Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finding Napier's .K.onstant

According to the sometimes questionable but always somewhat informative Wikipedia, Napier's Constant (aka "Euler's number", aka "e") or 2.718.... is one of the most imminently important numbers alongside  0, 1, Pi and 'i.'  Notably missing from WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" are Phi and metrics of Platonic solids, sqrt(2), sqrt(3), sqrt(5) and many other notables.  At least, missing for the naive and lazy reader.  Let's find Phi, Pi and Napier's Constant or e.

I've found Pi and Phi popping up all over the place in TTTTA in unmistakable encoded methods that make it impossible to deny their author intended inclusion.  For example, we find "De Pisa" for Leonardo of Pisa, aka Fibonacci spelled out in the very meaningful area of the "Tao to WAR" device that spans the very meaningful page 69 which presents the Jonas, Book of Jonah citation:

Oh, we find Phi encoded many ways, not just the name of its originator; the structure of TTTTA approximating Phi^2 or the number of times artifacts of my name (37 times) versus Mr. Gann's name (23 times) are found encoded in TTTTA.  There are several essays in addition to the above linked that find Phi.

Phi, well, its a 3-letter word and the probability of finding it the many many times it is spelled in consecutive letters, is improbable.  But how do you encode a two-letter word like 'Pi' and make it compelling for the reader to say "yeah, Mr. Gann intended that we find and take notice."  A three- letter word is slightly improbable, but a two-letter word, not improbable at all.  He found a way.

Dramatically compelling is the finding of Pi encoded in TTTTA.  We find the encoded word "Pi" spelled on cumulative descending line number 11566 (see brown highlighted):

Hardly compelling, a 'P' acrostic and 'i' telestic letter on the same line.  But my birthdate (February 21 in red) caught my attention.  Well, its not your birthday (probably), so what might be compelling?
Could it be considered coincidence that the cumulative ascending and descending cumulative line numbers and ascending and descending chapter numbers might be combined to give Pi to the fourth decimal?  No, Mr. Gann intended that I find Pi.

So whereforaught thou Napier's Constant, reputed by Wikipedia as important as Pi?  Phi was three letters, Pi was two letters; gosh, Napier's Constant  or 'e' is one letter.  Here's where I started looking, the line at which the cumulative descending line number divided by cumulative ascending line number equals the Napier's Constant or 2.718.  Here is where we find that number:

We find that line is 11216 / 4126 = 2.718 ( green highlight) and on that line Robert invents a device to intercept and decode enemy communication.  Very notable.  Perhaps an invention that uses Napier's Constant?  I work with the acrostic and telestic letters but I can't find a spelling of "Napier" or "Euler" or "constant."  Interesting but not compelling.

At a loss, I stewed on it and then it came.  Let's find the same combination of cumulative lines but reverse the ascending and descending.  Here it is, again, line numbers in green:

This time, we find Mr. Napier spelled in yellow and "_onstant" spelled in yellow.  If I cheat a little, I can substitute the "K" or the "c" and I have "Napier's Konstant."  

Still, I'd been more happy if I'd found the "C."  Hmmm, "C" is the basis of Pythagoras diatonic scale.  Hmmmmm, Pythagoras enumeration of letters would find that "C" is the number 3 and 3 is the rounding of e;  for those in Rio Liondo, 2.718 gets rounded UP to 3.   ....I'm happy.


As I continue on in studying TTTTA, I'm sure I'll find e confirmed by other devices just as I discovered many means for confirming Phi and Pi.  But that's not an endpoint; simply discovering something.  What do you do with the knowledge found during the quest?  There are three implications in my fertile imagination.

First, in the extensive excerpt I made of page 301 above, Robert Gordon discovers the detailed plans of the enemy to mount a battle campaign beginning at the Gulf of Mexico, extending up the Mississippi to the Great Lakes, capturing from northwest Texas to southern Canada.  That is what I consider the "second enemy campaign of the Great War in the Air."  As I've alluded in other essays, this will be the symbolic image of Yellowstone seismic events (2017-18) that will occur after the conclusion of the first enemy campaign which is ongoing (latter calendar year 2016).

Second, Robert Gordon creates an invention which, in adding the clues, is based at least partially on the mathematic properties of e.  In the description of the invention, Mr. Gann weaves in the properties of light, cryptology, and wireless; all inventions of the last four decades.  The backbone of the land and wireless telephony is fiber optics; yes, cellular depends on the nation and works fiber optics, not on wireless.  Cellular calls are broadcast only from the nearest towers and are thereafter carried largely by light over fiber.  And all of the messaging is carried via encryption; hence, the 'annilfier' forced the enemy forced to broadcast over analog, unencrypted, or barely encrypted, technology which was decipherable. 

And finally, an invention will be found that will allow a person to predict future events; seismic events, terrorist events...   It won't be a "correlative" invention.  It will be an analytic solution giving as much detail in the nature, location and participants in events as Mr. Gann has given in predicting other events that have occurred in the 89 years since publication of TTTTA.  Events in such minute detail as one might have found my address and professional designation (not to mention my name) encoded in TTTTA.  And Mr. Gann did just that as documented in the 7th Prophecy.

Napier's Constant, yeah, that's an important relic for my "attic."  I'm sure I'll find use for it very soon.

Jim Ross 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit, 168 and 84 years ago, and the Dow

As anyone reading the essays on this blog know, I have presented the case for and structure of WD Gann having encoded into "The Tunnel Thru the Air" a "Map of Time."  The MOT spans the 15341 vertical lines of the MOT and when "doubled" (as per page 45 of TTTTA) gives you 30,682 days or 84 years and when "redoubled" (again, per page 45) gives you 61,364 days or 168 years.  At 168 years, the period of the MOT is 1/15th of the Biblical Great Week of 2520 years, or John Dee's Monas Heirglyphyca philosopher stone number of 252 X 10.  84 years descending downward at 2 days per line on the left side of the MOT and 84 years ascending upward at 2 days per line on the right side of the MOT.  The left side of the MOT (84 years) is theorized to form a basis for similar events repeating on the right side of the MOT (84 years).

And so, on the last day of the 168-year period of the MOT, that being June 21, 2016, history should be in the midst of repeating that which occurred 168 years ago.  And there are those indications; 1848 was the Year of Revolutions in Europe where yesterday we witnessed the ongoing signs of dissolution in Europe with the Brexit vote, 1848 was the year of "sea to signing sea" with the forced acquisition of the U.S. southwest from Mexico where this year we hear of increased, though minor, talk of Texas exiting the Union and many states ready to vote for the Constitutional Convention....  In 1848, Europe had Karl Marx and Fredrich actively promoting the socialist utopia and revolution and now we have the first credible presidential candidate promoting socialism and "political revolution.  In 1848, Europe, amid the revolutions, France had a great recession that spread to other countries where the 2016 U.S. stock market is reaching/has reached its highest all time high; something that would appear to be an exact opposite....  Many more similarities and opposites between 1848 and 2016.

What about the half-MOT period?  What happened in 2016-84 = 1932?   In the last weeks of the half-MOT period and beginning June 3, 1932, there were a series of earthquakes in Jalisco Mexico that ended with a 7.0M tremor on the last day of the half-MOT (the summer solstice) where, in 2016, where on June 7, 2016 there was a 6.2M earthquake centered at Jalisco Mexico with after tremors. More relevant to speculators, on July 8, 1932 or 16 days after the June 22, 1932 half-MOT point, the Dow reached its lowest low of the Great Depression.

Wouldn't we expect some similarity at both the 168-year MOT endpoints relative to the 84-year half-point?  Or perfect opposites?

It's not a clean comparison, after all, many have noted "history rhymes" as opposed to necessarily repeating.  Revolutions, generally, don't have a "bright-line" between their beginning and end.  There isn't a single date to say "this is the one day on which the revolution occurred."  And, despite what many people think, earthquakes are a process of pre shock, main shock and after shock.

Look at the evidence and make up your own mind.  Of course, anyone reading my work knows where I'm "at."  With that bias in mind, I ask myself, was yesterday's Brexit outcome a defining moment in the stock market?  And I think "Yes, but..."

The "but" is, the July 8, 1932 bottom of the Great Depression occurred 16 days after the halfway point of the MOT.  The current MOT ended on June 21, 2016, and, poetically, symmetrically, I'd like to think the final all-time high or opposite the great July 8, 1932 low, is yet to occur.  Another 2 weeks to make it poetic, symmetric, perfectly opposite.

Looks pretty bad for that "guess" doesn't it.  As I began writing this essay at 5:45am EDT this morning, Dow futures were down 453 and the other indices were down 3% plus.  Presently, at 8am EDT, DJIA is down 529 or 2.95%.  I'd say, that 'guess' is way out there on the 'fat tail' of probability based on today's events and market position.

Would it make poetic sense to show the top of the greatest stock market bull to have topped on May 15, 2015 at 18351, some 14 months before the end of the MOT on June 21, 2016?   Wouldn't it make more poetic and symmetric sense a higher high is forthcoming in the near immediate future?

So, that gives me a subjective belief there will be a great stock market whiplash in the next 2 weeks.  Not mathematic by any means.  A guess based on the MOT.  I have proved the line counting and format of the MOT by several encoded devices Mr. Gann provided for just that purpose; proving its mathematic integrity.  But I've also proven to myself, I don't know how to use it.  A compass in the hands of a person who doesn't know how to use it remains accurate despite the holder's ignorance.  And the user remains lost.

With my subjective, poetic and symmetric license and the MOT as a general background, and though immensely improbable, I expect a final high in the market in the first two weeks of July 2016 followed by years of lower lows.  I have enough confidence in my forecast, I will put 0 dollars on it.  Nada.

One last notation.  I have recently (June 20-21) discovered mathematic / geometric relationships in the 1921-1938 DJIA market that encourage me that to believe I will find the mathematic "solution" to the current stock market.  The "solution" is not of the nature as say, Elliot Wave or Fourier wave, or astrology, or any form of correlation reduced to mere probability or educated/scientific guess; all being "solutions" that give a savvy speculator an 'edge' to the market.  I'm thinking 2+2=4, not 3 < (2+2 =) < 6 .  

The solution I am perceiving is a Euclidian and Descartesian solution to the four-dimension reality of the stock market.  WD Gann could do it and proved it.  It's "out there."

Jim Ross

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Burnin' Bernie 8-8-8

Some numerology according to Luo Clement (IMO, a non-de-plume of WD Gann).

If you go to Wikipedia or his personal bio page, he seemingly accepts the name Bernard "Bernie" Sanders.  I cannot find a middle name to which he admits.  And, according to Luo Clement's "The Ancient Science of Numbers" you can c,hange your vibration, right down to the minutest degree represented by the middle name we'd assume, by changing your name.

Also, his birth date is September 8, 1941.

Bernie's birth number is simply '8' for the day he was born according to Luo.  According to L. Dow Balliet, its different.  But let's stick with the WD Gann, err, Luo Clement method.

The name number, well, whether his given name is Bernard or Bernie, its 8.

[Note added 6/20/16.  The middle "Bernie" auto sums correctly to 34, but, not realizing the reduction to 7 isn't automatic, I copied the formulas from "Bernard" to "Bernie."  The 8 under the 34 is simply incorrect as is obvious to someone backtesting my work.  It is simply an error on my part that one should consider while reading the remainder of the essay.  I try not to change work that's already been posted both because it confuses and distorts the record of errors I make and because it takes too much time that otherwise can be spent on new ground.]

So, Bernie's number, comprised of the most important the birth number followed by the second most important element, the given name, is 8-8 however you parse the given name.  And if you add the last name, it is 8-8-8.

In this 168th and last year of the present cycle of the WD Gann "Map of Time," we have a candidate, Burnin' Bernie, who espouses the master theory of socialism and "political revolution" that Karl Marx used 168 years ago to inflame worker passions and embroil 55 European countries revolution.   1848, the "Year of Revolution."  The MOT is seemingly designed to mirror the events of time.  2016 and 1848 would be the comparison indicated.

Hahaha, everything is free in Bernieworld.  Even the area code created by his name is a free phone call.

8-8, kinda reminds me of Revelation 8:8, perhaps?

I won't get started on the Pacific Coast or the number 88, one of only three two-digit numbers encoded in TTTTA (the other two are 11 and 77 which add to 88).  There's not an end to the things I could write given the research I've previously offered.  

I wonder if Burnin' Burnie will take San Francisco given it's enumeration is '8.'

Jim Ross

Adding color to Mr. Gann's 22 losses in "The Ticker Interview"

You'll need to have read the immediately preceding essay to understand this one.  The question was posed whether Mr. Gann took 22 losses in one month of trading as an observer recorded his 286 trades in 25 days; only to be "fashionable."  I contend Mr. Gann could have recorded 286 winners but he "took a dive."

Let's add to the amazing mathematics that might be derived from 286 trades, 22 losses and 264 winners.  Already on the table is the two-part reductions of the number 264 to arrive at the same end, 11 which create the quotients 66, 33 and 11 (in yellow) and 88, 44 and 22 (in purple).  The third part of the series giving all 9 two-self same digit numbers creates the latter from the already formed former, namely the numbers 55, 77 and 99 (in blue).  Here's that table from the previous essay:

Not really the new ground or 'color' promised in the title but I did add some color(s).  Okay, here's the  alluded new ground in a table:

Four points:
  • 1.  In green.  Look at the two-part reductions in the first table.  In the first of two you divide by 2, 2, 2 and 3 and in the second you divide by 3, 2, 2, and 2.  Those series of divisors each add to 9 and arrive at the final product of 11.
  • 2.  Look again at the first table at the red highlighted numbers.  The first reduction is 132 which divided by the smallest reduced number, 11, gives you 12.  12, one of Mr. Gann's favorite numbers.  You can extend the math game to the number 264, the number of gains.  That divided by 11 gives you 24 or the first square of 12 or...the number of hours in the day.
  • 3.  What about that third series of numbers highlight in blue?  Those 3 numbers are spaced by the number of losses...22.
  • 4.  Is there nothing more we can do the numbers?  In tan of the second chart, you'll see the division of many of the numbers is a consistent 1.5.  Not presented, you will find similar divisions producing 2, 1, 1.4 and 1.8.  
What an exquisite number that 264 derived from one of its subsidiary products, the number11.  Did Mr. Gann coincidentally, derive this display of numbers by randomly choosing to enter 286 trades and randomly incur 22 loses?

I don't think so but I have a low threshold for proof.  I've seen too much.


When once I marveled over the 286 trades with only 22 losses, a noted person emailed me to inform me that a student of Mr. Gann and published author of his revelations had traded in silver and gold in the 1980s and created a great wealth from a modest trading fund; those results were audible from receipts and the record can be found online.  I did the same thing, having started with less than $10,000 September 1, 2008 and closing my accounts on September 29, 2008 with a seven digit number which I deposited in the bank out the back door pending option settlement.

[A tip of the hat.  Robert Prechter put his academic record on the line and entered and won the 1984 U.S. Trading Championship.  Obviously wrong a lot of the time, he demonstrated an "edge" which he proved true in a short time frame.  My 2008 success (and later failure) was based on that same methodology, my lack of any discipline and the "Henry Watson pathology" found on page 200 of TTTTA).]

The differences in our respective stories are 1) I lost most of that money (save for my adequate retirement fund) in the next 4 years proving I didn't know diddly, 2) I did it over a 3-week period where he did it over years in the 1980s in the most bullish metals market in history, and 3) he sells his studies of WD Gann for thousands of dollars per course where I provide whatever my questionable insights for free.  My points being, can you buy the true perfect knowledge of WD Gann?  Well, he isn't selling that as I can determine (although it might be advertised as such) and I don't know it.  

So, I'd make this challenge.  I don't have a lot of money but enough that I'd fund my time and expense to attend anyone who would walk the NYSE floor (of course, this could be done sitting in an office with a person or person present and auditing the results) trading for 25 days to see if a trading record could be amassed rivaling 286 trades with only 22 losses.  I'll put together a coalition of my alma mater CPA firm and the other major CPA firms and, jointly, we "will walk the floor" with anyone willing to undertake this challenge.  I think all of us, except the one trading, would have a jolly good time.

Obviously, I do not expect anyone selling WD Gann trading courses to risk their market franchise to accept such a challenge.  First, they don't have that perfect system and second, if they had that knowledge, why would they risk their personal safety in dramatically demonstrating their possession of it?  

Jim Ross

Thursday, June 16, 2016

About those 22 losses in "The Ticker Interview," Mr. Gann

Did you take a dive?

Amidst the most powerful description and proof of WD Gann's mathematic and scientific methods, "The Ticker Interview," an independent party follows him on the market floor for 25 days as he enters and closes 286 trades incurring only 22 losses.

Reflect for a moment on your "Random Walk" training (indoctrination).  Yes, there's a trend in large numbers which "Random Walk" allows, but certainly never amounting to greater than a fair commission rate (my background on Random Walk is, alas, dated).  Forget the dollar weighting, 286 coin flips, how many do you think will be heads or tails?  Certainly not a distribution of 264 heads and only 22 tails.  Not in my lifetime of flipping.  Only Nasim Taleb's "Tony the streetwise bookie" might make...errr, heads or tails out of that flipping fantasy.

I have long felt and expressed my feeling that Mr. Gann's perfect and exact methods did not allow for 22 losses.  The only reason he'd 22 losses... "take a dive"... would be to make it fashionable.  Would it be safe for a person to demonstrate such perfection?  His associate and friend Renato Alghini makes the case in his "Preface to Second Printing" of "The Magic Word" by WD Gann:

So I ponder, did Mr. Gann take 22 losses to make it look good?  If so, that willy wabbit would have left something to let us know he did.  Or at least, to let those of us who believe in what he so often styled as methods he discovered which rise to the level of accuracy of pure deterministic mathematics.  So, what in that Ticker Interview paragraph might be the 'tell?'

22.  A "clew" perhaps?  I woke up, again attending our K-9s last night, and laid there, thereafter thinking the number 22.  22 losses.  That's a lot like the only two-digit numbers found in the acrostic telestic encoding of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  In TTTTA there were only three two-digit numbers in 15341 acrostic letters and 15341 telestic letters; 11 as an acrostic, 77 as a telestic and 88 as a telestic.  Like the two-digit number, 22, each was two-digit and the same number.  11, 77 and 88 are numbers about which I've written several times.

Okay, we have 22.  Look at the remaining 264 trades that were not losses.  How many of the consecutive two-digit numbers comprised of a single digit, e.g , 11, 22, 33....99, can be derived from the number 264?  All of them:

  • Three numbers, 66, 33 and 11 can be derived by dividing 264 by 2 three times and then  dividing by 3.  
  • Three numbers, 88, 44 and 22 can be derived by dividing 264 by 3 three once and 2 two times.
  • And the remaining three numbers can be derived by adding combinations of already derived two-digit numbers.

Not proof for anyone who doesn't already 'have faith.'  For randomites, its just fun with numbers.  

It sure is intriguing to the finite math guy.  Yeah, I know, far too much time on my hands.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

100 years ago; The Zimmerman telegram of 1917

Studying simple pre modern cryptology (Lord Francis Bacon, a large character in WD Gann's thinking, wrote one of his first books on cryptology), I thought it interesting that 100 years ago this coming January, Germany was plotting a strategy to involve Mexico and Japan as allies opposed to the United States in World War I.  Sound familiar relative to the Allied Enemy found in Mr. Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air?"

The Zimmerman telegram as sent via telegraph on January 19, 1917 and decrypted:

Obviously, I believe and am pursuing a deeper level of encryption in TTTTA (heck, the hundreds of "experts" in WD Gann in 89 years since the publication of TTTTA had not, heretofore, discovered simple acrostic telestic encryption) but that's not the point of this essay.  The point is the 100-year cycle (which I believe to be a rounding of the actual cycle length).  

Nevertheless, there seem to be several near 100-year echoes here in the wake of the election of the 266th Pope.  Consider the echo of the map that Wikipedia presents that was the Zimmerman proposition to repatriate to Mexico the southwestern U.S.  Might that represent the fast changing demographic character one might suspect is occurring in southwestern U.S. presently?

Where in 1917 Mexico convened its military leadership and considered the German proposal and determined it not feasible, might that not be the same determination were it so approached by China and/or Russia in the modern era?  Mexico, in 1917, didn't determine it not to be the "wrong thing to do" but found it not feasible.  At least, that's my reading of the, sadly, sometimes questionable reflection of history by Wikipedia.  Still, how are our relations with Mexico these days?  Both with President Obama and the GOP nominee?  And what's the implication of the rapidly changing demographics of the southwest.

WD Gann's 100-year cycle, a FIXED cycle.

Switch gears, the 168-year cycle of the WD Gann "Map of Time."  The theory is history repeats according to that NOT FIXED cycle.  At the bottom of the MOT you have 2 days separating the right side of the MOT and with each line moving upwards that difference expands by 4 days.  When you move 15341 lines to the very first line of the cover of TTTTA, you find there is 168 years is the difference between the date on the right, June 21, 2016 and the date on the left June 22, 1848.

On the last day of the MOT, wouldn't the poet in us, the sense of symmetry, demand that there be an echo of the past some 168 years previous?  Yes.

What happened in 1848 versus as present? 
  • The "Year of Revolution" in Europe where, in some European 55 countries were in open, chaotic revolution.  How might one typify Europe presently?
  • 1848 was one of them most active periods of the open agitation by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in Europe.  They lamented the failure of their ideal socialist revolutions, a challenge later accepted by Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and other countries whose enlightened rulership imposed their will, and misery, on their populace.  Has a socialist even been so close to a Presidential nomination before in U.S. history as is Burni' Bernie presently?  Has one been so outspoken of "revolution" (clarified as political revolution) and widely accepted.
  • In 1848, the U.S. was rapidly expanding from 'sea to sea.'  We find the 1848 Mexican-American War where the greatly superior forces of the U.S. were used to expand some considered proper uses of force to annex the southwest territory.  Military minds at the time, including many that became top military leadership on both sides of the Civil War, were divided on the use of military force in a lesser conflict to assault Mexico City and force the annexation.  168 years later; the demographic annexation of the southwestern U.S. perhaps willed and supported by U.S. leadership?
The MOT is an ongoing thing.  Sometimes events are predicted pointedly, perfectly, such as 9/11 where the date of 9/11/2001 is identifies the number of innocent deaths that day (cumulative line 2693 plus chapter line 283) and the acrostic/telestic message "Path to WAR."  Sometimes its just an echo of an ongoing process as implied in the above bullets.

Now, both the 168 and 100 year cycles.  The former, 168 years and its reflection in TTTTA, reconciles perfectly to 1/15th the Biblical Great Week reckoned from "the Exile" and as recounted many times in essays offered heretofore.  The latter, from what might it reconcile?  Perhaps:

168 years / Phi = 103.83 rounded to 100

I certainly don't know, but it's an interesting thought. 

Lots of echoing seemingly going on in both the 100-year and 168-year cycles.

[Ominously, the above map of the southeastern US and the green area seem uncomfortably similar to the battle lines of the first Allied Enemy campaign of the fictional "Great War in the Air" which I have interpreted as a time line of natural seismic disasters.]

Jim Ross

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anagram scrabble; "Look Thru Tunnel for Giddy Barrack Obama Winning the Throne"

If you've worked with online anagram solvers, you know that the more letters you give them, the longer they take to give word solutions.  And the more letters, the more solutions.  Just reading the solutions for a modest number of submitted letters to see if any make sense typically takes an unreasonable amount of time.

However, some solutions just pop out at you.  Take the previous essay in which the words WD Gann and Sadie H Gann appearing on their monument produce not only an intelligible phrase but one that makes sense.  Why does it make sense?  Months ago I proposed that Mr. Gann knew exactly when he would die.  This phrase generated from their combined names indicate that determinism was in the works from their birth.  If you believe in determinism, its a confirmation.  If you don't, you might find the implication, well, uncomfortable.

So, a bigger anagram scrabble.  Let's take the full title of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940 by WD Gann" that you find on the inside title page.

Solved, unsolved, corrected and re solved.  Well, at least one solution.  It took me maybe an hour, a good soaking in a hot tub, and an "allowance."  The allowance was for the numbers comprising "1940."  In Luo Clement's table of Pythagorean values a 1 could be an 'a' or a 'j' or an 's.'  A 9 could be an 'i' or an 'r.'  A 4 could be a 'd,' 'm,' or 'v.' '0' is a problem as there aren't any letters to substitute for '0.'
So, one hour, a good hot tub soaking, a little Pythagorean letter for number substitution, and correction of a mindless error gives me:

"Look Thru Tunnel for a giddy Barack Obama winning the thr0ne."  The substitutions are in red.  The one non Pythagorean substation is an "o" for "0".  The letter 'o' for zero.  Would seem appropriate....a bit of poetic license Mr. Gann? 

Except for the 'o' for '0', the message is perfect.  It uses every letter with only the allowance of substituting a, i and d for 1, 9, and 4, respectively.  It doesn't use any letter twice.  And the substitution is something Mr. Gann (Luo Clement in my long held opinion) would consider a meaningful activity; err, I think he would.

Does the message make sense?  Yes, there is a substantial contingent of "right wingers" "set in their ways" "clinging to their guns and Bibles" who believe President Obama will not go quietly into that retired politician goodnight.  Our leader for.... '0'.  For infinity?

I am sure there are alternate products of all the letters of TTTTA including the author's letters.  Please do provide any that you may conceive in the "comments" below.  Three conditions or rules.  You must use every letter, must not use any letters twice, and there must be a contemporary message that makes sense.  Mr. Gann wan't much of a jokester.  He seemed a very serious person.

Yes, long ago I found Barrack Obama in the acrostic/telestic wording.  It is a zig-zag word with a very unclear message.  Not a defensible message that I'd offer.

Mr. Gann's gravestone as previously mentioned, 30"X30"X8".  30X8=240 or 1776 plus 240 to equal 2016.  The 240th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. representative democracy under the Constitution of the United States... the 4th of July, 2016.

A king to end the 240th year?  Hard to decide whether its the facetious and conservative side of WD Gann or whether its a serious prediction.  No opinion here, but I'll be looking for the places in TTTTA where previously I found President Obama encoded.  After all, that's where Mr. Gann clearly tells me to look.

Wow, now that I look at it, the four letters that are derived by substitution from 1940; they spell a word.  They spell "road." What's that all about?  Often, in WD Gann research, I have found that what is missing might be a suggestion to something far more important.  

"Road."  A path to somewhere that we are not. 

Jim Ross

[Petter Amundsen did somewhat that which I accomplished above with certain of the letters and words of the title of TTTTA based upon his suspicion that it indicated a WD Gann methodology related to the lunar return.  Very very intuitive.  In fact, I owe having found acrostic and telestic encoding of TTTTA to Mr. Amundsen who, apparently, became side tracked with the Shakespeare/Stratford-on-Avon controversy and Oak Island.  In his book on Oak Island he found acrostic / telestic messages that led to Lord Francis Bacon as a contributor, at least, to certain Shakespearean works.  That I can find, Petter did not discover that encoding in TTTTA.  There is a paper of his in the public domain on the title of TTTTA and the lunar return.]

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"A shaman died willing - Gann"

Recall from the previous essay, the synchronicity formed of William D. Gann's age when he died and what would appear to be one of his most cherished Bible verses (Mathew 7:7 alone was repeated a notable 3 times in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" once formally and twice in paraphrase).  His life span was 77 years and 12 days which corresponds Chapter 7 of the Sermon on the Mount:

I have often considered, "Did WD Gann know when he was going to die?"  I confirmed that thought partially based on an incorrect line count in the WD Gann "Map of Time" several months ago in an essay, "Did WD Gann predict when he would die?"  Still, there are indications in that essay that he knew the number of his days.  [I do not go back and correct or eliminate essays.  They are simply the record and I forgive myself my mistakes.  I've become very forgiving these days.]

What if, just what if, his name was an anagram for a message.  No, his name alone didn't work so well.  Let's look at his grave stone to see what is actually spelled there (picture taken on the August 1, 2015 second trip and GPS screenshot taken on the November 15, 2015 third trip):

I'm going to disregard the "Beloved wife" comment as an obligatory social comment of tribute and concentrate on exactly how the names are spelled.

William D. Gann - Sadie H. Gann

I took the liberty of inserting a hyphen.  What would those letters, rearranged, spell?  Here's one spelling that uses every letter and none more than once:

You might want to consider the voluminous research devoted to the concept of the 'shaman' at this point.  And then reprise the question, did Mr. Gann know the number of his and Sadie's days?

There is so very very much more to add in researching this stone but I've said much before, I've discovered much since and much just this morning.  Too much for the limited attention span of most people yet nothing which a truly inquiring mind would discover with only this coaxing.  I will, therefore, pose numbers previously suggested which would seem most timely.

The upper die of the stone is 30"X30"X8."  Eliminating the redundancy, 30X8=240.  And the combined life span of WD and Sadie Gann was 77+53=130.  

240 years is the age of the U.S. this July 4, 2016.  This year is the 130th since the Statue of Liberty (which can be seen from Mr. Gann's grave in winter when the trees are bare) was dedicated in 1886.  A third number might be derived and might further triangulate on and describe 2016; the number 240 - 130 = 110.  Triangulating and searching backwards from 2016 to 1906 (2016-110=1906), what happened in 1906 of note?  What non fictional event occurred in 1906?

Might you find 1906 in the first paragraph of the first numbered page (1 and 1 or 11) of TTTTA?

There is so very very much more but so little time... but just one more.  It would take too much space and the reader, if the reader even got this far, would have lost the trail by then, to say how I get to the next assertion.  I'll simply make it and you can make of it that which you have faith to do:

Ezekiel 33:33, did a prophet walk amongst us?  Are we to realize this in the aftermath of something?

[With discomfort I point out you might recognize the number 33 from previous essays.  And to point out a unique property of the MOT, that dates of solstices always align on or within 1 line of the same line just at the two red highlighted dates so align above.]

So very very much more.

Jim Ross


Friday, June 10, 2016

77 and 12; Did it begin? Or is it another warning, a shaking?

A 5.2M earthquake, with aftershocks, hit Barrito Springs CA at 8:04am UTC or within 4 minutes of midnight June 9/10, 2016 (PST not PDT).  It is shaded in blue in the below USGS map.

As most readers are aware, I predicted a devastating earthquake to occur among Hoover Dam, LA and SF on February 23, 2016.  That did not occur.  But the largest U.S. earthquake in more than a year did occur that day in Wasco, CA.  It was 4.9M.  People in SF and LA would not have felt it.

With my greatest level of interpretation "comfort," I felt the symbolic destruction of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and LA staged in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" would be realized in real time on June 9, 2016.  Again, I am wrong.  But NBC reported some 16 million people were in the area that would have felt it last night...if they were awake.

But in being wrong, perhaps its by degree.  Perhaps February 23 and June 9 are last warnings.  That my making these, personally felt errors, would not be warnings without my "chicken little" behavior.

Per morning news, again, the tremor and aftershocks were felt by an estimated 16M people.

Per morning news, the 5.2M is now the largest U.S. earthquake (lower 48) in more than a year.  I will need to check just how far back that goes, seems that was a 6.3 in the north west this year.

Per morning news, seismic "experts" insist there isn't any connection with the 6.1M Nicaragua quake that hit Puerto Morazan at 5 hours earlier than the 5.2M in California.  Do you believe that?

Per morning news, the San Jacinto fault that was activated last night will not necessarily stimulate the proximate and dreaded San Andreas fault.  Does that give you comfort?

If you live 1000 feet above sea level in LA in a single level, single family home, should you feel comfortable?  Again, one contributing scientist to the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning "The Really Big One" indicates surviving the "big one" in an affected area might be worse than perishing.  Think about that.

I had much personal introspection overnight.  Yesterday, I was chided by a friend living in LA 1000 feet above sea level, "I'm still here this beautiful morning."  Fleetingly, part of me wants something bad to happen to prove my insight.  A personal victory for me.  Isn't that the way of the world these days?  And I resolve, as best an imperfect person can, I won't be that way.  That is not what WD Gann would have taught.  That is not what Jesus taught in Mathew 7:7-12, ask, seek, find and.... wish for others what you would have wished for yourself.  The Sermon on the Mount.

Hmmm, Mathew 7:7-12.  Mr. Gann passed on June 18, 1955 having lived... 77 years 12 days.

I didn't do that....Synchronicity.

Jim Ross

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I knew this before I forgot it

WD Gann repeated key concepts in his "The Tunnel Thru the Air" much as Philo of Alexandria recommended to force the reader to perceive the importance.

In connection with the "6th Manifest Prophecy" I researched the number of occurrences of the word "Ata" referring to his prediction of Muhammad Ata and the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Separately, given a long fixation on page 130 of TTTTA and its first sentence "God forbid that America ever turn away from the Bible" I had noticed the repetition of the last stanza of the "adapted" poem "My Bible and I" (from The Logos, vol 44, page 41):

On line 5033 you find the beginning of the last four lines of the poem.  Robert Gordon was so impressed with the truth of these lines, he repeated them on line 5075.

There are 15 instances of "Ata" in TTTTA.  There were 15 terrorists on the 3 airplanes that successfully attacked the WTC and Pentagon on 9/11.  And in just 40 lines of TTTTA's 15341 lines, there are two of the instances.  Of course, we can spell "Mohammed" as is highlighted in blue in a near arrow like formation, pointing left to right.

Let me call your attention to the line in yellow....  Mohammed Ata "put error to flight."

Perhaps, Mr. Gann is emphasizing a key event in the history of the U.S.?  Assuredly.  But, as you might expect, there is far far more.

There are other important words spelled in the above excerpt but I'll not confuse what's presented with a lot of colors.  Steven Hahn informed me you can spell the words "Stealth Bomber" with the acrostic and telestic letters found between lines 5035 and 5066.  And you can. They are not nicely ordered as are the very clear words "Ata."

So what's the "tell?"

Look for the light green shaded date above and ask yourself "When was the Stealth Bomber unveiled?"  November 22, 1988 per History.com.

What an amazing page, that page 130 of TTTTA.  The number of years Sadie and WD Gann lived.  The 6 asterisks, inexplicably found in one and only one place in TTTTA and found in one and only once place in Luo Clement's (WD Gann IMO) "The Ancient Science of Numbers" on page 45.

And to circle back, is not "God forbid that America ever turn away from the Bible" the underlying thesis of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's "The Harbinger."  Is not 9/11 the first warning?

Sadly, it is relatively easy to identify Mr. Gann's prophecies in hindsight.  I was remarking to a friend yesterday that it would take even the most vacant minded person not to recognize the obviously misspelled "Mammouth Building" aka "the 110-story Mammouth" aka "the Cedar" "the tallest building in NYC" was, the fictional representation of the World Trade Center.

Figuratively speaking, American Airlines flights 11 and 77 and United Airlines flight 175 were much like the Stealth Bomber.

Back to hindsight.  It's easy to see the importance and correlation of 110-story to the WTC once the event has occurred.  It wouldn't have been so easy to see it before the first attack in 1993.  Finding Mr. Gann's forthcoming events yet to occur...well, that's not so easy.  Lots of mistakes when you have to 'imagine' what is being said in code.  So it is with today's prediction of a Pacific Ocean event that affects Los Angeles;  its all clues and interpretation.  Not so readily apparent.

Jim Ross

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 9, 2016 "You've really lost it now, Jim"

I hope the Noxious Ones will be right this time and I am wrong, that "You've really lost it now, Jim."  I'd make that deal in a second.

To leverage on three posts regarding June 5, 2016, I was "pointed" towards page 52 of WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air" by the Pythagorean enumerated name of a popular contemporary person, number 52.  Referring to the page of TTTTA by that number I found the date June 5, 2016 in Ezekiel 8:1 and 8:14 (note the dates in green):

I interpreted that verse to say an event, comparable to the fictional destruction of Los Angeles in TTTTA, would occur on June 5, 2016 (the day and month is in the range from May 29, 2005 to June 11, 2005 and the year is the cumulative line number in red above).  I wrote an essay regarding that interpretation on May 29, 2016 named "June 5, 2016, part 1 of 3."  As I was wrong about the nature of the February 23, 2016 event that did take place (the largest U.S. earthquake in over a year occurred that day), so I was wrong about June 5, 2016.  But, like the error on February 23, only wrong by degree.  As the earthquake on February 23 was smaller than predicted, so the date of the event, June 5, was off...only marginally.  That event will occur June 9, 2016.

There isn't any mention of an event of Biblical proportions on page 52 and, hence, June 5 (which is April 15, 2016 plus 52 days explained in the linked essay) was not the proper date.  Which brings up the content of the entirety of Chapter 5 of TTTTA.  The first paragraph of that chapter is a reflection of Robert Gordon's study of the Bible night and day as he perceived necessary to save his beloved United States.  After that first paragraph, the entirety of the 12 pages of the chapter is scripture and Robert Gordon's interpretation of cited scripture.  Really Mr. Gann, why would you place these boring Biblical things in a fictional book if it were designed to sell copies?

Because you, Mr. Gann, deemed the content of Chapter 5 of immense importance.  Those 12 pages are your prophecy of the events that will occur beginning with that May 29, 2016 essay.  On that line, cumulative line 2021, chapter line 120, "God fell there upon me."  And to the right on that line you will see May 29.  It is the day I caught on to the meaning of Chapter 5.

[As a side, did anything happen on June 5, 2016?  Yes, some of the most vile, disrespectful, even Satanic events that I documented real time, that day.]

There is an interval of time (highlighted in green above) on page 52 that ranges from May 29 to June 11 and that is embraced by the message "sea" highlighted in red above.  The interval begins on the red highlighted line "2016" also above.  May 29, 2016 to June 9, 2016.

There is a comparable period in the 1932 fictional "Great War in the Air" (GWITA) depicted in TTTTA.  Symbolically in 1932, the US fleet was sent to confront the forces of the Allied Enemy, whereupon their entering the Pacific, were destroyed by bombs dropped from a "very high altitude."  Soon thereafter, the City of Los Angeles was destroyed.  In TTTTA, LA was destroyed in the "middle of May" and the fleet was destroyed near shortly beforehand.

In the symbolic 1932 GWITA, Japan declared war in "April 1930" and, assuming that means April 15, the battles aforementioned occurring in the "middle of May" occurred 30 days later.  The next event after LA is the assault on the line from Brownsville to El Paso on exactly August 1.   From those 3 dates (two of which are simple averages or means) are derived three intervals in time of 30, 108 and 78 days:
An initial interval or "initial vibration" of 30 days extrapolates, given reasonable mid month assumptions, to the circle and Phi^2 of the dependent time intervals of 108 and 78 days.  Perfectly. Both of them, perfect and simultaneously perfect.  3.600000 and 2.600000.  Random luck?  Coincidence?

In 2016, Japan, again symbolically, declared war on the U.S. on April 14 and April 15 with two great earthquakes that vibrated around the seismically active Pacific Rim...but no earthquakes in the U.S.  Assuming April 14, 2016 as an anchor date comparable to April 15, 1932, what then is or will be the endpoint of that "initial vibration?"  It is June 9, 2016 reckoned from page 56:

Cut to the chase.  On June 9, 2016 there will be an event comparable to the symbolic destruction of the U.S. fleet in the Pacific in 1932 followed quickly by the destruction of Los Angeles that night through the following day.  At the most extreme, the initial interval could be anchored to April 15 making June 10, 2016 the latest possible date.

To color it further, I believe there will be a deep ocean earthquake off the coast of LA resulting in a tsunami that "destroys" its coast and wreaks havoc throughout the City.  Page 278;  note dates in green:

I have far less authority for this interpretation.  In the 1932 TTTTA attacks, bombs were rained down on the fleet and Los Angeles from a very high altitude.  My interpretation is that great waves will destroy the fleet and the City from far away.  The Pacific Ocean shelf is about 144 miles off the coast of LA.  That distance would be traversed in a matter denominated in less than 2 hours.  The fleet, then the City, just as in 1932.  But waves instead of bombs.

Why page 56?  My authority for predicting this event is found in Chapter 5 of TTTTA and the three "Map of Time" excerpts of this essay.  There are two citations from Chapter 5 including the page 52 cited in the very first paragraph above.  The other citation is from page 56:

Again, note the critical periods in green.  Page 56, the interval of days in green between April 14, 2016 to June 9, 2016.  June 9, 2016, 110 years following the birth of Robert Gordon in 1906 to the exact day.  110 years from the date of the first page of TTTTA.  110, the mathematic result when you multiply the 30" width and 8" depth of WD Gann's grave stone and deduct the total number of years Sadie and WD Gann lived (53+77, respectively).  The date is June 9.  

Now take note of each narrative bold, underlined and italicized word above.  And that is where page 52 was the wrong interpretation and page 56 is the correct one; Ezekiel 35:8.  "And I will fill his mountains with his slain men..."  Nothing happened on page 52 other than the act someone (me) making a prediction on May 29, an incorrect one at that.  On page 56, something is prophesied as happening that kills many people.  My error, page 52, and the correction, page 56.

So as in 1932 the United States preemptively rushed its fleet into the Pacific to be destroyed, the United States has preemptively rushed its coordinated "fleets" of first responders, directed by FEMA, to the Pacific Coast in a simulated response to a great Pacific event of Biblical proportions; Cascadia Rising.  The simulation is ongoing now, spanning June 7 to June 10, 2016.  More than 20,000 Federal and state responders are presently staging Cascadia Rising, and as the fictional Pacific fleet was destroyed in 1932, much of the U.S. response resources might be so destroyed on June 9 and 10, 2016.   

I find great synchronicity between the fictional events of 1932 and events ongoing now in 2016.


The best case scenario is "You've really lost it now, Jim" and, if that proves true, I will consider it a blessing and absorb, again, my lesson in humility.  Richly earned over my lifetime.

On the other hand, the WD Gann "Map of Time" is presently within 13 days of ending its 168-year period and ending a period that, as I've argued, ends a Great Biblical week of 2520 years from the Babylonian Exile.  The former, 1/15th of the latter.  The MOT presently shows our position in time relative to those two endings:

You will find June 9, 2016 on cumulative line 7 and chapter line 7 on the MOT; or 77.  You will see those horizontal solid lines indicate the vacant three pages between the cover and title page.

Cumulative line 7 and chapter line 7; the age at which Mr. Gann passed 77 years and 12 days.  12 days before the summer solstice in 1955.  And tomorrow, June 9, 2016, it will be 12 days before the 2016 summer solstice.  61 years apart.  And what is the last page of Chapter 5?

Lines 7-7, or Mathew 7:7.  How many times did WD Gann cite or paraphrase Mathew 7:7?  We find it 3 times, twice paraphrased (lines 89 and 2749) and once formally cited:

I cannot help but consider the phrase in yellow and the names in red to be other than a sign.  But that's me.

If this essay proves correct, it will only be a beginning of a chronologically determinable series of disasters of Biblical proportion.

[NOTE:  When I hit the publish button, this will be the 333rd essay of this blog presently at 332 published.  You should recall the Pythagorean enumeration of my given name, James, is 12 reduced to 3 and my day of birth in the month of February is 21 reduced to 3.  33 according to Luo Clement's interpretation.  Other than the post number that this essay will represent when published, do you see "33" in any of the inserts above?  Twice would be the answer.]

Jim Ross