Friday, January 12, 2018

Update 2 January 12, 2018 - after the fact

The WD Gann "Weekly Map of Time" predicted a DJIA pivot for 12:20pm (not 12:21pm):

It did occur.  The pivot predicted by WD Gann worked.

No doubt, I've created confusion because I, me, had an expectation of price.  That did not occur as I've planned.  I have things I'm watching, but for now, my price speculation did not occur.

WD Gann's prediction of a pivot at 12:20pm within the smallest cycle, the 4-minute cycle, did occur. Here is the 4-minute chart:

And here is the 1-minute chart that shows the pivot occurred at 12:18pm.

*** ***

That's three real-time pivots predicted by the "Weekly Map" of Time encoded in "The Tunnel Thru the Air" in the last three days.  Three for three, pretty good Mr. Gann.  Especially good considering the WMOT was published 90 years ago.

Not so good James Ross, you're batting, without flaw as well; about 0 for 3.  Perfect.  Especially bad considering you're trying to interpret math written 90 years ago and your prediction, err speculation, occurred only six hours ago.  

He can predict what he predicts (timing) 90 years in advance and you can't predict what you aspire to predict (price/space) only six hours in advance.

Jim Ross

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