Monday, September 4, 2017

Yesterday's anniversary with the 1929 top and other observations

The top of the 1929 market occurred, if memory serves, on 9/3/1929.  Yesterday was a notable 88 years from that date.  There are three two digit acrostic or telestic numbers found in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"


The three two digit acrostic/telestic numbers are 11, 77 and 88 as you see above.  And, of course, 11 + 77 = 88.  What are the odds that the ONLY 3 encoded two digit number self prove themselves?  

That third item above, namely that associated with the number 88.  Read the narrative.  "They chose new gods; then was war within the gates: was there a shield or spear seen among forty thousand in Israel?"  [Judges 5:8]

The citation and verse is meaningful to me.  When first I discovered the WD Gann Map of Time and its 168-year 1/15th subdivision of the Biblical Great Week (2520 years), I looked for repetition between its beginning year 1848 the ending year 2016.  1848, the "Spring of Nations," the "Year of Revolutions....  I found, very specifically, the rise of Karl Marx in Europe and his foment of worker rebellion in some 50 countries (as I recall) in Europe.  In 2016, again the end of the 168-year MOT cycle, we find the election of the US current president and, rightly or wrongly, the greatest (in my estimation) civil division in American history.  History repeats?  Kinda looks like it with half the nation on adamantly on opposite sides of that fence.  Maybe it blows over (said without personal conviction, but, that's me).

Something else about that 3rd of 3 citations above; note the year in it.  It's 1928 and 1928 plus 88 was last year or 2016.  1928 appears on the same line as the first 8 in the telestic two-digit number 88.  Perhaps, if this is a prophecy and not just a coincidence, the "new gods" were picked in 2016.  And wasn't there an election in 2016?  And isn't there still polarization and increasing militarization?

My morning now fully shot, I figured one more wandering, this time beginning with a current event;
Hurricane Irma.  Perhaps it lands in my back yard here in VA Beach.  Maybe Mr. Gann has something to say about it...or not.  It was only a couple keystrokes in the "Finder" facility in the MOT spreadsheet to search for Irma and it helped me lose half my afternoon.  I put the four letters into the MOT's Excel-based search string and found "Irma" one time and one time only, spelled in consecutive acrostic letters (in red below):

One perfect spelling of the acrostic "Irma" in the entire book.  And look at the narrative on lines 12319-12322 where it appears; that creating a "tunnel thru the air" (in my estimation, a tunnel thru time) is no more complicated than a tunnel thru dirt or water.

Doggone interesting that it fell on page 333.  Google "number 333" and see if there isn't a lot of interest in that number.  Ezekiel 33:3...the prophet warns the Israelis.  The Trinity.  Hmmm. my birth number 21st day of the month or 21=2+1=3 and my name number for James 1+1+4+5+1=12=1+2=3.   [See how easily I'm sucked into this?  Pavlovian.]  Some disconcerting thoughts, hopefully only meaningless thoughts and meaningless coincidence.  What I actually saw on my copy of the MOT when I went to page 333, was not the foregoing insert where Irma is located, but a far more colorful presentation:

"We need the tunnel thru time to save America's people."

Lots of colors where I'd previously found a phrase made of acrostic and telestic letters on that page.  In itself, not convincing.  Yeah, given 74 acrostic/telestic letters on that page (37 lines X 2) there's a lot of phrases that can be constructed.  I don't know how to assess the probability.  

Its not a stand alone probability in my estimation.  Is the encoded phrase consistent with the narrative from which it is created?  I'd be willing to assert that the extent to which the encoded message confirms/supplements the narrative makes it more probable the author intended the full meaning conveyed.  And if he intended a message for us in our time, then he saw it. 

There it is...WD Gann, supposedly through the mind wanderings of Robert Gordon, tells us a "tunnel thru the air" is no more difficult to create than a tunnel through dirt or submarine through water (first paragraph of page 333).  That's the plain narrative.  The thought is in the narrative and with little effort I find the similar/supplementary sentiment in the acrostic/telestic encoding; creating a tunnel thru time to save Americans is possible.  The plain wording and thought confirmed by the encoded sentiment.  I get the idea of what Mr. Gann was trying to convey.  

Or is it coincidence?

*** ***

1928 plus 88 leads us to the bright line of the growing polarization of the U.S.; the presidential election.  2016, the last year of the 168-year MOT cycle.  Its civil polarization of proportions that existed in 1848, the first year of the 168-year MOT cycle.  History repeats, or so it appears to me.

And that tunnel thru the air; a tunnel thru time, perhaps?  A "Map of Time" perhaps?

As an observation, the great September 3, 1929 market top was 88 years ago on Sunday last.  The previous trading day was September 1, 2017 and it was not an all time high comparable to the 1929 top.  Rather, the all time high was August 9, 2017.  If DJIA breaks that top on the first trading day  following 9/3/2017 (tomorrow), well, that would be doggone interesting.

Jim Ross

PS.  And when I clicked the "Publish" button, I look at my previous post and find that 77 people had read that essay.

77, the second of the three numbers that are the initial subjects of this essay.  77, the age at which Mr. Gann passed.

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