Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 21, 2018, to be the largest percentage decline in market history

I've decoded several additional pages of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and its "Torah Code Path" within its acrostic/telestic encoding.  This prediction supplements that made January 9, 2018.  In that post a wave 1 of a great crash cycle will occur was predicted for February 22, 2018.  Modified twice since, the date of commencement is February 21, the wave will be a wave 3 of 1 on a very high level of the Elliott Wave model.

I've used the Weekly Map of Time encoded in structure of "The Tunnel" as corroboration of the timing element (but not the price element).

February 21 will be a one-day decline of 20%++.  When I decode the words, I find the twice-repeated contiguous the letters, "T" and "W."  When the Torah Code Path is followed the words that are fully developed spell and allow for the interpretation of "Twenty-two" percent.  I have not made a credible distinction between twenty and twenty-two; whether it repeats the word 'twenty' for effect or whether the meaning is to be construed "twenty-two" percent.

It gets worse.  If I attribute some mischievousness to that Willey Wabbit, WD Gann, and his unnamed sidekick regarding whom I know his withheld identity, then I can decode the words "twenty and six" "per-see-entage points." I am unable to find a 'c' but immediately where the Torah Code Path takes me I find "see." Crafty Mr. Gann, crafty.  I believe this to be the better interpretation than leaving it at twenty or "twenty-two."

Err, if any of it is to be believed.  I do, but, as always, that's me.

The heretofore largest one-day decline in market history was the October 19, 1987 at 22.61%.  At 26% we are talking from 26K or wherever the wave 2 top ends to 18K.  Worse, it won't be transient like the very brief 1987 crash.  It'll be with us for a long time.

*** ***

I'm making this prediction, which supplements the first publication of this prediction as #3 in the essay of January 9, 2018, while the market, today February 13, 2018, is slightly up and continuing a substantial recovery.  A national budget has been passed, there isn't reason to believe the Congressional approval of the deficit ceiling, now extended to March 23, is critical as yet....  Tax collections for January 2018 are greater than ever before and the government just ran a surplus for the month and first time in a long long time.  Other than recent volatility, a nasty ominous looking Elliot Wave irregular corrective wave 2 in progress and Fed tightening, there doesn't seem to be technical or  fundamental cause to believe a crash of this magnitude will occur.  

Further, crashes don't happen in February.  Crash season is October and secondarily, as I recall, May.  But something has happened to time and cycles.  The end of the "Map of Time" period of 168 years occurred June 21, 2016 and since then the smaller time cycles have been working themselves out, still riding the momentum of the greater expired cycle.  The last of those smaller cycles, as presently I understand the progression, ended with the high January 26, 2018.  All the cycle arrows are turning down.

If a crash of any historic proportion comes to pass, be it 10% or 26%, Mr. Gann will have predicted and encoded it 90 years in advance.  He will have outdone even himself and his incredible trading record.

And it will prompt me to recount many many recent occurrences that are beyond contemporary understanding.

Jim Ross 

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