Friday, January 29, 2016


I'll have to defer the letter to my 'house' because I have discovered, if it all proves out, the most incredible of all findings to date.  I need to mark this date with 1/29/2016 because it was one year and one day ago that I suspected how and then proved that suspicion true regarding how WD Gann would prove that my name was purposefully included in "The Tunnel The the Air."  And I conceived this newest and deepest mystery of the acrostic word, "How," one year later, I've near proven it today.  So, I'll post this note to reserve the date which is notable to me.  For the moment, an old encoded phrase I discovered very early on in this journey and the word "HOw" which has for so long haunted me....until now.

"Number is the if and why."  But "how?"


As mentioned, I identified "How" very early on in considering the encoded words of TTTTA.  I was following up on a mystery which led me to the date 7/2/2008 and that date is adjacent to the "O" in "HOw."  One mystery brought be back to one which was unresolved.  And one that I perceived to be the remainder of perhaps the greatest mystery of number, that been "Nbr-if-why-how."

So what was the mystery I was researching?  We know the inspiration by which I discovered the "Map of Time."  Professor Koestler (Nicolas Cage) discovers a similar "Map" of the world's greatest disasters over a 50 year period which had been buried in a time capsule for those 50 years.  He discovers it when toying with the numbers on that map and discovers 9 consecutive digits subdivide into 9/11/01 2996.  The number of deaths on 9/11/01.

Having already a near perfect text of TTTTA in Excel and having counted the lines many times depending on the vertical spacing conventions and the cumulative and chapter line numbers already assigned, I added dates.  I began the dates at the bottom of the 15 thousand lines and, presuming it was a map that would end near 2016 for it to be valuable, I gave it two days per line.  The starting point at the bottom was July 4, 1932 (the end of the fictional war prior to Robert Gordon's 7 days).  On my first try, I didn't see a match between 9/11/2001 and 2996 and was disappointed, though not surprised.  After some head scratching, I saw it.  Note the date of the essay in which I made the discovery of WD Gann's tribute to the victims of 9/11/2001.

After months of finding errors, a change in the "starting point" date to the summer solstice and still a residual error, the MOT is still very close to the 9/11/01 2996 number:

If you add the 301 ascending chapter line number to the descending line number 2698, you get 2999 or 3 off from the total number of deaths that day.  If you add the 2698 cumulative line number to the descending chapter line number of 280 you get 2978 which is one off of the number of innocent victims of 9/11/01 (2996 total minus 19 terrorists).  Can that be a coincidence?

Its a tad closer than that.  That line has 2 dates on it; 9/11/01 and 9/12/01.  I interpret a date in the leftmost position being 1 less than the line numbers.  Hence, I would interpret 2698+301 minus 1 for 9/11/01 being in the left of the two dates.  Hence, the numbers of deaths (total and innocent) are, according to the MOT, 2998 and 2977, respectively.  Differences of 2 and 0, respectively.

Out of the "9/11/01 2996" finding, the WD Gann "Map of Time" was proven to have some level of integrity.  If you pursue the remainder of this essay you will need to understand the MOT and refer to it to verify my work.  I have made it available free of any charge so that I can be backtested and corrected where a substantial correction is need it.

"9/11/01 2996" is just the beginning.  In the movie "Knowing" there is an early segment that immediately follows Professor Koestler's discovery of "9/11/01 2996" in which he feverishly works out every date and number of deaths on his "Knowing" map.  There are fleeting images of dates, numbers of deaths and pictures of events.  My mission of January 28, 2016 was to isolate every one of those dates and compare them to the MOT in the expectation....well, I just didn't know.  Could Mr. Gann have "seen" those dates and deaths and built them into TTTTA as he, apparently, did with "9/11/01 2996?"

He did:

There were 12 events that had a date and number of deaths, of which, I find 9 actually occurred.  The order in which they occurred are in the left most column and the sheet is sorted in chronological order.  I'll explain three items so you get the hang of it.

3/3/74 Turkish Airline 981 crashes.  The movie "Knowing" shows that date and 346 killed.  When you go to that date in the MOT, you find:

The ascending chapter line number is 347 minus 1 because 3/3/74 is in the left column and you have 346 deaths.  Exactly the number actually killed that day both according to "Knowing" and my research.

Do look at the narrative.  Mr. Gann did give a "Tip of the hat" to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, twice as I recall, and I do believe he's giving one to the person who decoded this first item and a clue.  First he brings in the elder Mr. Watson reminiscent of...Sherlock Holmes.  And second, Robert tells us his method is based on science and the law of cycles laid down in the Bible.  I think that noteworthy.  And I'll take Mr. Gann's posthumous "Tip of the hat" with humility.

Before we go on, this can't keep happening this way.  I had conceived I'd have to use the four numbers available in some combination (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to arrive at a close prediction of the number of deaths.  And so it was.  The immediately preceding event was a warm up.  An easy example.  After all, we had to do some mathematic machinations to get the "9/11/01 2996" answer.

9/19/1985 Mexico City earthquake killing 10153.  The ascending cumulative line number of 9725 plus the ascending chapter of 388 gives us 10113; only 40 off from the actual.

12/26/2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami aka the Christmas earthquake/tsunami killing 229,866 according to "Knowing." There's a story to that.  The "Knowing" news clip says that many thousands may lie beneath the waters and rubble.  When I look up the details in Wikipedia, its capsulation at the right says that "230,000 to 280,000" died.  We simply don't know with reasonable accuracy.  For that reason, for this one item, I took the average in the spreadsheet at 255,000.

So what is the closest I can get out of the combination of the four numbers available to me?  Here is the MOT excerpt:

And from those numbers we may arrive at 260,028:

The MOT is off by 5,028.  Or is it?

Summary of 9 events.  Taking the 9 events in "Knowing" which were actual historical events, the cumulative deaths were 278,077 versus the MOT's 283,167 as "constructed" from the 4 numbers.  Of the 5,090 difference, 5,028 related to the Indian Ocean event.  The remaining 9 events were, therefore, off a net of 62.  And most (7 out of 9) were close, if not exact.

And that major Indian Ocean difference of 5,028; well, who might be correct?  Wikipedia, that admits a variance of 50,000 (230,000 - 280,000)?  Or Mr. Gann's point estimate?  I'd think Mr. Gann in 1927 knew the real number better than Wikipedia in 2016.  But that's me.

And that 12th event that was misdated on the "Knowing" map; 17/2/08?  The final event I evaluated and found never existed; it brought me face to face with "How."  From the end of one enigma to give me a piece needed to begin to answer another.


I've tried this exercise with dates that were not in the movie "Knowing" with mixed results.  My thought on that is Mr. Gann "saw" the movie "Knowing" and designed TTTTA and the MOT to "work out" the number of deaths accordingly.  

Standing alone, the "9/11/01 2996" prediction made in 1927 by WD Gann is vastly persuasive.  There's hardly any explaining how a person, unless they be dedicated to randomness, can deny the determinism of finding both the number of deaths and number of innocent deaths as did the MOT.  Now we have 9 more instances of foresight, of determinism that are, in their cumulative, vastly more persuasive.  Ten in total which reduces to the "1."  

"Ten" and I discovered this today.  I am told the Egyptian daughter of Ra,  Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra  considered the number 10 as the name of God.  And this is what I found just below "How:"

Ten spelled twice in red with Ra spelled in yellow and a second time if you read it ascending as well as descending.  I count the word "Ten" spelled 20 times in the vertical acrostics/telestics but the zig-zag "ten" above is not within that count.  It would make 21 but there may be more.  That word was spelled a lot.  And one last thought on 10...the greatest earthquake ever record was the 1960 Valdivia, Chile earthquake at 9.5.  Two of the many foreshocks dwarfed the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

"How" did he do it?  Does it matter if the time is not to be "shortened?"  Until he confirmed his thought of what the "Numbers" meant, Professor Koestler was dealing with the "If" these things are true.  What was Professor Koestler's questions to himself upon confirming his thoughts of the date of the end?

Why do I learn these things now?
How am I supposed to save the world?

"Number is the if and why."  And "how."

I'd planned on ending this series of essays with a letter to my family regarding predicted forthcoming events and a February 25, 2016 essay in light of the outcome of the first predicted date.  When this project turned out as it did, I considered it evidence that might be that which is necessary for any person sitting on the fence of believing in Mr. Gann's foresight...and sitting on the fence regarding preparation.  Now, with 1 essay left to 266, I'm not sure how I'll end this series.  There is such a mountain of evidence do I need to find and document still more?  Its fun for an obsessive to work the puzzle knowing he'll find something.... and I'm sure that Mr. Gann buried multiples more than I've discovered.  The guaranteed Pavlovian self reward.  But the marginal utility for anyone reading it would be small.  If you dismissed the foregoing, you'd dismiss any incremental discoveries.

If you are so disposed to believe the evidence, the "miracles" as I call them, then I would recommend a re reading of the next previous essay.  I am not in any way wavering in my belief that Mr. Gann has warned us out of his unfailing foresight derived from his study of the unfailing Bible.  In my estimation, the later two, one of which was dependent on the other, was and is perfect.  The truth of that which is conveyed in TTTTA, as interpreted by me, is dependent only on my perception of what is written.  If nothing else, I did the best I could.

Jim Ross

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A challenge; "Draw me a picture of what the future is going to look like."

"Draw me a picture of what the future is going to look like."

"Maybe it means something, like a map or something."

"I've matched these numbers to the dates to every global disaster of the last 50 years in perfect sequence; earthquakes, fires, tsunamis.  The next number on the chain predicts tomorrow, somewhere on the planet, 81 people are going to die, in some kind of tragedy."

"Systems that find meaning in numbers are a dime a dozen.  Why?  Because people see what they want to see."

"The numbers are a warning."

"What happens when the numbers run out?"


In the movie, "Knowing," we have a perfect "map" of thought laid out which we may follow. 

The plot and evidence.  Fictional Lucinda Embry drew a picture, a map, of numbers that, 50 years later and without theretofore discovery, re-told a troubled astrophysics professor, John Koestler, the great tragic events of those 50 years, and the last 3 events yet to occur.  He proved the numbers to events that had occurred and as those last 3 events occurred.  Entirely fictional but thoughtful.

Ultimately, Professor Koestler could not refute the truth of the Lucinda Embry's map.

WD Gann drew a picture, "Map of Time," or MOT, of the future in his 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air"  and encoded it into the acrostic/telestic words and into mathematic devices found in "The Tunnel Thru the Air."   The MOT was proven on September 11, 2015 by the same method the Professor proved Lucinda's map.  Many of those encoded words and devices are as clear in intention and content as the perfection of mathematics.  There's an abundance of confirmation and/or collateral messages that create a web of evidence and confound the intellectually honest but otherwise doubtful:
The miracle in plain sight; can a trader, Mr. Gann, followed by an auditor on the NYSE floor, and without an electronic calculator much a computer, enter 286 trades in 25 days and incur only 22 losses?  Is that statistically possible under the most generous interpretation of "random walk?"

The challenge.  Any person of math and logic cannot, in Emerson and Swedenborg's concept of "intellectual character," dismiss and avoid the truth of these facts and circumstances as evidence.  Yet, without any consideration, Professor Koestler's presentation of the "map" is rejected by his learned associate as a system not worth a "dime a dozen."  Similarly, within minutes of my presentation of the 7th Prophecy, I was attacked as "having lost it."  There wasn't time for consideration of the evidence...simply an intellectually bigoted reaction to such an affront of the norm of thinking.

So the challenge to Professor Koestler was, "can these things of so vastly improbable proportions be cast aside without due consideration?"  Can a person of "intellectual character" convict without trial?

The evidence in real time.  In a series of events, the Professor experienced in real time the evidence; there was the Gulf oil rig disaster (water), the airplane terrorist disaster (air), the subway attack (land) and, finally, the solar flare (fire).  Fictional of course.

Similarly, we have dates in the WD Gann Map of Time and some varying evidence of their importance, February 21-24, March 2-19, May 9 and October 19 of 2016.  The first of the dates, February 21-24, and more specifically, February 24, and its expected nature, is sourced and documented in many essays.  The remaining dates are not consequential unless the first is "proven by time," as Mr. Gann might say, as true.

That date, February 24 is very consequential to perhaps "one third" of all persons in our nation and, perhaps the world, given that a great percentage of all persons live within 50 miles of coastal areas.

Should the predicted events of February 24 prove true, then, as Professor Koestler experienced, all of our perceptions of reality and faith will change.  We will have seen the evidence in real time.

The numbers are a warning.  What happens when the numbers run out?  According to the method I have identified in the WD Gann "Map of Time" I believe we reach the end of the numbers (the 168th year of the MOT cycle) and we "begin again."  But that's just a method, not a truth.

Mr. Gann reprises the words of Mark 13:20 and Mathew 24:22 three times in TTTTA:

The number of page 89 plus the year in which TTTTA was published, 1927, is 2016.  Personally, I conclude the numbers will start again but not before the tribulation of which they warn.


I've been watching a number I noticed this week.  A bright line in the research I've presented in this blog was my first realization that Mr. Gann intended his work be interpreted as having meaning in our generation; upon the election of the 266th Pope.  As all things in this endeavor, it took weeks or months to understand that spark of imagination and then prove the lengths to which Mr. Gann went to confirm that importance.  The message of the 266th Pope is that TTTTA's encoded messages are meant for our generation....for now.

So, that number I've been following is near an end.  I didn't intend it this way; it just happened.  This essay will be my 264th since I started as an ignorant believer in the randomness of all things, mystified at the apparent but in-decodable order of numbers:

I plan a letter, a 265th essay, to my family from the least of its spiritually enlightened which I hope will inspire them to do what is necessary to have removed from the West Coast their loved ones.  I will use it as my guide when I visit them in their homes and try to explain to them my concern.  I will be in hazardous territory, the home of a distinguished minister and in another home of a long studied and dedicated Christian.  Again, I am the least in their company but will do my best.

The last essay, the 266th of this series, I expect to write on about February 25, 2016.  In my former philosophy of life it would be a "how stupid was I to write these things" type of essay.  This time it will follow one of two paths depending on the events or lack of events of February 21-24.  If the events prove true, then the essay will reprise thoughts of beginning again.  If false, I will not accuse myself of the vanity of being wrong but express the blessing of having been wrong.  I'm forever the better for this journey; I'll be wrong but I won't, as I once naively remarked, be the 'goat.'  Either way I'll view the result as "His will be done."

The challenge to you, a person appreciative of the exactness and perfection of numbers, is to consider the evidence.  Its easy for me because I saw a miracle of numbers in real time.  You, on the other hand, haven't that experience.  You do have the mountain of miracles of improbability which I've documented.  If you concentrate on only one, consider the most recent "Tip the hat" which finds both mathematic perfection and foresight confirmed in the movie "San Andreas."  Ask yourself, "Can this vastly improbable foresight happen?"  Mr. Gann could create the enigma, yes.  Could he, in 1927, foresee the phrase "Tip the Hat" included in the 2015 movie, San Andreas?  "Can this happen?"

And then, what do you do about it?  I offer a thought of how Mr. Gann might respond:

Signs. "No sign shall be given, but the sign of the prophet Jonas."  If you have not done so, you need to see the movie, the picture, San Andreas.


It has been an honor to have my thoughts considered by persons of intellectual character,

Jim Ross

Monday, January 25, 2016

"Tip the hat" - San Andreas, TTTTA and the Kepler Triangle

In reviewing the movie San Andreas, I've come upon an acrostic phrase "Tip the hat" which figured prominently in the movie and is found in WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  Unlike thought to be debatable single acrostic/telestic words, multiple phrases comprised of acrostic/telestic words spaced at repeating intervals between the phrase components, such as the "Tao device," prove the author's intentionally encoding that message.  If the phrase is an event yet to occur, then you must deal with the proposition of the author's foresight.  "Tip the hat" displays both; intention and foreknowledge.  But first, the movie and the simple acrostic/telestic words.

The 2015 movie, "San Andreas," has already been cited in terms of its encoding in WD Gann's 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air."  In that previous essay, we find the words for Hoover Dam and tectonic plates as children messages of the greater message "Ring In Fire."  To supplement, and I am not going to provide all of the narratives, we find the following principle characters:

Ray Grimes, the Los Angeles Fire Department first responder, played by the "Rock" Dwayne Johnson, is found on lines 143-146 of the WD Gann Map of Time.  The narrative is not noteworthy.

Emma Grimes, Ray's soon to be ex, can be found at line 2194 as "emah." The narrative is entirely noteworthy as it describes what you visually see when you watch the movie:

Ollie, an early teen who accompanies his brother, Daniel, and meets Blake, Rays daughter, the three of whom wander the apocalyptic San Francisco, trusting that Ray and Emma would save them.  Dan and Blake are not pivot but Ollie is.  Blake displays her knowledge of practical things and there comes a time when the three must make a choice.  They must choose to follow the stream of people walking towards the Bay, or do as Blake says, they must go uphill, against the hordes to find a place where her father, in his helicopter, can save them.  Dan wants to follow the crowd.  Ollie convinces his brother with an argument similar to "You have seen the things she can do, do you follow those who have not shown you these things?"  I am reminded of the many exhortations in the Bible of "you have seen these things I have done, go and tell others."  I am reminded of the first line of Marie's letter of disappearance "According to your faith, be I unto you" or Mathew 9:29 and others. Ollie can be found as "olie" at line 10518.  The truth from a child perhaps?

Los Angeles Fire Department, the employer of Ray, is one of the first words you see in the movie (its on Rays hard helmet aside his name) and, as if to confirm the finding of Ray's acrostic reflection in TTTTA, we as well find "lfd" as a telestic word at line 2001.  I find the attendant narrative meaningful but that's me:

There's far more in acrostics/telestics that are compelling.  But the above word 'signs' dwarf in comparison to more 'perfect' and objective information.  Three far more important messages.

Tip the Hat

I give this acrostic phrase "Tip the Hat" the separate subsection emphasis comparable to its immense improbability.  Ponder that.  Mr. Gann gives us, in his 1927 "TTTTA, the Rock, Dwayne Johnson's exact words in the 2015 movie, "San Andreas."  Mr. Gann gives us those words 3 times separated by a rational mathematic sequence indicating absence of randomness; those phrases were intelligently and intentionally created.  Proof of design and proof of foresight.

Tip the Hat is both a telestic/acrostic phrase that proves the mathematic integrity of the Map of Time using the Tao device.  In short, when we find a marker word such as "TAO" and a suspected target, such as "WAR" then we need to look equidistant from the words to discover "to."  Then, we have mathematically proven, amid an infinity of improbability, the intent of the author to create the phrase "Tao to War" or, interpreted "Path to War."  The prophecy of 9/11 is thus mathematically proven to have been purposefully encoded into TTTTA.

"Tip the hat" is a dramatic and dangerous helicopter maneuver which Ray performs in the first scene of San Andreas.  A helicopter, in order to insert itself between two cliffs, must radically rock itself, tip itself, to get below an overhanging cliff and between the two peaks.  From there Ray and crew are able to access, by line and winch, an accident victim clinging to a lower perch of the cliff.  

So I said to myself, would Mr. Gann have so encoded that key phrase?  He did; in three places.  The first was easy to 'falling off a cliff' you might say.  First, I find 3 telestic/acrostic occurrences of "tip," 10 occurrences of "the" and 8 occurrences of "hat" on line numbers as follows:
My objective is to find a mathematic rule that will find the "the" between the "Tip" and the "hat."  If I do, then I can satisfy myself that Mr. Gann designed this proof and that the proof included his foreknowledge of the movie, San Andreas.  

There are 3 lines where we find "Tip;" 6515, 10874 and 12081.  Either Mr. Gann created a systematic function that "squares up" or extrapolates out those there lines to mathematically create three phrases of "tip the hat" or all that I have studied about Mr. Gann's mathematic approach is untrue.  I know an algorithm will be there.  Its taken me hours, days; I believe the below only scratches the surface.

Line 6515.  The first line was as easy as the latter two lines were...problematic.  I found the first "the" the old fashioned way, I used endpoints of the phrase and looked in between.  Since I suspected Mr. Gann counted lines in ascending fashion, I used the lowest "marker" word on line 6515 and then the lowest target word above line 6515 or 6671 and said to myself, there must be a "the" in between 6515 and 6671.  And there was; it was line 6619.  It was 2/3rds the 156 interval between 6515 and 6671; exactly 2/3rds and it is highlighted in yellow below.  Easy.

Where in the tao device the word "to" was equidistant between "tao" and "war," this altered device is 2/3rds above the marker, "tip" or 1/3rd below the target "hat."

Line 10874.  We have a problem.  If you take the marker line 10874, there aren't any target lines that exceed 10874; the highest was 9812.  I need to find a marker that works in mathematics 2/3rds harmony with the midpoint "the."

So what does this mean?  I interpret it to mean we progress from the marker to the end of the sequence, the last line number 15340, and then "start again" as Mr. Gann told us how to count digits after the digit, 9.  Its circular, we 'start again.'  The 2/3rds interval, then, is from the marker to 15340 plus then from the line number of the first "the."  That will be 2/3rds of the total interval which we multiply by 3/2 to extrapolate from the original marker to the target.

We have another problem...unlike the first iteration that was perfect and gave us the 2/3rd calculation, there aren't any "expected" line numbers that match the actual line numbers.  The closest we get is the green highlighted 1281 expected line number and the 1210 actual line number which are 71 lines apart (70.5 if you count a decimal).

Let's table line 19874 for the moment and look at the 3rd and last "tip" line 12091.

Line 12091.  It happened again.  Extrapolating each "Tip" and "the" interval by 2/3rds we do not have a match between the expected line and an actual line containing "the."  The closest we get is highlighted in blue, a failure by 71 lines, and the next closest we get is highlighted in purple, a failure by 114 lines.

Has the algorithm failed?  Do we have an absence of a system Mr. Gann may have designed to supplement the already recognizable improbability of "Tip the hat" occurring in both 1927 TTTTA and 2015 San Andreas?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Mr. Gann would, in my mind, never miss such a teachable moment for someone who has worked so hard.

Always looking at the numbers, I'm starting to notice something.  There seems to be some relationships in those remainders 70.5, 71 and 114.  Yes, there is:

We have the sides of the Kepler triangle, 1, Phi, Phi ^2:


It appears we have a progression of remainders that form the proportions of the Kepler triangle.  I don't know what it means.  But I know it isn't random.  I have so many more questions regarding every one of those line numbers and their resolution but there simply is not enough time.  The main point; Mr. Gann had an opportunity to design a mathematic system out of the "Tip the hat" encoded phrase that demonstrates both his intent and his foresight... I am satisfied he did.  But that's me.


I believe there is a lot more to the "tip the hat" proof and my intuition tells me it goes to the heart of how time cycles might be mathematically constructed; a progression of exponents and relations among diatonic tones (note, there are 8 permutations above similar to 8 notes in the diatonic scale and 7 intervals).  But that's my imagination and I go down as many (far more) dead ending paths than otherwise.

What is apparent from the whole of the above is the several important words that demonstrate the foresight; that WD Gann saw the emergence of the movie San Andreas and he wanted us to take notice.  The integrity of the "tip of hat" would be only a "tip of the hat" to the detective who solves it or to the one who envisioned it.

In addition to all of the above, I believe Mr. Gann wants us to heed the simple conversation Ollie has with his brother;  "You have seen these things she could do.  We do not need to follow the crowd.  We need to follow her."

Sound familiar? 

Jim Ross

A post publication note important to me.  When I found the first of 3 instances of "tip the hat" formed a perfect 2/3rds relation of spacing intervals, I breathed a sigh and believed the remaining 2 phrases would be easy to prove as being 'systemic.'  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  That was not the case.  The closest I could come out of all the permutations of locations of the three words comprising the phrase was a 70.5 line remainder.  So I skipped to the 3rd observation of "tip" to see if I could do better.  At first, I found one that was 114 lines off and pretty much immediately recognized the first and third remainders gave me 114/70.5= 1.617...Phi.  But it just didn't exhibit a system among the three....just two of the three observations.

I worked for hours.  I slept on it and worked for hours again.  I knew the system was there.  I knew Mr. Gann would hide it deeply but it would be there.  And then, I turned off the TV that keeps me company every day and I prayed that I would find the system.  Praying in the middle of the day.

Within an hour of that prayer I found the second line spacing error in the 3rd observation which was 71.  I then had 71/70.5=1 and 114/70.5=Phi and (114+71)/70.5=Phi^2.  The four best results of the 2/3rds rule had remainders that form the sides of the Kepler Triangle.  Mathew 7:7.  JR


Sunday, January 24, 2016

...but the sign of the prophet Jonas...

We wake up this morning after a great storm has swept the east coast of the United States:

The much debated page 69 of WD Gann's 1927 "The Tunnel Thru the Air:"

This is the same number, "69" that perfectly predicts the 9/11 tragedy extrapolated from July 4, 1932 (the last battle of the fictional Great War in TTTTA) to September 11, 2001 as recounted in the 6th Prophecy; July 4, 1932 plus 69 years plus 69 days and the opposite of day and night brings you to within 1 minute of Muhammad Ata's flight 11 departing from Logan International Airport (this exact calculation is further explained in the link to the 6th Prophecy and not elaborated here).

Point blank:

  • The Bible and Scriptures are the key to all knowledge,  
  • Ask, seek, find (one of several iterations of Mathew 7:7),
  • A prophet will be without honor in his own house as was Robert Gordon,
  • An evil generation seeks a sign,
  • No sign shall be given but for the sign of Jonas,
  • ....all the power under heaven and earth,
  • "I believe that that is the key to the interpretation of the future." 
Powerful statements.   Twice repeated on this page are "the key" and " sign shall be given..."

Recall the Book of Jonah, a great storm tosses the ship carrying the reluctant Prophet Jonas whose divine task is to proclaim judgement on Nineveh.  Adding to his woes, the crew doesn't like his message and casts him overboard where he is engulfed by a whale for 3 days and 3 nights (permutations of which numbers create the digits that comprise number 69) before God encourages the fish to expel Jonas to continue his mission.  Once complete, Nineveh repents and we see the merciful God.  There continue to be issues between Jonas and God.

You might note that the Book of Jonah and the personage of Jonas are spelled differently.  I am told by persons who understand the old languages, there is a nuance that causes and permits the different spellings. 

I don't know what to make of this great record setting storm Jonas which is reportedly affecting 80 million people on the east coast.  Am I supposed to claim the storm Jonas is a sign?  Need I do so beyond the unmistakable implication of this essay and the name itself?

I did not name this storm.

Obviously, the questions; A sign perhaps?  Of what?  I'd say 'do the math' but there isn't a calculator for this.  We have only Emerson/Swednborg's concept of "intellectual character" as your arbiter which has been offered once before on this blog and, at risk of pedantry, is offered again:

Jim Ross

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Big One, part 3, Mapping the "Ring In Fire"

I remember my dad instructing me to find the "who, what, where and when" to understand the event and then the "how and why" to understand the cause.  Most, likely, have a similar reflection.  Gurdjieff says to "know" something we need to know what came before and after it, what is above and below it, what it is a part of and what is a part of it....or something like that.  We need to know a lot.  What did Mr. Gann want us to know...presuming, of course, he "knew?"

From the first essay in this series and derived from WD Gann's "The Tunnel Thru the Air," we have the "Ring in Fire" and its implications for our near future speculated upon by the New Yorker; the "what" and the "who."  We have the "when," that being February 21-24, 2016, derived in many many essays addressing those dates of concern found in the WD Gann "Map of Time."   The "what" discerned in many essays and particularly, this one, is an earthquake and the "who" would logically be answered as a function of the "where."

The "where."  From the second essay of this series, we find acrostic/telestic MOT message indications of the Cascadia subduction fault, the tectonic plates, the San Andreas fault and the Hoover Dam; we have an outline of the "where."  This essay will find the a more elaborate "map," as outlined by WD Gann in an important paragraph of "The Tunnel Thru the Air." This essay, then, provides that map of concern.

The geographic map found in TTTTA as suggested by a reader, Danny, along with the acrostics "Abif" and "emsy:"

Danny came upon the above paragraph of interest in the context of following up on the essay, "Einstein's Cat."  In that context, the renowned equation "E=MC^2" would appear to have been artfully included above in "emsy."  That's how we got to this paragraph.

Most interesting is "abif," connoting Hiram Abif, the architect and manager of building King Solomon's temple who, according to Masonic allegory (according to my imperfect knowledge of the latter), was confronted by three criminals demanding his secret knowledge. The great and ancient knowledge died with him when he refused.  We also find "taw" having Masonic meaning of the triangle and its properties.  And we also find "Tarot" which according to some contains the great ancient numerical meanings handed down by the least of us; Gypsies.  I'll leave those acrostic/telestic messages for your imagination and refinement of my very imperfect characterizations.

Suffice it to say, we get to this paragraph with some very strong clues from acrostic/telestic messages.  The paragraph, above, is within the line interval of the "Ring In Fire" as previously defined.  And from the narrative discussion of the theoretical battle lines of the first battle of the fictional Great War we have this visual configuration:

[If we convert the above image to a triangle by connecting San Diego, Brownsville and either Portland or Seattle we have a near isosceles triangle (see the mileages in the first insert above).]

The red lines are battle lines designed by the War Council in the paragraph in the first insert.  Why would Mr. Gann give us battle lines forming a triangle?  One explanation might be that he wanted to enclose the Hoover Dam within the area of concern.  Another might be as stated in that paragraph, "People in Los Angeles and San Francisco were in a state of turmoil.  Thousands were leaving every day....going to the Grand Canyon...."  People were fleeing from the coast to safer areas.

The above map shows the key points that you might use to define the San Andreas fault and the Cascadia subduction zone.  Consider if one or the other of events occurs; is the probability of the other occurring enhanced or diminished?  If a San Andreas event of 8R occurred, will it be less likely or more likely a Cascadia subduction event would occur?  And vice versa.  The San Andreas event would be a great shaking and violent destruction.  In slight contrast, the Cascadia event would involve shaking but would also be a massive sinking according to the New Yorker article:

The great 1958 Lituya Bay earthquake that spawned a 1720 foot high tsunami was the result of the collapse of a large ledge and massive displacement water with stone.  Consider a ledge the length of the west coast from Cape Mendocino to and including southern coastal Canada.  Lituya Bay's tsunami would be a ripple in a pond.

Now consider the events of TTTTA.  First there was an attack on the U.S. Fleet off the west coast.  Then there was the attack and devastation of Los Angeles followed by San Francisco.  And then the captures of Portland and Seattle.  Implication; San Andreas activates, LA and SF are devastated, Cascadia is activated and Portland and Seattle are "captured" (line 11271) if by water enveloping.

The interval of lines defined by the "Ring In Fire," (line 10067 to 11959), using your imagination, defines the entirety of destruction; from the destruction of the west up to and including the final loss in Chicago in chronological sequence.  Not until the destruction of the "greaty Chicago" (a purposeful misspelling in my opinion), will both the real and symbolic destruction be complete...that's the meaning I reach out of the fictional TTTTA.  The "map" is only that of the physical destruction.

In the immediate aftermath following the surrender of Chicago on about line 11959, the end of the "Ring of Fire," Allied Powers present their terms for surrender.  In their fictional 1932 deliberation, the War Council selected Robert Gordon as "Supreme Commander" and battles from that time forward were won by the U.S.  [Interesting as I've noted before, "Supreme Commander" is a term and rank that was first used in WWII for Dwight Eisenhower; never used before the 1940s in military history.  And yet, Mr. Gann uses it in his 1927 article.  Figure that improbability.]

So much meaning can be drawn from the immediately preceding paragraph; theologically, politically, scientifically...the permutations are far too great to address.  Too controversial and subjective given one's persuasion.  I've given you a view of the "who, what, where and when" but the "how and why" is yours to ponder.

I do believe the questions of "how" and "why" are answered in the many scripture readings that Mr. Gann provides and repeats, as Philo's rules of enigma would advise, so that people will notice.  Inquiring minds would ask, "Why did Mr. Gann include literal Bible passages in a fictional book?  Why would he further waste the space to repeat them, each, at least three times?  What might those repetitions of scripture emphasize?"  Ask "why?"

I hope the map encourages people to study the events that could occur and those I have predicted, scratch that, those WD Gann has predicted, scratch that, those that WD Gann says the Bible predicted.  Events that, according to the supposed "science of probability" (an otherwise false God in my new view) set forth in the New Yorker article, are long overdue for occurrence.

As that New Yorker article posed the scenario, the only thing worse than living through those events would be surviving and living in their aftermath.

Jim Ross

Update 1/24/2016.  Superstation95 New York and AP reporting, respectively:

As well, I have found the "San" of "San Andreas" in the MOT and it is associated with the date 1/15/2016 on the MOT.  The swarm of California earthquakes was reported on 1/15/2016:


Friday, January 22, 2016

Three instances of "Dow"

I haven't performed a thorough search of WD Gann's Map of Time (a device derived from "The Tunnel Thru the Air") but I have found three occurrences that are curious.

I find an instance of "Dow" appearing on line 3698, highlighted in yellow, an near the date 3/8/1996:

However the search occurred, I was directed to the NYSE merger with Chicago's Archipelago Exchange to form NYSE Arca on 3/8/2006.  Two initial thoughts; Chicago and options markets.  Not sure where this is going at the moment... but wherever it is, I'll get there.

The second instance is far far more elaborate and convincing on line 10303:

"Dow test" and the date range January 14-21 would seem to have meaning give current market conditions.  Was there a test?  I was an avid trader and formerly kept up with these things.  My purpose in researching TTTTA was first to re discover Mr. Gann's methods of predicting the stock market.  Now, I find myself immersed in his predictions and not abreast of the market.  So, you might consider whether there was recently a test of major support and how it might fit with the above excerpt, if at all.  If it does, when might be the top of the fabled Elliott second wave; perhaps next preceding the predicted event which would occur that week that begins with Sunday February 21?

The third instance is found at line 11877:

The complete destruction of the "...greaty Chicago."  I've tried finding typos in TTTTA and found (not that others had not noticed it) a purposeful error in the word "Mammouth" which draws attention to Mr. Gann's "6th prophecy."  Again, I noticed the acceptable but divergent spellings of the "Tokyo J-1" versus the "Tokio" which causes me to concentrate on the earthquakes of Tokyo and the early warning system prominently found on the "J-1" radio station.  Likewise, Jonah and Jonas are acceptable spellings as I understand those so better informed of Hebrew.

So, a true misspelling (I'm sure there are others of which I am not aware or I forgot), is a rarity in TTTTA and the "greaty Chicago" causes me to question; an error or a veiled meaning?  I elect the latter.  You decide.

The narrative describes the October 2, 1931 attack on Chicago and its utter destruction.  Real or symbolic?  Are we talking some physical destruction, such as mob violence in this "greatly" troubled city?  

Or, perhaps, are we talking symbolic destruction of the Arca.  As an options trader (for my own and not a book of business), I was blessedly deep, very deep into front month puts on QQQs on exactly September 29, 2008.  I remember the rumors about that time; could the options principles make payment on the value of their written positions at that acceleration point in the market.  Maybe it was a rumor to panic those of us on the then good side of the trade.

Or was it real?  Might the options markets fail with a great panic?  And Chicago, symbolically fail?  If so, in June as found in the far right column of the last insert or October 2, the date Chicago was destroyed.  Or does Chicago continue merrily along?

I don't know.  I simply find the discussion more than a little interesting and a valuable piece of furniture I will store in my attic for future reference.

Jim Ross

The Big One, part 2, the "child" messages, "Ring In Fire"

From the previous essay, we have the "Ring in Fire" and its implications for our near future according to the New Yorker.  We also have from many, many previous essays and the WD Gann "Map of Time," the derivation of the date, February 24, 2016 and, given an allowance between the many calculations of this near same date, a range of February 21-24 for an event of great proportion to occur.  Of lesser but substantial confidence, that event would be an earthquake involving San Francisco.

As a caution, the following acrostic/telestic messages have lesser level of evidence value than the mathematically proven "Ring of Fire."  In the latter instance, you have two imperfectly spelled words separated by many lines but confirmed by the similar mathematics of the already proven "Tao device."  I have a high level of confidence in the "Ring in Fire"because it is mathematically proven according to the Tao device.  At some point, I'm sure Mr. Gann tired of the mechanics of encoding the devices and adopted a philosophy of "prove one and sprinkle the others."  Perhaps he's more diligent than I and did create a confirmation of every message. But he didn't tire, I do.  I'm not going to stress over the smaller or "child words."

Let me restate, the "Ring In Fire" in my thinking is the "parent" which has been proven by math in part 1 of this series.  The remainder messages I'll consider the "children" that are to be assumed as credible though....I'll not stress over finding the proof.  There are three "children" I find from the New Yorker article; Cascadia, tectonic and San Andreas.  There is one "child" I find from the movie "Knowing; it is "Hoover Dam."  These children messages color the "Ring In Fire."

Cascadia subduction.  The Cascadia subduction zone is the San Andreas fault on steroids.  It stretches from seven hundred miles off shore of Cape Mendocino (just north of San Francisco) through Oregon and Washington into Canada (see the New Yorker link above for more details).  Where a San Adreas event is handicapped at an estimated max of 8.2 R, a Cascadia subduction event could exceed 9 (the largest earthquake in recorded history is 9.5).  A Pacific Coast subduction event occurs every 243 years or so based on 10,000 years of data; the last such event occurred in 1700.  Its overdue according to statistical "science."

Where is "Cascadia" in TTTTA?  One place (I thought I'd found two but cannot find the second this early morning) and its a very weak, IMO, message if at all:

Techtonic plates.  Two instances and I have not searched for "plates" as yet:

Consider above the "J-1" in the context of the preceding essay on the earthquake early warning system and "...the enemy intended to destroy San Francisco very quickly."

Consider in the above the "redoubled" efforts of two men to try to save their country yet they were not in command; higher authorities were in control.

San Andreas.  It's very hidden if valid at all.  I am satisfied "but that's me."  You decide.

I don't find "San" (found, see update below) but the macro "finder" device queries only a column.  Finding a word using both the acrostic and telestic column is a manual process that I haven't figured out how to program given my very inadequate Excel, database and programming abilities.  I found the above by looking at every page.  I am sure there is a "San" somewhere as I'm equally sure the extra 'a' is an oversight or deliberate intent on Mr. Gann's part to cause us doubt (I prefer the latter interpretation).

I am disappointed that "Andareas" appears beginning on line 6176 which is outside the "Ring In Fire" interval but it does appear on page 160 or the first recognizable iteration of Phi (8/5).  I find it highly meaningful that Robert is considering his 21st birthday with the thought that the shell must be broken before the pearl is realized.  From the hardship comes the learning and faith?  Many philosophical and theological threads might be derived from a San Andreas event and a renewal of faith.  The whole question of could a God of benevolence cause such hardship on those he loves?  Wow, its just too early in the morning for this.

Hoover Dam.  Again, I find one occurrence of "huuu vr" "dam" separated by many lines and it is outside the "Ring In Fire" line interval.  But, "it's complicated.  It covers encoding that is far more involved than the ring of fire as I'll explain at the conclusion of this essay.  Here's the first word:

Exactly aligned with "Huuu" you have "IDSL" an acronym you find for the first emergence of "DSL," a modern invention of digital technology.  But I digress.  The above is personally meaningful as I, as Robert Gordon and Mr. Gann feared, people will ridicule one who tries to understand things that are not meant (so we believe) to be understood.  Read from the very top of the narrative.  And read "an older hand to guide you."  A teacher who knows guiding 'you,' referring both to you the reader and me also a reader of TTTTA.  Mr. Gann, the older hand, teaching us.

So there's "Hoover" where is "Dam?"

"Dam" is separated by approximately 100 lines from "Huuuvr" making the association somewhat debatable.  But, as if to anticipate this objection, we find "watr" nearby.  And not shown above, we find "Sea" only 30 lines below "dam."  Note the "lfd" above prospectively referring to "Los Angeles Fire Department" as one might use the letters "LAX" to refer to "Los Angeles Airport."


We have four "child" messages, three of which come from the science found in the New Yorker article and one of which comes from the fictional movie "San Andreas."  Their "child" properties are less convincing than the mathematic proof of the "Ring In Fire" but you decide.

We find the first two of the above child messages within the "Ring In Fire" line interval but, uncomfortably, we find two not in that line interval; San Andreas and Hoover Dam.  There's a reason to be found in the fictional movie "San Andreas."  Like the movie "Knowing," where Mr. Gann has encoded the director's name (see the essay on"Ryne Douglas Pearson"),  Mr. Gann encoded the name of the fault (San Andreas), the hero first responder ("Ray"), his employer (Los Angeles Fire Department of "lfd" above), his wife (Emma), the child who saw the 'sight' and obeyed (Ollie), Hoover Dam, "watr" and "Sea."  These latter encodings are the main players in the movie San Andreas.  I have found the all which will become a further essay with predictive coloring of its own.  If you want to get ahead of the game, was "San Andreas" and search for the above words in TTTTA.  

In sum, the two child messages not found in the "Ring In Fire" are juxtaposed with the encoding of the movie "San Andreas" as opposed to the "Ring In Fire" to combine the two into one meaning; in one we find the "where" and in the other we find the "what".  The "where" is the Pacific Coast, the what is the events of the movie.  The latter was hardly the "cute" movie, as was "2012," that I thought it would be.

The third part of this series will be the "where" which you already "know" but which will become more granular and a map of the afflicted Pacific Coast found in TTTTA.

Jim Ross

Update 1/25/16.  On 1/24 I located the word "San" spelled beginning on line 79:

Line 79 is also the location of the MOT date 1/15/2016.  I keep notes these days on things that occur.  On that date I received my Ebay copy of "San Andreas" and on that date there was an article noting swarms of earthquakes occurring in Johannesburg CA begging the question of "The Big One." 

I pondered the distance between "San" and "Andreas" in the MOT last night and I received the answer.  TTTTA would confirm the acrostic/telestic according to the metrics of the "Tao device".  Midway between the lines 79 and 6182 would mean line 3051.5 rounded up to 3052.  We find the supposed mythological Atlantis being attested by WD Gann:

The story of a civilization that is now beneath the seas.  You will also see the acrostic word "ten" (we would suppose 'Richter scale') which would infer a slightly greater than the greatest earthquake theretofore having occurred in recorded history.   I expect this is Mr. Gann telling up of the the rough magnitude of the world event that befell Atlantis and will occur in February 2016 in California.  You will also find the word "ten" associated with the word "Andareas."


Thursday, January 21, 2016

A new meaning of the "Tokyo J-1"; an earthquake warning system

[Follow-up.  J-1 is simply a radio station that, as others do, provides earthquake data as we in the State have radio stations that provide weather and emergency alert.  Still, I got to J-1 via "earthquake J-1."  I find that extremely meaningful.  Thanks Danny, my fact checker benefactor.]

Following WD Gann's predictions of inventions such as the cellular phone, military drones, stealth airplanes.... I came upon the thought that the J-1 referred to the German Dernier Do 217 J-1 and posted my findings HERE.  Here's the description in that essay:

I fully expected the J-1 was a component of Mr. Gann's proof of the detail in which he could foresee World War II.  I stand by that.

But I have found another more disturbing possibility (not that the two are mutually exclusive uses by Mr. Gann); Japan's emergency broadcasting system for...earthquakes:

Japan is one of the most earthquake prone areas of the world.  I expect the "J-1" is almost comparable to a weather system report in the U.S.

I believe a thorough review (again) of the occurrences of J-1 is imperative.

Two components of Tokyo J-1.  First, Tokyo is the site of the "most destructive" earthquake of all recorded world history - the 1923 Tokyo or Kanto earthquake.  Second, the J-1 or method by with Japanese are warned of earthquakes, and I'd suspect, tsunami's.

Might a tsunami of great proportion be loosed should an event of the proportion discussed in the New Yorker article occur?

How many times have I Googled "Tokyo J-1" and come up with nothing?  Try "earthquake J-1" and the above is what you get.

Hmmm, well, the Earthquake Early Warning radio channel J-1 wasn't in existence in 1927 when TTTTA was published; how'd Mr. Gann know about it?  I guess you haven't been reading this blog for very long.

Jim Ross

The Big One, part 1, the parent message, "Ring In Fire"

To understand this essay and related essays in this series you should first recall the proposition that WD Gann's foreknowledge encoded into "The Tunnel Thru the Air" of events of our time indicates a great event will occur between February 21-24, 2016 and, less firmly established, it will be an earthquake involving San Francisco.  I've written several essays 'triangulating' these dates which originated with WD Gann's "Map of Time" of which one can download it for free, HERE.  Second, you should read a contemporary synopsis of such an event's likelihood according to present science and its possible damage.  One such article can be found HERE.

The Ring of Fire according to Wikipedia:

Might Mr. Gann had referred to "The Ring of Fire" and, if so, is there any associated narrative of note?  Yes.  From the WD Gann "Map of Time" available for download, we find those words located in 3 distant locations:

Ring or "rng:"

Fire or "fre:"

But where is the preposition "of" to be located?

We have a device called the "Tao device" where Mr. Gann had acrostically encoded the word "Tao" meaning "Path" as the beginning of a phrase.  Using that word and a second word, you can determine the location of where he encoded the third word of the phrase.

Let's suspect such a device as the "Tao device" exists in the phrase "Ring of Fire."  The "of" would be located equidistant between "rng" and "fre:"

We expect to find "of" on line 11013, but we don't:

I do not find relief in the above knowing that the MOT could be in error by as much as 3 lines.  In contrast, I see the word "In" spelled only one line removed from the projection as troubling.  I judge the foregoing serendipity to mathematically confirm the integrity and interpretation of the phrase "Ring IN Fire."

Further, read the narratives:
  • "Is there no way to prevent deadly destruction?"
  • "The New York Stock Exchange Closed..."
  • "There was no minimizing the seriousness of the seriousness of the situation."
Now consider a nuance of the "Ring of Fire."  The name "Ring of Fire" is static.  It describe a state of being and a set of facts.  "Ring IN Fire" connects the existing "ring" in an active state.  As we know, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was bad, but the ensuing fires consumed an estimated 80% of the City.  Same with the 1923 Tokyo earthquake, regarded by many as the most destructive in world history.  And in 2011, the Tohoku earthquake was just the beginning...  it continues to 'burn' in the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

In this series, I will uncover TTTTA encoding of the "Cascadia" subduction, the San "Andreas" fault, and the "tectonic" plates; all the subjects of the New Yorker article linked above.

The many miracles demonstrated by Mr. Gann in TTTTA only establish his ability to 'foresee' in order that we consider his warning of "remarkable events" that will occur in our time.

Jim Ross