Sunday, September 27, 2015

2016 - Putting some clues, and evidence, together - January 8 to January 28, 2016

There are nice numbers that seem to work together, dates and events that produce the 'deja vu' and there are clues thought to be so but none of which are real.  The numbers work now and won't work tomorrow.  The 'deja vu' never occurs again and the clues weren't such.  This blog's first contemplated the numbers that never worked and the feelings of repetition that didn't recur.  Of the clues, which are the real clues?  Which are the imagined?  I've identified 2016 as a focus of research and floated dates on the slimmest of whims.  Hopefully, I've identified them for what they are; nice dates.  This essay will be different as the clues, the laws of cause and effect and history repeating and the math will, hopefully, demonstrate.

In plain words WD Gann tells us in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" history repeats and that the greatest cycle of repetition is the 1000-year cycle.  I've checked.  He does not proclaim any other cycle in TTTTA with the wording "the great 1000-year cycle" (page 82).  Starting then with the subject of this post, 2016, what happened 1000 years ago?  The normal battles, coups, etc. but 2 items catch one's eye; the offensive against the Muslim city Sardina and an earthquake that damages the Dome of the Rock in Old Jerusalem.  [I will defer regarding the Muslim conflict but that Muslim conflict was raging 1000 years ago is context for other essays, some of which I've previously offered.]

An earthquake of Biblical significance in 1016.  Perhaps 1000 years later in 2016?

The first paragraph of Chapter 1 of TTTTA gives us not only the birth of the hero of TTTTA (Robert Gordon), but his mother's sad reflection on the April 18, 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  That  event, the 1906 earthquake, continues to be considered by many contemporary writings the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States; 7.8 on the Richter scale, but massive in terms of its immediate impact on San Francisco.

The first paragraph of TTTTA, a clue.  And a clue on the last monument to Mr. Gann's life, his gravestone.  It measures 30X30X8.  30X8 is 240 and 30X30X8 is 720.  Mr. Gann's was 77 when he passed and Sadie Gann was 53 adding to 130.  240 less 130 is 110 and the 1906 earthquake plus 110 years is 2016.  A clue?  A person's last monument would be a clue?  How could he know his and his wires lifespan in 1927 let alone weave it into a riddle and prophecy?  If you consider the possibility of his foresight for the purpose of foretelling the events of 2016, then its hard to deny his similar knowledge of his demise in advance.

Again, the plain words of Mr. Gann said in so many ways; history repeats.  The only limitation to one's prediction of the future is accurate information of events in the past.  From page 77 (which was the number of years in Mr. Gann's life):

A tool in finding repeating events has been developed in three posts found HEREHERE, and HERE and is summarized HERE.  It is WD Gann's Map of Time (MOT) derived from the mathematic line structure of TTTTA.  In that lattermost linked essay we have the MOT on an annual basis.  The MOT has a left column and a right column that, when matched, imply events of the earlier year on the left will recur in the year appearing in the column in the right.  The distance between the years is not constant but expands from the bottom up.

Placing our two years of interest, namely 1906 and 2016, on the MOT we can find the correlated year which needs to be examined:

You can recreate the annual MOT.  The year 1932 is at the bottom and the left column descends from 1848 to the "correct beginning" which is 1932.  Then it ascends to 2016.  In full cycle, it is 168 years or 1 period out of 15 which comprise a Biblical week of 2520 years.  We are ending the 12th 168-year period of 15 periods of the Biblical week in 2016.

We find our two years, 1906 and 2016, highlighted in yellow on the MOT, above, and matching years in blue.  And in those years, 1848 and 1958, we find very large earthquakes; Marlborough and Lituya Bay.  Unlike the dates in the MOT of mankind, the dates are not the exact day.  There's a reason for that which I'll defer.  Nevertheless, the Lituya Bay earthquake is within 82 days of being exactly 58 years after the 1906 earthquake.  Here is the information and two extrapolations:

So which is it, January 8, or January 28, 2016?  I've mashed the numbers time and again.  The answer is in the math which and I have proved the 20-day difference to myself.  Knowing from where the difference arrives and knowing its proper disposition are entirely different matters.  I do not know, from the math, the resolution.  But I do know two possible clues to the resolution for the moment.

Recall from the 7th Prophecy (see HERE) the date when I realized how Mr. Gann would have left a clue to confirm that prophecy?  It was in January of 2015 while watching a second airing of "The Imitation Game" it dawned on me the nature of the confirmation.  And recall from the 6th Prophecy how the Battle of Washington was 69 years and 69 days from the attack on New York City (see HERE)?  Those are the two clues to resolving the date of the predicted San Francisco earthquake.

The January date in TTTTA was January 28, 1927 on page 75 of TTTTA  and exactly 88 years later, to the day, I discovered the confirmation of the 7th Prophecy.  You will find that the 'J' of January is the first letter of my name spelled in the acrostic word 'Jimi' (my high school nick name or without the 'i' to spell Jim) and then you will find January 28, 1927 as Chapter VII's subheading:

This clue leads me to January 28, 2016.  [There's far more to the 7th Prophecy but not relevant here.]

And the 6th Prophecy.  The 9/11 attack occurred not just 69 years after the Battle of Washington (page 383 of TTTTA).  But you had to add 69 days as well:

Similarly, the 10/16/1848 is 84 days different from October 16.  Take October 16 of any year and add 84 days to arrive at January 8 of the next year.  In our case, we take October 16, 2015 and add 84 days to arrive at January 8, 2016.

Did I say I would resolve the January 8 versus January 28 projected date for a major world earthquake disaster?  I believe I did.  From the clues I believe we are given, we cannot put a finer point on it than to say it will occur between January 8, 2016 and January 28, 2016.  

I indicated there may be a test that will resolve the two dates and one which I  believe may be the actual method that Mr. Gann may have used to determine very specific date and time predictions.  The math is not complete but, even if it were, it is beyond either/or the grasp of most readers or interest in the "details."  So, I'll leave this essay with one last riddle that everyone can appreciate and to which there was allusion in the second paragraph; the Dome of the Rock.  Consider first:

On the left we have the Dome of the Rock damaged in the 1016 earthquake. On the right we have the rear dust jacket to the TTTTA.  I've always thought the gold dome on the rear dust jacket was out of place for TTTTA.  Then I realized, perhaps, we are looking at the Dome of the Rock imposed over the city.  But wouldn't we think the city to be, supposedly, New York, the site of the "Gigantic Battle of New York?"

So I again looked at the front dust jacket of TTTTA and I see planes crashing into the midst of the city but I do not see any planes crashing into the city on the rear dust jacket (there are two in the left margin of the rear jacket, but they are not crashing into the city).  On the front dust jacket there isn't a dome, there is a building that reminds me of the Empire State Building and the buildings stand erect.  In contrast, the rear dust jacket has the golden dome and no planes….. but, are the buildings on the right of the rear jacket tilting a bit right?  Is that steeple to the left of the dome on the rear jacket tilted right?  An earthquake?

Does the golden dome identify the city?  My preference would be San Francisco's dome at the Palace of Fine Arts, formerly owned by the Presidio which can be found HERE.  But that's me.  Lots of domes in lots of cities.

Is the dome on the rear jacket of TTTTA that which we find damaged by an earthquake 1000 years prior to 2016?  Is it San Francisco?  Will it be January 8, 2016 or January 28, 2016 or a day between?  Or not at all?

Jim Ross

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A note regarding page 82 of TTTTA, the 266th Pope and WD Gann's Map of Time

Page 82 of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" gives us St Malachy's (or Nostradamus if you prefer to believe) prophecy of the 266th Pope and predicts "remarkable events" upon his election.  As I've offered many times, Mr. Gann knew full well that the 266th Pope would not be elected for decades after the publication of TTTTA and decades after Mr. Gann's death.  Doesn't take a rocket scientist or a prophet to make that prediction in 1927 given that the number of the Pope in 1927 was number 259, Pope Pius XI.

Obviously, the message of that page and pages 83 and 84 are meant for the age of the 266th Pope which is widely recognized as Pope Francis (there are discrepancies in counts concerning anti Popes), elected in 2013.  Mr. Gann gives us St Malachy's description of the 266th Pope:

"Fides Intrepida, which means---"Unwavering Faith…."  Would we expect the 266th Pope to embrace the words "unwavering faith?"  Is Pope Francis winking at us when he gives us:

It would be hard to attend church for a significant number of Sunday's and not encounter the phrase and Psalms 3:5-6 as the subject of a sermon.  Yet, I found it oddly timely.

After all, 2014 is the 82nd year after the mid point the 168-year cycle or July 1, 1932.  Restated, we find the consensus 266th Pope uttering "Unwavering faith" in the 82nd year of the ascension from the mid point of the WD Gann Map of Time and find that same description on the 82nd page of TTTTA.  82 years between the notations.

Did Mr. Gann know and arrange his book to create this….synchronicity?

9/23/15 addendum.  How I forgot, I don't know.  The date September 29, 1922 was an intentional plant.  The "New York American" article of that date was, in reality, found in the Brookly Daily News on that date and discussed the St Malachy prophecy.  And, aside form providing us insight into the 'modus operandi' of Mr. Gann's elaborate encoding of TTTTA, what further insight is this link providing?  Count the pages of that daily paper on that date.  82 pages.  I made that count in the following essay found HERE.  

Jim Ross

Prove it to yourself part 2; The Map of Time counterpart of 9/11

I was not expecting to find as the counterpart of 9/11/2001 on the MOT as anything other than battles of the Civil War, averaging to a date that is the historical "cause" of the former.  I'm not sure the Civil War in 1863 is irrelevant to 9/11, but only this morning it took assumed the 'shotgun' seat in this vehicle.

Like part 1, you can prove the circumstances of part 2 to be described in this essay and make your own decision.  You have available to you the July 1, 1932 "right beginning" of the MOT and the ascending, descending nature of the MOT.  In addition, one more "tid bit" of information.  Recall WD Gann's inclusion on page 80 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" the citation of Hans Delbruck in the study of ancient wars:

I call your attention to the 1000-year cycle (which was separately and singularly described by WD Gann in TTTTA as the "great 1000-year cycle") and to "same political institutions" and the "likeness between battles."

Now to the MOT.  I've reconfigured the MOT with 30681 lines on the left descending section starting at the top with the day 7/1/1848 and ending with the day 7/1/1932 and then starting at the bottom with the day 7/1/1932 ascending 30681 lines and ending with 7/1/2016 at the top.  I then find 9/11/01 on the right scale and look across to the left and find 4/23/1863.

You can do this with ""  Subtract from 9/11/01 the 'right beginn(ing)' of 7/1/1932 and you get 25,274 days.  Subtract 25,274 days from 7/1/1932 and you get 4/20/1863.  That differs from my spreadsheet by 1 day because in the former calculation, 7/1/1932 is not part of the interval to 7/1/2016 where in the latter calculation it is.  It should not be part of either interval and thus the calculation needs to be set back yet one more day to 4/21/1863.  Bottom line, 4/21/1863 is the MOT counterpart of 9/11/2001.

Armed with this clue and Hans Delbruck's insights I was fully expecting to find that dates of surprise attacks in the Civil War might be averaged to arrive at 4/21/1863.  In 1863 we have, as well, the New York Emancipation Proclamation Eraft Riots of New York which might be epicentered on 4/21/1863.  I have every expectation that those histories play a role as "causal" to the 9/11/2001, or at least, Mr. Gann's synthesis of 9/11, but I was only partly right.  [Being right is subjective so you should 'consider' for yourself.]

I found two 'causal' events in 1863; one related to the Civil War and one related to an aspect (not a sect) of Islam.  The former events is Union Col. Benjamin Grierson's Raid (April 17 to May 2, 1863) and the latter is the beginning of Baha u liah 12-day stay in the Garden of Garden of Ridvan, Baghdad.

Regarding Grierson's Raid, 1700 Union calvary troops traversed Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana drawing Confederate attention and resources and enabling Major General Ulysses Grant forces to cross the Mississippi just below Vicksburg.  Grierson's surprise raids, spanning the exact date of 4/21/1863, staged Grant's forces for campaigns that would ultimately lead to the bloodiest battles of the Civil War; Vicksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  The latter is largely considered as the bloodiest battle and turning point of the Civil War.

Regarding Baha u liah's 12 days in the Garden of Ridvan which began on exactly 4/21/1863, we find in Wikipedia the following:

Both the tactics and strategies of the Civil War and the self ordination of an Islamic Prophet as the one who God shall make manifest are beyond this CPA's understanding of Generally Accepted Account Principles.  Its hard for me to go down either road without exposing greater ignorance than to which I wish to confess.  

But with that apology, I believe you'll find Hans Delbruck's same institutions and methods present in 1863 recurring in the 9/11/01 attacks.  Surprise attacks and the rise of Islam.

Ultimately, we will want to tie all of this to the final days of 168 year period, those being July 1, 1848 and July 1, 2016.  Remember the name of Maj Gen Ulysses Grant, Robert E. Lee, 'Stonewall' Jackson among others, who also participated earlier in the 1846-48 Mexican American War that ended on February 2, 1848 and later were major participants in the Civil War.  And regards Islam and Baha u liah, he attended at the 22 day conference of Badasht which ultimately in 1848 devolved into violence, the Baha's imprisonment and his execution in 1850.

The same participants, the same methods.  1863 mirrored in the events of 2001 and even further tied to the events of 1848.  You are likely better equipped to make these comparisons than I but I am satisfied.  In this essay I am simply providing the causal historic events that are reflected in present events.  1863 is simply another of the proofs you can parse in far greater detail if you've the time and interest.

I intend to provide two more "proofs" of the validity of the MOT of mankind but from in the sphere of invention.  I've seen their sketchy outline and I 'know' they will be there, but I have yet to develop the details.  But I 'know' they are there.

One last thought previously addressed more than once.  The 1000-year cycle is the only cycle in TTTTA to which Mr. Gann conferred the adjective "great."  1000 years back from now or from 2016 or the century of 1000-1099, we find Islam dominated from the Pacific Coast of China much of the land to North Africa, to parts of Spain and notably including Jerusalem.  Before 9/11, how many Americans recognized the name, Osama Bin Laden, or recognized the threat of Islam?  In the century of 1000-1099 Islam had reached its apex of domination and was to be deposed by the Crusades in the last decade of that century.  Ask yourself now, is Islam at its apex now or is it on its ascension?  Decline in 1000-1099, ascension in 2000-2099?  Same theme, Islam and all those not Islam, but, perhaps, opposites; descent versus ascent.

The next essay will be two events of invention mirrored in the MOT.  I don't know which ones as yet or whether I will find them compelling.  I 'know' I will, but, until it is done, they will not be proven.

And as with the part 1 post and this part 2 post, do the research and prove WD Gann's Map of Time to yourself.  When the part 3 is complete there will be an essay to explain my understanding of the meaning of the number '83' that I believe Mr. Gann wants us to hear in this the age of the 266th Pope and my understanding of the date of September 18, 2015.

Jim Ross

Monday, September 21, 2015

"Begin(ing) right" on the WD Gann Map of Time of mankind

The WD Gann Map of Time (MOT) is explained in the immediately preceding post and is developed in more detail in three posts provisos thereto.  What's missing is how to "begin right" (page 78 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air):

If the MOT's method is to find the point (date) of inflection where on the left side we have events of the previous 84 years and use those events to predict future events, then we need to know what day that date of inflection of the 168 year period occurs.

Assuming that the greatest dates of events of the 168 year period were the end of WWI and WWII, then I calculate July 1, 1932 as follows:

No, its not the last date in TTTTA (August 30, 1932, the "Peace Conference of the World").  At least in my opinion.  Wouldn't that be a tad easy for a person having spent hundreds of hours, now, trying to unravel all this?  Nothing is easy.

And its not the 4th of July, the date of the final "Battle of Washington" as such a person, having read the book in minute detail to include encoded acrostic and telestic message.  No, it would have been much to easy.  Nothing is free.

In my opinion, the final date is mathematically derived as above; not subjectively, poetically derived.

Why mid year?  Well, I can only guess.  There wasn't a 0 A.D (Google "0 A.D" and read Wikipedia). so half of that year was removed to B.C. and half to A.D.  Hence, each 168 component of the 15 parts of the Biblical week (15 parts at 168 years per part 2520 years) begins and ends mid year.

As we might suspect from a study of the WD Memorial Triangle (GMT), the MOT forms an isosceles triangle and a straight line based on there 3 dates:

The above includes 3 excerpts out of my daily MOT spreadsheet (one line for every day between 1848 and 2016, 84 years of days in the left two columns and 84 years in the right two columns, "folded" at the "right beginning," July 1, 1932).  

The total span between WWII dates of 9/2/1945 and 5/7/1945 above is 118 lines (lines 4810 minus 4692).  And the span between the WWI date of 6/28/1919 and each of the two dates in WWII is 59 lines (4810 minus 4751 and 4751 minus 4692).  

If we were to try to create a triangle out of side lengths of 118, 59 and 59, it isn't a triangle….it is a straight line.  If you were to construct it out of the visual plot of the spreadsheet, you'd have an isosceles triangle that has a width of 118 and a height of 30681 (25930 + 4751) or very high.  One very small angle at point 6/28/1939 and two very large equal angles at points 9/2/1945 and 5/7/1945.

Recall the WD Gann Memorial Triangle has both space dimensions in terms of miles and time dimension in terms of years.  The former a right triangle and the latter a straight line.  Perhaps we have the demonstration that, absent a measure of space (miles, feet, inches) we have a chart of space that gives us a spacial orientation in 4 dimensions and a corresponding time straight line; a triangle that we can see on the chart (hmmm, like price on a stock chart...) and a line we can sense as forward time.   A triangle and a line.  How basic.

Just talking out loud.  The point of this post is July 1, 1932.  

Jim Ross 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prove it to yourself part 1; WD Gann's Map of Time and the numbers 69, 82 and 84....and 83

You will find the immediately preceding 3 posts dated September 17, 2015 and this one will be dated September 20, 2015.  I came upon the mathematics of this post September 18, 2015, a date which I realize is most important.  Keep that date in mind these next two essays.  In this essay I give background information necessary for persons without such.

WD Gann's "Map of Time" or MOT is encoded in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" by counting every line of the book after adding a line for every page (a page break), a line for every paragraph, a line between every subheading (including the page header), salutation or sign off of a letter, and 1 extra line for each of the 40 chapter (a chapter break, the Foreword counts as a chapter).  There are 15,340 lines in TTTTA and that line count is verified by its ability to predict the World Trade Center attack of 2001.  Take my word for it for now.  In due course you may prove it to yourself.

15340 lines is the number of days in 42 years (365.242X42).  According to the clues on page 45 (45 is the degree of two angles in the isosceles right triange), we double and redouble which brings us to 168 years.  168 years is one of 15 units of a Biblical week or 2520 years (or 168X15=2520).  Counted from the beginning at 0A.D. (actually there isn't a 0A.D.) 12 units of 168 is 2016.

We have the last date of TTTTA as the year 1932.  Conceptually, appoint one year for every 365.242 lines of the 15,340 lines doubled and you count downward (descending) on a spreadsheet from the number 1848 and you will arrive at 1932; 84 years.  Now count from the bottom of the sheet upward 1 years for every 15,340 years doubled and you will arrive at 2016 (1932+84).

Now inspect your spreadsheet.  You will see the years 1919 (Treaty of Versailles ending WWI) and 1945 (two cermonies for the surrencder of Germany and then Japan ending WWII) are aligned on the same row.  You will also see 1863 and 2001 aligned...1863 representing a mid point and turning point in the Civil war, 2001 marking, arguably, the a mid point and unfavorable turning point in the war declared by Osama Bin Laden some years hence.  The 'vertical' MOT:

This is a good, but not final, representation of the MOT.  You will discover the bottom of the MOT is a single point, the year 1932, where the top is two points; 1848 and 2016.  1848 and 2016 are separated by 168 years.  So, we have a triangle with sides of of 168, 84 and 84 years:

No we don't.  Any two sides of a triangle MUST be greater than the third and 84+84= 168.  In time, we have a straight line; remember the WD Gann Memorial Triangle or GMT.  Set that aside for the moment.  

Of the above, the triangle is marked by the dates, 1848 at the top left, 2016 at the top right and 1932 at the bottom.  The yellow bar marks the year 1863 at the left and 2001 at the right and the blue bar marks 1919 on the left and 1945 on the right.  The actual years reside on the 45* angles and are arrayed in a descending fashion on the left 45 degree angle from 1848 to 1932 and are arrayed in an ascending fashion on the 45 degree angle from the 1932 to 2016.  For example, if I were to mark exactly where 1863 appears on this chart, it would be the intersection of the yellow highlight and the 45 degree angle.  One last note about the triangular MOT, it forms two 84X84 squares, somewhat reminiscent of Bradley Cowan's illustration of the the sqrt(5) diagonal of two 1X1 squares on page 51 of "Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles."

That's the background, now do the math yourself.  I'll lead your through it.  Triangle 1932, 1919, 1945.  What's the difference between 1919 and 1945?  26.  Now whats the difference between both 1919 and 1932 and the difference between 1945 and 1932?  13.  Again, we have an isosceles right triangle with sides of 26, 13 and 13, but it is a straight line not a triangle.  

Can you see how Mr. Gann inferred 2001 from the dates 1932, 1919, 1945 and 1863?  He knew the world events of 1919 and 1945 and inferred their mid point which is 1932 ((19+45) / 2 = 32).  He knew the world events of 1863...wait a minute, the Civil War was an American war.  Not really.  The whole of TTTTA underscores that the United States was the leader of the world.  So goes the US, so goes the world, even at that early date in the history of the US.  

From the mid point 1932 to 1863 we have 69 years on the left 45 degree angle.  1932 plus 69 years and we have 2001 on the right.  Mr. Gann knew that a world impacting event comparable to those that occurred in 1863 would occur in 2001.  Given 1919, 1945 and 1863, can you compute the logical 2001?  69, the great page 69 of TTTTA.  Page 69, Jonas' 3 plus 3 is 6 and 3 times 3 is 9; 69 to put a very fine point on it.

Now consider the intervals.  1932 to 2001 or to 1863 is 69 and 1932 to 1919 or to 1945 is 13.  And 69 plus 13 is 82.  We find on page 82 Mr. Gann telling us there will be remarkable events following the election of the 266th Pope....our age.  [Troubling, where are we at on the MOT right not, 2015?  We are one year short of 2016 with a corresponding year of 1849.  2016 minus 1842 is 164 which is 82 years from 1932 and 82 years from 1849.  Our year, right now, comports with a resonance of the 1919-1945 duality and the 1863-2001 duality.  Again page 82 of TTTTA, the "remarkable events" following the election of the 266th Pope.]

The correspondence of those dates and intervals with the methodology prove themselves, do they not?

The details of Mr. Gann's 6th Prophecy (see HEREHERE and HERE) are far more elaborate than simply picking out the year as is accomplished above.  He gave us the 110 story Mammouth which was named "the Cedar," gave us the name "Ata" 15 times in the telestic encoding of TTTTA, gave us the number of successful terrorists (15 as 4 were on board the unsuccessful plane that was scuttled in Pennsylvania), the name of the predecessor airline, TWA, and the exact day to the minute from which Muhammad Ata departed Logan Airport.  Of those details, I do not know how he divined them.  But, he knew.

I have asserted Mr. Gann knew when he would die; 1955 at the age of 77 years.  Consider his own assertion on page 77 of TTTTA:

["...mathematical science, which is the only real science..."]

The problem in proving the year of Mr. Gann's is one of 'vibration.'  The MOT, as I've offered, is the "curve of the future" for mankind.  It's "vibration" is, likely, different from that of a person.  Once the "correct beginning" is known based on critical events in a life and based on that person's "vibration," the result will be a correct prediction of mortality.  That's how he predicted his death.  Consider the dates of 1908, the year of the great discovery and 1927, the year in which TTTTA was dated and then consider Mr. Gann's first name is "WD" as opposed to William.  Using the MOT methodology those parameters will get you very close to calculating Mr. Gann's death age, but for a half year convention of sorts.  Not having the entirety of the answer, I'll defer for the moment.

We now have explanations of the number 69, 82 and 84 which are teased in the title of this essay.  Remaining is the number 83 and the date further teased in the opening paragraph, namely, September 18, 2015.  Next essay.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Map of Time part 3; restriction of the MOT to the realm of 'mankind', special relativity and vibration

If you try to apply the MOT to the stock market, to your family tree, to the USA or Russia to find comparable dates, you won't be happy.  It is the related to the whole of mankind.  Only events happening to the whole of mankind will find repetition.  That's putting the end before the beginning.

The most dramatic of the events that I have backtested on the MOT is the endings of WWI and WWII.  They work perfectly to the year.  More than that, if you wish to establish the "correct beginning" to the MOT for mankind for daily purposes, I suspect those repeating events in history will backward identify the correct day which is the "correct beginning."  It is not the last day in TTTTA as best I currently reckon.  That would be far to easy.  Mr. Gann won't give us his most prized secrets.  When I backward computed it in the wee hours of this morning based on the end of WWI and WWII I was stunned.  Not the first time have I been stunned in this endeavor.  But I have pondered that date only briefly as yet so I'll hold on to it a bit longer.

The beginning, what did Mr. Gann say about the "right beginning" in TTTTA?  Pg 78:

What's the right beginning?  Its a reference point for BOTH time and space.  Planning a trip from Virginia Beach to Brooklyn, among other things, I need to know from where I start and what time I start.  Knowing my average speed, number of stops, number of miles between the points will not help me one bit in predicting my arrival if I do not know BOTH when I start and from where I start.  And I need to know BOTH simultaneously.  That seems pretty straightforward.  But time and space are not independent.  Likewise, we would think we need to know BOTH if we had the ability to predict the future.  Wouldn't you think?

Special relativity and the Minkowski space…. an idealized zone in spacetime where the laws of general relativity do not apply.  A place where acceleration or gravitational do not influence spacetime.  A "gravity well" where we are moving at a constant speed and where gravitation does not affect time.  Kinda like where we live…on earth, but not entirely.

Generally, we do not accelerate and we are not differentially affected by gravity.  A person standing on the equator is prevented from being affected by gravity by the ground that is below him and is traveling at just over a constant 1000 MPH hour according to the Earth's rotation.  No acceleration.  A person standing in Central Park at the 40th parallel is traveling at just under a constant 900 MPH by virtue of the smaller circumference of the earth at that parallel.  No acceleration, no differential gravitational influence.

Well, except that the moon and sun do exert relatively minor but observable gravitational and acceleration influence.  Tides rise and fall by virtue of the moons gravity.  Relative to the sun, our speed in greater and lesser at the aphelion or perihelion of the earth about the sun….speed is changing during the solar year.  Acceleration and deceleration.  We are not in a Minkowsky space, but largely we are.  And the divergences, we might consider them separately.  That's another essay.

Within those contexts what is important about the beginning for mankind?  Well, again the correct location and the correct time.  Except that the correct location on earth is not important relative to the subject of mankind.  Mankind is all over the earth.  Which location of any single person do you use to measure the beginning?  The cycle of mankind is independent of a location of beginning when measuring spacetime.  Only time is important.  Might you be prone to say "time is the most important thing?"  Wow, sounds really really familiar.

Now what if you say you wish to measure the MOT of the NYSE located at exactly at 11 Wall Street? That address doesn't change as the earth turns on its axis.  Only time will be important.  And that's yet another subject.

So, the MOT as I've currently defined it for only mankind and we can backtest its accuracy by matching events that appear on its previously defined descending and ascending 45 degree angles.  Events ignoring the location of the event;  only time has importance.  That can be backtested to the MOT.  Only vastly universal events like world wars and inventions having pervasive impact might find related historical repetition on the MOT.  That's what I've found to date.

I would submit the MOT is the general curvature of history and "curve for the future" for mankind from which Mr. Gann applied his understanding of how persons and institutions vary with the MOT depending on their individual vibrations.  Perhaps Mr. Gann had read Luo Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers," published in 1908.  Hmmm, didn't Mr. Gann make a great discovery in 1908?

Consider again the methodology:

Past history and the "curve for the future" is the independent variable; the MOT of mankind.  The rate of vibration is the multiplier unique to person and institutions other than mankind that, when applied to the "curve," produces a different but correlated result.  The rate of vibration which might be identified for each person or institution based on the vibration apparent in their name and nativity; the specialty of Luo Clement and his "The Ancient Science of Numbers."

Perhaps Mr. Gann wrote "The Ancient Science of Numbers" himself.  I think I've written essays on that….

Jim Ross

The Map of Time part 2; The MOT and WD Gann's 45* angle

The last essay ended with the quizzical poem, Tid Bits appearing on a notable page 45.  I derived the interpretation that, in retrospect, I'd created the Map of Time (MOT) by doubling and re doubling the number of lines in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" (15340 lines) to arrive at a vertical chart that is 84 years tall.  I also considered my increasing work ethic in respect of Mr. Gann's work; it has clearly doubled and re doubled.  But I did not explain the most interesting 'coincidence' that the discussion occurs on page 45.

So we have the MOT with one red date at the bottom, 1932, and two red dates at the top, 1848 on the left top and 2016 on the right top.  The left is a column descending by 1 year per cell to the year 1932 and the right ascends at 1 year per cell.  I will not present the MOT in full here because I will change it to a more familiar format later in this post…and that takes room.  For now, HERE's a link to a picture.

I'm now going to change the two-column MOT to an isosceles triangle and then two right isosceles triangles.  How so.  Well, we have two columns that are 84 cells (years) high originating at a single point, 1932.  Let me ask, how many years separate the two years in red at the top of those two columns.  Why its 2016 - 1848 or, surprise, surprise, 168 years, the 12th period of the theorized 2016 year cycle.

Do you get my drift?  An isosceles triangle with the top leg at 168 years and which is 84 years tall.  Let's adapt that spreadsheet to a still terribly difficult size to illustrate:

We have at the top left 1848, top right 2016 defining 168 years.  At the bottom we have a single point, 1932.  Connect the 3 points and, intuitively you know, it is an isosceles triangle.  I'll forego the trig and move forward to what geometer's are always want to do; bisect a line to form right triangles.  I'll draw a vertical line from the midpoint of the 1848 to 2016 top most line to the bottom point of the MOT, namely, 1932.

The violet vertical line now bisects the isosceles triangle creating two perfectly mirrored triangles.  Upon pondering what we have, you'll recognize each of the triangles has two sides that are equal at 84 years and each of the triangles has one 90 degree angle.

Again, intuitively you know, you have two right triangles whose two lesser angles are 45 degrees.

Additionally, you can visualize a single rectangle that is 168 X 84 years.  You can visualize two component squares that are 84 X 84 years.  Well, they look a little shorter in width that they are in height.  But that's Excel and my ability to make them "appear" square.  They are 84X84 years…they are a square.  Believe the numbers not the appearance.  Numbers don't lie.

And then you might notice something a bit more profound.  Start with visualizing the descending left timeline of the MOT from 1848 to 1932 arrayed on the downward sloping 45 degree angle and the 1932 to 2016 ascending years arrayed on the upward sloping 45 degree angle.  Ask yourself what the interval is between the points where the paired event years of 1919 and 1945 (end points of WWI and WWII) fall.  And the interval between where the paired event years of 1863 and 2001 (mid points of the Civil War and the proposed Islamic War).  In the former the gross interval is 26 years and the latter is 138 years.  The half intervals are 13 years and 69 years.

The intervals between repeating events are not static, they're not Phi related at first glance, they're not readily observable as a square or multiple.  In contrast, the intervals between repeating events respond to the 45 degree angle. 

A great hallmark of Mr. Gann's cosmology; the 45 degree angle.

[These are new thoughts on my part and I reserve the right, upon further thought, to be wrong.  Next up, the MOT and special relativity.]

Jim Ross

The Map of Time-Part 1; A summarized map of mankind's time and the 'remarkable events' of 2016, perhaps

WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" is a map of time (MOT).  I'd long thought it so but there were too many otherwise interesting threads of research to follow this tedious and, apparently, less lofty thought.  I was wrong.  Pages 76 and 77 of TTTTA:

Page 77, the age at which Mr. Gann passed, but his predicting his final life span was the subject of a previous essay.

Follow the math.  I have counted, via Excel, the number of lines with a line space between paragraphs, between each page and from sub and page headings, this book dozens of times.  The counts were becoming very close with a recent count at 15,300 lines.  At that juncture I realized that counting upward from the last date in TTTTA got me to August 30, 1976, a seemingly irrelevant date for all I then knew.  So, I doubled the lines to get me to August 30, 2016…very contemporary.  And then I noticed the line on which September 11, 2001 also defined the number of deaths (with and without 19 terrorists included).  Well, it was 1 off but I found that error that fixed both counts of 9/11 deaths….my error.

Still, I'm at 15,300 lines, 40 short of exactly 42 years.  Well, there are 40 chapters in TTTTA when including the meaningful Foreword.  Adding 1 line per chapter gives me 15,340 lines which comports with exactly 42 years at one day per line.  And when I recheck the September 11, 2001 date versus the number of deaths.  The line number added to chapter number still gives me the 2,996 total deaths figure.  The 9/11 proof still works with the extra 40 lines.

At this point, you can visualize 15,340 on the left side of a spreadsheet that counts down (descending) from August 30, 1848 at 2 days per line to August 30, 1932 (the last date in TTTTA).  And on the right side you have the same number of lines counting up (ascending) from August 30, 1932 to August 30, 2016 (well, actually July 31, 2016 but let's keep it simple).  A column on the left of a descending 84 years at 2 days per line and a column on the right of an ascending 84 years….we now have 168 years.  We have redoubled the time period again.  First from 15,340 lines or 42 years, to 15,340 lines at 2 days per line or 84 year and then redoubling again from one column of the ascending timeline to an ascending and descending timelines.  [Remember the doubling and redoubling.]

A spreadsheet of 30,680 lines is impossible reproduce on this blog.  So let's shrink it by "appointing" a line for a year (365.242 days).  We then get a "timeline" that is 84 years the descends from the first line in the book to the 84th line which is the end of the book.  And the end of the book is a known date.  Mr. Gann assigned the year, 1932.  Because the end is known, the first year would be 1932 minus 84 or 1848 which would appear at the top of the left descending column.  And the last date on the right side ascending timeline is 2016.  Here's the MOT in years:

Okay, its tough to make out.  Top of the left column, 1848, top of right, 2016, at the bottom 1932, all highlighted in red.  But what are the other highlighted years in blue and yellow?

This is the MOT of mankind.  The blue and yellow cells are the repetition of events in time for mankind; not for New York City, not for the NYSE, not for the US, not for Jim Ross….for mankind.  And what are the aspects that apply universally for all mankind?  War and inventions.  And what were recurrent themes of TTTTA?  War and inventions.  

The most graphic example of history repeating is the blue highlighted cells, 1919 and 1945.  In 1919, the 'war to end all wars' (which wasn't) formally ended with the Treaty of Versailles.  In 1945, there were 2 ceremonies that ended the two fronts of World War II; the first for Germany, the second for Japan.  The blue highlighted years represent an ending.

The yellow cells of 1863 and 2001 are troubling, very troubling.  They representing battles at the middle of respective wars.  1863 represented a mid point in the Civil War with Gettysburg heralded as the bloodiest battle and the turning point.  2001 is, similarly, a turning point in the war with Islam; a war that, unbeknownst to the US, began with the 1993 attack on the WTC and Osama Bin Laden's declaration soon thereafter.

The troubling aspect of the yellow 2001 is that, as we can see, the time cycle of 168 years "folds" and on each side we have repeating events involving the same character and institutions (page 80 of TTTTA).  In the 2000 year cycle (probably 2016 more specifically), Islam was nearing its peak of global domination in the early 1000s.  It stretched from the Pacific, covered Asia and extended to the Atlantic including a great portion of Spain.  Jerusalem was controlled by Islam.  It was not until 1099 or so when the first Crusades took back Jerusalem and broke Islamic domination.  Crusades that had as their champions, men like Sir Robert Gordon, Baron of Nova Scotia, Robert de Bruce whose heart, upon his death, was carried by Sir James Douglas to Jerusalem for its interment there…., the many knights of the St Claire or Sinclair family who also so happened to have built the Rosslyn Chapel.  Men who likely met at the great Castle of Kennelworth at some time during their lives to plan the Crusades.  If you have read TTTTA, you will recognize these names.

Islam that was ascending from, arguably, early 1000AD until 1099AD.  A 1000 years later, we find in the very first year ending the new 1000 year period, we find 2001 marking a new ascendency of Islam.  Ask yourself, is Islam stronger or weaker today than 2001?  So, yes, I find the mid points of the Civil War in 1863 and the Islamic War very troubling.

Back to the Map of Time, the map of mankind's time.  I have identified more than a dozen clear examples of repetition and have spent only last night and this morning doing so.  You can identify milestones in invention in addition to milestones in war…after all, there are many more of the former.

There is so much to do in the thread of research.  Later yesterday, very late, I found some encouragement and some assistance to confirm I was on the correct path on page 45.  It is the poem with the quizzical "Tid Bits" as the author.  Tid Bits, a tiny morsel of tasty food or important information.  I won't reproduce the poem but will provide two excerpts:

What did we do in the early stages of developing the MOT?  We doubled.  Then we doubled again.

What have I done for the past several days?  I've doubled my work and redoubled my effort.  Once doubled out of shear interest in the subject matter….and now redoubled out of the personal need to understand and near mathematically prove what I believe this great man of math, science and foresight was and is trying to tell us about our future.  Our age, the age of the 266th Pope.

I fear 2016 will be the worst for the world that I have seen in my life span (I'm a baby boomer). The end of not only the component 168-year cycle, but of a 2016 year cycle, to put a finer point on Mr. Gann's simplified 2000-year cycle (page 80 again).  Again, there are 12 cycle of 168 years within the 2016 year cycle as I've developed.  And 2016 is the end of a grand cycle.  The counterpart of 2016 on the MOT is 1848.  Can anyone find encouragement in the European history of that year?

[Next up, I'll show how a third aspect of Tid Bits "reconciles" with the MOT.  Hint; page 45 and the 45 degree angle.  What could be a greater hallmark of WD Gann than the 45 degree angle?  Some as great perhaps, but greater?]

Jim Ross

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

11/9/2015 or 11/9/2016...or perhaps October 19, 2016 AND 11/9/2016

Having floated the 11/9 alert on September 2 of this year HERE, I was stunned to see the news report that Al Quaeda was looking to have a repeat on 11/9/2015.

I was led to 11/9 by another date, October 19, 2009, appearing in a contemporary fictional work that I'd seen.   The exact spelling of that title of that fictional work appears in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" some 26 times.  The last and middle names (each word contains several letters) of the author of that fictional work appear in TTTTA comparably numerous times.  And the first name, a very unique four-letter name which I'd not seen spelled as such before, appears as a telestic wording on page 330.  Let me restate that.  The title of the fictional work appears prominently in TTTTA as does the first, middle and last name of the author of that work.

Of course, October 19, 2009 is a fictional date but consider its unusual properties that may link it to 11/9/2015...or 11/9/2016; from the September 2 essay:

"All of his future happiness was blasted in a moment."

Now consider the nature of the relation of October 19, 2016 to previous market events in 1929 and 1987; again from the September 2 essay:

One last consideration; the 2000 'Tech Wreck' crash began well in advance of 9/11/2001.  The above timing would provide the same chronology of the 'epicenter' of the crash and would be more similar if the top has already occurred (the Nasdaq market top preceding the 2001 crash was 3/24/2000 as I recall).

I've wasted your time in reprising the September 2 essay only because it seemed uncanny that terrorists are reportedly, unfortunately, thinking much the same.  If this timeline has merit, and there isn't a bit of scientific evidence of which I am aware in my study of Mr. Gann's apparent understanding of advanced concepts of relativity and spacetime, I would favor 2016 as the year of occurrence.  Again, not from science but from circumstances or perceived 'clues' left by Mr. Gann.

And to that end, it is offered for consideration, not proclamation.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2016 and the "Map of Time"

Conceptually, the "Map of Time" (MOT) that is created by the line properties of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" is proven, in my opinion, by the correlation it creates between the computed date of September 11, 2001 and the number of deaths that occurred on that date; both total deaths and deaths excluding the 19 terrorists.  Originally, the number of deaths was one off.  Since publishing a rough description of the MOT, I have found an error in the line mechanism that correlates with both measures of fatalities perfectly.  The error of one life is not gone.  That essay is found HERE.

Which is not to say the MOT is any where close to perfection.  I believe Mr. Gann contrived the August 30, 1932 date (the last date in TTTTA) only to create the correlation of 9/11/2001 and total deaths.  Other notable dates such as Pearl Harbor and others do not work.  What is missing is a better understanding of the geometric structure that has been formed, the correct dimension of the structure formed and the correct beginning point.

My still in progress research suggests the geometric structure formed is an isosceles triangle and the idealized time period is 168 years (which happens to be the Biblical hours in a week) and the correct beginning point.  I have, what I consider to be, substantial evidence of the former two items and some clues to the correct beginning point.  I'll forego discussing those items because the mathematic model is not complete enough to provide a level of accuracy of prediction which will prove itself.  The model is not proven to a granularity of a daily period.  On the other hand, I am having success with the model suggesting years in which comparable events occur.

But first, one observation regarding the number 168.  It is comprised of 2X2X2X3X7.  Alternately, we might comprise it as 2X12X7.  The numbers of 12 and 7 are striking to me, initially, because they are the reduction of the ratio of the number of pages of TTTTA (including title page, blank pages, back cover, etc.) and John Dee's Monas Heiroglyphica number or 432 / 252.  I have discussed these numbers extensively in this blog including HERE,  HERE, and HERE.  The observation is this.  The number 168 and the MOT would seem to be a map of the time of mankind and not the map of the time of the life of the USA.  To that conclusion I find the following math to be highly suggestive:

 2016 / 168 = 12.0000

The year 2016 divided by the 168 is the Biblically notable number and the number highly favored by Mr. Gann, 12.  Again, it would seem suggestive not of a period in the life of the USA but in the new life of mankind.

With the background of the MOT developed, the point of this post is otherwise not the nature of the MOT but a very preliminary prediction of the nature of the year 2016.  Indeed, we might be seeing the clouds occurring in current events in the US and Europe now.

There are three points to the isosceles triangle the comprises the MOT and which are highly suggestive; August 30, 1932 (the beginning point as presently configured based on the last date in TTTTA) is the point of the angle that is not equal to the other two equal angles.  The other two points will fall with the years 2016 and 1848.

If you will study the nature of 1848 and, particularly, the proliferation of national revolutions that swept through Europe, I would suggest this is the larger time frame suggestion of the MOT.

Previous to this time, I have presented suggestions of the character of 2016 which might be derived from possible clues that Mr. Gann might have left.  Perhaps they will prove correct.  But they were not based on a mechanism that has a provable link, however tenuous you might view it, to an event that has  occurred (the 9/11/2001 correlation in the MOT).  This "suggestion" would seem, at least to me, to have a far elevated level of gravity associated with it.

I hope I am wrong.

Jim Ross

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Variety; 1) The Map of Time, advance and setback 2) Revisiting the improbability of a telestic word of 6 e's

A little brush up in two areas of my research into WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."

The "Map of Time" introduced on 9/11/2015 works…. and works better than billed in defining the 9/11/01 attack on the WTC.  Revisit first the section of the Map that center on 9/11/2001 but with a modification and an additional column:

The modification is on the first line at the bottom of the spreadsheet (which you can't see).  Yesterday's spreadsheet started with just the date 8/2/1932 in the first line from which to count.  With that, you have 11-Sep-01 in the very right most column.  Today, I have 2 dates on that bottom most line from which we are counting up and, as a result, the 11-Sep-01 lands on the column that is 2nd from the left.  Not a big deal, simply working with the mathematic mechanics of the spreadsheet.

But the big deal is the column in which there is a blue highlighted 304.  Recall there were 2977 non terrorists who died on 9/11 and, when including the 19 terrorists, there were 2,996 deaths.

Take the cumulative line number counting from the top, which is 2,693, and add the line number counting from the first line of the chapter, which is 283.  You get 2,976, one short of the total civilian deaths on 9/11.  I rationalized the 1 off yesterday, but will not today.

Now the money shot.  Take the same 2,693 counting from the top and add the number of lines counting from the bottom of the chapter which is the blue highlighted 304.  You get 2997, exactly one line greater than the total deaths of 2996.

One short and one greater than the actual count.  Hmmm.  A greater and a lesser.  I find that entirely improbable absent the designer's effort to design it that way.

On the downside, I have tried to derive the number of deaths for similar events such as the December 7, 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.  Somewhat close but not close enough to be compelling.  I have ideas on altering the structure of the spreadsheet.

The improbability of an telestic of 6 e's.  When several months ago I discovered six consecrative e's ending sentences in the Foreword to "The Tunnel Thru the Air," the statistical improbability of such an event was so great as to convince me I should be looking for compelling acrostic words.  And it has been incredible.

But I was wrong about that statistical improbability; by a pretty large exponent.  The improbability I reckoned, though compelling to me, was vastly understated.

Previously, I defined the probability based on an infinite population of letters and the frequency we would find occurrences of 6 sentences as very very small.  And I was throwing in the "infinite population" where TTTTA has a mere 15300 lines and, of those lines, perhaps only 11,000 lines that have a first letter (many lines are blank lines)….a very conservative estimate.

Here's the joint probability analysis according to a finite mathematics CPA.  Say we flip a fair coin, err having 2 sides, one heads one tails which is balanced and without any bias.  There is a 50% change it will be a hear.  The probability is 1 / 2.  Our goal is to flip it six times and record six straight heads.  The 6-fold "joint probability will be 1.56% or 1.56 in 100.

Anyone wants to flip a coin until you get 6 in a row?  How many hours will that take?

So, I incorrectly modeled the 6 e's problem as saying we now have 26 sided fair coin.  What would that probability be?

Of course, this model assumes any one every letter in the alphabet has the same probability of being selected when such is not true.  "E" is a very popular letter so I've read, as is s, r, d and others.  Still, 1.49 in 100 million is a pretty small number even if we have to parse it down for relative popularity of the letter e.

But I was wrong.  The 26 letters are not all the characters that might be placed in the first position of a line.  There are 10 digits that could be placed there; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.  That makes 36 possibilities (I'm altogether ignoring punctation marks), not 26.  The probability, ignoring relative 'popularity' of letters and numbers would be 1.45 in 10 trillion (if I have my zeros right):

I'll admit that the above isn't correct because I've assumed away relative probability between differing characters ('e' is more frequently ending a line that an 'x' or a 'z,' for example).  I'm sure I've missed something else; that's a 100% probability.  But 1.45 in 10 trillion is a pretty small number with which to begin when you're trying to pare it down to a manageable improbability.  If you do, I'll throw at you the fact that in the finite population of 15,300 lines and there are many more occurrences of 5 e's and still more occurrences of 4 e's and still more occurrences of 3 e'.

So, if you are back testing me, try searching for a book that has 6 consecutive non poem lines that begin with an 'e' or any specific letter.  Errr, if you finally get 6 consecutive heads.

Here is what proved to me TTTTA would have dozens, if not hundreds, of acrostic words which the author wanted us to find and use as a teaching device…and possibly a multi themed map:

And one last thought.  If you start flipping a coin to see how long it takes to get 6 heads in a row….well, you have less of a life that I have.

This stuff isn't random.  Mr. Gann designed his training curriculum in TTTTA and it is teaching math and physics among other systems.

Jim Ross

Friday, September 11, 2015

WD Gann predicted and commemorated the September 11, 2001 attacks in his "Map of Time"

This is a very difficult post.  It is the realization of the "Map of Time" the thought of which I have entertained since discovering the acrostic and telestic encoding within WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" several months ago.  I could see the signs of markers laid within TTTTA but could not identify the means by which these markers might demonstrate time and event significance.  Yesterday, 9/10/2015, I started the research into this suspicion of a map.  And yesterday, I came very close to solving the mystery.  Today, 9/11/2015, the anniversary of the WTC attacks, I believe I have substantially identified the basic map.  The many systems of acrostic/telestic markers remain to be solved, but the primary marker, the date of 9/11/2001 has been identified.  The proof will be in this post.

This post is divided into 3 sections.  First, for those who are unfamiliar with my conception and proof of "WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy of 9/11" there is provided a short background on those circumstances.  This background is important.  Second, I will identify the "Map of Time" within TTTTA and its proof; the date of the WTC attack and the number of casualties.  And thirdly, I have reconsidered what I discovered and named "The Greatest Triangle in TTTTA" in an elaborate post found HERE.  I have re named it "The Twin Triangles of 9/11."

Having, on the summer solstice of this year, visited Mr. Gann's grave, 82 Wall Street, the location of the 110-story Mammouth Building, the Statue of Liberty Island as viewed from Battery Park and the WTC Memorial, this post is the emotional embodiment of hours of work yesterday, last night and this morning.  As I complete this post, the ceremony has entered the phase of reading every name of those 2,977 Americans who perished that day.  It is incredible to me the timing of this post.  I cannot explain the forces that must combine to reach this point at this time.  I can only attest that the last two days have happened in this way.  I am humbled.  I can only wish that the accuracy and clarity of this post can rise to the gravity of the content.  I know there are errors and ambiguity, but that's me.  I did my best.

BACKGROUND.  Integral to this post is "WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy" explained in posts HEREHERE and HERE.  In brief, following are some but not all of the circumstances set forth in those posts.

It begins with the 110-story Mammouth Building as being one's first uncomfortable reflection on whether this building was Mr. Gann's prediction of the 110-story WTC.  The intentionally misspelled Mammouth was referred to as "the cedar," and "110-story building" and is found in TTTTA 7 times (including those references to the "Cedar" and the "110-story building").  "The Cedar," reminiscent of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger" and the prophecy of Isaiah 9:10.

WD Gann cited the terrorist team leader in the 9/11/2001 attacks on the WTC, Muhammad Ata, in no less than 15 repetitions in the acrostic "Ata" in TTTTA.  Of 19 terrorists on 4 planes that day, 15 were stationed on the 3 planes that struck the WTC and Pentagon.  15 successful terrorists, 15 repetitions of "Ata."

In the acrostics of TTTTA Mr. Gann named the airline, TWA, some 17 times.  Six months before 9/11 was liquidated in bankruptcy and its assets distributed were purchased primarily by American Airlines and, possibly, by United Airlines…the companies whose flights 11  and 175 struck the WTC and flight 77 struck the Pentagon.

Of course, we find the contiguous letters "WTC" (not necessarily in all caps) 5 time in the acrostics of TTTTA.

But the really startling exclamation point is the timing;  the "Gigantic Attack on NYC" began exactly 69 years, 69 days and 12 hours before the WTC attack.  At 8pm on the night of the "Gigantic Attack" Robert Gordon overheard on the TelTalk the communications of the Allied Enemy that they had departed from their northern, presumably Boston, location to attack the 110-story Mammouth.  At 7:59am, American Airlines flight 11 carrying Muhammad Ata departed Boston's Logan airport to attack the 110-story WTC.  A difference of one minute from the interval of 69 years and 69 days and the difference of night and day.

The result was as different as night and day.  In 1932, the 110-story Mammouth, with a mere two-person defensive force, destroyed the first wave of thousands of Allied enemy planes and captured all pilots of subsequent waves.  In 2001, two planes destroyed the twin towers and thousands of lives.  In 1932, the U.S. prevailed, in 2001, the U.S. was defeated.  Cycle events that alternate.

So many clues to the 6th Prophecy that can be back tested as they are laid out in the above linked posts.

WD Gann's "Map of Time."  So how might Mr. Gann have commemorated the 9/11 attack further?  I discovered what I will now recount on 9/10/2015, some 88 years after the publication of TTTTA and 83 years after the fictional "Gigantic Attack on NYC." I expect to complete this post on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 or Mr. Gann's age when he passed, 77 or 7+7=14.  If Mr. Gann "planned" this post to occur or "knew" it would occur when it has, he indeed provided us a memorial to the 2,996 persons (2977 civilians and 19 terrorists) who died that day.  Following is what I have discovered.

After sitting on the suspicion and personal conviction that TTTTA is a "Map of Time" for many months, I finally began the serious research as I mentioned.  I had wrestled with the question of how many lines are in TTTTA for many months.  Many assumptions must be made about how many pages there are in TTTTA, how many line spaces are at the beginning of a page, between the header on each page and the first line….  There are markers that 'prove' the arithmetic accuracy of that number of lines, one in the middle of the book (marked by "007") and one at another relevant point (marked by "Phi").  Despite these proofs of the total line length, I continue to wonder about the accuracy of my line determination as it currently stands.  As recently as last night I was stuck on 15,304 lines as I have been for several months.  But that line length did not 'reconcile' with the placement of the date; 9/11/2001.  It was so close, but not exact.  The placement of this date, placed there by pure math, not my personal discretion, has become the marker I favor above all others.  The numbers had to work.

I have settled on 15,300 lines which is 40 lines short of defining 42 years; 42 X 365.242 = 15,340.  And twice that number would be 80 days short of 84 years, the latter being a page number which has a singularly interesting Biblical and market thought expressed thereon:

The lines of TTTTA are a Map of Time, an 84-year period.  It is more than one map in that there are acrostic and telestic markers that mark specific lines and associated dates according to the nature of events that are associated with them…but that remains the subject of another post and after much requisite additional research.  This section will concern itself with strictly the basic "Map of Time" and the marker proof of 9/11/2001.

The structure of the "Map of Time…."  So, we go to the very last line of TTTTA found on the rear dust jacket and that line is line number 15,300:

Provided above is a copy of the last 5 lines of my spreadsheet with the associated narrative, all juxtaposed with a copy of the rear dust jacket of TTTTA.  "80 Wall Street, New York" is the last line of TTTTA's dust jacket and line 15300 (blue) on the spreadsheet.  To this line and on the right of the spreadsheet is assigned the date, August 30, 1932 (yellow); the last date in TTTTA, the date of the assembly that founds the United Kingdom of the World.  From that point upward, I enumerated upward one day per line in the left column and another day in the right column (yellow).  There is "appointed" two days for each line.  The 15,300, therefore, with two days per line gives us 80 days short of 84 years from the bottom of the spreadsheet to the top.  That is the map.  Now we need to find dates on the map that may validate its integrity.  I will provide one date today as validation; 9/11/2001.

So where do we find the date September 11, 2001?  We find it on cumulative line number 2693 and chapter line number 283 (blue).  To restate, when reading from the very first and bottom most line on the dust jacket of TTTTA upward and with one line assigned to one line number, we arrive at 9/11/01 on the 2,693rd (blue) line counted from the beginning of the book and the 283rd (blue) line from the beginning of Chapter VI:

We find on 11-Sep-01" (green cell), that the descending line counts are 2693 and 283 or 2,976.  This is one life short of the 2,977 non terrorist lives that were lost that day.  But when you look at the green boxed "11-Sep-01," it is the right most of the two dates on that line.  Reflect back to where this ascending series started; August 30, 1932 was the first number in the series starting at the bottom of the spreadsheet and it is the odd number "1." So too is the green boxed date; it is the odd number of the two dates on that line.  10-Sep-01 is the number 2,976 and 11-Sep-01 is the number 2,977.  The date 9/11/2001 and the number of non terrorist lives, 2,977, lost that day.  This is a first proof of the integrity of the "Map of Time."  

WD Gann's tribute; "The Twin Triangles of 9/11."  Why is the acrostic word "TAO" highlighted in red in the last illustration?  Because Mr. Gann created from it and two other acrostic words a meaningful message and an isosceles triangle, which divides into two Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangles, to commemorate the 9/11/2001 attack.  This message and its symbolic triangles is "The Twin Triangles of 9/11."

The message is "TAO to WAR."  Tao, also meaning "path."  The phrase is "Path to War".  And the word "path" is anchored to the date September 11, 2001.  Again, I have identified and examined the triangle created of the three markers (path, to and war) in great detail HERE. In brief, between the three words are two intervals of 80 spaces.  The word "to" has 60 horizontal characters and represents the apex of the triangle.  Preceding "to" by 80 lines is "TAO" and following "to" by 80 lines is "WAR."  That isosceles triangle bisected to form two right triangles will give you….two Pythagorean 3-4-5 right triangles.  The right angle is between 80 vertical lines and 60 horizontal characters at the word "to."  Reduced, the 80 becomes 4 and the 60 becomes 3.  The hypotenuse MUST be 5. On account of this day, I rename these conceptual triangles "WD Gann's Twin Triangles of 9/11."  They will exist as long as a copy of the first printing of TTTTA exists.

For the moment, and considering the solemnity of this day, consider the message, "TAO to WAR" and the two Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangles spanning pages 68-71:

It might not go unnoticed to you pages 68-71 span the number that is integral to the 6th prophecy; page 69.  Points B and D, the center of the triangles, are on page 69.  Ask of an astrologer savvy with the meaning of that page its importance in his craft.  Ask a Biblical scholar their importance.  Ask yourself:

WD Gann's Twin Triangles of 9/11; twin Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangles, predicting and commemorating the twin towers that fell and those 2,996 lives that ended on September 11, 2001.

He knew, by whatever means, he knew.  That seems very sad but, thankfully, not within my ability to understand.

Jim Ross

Thursday, September 10, 2015

2016, more "evidence" of trouble ahead

If all this nonsense about 2016 is other than circumstance and delusion, then we might consider the magnitude of what might occur in 2016.  And possibly a clue to that would be found on page 290 of TTTTA:

Those are the stakes.  In 1906, Wikipedia reports 80% of the buildings in San Francisco were destroyed and over 3,000 people lost their lives. Now onto the circumstances presented herein.  A couple elements necessary to understanding this post.

First, I have previously offered the thought that "The Tunnel Thru the Air" contains encoded evidence that WD Gann knew when he would die.  You can find that essay HERE.  If that is true, then he could have computed Sadie Gann's date of death as well.

Next, you should have read the several essays where I offer, based largely on numbers found on Mr. Gann's gravestone and, secondarily, in TTTTA, something of great significance will happen in 2016.  You can find these essays HERE, HERE and HERE.

The pile of circumstance mounts and mounts.  Here's is today's addition:

Mr. Gann passed 49 years and 62 days after the great 1906 earthquake of San Francisco at an age of 77.  And 7 X 7 = 49, but that's only the very thin circumstance that set me off.

I have counted, via Excel, every line of TTTTA on dozens of occasions and continue to revise my counts based on assumptions regarding the number of vacant vertical lines between pages, paragraphs, salutations…etc.  But all the counts hover around 15300 lines at this points; 15304 to be exact.  Now taking the number of days between the earthquake and Mr. Gann's death divided by the number of lines in TTTTA we have Phi to within .00219.

But the circumstance hardly ends there.  Mr. Gann was off by 62 days in his passing having explained the interval from the earthquake to that time.  Perhaps Robert Gordon's and other aspects of the gravestone give us that explanation.  A suggestion:

Robert Gordon was born on the 53rd day after the earthquake of San Francisco.  Sadie Gann passed at an age in her 53rd year.  Perhaps the later was a date Mr. Gann may have computed and the former a date he certainly created.

All of which is interesting circumstance in backward dating the earthquake of 1906.  So what does that have to do with 2016?  That has been explained before but even I, having originated the numbers, forget what I've developed before.  So, here it is.

1906 plus 110 year is 2016….  Sadie Gann was 53 years old when she passed and Mr. Gann was 77….a total life span of 130 years.  That number deducted from the area of the gravestone (8 inches deep and either 30 inches wide or 30 inches tall) which is 240 gives you a result of 110.  Take 1906, be it the date of the earthquake in April 1906 or the date of Robert Gordon's birth in June 1906 (presently I prefer the latter), plus 110 years is 2016.

And all of which presents a lot of circumstance inferring either or both Mr. Gann could "compute" the future and/or his life, and the lives of those around him and in his fiction, are so arranged in a mathematical context as an interwoven "fabric of time."

Circumstance.  We may be well advised to heed the words of Arthur Conan Doyle who made two cameo appearances in TTTTA (The Valley of Fear, 1915):

Mere circumstance or computable future reality?  For sure, we can wait until 2016 and see.

Jim Ross