Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Greatest Conceptual Triangles in TTTTA or Robert Gordon's Earth Cube

From the 2nd page of the Foreword to  WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" - I call this "Robert Gordon's 7 days challenge."  Invert the above equivalence; If one solves the mystery of RG's 7 days, then one will understand why Jesus rose on the third day and rested on the seventh [didn't God rest the seventh day, a meaningful nuance perhaps] and man's last great enemy, Death, will be overcome.  Quite a challenge for Robert Gordon.

Background; the inscrutable and intentionally misnumbered Chapter 39.  The hero of WD Gann's TTTTA, Robert Gordon, circumnavigates the earth in less than a week (6 days and 5 hours according to a person sitting on a park bench in NYC watching him depart and return, but 5 days and 5 hours according to the number of sunrises RG would have seen) after the final battle of the Great War and destroys buildings of the great cities of the enemies of the US.  Including both end points (NYC departure and NYC return), there were 22 stops along the circumnavigation route as RG stopped, destroyed buildings of enemies or conveyed appreciation among allies.  When one analyzes the "crow flies" distance of his trip and then parse it into East/West miles and North/South miles, you end up constructing 1) an isosceles triangle if measured at the latitude of NYC and 2) a right triangle if measured relative to the equator.  RG's 7 days is, on the surface, a study in Euclidian geometry measured according to Cartesian coordinates (a "system of DesCartean coordinates).  The math is so perfect as to defy one who might deny Mr. Gann's conscious contrivance.  Following is the math I developed in posts beginning several months ago:

Robert Gordon's 7 day trip covered 33,543 (columns 'c', red cell) miles as the 'crow flies' computed using both the Haversine formula for spherical distance and according to the many distance calculators available on the Internet.  Parsed by absolute direction and absolute miles, he traveled 18,213 miles East/West and 18,495 North/South (see the two green cells), again computed both by Haversine and Internet calculators.  With the E/W distance so closely corresponding the N/S distance, we have an approximate 18/18/33 conceptual isosceles triangle….or a coincidence so saith the denier.  [One might note the distance around the earth at the latitude of NYC is 18,842 according to the Haversine formula.]

Let's eliminate coincidence.  RG's trip began and ended at NYC (NYSE latitude 40.7069) so all of the N/S calcs above were from latitude 40.7069.  Thinking as an Einsteinian relativist would (I think), time and space are different at the equator relative to the 40th parallel.  As the earth turns, a person standing on the floor of the NYSE is traveling at a speed of 785 MPH (18,842 miles / 24 hours) relative to a person standing exactly on the equator who is traveling at a speed of 1,037 MPH (24901 miles / 24 hours).  Obviously, the person at the equator travels farther in 24 hours than the person at the 40th parallel.  There's a nuance there, I'm sure.  We know what happens when distances are computed at the both parallel, so what happens if distance is measured at the equator.  So let's measure RG's N/S mileage relative to the equator and we find it to be 47,117 miles (bottom of column "Miles to Equator" in the above table).  Not, in itself, meaningful.

Contrivance.  On pages 400 and 401 found in the inscrutable chapter,  Mr. Gann gives us the numbers 100 and 60 which produce a ratio of 1.666.  Nice number in its own right.  But just for fun, use 1.666 to reduce the Equatorial distance of 47,117 to 28,271 miles….no reason, just trying to find a use for those extraneous numbers Mr. Gann gives us.  Now we have E/W mileage of 18,213 and N/S mileage of 28,271.  Since E/W and N/S are perpendicular relations, we have two sides of a right triangle and the  Pythagorean hypotenuse is 33,630.  Recall the very first figure in RG's 7 days was his 'crow flies' miles of 33,543.   Mr. Gann contrived RG's 7 days to provide a Euclidian (3 dimension) and Pythagorean right triangle.

Mr. Gann spent a LOT of time picking the cities he picked for RG's travels to create an isosceles triangle AND a right triangle that culminated at the end of RG's trip.  I cannot imagine running the numbers to do this without an Internet web site or a calculator with advanced functions to calculate the Haversine formula.  That's what he faced in writing TTTTA.  There must be an important lesson in RG's 7 days as promised by the Foreword.

You are now up to speed on what I had discovered many weeks/months/days ago.  But then I discovered something more about two days ago and realized this morning that it infers the cubic structure I've been looking for.  The isosceles and right triangles are in planar geometry….X, Y and Z.  But, if we dig deeper, the sheer numbers may infer more than planar geometry.  Perhaps X, Y, Z and T?

We are dealing with a sphere and time according to the rotation of that sphere.  And we are dealing with two triangles in planar geometry…angles as opposed to curves.  Of course, spherical trig distances by the Great Circle method are determined by bisecting the globe with a plane.  But that's still the sphere and the plane.  I'm looking  for the sphere and cube.  I know the sphere is the earth but where did Mr. Gann bury the cube in RG's 7 days?  I expect he did, somewhere.

Let's do some math on the isosceles triangle.  Make it a perfect isosceles by averaging the 18,213 and 18495 to gives you and average side length of 18,354.  Like any isosceles triangle, when you bisect the angle between the equal sides, that bisector intersects the opposite line at 90 degrees and you have the right triangle…perfectly one half of the isosceles triangle.  On either side of our new right triangle we have 18,354 and 9177 (half of 18,354).  And we use Pythagorus to calculate the hypotenuse at 20,520:
To recap above, the computed hypotenuse of 20,520 divided by the smallest side of 9,127 is 2.23607 which happens to be the the diagonal of a 2X1 rectangle.  If you square 2.23607 you get 5.0000 to as many decimals as you want to expand your Excel spreadsheet.  [If you use the pre averagee numbers of 9106 and 18213, you get 5.0004398.]  This isn't a coincidence, IMO, any more than was the isosceles and right triangles.  It is contrived.

I realized the implication of the 2.236 this morning, April 30.  I am not sure where this is going because a rectangle is twice the cube I was expecting to find.  Relative to a sphere that has a circumference of 18,213 or even the circumference at the Earth's center of 24901, this rectangle would seem to be far larger.

On the other hand, RG's Great Conceptual Triangle infers an angular geometric solid.  Four equal sized rectangles stacked contiguously and aligned, after all, gives you the 4X4 cube and far bigger than a sphere with an 18,354 diameter.  Still, its an intriguing thread.  There's an answer, and when I find it, I'll call it Robert Gordon's "Earth Cube."

With, then, the East/West sphere of the earth calculating time and the square of the North/South cube inferring space (matter, price, etc.), perhaps we have the four dimensional calculator we need to determine time and price.  

Hmmm, and does not all this involve the square, the circle and the triangle, the logo of Lambert-Gann?  The sphere and the cube?  Where's the Einstein Essay Contest Editor when you need him?  But that's another essay thread.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Greatest Visual Triangle in TTTTA or Finding Pythagoras and Fibonacci, again

WD Gann proves the meaning of the words he writes in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" with math and geometry (see HERE for a simple example of 'proof by math') often created by acrostic and telestic encoded words.  Ambiguous words, subjective language; inadequate to convey clear meaning.  The two most meaningful such proofs, to me, are the Visual Triangle of which this post is concerned and the Conceptual Triangle of Robert Gordon's 7 days described in many other posts of that wording.

Here is what I characterize as the Greatest Visual Triangle (GVT) found on pages 68 through 71 of TTTTA:

Now the background.  That triangle begins on page 68 with point A and having a center point on line 2693 of the book:

The acrostic word "Tao" defines point A in the GVT and is defined by the first letter of the lines 2692, 2693 and 2694, line 2693, the center point for measurement purposes.  "Tao" had long intrigued me until I used an alternate meaning, 'path,' and connected it with two other words found on pages 69 and 71.

On page 71 and having a center point on line 2853 of the book I found the word "WAR" in all caps:

I will call that point C of the GVT.

I now have Point A, "Path" and Point C, "WAR" and I just knew there had to be an acrostic or telestic word in between…somewhere….that spelled "to."  So, on a hunch, I took the difference in center points.  There are 160 lines between the center points of A and C so I'd have to find "to" on about line (2693 + 160 X .5=) 2753….and, yes, that is what I found:

I will say the black line that bisects the acrostic word "to" defines points B on the right and D on the left.  So now we have points A, B and C of a perfect isosceles triangle (the red triangle) and the comprising right triangles of ADB and CDB formed by the black line DB.  Take a moment to reflect on the first illustration of the complete triangle above.

Now let's do some Pythagorean math, especially considering a subtext of this post is Pythagoras of Samos.  Count the letters on the two lines comprising the acrostic word "to," specifically, lines 2772 and 2773.  Including spaces between words, two spaces between sentences and one space for the period on line 2773 both of those lines count 60:
You may begin to see where I am going.  There are 160 vertical spaces to the isosceles triangle between points A and C so there are 80 vertical spaces between A and D.  The comprising right triangles have, therefore, legs of 60 and 80.  For a person that understands the Pythagoras' 3-4-5 triangle, you have 60, 80, 100….proportions of the triangle comprised of the Pythagorean arithmetic progression:
Obviously, Mr. Gann designed a PERFECT Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle (aka 'arithmetic progression triangle') spanning pages 68 to 71.  You can't 'see' it unless you do the math.

I feel sure there is a Kepler or geometric progression right triangle in TTTTA as well but have not pursued it as yet.  Hmmm, a Kepler triangle would have sides of 1, sqrt(Phi) and Phi.  Phi, Fibonacci aka Leonardo de Pisa.

We now know the sides of the isosceles triangle because we solved the component right triangles.  The isosceles triangle is AC=160, AB=100 and BC=100.  No, it's not a Kepler right triangle, but Mr. de Pisa is in the midst of it.  After all, 160 is one of the earliest iterations of Phi in the Fibonacci sequence; it is 8 divided by 5.  And two sides of 100.  In math it spells "Fibonacci" to me.  But maybe I'm stretching it.  Or might I find Mr. de Pisa in an acrostic or telestic word?  Yes I did…you'll find Mr. de Pisa highlighted in blue in the insert above "WAR" ….if you'd been attentive:

There is so much in these four pages; there's the Jonas triangle (see HERE) defined by the four instances of the word, Jonas, the math of 3 days and 3 nights (3+3 and 3*3), the sixth prophecy of the 911 tragedy dependent on 69 of that page 69….  Too much to cover in this, already too long, post.

It is entirely fitting that Mr. Gann crowned those meaningful pages with one of the two most important triangles, in my estimation, to be found in TTTTA.  It might be further meaningful for one to dwell on the plain wording of those four pages given the effort and, one would think, the commensurate emphasis that Mr. Gann placed on those pages.

Can there be any doubt of the encoding of this triangle, of the intent of the author?

Jim Ross

Monday, April 13, 2015

WD Gann's 7th manifest prophecy, part 3 of 3

Its been two weeks since posting part 2 of 3.  There was yet one test I hadn't applied that I felt was necessary to put this final post in perspective that I'll explain last thing below.

WD Gann encoded, by my method of counting, 7 manifest prophecies in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  I have detailed 2 of those prophecies ("The Great Battles of Detroit," the sixth manifest prophecy of the WTC tragedy, and this, the seventh prophecy of which this is part 3 of 3).

In part 1 of this series I've shown, in chronologic sequence, my finding my last name in a telestic word and my first name in an acrostic word:

In part 2 of the series I found a word that personalized the developing message; I found my street address of 20 years in an artfully constructed word; Tottenham Lane.  Because Tottenham is a long word, it was developed in three syllables as tot-10-ham (pages 350 and 351):

I found the "tot" and "ham" very quickly after I envisioned that it would be a key to proving to ME that the two words of my name were intended.  But I couldn't find the "ten".  Then, I woke up the morning of the 28th of January to realize how the "ten" would be spelled.  It would be number "10" instead of a word "ten."  And there is was, in the narrative.  A ten of the larger number 10,000.

So that is where I left you two weeks ago.  There's supplemental evidence that was even more stunning and personal to me.

My professional designation; I passed the CPA exam in North Carolina in 1978 and held that designation since.  Now look at the last insert; can you find "CPA?"  I'll make it easy and highlight the "cpa" in red.

Not only was the word "cpa" spelled, but next to it the last name of John Dee (in green), an apparently major component of understanding WD Gann's theory of numbers (see discussion of John Dee's philosopher stone number, 252, HERE).  I have discussed John Dee multiple times as his name is the most encoded of any in TTTTA that I have found and is, itself, confirmed by his alias in communications with Queen Elizabeth I as "007."  Thirdly, there is a telestic word "eee" which is a marker found in the first paragraph of the Foreword (see a discussion of the 6 e's HERE) and, in total, a notable 83 times in TTTTA.

Still don't believe?  Recall I've alluded to Mr. Gann's Rosicrucian orientation and its encoding in TTTTA.  Just as the Rosy Cross was found in Shakespeare's works on page 37 of one Shakespeare's plays by Peter Amundsen indicating Lord Francis Bacon's involvement, so we find the Rosy Cross also in TTTTA but on page 53 (see my discussion HERE).  [The numbers 37 and 53 are revered by Rosicrucian's and Masons as they are two of the three angles of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 right triangle.]  The Rosicrucian "manifest" was "Fama Fraterntatis" and we find "fama" spelled directly above "tot" and"cpa":

The "coincidences" keep mounting up.  The most stunning components of evidence yet remain.  The word "tot-10-ham" is a bit spread out over 2 pages.  What would bring it together in a mathematically irrefutable proof of itself?  If it is a notable triangle….say, a right triangle or an isosceles triangle.  And perhaps not just visibly, but mathematically. 

But before I look at the actual triangle that is formed in TTTTA, let's look at what I "saw" and as I experienced it, mathematically wrongfully, on January 28, 2015:

It sure looked like a right triangle to me.  Again, I was stunned.  But it was a wrong reflection.  A correct reflection would be that imposed on the actual manuscript of TTTTA.

The following work can only be replicated with a faithful copy of the first edition, first printing TTTTA which can be found at HERE.  I have used an Excel reflection of that book above to find and reproduce the words acrostic and telestic words…not as a faithful reproduction of the true printer's edition.  In evaluating the supposed triangle, its best viewed against the actual pages of the first printing itself.  Pages 350 and 351 are aligned as if they were a single page and the triangle is superimposed over them.  The black triangle IS a faithful reproduction of the visual black triangle formed by the extreme letters/digits of "tot-to-ham."  Doesn't appear to be a notable triangle does it?

The black triangle does not LOOK like a notable form; a right triangle or an isosceles triangle.  Looks are deceiving, just as the subjective language, as Gurdjiffe would put it, is deceiving.  If you consider the printer's dimension, a line space takes more than twice the space of a horizontal character.  Consider, there are an average of 36 lines per page in TTTTA, but there are, variably, 45 to 60 characters per line.  The space is not "squared" is it?

Math is the proof.  Do the math.  Bisect the triangle with the red vector DB and count the lines and the characters that form the components of the two right triangles.  Let Pythagoras guide you and you'll ultimately find triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle to the second place of the decimal.  The math is above for you to prove.

One last clerical matter.  This 3rd post of the 7th prophecy series took two weeks to complete, not because of the above information, but because I needed to answer for myself one last question.  I manually looked through every letter of the 15,304 acrostic and 15,304 telestic letters of TTTTA for any proper nouns (names) greater than 3 letters.  Since, "Jimi" and "ross" are, each, four letters, maybe it was just random as there may be found hundreds of 4 letter proper nouns (names).  Such is not the case.  It took me days and days of looking at those 30,608 letters, imagining proper names that might be constructed.  I found only 19 such names, 21 when including "Jimi" and "ross" (see them HERE).  I'm probably wrong.  I'm sure I'm wrong.  Someone, some person without a life, might find 25 or 29, but there are very very few.  You'll have to be inventive to find 30.  There are very few.

* * * * *

All heretofore cited coincidence is something you can replicate.  Every acrostic, every telestic is there.  There are far too many coincidences to explain away.  Probably, I've missed some things and there are some things I've found but not produced that are beating a dead horse with more evidence.  I believe the above is a preponderance of evidence.

But there is one final piece of evidence to which only I can attest.  You can't replicate it.  You can only take my word in faith for it.

As I noted in part 2 and above, I was sitting in a second viewing of "The Imitation Game" on exactly January 27, 2015 when I realized Mr. Gann would encode a very personal bit of information in TTTTA to confirm to me that he was speaking to me.  He would encode my street address, Tottenham.  And that day, I found "tot" and "ham" but couldn't find "ten."  The next morning, I woke up "knowing" where I'd find the "ten;" it was a "10" as previously shown.

And it was there.  I found it on January 28, 2015.  And, if you will go back to the very first insert above, and focus on the first letter in the word "Jimi."  And it is the capital letter "J."  Now look directly left of that letter and you will see on that line the date "January 28, 1927."  Exactly 88 years ago, a meaningful number for anyone familiar with number theory.  And then you look directly above the January 28, 1927 and you find "Future Cycles."

Such was the final proof that caused me to believe, unshakably, that whatever is occurring now, in these, no doubt, poorly worded, imperfectly constructed posts, was foreseen decades ago by WD Gann.

I feel that I have presented two most notable prophecies of Mr. Gann among another five with which many people are already acknowledged (his prophecies of inventions, the Great Depression, WWII, the Vietnam War and The Great Battles of Detroit).  I feel that I have lived up to the burden placed on me that I should develop and make this information available, imperfect and incomplete as it may be.

But is that all there is?  If Mr. Gann indicated this information is needed by this generation, the generation of the 266th Pope, what is the information that is needed going forward?  We know the 6th prophecy of the WTC tragedy is behind us, we (or at least I know) he predicted I'd find this information.  So what?  "What difference, at this point, does that make now," to quote an unfortunate contemporary testimony?

If Mr. Gann encoded all this prophetic information to be revealed on a post fact basis, did he not provide a future prophecy yet to manifest from this point forward?  Yes, I believe he did.  It is, at least, "The Harbinger" thesis offered by Jonathan Cahn.  Except that, Mr. Gann encoded it 88 years ago.  And in the last series of posts, I'll outline, as best I can, where that prophecy is located.  I do not know if I can find specific events yet to occur.  I actually doubt that I can at this point.  But I can find Mr. Gann's reinforcement Rabbi Cahn's prognosis of the lifting of His Grace from this nation formed in the name of God.  I will attempt to develop this theme and evidence which I have noted and additional evidence as I might find in the final series regarding the prophecies of WD Gann.

Jim Ross

Note added 2/8/2015.  Having subsequently found reason to predict a great earthquake in 2016, most likely between February 21-24, 2016, most likely in San Francisco, most likely in a X level of intensity, I find it troubling that adjacent my name (the 7th prophecy) is the acronym "ENS."

The US Geological Earthquake Notification Service monitors and warns of seismic events on a real time basis.  An inquiring mind might wish to find and consider the instances of "ENS" that are, apparently, purposefully encoded into TTTTA.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Confirming intent of acrostic and telestic words in TTTTA

Random or contrived by Mr. Gann in "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"  Two examples concerning the instances of "Yahwa" (Yahweh) or "God" in TTTTA.

Did Mr. Gann intend for the four instances of the Lord to occur or was it random?  Perhaps some aspect of the positioning of those words would confirm their purposeful, as opposed to random, inclusion.  Many permutations of the numbers, that don't work out and I won't repeat them  L

Let's keep it simple and look at the line number of each chapter.  The center point of the word, the letter "o," on page 376 has cumulative number 13797 (from the beginning of the book) and chapter line number 52.  Look now at where the similar "o" appears on pages 110 and 331; 257 and 205, respectively.  And 257 minus 205 equals 52.

Unfortunately, "YAHwa" will not work out quite as cleanly and will need some "rationalization."  Take the three chapter line numbers associated with "God" already referenced, 52, 205 and 257 and add them to get 514.  "YAHwa" exists between chapter lines 520 and 525 of Chapter XVI.  We are off by 9 from the line number I would have judged is the center of "YAHwa," that being the "H" on line 523.

See that "net" to the right of "YAHwa?"  And reading upwards it spells "ten."  We are off by 1 line and that I can ascribe to a 1-line error in my Excel counting of Chapter XVI or Mr. Gann's counting under the dim light of his green shaded desk lamp.  Suffice it, I am satisfied of the intent.

Step back and consider the imagery.  "YAHwa" the one, the Monad.  Then "God" in three, the holy trinity.  Worthy of pondering is what one might think Mr. Gann might want us to consider?

Another thought but taken away from my reading of Frank C. Higgins' (a Mason and, I understand, an acquaintance and neighbor perhaps of WD Gann) "The Cross of the Magi" is that the ancients' reflections of God should be the equal in perfection of God.  Their magic squares, their symbols all had to convey that perfection.

And yet another thought from both reading of Gann and Gurdjieffe; that language is ambiguous where only math can convey objective meaning.  Objective language as opposed to subjective language according to Gurdjieffe.  And math being the only thing upon which nations and men can agree according to Mr. Gann.  

I think the above examples prove Mr. Gann's unambiguous intent to those four words purposeful inclusion in the acrostically/telestically encoded TTTTA.  Perhaps, its simply a proof my the method of numbering lines in the book and, if so, I believe my numbering is proven.  But I'm sure there is greater meaning I have not, as yet, discovered.

Jim Ross

Taking inventory of what I don't know

Needless to say, it dwarfs what I do know.  It would seem prideful even to suggest the question, but I think it a good exercise for anyone to routinely ask simply to restore some acceptable level of humility.

The 'specific exercise' I'd intuitively set upon was self prompted but became an issue when a particularly 'noxious commenter' unconsciously reissued the challenge.  The 'specific exercise' was to look at every letter of the acrostics and telestics of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and determine whether the letters, already sequentially ordered in the book, spell a proper noun…a person's name…that was equal to or exceeds four letters.  My intent was to find out if there were person's names of any frequency that are the length of or greater than the length of my name 'Jimi ross' that appears in TTTTA.  I wanted to know that before I capstoned the '7th prophecy' series wherein I found my name in TTTTA.  I wanted to know that first, for myself, because I wanted this simple test to let me know, yes or no, whether this simple test of improbability was favorable or unfavorable to the '7th prophecy.'

The 'noxious commenter' had alleged a person could create any words he wanted to create out of an infinite population of letters.  Duh.  There are 15304 lines in TTTTA and, hence, there are 15304 acrostic letters (first letter of a line) and 15304 telestic last letters in the entire book.  A total of 30608 letters in total.  And those letters are not re arrangeable.  They are in a sequential and fixed order.  It is a good idea, here, to give an example.

Here is one page of TTTTA as an example.  I picked it for several purposes.  The page I chose is not random, but has a purpose.  HERE is the  first edition, first printing copy of page 209 of TTTTA as it appears on  Translated into the Excel worksheet I have created, and which has an acrostic and telestic word finder, are those same words with the same words, line spacing and line breaks.

Compare the two versions for yourself because the implications are otherwise difficult to deny.  You will have to live with the implications such as you may find.

Look vertically top to bottom at column (f), the telestic letters, do you see any words?  Why yes, I see "hen" and "net:"

That wasn't so tough.  But you might have puzzled over the four contiguous/consecutive letters, 's':

How odd.  What is the probability?  If this occurs a lot in TTTTA which is exactly 15304 lines long, might they represent time markers in a map of a cycle…a line for a day, perhaps?  Ahh, context for a future essay.  

Back to the recognizable words on page 209.  Now let's look at the acrostic column, (e).  How about imagining the word "TOA," doesn't that sound familiar?

Google search "TOA" and we find in Wikipedia a good 20 or so possibilities….goodness, TOA, a mnemonic in trigonometry.  Didn't Mr. Gann say something about geometry, math, science?  Wasn't Robert Gordon's 7 days all about a Pythagorean theorem application, DesCartean coordinate trip around the world?  Might Mr. Gann be referencing "SOH-CAH-TOA."  Of course, if you failed high school trig you'd fail to recognize "tangent = opposite / adjacent" or "TOA."  But, maybe this is just a random word.  Since I have looked at every line in TTTTA and I know how many times and where "TOA" appears, I can say it is not random.  I know that because I have done the work.  You don't know so you can say EITHER "I don't know" or "I'll test your knowledge."  You are NOT entitled to say "You are wrong" or "I doubt it."  Both are forms of the same untruth.  Think about it.

Thinking done, two more acrostic words and three consecutive letter i's:

'TAE,' a Scottish word for 'to' or 'too'….and 'was,' well, you know that one and 'I-I-I' perhaps another cycle marker in the supposed map.

This is what I go through with every one of the 432 pages of TTTTA and 'I know' what is there to the extent of my human capability.  But I do miss words, I don't know all the Latin, Tai, Scottish…. words Mr. Gann may or may have not thrown at me, and it is simply hard to concentrate on every page, 100%.  Human error.

Speaking of error, perhaps the first several times I've looked at the 432 this way, I missed a very important word.  Its easier to pick out the 3 and 4-letter words.  You get patterned in that thought process.  Might you miss this 5-letter word:

'YAHwa' - Yahweh…. Let that sink in for a moment.  In the first several acrostic telestic reading, I missed Mr. Gann's spelling of God.  He does it only once in TTTTA and I know that because I immediately went to my acrostic/telestic word finder and confirmed it.  Only once.  'God' is spelled exactly 3 times found HERE.  'Jehovah' is not spelled as a whole acrostic/telestic word, but 'I know' Mr. Gann will have constructed it somewhere, somehow in TTTTA.  'I know' because I have faith that I understand the intent and contrivances of this man…this great man.  It's only a matter of time as to when and who will find 'Jehovah.'

Having found the word 'YAHwa' on page 209, I re-read that page' full narrative with reflection.  Mr. Gann wanted me to see stuff there would be my suspicion.

So, this lengthy post has me dealing with a noxious commenter who claimed that I can, quite dishonestly, construct words out of an infinity of letters.  Well, this one page has exactly 40 lines on it and exactly 40 acrostic and 40 telestic "opportunities" on it.  Not an infinity.  And there are 432 pages with various numbers of lines on them all adding up to 15304 lines; 15304 acrostic opportunities and 15304 telestic opportunities.  Not an infinity.  And the letters are ordered.  I can't reorder them…they are Mr. Gann's ordering which he created with "forethought," purposeful contrivance and planning.  I "know" this because I have done the work and continue doing so.  You can't say otherwise because you have not done the work.

But there is more to deal with in this post than a refutation of a claim.  It's new knowledge for the noxious one and new knowledge and, dare I say, wisdom learned of the "getteth" for myself.  In bullet form to make it more rememberable:
  • A person who contradicts you wrongfully may be doing so out of ignorance or dishonesty.  If he leaves you with, "this is why" then it is ignorance and up to you to help him.  It's a duty of response.  If he leaves you with simply "I doubt it" or "you are wrong" or "you are dishonestly using an infinite population" they are lying.  They may not know they are lying so it remains necessary to correct them for your integrity and to eliminate their dishonesty from infecting others.  
  • Correction need not be couched in "…cast not pearls before swine…" but, as a good friend reminds me, a gentler version of that same analogy found in Hebrews 5:12-14 that we feed milk for those unable for meat and meat for those capable of meat.  I am guilty and I will change.
  • Always give a response to others of "I don't know" if I haven't studied it, or "I doubt it because…." or "I wish I could study it now but…."  A response of "I doubt it but don't have time to study and I might change my mind later" is as wrong as the dispositive statement "You are wrong" without giving the rationale to help the respondent understand.

  • And, at some point, a person is so bigoted that you cannot communicate with them on an intellectual level.  That's when you simply walk away.
So in re-reading page 209, I find it incredibly, if not a near epiphany, that I find these first words:

I did not plan that I would find those words.  I did plan that 'YAHwa' be revealed.  But I cannot prove to you what I intended.  Its up to you to judge the truth.

I haven't taking an inventory as promised.  I do know what I don't know is infinite…but I do know what I do know now is greater than when I began this essay.  I guess, in that, I'm less worse off than before.  "Inch by inch, step by step…"

Jim Ross

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A rose, Luo, by any other number would smell as sweet

Obviously, Romeo misplaced "name" for "rose" and he was envisioning Juliet and not Luo Clement.  Just as obvious to any reader of this blog, I maintain the number of a name is not a device of the never having existed Luo Clement but WD Gann.

Where are we going?  Is the name the stuff of which a person's "number" is made in this modern era?  Or is a person's number, the number?  The cell phone number.

How important was the name, and particularly, the given name in the age that Mr. Gann seemed to have an attraction?  Let's take medieval Scotland and Sir Robert Gordon 1 Baronet of Gordonshire (and later 1st Baronet of Nova Scotia).  How would a contemporary of Sir Robert, say Lord Francis Bacon or John Dee, send a correspondence to him?

Okay, you're a courier and you've got the letter and all it says is Sir Robert Gordon, 1st Baronet of Gordonshire and has a wax seal.  Duh, you go to Gordonshire and find a village within it, preferably the largest.  A bit dusty from the ride, you visit the local pub and ask the bartender where to find Clan Gordon.  The directions are go to the north end of town and take the main road 30 miles north.  Pass Clan Sinclair's castle on the right, pass Clan Douglas' castle on the left and take the next castle on the left.  Hmmm, that name sounds a lot like Claire Douglas.  Clan Sinclair as in Clan St Claire…didn't they build Rosslyn….  Surely not.  Clan Douglas of Sir Robert de Bruce Douglas whose heart was delivered to Jerusalem upon his death in battle?  And Sir Robert Gordon….Baronet of Nova Scotia?  Where fore art thee Peter Amundsen for clarification

There you find yourself a couple hours later staring at the Gordon emblem, knocking on the giant door with the brass knocker.  "Is Robert available to take private correspondence from Lord Francis?"  To which the doorman responds, "Are you addressing Sir Robert Gordon 1st Baronet or his grandson, soon-to-be 3rd Baronet?"  Of course, the letter finds its way to Sir Robert the 1st.

The process is identifying a person in the 1600s is 1) find a place close by using the general location, Gordonshire, 2) find the physical mapping to the closer area where the person might be, namely the Gordon castle, identified by the last name and 3) ask for the person by the specific first name.  The smallest, most personal and most specific name, the given name, Robert.

Is it any wonder the most important number, the name number, identified by Luo Clement (err WDG) is the given name?  It is by far the most personal.  It is the "final mile" in finding a specific person.

And now?  Is the name as important.  How many James Ross' are there across the nation.  You still need the physical parameters (state, city, street) to get to me.  And how unremarkable is "James" by itself?

In the old days (hmmm, a mere decade ago), the one land telephone line in the typical house would get a person to the "clan" homestead with the three digit state code, three digit local exchange code and the unique four digit code.  Still, a call to that land line number only got you to the "doorman" of the clan and, in a household of 4, only a 25% chance of getting the person sought.  Not a personal connection.

But now, we have the cell phone.  That last 4 digits is exact and personal.  For many years I knew myself as "Jim" or Jimmy" or "James".  For many college years (too many), I thought of myself as 4633 (SSN) almost as much as the former.  Now, with 20+ years as cell number 3459 (last 4 digits of my cell number), perhaps I'm of that vibration.

How does one most quickly 'get to' another in these days?  The number.  Pure number.  And the unique component of the cell number is the last four digits; the previous 6 only get the caller close.  The last four get to you exactly.  Not to the household.  But to you personally, just as the given name completed the last leg of the seeking, so does the last four digits of modern communication.

SO, can the last four digits indicate one's vibration?  For me its a moot question.  The number of James is '3' and the number of 3459 is '3'.  Interestingly, my SSN would be a 7; concatenate either the name or cell number and the SSN and you have 37 and 33.   Concatenate again and we have 3733.  And what do we find on line 3733 of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" prey tell?

Why, we find the "Map" that I blogged about two days ago.  A treasure map of cycle and price dynamic information?  I do not believe in coincidences as I've said before.

A name is with you for your life unless it is a bad vibration.  In which case, Luo says change it.  Your cellular number may be even more personal.  If Apple has its way, it will be on your wrist (Applewatch) in the next 10 years.  And if the NSA has its druthers, it will be chip in your flesh.  Now that will get really personal.

WD Gann said his greatest discovery occurred in 1908; and "The Anicient Science of Numbers" was published in 1908.  The personal vibration, was it his great discovery that he published under a fictional name so it would not be discovered?  Is personal vibration, the number determined by name or cell phone, the link between the "curvature of time" and the actual events occurring in a persons life or the time and price pivots on a stock chart?

Jim Ross

Monday, April 6, 2015

The angle of the Great Pyramid and the number of pages in TTTTA

My latest essay on the structure of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" found the 36 numbered chapters have exactly 15,158 lines in them.    

Mr. Gann created at least one proof of the number of pages and I'm working on several others.  John Dee's name, which I've written about was one such proof.  In case you missed earlier discussion, Dee was the mathematician, scientist, philosopher, magician….of Queen Elizabeth I's court in the 1600s.  He corresponded with her using the secret signature "007."  His name "Dee" appears 45 times in TTTTA and it is supplemented by the number "007" on line number 7579 (page 198):

Of the 46 references to John Dee (including the "007)", the "007" appears on line number 7579.  It is the 23rd reference to Dee.  There are 22 intervals before "007" and 22 intervals after.  "007" is the exact center of the total "Dee's" in the 36 numbered chapters. 

It is tempting to think the line on which the first "0" appears (the center of "007") is the center of the book or the center of the 36 chapters.  It is the exact center of the 15,158 lines.

I think that was one of Gann's proof that 15158 is the correct number of lines in the 36 chapters (excluding Cover, Foreword, back flap).

Now what?

Recall the angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza is 51 degrees 41 minutes or perhaps it was designed to be 1/7th the circle, that being 51.4 degrees.  Nick Kollerstrom, PhD at HERE as well as PBS/NOVA at HERE  put it at a theoretic 51.50 degrees.  

Interesting 15158 and 5150.  Rather similar?  

Robert Gordon destroyed the Pope's great buildings, the ancient temples in Mexico but flew over the Great Pyramid and.(page 398):


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Is there a map in TTTTA?

I can perceive the analytical solution to Robert Gordon's 7 days, the greatest (IMO) of paradoxes in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  But where there may be a purely logical solution to time and space, might there be a map for those more visually perceptive than mathematically perceptive?

I searched all of the acrostics and telestics of TTTTA and find the simple word "Map" only once.  Such a simple word, but only once?  I'd expect to see it many times.  Perhaps the understatement is a statement in itself.  I find "Map" appearing on lines 3732 to 3734 as an acrostic word:

Interestingly, the "a" of "Map" appears on line 3733 of TTTTA.  Hmmm, 37 and 33, two interesting numbers combining to form that line number.  Hmmm again, 37 / 33 = 1.12121212121212….

Above and below "Map" we find the telestic words "des" and "ten."  "Des" you say.  Yes, I find it many many times in TTTTA.  Its an acronym for "data encryption standard" which was the early basis of modern cryptography (1970 if I recall).  But TTTTA was written in 1927 so Gann couldn't have known about encryption of that level.  Really, how do you think the Tel-talk could exclude all other people from hearing the conversation?

So, draw triangle (black lines) using the d, a and n.  Then draw the implicit right triangles (red lines) and you can find the dimensions of the black triangle.   The black lines are close to a right triangle but not close enough (there is a 100 degree angle which should be 90 degrees).  So, I like the idea but I'm not sold by the triangles drawn.

On the other hand, the occurrences of the telestics of words comprised of e's…all 83 of them, or of t's, or of s's, or of a's….  their spacing in the perfect line structure of TTTTA (yesterday's post) -- well, just perhaps there is a 'map' of time cycles which comprise the meaning of Gann's phrase "…the curvature of time..."

Jim Ross

Trinities; Celebrating the Mathematic Trinity

Father, son and the holy ghost or body, mind and spirit….  many trinities.  Hmm, circle, square and triangle.  How about a trinity of math?

Pi, phi and the exponent e?  We know the Great Pyramid of Giza enshrines Pi and phi but how about e?  And in about August 2002 Rick Howard finds e, the math of compound interest in the GP, HERE.

Here is the math I've co-opted from readings over time:

Surely Mr. Gann would not miss the opportunity to celebrate the the math trinity in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Where to look, where to look.  I find only "Phi" in the acrostics and telestics on page 120.  I guess it would be hard to give us a distinct, recognizable word "pi" or "e" in the acrostics and telestics.

Ah, but he did.  He gave us 83 instances of words made up of of 3, 4, 5 and 6 e's in the telestics.  Interesting and notable 83.  Here's a frequency distribution:

And, of course, you remember the very first telestic word that is formed by the very first narrative paragraph of the book in the Foreword…the vastly improbable 6 consecutive e's:

So how about Pi.  Why I count exactly 19 instances of Pi in acrostics and telestics.  A very noteworthy number but not quite as satisfying as Phi and e in the acrostics and telestics.

How about and 'in your face' signal for those not inclined to study acrostics and telestics (I feel lonely as I appear to be the only person to have studied the truly hidden code in TTTTA)?  How about the page numbers represent Phi, pi and e?  Pages 161, 314 and 272?  Duh.

Page 161 is Robert's 21st birthday bannered with the subtitle "Robert Gordon's 21st Birthday."

Page 314 is the nations 155th birthday or July 4, 1931, in dire times.

Page 272….well, you can guess its a birthday can't you.  Why its Robert's birthday again, but there is a great party where Edna Stanton and Walter Kennelworth's engagement is celebrated.

"…a threefold chord is not easily broken."

I believe Mr. Gann duly celebrated the mathematic trinity for sure.  I believe the tripartite workings of the mathematic trinity will solve the mathematic paradox of Robert Gordon's 7 days.

[Some 5 hours after I posted Mr. Gann's my conception of the trinity of mathematics (below), it occurs to me that, not only did Mr. Gann commemorate Pi, Phi and e with three birthdays in TTTTA on the pages of those same numbers, but I discovered them on another birthday…the birthday of Christ.  I didn't ponder them and discover the occurrence.  I woke up this morning with the thought and then found the color.  I knew it was there in TTTTA.  Either I'm beginning to anticipate the devices Mr. Gann would use to emphasize an important concept or something else is going on.  Surely, its the former.]

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter Sunday,

Jim Ross

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chapter, page and line structure of "The Tunnel Thru the Air." Seeking numerical perfection.

At least until I find additional corrections, following is the chapter, page and line count structure of TTTTA.  I have identified markers that I believe WD Gann created in TTTTA that confirm that a proper page and line count has been achieved.  Without first perfecting the mathematic structure of TTTTA, many of the secrets that I believe lie within the acrostic telestic and other coding of the book cannot be found.  Here is the structure:

36 numbered chapters, 37 if you include the 72 line Foreword, and 39 subdivisions if you include the 34 line, 4-page cover/ publisher pages/ dedication pages, and the vacant pages and back flap which is a noteworthy 37 lines.  Note that mis-numbered Chapter XXXIX meaningfully gives us the total subdivisions of the book suggested here.

In total, 432 pages is the number I like to refer to as Gann's philosopher's stone number and has Biblical derivation from The Book of Luke and elsewhere.  Paired with John Dee's philosopher's stone number, 252 (see Jim Egan's book "The Meaning of the Monas Hieroglyphica With Regards to Geometry) you can reduce 432 / 252 to the Biblical 12 /7.

The numbers of pages can be proven via two markers within the telestic coding of TTTTA, "phi" and "007:"

The acrostic"Phi" and telestic "007 appear on only those exact pages of TTTTA and do not appear anywhere else.  Phi is near contiguous with the telestic "dee" representing John Dee.  And "007," which was John Dee's secret signature in his personal and coded correspondence with Queen Elizabeth I, similarly represents John Dee.  It should be noted that "007" is the 23rd telestic representing John Dee out of 46.  It is perfectly half way in the sequence of the total 46 representations.  Futhermore, the midpoint of "007" is found on the 7579th line of the entire book.  7579 X 2 = 15158 which happens to be the number of lines in the 36 chapters (i.e. excluding the cover subdivision, Foreword subdivision and back flap subdivision), suggesting the line numeration is correct.

The page number proof is this.  "Phi" appears on the 120th numbered page and adding 10 pages from the cover to the last page of the Foreword, you find "Phi" appears on the 130th page of the book.  Similarly, "007" appears on the 208th page of the book.

208 / 130 = 1.600 
which is Phi according the the 6th and 5th numbers of the Fibonacci sequence

Suffice for the moment, the page structure is proven as perfected according to the above device.  There remains a final proof of line number perfection which I am pondering to prove the mathematic perfection of the line numbers as I've assigned them to TTTTA.  I will post it when I am reasonably satisfied the line numbering is correct.  For now, the page numbering appears to be mathematically correct as I believe Mr. Gann intended us to interpret.

I think this proof of, at least the page numbers, puts to rest any argument that Mr. Gann did not create a meaningful structure of pages and line numbers within TTTTA.  Understanding the meaning of the page and line number structure as further encoded in TTTTA is another matter entirely.

[You may notice other numbers on the last of the two excerpts; they have not gone unnoticed here.]

Jim Ross

Friday, April 3, 2015

Samuel Morse, the telegraph and Morse code

You can 'see' so much of WD Gann's hidden thoughts in the acrostics and telestics. of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  There isn't any substituting simply perusing the entire book of acrostics and telestics for things you've missed.  Some of it is simply known history, but seldom without meaning.  Take for example, Samuel Morse and telegraph on page 65 and 66.  Interesting page number, 66.  You don't see Samuel Morse on page 65 or 66?  How about the hidden acrostic and telestic"

That's better.  We find "Sam" and "tele" which augments the meaning of the associated narrative regarding speculation, science and laws laid down in the Bible.  Hmmm, perhaps speculation can be reduced by science to a formula as objective and clear as the predictability of Morse code as reproduced by electromagnetic pulse?

It shouldn't escape notation that the message is brought to you in 'coded' acrostics and telestics and Morse code is just that; code.

Those would seem reasonable thoughts to be drawn.  I expect there will be confirmation created by some mathematic device later on.  I haven't found it yet but I've come to the point that I expect it is there when the concept is important enough.  It just takes time to emerge.

An interesting history of the component inventions that allowed Morse to create the telegraph can be found HERE.

Jim Ross

Glimpses of the ongoing prophecy

More to remind myself.  I am searching all of the acrostics and telestic words of the 15304 lines (latest count) of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" for four letter or greater proper nouns; names of people.  I'm doing this to judge the uniqueness of my findings of certain things and it is turning out that there are precious few such proper nouns.

Recalling the prophecy of 9/11 is the beginning of a greater prophecy, I come upon the following acrostic, 'ata,' telestic, 'feo' and Biblical verse on page 67:

Daniel 4:26, many meanings packed into just the verse.  But I pick out joint meaning of the verse, the contrived acrostic and telestic and the location in Chapter 6.

I find the stump of the tree reminiscent of the stump/roots of the sycamore at ground zero that saved destruction of St Paul's Chapel from the steel beam thrown from the falling WTC.  

I find one of the 15 instances of the acrostic word "Ata" found in TTTTA.  There are 15 instances of 'ata' representing the 15 terrorists, including Mohamed Atta, on board the 3 planes that were successful in attacking the US (there are also 3 instances of "Atta" repressing the 3 planes that were successful tools of destruction).  

I find "feo" which, translated from Spanish to English, gives you "bad" or "badly."  

And I find this located on line 266 connoting the 266th Pope.  That this message is destined for the time of the 266th Pope who is Pope Francis recently elected in 2013.

Its Rabbi Cahn's thesis of "The Harbinger" wrapped up in 8 lines or, arguably, a possible meaningful 7 lines.  And its predicted 73 years before the event in 1927 and 83 years before the Rabbi recognizes the Biblical correlation.

Jim Ross

Thursday, April 2, 2015

WD Gann's 6th Manifest Prophecy of 9/11, part 3 of 3; The Timing of the 9/11 Tragedy

One number, 69, and the understanding of opposites will connect the events of 1932 to the tragedy of 9/11. When you boil all these three lengthy posts, it  becomes that simple.  And WD Gann designed all of this in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" with the intent that it be found.  As I claim in a separate but contemporary series concerning the 7th prophecy, Mr. Gann intended this information be discovered as it is now; in the time of the 266th Pope.

We are brought to this point that Mr. Gann has predicted the name of the chief terrorist attacker, the building to be attacked, the airline of two of the three planes (perhaps all three) used in the attack, the flight paths of the attack, the number of effective waves of attack.  All the details are at the surface level or encoded in the acrostic/telestic or numerological levels of "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  All that remains is the beginning point in time, the time interval and the application of opposites.

There is but one additional concept needed; discern the correct beginning.  We find Ezekiel 21:30 appearing in, not surpassingly, three places in TTTTA; pages 55, 73 and 176, this excerpt taken from the second citation:

Astrologers know this principle well but us non astrologer pencil pushing CPAs need the lesson; it's not on the CPA exam.  The theme that will emerge is, not only is it that New York City being assaulted in 1932 and 2001, but it is the United States.  That's an end of a war and the beginning of a post war period.  While the focus is on the Mammouth Building and the World Trade Center, the 110-story buildings; the former known in TTTTA as "the cedar" and the latter having become associated with the sycamore (Isaiah 9:10 sycamore/cedar imagery) that saved St Paul's Chapel on September 11, 2001.  More on that in a post on the ongoing prophecy.

The last battle of the fictional 1932 war was Washington DC on July 4, 1932, not that of New York City, nor Robert Gordon's 7 days.  I'll offer that as a proposition as I'm sure there are those who will take issue.  Here's the theory.  Luo Clement, who I have asserted is WD Gann, asserted a person willing him/herself a new name, becomes of that vibration…of that destiny.  Where the nativity of the United States might exist, historically, "depends" and the confusion cannot be better expressed than in the History channel video found HERE.  Ultimately, and by the will and conscious design of the nation, the place of nativity has become Washington DC just as the will of a person can change his or her name.

The event in the life of the nation that will be repeated is a beginning, but a beginning involving opposites.  The last battle of the fictional war takes place on the birthday of the nation in it's adopted place of nativity and from that date, July 4, 1932, Mr. Gann's interval of 69 will be applied to produce, yet again, opposites:

Elegance and simplicity, but still two paradoxes must be reconciled.  Above are the days from the Battle of Washington to the WTC tragedy. Two paradoxes, the 12 hours related to the Mammouth attack and the date of the Battle of Washington.  All paradoxes must be reconciled.

First, let's deal with the 12 hours.  In his description of the attack on the Mammouth, Mr. Gann meticulously avoids using the format "8pm."  Instead, time and again, the time is given as "o'clock."  Not "8pm" but "8 o'clock," not "10pm" by "10 o'clock."  Why this change in wording when throughout TTTTA we find the "am" and "pm?"  It's the use of the opposite; the opposite of night (when the Mammouth attack commenced) is day (when the WTC attack commenced with Flight 11 departing Logan).  It is a difference of 12 hours and, accordingly, a half day is added above.

The second paradox; how can we use the timing of the Mammouth attack and the the date of the Battle of Washington?  It may be as simple as this rumination that Mr. Gann gives us on page 386:

The attack on the Mammouth was merely the beginning of the final battle and the Battle of Washington on July 4, 1932 was its completion.  Just as were the two planes that attacked the WTC, the completion of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 was Flight 77 impacting the Pentagon.  The portion of the attack that related to the Mammouth, the beginning at "8 o'clock" and the ending near "10 minutes after 10 o'clock" would be the same timing for the WTC tragedy recounted in the next paragraph.

Set aside the paradox and consider some exact timing and duration of the attack….to the minute timing.

  • In 1932, Robert Gordon overhears the enemy's having departed to begin their attack on the Mammouth at "8 o'clock" in the evening on page 361 (19 squared or the earth degrees in a solar day) on the Tel-talk.'   Similarly in 2001, at the opposite time of day, the morning, AA Flight 11 departs Logan to begin its attack on WTC.  One minute difference after accounting for the opposite of night and day.

  • In 1932, Robert Gordon sights and destroys two fleets of enemy airplanes, in seemingly minutes, to end the destruction that occurred in 1932 (a third fleet of planes were dropped harmlessly into the Tunnel).  And in 2001, the second tower, the North Tower, fell at 10:28am.  Perhaps, RG spent 18 minutes in completing his destruction of the two fleets of planes….in that case the timing would be exact after accounting for the opposite of night and day.

I can go on and on explaining similarities and resolving paradoxes presented.  Having wrestled with Mr. Gann's concepts so long, hardly leaving the thoughts for now the better part of a year, I've realized two items of relevance among many.

First, owing to the nature of my fallibility I'll get a lot of stuff wrong….I'll make clerical mistakes and I'll make mistakes of logic.  But that's for me to forgive myself and not to apologize for the efforts and progress I believe I have made.

Second and far more important, paradoxes are a matter of understanding.  We get knowledge by studying a teacher who knows; Mr. Gann.  We put our mental construct of the knowledge into motion and productivity through our effort.  But we create "understanding" by wrestling with the concepts derived from the first two steps.  By resolving the paradox on our own and thereby making the 'understanding' our personal understanding.

To my satisfaction, I've resolved the paradoxes involved in the sixth prophecy as provided here and pending further consideration.  Accordingly, I accept that Mr. Gann foresaw, to the day and within 1 minute, the attack on the World Trade Center.  For others, the timing, just according to the numbers, will be attractive but they won't believe my resolution of the paradoxes which I identified.  They might find further dispute of the logic; perhaps additional paradoxes.  They might disagree with my resolutions.  They wrestle with the paradox as did I.  Or, tragically, they might simply dismiss all as being personally or theologically impermissible.  Of those alternatives, only the last is an affront to thought.  It would seem similar thinking forced Socrates to drink hemlock and Galileo to spend his last years in confinement and isolation.

So, forgive my errors, prove that which is factual, resolve what is paradoxical to your satisfaction, and keep whatever is good.

This ends the WD Gann's prophecy of the World Trade Center tragedy, but its a continuing prophecy in that it was only a beginning of an opposite.  Where Mr. Gann styled the victory in 1932 as the end of war and beginning of an era of peace, the opposite occurred in 2001; a defeat.  And as the beginning of the opposite period, 2001 is not a good prognosis for America.  In a separate post in the ongoing prophecy, I'll provide evidence of WD Gann's warning to the our age, the age of the 266th Pope.  It is similar to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's thesis recounted in "The Harbinger," but included in "The Tunnel Thru the Air";  about 73 years before the first warning symbolized in the WTC tragedy and 83 years before its recognition by Rabbi Cahn.

Jim Ross
of Tottenham

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The first instance of "Ata" and "TWA" in TTTTA

In making corrections in line numbering and the 'finder device' I've created to find acrostic and telestic words in "The Tunnel Thru the Air," I noticed the first instance of the acrostic word, "Ata," was in proximity to the acrostic, "TWA."  [It is the first instance of 'ata' but the second instance of 'TWA'.]  Not only that, there was also a proximate instance of John Dee's last name "Dee" spelled as a telestic with an additional 'e.'

Was I surprised to find the apparent isosceles triangle created by those words?  Not at all.

At the "A" point on lines 1, 2 and 3, the first letter of each line is T, W, and A.  Similarly, at point C you have on line 18, 19 and 20 you have the letters a, t and a.  Those two words are acrostics because they use the first letter of each of the respective lines.  At point B you have a telstic that uses the last letter of each sentence on lines 9, 10, 11 and 12 or D, e, e, e.

If you bisect the triangle to create two right triangles you can find the lengths of the sides AB and BC:

The triangle pictured is a bit distorted.  The space that is taken for a vertical line is much bigger than that of a horizontal character.  If you gave the horizontal the same space as the vertical, you'd get a far more elongated triangle, horizontally, than is pictured above.

I think Mr. Gann wants us to know that TTTTA will include hidden acrostic and telestic messages involving TWA (which was dissolved in early 2001 and became American Airlines and assets of other airlines), John Dee (of whom I've written many times) and Mohammad Ata or, more formally, Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta.

I have found that, when Mr. Gann wants you to take particular notice of a concept or event, he often defines an isosceles or right triangle involving the notable concepts.  Page 69, the "Jonas triangle," is a similar example. 

Jim Ross

Gematria of Mohammad Ata and Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta

Just as a note subject to being corrected, here is my first calculation of the value of (the) (a) common usage of the name of the 9/11 attacker and his formal name found on Wikipedia:

As calculated above (according to Luo Clement's values of numbering), the common usage name has a value of 36 reduced to 9 and the formal name has a value of 138 reduced to 3.  Of course, 3 and 9 fall in the same triad and, thus, imply a similarity of vibration.  The all important first name, Mohammad has the same value as Mohamed, 32, and both reduce to 5 of the second triad.

Perhaps this will prove valuable at some point or of interest to others.

Jim Ross

Correction, new insights and the movie Pi

As I disclosed in the Mea Culpa post of a couple days ago, I made an error in line counting and the corrected number of lines is 15304 from cover of "The Tunnel Thru the Air" to last line of the back flap using the rules I established (one line between paragraphs and one line between pages).  When I revised the lines, I had to re index all the acrostics and telestics for my Excel device that finds acrostic and telestic words.  This led to another error in the counting of the word "TWA" which I discussed in the 9/11 prophecy.  There is also an error in logic concerning the number of instances of "ata" which refers to Mohammad Ata (misspelled).

First, there are 20 instances of the word "TWA" not 15.  15 was the recurrent number of terrorists on the 3 planes that struck the USA, the fourth plane scuttled in Pennsylvania and not allowed to attack.  Still, 20 represents the total number of terrorists on all four planes.  You may say none of the planes were TWA and you might recall, the assets of TWA were sold/distributed in early 2001, most, but not all, of which became property of American Airlines.  There were 2 American Air flights (11 and 175) and 2 United Air (77 and 93).

Second, the real name of Muhammad Ata is Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta.  
I came to realize, duh, this when, in light of the 'finder device' error with TWA, I recounted the number of 'ata's and found 15.  But with one of the 15 was extremely elaborated:

This citation was very meaningful in several respects:

  • There are 4 's's preceding the 'ata' signaling to me "this is meaningful,"
  • The narrative says "putting error to flight" referring to Ata who boarded a plane to kill,
  • Of course, the acrostic 'ata,'
  • The five asterisks of referring back to Luo Clement. 
When I say the asterisks refer to Luo Clement, read my series regarding WD Gann being Luo Clement.  I assert and, by a preponderance of evidence, show that WD Gann is Luo Clement and that it was Mr. Gann who wrote "The Ancient Science of Numbers."  The five asterisks appears only once in TTTTA and once in "The Ancient Science of Numbers." It is a component of the preponderance of evidence.

So what is this saying.  Its saying compute the Pythagorean value of Mohmmad Ata's name.  And I did.  And just to make sure I had the spelling of the name correct I looked it up….and I was wrong again.  It is Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta.   I see it most frequently (defending my stupidity) spelled 'Mohammad Ata,' not 'Mohamed Atta.'  

So I went back and searched for 'Atta' and found 3 instances.  All three are incredibly meaningful.  Two of them were derived from narratives that dealt with forgiving ones self for errors and doing the best he can.  So I felt better about myself.  But one had BOTH 'ata' and 'atta' contiguously presented and was packed with 9/11 meaning:

Both 'ata' and 'atta' contiguous; 15 of the former representing 15 successful attackers and 3 of the latter representing 3 successful planes carrying 15 successful attackers.

In meaning I try to find; a beginning, an end and a beginning.  The Japanese first attack in the fictional war, a beginning.  Robert Gordon's punishment of the attackers during his 7 days, an end.  Mohammed Atta, a new beginning.  A new beginning; 9/11 the "first warning" according to Jonathan Cahn's thesis of "The Harbinger."  The thesis that I will assert WD Gann published in the 'veiled' language of TTTTA in 1927.  But that is several posts from this point.  It is the ongoing nature of Gann's 6th prophecy; that 9/11 was a beginning, not an end.  Recall the 700 year rise and domination of Islam ended with the first crusade in 1096-99 and found its peak approximately 1000 years ago.  A thousand year cycle ago.  There's a post on "The Great 1000-year Cycle."

Why the movie Pi?  I discover incredible frustration when I see my incredible errors.  And yet, when I do the work to make corrections, I find, what I consider, greater meaning and insights.  Take a step, back up two, advance three.  But I also find some redemption that in the errors, new understanding is gained.  And I find forgiveness in doing the best I can.

I guess it all works out well in the end.  But the confusion and personal indictment along the way really works on one.  Pi.

I'm still contemplating the final post of the series on the 9/11 sixth prophecy and  final post 3 of 3 of the seventh prophecy. 

Jim Ross
of Tottenham