeeeees".  The second date falls within the area covered by the '6 eeeeee's;" an area from lines 47 to 55 or dates of 3/2/2016 to 3/23/2016.   This area might, poetically speaking, be expanded to include all lines between 45 and 55, inclusive.  Why? because 45 and 55 are notable numbers and because that area covers the entirety of Mr. Gann's objectives of TTTTA.

The second date, a span of 21 days, falls within the lines of the 6 eeeeee's.  I believe this correspondence to be very important.

What events in 1948 would mirror those in 2016?  Again, revolution in France, Marx and Engels in Europe and Elizabeth Stanton (as in Marie Stanto) the symbol of women suffrage.  I believe Mr. Gann gave us the greatest emphasis of "6 eeeeee's" to correspond the greatest of the events.  The same themes in 2016; social upheaval in several perspectives (black vs white, Islam vs infidel, lower class vs wealthy, aristocracy and government dependents vs all others, the "war on women").

I reckon from there being a period, this period will be one of great strife; revolution of identifiable nature and significant proportion.  As in 1848, I expect it will be put down but on that I'm unsure.

Date 3 is October 19, 2016.  The third date is October 19, 2016 which I discovered in a contemporary movie critics liked but considered a 'b.'  It is the movie "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage.  October 19 is the date the world would end based upon a page of seemingly incomprehensible numbers that Cage realized represented every great disaster over 50 years; it was a "map of time."  It was the means by which I discovered the encoding of September 11, 2001 in the MOT.  And Cage ultimately discover October 19 would be the end of the world based upon the letters "EE." Here's the official trailer; use the enlarge button to avoid the distracting advertisement:

Notice the 'seeing eye' at the beginning of the trailer.  Notice the contestation that 'number systems are a dime a dozen' and that 'people see what the want to see.'  There is far more in the movie that comports with TTTTA, but are not related to the third date.  One last note about Knowing however.  The author/producer was Ryne Douglas Pearson.  We find the noun Pearson in the TTTTA character, General Pearson, 45 times.  We find the noun Douglas in the TTTTA character, Claire Douglass, 9 times.  We don't find Ryne in the narrative.  We find Ryne spelled 1 time as an acrostic word:

Look it up; page 330.

No, the world won't end on October 19, 2016 (I don't think).  October 19, 2016 has great numerical resonance with 1929.  It is 29 years removed from Black Monday in 1987 and three times 29 years removed from Black Thursday in 1929:

It does not end there; theosophic reduction of October 19, 2016 gives you 119, the reverse of 9/11.  It also gives you page 119 of TTTTA where we find "All his happiness was blasted in a moment:"

I reckon from the above a terrorist attack will occur on October 19, 2016 that will have great impact on the stock market.

Date 1 will be February 22, 2016.  I have changed the date found above in the MOT, February 24, 2016 to a date found one line below that date (indicating an error in my numeration of the lines and dates of TTTTA despite my 100s of hours devoted to perfecting it).  October 19, 2016 is actually beyond the end of the 168-year MOT period which ends at mid year 2016.  What, then, would be the historic reflection of October 19, 2016, early in the life of a new 168-year period, in the ending 168-year period?  It would be about February 22, 2016:

There's always a "there's more."  You see the computed date of the equidistant reflection of dates is February 20, 2016 and yet I say above February 22, 2016.  IF the San Francisco earthquake happens, then it will be between February 20, 2016 and February 24, 2016 is my interpretation.  And earthquakes are never isolated in a moment or day with preamble shocks and aftershocks happening days before and after.  I select the day of February 22, 2016 because it is the birth date of George Washington, a great Mason and Founding Father of this nation.  February 22 is also the 53rd day of the calendar year and one of the angles of the Pythagorean right triangle (90*, 53* and 37*).  53 is the a number symbolic of the Mason and of the Rosicrucian and revered by both.  [It has not escaped notice that my birth date is February 21.]

I reckon, therefore, the predicted San Francisco earthquake will occur February 22, 2016 with preamble shocks from February 20 to February 24.

***The Final Problem***

....happened. (1)

Above from "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Adventure 11.  I add the last word "happened" because I believe my journey is representative of those things Mr. Gann buried to "forewarn" the world of the "remarkable events" that would follow the election of the 266th Pope (page 82 of TTTTA).

Conscious of the narcissism that would pervade the following thought, I view myself now the Dr. Watson that chronicles the unspeakable genius of WD Gann.  Whether this view is truthful or delusory is contingent first on the events of the three dates listed above; the first harbinger of which will be February 22, 2016.  I am led to this point by incredible circumstances the number and character of which contradict all that I have been taught about a random world.  Is the world random or is the world determined, at least to some great extent?  Again, that "b" rated movie, "Knowing:"

Prediction isn't possible without determinism.  It is impossible in a world of randomness.  Nassim Taleb ("The Black Swan") tells us the "fat tail" statistical improbability of the number of one-day stock market declines exceeding 5% (from recollection, might be 10%) in the two centuries of American stock market operation exceeds the number of stars in the infinite universe...there aren't enough zeros to express that improbability.  And yet, there are people and organizations that successfully game the system.  The great Benoit Mandelbrot stood outside the foreign currency trading room of Citicorp in the mid 1980s wherein 40% of the world currencies were traded without commission.  He was told it was the most profitable operation in that great bank and he remarked (from recall of his book) "This cannot be random."

"The Final Problem" has plagued me for weeks.  It concerns the WD Gann Memorial Triangle (GMT) comprised of three points; A-the Statue of Liberty dedicated in 1887, B-the location of the fictional Mammoth Building at 42nd and Broadway, the site and time (1932) of the fiction "final battle" of TTTTA (which was actually both New York and Washington comprising one battle though separated in time) and C-the Green-Wood Cemetery, where WD Gann was buried in 1955 and which was also the location of the first organized battle of the Revolutionary War in 1776:

With those three points and that same timer interval (23 years) I demonstrated that 2001 was "triangulated" from the three points in time (1886, 1932 and 1955).  Simply, to 1886 add 5X23 years to get 2001, to 1932 add 3X23 to get 2001 and to 1955 add 2X23 to get 2001.  Mr. Gann triangulated the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in somewhat this fashion I expect.  This is the 6th Prophecy explained beginning HERE.

The GMT is an incredible device that, I believe, holds the key to reckoning the mathematics and geometry put to the purpose of predicting exact time and place of future events; predicting the future in a Minkowski space (a concept in Einsteinian physics of special relativity associated with an area in space that is dominated by a gravity well-the earth's gravity well in or case).

The GMT is something much simpler for those of us who have not re discovered the actual physical and natural law described in the preceding paragraph.  The easiest observation of the above is the 3 aforementioned points of the triangle are separated by 23, 46 and 69 years or multiples of 23.  The problem I had was why 1955?  Well, yes, Mr. Gann was a great man and, having seen what I've seen, the greater among himself and the great Albert Einstein.  Mr. Einstein proposed special and general relativity in 1905 and 1915 (from recall), respectively.  Mr. Gann discovered and implemented the former in my observation and opinion before the Ticker Interview in 1908.  Still, why would 1955 be so important despite his greatness?

So the final problem is this; why 1955 and what is the intended composition of the GMT?

We understand the nature and gravity of point A; it is the symbolic dedication of the nation to freedom under God, the elimination of slavery, the uplifting of the lowly... in 1886.  It is the circular as the Island of the SOL is near circular with the design of the "Tree of Life."

We might stretch to understand the otherwise fictional point B, the site of the 110-story Mammoth Building for it is the located at the site of the present Conde Nast Building at 42nd and Broadway.  The fictional battle of New York occurred July 4, 1932, substantially the bottom of the Great Stock Market Crash that began in 1929 and the Conde Nast now the home of the NASDAQ.

Yet again why is point B 1955?  Because 1955 is just a clue contrived by Mr. Gann (prescient, of course, of when the year in which he would die).  The real point B is not 1955; it is the site of the first battle of the Revolutionary War in 1776.  I'll provide the numerical proof of Mr. Gann's intention...he left the final proof on his gravestone.  Below are the clues we will need:

Better defined, the problem is I cannot "triangulate" the three points in time redefined as 1776, 1886 and 1932 to the year 2016.  See the ???? above.  I "know" the clues I am given will triangulate 2016 as the originally defined GMT triangulated and predicted the 2001 attacks.  I lived with this deep enigma for months and then I knew.  But I couldn't solve those question marks.

I can triangulate the Statue of Liberty dedication in 1886 to 2016 with the combined life span of Mr. and Mrs. Gann or 130 years (a measurement of time).  I can triangulate the first battle of the Revolutionary War in 1776 with 2016 using a measurement of space that being 30" X 8" = 240.  Interpreted as years we have 1776 + 240 years and we have 2016.

But what about 1932, the bottom of the stock market crash of 1929?  Sherlock Holmes taught Dr. Watson that the detective has an advantage; he knows the answer so he can work backwards to find clues, then develop theories and then test the theories against data to eliminate those theories without merit.  What is left, however implausible is the truth.  The answer is 84 year or 2016 minus 1832.  That noteworthy page of TTTTA that give us this short discussion:

As often it does, the question confronted me every night as I tried to sleep and every morning when I awoke when, ultimately, I awoke with the answer this weekend.  The answer 84 is a comprised of a time component and a space component.  It is the years of Mr. Gann's life plus the depth of the gravestone AND the years of Sadie Gann's life plus the planar measurement of the gravestone:

And there we have it, the answer to The Final Problem.  From Mr. Gann's clues, the year, 2016, is proven by numbers.  Just as Mr. Gann told us in the acrostic and telestic encoding of the TTTTA, NUMBER  is the If and Why of all things:

I take liberties with my interpretation of the above, but do not make excuse nor will demur.

***The End***

Not the end of my journey but the end game.  What does the derivation of the final answer being 2016 mean?  What does the end of the MOT period of 168 year portend?  What if it is not merely an ending of a MOT period but the end of a Biblical Great Week epoch?

I believe it means the "nation as founded" (to use the vogue phrase), ends.  This interpretation somewhat comports with Jonathan Cahn's thesis expressed in "The Harbinger," the same Isaiah 9:10/11 interpretation I find in TTTTA (the 110-story, the cedar, the falling buildings of Robert Gordon's 7 days aka, falling stones....).  That the second of only two nations founded under God will face judgement and the removal of the Grace of God.  It is the symbolic Statue of Liberty of 1886 plus the combined life spans of the Gann's of 130 year equals the year 2016.  And what is the message we find on page 130 of TTTTA?


These are not my messages.  I'm merely the stooge finite mathematician who stumbled on a problem that he can't put down.  Perhaps my interpretation of Mr. Gann's work is many respects I haven't a doubt it is.  But I've laid out the vast majority of facts, circumstances and patterns which have caused me to believe as I do.  You can replicate the work I have done in all substantial respects.

IF, after diligently performing that work, you agree, then you have a responsibility to yourself, then to your family, then to others as explained on page 83 of TTTTA:

I doubt one of the of the very few people that read this blog and the even fewer that have more than a modest understanding of TTTTA, as persons of math and science, will undertake the challenge to prove my work to themselves and then act in the spirit of the plea reprised above.  I hope to be proven wrong.

In fact, I hope to be proven wrong about all that which I have written because...for otherwise, the coming years will not be good ones for the United States and the world.

Jim Ross

(1) A footnote.  Dr. Watson did not know the whole truth.  Sherlock staged his death from the Reichenbach Fall after having done away with Moriarty.  He staged his own death to go undercover to ferret out the vast tentacles of Moriartiy, eliminate them and then be free to regain his own life.  So when you read that I, as did Dr. Watson, am the only one who "knows" WD Gann....well, Dr. Watson didn't "know" after all.  Now did he?  Nor do I.  Do your own work, find that which is good and hold fast to that which is good.