Monday, November 6, 2017

The single-deep path and a personal message

You need to understand the previous essay to understand this discussion.  I'll make it very brief as it is  self evidencing.

Perhaps it was the astonishment, perhaps it is narcissism but, very early on, I found my name many times in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" and the derivative "Map of Time" that I have articulated.  Regardless, my name is spelled acrostically/telestically dozens of times that I have published.  In the excerpt that was the subject of the previous essay, I had previously found my name and purposefully omitted it in that essay.  Below is that the excerpt from that previous essay but I've expanded the excerpt and omitted the previous highlighting:

Focus on my name spelled in contiguous encoded acrostic/telestic letters, highlighted in red.  Directly above in yellow highlight is the word 'saw.'  We now have "saw Ross."

Now the single-digit path on descending line 209 at the bottom right and adjacent "Ross" and highlighted in light green points to the ascending line number 209, also highlighted in green, in the top left.  We are pointed to the  letters "map" spelled in contiguous lines of acrostic/telestic letters highlighted in tan.  And directly above and contiguous to the encoded word "map" you find the word "see" in light blue.

"saw Ross see map"

[For the knee-jerk statistically vapid skeptic, yes, given an infinity of letters you can assemble them in many ways to create messages.  In the case of TTTTA there are 15341 acrostics letters and 15341 telestic letters or 30682 in total including vacant line spaces.  Its a finite population of letters.  AND the rules of the above message are the letters must be in contiguous lines to spell a word and the words must be contiguous or bridged together by the single-deep path.  The honest statistically informed skeptic has a nightmare of a statistical challenge in finding meaningful words and phrases within these simple rules as a result of coincidence.  Crank up that random letter generator and have at it.]

It happened in just that order; "saw Ross" and then "see map."  I saw the word Ross because it raised my curiosity as a synchronicity, I saw the word 'saw' because it was close by and, now, knowing the single-deep path mechanism, I was taken to the destination words.

*** ***

The narrative alludes to additional 'instruction' some of which I've suggested in tan.  I suspect there is confirming encoded messaging.  I'll leave that to your curiosity as mine is satisfied to the extent necessary.  Now beyond the line of believing in coincidence and fully on board with determination, more time can be spent in finding instructions than proving they are.

Hmmm, who saw me?

Jim Ross

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