Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 13, 2017; math confirmation and the price high

Initially, I identified Friday, October 13, 2017, as a great and lasting high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  It was first based upon the following message found encoded in WD Gann's "The Tunnel thru the Air" and its encoded "Map of Time:"

A full explanation of the subjective message has been posted in immediately preceding essays.  The message includes the acrostic letters "ATTH," highlighted in red.  In my opinion, the message strongly indicates an enduring "All-Time Trading High," an intraday all-time high, will be printed on Friday.  Not a closing high.

The number 22544 is encoded above and should be evident to anyone understanding Mr. Gann's primary cipher table and the encoding methods he used in TTTTA.

The range of trading dates associated with the "ATTH" message are in yellow highlight.  Friday's date was isolated from the range in previous essays by observing that the identified number, 22544, cannot be a new intraday high; that high has already been exceeded.  By logical elimination, the notable 22544, if it is intended to be a notable number, can only be Friday's close.

Claiming WD Gann predicted October 11, 2017 would be a great all-time high might, in itself, be unremarkable.  The encoding of the message is subjective and the skeptics would say its all in the mind of the interpreter; me.  I have that personal skepticism, myself, of myself.  But encoding the exact closing price, should it manifest, would take it out of the realm of debate.  Predicting the date and the close 90 years in advance is beyond any measure of improbability.  And that number is unmistakably encoded in the above message.  It is not subjective.

 New development:
  • As of today, I have confirmed, by simple mathematics and line counts in the MOT using originating market dates of September 3, 1929 and July 8, 1932, that October 11, 2017 will be the highest high of this market, likely ending the bull market that began in March 2009.  The encoded message above is confirmed by mathematics of the MOT.  The dual methods of arriving at the date, October 11, 2017 convince me that Mr. Gann intended to tell us that October 11, 2017 will be an historic market high.
In my opinion of the encoded messages I've provided, Mr. Gann's prediction is October 13, 2017 is the highest intraday high and 22544 will be the closing price.

I am segregating the intraday price high that I believe will occur from Mr. Gann's prediction.  I believe the DJIA intraday high will be 22952.  Declining some 408 points to the Mr. Gann's predicted close would create an unfavorably memorable outside down day.

*** ***

Utterly "impossible." 

Jim Ross

[NOTE:  In the first posting of this essay two hours ago I made a mistake and one of three observations I made were incorrect.  I've removed those components that were based on the error.  What remains is Mr. Gann's prediction as I've judged from the MOT and my projection; consider the sources.]

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